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morning baby, how do you feel this morning?” JJ asked with a
warm smile as AJ finally came awake. JJ had been laying there and
watching AJ slowly come awake for nearly ten minutes, and watched him
sleeping for probably ten minutes before that.
I woke up next to you. My bum doesn't even hurt today, and I woke up
next to you of course.” AJ smiled warmly and went in for a
kiss. “How do you feel this morning?”
same, I don't hurt either, it just feels empty, like I need you in
me. Did you know you look so beautiful and peaceful in your sleep!”
I feel the same way too. You look so beautiful and peaceful when you
sleep too, but then you're beautiful when you're awake too, so no
surprise there.”
on, let's get up, get showered, and then get some breakfast.”
JJ said, hopping out of bed, taking the covers with him.
get breakfast first, I'm starving.”
JJ said, just as happy with that plan, and pulled AJ up, taking the
hand AJ put out to get help. They walked to the kitchen holding
hands and found Alice sitting there sipping her morning coffee,
already ready to go to school.
morning boys, I was starting to think you were going to sleep in.”
Alice said as they walked in.
mom.” AJ said with a yawn.
Alice.” JJ said at the same time, without the yawn.
do you boys feel this morning?”
They both said.
bet. Well I really have to head out, you two have a good day, I love
you.” She said and got up, put her mug in the sink, and then
came and hugged both boys before heading out.
boys made a quick breakfast and sat down to eat, nearly sitting on
each others laps they were so close together, touching at nearly
every point. Once breakfast was done and cleaned up, they went in
for their shower, cleaning each other gently.
what were you thinking of buying then?” JJ asked as they
hopped on their bikes and headed out.
idea really, I just want to look around and see what there is. I
don't really need anything though.”
headed into town and stopped at a variety of different stores, just
looking around, but they had not bought anything. They were out for
a few hours before they decided to stop and have some lunch. They
went to a local restaurant in the area nymphets 14 year that had good food and they
sat down and ordered their lunch.
did you see anything that you liked?” JJ asked, knowing they
had both seen a few really neat things.
I was kind of thinking that we have a spare room in the house that is
not being used for anything at all, and I was also thinking that it
would be nice to have some games and things for friends to play when
they come over. Well the games store had a lot of really neat
things, and I could get another TV for in there and hook up the
Nintendo in there, so that it does not clutter up the living room.
There won't be enough room for a pool table, but an air hockey table
would fit, as well as maybe a dart board and a pinball machine or
would be cool. bbs nymphette I could call my mom and she could bring the truck, so
we could buy the stuff today if you wanted.”
sure, why don't you call her now and she can meet us there in a
little while.”
just nodded and grabbed his phone and called home. Sarah was not
doing anything at the moment, so said she would pack up the girls and
be right there, but that there would not be enough room in the truck,
so they would have to ride their bikes back, and JJ told her that
would not be a problem at all. The boys then ate their lunch
quickly, since it was delivered as JJ was talking, and then they
headed back to the games store. Sarah was just pulling in as they
came dream nymphets skidding to a halt next to the truck.
for coming Sarah, this will make things a lot easier, I doubt we
could carry an air hockey table and assorted other things on our
bikes.” AJ grinned.
I don't suppose you could, but it's no problem.”
went back into the store, Sarah and the girls following, and then
picked out a few things. The first thing was the best air hockey
table they had, then a really nice plasma TV to hang on the wall to
take up less space, a folding poker table top that could be put on
top of the air hockey table, a dozen folding chairs to go around it,
then only one neat pinball machine, (these were all refurbished from
games houses and places like that, but still quite expensive) a
really nice dart board and accessories, and then a bunch of packs of
cards and a few assorted board games. AJ also grabbed another dozen
games for his Nintendo, so that he had lots to choose from, but
nothing violent, none of them cared for those games. AJ went and
paid for everything, using only just a little over half of his money
to do so, and then the store helper helped the boys to take
everything out and load it on the truck, just barely fitting it all.
my key to the house, you will get there first, so go on in and we
will meet you there as soon as we can make it, I want to make one
more stop on our way.” AJ said, handing his nymphet board
house key over to
meet you there.” Sarah said and headed out.
else did you want to stop?” JJ asked.
store. Can't have a games room and have it look all boring white,
now can we?” AJ grinned.
hopped on their bikes and rode hard to the same paint store that AJ
had bought his bedroom paint from, so went in and found the same
person as the last time. They ordered a four liter pail of their
best semi gloss paint in a bright red. Once that was all mixed and
paid for, they headed for home, peddling as hard as they could to get
there quickly. They made really good time and skidded to a stop and
jumped off their bikes without totally stopping. JJ, who had the
paint hanging on the handlebar of his bike, grabbed the paint as he
was getting off, and they ran in the house excitedly.
paint, of course, I should have figured.” Sarah said, looking
at the paint can.
a really nice bright red.” AJ said happily.
maybe I will stay and help you guys then, I have nothing better to do
today.” Sarah offered.
would be great. We'll go get changed and grab everything that we
need, and then we can get started.” AJ said.
you think we should get the stuff in out of the truck first?”
yeah, we can just store it in the garage for now and then bring it in
from there.” AJ said with a smile.
three of them headed out, leaving the girls to watch cartoons as they
were already. It did not take them long, the truck was already
backed right up to the house, and very quickly they had it all hauled
through the house and into the garage, waiting to be brought back in
the house. AJ of course had to explain that the door would not open,
hence the reason they had to bring everything in through the house.
The boys went and got out of their clothes, into diapers, and then
grabbed the painting supplies from the last time they painted. Sarah
took one look at them and started laughing.
Both boys asked defensively.
plan to paint in just your diapers?”
yeah, why would we want to get our clothes all messy, you should
strip down as well, at least to your underwear.” JJ said as if
he were explaining it to someone that was real dense.
I can see your point, and I may as well. I am wearing clothes I
would not want paint on anyways.” Sarah said and then started
stripping. She left her bra and panties on, and then they all headed
into the room to get started.
this is a pretty large bedroom, are all the bedrooms this big?”
