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and Tony made it back to Tony's place pretty early. They knew that
the plane would not be landing for a couple more hours, and then it
would take roughly two hours to get home, what with getting out of
the airport, and then the drive home. What they did in the meantime
though was to play around a bit. They had not had the chance to
really be close much lately, so they were going to take the chance
while they had it.
they walked in the door to the house, and then locked it behind them,
they locked into a passionate embrace, kissing each other deeply,
tenderly, lovingly. Their age difference was nearly as extreme as
their size difference, so Tom found it easier to just pick Tony up
and hold him while they kissed.
a word, Tom set Tony down on the ground, and they walked hand in hand
to Tony's room. When they got there, they slowly stripped their
boyfriend of all their clothes, a lot of petting happening while they
did so. Tom picked Tony up and laid him on the bed once they were
both totally naked, and then starting at his feet, Tom licked and
sucked his way up, kissing and caressing as well. Tom reached the
very sensitive inner part of the thigh, right next to Tony's still
small, but growing balls, and he really licked and sucked there,
driving Tony insane with lust. Once Tom left a nice mark there, he
started back on the other foot and slowly worked his way back up to
the same place on the other thigh. Tom found that the backs of
Tony's knees were also very sensitive, and his dick would vibrate
like mad when Tom licked there, so a large amount of time was spent
in this location as well. With matching hickies on the insides of
both of Tony's thighs, Tom moved his way up, but skipped by Tony's
aching erection, much to the poor boys dismay.
Tony was whimpering and groaning from the feelings Tom was sending
through his entire body, he was not sure just how much more of this
exquisite torture he was going to be able to take, but there was no
way he wanted it to stop either.
spent a little time working on Tony's cute little outtie belly
button, but that made Tony laugh more than anything, so Tom moved
upwards. Reaching Tony's sensitive, and also already hard nipples,
Tom spent a long time on those. Licking and really sucking hard,
making them even more sensitive than they had already been, thus
causing Tony to whimper and moan even more. Then somewhere Tom or
Tony had never thought to go, it was just on a whim that Tom went
there at all, straight to Tony's armpits.
normally Tony had extremely ticklish armpits, and he even started to
laugh a little at first, but then the incredible sensations hit.
Within a minute Tony was moaning and panting even louder than he had
been before, and that's saying a lot. Tom was really going to work,
licking, kissing, sucking, he was giving Tony's bare and tasty
armpits the full treatment. When Tom moved away to inspect his handy
work, he smiled to see that Tony did in fact have a large hicky right
in his armpit.
with a smile on his face, and Tony still panting loudly, Tom headed
for the other arm pit. Tony nearly begged for Tom to not do it
again, but it was too late for that, Tom's face was already buried in
there, and Tony was now completely powerless to stop it from
happening. Ten gloriously, excruciatingly, long minutes for Tony,
Tom worked his tender and bare armpit, and when Tom finally pulled
away, he smiled again from the hickey he left.
up still further yet, Tom worked on Tony's neck, but was careful not
to leave any marks there. Twelve year olds might have a hard time
explaining love bites to their teachers, and they would recognize one
immediately. Before Tony could even register what had happened, Tom
had flipped Tony over, so that the young boy was now laying on his
front. This time starting at the top, Tom worked his way downwards.
Starting at Tony's neck, then slowly moving his way down his
boyfriends incredibly shaped back, skipping his bum, and getting his
legs, once again paying special attention to the sensitive area
behind Tony's knees. Throughout all this, Tony had been humping his
bed, grinding his erection into the blanket below, and he was getting
seriously close, and Tom could tell.
would not do though.' Thought Tom.
he raised Tony's hips up so that his face was still down, but his
butt was now up. Tony tried to reach his hand down to give himself
the release he wanted, but Tom just smacked his hand away. Without a
word still, Tony knew that he was not to touch himself, that it would
be taken care of for him. He was fit to burst, and he knew that he
would not be able to take much more anyways, nymphet models topless but he listened to the
non verbal request.
slowly caressed Tony's soft firm cheeks, enjoying the feeling of
them. Then without hardly thinking of it, Tom's face moved in.
Sucking firmly on first one cheek, and then the next, Tom left two
nice big hickies, marking even more of his territory as it were. Now
moving towards the center, towards the ultimate prize, Tom spread the
cheeks guarding the treasure within, and he licked. From the bottom
of Tony's balls, right to the top of his crack, Tom licked. It did
not taste bad at all like Tom figured it would, in fact it was quite
back in for another swipe, Tom moved from the top down, and then back
again. Tony must have really liked this as well, because he was damn
near wailing out his pleasure now. His cries and groans getting
quite loud. Concentrating only on the hole now, Tom really started
to tongue it, working up lots of spit and depositing it right on the
puckered lips of Tony's very nice and tight hole.
was crying out in ecstasy now, Tom was really making him get very
close, and he knew that it was not going to be too long before he
spontaneously exploded with nothing touching his dick at all. When
Tom penetrated the young virgin hole with his tongue, and slid in as
far as he could, Tony very nearly passed out from the sensory
overload, and he had to hold his orgasm with every fiber of his
being, because he knew that Tom wanted to have him in his mouth for
tongued Tony's hole deep inside for almost five minutes, but then he
felt something happening, Tony's hole was starting to spasm
erratically, and he knew his boyfriend was about to explode.
