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Related post: nastics in this connection, however, I refer to special efl^orts of
breathing — by taking deep, full breaths through the nose and
mouth ; by forced expiration as well as inspiration ; by count-
ing with a loud voice vi^hile holding the breath, etc. It is not
my purpose to refer in this paper to the use of pneumatic
chambers or other forms of pneumatic apparatus.
It is interesting to recall that the most ancient of books in
which gymnastics is discussed, the Chinese treatise "Cong-Fou,
the Art of Man," speaks particularly of the importance of re-
spiratory gymnastics. Dally and others in the present century
have maintained that respiration is the pivot of every gymnas-
tic exercise, and systems of respiratory gymnastics have been
invented (Dujardin-Beaumetz).
Want of respiratory power is certainly either at the root, or
is an essential constituent, of many morbid nervous conditions.
It is remarkable how much individuals diff'er with reference to
their respiratory power, even when of Valparin 200 apparently the same
muscular ability. The development of the lungs, chest walls,
diaphragm, abdominal walls, and other parts ; the greater aera-
tion of the blood which is conveyed to weak spinal or ence-
phalic centers; and the greater control which the patients
obtain over all nervous and muscular effort through these re-
spiratory exercises, make them of decided value in cases in which
active movements are applicable. On the other hand, it is
quite possible that some harm may result from the incautious
use of forced respiration. Carried on too long, both as far as
giving lessons is concerned and as far as the weeks and months
during which the exercises are continued, it is even conceivable
that the air-cells may be unduly strained. Great care should
be taken with those who are very weak generally or in a par-
ticular part, especially in the lungs or abdominal region.
The treatment should begin with the simplest forms of ex-
ercise, and these should be constantly increased and elaborated
as the patients gain in skill and strength. It is wonderful how
little some patients can do in this direction. A grasshopper in
gymnastics is a burden to them. Five minutes or even Valparin Tablet less is
sometimes all the time that can be safely taken at first, and five
minutes of actual exercise must sometimes be distributed over
half an hour. In most cases the time should never be allowed
to exceed twenty to thirty minutes. Often it is important to
give resting spells during the process of treatment. Some pa-
tients, ambitious Valparin Chrono 300 to excel or fearing to appear weak, will cer-
tainly overdo. Individual peculiarities should be carefully
studied. In the majority of cases of nervous and mental dis-
eases in which systematized active exercises are indicated, the
danger will be greater of overdoing than of doing too little.
It is an important practical matter to have the air of the
room in which the exercises are performed as pure as possible.
[N. Y. Mki). JoiiB.,
The room should be well ventilfttotl. It is not necoBsary, par-
tidiiliirly in tho cano of the nervoiiH and \vi«nk, that llio n)oiij
HliDiild Ito witlumt liro — iudot'd, it iMHOiiiotiiiK-H ln>lk'r (iiat thoro
should bu Notnu waruith — but frcHh air should bu adiniltud to
tho room. Carryiiij^ out strictly hyfjiiMui in various directions
will very much assist in fjettitifj; (jjood results with tin* cxcrciHOs
When possible, it is well for tiie patient soon afli'r linisbinjr the
exercises to take a sponj?ebatli, with tepid or cold water, ac-
cordinfj; to individual vi>;»)r. (lood food, rej^ulaled exercise in
the (»|)cn air, and plenty of sleep are, of course, important.
To illustrate clearly what is meant by siiaplo respiratory ex-
ercises in connection with systenuitized muscular movements, I
will quote for you from IMaikie's smaller work two of his very
plain directions. 1 will also (juote from the lectures of Dwjar-
din-Heanmetz one of Daily's movements:
^^ Direct lonK. — 1. Stand four feet apart in the aisles, with
arms folded behind you, and with one foot about einbt inches
in front of tho other. 2. Now draw the head back and tip it Valparin Syrup as
far down behind as you can. 3. Hold the chin up high. 4.
Rest there a moment, then stand up straight again. 5. Repeat
this exercise six times. Cavtion. — Breatiie deep, full breaths
all tho time; indeed, Valparin Chrono always, when exercising, breathe slowly,
and as large breaths as you can."
" 1. Take a dumb-bell in your right hand and hold it up high
over 3'our head. 2. Stand with the chin up high all the time,
3. Breathe a full, deep, slow breath. 4. Now slowly lower the
dumb-bell, not down to your right shoulder, but across, above
your iiead, and down over your left shoulder, as low as you can,
till it touches your Valparin Chrono 500 shoulder, letting your body tip over to the
left. 5. Hold it there till you slowly count ten. G. Now bring
it back overhead again. Then do the same with the durab-bell
in your left hand. 7. Do this five times with each hand. Re-
peat this five times each day the first week, and twelve times
daily after that right along."

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