Sarah asked.
mine is the same size, and the master bedroom is quite a bit larger,
and you should see the en suite, it's huge. Both the bedroom and
bathroom are the same size as both these bedrooms and the bathroom.”
AJ said.
Sarah said.
got started by putting down the plastic and then taping off
everything that they did not want covered in paint. In under twenty
minutes they were ready to go, so got started. Sarah took the high
things and the boys did the rest, she was quite tall and with just
the step stool could easily reach the ceiling. They got the first
coat of paint finished just a little over an hour later, just as they
heard Alice coming in the door, getting home from school.
guys, what are you doing?” Alice asked curiously as she found
the three of them in the spare room painting.
mom, painting.” AJ answered happily.
I can kind of see that, what I should have asked is, why are you
painting the spare room?” She asked again, looking around at
them, the boys in diapers and Sarah in only her underwear.
why didn't you ask that in the first place?” AJ grinned
“We're painting it because I am making this into a bit of a
games room for us. I used some of the money that dad gave me, it
wasn't ever used for anything, so I figured why not. The Nintendo
will be moved in here as well on a new TV, I know you hated seeing
the wires, so this will take care of that for you.”
okay then. What all did you buy for in here then?”
you wait and see, it's a bit of a surprise, but I think you'll like
it.” AJ grinned.
I may as well get changed and help you guys out then.”
we will need to wait a few more minutes for the paint to set a bit
more before we start the second coat, but this is the same paint we
used in my room and it dries very quickly, and it covers
beautifully.” AJ said.
went in to get changed, and the others went and grabbed themselves
something to drink. They all met back in the room a few minutes
later and started all over again on the same wall they started on to
begin with. With Alice now helping, it took them just a little under
an hour this time, and when they stepped back to look, they were all
pleased with how it looked.
like this color, it's fun.” Alice said.
why I chose it, I wanted a fun color for the games room.” AJ
should be safe to get all the stuff in here now, we will just have to
be careful not to really touch the walls yet.” JJ said.
Everyone said.
why don't you call Frank and tell him to come here after work and we
can all have dinner here.” Alice offered.
and pregnant nymphet then we can play in here and go swimming after dinner.” AJ
that would be nice.” Sarah said.
Max and tell him to come over as well mom.”
we can have a bit of a party.” Alice said happily.
ladies went and did just that, while the boys went and started
bringing things in, Alice also made one extra call and put in a large
order of pizza for around six. AJ and JJ started with the two
biggest and heaviest pieces, the pinball and the air hockey. They
brought them in the room and started unpacking them and setting them
up, helping each other when they needed, but each setting up one
piece to themselves. Alice and Sarah started bringing things in and
setting them down, it was the boys' job to put things where they
wanted, they would just help to do so. They were asked to nymphets young bbs hang the
dart board in a particular place, and all the games, the table top,
and the chairs were requested to be stored in the closet, and they
were all put away. Sarah went out to unhook the Nintendo and she
brought it back with her, and then started putting the wall mount for
the TV up where AJ said he wanted it, while Alice started unpacking
the TV. AJ and JJ finished up their work, plugged them in and turned
them on to be certain they were working, and with smiles, they went
and helped their moms get the TV attached to the now attached to the
wall, wall bracket, and then hooked up the Nintendo.
this is a pretty cool games room you have here.” Sarah said
once it was all put together, they all stood back to look at it.
I just wish we had had the room for a pool table, but you can't have
everything. It is pretty cool though.” AJ smiled.
you can't have everything, and this is tonnes. It is really neat
though.” Alice said.
sat around talking for a few minutes longer when they heard the
be Frank probably, I'll go get it.” Sarah said.
came back a moment later with both Frank and Max, who had shown up at
almost the same time, and had stood outside talking for a few
at what I found.” Sarah said, coming in a minute later with
the men following her.
look at this place, I didn't know you had a games room.” Frank
did I.” Alice said.
Were both mens response.
just finished it minutes ago, mom had no clue until she got home from
school.” AJ offered in way of explanation.
They both said.
should be here in a few minutes as well, I just ordered pizza.”
Alice said.
just as she finished saying that, the doorbell rang again. Alice
excused herself and went to collect the food and took it into the
kitchen. When she had everything prepared for everyone, she called
them all in, and they came in. Both Frank and Max had gotten
comfortable too and had stripped down to their underwear, the girls
had done so nearly the second they entered the house, so now only
Alice was in any actual clothes, but even they were a skimpy pair of
shorts and a halter top, so they were almost all naked and sitting
around the table eating dinner.
we go swimming first, or go play in the games room?” AJ asked
as soon as they all had their fill.
go play for a bit first to let our food settle.” Max offered.
Everyone said.
girls were not interested in the games room too much, so they went
and watched TV for a while longer until they got to go swimming, that
they loved. JJ put in the Mario Cart Race game AJ had, and then two
of them played that. Two went over to the air hockey table and
played that, and one went to the pinball machine and played that, and
the last person played darts. They routinely switched places so that
they could all have fun. Eventually a quick game of darts was
started, and nymphet nudism
they played that. They played for about an hour in
there, all having fun. It was then decided to go for a swim, so the
girls were collected and they all headed out to the pool, Alice to
her room to get changed, but Max who was not shy either, went out and
stripped down with the rest and showered off before jumping in the
one said anything to Alice because she was the only one in a bathing
suit, and although she seemed a little embarrassed, she never said
anything at all. AJ was requested to do his dives for everyone
again, so he obliged them, and then they all had fun swimming and
playing. It was nearly nine that night when everyone said that they
should be headed home, so they all got out, showered off, and then
the guests all headed home for the night.
when they got to school it seemed that the entire student body knew
about the swim teams incredible achievements, especially AJ's awesome
prowess on the diving board, and they were all cheered in the lunch
room, something that none of them were used to. The rest of the
school thought they were all just a little too different, liking to
parade around in tight swim suits that left absolutely nothing to the
imagination. They were after all the second least favorable club in
the school, the first of course being the chess/debate club, they had
all the same members anyways so just combined into one group a nymphet children pure fuck few
years back, so the swim team was not used to being recognized by the
rest of the school. But having won so much at their meet was too
much, and the others had all found out. It probably had a lot to do
with many of the teachers animatedly talking about it, again
especially AJ's diving skills. The girls' efforts at getting AJ to
change his mind about being gay renewed, and they propositioned him
all day, hell a couple probably would have thrown their panties at
him had they worn any.
know, I'm getting sick of all the girls drooling all over me, it's
sickening.” AJ said while they were sitting and eating their
lunch. The others just laughed.
just be thankful none of them have seen you in your speedo, or they
would be jumping your bone in the halls. If you think they are bad
now, just let them see that monster, they will all go crazy.”