Reaching up Tom pinched the base of Tony's cock and stopped all
movement, but did not extricate his tongue, not just yet. He was
enjoying himself just a little too much.
cried out at having his orgasm stopped like that, he was so close, he
wanted to explode, and Tom was torturing him. It was the absolute
best torture that Tony had ever heard of, but still, it was killing
him. When Tom felt that the danger had passed, he let go of Tony's
dick, and continued his tongue action. Working in and out rapidly
now, his tongue getting tired, Tom had to soon give up, no matter how
much either of them was enjoying this.
pulled his tongue out, flipped Tony back onto his back, stuck his
right middle finger into his mouth and got it real wet, and then
engulfed Tony's small sack as his finger penetrated Tony's little
bum. Tony squealed even louder yet. The dual assault on him was
getting to be way too much to handle, his entire body was quaking
now, he was moaning non stop, and his dick was so hard that it was
actually bright purple. When Tom let Tony's balls drop and went for
the main attraction, he quickly inserted a second finger inside Tony.
gasped at first from the intrusion, it had been slightly painful, but
his bliss quickly overrode any bbs japanese nymphets pain, and caused his mind to nearly
melt. With two fingers now buried deep inside him, and stroking his
little prostate, as well as Tom sucking and licking his aching
erection, Tony exploded. No warning at all, just exploded. And to
Tom's sheer amazement and delight, three small lets of watery sperm
exploded into his mouth as well. It was heavenly, the taste, the
texture, Tom wished he could savor it for forever and a day, but
eventually he had to swallow it down.
had screamed out his immense pleasure, and right away he knew
something was different, way back in the back of his mind, he felt
his cum shooting, but with his sex dazed mind, he had no real idea
what was different. The result of such a massive orgasm though, was
that Tony completely and totally passed out. Still panting in his
sleep, the biggest grin plastered on his sweaty face that Tom had
ever had the pleasure of witnessing, and his dick now totally soft,
Tony slept.
that was hot.” Tom whispered.
a large smile on his face, Tom climbed out of bed and grabbed two
diapers and went back and diapered his baby, and then laid down and
diapered himself. He then headed to the kitchen, grabbed two bottles
of warmed milk, and went back up and laid down next to Tony. Gently
he slipped the nipple of the bottle in between Tony's lips, and in
his sleep, he drank. Tom had to hold both the bottles, but within
only a few minutes, both their bottles were dry.
was almost an hour before Tony started coming to, and it took almost
ten minutes before he actually came awake. The first thing he saw
when he opened his eyes though, was the warm smiling face of the boy
he loved with all his heart.
love you.” Tony whispered and reached in for a tender kiss.
love you too.” Tom whispered back and kissed Tony back.
was way intense what you did to me. I still feel weak, and I know
from the clock I had to have slept an hour.”
almost an hour, and shooting your first load of sweet cum always
takes a little out of you.” Tom smiled more warmly still.
way, I really shot, and in your mouth like you had hoped for?”
yes way, and it was so good, I could have savored it for an eternity.
It was three tiny little sprays, and it was pretty watery, but man
was it sweet.”
knew it felt different. I want to suck you now, but we have to
hurry, my parents will be here soon.”
I'd love to have you take your time nymphet anal sites on me, but you're right.”
Tom smiled.
rolled over and onto Tom and started kissing him tenderly, a lot hot nubile nymphets of
love pouring out his young body. As they kissed, Tony was grinding
their diapered crotches together, and it was making them both hot and
bothered. Only a few minutes later Tony started moving down. He did
take a few minutes to stop at all of Tom's sensitive places and pay
homage to them, really getting Tom worked up.
Tony reached Tom's tented diaper, he fished in the left leg hole and
worked Tom's hard dick out, and then stuck his other hand in the
other side and started fondling Tom's nuts, as he started licking and
sucking Tom's dick.
was moaning and groaning lowly from the attention that Tony was
giving to his body. While Tony was not working too quickly to bring
off his boyfriend, he was also not working slowly. He had a nice
rhythm happening, and Tom could already feel the cum boiling in his
balls, aching for the release he so sought. With a deep growl from
deep within, Tom came, hard and fast, almost choking Tony with the
sheer power of it. Tom had been very close earlier when he was
sucking Tony, but he let the orgasmic bliss fade away when Tony had
passed out, knowing full well Tony would be upset at having a treat
wasted so uselessly. So with having a massive orgasm build up slowly
earlier and then forcing it back, and then getting worked on so well
by Tony, it caused Tom to have his best cum to date. The volume was
also almost too much for Tony, he had to swallow before he wanted to
in order to not let any of the precious seed seep out of his mouth.
When Tom finally collapsed, and the flow ebbed, Tony slowly pulled
off of Tom's wilting dick, being careful not to let any of the treat
he was saving in his mouth fall. He then worked his way up Tom's
still heaving body until they were face to face and they kissed.
Deeply they shared the cum kiss, both enjoying it a great deal. Tony
could not wait until Tom was able to share a cum kiss with him as
well, but he knew that it was neither of their fault that he did not
get to on the first ejaculation of his life.
you, that's much better.” Tom sighed out a few minutes later
when he came down.
very welcome baby.” Tony said, reaching down and tucking Tom
back into his diaper and rearranging him properly, then made sure
that the diaper was still attached properly.
better go to the bathroom and run a cloth over ourselves, you look
like you've been having sex all day, and I probably look the same.”
Tom smiled.
you look very sexy like that, but I think only I should be able to
see you like that.”
here.” Tom said and rolled out of bed and extended his hand.
headed to the bathroom and Tony grabbed a cloth. He quickly got it
wet with some illegal nymphets sites nice warm water, and began to wash his baby down
lightly, just taking off the sheen of sweat that had built up. Tom
did the same thing for Tony, and then they rubbed some baby lotion
onto each other to make them smell even better yet. They then went
and made sure that everything was prepared for Tony's parents'
arrival. Tom decided that he would leave soon after they got home,
but he was going to stay until they did so.
daddy, how was your trip?” Tony asked brightly when they
walked in the door. He flung himself into his daddies arms, and
Dieter barely managed to catch him. Both Denise and Dieter had wide
smiles on their faces as well from the wonderful greeting that they
trip was great, but coming home to that greeting, was even better.
How are you, and how did you like your week by yourself?”
