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Condi tions .
Number of operations under unfavorable conditions.
Total number of completed operations
Operations begun, out abandoned, one each for intussusception,
stricture, and strangulation by omentum
Grand total
Any one, sufficiently interesteJ, can satisfy himself of the
correctness of this table by comparing it with the abstract of
cases given. I will simply remark that I have placed under the
class of favorable conditions all those cases in which the pa-
tient was not greatly exhausted, and in which there existed no
serious abdominal obstacle, as extensive peritonitis, gangrene,
perforation, insuperable occlusion. All others come tmder one
of the other divisions, "Whenever I have been in doubt, I have
considered the conditions favorable, that the test may be as
severe as any one could desire.
We thus find that, when the conditions were as favorable
for an operation as one could reasonably expect in a disease
of such great fatality, one hundred per cent, vjere saved ^
whereas, without such interference, every one of these must
unquestionably ha/oe died. Allowing, however, each case to
weigh equally in. the balarbce, we have a percentage of recov-
ery fully three tini-es as great Buy Vitamin C Online as that which occurs without
surgical interference, as shall be shown hereafter. A studv of
these tables must, Generic Vitamin C furthermore, lead to the conviction that a
considerable number of the cases classed Buy Vitamin C under " unfavorable
conditions " would have come under the Buy Cheap Vitamin C better class had the
operation been performed earlier. "We find, also, in two out
of the three abandoned operations, conditions which might
have been avoided by timely surgical interference.
In Dupuytren's case, for example, there existed extensive
purulent peritonitis (probably from Purchase Vitamin C some undiscovered perfo-
ration) ; and in Krug's case,, had an operation been performed
in one of the earlier attacks (when the disease was mistaken
for enteritis), the extensive adhesions, the gangrene, and the
perforation, might have been prevented. In the third case
(Luke's) we have a convincing argument in favor of a large
abdominal incision. Had such an incision been made in the
median line, the seat of the obstruction would have been dis-
covered, and, although the occlusion could not have been re-
lieved, the establishment of an artificial anus in the sigmoid
flexure (a procedure readily accomplished) would undoubtedly
have prolonged the patient's life.
The above percentage of recoveries compares unfavorably
with the conclusions arrived at by Delaporte, who states that
in gastrotomy it was fifty-seven percent., in gastro-enterotomy
sixty-six, and, in the two combined, sixty. The difference is
easily explained : Delaporte reports one case as having recov-
ered that in reality died ; and, in addition to this, the eleven
cases which I collected were nearly all desperate ones and
terminated fatall}'.' ^Notwithstanding this more unfavorable
exhibit, the above statistics, in the judgment of the writer,
require no special pleading in their favor, and they are sub-
mitted without further comment.
3. Before I attempt to answer the objections urged against
this operation, it will be Order Vitamin C pertinent and of special interest to
notice briefly the results of abdominal section for other affec-
tions ; and the effect of severe injuries to the Cheap Vitamin C peritonaeum, as
corroborative evidence in favor of gastrotomy for the relief of
internal obstruction.
Dr. Peaslee, in his able and classical work upon ovariot-
omy, states that, " at the commencement of 1871, the general
success of all the operations of ovariotomy cannot be less than
sixty per cent." This result can be more fully appreciated by
remembering that ovariotomy has been performed at least
three thousand times, and that " almost all the cases terminate
fatally, without surgical interference, within four years after the
patient detects the tumor." "Witness, however, what can be
accomplished Vitamin C Online by consummate skill in this formidable under-

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