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From: Ray
Subject: dark nymphet movies
Tutoring John 2Thursday came along finally. Got all of my appointments re-scheduled so
that I would be free when John got to the office after school. Actually,
this was a quiet time of the year, so that was not a difficult thing to do.Right on schedule, John came running up the street, and into my office.
He was beaming from ear to ear, and pretty much out of breath from
running from school to the office. He dropped his book bag, and ran over
to my chair, and hopped nymphets photo 50 into my lap, put his arms around me, and put his
lips to mine. We held the kiss for a time, he leaned back a bit, and we
kissed again. He was hugging me so tight, I could hardly breathe."Thanks, pubescent nymphet links I needed that" he said with a big smile on his face. He was
wearing different shorts today, and they had to be last year's model.
They were way too tight for him. Well, not really, but they did allow
him to show off his cute little butt, and his little basket. He must
have cut the legs shorter too, as they were just below his crotch, and
displayed his nice slim legs. His t-shirt was not much bigger. Don't
know how he nymphets 16 gallery got it on, it was so tight. The t-shirt showed japanese nymphet tgp off his
little nipples, and the shirt even was so tight that his "innie" belly
button was there. Hope that the girls in the class enjoyed nymphets india his show as
much as I did.He got off of my lap, and we had some refreshments, which allowed me to
cool off a bit. We enjoyed some conversation about the school day, and
what was going on in his life. He told me that it was nice that I'd let
him come and study at my office. I agreed that it was nice to have him
there, he really brightened my day. His smile told me that he enjoyed
being here too."Back to work now, we crazy nymphets 16 have some math to do, and your father is paying me
to help you, so let's get to pedo preeteen nymphets
it." He got up from his chair, and moved
his books to my desk, and we started. He would do two problems, and we'd
hug. Then on the third problem, he really go stuck. He asked for nude nymphet magazine
help, and slowly we worked through the problem. But while doing that, he
was moving his butt into my cock more and more. Of course, having a cute
little boy pushing his ass into your cock, even if his butt was clothed,
a hard on is going to happen. And John knew what he was doing to me.
Just the same he wiggled his butt each time he moved his arm to write
something. My jockies must have had a half gallon of pre-cum in them.We nymphets art photos finally worked teen ukrainian nymphets out the solution to that problem, and John slowly
turned around to me with a silly grin on his face. natural nude nymphets As he turned, he was
smashing his ass into my cock, knowing full well that it was hard as a
concrete pillar. "In a book at the library that I found the photographs of nude nymphets other day,
it told us about erections, and that guys get them when they are
sexually excited. I can feel that your erection is very prominent, and
large. " I told him that he was correct. I did have an erection. "Is it
because you are sexually aroused?" He asked. I nodded in the affirmative."Well if you have an erection because you are sexually aroused, then it
must be because of me. Is that true?" I had to say that it was true.
"What made you get that erection? Was it because I was sitting on your
lap?""Yes it was, and you know it. For making me hard, you might have to stay
after school, and be punished a bit. Get your homework done, and we'll
just see what punishment you deserve." All the time I was small pussies nymphets saying this, I
was smiling, so John didn't feel too scared about the punishment. "Also,
we are going to institute another rule. That rule is that when you mess
up on one of the problems, then you are going to have to suffer some
penalty. That penalty will probably involve you butt, and my hand, but
other things could happen too."John laughed, and said that he would agree to that. He wiggled his
little butt some more, and then turned around to finish up the few
problems that were left. He understood them, and finished them in good
order. He turned around again, and told me that I owed him a couple of
kisses. I paid up. The last one went on for several minutes. When we
moved back to face each other, John just sat there. And I began to
nonchalantly stroke his little thighs, and admiring those long slim
legs, and small feet that were attached at the end of them. My cock was
of course, hard as a nail, and looking nymphets model galleries down at his shorts, it looked
like his was also.He began to cry. I was mystified about that. "What is the matter?" I asked."I am just so happy that you like me a bit. Nobody has ever taken this
much time with me, and I really enjoy being with you. I like it very
much when you touch me. Makes me feel like someone cares about me.