JJ laughed, and the rest of the swim team burst into uproarious
laughter, mostly from the look of shock and disgust on AJ's poor
gross, how can you even say something like that.” AJ said
while making a puking impersonation. Everyone laughed even harder.
are you guys laughing at?” Stephanie, the prettiest and most
popular girl in grade nine, not to mention probably the biggest bitch
in the entire city, came up and asked. She also happened to be one
of the ones uk nymphets
who had been drooling all over AJ.
how I am so sick to death of all you girls trying to get me to
straighten out and go out with you all, it's getting a bit tiresome
to tell you the truth.” AJ said in a friendly manner.
well you really should try, and then maybe you'd see the light, come
over to my place tonight, and I can help you out.” She winked.
but no, not going to happen, and you can spread the word around. I'm
gay, homosexual, flaming, however you wish to put it, and I am happy
to stay that way, thanks.” AJ said, still in a friendly
that, you're real cute. Well in case you ever change your mind,
here's my number.” She said and passed him a paper with a
number written on it and a red pair of lips on it as well. AJ just
held it like it was going to burst into flames and disintegrate the
lot of them. The renewed laughter at the table was even more so now
with the pure look of disgust on AJ's face.
was possibly the funniest thing I have ever witnessed.” JJ
roared so loudly that the girl heard him, and turned and gave him a
dirty look.
was torn between being mad and laughing his ass off at the situation
as well, so started laughing as well and just let the paper fall, and
she saw that too.
rest of the day was much the same as the morning was, but at least AJ
was not being nearly raped in the halls, the girl had spread the word
all right, boy was she pissed, she was used to having any boy she
wanted, and she wanted revenge. Finally the boys all made it to
their swim practice that afternoon and went to get showered, the days
talking and joking being about poor AJ's encounters.
today you can do much of what you want, it's really just a free swim
today, but be aware, we seem to have a crowd today.” Coach
Phil said with a sour look on his face and pointing up into the
stands. None of the boys had noticed them to start with, because
they had not looked when they came in, and they had no reason to
look, there was never anyone there.
thought about kicking them out, but I had no grounds to do it, they
are perfectly welcome to watch our practices.” Coach Phil said
be fine, they're just trying to catch a good look at our star stud.”
Matt grinned and patted AJ on the shoulder.
I heard from a reliable source what happened in the pantyhose nonude nymphets lunch room today,
and what has been happening in the halls all day. AJ, be careful of
that girl Stephanie, she's a spoiled little rich bitch who thinks the
world revolves around her solely for her own pleasure, and she is
used to getting who and what she wants. Do not leave the comfort of
your group of friends, I have no idea what she's capable of. From
some of the stories I've heard, she could be a witch, and she might
give you a love potion or something like that.” Coach Phil
said with a serious expression, except the last part, at which time
he grinned.
another enemy.” AJ groaned.
and hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, just remember that.”
Coach Phil said, knowing this to be very true, having been married
for many years.
great, what do I do about her though, I don't even like her, she's
pretty for a girl sure, but she has a personality like a male pit
bull with his balls tied up.” AJ said.
and that's when she's being nice.” Jase said.
feared someone would point that out.” AJ said sardonically.
boys, get in the pool and have some fun. AJ, I bet these girls, and
the few boys that are here, are here to see your diving abilities, go
show off a bit, and the rest of you get out there and show off as
well, maybe we can get a few more people on the swim team.”
Coach Phil grinned, and they all took off.
the stands a few of the girls were talking animatedly amongst
themselves, but the main topic of conversation was AJ, and how
absolutely hot he looked in his speedo, and very big for a boy his
age and size. Everyone gasped when he did his dives, youth nymphets practicing and
showing off, and the others even got ooh's and aah's from the
spectators. At one point, when AJ heard a particularly loud catcall
and comment from one of the girls, he dove in the water, swam up to
JJ, whispered in his ear for a second, and then they stood up in the
shallow end where they were, and kissed passionately. The gasp that
came from the viewing area was total, and more than a few groans
could be heard. They knew that if they were kissing, they had no
chance, boys who were not gay did not kiss other boys, especially not
so passionately. Amazingly enough, most of the spectators left
shortly thereafter, and the rest of the practice went well and
quietly. When the coach blew his whistle to tell the boys their time
was up, they all hopped out of the pool and gathered around him.
AJ, I must admit that was a unique way to clear the gawkers out of
here, not one I would normally suggest, but it worked. You do
realize though that that kiss will spread around the school like
wildfire though?”
kind of what I was hoping for, maybe now most of the girls will leave
me alone.” AJ grinned at his cunning.
you guys go ahead and get cleaned up and get out of here, I have to
go right away today, so be quick about it please.”
all rushed off to the showers and got cleaned up very quickly. They
all exited the pool hall a few minutes later, the coach following
them out. They all headed on their way home, saying goodbye to
everyone as they went.
rest of the week and the ensuing weekend went by far too quickly for
anyones taste, before they knew it the next school week was starting
again, but for the life of everyone asked, photo nymphet they could not say where
the hell the time went. AJ and JJ spent a nice relaxing weekend at
AJ's house, mostly just cuddling up all in love, as they normally
did. They of course played around a little, but the two times that
they played, they only used their hands once and their mouths once.
