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Related post: Hiu: 111 tlio last ir^siio of the " Mew York Modicnl -Idurmii '
ap|)carH an article on "Hyperphoria" by Dr. J. Herbert Clai-
borne, .Ir. in the courHc of tlio i)aper the author HayH "it up-
|)eiirs that I)r. (ieorge T. StoveuH was the first to descril)e the
condition known iis hy|ierplioria," and, farther on, " why, then,
may not a latent Purchase Indapamide insuniciency or overtension in one of those
muscles (i. e., the rectus superior or inferior) exist, as is known
to be the case in the lateral straight muscles? " " and, if it ex-
ists, why may it also not cause symptoms of a8theno|»ia? " The
arti(de from which these extracts have been made goes on to
describe the tests which should bo made and the treatment that
may be applied in cases of iiiHufhciency of the superior and in-
ferior recti muscles. It is not my to discuss the subject-
matter of this paper. Here is an article calculated to afford the
modical .stmlent much useful and interesting information. When
the author, however, claims for the subject-matter of his dis-
course the distinction of its being a recent discovery in medical
science he invites criticism, and a brief allusion to the history
of this interesting cliaptoi- in ophthidm(dogy may not be out of
place. " Hyperphoria " is but another name for insufficiency of
the vertical working mu.scles of the eyes. As long ago as Au-
gust, 1869, von Graefe (" Klin. Monatsbl. f. Augenheilk.," vii.
Jahrg., p. 268) described a case of vertical insufficiency treated
by ))risms. During the winter of 1869-1870 I had the oppor-
tunity, while acting a? assistant-surgeon at von Graefe's clinique
in Berlin, to frc(iuently see such cases, and at that early day an
examination of the eyes of a patient who presented himself at
the clinique with any symptoms of muscular insufficiency that
did not contemplate the possible existence and detection of
dynamical disturbance of the vertical muscles would certainly
have been regarded as incomplete. Should the record of pre-
scriptions filled by the Berlin opticians, Paetz and Flohr, be to-
day examined, a not infrequent formula of a combination of
spherical with prisms, base up or down, would be found.
In an article on "Progressive Myopia and its Operative Care,"
which the writer of this brief letter contributed to the "New
York Medical Journal " in June, 1873, this same subject was
discussed, and a case was related where this same hyperphoria Buy Indapamide Online
(so called) was corrected by means of a prism of 4° (base down-
ward). I should not venture to Order Indapamide Online trespass so far upon the patience
of your readers had not this astonishing claim for priority in
investigation in this important chapter of ocular medicine been
recently so urgently made. I again repeat what I have else-
where said, that the operative treatment and that with prisms
of Buy Cheap Indapamide the vertical as well as the lateral working muscles has been
the common property of all competent ophthalmic surgeons
here and abroad for at least twenty years.
RiCHAED H. Deeby.
grjocc^biiiigs oi Socwlus.
Meeting of February 22, 1888.
Dr. W. W. Order Indapamide Keex in the Chair.
Apex Expansion versus Pure Air in Pulmonary Con-
sumption. — Dr. Thomas J. Mays read a paper on tbis subject.
March 10, 1888.
Next to the tubercle bacillus, he said, impure air stood most
prominent among the many agencies which had been assigned
as the causes of pulmonary consumption. Innumerable plans
and methods had been devised and proposed for improving the
ventilation Generic Indapamide of dwellings, hospitals, and workshops; volumes
upon volumes had been written on the ill effects of breathing
vitiated Buy Indapamide air; and the immaculate freshness of tbe country and
mountain air had come to be universally regarded as a certain
guarantee against pulmonary consumption. These, like many
other popular notions, contained a Purchase Indapamide Online germ of truth, but actually
were delusive, inasmuch as they exaggerated the effects of a
small evil, and afforded a false sense of security against the resil
source of danger in the production of this disease. This he
woujil endeavor to show.
At the very outset he desired it to be well understood that he
did not in the least underrate the value of fresh, wholesome air
in the prevention and treatment of pulmonary consumption, and,
while it was probably true that, on the whole, country people
enjoyed greater immunity from this disense than Sity people —
though this was not proved, on account of a lack of adequate
statistics — yet he was convinced that the purity of the atmos-
phere played a very small part in bringing about this probable
result. To make a homely hypothetical proposition, he would
state that, if two individuals who respired the same quantity of

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