Nobody has ever done that before, not my parents, or teachers either.
You divine nymphets have hugged me more in these meetings than my parents have during my
whole life." I reached over to my desk and grabbed a tissue, and wiped
his eyes. I just hugged him some more."I'm OK now." He announced after a few minutes. "You mentioned that you
were going to punish me for making your penis hard. What do underage nymphets sex
you plan on
doing? We should get it done, so that I have time to recover from your
"What do you mean, recover?" I had no idea what he meant."When I am punished, I usually have to sit somewhere when it is done,
and think about what I've done, and how to do better. Father usually
gives me a strong lecture for a few minutes, and that is schoolgirls nymphet
it. He has
never nymphet lust
spanked me, nor has anyone else. My friends tell me that they get
spanked quite often when they are bad, but that never happens to me."I nymphette model galleries can hear a plea from him for a spanking. "Do you think little nymphets toplist
that you should
be spanked for index nymphets pics making me get an erection?""If that is what you think that I need, then that is what you should do.
Just naughty little nymphetts
don't hit me too hard. Please just use your hand. One of my friends
showed me his butt after his dad spanked him, and it was all black and
blue. He told me that it still hurt the next day. nudist nymphet
Please don't do that
to me.""John, I may spank you, but I do promise that I'll only use my hand, and
you will nymphets studios toplist
NOT get black and blue from any spanking from backdoor little nymphets
me. Nor will you
be injured in any other way while we are together. You can trust me on
that." I hugged him again, and doing that, I gently blew into his ear,
he shivered a bit, and indicated that he liked that. So I did it to the
other ear. He shivered again, and moved his head for another kiss."Now it's time for you to submit to your punishment. Do you want your
spanking here over my knee in this chair, or should we move over there
to the couch?" I kept a small couch in the office in case I needed a
nap, or if someone came in and wanted a more relaxed conversation.John said that he would be a bit more comfortable on the couch. I said
that today we can do that, then the next time, we can do the chair
thing, and you can nymphet thumbnails
decide which you very young nymphets fucking prefer. So we moved to the couch,
and I sat down, with John standing in front of me. He started to bend
over my knees, and position himself for his spanking. "Your shorts
didn't do anything wrong, and I naked little nymphets
am not going to spank them. So you'll
have to lose them." He looked at me kind of with a grin, and then got
back up and unbuckled his shorts and let them drop to the floor. That
left him standing in front of me with his little tighty whities on, and
a stiff little cock thrusting out thai nymphet sex the white fabric. He started to get
back into position again, and again I stopped him, and told him the same
thing about his jockey shorts, that they would have to go. Now he was
not smiling as much, but stood back up, and very slowly removed his
white underware. That left him with just his tight t-shirt on, and his
shoes. God was he cute. Not a bit of hair around his cock at all, and
his little balls were drawn up close to his body. I admired his whole
body, and especially his cute little, slim four inch cock standing out
from his body.He asked if he should take his t-shirt off too, and I told young nymphet hardcore him that if
he was comfortable doing that, it would be a nice touch. So he reached
up and pulled off the t-shirt. That exposed his petite nipples. They
were a bright red, as the t-shirt had been chafing them, and of course
his arousal helped to make them stand out a bit too. He leaned back and
kind of pointed that cock at me, and I just enjoyed the sight. He turned
sideways, and then all the way around, and bent over to untie his Keds.