As much as they were starting to enjoy anal intercourse, they wanted
to save that for times when they especially wanted to feel close to
their lover. A good portion of the evenings though were spent
diapered, as they often are, and that was how the new week started.
thing in the morning as AJ and JJ were walking down the hall to meet
up with the others, a very smug looking Stephanie marched right up to
AJ, pretty much shoving JJ out of her way, and she was holding
something in her hand.
good morning Stephanie, I trust you're here to apologize for the
treatment nymphets pics nudes old that you have given to me this past week?” AJ said
as sweetly as he could, while burning up inside, he had never wanted
to hit a girl more than at the moment. How dare she barge up to him
and knock his boyfriend out of the way.
not. You will come to my house tonight, or I show all your little
friends on the swim team these, you can have these ones, I have the
master copies.”
handed over a sheaf of printed photos to AJ, and JJ was right there
and saw them too. They looked through them for a few seconds, seeing
all of them, but instead of getting disgusted looks on their faces,
as Stephanie had obviously hoped they would, they started smiling.
we look pretty cute in diapers in these pics.” AJ grinned to
JJ, who pantyhose nymphette
grinned back. And then he looked to Stephanie with a look of
pure disgust on his face. “Stephanie, what were you playing
at, blackmailing us because we are bed wetters and have to wear
diapers, and telling our friends. Man you really are a dense bitch
aren't you. We are friends. I don't know if you know what true
friends actually are, but our friends, unlike those things you hang
with, already know our secrets and would never tell anyone else.
Hell, they knew we were gay long before everyone accidentally found
out, you think bed wetting and having to wear diapers is anywhere
near as hard to tell someone as that. Get out of my face before I
actually do slap you like I want to.”
right, they don't know, and these pictures were taken at five pm, so
it was not even bedtime.” Stephanie challenged.
that as it may, it does not bother us, by all means, tell the entire
swim team if you wish. I really don't care.” AJ said
then, you think they won't care, well what about the rest of the
school huh, how do you feel about that?”
know, it doesn't really bother me that much, and I know it doesn't
bother JJ either. But you seem to fail to realize one small nymphette child model flaw in
your plan here.” AJ said, positively smiling now.
yeah, and what's that?”
things really. First is, we don't care, go ahead and distribute
those all around the school for all we care, I think they're good
pictures, you must have a pretty good camera and printer to do that.
Second is, well guess how much trouble you will be in when the police
find out that you were trespassing on my property, and galerie images nymphets guess what, it
is mine, I own it, not my mom, I do, and I am going to be pressing
charges, and that you took candid photos of me and JJ without our
consent and were planning to blackmail us with them.”
really, and how do you plan to prove that I was the one to do it, or
that I was the one who made hundreds of copies of those photos and
spread them all over the school already.” She got right up
into AJ's face, hissing it out and nearly spitting in his face.
for that I have a couple ways to prove it as well, and you had better
hope that you didn't. First is the fact that you have been promising
revenge for not going out and fucking your slutty self and everyone
knows it, but that's nymphetteens not really good enough is it?” AJ said
and she shook her head no with another smug look on her face. “Okay,
how about this then, second is that the principal came out of the
room right behind you shortly after we started our conversation and
heard probably every word that you said. Do you think that would be
good enough?” AJ grinned now.
right, you're just trying to psych me out.” She spat out,
until a hand dropped on her shoulder and she spun around.
hello Ms. Stephanie. It's so wonderful to finally catch you in the
rumors that have flown about this school about you for some time. We
will of course be needing to stop by your locker to collect all of
your things, and I will take those from you AJ.” He said and
AJ handed over the photos. “Now AJ, sadly I know that she has
printed these photos and has spread them all over the school already,
I have found a few myself, and I thought I saw her putting them out,
but I did not see Stephanie clear enough to prove without a doubt it
was her, but now I do. I'm sorry, but I'm afraid this little secret
of yours is about to be spilled as well. If you two would like to
come to the office as well, I am sure the police will want a full
statement from you as well when they get here.”
be happy to sir.” JJ said brightly.
can't do this, you ain't got nothing on me.” Stephanie
bellowed, not looking in the least bit pretty at the moment, in fact
she looked positively frightening.
really, I think AJ has a much clearer understanding of what awaits
you when the police get here. Taking photos of people while hidden
on their property and then blackmailing said persons with those
photos, that is a crime, and it is punishable with jail time, and
guess what princess, you are old enough to go to jail.” The
principle said sweetly.
I will go on stage and admit to the school that I took the pictures
and then morphed them into the diapers, is that good enough.”
Stephanie said, sounding more than a little defeated.
I'd rather be labeled a diaper wearer than let you go for this just
to undoubtedly do it to someone else in the future.” AJ said,
sounding almost giddy.
too, we will not be tormented at all for this, but you sure will be.”
JJ grinned.
no, you can't do this to me, you have no idea who I am, who my father
is.” She screamed out, and as they were walking to the office,
they were getting a heck of a following, many of the people already
having seen the photos.
the next nearly two hours they were in the office, explaining
everything to a pair of police officers, one interviewing each person
while the other watched over Stephanie. Finally they had all their
statements, and were very happy to have three almost perfectly
matching statements, knowing it would make life a lot easier.
Stephanie was then stood up, cuffed, and read her rights, and taken
swiftly to jail. And spoiled little rich bitch found out that her
precious daddy was nothing when it came to getting her out of a mess
like this, she was in far too deep for that, not that he really tried
that is, he was furious. AJ and JJ had been told by cp nymphets bbs links the police that
they may have to be called to go to court for this, but they never
were, Stephanie's lawyer told her to plead guilty and avoid a trial
that she would have no hope of winning, and this way with the deal he
worked out, she would be out in only a few years and could spend it
in a juvenile detention center, instead of prison where she would
surely go if this went to court.
was very nearly lunch by the time that AJ and JJ were released from
the office, and they saw little point in going to class this late
into it, so they went to the cafeteria and sat down at their usual
table and talked and waited until the rest of their friends showed
happened guys, there are rumors flying all over the place, and there
are pictures of you guys in only diapers floating around?”
