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Flavoxate Hydrochloride
Flavoxate Hydrochloride

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antitoxine Serum.— Ten-ill (Gazzetta degli ospedali, Jnlj
l'.'. L896; ! Buy Flavoxate Online i ische Wodhenschrift, August 9, 1896)
on two young subjects one of whom
oot and the other lupus of the hand.
The first one Flavoxate 200mg n e-\'-ry third day), and was also treated topically
with the serum. In each case the resull v..
fying, although a perfect cure did not take plao
infiltration subsided and the joints became movable. The
local application of the serum was Flavoxate Hydrochloride founded on its direct
destructive action on the bacillus, as was shown by the
healing of a tuberculous anal fistula after local injections
of it.
The Palliative Treatment of Cancer'of the Cervix
Uteri. — At a recent meeting of the Laucisian Society of Order Flavoxate Online
the Hospitals of Rome (Wiener klinische Kundschau,
August 9, 1896) Dr. Marocco reported Purchase Flavoxate Online good results from
tamponing with gauze impregnated with tannin, Flavoxate Urispas iodo-
form (ten per cent.), and powdered quinine.
Ichthyol in the Treatment of Whooping-cough. — Dr.
L. Maestro (Pedialrin, June, 1896; Therapeutische Wodh-
enschrift, August 9. 1896) reports experience with the
ichthyol treatment of whooping-cough in Professor Cer-
vesato's Urispas Flavoxate clinic in Padua. The drug was given in pills
in daily amounts of from three quarters of a grain to
three grains, according to the child's age, rapidly in-
creased to from nine to fifteen grains. Mitigation of the
frequency and severity of the paroxysms and shortening
of the course of the disease followed in every case. The
ichthyol caused no untoward symptoms; on the contrary,
it bettered Flavoxate 100mg the general condition. Maestro regards it as
one of the Buy Flavoxate best remedies for whooping-cough.
The Calomel Treatment of Haemorrhoids. — Dr. H.
Naegeli-Akerblom (Allgemeine medicinische Central-Zei-
tung, 1896, No. 64; Therapeutische Wochenschrifl, Au-
gust 16, 1896), acting on the suggestion of Professor
Massini, of Basel, has treated a number of ca» -
haemorrhoids, large and small, internal and external,
with an ointment composed of one part of calomel and
nine parts of vaseline, and states that in none of them
has he felt obliged to operate. In most cases the itching
subsides completely. The suggestion is made that the
calomel is changed into corrosive Buy Cheap Flavoxate sublimate and ai
caustic, and consequently should be used with caution if
there is ulceration.
Irritation of the Bladder from Sodium Bicarbonate. —
In a Paris thesis (Centralblait fiir Chirurgie, August 15,
1896) Debains presents a study of tin- subject. It seems Order Flavoxate
that Mathieu first called attention to the fact that Flavoxate Tablets the
prolonged use of sodium bicarbonate sometimes gave rise
to painful and frequent urination and even hamaturia.
These symptoms are of no grave import, for they subside
at once when the use of the drug is stopped.
Basic Orexine in the Treatment of the Vomiting of
Pregnancy. — Rech (Centralblait fiir Gynakologie, Au-
gust 1">. 1896) adds one case to the four reported by
I'rommcl. in 1893, of ihc successful employment of basic
orexine in the treatment of obstinate vomiting of preg-
nancy. He gave it in doses of four grains and a half,
Sept. 12, 1896.]
in capsules, three times a day. The first and second
doses were rejected in the course of a few hours, but
after the third there was no more vomiting. The use of
the remedy was continued for three days. Among the Purchase Flavoxate
drugs that had previously been employed without suc-
cess were nux vomica, potassium bromide, chloroform
with tincture of iodine, and cocaine. The patient, who
had lost sixteen pounds, recovered her weight in four
days. With the exception of severe burning in the
mouth after vomiting the first and second doses, she ex-
perienced no unpleasant effects.
Bromoform in the Treatment of Whooping-cough. —
The Lyon medical for August 16th publishes the follow-
ing formula, which appeared in the August number of
the Revue mensuelle des maladies de Venfance :
B Bromoform 48 drops ;
Oil of sweet almonds, ) eaeh %%5 ing

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