Denise asked.
it hadn't been for school and everything else keeping me busy, it
would have driven me nuts being home all alone all the time. I'm
really glad you guys had a good time, you look so much more relaxed
than I ever remember you looking.”
having time to yourself is nice, but just as long as it doesn't last
too long, because then you do start to get bored. And thanks to you,
we are far more relaxed and happier than we've ever been. We talked
a lot about the past, the present, and the future while we were away,
and we realized a few things. We realized that while we were alive,
we were not living. We were working our asses off, trying to forget
the past, but you cannot escape the past, for the past is what
decides your future. We realized that the way we had been living, we
can no longer do. It helped us to forget our past, burying ourselves
so deeply in our work and focusing only on that, but it never let us
live in the present. Sure we made a huge nest egg for the future, in
fact, if we wanted to, we could retire right now and never have to
work again, and then you could live the same, and probably your kids
too. So again, while we were building for the future, we were not
living for today. Do you know that we went to a carnival for the
first time, went on fair rides for the first time, we did so many
things on this trip that every kid loves doing, that we have never
once done. Our childhood was ripped away from us, but that doesn't
mean that we nymphets kids porno have to forget about it. And we have you to thank for
that, you are, without a doubt, the very best thing to have come out
of our horrible pasts.” Dieter said stoically, not even crying
this time at all.
proud of you daddy, and you too mommy, you needed to go out and do a
few of those things you missed as a child, and I'm glad you did it.
Now, I know your trip must have been long, and I bet your diapers are
nearly soaked through, so let's go get my babies changed and dressed
into some nice comfy footed jammies.” Tony smiled warmly at
his parents.
daddy.” They both smiled warmly and each took one of his hands
as he led them to their room. Tom followed behind, and helped Tony
to change his parents.
Tony had suspected, they were both soaked, nearly to the saturation
point, and one more wetting probably would have had them leaking all
over the place. They were cleaned, creamed, and powdered liberally,
and then put into a double thick diaper, Tony having to show Tom just
how to do it, and then they were both put into matching boy and girl
babyish sleepers. They were the most babyish ones they had.
you go babies, all nice and thickly diapered, just like little babies
should be. rusia nymphet nude
Why don't you two go into the living room and play with
your toys and watch cartoons, and I'll bring you two a bottle each.”
They both said in baby voices.
and Tony smiled at the use of the baby tone and word and headed to
Tony's room. Tom had to get going, but he had to get dressed first,
because he was just in a diaper. It was not really wet yet, only one
wetting in it, so there was little point in changing it, so Tom just
threw on his pants and shirt, kissed Tony goodbye, and headed home.
though it was Saturday night, Tom and Tony figured that Tony needed
to be with his parents alone for the week, so Tom said he would just
go home. He could have gone back to AJ's for the night, but he
didn't really want to. He wanted to go home, cuddle up to Ted, and
just talk for hours like they used to. Ever since Tony and he had
become boyfriends, he had not sat and just talked with Ted all that
much, and he was missing it a great deal.
everyone, I'm home.” Tom called out when he walked in the
we're in the kitchen.” Deanna called out.
weren't expecting you home, what's up?” Carter asked when Tom
met them all in the kitchen.
much. Didn't feel like going back to AJ's place for the night, just
wanted to come home and relax. Tony figured that for this week it
should be him and his parents alone, and I agreed with him, so came
okay. How are they after their trip?” Ted asked.
look a hundred percent better, so much more relaxed, and happy too.
They healed a lot already in the short time since they told Tony all
about them, it's really amazing. AJ has been helping a lot there
though. Tony tells us all everything of course, it's his only
release from the frustration and anger he feels towards what happened
to them, and AJ is always telling him really useful things. We all
do, but AJ is so much more insightful than we are. We all sit and
talk a lot about everything though, and AJ always has good thoughts
for us when we need them.”
glad to hear that, and we're happy that you have such a good friend
in AJ, he's a really nice boy.” Carter said.
he is.” Tom smiled warmly.
Tom, you wanna go lay down and talk for a bit?” Ted asked.
Tom smiled, thinking Ted had read his thoughts. When they made it
to Tom's room, they both stripped down, Ted naked, and Tom to his
diaper, and then they laid down on Tom's bed, Tom laying his head on
Ted's chest and throwing his arm over it, Ted hugging his arm over
Tom's back lovingly.
what's on your mind kiddo? You look troubled about something.”
it's nothing much. Just a lot of different things really. How did
you know I wanted to come home and lay down and talk?”
a look you always give when you want to, and I could see that you
were deep in thought about things. So what all did you want to talk
Well first of all, I think that if we were allowed to right now, I'd
ask Tony to marry me, I love him so much.”
very nice. You're both a little young to be thinking about that just
yet, but in not all that any years, you could definitely do that. We
can all tell that you and Tony really love each other a great deal,
but you have to remember that you are still young, and sometimes
people change, and they drift apart. This is especially true in
young people. Now, I think you two are very strong, and your love
for each other is very deep, so I don't foresee that, but you have to
realize that it could happen.” Ted said very softly, reaching
up and playing with Tom's hair gently.
know, and that's what worries me the most, what if Tony did drift
away from me, I don't know what I'd do. I don't think he will either
though, and I know I won't, but you ever know right.”
right. Landon and I have been together a long time now, longer than
you have been alive, and we were still teens when we got together,
just not quite as young as you guys are. It took us a lot longer to
reach in our relationship where you guys are now, we were both very
hesitant at first, not really sure where to go and what to do. It
was very difficult back then to be gay, not nearly so easy as it is
now, although it's still hard. So neither one of us really wanted to
admit it too much, even though we both knew the other was gay. It
was over a month before we gave each other a hand, four before we
used our mouths, and almost a year before we made love to each other
for the first time. One good thing about going through all that
though, was that it made us stronger. That same strength is in both
of you too though, so I think you'll last just fine.”
I came really close to making love to Tony today, and I would have
too if he had have asked me to, but he had his first wet cum and
passed out. In a way I'm kinda glad, but I think it'll be very
he's pretty young, and I bet it was really sweet if you got to taste
he is, and man was it ever, it was way better than mine is. I was
sucking him at the time, and it almost surprised me. I could have
savored it for life.” Tom sighed.
bet. So why do you think that you and he might soon go into the
realms of anal sex?”
when I was playing with him I started rimming him and got my tongue
buried right inside him. Then when I turned him over to start
sucking on his balls, I stuck a finger in. He started going crazy
from this. Then when I started sucking his dick, I stuck another
finger in, and he was really loving it. And that's when he came. If
he had have held on any longer, he would have told me to enter him,
I'm sure of it, but I'm afraid.”
don't want to hurt him, but know that while in the act, you won't
have the power to stop yourself right?”
something along those lines.”
you can do is let your big head keep most of the control, and when he
does ask, then do everything that you can to prepare him properly.
