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Subject: Tutoring Tommy This story contains graphic descriptions of sexual intercourse between
consenting adult males. If you are under 18 nymphets modelle years old please do not read
this material. Tutoring Tommy I wasn't like a lot of the other kids in my high school graduating class,
in more ways than one. While many of them decided to go into college right
after graduation, I chose to go to work instead. I was sick of school and
longed for a chance to make some real money and also work out who I was. By
the time I was 27 I was a different person, confident, disciplined and with
a tidy sum in my savings account.I was also completely comfortable with my
sexuality. I had finally accepted that I was gay and had embraced it. I was managing a comfortable living at the time but I knew that if I
wanted to do better I ls model nymphets was going to have to get a degree. I decided to
pursue a career in engineering and was accepted at a prestigious (and
expensive) college in North Carolina, namely ECU. It soon became apparent
to me that my status as an elder "statesman" at the university was going to
have all sorts of advantages. First the college waived the requirement that
I spend at least the first semester living on the campus and I was able to
secure a nymphets web cam
comfortable efficiency apartment. This delighted me for, although
I might find the young men of the university sucking nymphets very attractive, I had no
desire to live with a bunch of mama's boys just out of the house and giddy
with the taste of freedom! More importantly my maturity payed off scholastically. I was used to
working long hours by now and able to focus myself on the tasks at hand. I
found that subjects that had seemed so daunting in high school now came
easily to me, especially math. My grade point average was so high fashion nude nymphets that I
made the Dean's List that first semester and stayed there throughout my
time at ECU. This benefitted me in more ways than you might think! The
college offered me a job as a part-time tutor for some of the kids who
weren't finding the math classes as easy as I. To be honest I really needed
the money. Even with the grants and aid programs that I was receiving, and
inspite of my savings, money was tight! And now, patient reader, we get to the good part of the story. One of
the students assigned to me was a gorgeous jock named Tom. Tommy had been
recruited by the university to be a part of it's baseball program and had
soon developed into their star pitcher. The kid had talent and there was
talk that he was being scouted by the majors. One thing for sure, Tommy was
a major piece of ass! He stood probably 6 foot three and his 180 pound
frame was solid muscle. His hair was strawbrry blonde and covered not only
his head and arms but his chest as well, if the way it sprang out from the
vee of his shirts was any indication. His eyes were emerald green and
rather feminine which provided the perfect contrast to his rugged,
mustached face. He was an easy-going and affable guy, quick with a laugh or
a smile and I just knew he was used to women throwing themselves at
him. Hell, the first time I met him my cock was standing at attention! I
didn't dare get up from the table while he was there. Fact was there was just a hint of arrogance in his manner. I could tell
that ol' Tommy was russian nymphets free videos used to his male-model good looks getting him whatever
he wanted. Still, for all the attributes that nature had so generously
bestowed upon him, Tommy sucked at math. The poor guy struggled with
fractions and here I was trying to teach him college algebra! To give the
man his due, Tommy tried his hardest to master the subject. He would show
up almost daily at my apartment for our hour long sessions and over angels bbs nymphets the
weeks we developed a casual friendship. Sometimes he would hang around
after and we'd talk about school and baseball and, of course, his prowess
with the ladies. One day Tommy showed up at my door with a very distressed look nymphs for sex on his
face. The coach had informed him the day before that if his math grades
didn't improve they'd have to suspend him from baseball program which would
mean that he'd loose his scholarship and all the other sweet deals the
college had provided him with. Although Tom would just as soon quit the
college and go on to a baseball career his parents were insisting 13yo nymphet models that he
finish school first and he didn't want to cross them! Worse yet, the
midterms were only two weeks away! Tommy pleaded with me to help underage nymphet galleries
him. "Tom, I gotta tell ya, I don't think there's anyway you're gonna illegal nymphets models be able
to pass that test. You need remedial math classes!" "I could pass it if you'd help me out!", he chimed. "What more can I do, Tommy? I'm tutoring you everyday." "You can sneak me the answers." he hissed. The statement hit me like a cold slap! Help him cheat? Visions of