Of course that gave me a great view of that cute rear end. He kicked off
one shoe, hq nymphets
then bent over again, and got the other one off. He stayed in
that position for a bit to get his white socks off. Meanwhile I was just
admiring that little red spot where many good things were going to
happen. I wanted to just lean forward and kiss and lick that delicious
looking ass crack, but was afraid that would scare him off. Just wanted
to take it one step at a time. He slowly stood back up, and turned
around to face me, and on that face was the biggest smile I've ever
seen. I was really worried that his slow turning around was because he
was embarrassed, but that turns out to not be the case. He nude nymphets paysites was dark nymphets portals
being naked in my office.He for the sites wild nymphets
third time started to lay across my lap, and the third time
was a charm, so to speak. He lay there completely submissive to me. He
stretched out his slender arms, and spread his legs so that his ass
crack was pretty open.I told nymphet tgp dolls him that since he was twelve, that is how many swats he would
get. And since he had not resisted, it would just be the twelve total,
and had he resisted, or been really bad it would be twelve on each
cheek. He raised his head, turned and smiled at me and said, "OK, let's
get it over with." I complied with wild nymphets rompl his request, and began to administer
some swats.After the twelve, he just stayed there, and let me run my hand up and
down his tunnel. Occasionally, I'd pause at his hole, and he'd wiggle
when I did that. Finally, he rolled over onto his back, still across my
knees, and just smiled up at me with that gorgeous angelic face of his.
I studied it for a moment, then he spoke, "If you are going to spank me
any more, you are going to have to have some more Wheaties for
breakfast. I think you could spank just a bit harder, bet my butt isn't
even red yet. But, I do like the way you rub my butt after the spanking.
And as you can see, I like your rubbing my nuts now. That really feels
neat, you can litlle nude nymphet keep doing that for a long time."I was rubbing his nuts slowly, and just enjoying feeling his miniature
cock and balls, they were so smooth, and tender. Another thing that I
wanted to do, was to suck that cute little cock into my mouth, and make
it shoot some boy juice, but again, I was not going to scare this boy
away. So I gently took his cock into my hand, and began a slow up and
down motion. I looked back at his face, and his nymphet porn galleries eyes were closed. He
began to whimper each time I'd make the down stroke. No schoolgirl pussy nymphets pre-cum yet, but
in a few minutes of that massaging, he had one powerful orgasm. He
bucked and blubbered as he shot nymphets porn 13
a few drops of cum. I just held him
tight, as he came down from his high."Wow, that felt great. ls magazine nymphets
I've never had any other person touch me there,
didn't know it could nymphet naked gallery feel so good. Think that I'll miss a lot of math
problems underground little nymphets fucking the next time, so that you can do this again.""You don't have to miss problems to have me spank you. If that is what
you want or need, that is what we'll do." I pulled him up naked pre nymphets
off my lap,
and we kissed again. This time, his mouth opened, and youngest nymphets our tongues met.
It was like an electric shock to me. But think that John was not as excited.John glanced at the clock, and announced that it was time for him to get
home again, and get dinner hot teen nymphets started. "I really enjoyed this afternoon,
but think black nymphet child portal that we left something undone. That will have to wait for
later. Can it wait that long?" I asked him what he meant. "You know good
and well, your pants have a boner in them, and that needs young nymphete pics
to be taken
care of. Can we start earlier next Tuesday?""You bet, but we have to get that homework done, so pay attention in
class, and we can get started earlier. Good by John." As he rushed out
of the door. He waved to me, and I teared up again as he left.As soon as I couldn't see him in the window any more, I plopped myself
down on the couch and proceeded to have a nice long jack-off session. Of
course, it was not a long session at all, my cock shot it's load again
in just a couple of strokes, while I dreamed of John, and that beautiful
butt.- - - - - - - - -Comment to ray6645yahoo.com Sorry about not answering all of your e-mails. I will do it as soon as
possible. I've never nymphet teeny had so many responses from a story. Thanks to all
of you, and know that they are ALL appreciated. That is the mana that
keeps writers working on their keyboards. Or in my case it's the big cum
load that I love.RayENDNOTE:Don't try this at home. Nowadays there is a terrible hunting of anyone
who touches another student. It is too bad, because I see that these
kids now days have been given very little affection, and desperately
need it. If you have a child, hug them, if you have a grand child, hug
them!! They need it. Their folks are too busy supporting that house,
etc. to hug their kids.Ray
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