And I know that you know all this already, but no matter how much
prep work, and no matter how much lube, Tony's first time is likely
to be painful. He will probably cry, but it will feel so good at the
same time, so all you can do is stop and let him get used to your
size. You're getting quite big, he's still pretty small, so when you
enter, it will hurt. No matter what though, unless Tony asks you to,
do not take it out once it's in, it actually helps, and just stop
until he relaxes.”
I know you've told me all this before, and so have the others, but I
just don't want to hurt him any at all, I love him too much to hurt
you love him as much as I know you do, when he's ready for it and
asks, you will do it. You will prepare him for as long as necessary,
and you will be very gentle. I know that, and so do both of you.
Your first time will be incredible though, I know it.”
Ted. I love you a whole lot too, you know that right?”
I do, and I love you too. So what else is on your mind?”
much really, cp portal nymphet just happy for Tony and his parents. They really are
starting to get better, I can see it in their eyes, not so cold and
distant looking anymore. They're not totally filled with love yet,
but it's twinkling in the background, ready to come forward as soon
as the anger and fear are destroyed.”
glad for that, Tony deserves to have a loving family, and they
deserve to have that and Tony as well. They will still have a long
hard road ahead of them, and there will probably be some setbacks,
but I think they'll be just fine.”
I think they'll be just fine too.”
are you excited about Tony eventually making love to you too?”
yeah. I can't wait. I know that it might even hurt just a little
bit for me, but that's okay for me, I know it'll feel really good.”
Tom sighed.
that it will. Anal sex is possibly the most incredible thing you
will ever feel. It feels so good that some guys crave it, and almost
go into withdrawal without it. I should know, I'm one of them, I'm
totally hooked.” Ted grinned.
yeah, why else would anyone put up with the pain. I mean now for us
there is next to no pain at all, but it is still uncomfortable at
first insertion, unless we very well prepare each other first, but
most of the time we don't. We usually just lube up and slip in now,
maybe finger each other a bit during foreplay, but never that much.
When you know that something is going to feel so good, that you
almost even crave the pain it takes to get there, you can put up with
a great deal.”
making me want to go to Tony's and beg him to make love to me right
now.” Tom chuckled.
doubt you'd have to beg him any, he wants it as badly as you do, but
he's holding off because he feels he should, and you both should.
Save it for a special night, when it can just be the two of you, when
it can be very loving and special, when you can spend an entire hour
just loving your baby, and then when you finally do slip into each
other, it is a true climax to a beautiful thing. Sure, you could go
and bbs nymphet girls fuck like bunny rabbits, and that can be fun too, but it's far
nicer to make love to each other, especially for your first time.”
does sound very nice, and I wouldn't want it any other way either.
You guys sometimes just have sex for the fun of it?”
yeah. Most of the time we're very caring and loving, gentle and
soft, we really truly make love to each other. Sometimes though, our
animal lust just gets the better of us and we fuck like wild animals.
We don't get to do that too often any more with a baby in the house,
and of course having you down the hall too. Wouldn't want to scar
you after all, but yeah wild sex feels great sometimes. Once you two
have spent enough time loving each other, I suggest you give it a
try, don't be afraid to get a little rowdy, have a little fun, really
let loose and go for it.” Ted grinned widely.
have to remember that. So how are your swimmers coming along
anyways, getting anywhere with them yet? I haven't even asked about
them since you started.”
problem, why would you worry about girls after all.” Ted
smirked. “They're doing not too bad actually. They are trying
really hard, and are all happy that they now have someone with some
semblance of a clue as to what they're doing. Their old coach barely
even knew how to swim herself, so she really had no right being there
at all. I doubt very seriously though that there is a fraction of
the available talent there that there is on you boys' team though.
Most of them are good enough in their own right, but just don't have
the drive or the will power. A few of them though have taken a
personal affront to the boys team so repeatedly showing them up, so
they are working really hard and embarrassing the rest of the team.
Problem is that there is no real team there, most of them preeteen naked nymphets
don't even
like each other at all, and a few of them are real bitches, think
they're all that.”
that last part is one good reason to be gay. ru nymphet I can't understand how
boys find those types of girls attractive. Sure, they may be pretty
and all, but they think they are gods gift to men or something, and
that any man would want them, they are so stuck up and arrogant it's
sickening. Not to mention I've seen killer attack dogs with nicer
personalities than some of the girls on your team. I feel sorry for
you some days.”
really put most of them in their place now, and they know that they
cannot use their charms on me to get them whatever they want. A few
even tried hitting on me, how disgusting, and I politely told them
that I am openly gay, that my partner and I have an adopted daughter,
and they had no hope of using their looks to disarm me. I've started
getting really hard on them and making them push themselves, really
working them. The few I told you about are doing better, and more
than a few have quit now, but the rest are just plain hopeless. The
funny thing is that the girls who really are trying, are the girls
that are quite nice and would actually make nice girlfriends, even if
they aren't the prettiest girls in the school.”
for you. Maybe you should have been teaching the girls all along,
'cause to tell you quite honestly, you were not nearly hard enough on
us guys.” Tom grinned.
know, for some reason it is easier to be tough on the girls, but then
most of them just rub me the wrong way anyways. And no you little
perv, I don't mean like that, although that would really be the wrong
way too.” Ted grinned.
wasn't going to say anything, honest.” Tom grinned. “So
anyways, you don't like most of them, so you don't feel bad pushing
them, cool.”
a few of them I like just fine, the others though, not so much. Nor
do I respect them. I just find it easier is all. Maybe it's because
I don't find them attractive at all. I mean I never had sexual
thoughts for any of the boys on your old team, nor any boys for that
matter, but damn, you have to admit so many of them were gorgeous,
even if they didn't think so.”
the time I wouldn't have agreed with you, but looking back,
definitely yeah, they were hot.” Tom admitted freely.
really too bad that you hadn't admitted to yourself a lot sooner.
