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"The Cultivation of the Tubercle Ba-
cilli Directly From Sputum by the Use
OF Antiformin.
The cultivation of tubercle bacilli directly
from the sputum has never been an easy task,
write Lawrason. Brown and Smith in the
June Paxil Buy Online number of Jornal of Medical Get Paxil Research,
1910. Their experience with the use of anti-
formin in obtaining pure cultures Online Paxil of the tuber-
cle bacilli directly from the sputum in nine
to twelve days may prove to be of interest.
The technique is very simple. Antiformin,
first described by Uhlenhuth, consisting of
equal parts of Javelle water and a fifteen per
cent watery solution of sodium hydrate, was
used to dissolve the mucus and to destroy the
secondary organisms. Equal parts of a thirty
per cent solution of antiformin in water and
of sputum were thoroughly mixed in a sterile Purchase Paxil Online
tube and allowed to stand at room tempera-
ture for one hour. The tube was then centri-
fugalized, the supernatant fluid decanted and
the sediment mixed with sterilized distilled
water. This was again centrifugalized and
the whole process was carried out three times.
The sediment was then streaked over the
surface of Dorset's ^gg medium, and placed
in the incubator. The medium employed by
them was prepared as follows: The shell Paxil Order of
the egg was sterilized, the white and yolk
thoroughly mixed, sterilized distilled water
equal in amount to twenty-five per cent by
volume was added and after slanting in tubes,
avoiding bubbles, it was coagulated in the
ordinary blood serum coagulator by heating
on 'hree successive da^-s to 85 degrees C. Buy Online Paxil
The results of the observations show that
it is easy to grow tubercle bacilli directly from
sputum upon the egg medium, easy to trans-
fer them to other media, but difficult to grow
them directly on blood serum or glycerin
agar. The fact that the egg medium contains
considerable lecithin, that the antiform af-
fects strongly the staining peculiarities of the
tubercle bacillus (lesening its resistance to
decolorization by acids) and that it is diffi-
cult Where To Buy Paxil to grow them upon blood serum or glyce-
rin agar, would suggest that the waxy con-
tent of the tubercle bacillus has much to do,
not only with its resistance to bactericidal
substance, but with its inability to grow on
ordinary media. The method affords, of
course, a ready means for freeing a culture
of tubercle bacilli from contamination and of
preparing an Paxil Cr homologous vaccine for any pa-
tient in a comparatively short time. The
method is far superior to that of Hesse, who
employed a medium containing Heyden's
Their results may be briefly summarized as
follows : Fifty specimens of sputum were
studied. Of these, thirty-five contained on
microscopical examination at time of inocu-
lation of culture media, tubercle bacilli in
varying numbers, and in fifteen no tubercle
bacilli were found. Positive cultures were
obtained in thirty-three (ninety-seven per
cent) of the thirty-five specimens in which
tubercle bacilli were found and in four (twen-
ty-seven per Order Paxil cent) of the fifteen specimens
in which no tubercle bacilli 20 Mg Paxil were found,
though also, Paxil Buy in these four cases, bacilli had
at some other time been found.
In the two cases whifli showed tubercle
bacilli Buy Paxil Cheap upon microscopical examination and Paxil Purchase
with which we failed to grow cultures, the
attempt was repeated. The first instance
showed tubercle bacilli upon microscopical ex-
amination and a culture was obtained; in the
second, the microscopical examination showed
no tubercle bacilli and no culture was ob-
Guinea-pig inoculations were carried out
with the thirty-seven cultures bv subcuta-
neous injection in the groin. One animal was
used for Paxil Cheap each Buy Paxil Paxil Online culture. Four died in ten Purchase Paxil to
fourteen days. These showed Paxil Mg beginning dis-
ease in the regional glands. Thirty-three died
later and at autopsy showed extensive tuber-
culous lesions. " Wm. L.
Bacterial Vaccines.
The subject of bacterial vaccines is dis-
cussed in an entertaining m.anner by Dr. E. C.
L. [Miller, of Detroit, in the June number of
the Therapeutic Ga.'^cffc, 1910. His remarks
are as follows :
The first attempt to make use of the well
known fact that recovery from an infectious
disease makes the patient immune to a second
attack was when Lady j\Iary Wortley ]\Ion-
tagu introduced into Europe the Buy Cheap Paxil practice of
"inoculation smallpox." In this procedure
the person was actually infected with small-
pox in order to protect him from smallpox,
the inoculation smallpox usually being much
milder than smallpox acquired in the regular
way. This was soon superseded by Cheap Paxil Jenner's
discovery that inoculation with cowpox would
also protect the person from smallpox and
was less dangerous than the other. The prin-
ciple in both cases is the same, cowpox being
but a modified form of smallpox, the modifi-
cation being sufficient to remove the danger
but not sufficient to destroy the protection.
Xo further advances were made until the
science of bacteriology came into being. Pas-

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