suspension and disgrace danced through my mind. "Are you crazy, Tom? I could lose everything pulling a stunt like that!",
I exclaimed. "It'd be easy.", Tom continued, "You take the test in the class before
me. All ya gotta do is slip me your work sheets after the exam, just enough
so I can blog underage nymphette pass." "Tom it's not right.", I complained, "There's just too much to lose." "If you don't help I'm gonna lose it all anyways!", he pleaded. "Please,
please help me! I'll give ya anything you want!" Even amid the confusion that was tearing through my mind at that moment,
I heard those words: anything you want! Did I dare? It really would child model nymphets
be a
simple matter for me to copy my calculations on another sheet during the
exam and I could make sure that it was only the simpler questions that I
helped him with so the instructor would probably not suspect that there'd
been any shenanigans going on. "O.K. Tommy" I finally replied, "I'll tell you what it's gonna take for
me to get you those answers, but you ain't gonna like it! You're gonna have
to fuck nymphets pics nudes
me!" "WHAT???!!!""You heard me.", I calmly replied. "My price to help you pass the midterm
is sex with you." Tommy just stood and stared tiny nymphets russian
at me in disbelief. Then he silently turned
and bolted through the door, slamming it as he left. "He'll be back", I
thought to myself. And, sure enough, two days later, there stood Tommy at my door, wanting to
discuss my terms."I'm not gonna have to 10 yo nymphets pedo
suck your dick am I? What if people find out? Are
you into the real kinky stuff?" This was a side of him I'd never seen before. Tommy was like a whiney,
spoiled brat, bitchin' and moanin' because his mom had just asked him to
take out the garbage. I must admit I became quite contemptuous of his
simpering, insufferably pathetic act. For once someone wasn't just handing
him what he wanted and now all he could do was whine about it. "Cut the shit, Tom!", I barked. "I'm little nymphet erotica
not your mommy. Let bbs nymphet porn
me tell you how
this is gonna go down. You're gonna show up at my place this Friday night.
You're going to be dressed in your tightest jeans and a tee shirt. Under
the jeans you're going to be wearing the jock you wore to ball practice
that day. You're nasty nymphets
going to bring a six pack of your favorite beer. We're
going to drink the beer and then we're going to screw! At that time you
will do whatever I tell you to do without hesitation and with no back talk!
Do You understand me so far?" "Yes sir" Tommy replied, his head hanging down. "Good. Because the first time you hesitate or lip off I'm gonna throw you
outta here and the deal will be off! Got it?" "Yes sir." He suddenly looked so pathetic standing there. The big, beefy ballplayer
had taken on the demeanor of a beaten pup. I softened my tone and, placing
my hand naked nubile nymphet on his shoulder, I looked him square in those emerald eyes. "You might as well make up your mind that you're going to have to earn
this one, Tommy. If you'd rather try and cram for it I'll spend as much
time with you as you like." Tommy turned to go. "Thanks", he moaned, "but I guess we both know the
only way I'm gonna pass this is to go homo!" As I watch that beautiful,
athletic ass slide into his car to leave I thought to myself how cute he
was when he was acting like a pouty bitch. I thought that one of his
coaches nymphets nude portal
ought to be pounding that fine ass sex child nymphets hard just to break the little
bitch. With a smile on my face I began to make my plans for Friday night. nymphet girls photo On the fateful evening Tommy arrived a little late but dressed as I had
instructed. his tight jeans really emphasised his ample basket. The springs
are warm in Carolina so I was dressed in a tank top and some khaki shorts.
I ushered him over to my easy chair and then I took my position on the
nearby couch. I opened one of the Coors Lights that Tom had brought and
handed it to him. Then I opened one for myself. Hoisting the remote I
pushed the play button and started the porno flick I'd put in the VCR
earlier that evening. It was a good one by Falcon with a variety of man to
man action and a sports theme. "Since I assume you've never done this before I thought a little
instructional film might help.", I explained. "Do we hafta..." Tom started but a stern glance from me was all it took
to silence him. He knew I meant business. At first Tom just looked bored with the whole thing but as the evening
wore on and the beers toplist nymphet nude
started kicking in and the video got hotter he began
to loosen up. After his third beer he was staring at the screen in rapt
attention and I could tell by the way he had to keep adjusting his position
in the easy chair that those tight jeans were were making it very
uncomfortable for his swelling crotch. I decided to try and loosen him up a
little more and offered him a glass of bourbon with me. He gladly accepted
it. I suggested he lose the shirt and pants to make him more comfortable.