There were so many boys in there ripe for the picking, you could have
had yourself some prime pieces of ass as soon as you joined the team
had you wanted to. Look at yourself, you're gorgeous, easily the
best looking boy on your old team, and pretty damn high up there on
your new team, and I know I'm biased, but it's true. All the boys in
there looked at you from the time you entered, and every one of the
gay boys was thinking of ways to get you into bed, until you talked.
I'm talking, you could have had a different boy every night of the
week.” Ted teased.
you call me a perv. As for getting all the ass I wanted, honestly,
even if I had have admitted to myself a long time ago that I was gay,
I don't think I would have wanted sex then. I think I would have
wanted the love first.”
glad to hear that as well, but I was teasing you. You're about as
frivolous as I am. I have had sex with exactly one partner my entire
life, and we're still together, and plan to be for as many years as
our bodies have a breath left in them.”
hope Tony and I are the same, I think we are. I feel like forever
when I'm near him, and I miss him as much, or lovely nymphets collection more than I miss you
when we're apart.” Tom sighed.
know how you feel.” Ted sighed out as well. They stopped
talking then and just laid there and continued to cuddle for a long
time, until they were called for dinner. They had not fallen asleep,
but they were so relaxed from tickling each other softly, that they
nearly were.
your bottles mommy and daddy. I made them special for you,
chocolate.” Tony smiled and passed out two bottles, but kept
the third for himself. They all curled up on the couch and cuddled
together and watched the cartoon that was playing, and drank their
they finished their bottles, they all got up and played for a while,
just like toddlers, all three of them, just playing with toys and
having fun. Tony stopped playing a while later to make dinner for
them all, fed his parents theirs, and then ate his. For the rest of
the evening, before they all called it a night, they played hide and
seek in the darkening house, using flashlights. Something that every
kid should experience at least a few times in their lives, but none
of them ever had. They had even more fun than they thought possible,
and fell into a laughing heap in the middle of the living room floor,
holding each other lovingly.
and Denise did not need diaper changes before bed, their outer
diapers having not even started getting wet, so Tony tucked them into
bed, giving them kisses and hugs, and wishing them sweet dreams. He
then headed to bed himself, cleaning himself up and putting on a
fresh diaper.
the rest of the week Tony kept his parents busy, playing all sorts of
games, and doing all sorts of arts and crafts and other fun things.
The only time he left the house was to go buy supplies or groceries,
while his parents stayed home. Not once did either of Tony's parents
stay out of their diapers for more than the few minutes a day it took
for them to have a bowel movement or a shower, and most of the time
they were in either just their diaper, or a diaper and a sleeper. A
few times they were allowed to get dressed into their childish
clothes they had, and they looked adorable, but they preferred just
their diapers.
did come over each afternoon after school as well, and he spent
usually a couple hours there helping to baby Denise and Dieter. He
played and did crafts with them as well, and he had a great time too
when he came over.
only time that Tony had spoken to anyone else that entire week, other
than when he went to a store, was Friday evening. AJ called and told
Tony to come over the next day some time. Tony hoped that it was for
the reason he wanted it to be for, and he agreed readily enough of
course, and Tom said that he would come over in the morning some
time, and they could go together.
morning guys.” AJ said when Tom and Tony came in the next
morning, just as training was finishing up for the day.
everyone. So AJ, you wanted to see me?”
and I'm sure you know what for. Let us get showered and dried off,
and then we can go talk in the living room.”
sure!” Tony said happily.
I finished reading and editing what you wrote. It was very well
written, first of all, and while there were some mistakes, there
really was not that many, no surprise there though. I did edit a few
scenes though to lessen the goriness of it, while still keeping the
true feel as to what happened. If it does get published, you don't
want to disturb too many people. Any changes like that I highlighted
and left the original part intact so that you could see what and
where I changed. I think that if you send it in to a publisher, that
you have an excellent chance of actually having it published. Now
your best chance of getting it published will be with a smaller
company, they usually don't care as much about what they publish, as
long as it's good. They don't mind going outside the norm a bit, and
as luck has it, there is just such a place in the city, so only an
hour away, and you have an appointment to see someone next Saturday,
and Max has already agreed to take us all there.”
wow. You really think it's good enough though?”
publishing place seems to think so. I sent it to them last weekend
and I got the answer back yesterday, and they want to meet you. They
want to see any final edits that you come up with, but it looks like
you could be a published author very soon.”
didn't you tell me last weekend then?”
of all, you had more important things to worry about at the time, and
second, I wanted to get the preliminary things out of the way so that
you didn't chicken out at the last minute, and decide not to try and
publish it.” AJ smiled warmly.
I suppose you're right, I might have. I would have done it to
protect my parents though, and even when it does get published, how
are we going to shield them?”
talked that over with the guy yesterday, and he said we can put it
under a pen name, and you already used false names in the story
anyways, so the pen name can just have the same last name as the
characters, because you are their son after all.”
AJ, you're making this really easy on me.” Tony smiled warmly.
what are friends for.”
I borrow your computer for a few minutes so that I can see the
changes you made. If I like them, then we'll just leave them and
send the final copy in today.”
Go ahead, you know where it is.”
headed to AJ's bedroom alone and spent the next hour going through
the changes, and he liked them. And like AJ had said, they did not
take away from the story, but did lessen the sheer brutality a
little, yet still allowed you to get the feel of it. Tony saved the
final copy, after deleting the old parts, and went to find the
others, and found them just finishing up the last touches of making
perfect timing, go ahead and sit down, lunch is served.” JJ
said when Tony walked in.
what did you think?” AJ asked.
made all the suggested changes and saved it, so you can send it back
in now if you'd like. Thank you so much for doing this for me AJ, I
owe you big time.”
owe me nothing. Your friendship is all I need, and I already have
thanks anyways.”
very welcome.”
ready for this?” Max asked Tony when they got out of the truck
at the publishers office the following week. AJ, JJ, TJ, Ricky, Tom,
Tony, and Max had driven out first thing Saturday morning, training
of course being canceled for the day.
think so, but I'm really nervous. Glad I'm wearing a diaper, that's
for sure.”
bet. Well, shall nymphets nude 10 years we go in then?” JJ asked.