Matt asked very quickly as they all rushed to the table as soon as
they saw them.
true, we're bed wetters guys.” AJ grinned.
oh yeah, funny. So you're not upset by this?” Matt asked,
clearly puzzled.
course we're upset, we certainly never planned to have the entire
school know about it, but we're not going to let anyone know that it
upsets us. There are no date stamps ukranian nymphets on the photos, so we were just
getting ready for bed and she snuck those photos of us.” JJ
point. So what exactly happened then?”
AJ and JJ they told the entire story from start to finish, telling
them all, and quite a few people around them were listening as well.
AJ even said loudly enough for nearly everyone to hear, that they had
just gotten ready for bed, and because they are bed wetters and have
to wear diapers to bed, Stephanie thought she could blackmail them,
but when that backfired and told her we did not care, she tried
saying that she would just say that we were wearing them in the early
evening, clearly well before bedtime.
that should help satisfy some of the rumor mongers around here.”
AJ said.
should probably tell all this to the school newspaper, they will
print it and then everyone will get the true story instead of what is
sure to go around instead.” Jase suggested.
not a bad idea.” JJ shrugged.
be fine with it, what could it hurt right.” AJ said.
that week the school newspaper came out, telling the entire story.
Both boys had obviously told their parents all that had happened and
everything that had transpired from it, what they planned to do, and
they thought it was for the best as well.
a shocking event that took place in our school early this week, two
of our swim team were photographed wearing only the diapers that they
wear to bed for their night time incontinence issues. On the day of
the attack another student, that we all know and loathe, spread
papers all around the school with photos of two of our award winning
swim team, and attempted to blackmail them. Consequently she has now
been arrested and we have been led to believe that she will be
charged with trespassing, spying with intent to blackmail, blackmail,
and anything else that they can pin her for. The students in
question, AJ and JJ, have come forward and given an interview to help
squash the many varied rumors that are flying around the school. In
their words, we are bed wetters, plain and simple, same problem that
many other students in this school surely suffer from, and that they
do in fact wear diapers to bed for this reason. There had been a
rumor that was started by the offending ex student, that said that
the pictures were taken in kds baby rompl nymphets the early evening, however this was
crushed, saying they were getting ready for bed, and often walk
around in just their diapers while doing so, just like many would
walk around in their underwear or pajamas. This paper has also been
told that the reason for the blackmail attempt was because the
accused had a crush on AJ and wanted him for herself, and him being
gay was nothing more than a little challenge, something that both AJ
and JJ, as well as myself, believe was for pure fun. I am told that
many girls would enjoy trying to turn a gay guy, but AJ and JJ assure
me that a gay guy would love to turn a straight guy as well. I am
not entirely certain if they were joking or not though. Indeed the
accused track record for picking out targets, and winning them, is
long and varied, and her ways of doing so have often raised a few
eyebrows, she has never tried anything like this that anyone is aware
of, and gotten caught, so the question remains, was this her first
time or not. And as one last favor for agreeing to give this
interview, AJ has requested I include this note to all the girls out
there who still want to sway him, don't bother, he is tired of it and
is not going to change his mind, and that he will report anyone doing
so to the principal.
by Gavin Spence, Chief Editor, Mainland High newspaper.
that's a pretty good article, but I'm surprised you let him print the
photos.” Matt said during lunch the day that the paper came
not, everyone has already seen them anyways, and JJ and I agreed, we
don't care.” AJ said happily.
are pretty good pictures after all, we have nothing to be ashamed of,
and I like them.” JJ grinned.
we like them as well, they're cute, just surprised is all. So how
does everyone feel about school being over in less than two weeks?”
Matt asked.
be sad to lose you and Orin off the swim team, that's for sure, but I
think for once I will have a real good summer.” AJ said.
but we aren't going anywhere though, we are staying here, going to
school here, and I am going to train for the Olympics here. Coach
Phil has graciously allowed me the use of his pool whenever I need
it, and I have a coach already willing to come here and teach me, not
like it's far, but I can only do weekend training, I told him my top
priority has to be school, and the rest of the week I will swim and
exercise at home.” Matt said happily.
doesn't Coach Phil do it?” JJ asked.
he says I need a fresh mind, someone who can find that last thing
that I need to give me that little extra training. I think he's mad
myself, he's a far better coach than anyone out there, but I'll give
this guy a shot.” Matt said with a shrug.
well. I have been meaning to ask you guys, I want an end of the year
party at my house, starts Thursday right after class, and right
through till Sunday morning. You think you can all get permission
for that?”
yeah.” They all said all around.
I was going to ask the same thing.” Matt grinned.
we can do your place the following week, it's summer, and dammit I am
going to have the best summer I can for my first real one.” AJ
said, sounding and looking so happy.
like a plan to me.” Matt grinned.
it's my birthday on the Monday after school lets out don't forget.”
JJ said.
know, that's why I want to do the party, it will be your birthday
party as well. I was going to try and keep it as a bit of a
surprise, I already told your mom, and she said it's fine, and they
can come over on Saturday for your actual birthday party.”
I wondered why you spoke to my mom on the phone for so long the
other day.” JJ grinned.
figured that you would have guessed what I was up to, especially when
I called the pool party, knowing it was your birthday the following
Monday.” AJ smiled warmly.
even dawned on me. Well we should head back to class, the bell will
be ringing any second.” JJ said, and then as if by magic, the
bell rang. The boys all got up and rushed to their first class after
AJ and JJ were both told how brave they were by their teachers that
afternoon, and that they should not be ashamed of something so
inconsequential as that, like so many of the other students in the
school surely did. A lot of the students tried to tease them both,
but they just looked them straight in the face and told them to grow
up. And a lot more of the students commented on how brave they were
as well. For the most part the rest of the day went by quickly, and
then there was the weekend.
spent the weekend at JJ's place that weekend, and they hardly even
got a chance to be alone. Sarah and Frank had a minor emergency pop
up at the last possible minute Friday evening, so they had to go out
of town, and the boys offered to watch the girls for them, because it
was last minute and they had to go. So watching four young girls all
day and night left them with no alone time except at night, but they
were tired and only stroked each other gently each night before going
to sleep.