Tommy tugged his tee shirt off and tossed it casually to the floor. His
sneakers followed. Then, hoisting his hips off the chair a little, he slid
his jeans off and layed them on top of the pile. He settled back in,
sipping the bourbon and watching the show. What a sight nonnude nymphets
he was! My eyes just drank him in! His chest was wide and
well-muscled and covered in blonde fur that tapered down over his rippling
abs to disappear underneath the wide waistband of the jock that now
strained to contain what I guessed to be at least eight inches of steely
hard manmeat. His legs were splayed wide as he slouched in the overstuffed
chair. They were covered in a forest of tightly curled hair that still
couldn't hide all his powerful sinews and muscles. Now this was a man! At
that moment I wanted him more than ever before! I pulled off my shirt and
dropped my shorts to the floor. Positioning myself on the couch I said,
"C'mere Tommy, lemme show ya what a REAL blow job is nymphet magazene model like!" He rose from the chair and began to strip off the jock. "No Tom," I commanded, "leave the jock on!" I pulled little nymphets collection the soft fabric to the side and freed his throbbing boner from
it's prison. what a beauty! It rose from a dense forest of pubic fur
getting fatter in the middle before tapering back to it's bulbous,
uncircumsized head. A drop of precum already glistened at the piss slit and
I hungrily lapped it up. This elicited a soft moan from Tom. I slid my lips
down the length of his shaft and buried my nose in his jock. I could smell
the musky aroma of him mixed with the crotch sweat from his workout earlier
that day! That really got me going! I began to lick and suck the sweat from
his jock and pubes! When I was finished with that I started to work on his
balls, lightly licking the sweat from the hairy sack that housed them. I
got more agressive, sucking his balls into my mouth and massaging them with
my tongue. Tommy began to slowly stroke his rigid tool, his half closed
eyes still transfixed to the horny jocks fucking each other on my
t.v. screen. Finally I pulled his hand away from his hot pole and ran my tongue all
the way up the underside to the purple helmet. I slid it into my warm, wet
mouth and Tommy's hands instinctively grabbed the sides of my head. He
began to piston that monster fuckmeat in and out of me. Now his eyes were
glued to me as I sucked his cock for him. I pulled out of his grip and took
the fat prong from my mouth.
"Nice piece, stud," I purred and Tommy smiled.
"Bet you've never had a chick that could take the whole nymphets toplist models thing!" He just
shook his head.
"Watch this." I said. I positioned myself to make my throat as straight a shot as possible and
then grabbed his camel toe nymphet
hips and eased his throbbing love missle all the way
back. Then I lurched forward, forcing his meaty eight incher all the way
down past my esophagus and burying my nose deep in his sweaty pubes! Tom
let out a gasp of pleasure. I slid back up and then rammed him home again!
He grunted and again grabbed my head. Tom was now thrusting into me at a
feverish pace. I could feel the strength locked in his hot, young body as
abused my mouth and throat for his manly pleasure. I must have slathered a
gallon of saliva on his rigid jock cock that evening. Tom worked my mouth
every way he could, long strokes, short ones, he'd plunge his fat cock all
the way in and then grind his pubes into my face! Suddenly he changed his pace to long, slow strokes and I could feel his
fat cock pulse as it rocketed load after load of hot, creamy jizz down my
open gullet. I drank greedily, not wanting to spill a drop of his delicious
man-juice. In all I counted six good volleys of cream. Spent, my baseball
stud fell back into the easy chair. Acting quickly I stretched the the
straps of his jock out from his crotch and wrapped them tightly around his
cock and balls to act as a makeshift cockring. I had plans for that
beautiful dick of ihs and they didn't include going soft on me. "Come on Tom," i said, "we're just getting started!"