I'm Randy, and I run this place. I wasn't expecting so many of you
to come in today, so we'll go to the boardroom instead, so follow me
please.” Randy said when he greeted everyone after being
called by his secretary.
Randy. I wasn't expecting the owner to be doing all the work.”
Max said.
AJ tell you?”
I didn't feel it was important. I knew that this was a fairly small
business, so you would probably handle a good portion of the day to
day operations.” AJ shrugged.
I don't do this very often at all anymore, but in the case of this, I
wanted to be the one to handle it. You see, when my guy came in here
with the book for me to read, saying it was our first number one, I
took it and I read it. I told him that I was taking over on it. You
see, while this is more brutal than I had it, I had much the same
upbringing. I was rescued far younger though, and the man who
rescued me was my first real lover, and he saved me in more ways than
one. So I feel personally attached to this as well.”
you never thought about writing it all out for the world to read?”
Tony asked.
have, a million times, and I've even started it some of those times
too, but I just couldn't do it. Instead now, I will publish this for
you Tony. You boys also did an excellent job of editing the story,
so my people bbs forum nymphet will have next to no work to do for that, just getting
it down to page sizes will be about all they have to do. There little pussy nymphets will
of course be a final edit to catch anything we all missed, but
somehow I don't think they'll find much at all. Today is mostly just
a meet and greet, and to tell you that we will be publishing it, but
before too much time passes, I will have to get your parents
signatures Tony. Because they are your parents, and who the book is
about, they have to sign it over. Was there anything that you wanted
to stipulate at all before we move onto that phase?”
there are a couple things at least that I'd like to go over. First
and foremost has to be a strict confidentiality agreement amongst
anyone who sees my real name. I tell a lot about my parents in there
that they would not wish to get out, so no one must ever find out my
real name. Second is that I will be using a false name.”
confidentiality agreement is already in place. None of our people
are allowed to disclose any information that they might come across
here, and as I'm sure you saw, I keep security very tight here,
because I take my clients security very serious. Many writers do not
want their real information out there, so I assure you, this will be
no problem at all. As for a false name, nearly three quarters of the
writers names are false, so again, no big deal.”
glad to hear it. Now, money. How much will the book make do you
to say, to tell you the truth. Only time can tell that. It's really
very dark and brutal, but it's a true story, and many people really
like those. I will give you the breakdown of what you will earn for
every book sold though, and trust me, if you sell a million copies,
you will not have to worry about money for a very long time.”
I didn't do this for the money, and I don't even really want it.
When everything is signed for, half of the money is to be donated
directly to the children's hospital, and the rest is for us.”
well that's very generous of you.” Randy said in a little
parents have more than enough money, so we're good there, and the
kids need it more than we do. The only reason I am keeping half is
because I do want some of the money if it sells, and everyone here
thinks it would not be a good idea to donate all the money.”
Tony shrugged, because he had been thinking eighty percent to the
then. So anyways, I was hoping to come and see your parents soon to
get everything signed for, so that we can get this going as soon as
possible. When do you think would be a good time? I will come to
you this time though.”
next Saturday would be the best, and that way I can guarantee that
they will be home.”
okay with that, I work almost every Saturday anyways.”
let's say about one then?”
Randy said and they all stood up and shook hands with each other.
did very well in there Tony.” Max said to Tony on the way out
to the truck, pulling him into a sideways hug.
Everyone chimed in.
guys. I've had a week to go over what I wanted to say.” Tony
thinking. Well let's go for lunch, my treat.” Max said, and
what teen boy could refuse such an offer.
headed to a nearby restaurant that smelled as if it had really good
food, and they went in and ate a good lunch. Everyone talked
excitedly over Tony's up and coming book deal. It was all but
assuredly his, all he needed was for his parents to sign off on it as
well. When Max dropped him off at home that very afternoon, he
gathered his parents up and told them all about what he had done.
I want you guys to sign off on this please. We don't need the money
any, but half of the book earnings will go to the children's
hospital, and the other half to us. Randy seems to think it will be
a very good seller, but don't worry, I made sure that no names are
real. I wanted to protect you guys.”
I really didn't want to have our story published, but if you're
certain that our names will never come out, then I will do it, under
one condition.” Dieter said quietly.
would never publish our names on this story, there is too much in
there that is too personal. What's the condition?”
all the money that is made from the book is yours, and yours only.
We don't need it at all, and you are the one who really wrote it.”
agree with your father Tony, and I too will sign it if you keep all
the money for yourself.”
but I don't really need it either though.”
you do. You can put a lot of it into savings accounts for when you
are older, that way you will never have to worry about money. Mind
you, we won't live for forever, so anything we have will of course
naturally be yours, but hopefully it is many happy years before that
happens.” Denise said with a warm smile on her face.
hope so too mommy.”
wanna know something Tony?”
you've been so good to us, given us all your attention and made us
feel truly loved, and we've really loved it. I just realized
something though, you never had any of that yourself, so today and
tomorrow it is your turn to be babied by us. The first thing I want
to do is give my baby a bath.” Denise said lovingly.
don't have to do that mommy, I'm just so happy being able to help you
guys out.” Tony said, a happy tear rolling down his cheek.
know, but we really want to do this for you now.” Denise said.
didn't say anything, he just put his arms up, the universal language
of children asking to be picked up and carried. Denise picked Tony
up and carried him to the bathroom, her hand under his padded bum.