Tuesday, and the first part of Wednesday of their last week at school
for the year was exam time, and they all did their exams, all
thinking they did pretty well. Thursday was going to be a long day.
Everyone was to receive their report cards for the year, and then
there was to be an end of the year ceremony right after lunch, and
then they were to clean out their lockers and go home, whenever
everything was done. JJ and AJ had Mrs. Berry's English class last
before lunch, and she was the teacher that got to hand out the
report cards for this class, they wanted the students to get them
last before the ceremony, easier that way. So one by one she called
the students and they came up and she called AJ and JJ last,
whispering to them that she would like for them to stay after class.
The rest of the time of their last class of the day was spent going
over their report cards, some happy, some not so happy, but AJ and JJ
were ecstatic.
lowest grade is a B, I can't believe it.” JJ said so loudly
and excitedly that everyone turned and looked at him, most of them
smiling, since most of them knew his previous highest was a C, except
in gym class.
deserve it, you worked very hard to get those marks, and I am happy
to say that I helped you along the way.”
you I would have not had any of this. Thank you so much. I can't
wait to show my mom and dad this.” JJ said, tears nearly
flowing he was so happy.
what a few months can do huh. I got all A's, and I know you would
have as well had you not have had such a rough start, but there's
always next year right?” AJ grinned, very happy for his
rest of that last class was for the most part a blur to the boys, but
they talked excitedly, even talking to a few others in the class who
were not afraid to be seen talking to them. Finally the bell rang
and the class leaped from their seats and ran from the room, only AJ
and JJ staying behind.
JJ, I heard how happy you were with your final results. I'm happy
for you, for you both. You two have overcome a whole lot in the past
nearly five months since you got together, and it has made you both
far stronger. I had hoped that you could help each other out, but I
never expected you both to do so well.”
Mrs. Berry, and we owe it all to you for forcing us together. We
never thought that such a horrible experience would turn out to be
the very best thing that had ever happened to both of us.” JJ
said happily.
and we wanted to thank you, but we didn't know how, so we got you
this.” AJ said.
didn't need to get me anything boys, just seeing you both so happy
was more than I could ever want or need.”
know, it's not much, just something to say how much we appreciate you
for your kindness and caring towards us, and all the other students.”
JJ said.
passed over the envelope that he had, and Mrs. Berry took it and
opened it up. When she saw what was in there, she smiled.
you very much boys, how did you know that I loved to go to this spa?”
of course.” AJ grinned.
should have known. You got me the whole day pampered treatment, you
really shouldn't have, that is very expensive.”
it wasn't, especially when your mom knows the owners very well.”
JJ said.
thank you boys very much. Go on and get your lunch, and then I will
see you for the ceremony after lunch.”
They said and headed out.
met the others in the lunch room at the table they normally sat at
and then told them all about their report cards and what went on with
Mrs. Berry afterwards. They were all happy for the boys and told
them all about their report cards as well. Once the food lines
dwindled down a little, AJ and JJ headed up to get their lunch, and
then went and sat with the others and ate. Once lunch was over, and
the bell had rang, everyone filed into the auditorium for the end of
the year ceremony. The principal was standing there on the stage,
and all the teachers standing behind him, as the students all filed
in and sat down.
another year comes to a close we must ask ourselves as teachers if we
really did actually teach you anything. Why must we ask this you ask?
Well because sure enough, every September when you kids come back,
it's like we never taught you anything at all. But, we all know, we
all know that you did learn, that we did teach you, and we hope that
what we taught you helps you in your lives to come. Some of you will
be leaving us for good, graduating onto bigger and better things,
some of you will be coming back to us next year. To all, no matter
if you are leaving our classrooms or coming back, may you all do well
in your lives. Now, we have a number of achievement awards to hand
out to a few of you out there. We are proud to say that we have six
A honors students, fifteen B honors students, and one very special
best improvement achievement award. When I call your names, you are
to come up and receive your awards please?” The principal
called out.
was no surprise to both AJ and JJ when their names were called out
and they proceeded to the front with the other students that were
called up. JJ was called up last, right behind AJ to receive his A
honors award, and the principal shook his hand and then started
speaking again.
many people here may already know JJ's story, but I will tell it ukrainian nymphets net
Not all that long ago he was a badly failing student, his highest
grade being a C, but most were far lower than that. But then with
the help of one of our finest teachers, she paired JJ and AJ up so
that they could help better each other. I am proud to say that this
little experiment worked out far better than she, or anyone, had ever
dreamed it would. To JJ I award first his B honors award, to show
that he achieved a great honor in achieving such incredible marks.
And also to JJ I award the best improvement award from jumping from
bottom of the year to nearly the top, and I fully expect to see you
back up here next year to give you an A honors certificate instead.
I know I will, because all your teachers have been grading you with
A's ever since that wonderful day.” The principal finished off
his speech to a thunderous standing ovation, led by the teachers. JJ
actually had tears of happiness running down his cheeks, and he was
not ashamed of that in the least.
the students left the stage, shaking hands with first the principal
and then all the teachers as they went past, filing down into their
seats. There was a number of other things the principal went over,
but the awards having taken the longest, and this being short and
sweet, the student body was released from their bonds of school, and
the running and happy screaming of all the students was met with
smiles from all the teachers on the stage.
coming with me home to get my things right?” JJ asked.
can if you want me to, I was going to go home and start getting
things ready though.” AJ said.