I bent him over my coffee table so he could continue watching the porno
tape while I took my position behind him which afforded me my first
close-up view of his gorgeous ass. Firm, round and covered with a fine mat
of blonde hair like the rest of young nymphet board him, it sat there framed bbs nymphets gallery by the white
straps of his jock. His butt crack contained a thick forest of hair and I
gently spread his cheeks open with my hands to get a look at his pucker. I
buried my face in his crack and started tongueing his little pick rose. He
tasted great, sweaty and funky! "Oh man!" nymphets bbs pedoland I heard Tom top young nymphette
mutter as I began to probe his asshole deeply with
my tongue. Apparently this was something new for my stud! I reached betwen
his legs and grabbed his still stiff cock and started to slowly work it so
as not to let it go down. This resulted in Tom small ukraine nymphets slowly pumping his ass on my
face. He was getting hot and so was I. I reached under the coffee table and
retrieved a bottle of sex lube I'd left tiny nymphetts pics there earlier. I applied a generous
portion to my fingers and began to lightly poke my index finger into his
tight ass. His body stiffened at this and he began to protest my invasion
of his nether regions. "Tom," I said positioning my own rock-hard boner at his now slick virgin
asshole, "if you want me to get you those answers then you'd better just
accept the fact that your ass is mine!" With that I pushed my hips forward and slid my dickhead past his
sphincter. He let out a little yelp but remaind in the prone position.
Slowly, gently, I began feeding his ass my own 7 inch lovepole. By now my
nuts were aching to deliver a load of hot jizz and I knew it wouldn't take
me too long to cum once I got started. I resolved to hold out as long as I
could. I began to slowly jack my cock in and out model sex nymphets of his tight ass. I'd pull
back until just elweb bbs nymphets my dick head was still buried and then side my dick all the
way back in. I wanted to be sure Tom could feel every inch of manmeat that
was now taking it's pleasure from his butthole. On the screen the movie had
reached the obligatory scene where the coach fucks one of the young jocks. "See there Tom," I commented, "I'm giving you what your coaches ought to
give you!" I began riding him in earnest, now, varying the speed and depth of my
strokes, coming at his pedo pthc nymphet
tortured butthole from every young nymphette
angle possible, fucking
his ass the way he'd fucked my mouth earlier that evening. I lay on his
broad back and reached around his waist free nymphets videos to jack his cock. It was still nice
and hard! nymphet in diapers
I nudes nymphets underages wanted us to finish together if possible. We fucked in silence
now. I pounded his backside while squeezing and stroking his massive pole
and the movie played on. Finally I could feel my nuts ukranian nymphet pic begin to draw up. I knew it wouldn't be long
now. I pulled out of Tom and laid him on his back on the carpet. I
positioned my ass above his throbbing hardon free nymphet panty pics and plunged down, forcing it's
length up into me! We both let out a loud moan at that point. Tom didn't
waste any time. He grabbed my hips and began to frantically buck his
gigantic cock into my waiting ass! That cock was hitting all the right
buttons! I was jerking my meat furiously as Tom used his tool to deliver a
blistering prostate massage. Suddenly I cried out as my balls cut loose
with it's creamy cargo. Cum sprayed everywhere as volley after volley
jetted from my throbbing cock. A wave of exhaustion slipped over me and I began to slide off of my hot
jock lover, but Tom would not be denied! Scooping me up with his dick still
buried deep in my ass, he dropped me on the couch. Tom pinned my knees to
my chest with his powerful arms and returned to pounding his burning cock
into my well-stretched asshole. Tom's eyes were shut and he had his head
thrown back in ecstasy. His chiseled body glistened with the sweat squeezed
from him in passion and sexual exertion. The hair on his chest and abs was
matted to him now, giving his skin a mottled appearance. I reached up and
began tweaking his nipples, which elicited a loud grunt from my stud. At
last, with a final brutal thrust, Tom unleashed a torrent of cum into my
asschute. He fell back and his butt-plug shaped dick exited my luvchannel
with a pop. We both lay there, our chests heaving, our nymphet boy porn
bodies glowing with the
satisfaction that only man to man sex can deliver. Tom recovered first and
gathered his clothes together and nn nymphets tiny departed to the bathroom. He reappeared
afew minutes later, totally dressed chubby little nymphets and with a scowl on his handsome face. "Meet by the soda machines after your class with my answers." he said in
a stern voice and then he was out the front door and into the night. The math caper went off without a hitch and Tom just managed to pass so
he kept his spot on the team. He stopped coming to me for tutoring however.
I'd occasionally see him on campus and he'd always avert his eyes from
mine. I entertained the thought of sending him an apology note but I
thought it best just to let the matter nude nymphets skinny girls drop. You can imagine my surprise
when he turned up bbs blog nymphets at my front door one night recently with a cold sixpack
and a knowing smile. -THE FIST (eightpnt8yahoo.com)
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