She sat him on the counter and started the bath water, putting in
some of the bubble bath that Tony had bought for them. While the
bath was filling up, Denise lifted Tony off the counter and sat him
down on his own feet and then proceeded to undress him lovingly.
my, my little baby sure is wet.” Denise chuckled as she
revealed Tony's quite soaked diaper.
mommy, I peepee'd lots in my diaper like a little baby.” Tony
I see that. Well let's get this soaked diaper off my little baby and
get him into nice warm bath.”
removed Tony's diaper and left it on the ground, and then lifted him
up and into the bathtub . Tony laid down and just let his mom do all
the work while he played with the few tub toys that were in there for
his parents. Slowly and gently Denise washed her baby boy, starting
at his cute little feet, and working her way up his body. Even
though Tony did get hard while she washed his groin, and pulled back
his foreskin to clean his head properly, Tony didn't get at all
embarrassed. He had seen his parents in all sorts of embarrassing
situations, and they never once showed their embarrassment, so
neither should he. It took half an hour for Denise to wash Tony down
totally, including his hair, and when she was done, she pulled the
plug and then started the hand shower to rinse Tony off as the tub
lifted Tony out of the tub and stood him on the toilet seat so that
he was easier to dry off. She started with his hair and got it well
dried, and then worked her way down, getting him nice and dry. She
then wrapped another dry towel around him, and carried Tony into his
bedroom, where his daddy was waiting for them. After setting Tony
down on the bed, Denise left the room, and left Tony in Dieter's
capable hands.
my baby boy enjoy his bath?”
daddy, but I have to pee, so you better cover me with something.”
Tony smiled.
just nodded and smiled and unwrapped his son from the towel, and then
slid a prepared diaper under him, and then proceeded to put a very
generous helping of diaper rash cream all over Tony's diaper area,
then he sprinkled some powder on top of that, and finally pulled the
diaper up and taped it tightly in place. Next another diaper was
slipped underneath and taped into place. Dieter then grabbed the
baby lotion and flipped Tony over onto his stomach and then proceeded
to give Tony a very relaxing baby lotion massage. Tony had done this
for both his parents, and they had really enjoyed it every time he
had done it, and he enjoyed it just as much. Then again, Dieter
enjoyed doing this for his baby just as much. Next came a brand new
pair of very soft flannel footed pajamas. They were baby blue and
had farm pictures all over them. They fit Tony perfectly,
accentuating his diaper bulge beautifully.
did you get these daddy, they feel really nice?”
place who makes our clothes for us. None of this stuff you can just
go and buy from a store, so we have to have it all custom made for
us. We called in your measurements and had the lady make these for
us, and she finished these and two others yesterday. I'm just glad
that you like them.” Dieter smiled warmly.
daddy, I love them, thank you so much.” Tony said happily.
welcome. Now I bet your mommy has a nice warm bottle ready for you,
so come on.” Dieter said, putting out his arms to carry Tony.
Tony hopped into his daddy's strong arms, and rest his head on his
daddy's strong shoulder, and Dieter carried him to the living room.
He sat down on the couch and positioned Tony so that he could feed
his baby the bottle that Denise had passed to him. Tony was so
relaxed with laying there cuddled up to his daddy, drinking a warm
bottle of milk, and his daddy playing with his hair, that he fell
asleep as soon as the bottle was empty. The three of them just laid
back on the couch, and even Denise and Dieter dozed off for a while,
all of them very relaxed and comfortable.
three of them woke about an hour later and just stretched and
luxuriated in the closeness they were all feeling.
love you mommy and daddy.”
love you too baby. And you know something, we actually know what
that is now because of you. We know that we still have a lot of pain
and anger inside us, we know that we are far from being totally
healed. In fact we may never truly be healed, there are just too
many pains in our past for that, but you have made us see and feel
love again, and for that you deserve more than we could ever possibly
give to you, because we thought we could never love again.”
Denise whispered, tears of joy running down her cheeks.
what your mommy says is true. We know that we cannot ever forget the
past, but you have at least healed us far more than we ever thought
possible. We love you so much for what you have done for us.”
Dieter said, happy tears also coming down his cheeks.
know you two still have a long way to go, and that sometimes it might
be hard on all of us, but I am here for you to help you whenever you
need it, for as ukranian nymphets russia long as you need my help. You are wrong about one
thing though, I do not deserve anything more than your love, because
that is what I have wanted my entire life, now I have it, and that's
more than enough payment for me.”
more words needed to be spoken, they had all said all they needed to
say, so they cuddled up even closer yet, hugging tightly, and crying
their love out, but getting rid of far more hatred and anger than
they ever thought possible. It was well past dinner time by the time
the three of them were really and truly cried out.
emotionally drained, none of them really wanted to cook dinner, so
without even saying a word, Dieter grabbed the phone by the couch and
called directory assistance, and asked for the closest pizza place to
their house nymphet hole and got the number. He ordered them each a different
small pizza, because all three nude little nymphet of them liked different things, and
for probably the very first time ever, they had pizza for dinner at
home. Dieter and Denise couldn't even remember the last time that
they had had pizza at all, probably long before they had ever gotten
to the top in their business. And wouldn't you know it, but they
realized just how much they had missed it.
entire time that it took for Dieter to order their food, for it to
arrive, and for them to eat, they still had not talked. No one felt
the need to really talk now. After dinner though they all sat around
on the living room floor playing with toys and talking about nothing,
just as if they were kids.
and Simon had arranged it for Nate to spend the weekend at Simon's
house, so after school they both excitedly headed over there.
Simon's moms were there to greet them with hugs and kisses, fresh
chocolate chip cookies, and a tall glass of cold milk each, something
both boys were all too happy to make disappear.
mommies, that was great.” Simon said after the treat, giving
them both another hug and kiss.
problem. Would you boys like us to take you upstairs and get you
into diapers, or will you take care of that later?” Trish
do it later mommy, we're gonna go downstairs and workout for a bit
and play.” Simon smiled.
I'm sure that a pair of your tights will fit Nate just about
perfectly, you're not that far different in size, and they stretch.”
know, we were already planning on doing that mommy.” Simon
smiled again and grabbed Nate's hand and virtually dragged him up the
they got to Simon's room, Simon headed to his dresser and spent a few
moments looking through the drawer he was in until he found exactly
what he wanted. When he turned around he had two pairs of tights in
his hand, both looked like a very soft cottony type material, they
looked very small to Nate, who knew next to nothing about tights, and
they were a soft pink in color.
knew I still had these somewhere. They don't really fit any more,
they're a bit tight, but not too bad. They really stretch, so we
should be fine.” Simon smiled shyly and started getting
undressed. Nate followed suit only a few seconds later, and when he
was completely naked, Simon tossed him his pair of tights. One other
thing though, was that both boys were painfully hard.
shouldn't we wear underwear under these?”
normally you would wear a groin protector, sort of like an athletes
cup, but different, it supports you better, but we don't need them.