I think that mom will want to give you a bone crushing hug when she
sees all this, it's all your fault after all.” JJ grinned
my fault, I hardly think so, if you weren't so smart I wouldn't have
been able to teach you so easily once we figured out the problem, and
I will not take full blame for any of this, you can't pin it on me I
tell you.” AJ grinned.
on baby, let's go.” JJ said, sounding so happy again. They
had just finished cleaning the video nymphets com last stuff out of their lockers and
were just heading out.
headed first to JJ's house, and when they walked in Sarah was
standing there waiting for them, waiting to hear how it went. On the
way there the boys had been talking the entire way, and JJ intimated
that he wanted to play with his mom a little. So when they walked in
the door they both had somber looks on their faces.
wrong boys?” Sarah asked, sounding concerned, she thought for
sure they would come storming into the house and proclaim their
incredible achievements, and here they were walking in like they just
buried their best friend.
we got our report cards today, and well I think I was trying to hard
for the swimming team and not doing as well on my schoolwork as maybe
I should have been. I didn't get a very good report card.” JJ
said with his head down and sounding sullen. His head was down
though so that his mom couldn't see his face.
I'm sure that it's better than we're used to, let me young nymphets nudists
see, it can't be
that bad.” Sarah said, sounding a little deflated, she had
hoped beyond hope that JJ had done well, but anything had to be
better than failing everything. JJ wordlessly handed over the
envelope, and his mom took it and opened it up. She looked at it
closely, and then looked at it again, and then looked again, her
mouth now hanging open in a silent scream.
know, it's horrible, isn't it.” JJ said, now looking up with a
huge smile plastered on his face. He then handed over the two
scrolls of paper and Sarah took those and opened them up, and then
she did scream, tears of joy rolling down her cheeks.
JJ, you brat, this is wonderful, you couldn't have made me more
proud, you did wonderful, and the teachers glowing remarks.”
She screamed out and grabbed both boys in a huge hug, that, like JJ
had warned, would be bone crushing.
had you going there though huh? Sorry, I couldn't help it, and AJ
loved playing along as well.” JJ grinned.
here I was fearing that somehow you had failed the year, but I
couldn't figure out how you could have. Oh JJ, wait 'til I tell your
dad about this, we always knew you were smart enough, we just
couldn't understand why you couldn't do this before.” Sarah
said, unashamedly crying full out now.
now we know why. Well mom, we have a celebration to go to, so we are
going to go pack up and head out, and we will see you Saturday
afternoon.” JJ said happily.
did not let them leave without another hug first, but they did manage
to escape a few minutes later, ribs still intact. They went upstairs
and JJ started packing the few things he wanted, and needed, in the
pack he had just unceremoniously dumped onto his bed. Once it was
all packed up, they headed back downstairs, and Sarah attacked them
with one more hug and told them to have a good time.
was a lot of fun you know.” JJ grinned as they were walking to
it was. It was a good thing we both had our heads down though, and
your mom couldn't see our faces, because I was trying so hard not to
laugh it nude nymphets thumbs was killing me.” AJ said.
me too, and I'm still surprised she didn't hear it in my voice.”
voice was wavering a lot, but maybe she just thought you were trying
to fight back tears.”
probably right.” JJ grinned again.
talked the rest of the way there and when they got to AJ's, they were
still alone, so they went in to start the preparations for the party.
They had gone shopping the night before with Sarah, and bought
everything that they would need for the party, but Sarah told them
she had the party food and the cake, so she bought that, but took it
to AJ's place as well, well except the cake which would be made the
same day, and Sarah would pick it up on Saturday. They started by
getting fruit, vegetable, meat, cheese, and cracker trays prepared
for everyone. And they just finished on time, because as they were
putting the crackers on to the last platter, the doorbell rang.
go get it, I will get the chips and salsa out as well.” JJ
went and answered the door, and was forced to stay there for ten
minutes as everyone filed in. By the time AJ made it out to the
pool, nearly everyone who had already gone back was stripped naked
and, already having showered, were playing in the pool. The
newcomers and AJ all stripped down in a nymphets imgboard
rush and hopped in the
showers to wash off and jump in the pool as well. They swam and
played for a while, and then sat in the hot tub for underground nymphet top a while, and even
the sauna as well. They were all having a blast, celebrating the end
of the school year, JJ's birthday, and all their great grades, two of
the swim team also having been called up on stage to receive awards,
one for A honors and the other for B, Matt being the A and Orin being
the B. The music was blaring about as loud as AJ's poor little
stereo could manage it, and everyone was enjoying the party.
AJ and JJ headed into the house to make dinner at around six, and
they cooked up steaks, herb and garlic roasted potatoes, with a huge
salad, and garlic toast. It took nearly an hour to cook, but when
they called everyone in, they came in, smelled the great food and
groaned, and then they saw it. Well let's just say that there was
not a crumb of food left, they all ate it all, and enjoyed it very
man, I don't know when I have ever had a better meal.” Orin
said, patting his full tummy.
neither.” Was the general consensus around the table.
you guys enjoyed it. Now follow us, we have a bit of a surprise for
you guys.” AJ said.
get this cleaned up first.” Everyone said.
just nodded and they all helped to clean everything up and it was
done very quickly with everyone helping. Once they were done, AJ and
JJ led them to the new games room, they had still not told any of
them about it, but AJ and JJ had used it many times, and had a lot of
fun in there. Even Alice and Max had been enjoying it, especially
the Mario Cart race, which they both were now addicted to, but they
also loved the new Mario Brothers game a well. When the guys were
all standing in the room and looking around, with mouths hanging
open, AJ grinned.
what do you guys think?”
is awesome. When did you do it?” Jase asked.
weeks ago now, but we wanted to save it as a surprise for everyone.”
AJ said.
we did it with the help of our moms, and we actually managed to
finish it in one day, we just had to be careful of the walls.”
AJ said.
is wicked. What is that, a 42 inch plasma or something, and just for
playing games on?” Matt asked.
mostly yeah, but it does have cable to it as well. And under the
poker table is actually an air hockey table, we were playing poker
the other night with my mom and Max, we just never put it away. I
figure we should be able to fit at least ten of us around the table,
so we can have a poker tournament tonight. I hope you all brought
lots of money.” AJ grinned.
teasing, we don't play for money, but we have lots of chips for
everyone.” JJ said.
