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Related post: never thought of riding in omni-
buses or in hansom cabs. 'Tis
true they essayed to play croquet
(vide Leech pinxit in a demure
and purposeless way. Then again,
when riding, their habits were so
long that they licked up all the
mud and water that was possible,
and flapped against their horses
flanks most inelegantly. I Ventolin Hfa must
forbear to criticise their corkscrew
curls that hung below their very
tall square hats, and which were
caught in the wind and swung
back so prettily, except in wet
weather ! The death of crinoline
had to be toned down by the
adoption of huge improvers. You
had only to fancy a full- feathered
ostrich draped as to its lower
limbs, and you have Purchase Ventolin a truthful
representation of our girls as they
flopped about a quarter of a
century or less ago.
It was not till then that the
aesthetic, or as it really was, the
athletic age, dawned upon our girls.
Just as the men threw o£f their
peg-tops and cut their hair short,
so the ladies emancipated them-
selves from their useless shams
in dress. And- now what do we
find ? Must Order Ventolin Online it not be Buy Ventolin confessed ?
the other extreme. The closest
fitting of dresses, the narrowest of
skirts. Our girls have at least
been wise enough to accommodate
themselves to the ways of the day.
They can slip through the turn-
stiles and ride three in a hansom, if
need be — are snakelike in a dance
— cross the streets without spoiling
the crossing sweeper's trade — can
ride and enjoy hunting in the
shortest of safety habits — can use
their bicycles without hindrance —
can employ a man tailor — can
play lawn tennis, croquet, hockey,
or even cricket, to distraction —
can walk, run, fish, and shoot to
their hearts' content — can have
their own little coteries and clubs,
and tread hard on the heels of
the boys in much that pertains to
health, sport, and enjoyment.
This emancipation of women is
one of the great features of the
new century, and one of its chief
aims seems to be the adoption of
sport in almost every phase.
Any writer in your Magazine
would be the last to discourage
sport in our girls, and mora
especially ** Borderer," yet he
longs to whisper into the ears of
our girls that to ape the men is
not a lady-like employment, nor is
it one that wins favor with the
men. Have we not each of us
our sphere of action and of Ventolin Purchase useful-
ness — our places in sport, and in
the world of fashion ? And if women
must be sportswomen (and there
can be no reason why they should
not be so), why should there not
be a clear line, of demarcation
between men and women's manner
of enjoying it ?
I once heard a young Ventolin To Buy lady in
the Shires declare in real earnest
that she was determined to cut
down in the hunting field a certain
hard- riding young sportsman, and
backed it up by saying that if she
could not succeed in this she
would jump on him. My blood
curdled, as I thought,

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