You would find most underwear very uncomfortable under these,
although with a bigger pair of tights, diapers are awesome. Watch
how I put them on and follow my lead.” Simon instructed, and
Nate just nodded his understanding.
was not entirely certain of wearing pink tights, it was just a little
too girlish, even for him, and he knew he was no where near boyish.
He carefully watched how Simon put his tights on, and followed
exactly. It took them a few minutes to skin the extremely tight
fitting garment on, and when they were both fully installed and
adjusted, the boys looked at each other.
these are really weird. It almost doesn't feel like you're wearing
anything does it, and they leave nothing at all to the imagination,
do they?”
why they're so great for doing dance and gymnastics, because you have
full freedom of movement, and they stretch so much that you don't
have to worry about them. nymphet art pic We are almost at the very limits of these
though, so if I were to put my legs behind my head, I would probably
split the crotch. Your other observation though about leaving
nothing to the imagination, well that's the other reason for the
groin guard, it kinda hides you a bit so that no one can see your
stuff down there, but here we don't have to worry.” Simon
about your moms?”
you kidding, they see me naked and in diapers all the time, and in
this or dresses, they won't even notice.” Simon smiled warmly.
okay. Should we put shirts on then?”
I never wear shirts for practicing in. My few dance recitals that I
have been in I usually wear one, but sometimes I don't, I prefer the
freedom. You'd think with how shy I used to be that I would not be
able to go out in front of others and dance in just this, well and
the cup, but I always could, I always just pretended I was at home.”
still pretty shy, but you have gotten tonnes better already. So what
are you gonna teach me then?”
you said that you wouldn't mind trying to learn some ballet, so we
can do that after we work out, and maybe we can do some gymnastics as
lead the way then.” Nate smiled and Simon nodded, and they
clasped hands and walked downstairs.
boys should have taken care of those little baby boners before you
came down, anyone could tell you're happy if they saw you like that.”
Sandy teased the boys as they came down the model young nymphets stairs.
I'm way bigger an a baby.” Nate pouted.
we can see that too.” Trish giggled.
quit that, you always tell me that that's private and that I should
do it when I'm alone.” Simon whined in embarrassment.
we sorta figured with how you two are holding hands so cutely, that
you were sorta boyfriends, and that you might take care of anything
that pops up together, if you know what I mean.” Sandy said
with a straight face.
don't know if we're boyfriends or not, but we really like each other,
and we haven't even touched each others peepees yet.” Simon
said simply.
well then, carry on at your own pace then.” Trish smiled
boys just continued down to the basement without saying another word.
those two can be so embarrassing at times.” Simon sighed when
they made it downstairs finally.
thankful, trust me. My parents never even talked to me, let alone in
a friendly manner. They never teased me, they never joked with me,
they just never talked to me. They were never abusive, because they
would have been bad parents for that, and would not want their
friends to find out, so they ignored me for the most part.”
Nate said bitterly.
sorry, I didn't mean it like that.” Simon said and wrapped his
arms around Nate and hugged him.
both stood there like that for a minute, their heads on each others
shoulders, hugging each other tightly. They were so close together
that both their little erections were touching each other through the
very thin fabric. They both broke apart with a bit of a blush and
wouldn't look at each other in the eye, they were both playing shy,
and it was cute.
know you didn't mean it like that, by the way. It's just that I wish
I had nice parents.”
you have Jim and Ryley now, they may as well be your parents from
what you've told me.”
and they are way better than my parents ever were.” Nate said
brightly, and giving a warm smile. “Come on, show me how to
dance, I didn't come here to be depressed!”
grabbed Nate's hand and dragged him to the workout center first, on
the way starting the music. Some nice fast paced music started up
and they both stretched well and then got started. They worked out
for almost an hour together, talking and laughing the whole time.
When they finished a good long workout, Simon dragged Nate back to
the dance floor and set him up where he wanted him, and then went and
changed the music to some nice classical music.
here's what you do. I will make a move, and then you follow it
exactly, but in reverse. I will go slow and correct your stance as
The floor is really slippery with these tights on though.”
Nate pointed out. The tights were the footed style, and Simon forgot
entirely about shoes.
sorry, sometimes I dance without shoes, because with the tights on it
makes it really slippery, so I can do really good spins and stuff,
but it's sorta dangerous. I have a few pairs of ballet slippers, and
I'm sure one of them will fit illegal nymphets photo you.”
ran towards a cupboard and stopped about three or four meters away
and slid the rest of the way, whipped open the cabinet and grabbed
his slippers as well as another pair he thought might fit Nate. They
were close to the same shoe size, plus or minus one point, Simon
figured, so he grabbed three pairs for Nate. He came back and again
stopped a few meters from Nate and slid the rest of the way and
handed him the three pairs.
them on and see how they fit, once you find a pair that fits, I'll
show you how to tie them.”
do you have so many pairs?”
closest store to here that carries ballet slippers is almost two
hours away, so when moms have to go there, they buy a few pairs so
that I'll grow into them. They hate going into the city, and the
store is about as far downtown as you can get from here, so they
don't go often, because they hate driving in the city. Plus I still
have a few of my old pairs as well.”
that makes sense I suppose. TJ was telling me about a shoe store
owned by a gay guy that they all go to because it is the best place,
maybe we should find out where it is and go there and see if he
carries them, and if not, if he can get them. TJ said he's really
great and will try and get almost anything you need.”
would really like that, and they love finding places owned and run by
gays or lesbians, they say keep it in the group as often as possible.
Does he only carry boys shoes?”
boys and men. Apparently he says there are a hundred womens shoe
stores in town already, he doesn't need to carry them as well, so he
specializes in boys.”
gonna call TJ right now and see if he knows the name and address,
maybe mommies can take us there tomorrow.” Simon said
excitedly and grabbed the phone and called right away.
ended up talking to JJ, because he was who just happened to answer
the phone, so he asked him the question, figuring he would know for
sure, and he did. Simon got the

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