Everyone said.
going to go grab the stereo and bring it in here so that we have some
music, and you guys decide who wants to play poker first. I am going
to play the Nintendo though to exotic nymphet start.” AJ said and ran off.
was back a minute later with the stereo and he set it on the floor
next to the stand that the Nintendo and the games were sitting on, it
was not quite large enough for the stereo as well. AJ quickly
thought that he really should have thought of that before, but
shrugged and pushed it aside. He got it hooked back up and powered
on, and started the music again. This time a lot quieter, so that
they could still hear each other. AJ realized that the stereo was
perfect for in here, but no where near good enough for the pool, so
he figured it could stay in here, and he would buy a shelf or
something to put it on, and buy a new stereo for the pool. Ten of
the guys were already sitting around the table dealing out their
first hand of poker, and Matt and Orin were playing darts, and Jase
was playing the pinball, and JJ was waiting for AJ to join him to
play the Nintendo. For the next several hours everyone played in
there and had fun. The funny thing at the poker table was that none
of gallery nymphets russian them were really any good at playing at all, but they all sucked
the same, so they kept going around in circles, no one having any
clear advantage over the others. Finally they decided that they had
had enough and they cleaned up the mess of chips and cards and the
others all decided that it was time to go watch a movie and then turn
in. Amazingly enough, no one had gotten diapered, no one really
thinking to do so, but they did when they went and got their sleeping
bags ready and the movie in. A vat of popcorn and another of juice
was brought out, and they watched a good movie and were just going to
sleep when Alice walked in.
evening boys, it looks like I caught you just about to go to sleep,
so I will leave you alone, have a good sleep.” Alice said to
They all said to each other.
next morning Alice was up and gone to school before the boys even
woke up, but she left them a note telling them to have a good day.
All very groggy and some soggy, they got up and started getting
breakfast ready. This morning it was just a huge pot of oatmeal with
fruit diced into it, and three loaves of bread toasted. They all sat
back and enjoyed the breakfast. Once breakfast was done and cleaned
up, they all headed to the pool house and showered off, preparing for
a good workout. They worked out for two hours, sat in the hot tub
for half an hour, and then spent two more hours massaging everyone in
their favorite way. By this time it was time for lunch and they all
went in and had lunch. The rest of the day was spent in the pool
having fun, playing in the games room, and then watching movies.
They were all sound asleep long before Alice made it home from work
that night, with Max in tow.
it's about time you boys all woke up.” Max greeted them as
they walked into the kitchen the following morning.
morning Max, where's my mom?”
still asleep. She's had a long couple days, so I'm letting her sleep
in a bit, but she will little nymphets boy probably be up pretty soon I imagine.”
Max said, taking more sips of his coffee.
I can tell she's getting pretty tired, that's why I'm glad she took
the whole weekend off. We're going to get breakfast going, and then
you can take it into her, I think she'd like that, and you can take
yours in with you as well.” AJ said kindly.
certain she would love that. There's lots of coffee boys, as well as
a fresh pot of green tea, help yourselves.” Max offered,
having made it all for the boys.
Everyone who drank it said.
JJ, Matt, and Orin started making a large breakfast, they decided on
their favorite again, because it was quick, easy, filling, and very
good. When it was ready, AJ made up two plates full of the food, put
them on a tray with two large glasses of orange juice, and then
handed the tray over to Max.
you go Max, enjoy breakfast.”
you're a great kid.” Max said with a warm smile.
not in front of my friends, you'll ruin my reputation of being a bad
ass.” AJ said in mock seriousness. The entire room seemed to
snort in laughter at the same time.
bad ass my ass, and I'm surprised you could say that with a straight
face.” Max said with a grin and a shake of his head and took
is not a problem I have.” AJ said amongst peels of laughter,
Max just snorted and left.
boys all dug into their breakfast, eating every last scrap of food
that was left. Max took the tray into the bedroom and set it on the
bedside table, and then proceeded to kiss Alice awake.
morning beautiful, your wonderful son made you breakfast in bed.
Wake up so that you can eat it while it's still hot.” Max
whispered to her.
good morning, is that what smells so good.” Alice said,
sniffing the air.
Come on and sit up, and I will pass you yours.”
did as she was told, Max passed her her plate, took his, and they sat
and enjoyed the meal.
are those kids ever good cooks, and yet so simple.” Max said,
polishing off every last bite.
has been cooking since he was five, and he's very good at it, better
than I am to tell you the truth. You should see what he can do with
a mediocre cut of steak, he does such a job it's hard to tell it
isn't a prime cut, whereas no matter what I cook, it turns out like
shoe leather. It's kind of comical really, he got sick of my cooking
so took it upon himself to learn, I never taught him anything.”
Alice chuckled.
that's funny though.” Max chuckled as well.
the boys have probably already started their morning workout, should
we go join them, and then you might get to witness and enjoy their
massage marathon?” Alice asked.
Max said happily and hopped out of bed.
quickly threw on a pair of loose shorts and a halter top, while Max
just stayed naked.
don't know why you bother wearing the clothes, the boys won't care,
and you shouldn't either. You know they have all seen Sarah, and you
have just as nice a body as she has, if not maybe a bit nicer,
however I could be an impartial judge of that.” Max grinned.
don't know, it's my old teachings shining through I suppose. I was
taught that your body should always stay covered, and that no one
should ever see you bare. I have gotten better though, it was not
all that long ago that no one would have seen me in anything like
this.” Alice admitted.
as long as you are moving in the right direction, then I can't say
anything, but eventually you really should try it. Maybe during the
time when the boys are away we can go and use the pool naked
together, that way you will get more comfortable with the idea, and I
know you'll love it.”
I'll think about it.” Alice said and they headed out to the
pool to join the boys, who were indeed just themselves starting up.
was quite amazed at the workout the boys had going on. He had never
witnessed this before, just seen the boys doing a light workout in
the evening, but this was a heavy workout, very heavy from some of
the weights he saw the boys pushing. He was watching AJ doing a
hundred pound bench press, and he was fully aware

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