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From: (Jessie Gonzalez)
Subject: Tutoring IssacIm not real sure how this is all going to turn out or anything. So Im
just going to try and do my best at telling you all what I see as the
best thing that has happend to me. It all started one day of my Sophmore year of highschool. I was 15.
I have always been smarter than most kids my age so It was no surprise
when my English teacher asked me if I would mind tutoring after school
to students who needed extra help. I was all for it.
What did surprise me was that the person who I was to tutor turned
out to be my secret crush. nymphets boys l It was a secret cause I didnt want anyone to
find out that I had a lusting for other guys. Well my lusting went into
hyper drive when ever I laid eyes on Issac.
He was the quarterback for our highschool football team. He was
latino just like me so he had the natural latino looks. You know, 5'9",
180lbs, short, black, glossy hair.Black moustache and goatee. Deep,
dark, penetrating eyes. Smooth, bronze, skin. Full lucious lips and
perfect white teeth. Being a member of the football team also helped
define his body. Im telling you, Boy was built! He was thick and very
muscular. Washboard stomach, slim waist, huge bicepts and thick claves.
He was so cut that I think he was chiseled by the God's. Well I guess
you can see why I was attracted to him and all the high school girls
Well anyways. I had been day dreaming of Issac ever since I was a
Freshman. So I was kinda nervous about being alone studying with him.
English was not his first language so he had trouble reading and
writing. He was already a Senior with tons of offers to get a full
athletic scholorship to any college of his choice. So he wanted to do
better in school.
Tutoring him wasnt hard at all. I just thought of ways young naked nymphettes to make it
easy to understand and remember. Also being Biligual and able to explain
lessons in English and Spanish helped too. Issac was eager non nudes nymphet model to learn and
do better. So after tutoring him for 2 hours a day, 3 days a week for 6
months. Issac was an honor roll student and excelled in all his classes.
One Friday durring lunch he came up to me and asked me if I would like
to go nymphet banned
to his house and shoot some hoops. I dont know how to play
basketball I nymphets selected told him. He said thats o.k. I'll teach you. You taught me
more than I can ever thank you for. The least I can do I teach you
basketball. So I said sure.
Now durring all those hours of studying together were so hard on
me cause it was hard for me to hide my feelings nymphets pedo bbs for him. I knew he was
straight and I did not want to jeprodize the time I had with him by
making him not want to be around me by fearing that I would come on to
him. So you can guess now hard it was for me everytime I would see his
face light up with understanding. His beautiful smile. His excitement xxx nude nymphets to
learn more were just wrenches at my heart to kiss him and to hold him.
So you can guess how excited I was to be able to go to his house
and see what he was like outside of guestbook acrobatic nymphets a learning environment. Maybe just
like two good friends hanging out together. Playing basketball.
After school I found him already waiting for me at the other end of
the football field. Our time together gave us plenty of time to get to
know each other more, so the walk to his house was just like we had
known each other and been bestfriends forever. We walked and talked,
joked and messed with each other like we had been doing it for years. I
felt so close to him durring that walk than I have ever felt for any
When we got to his house he told me to wait on the porch while he
went inside to change out of his school clothes and into some play
clothes. After about 10 min. he came down. His playclothes turned out
being a gray, tight, sweatshirt with the neck cut into a low V shape and
the arms cut off so it was like an A shirt. That shirt looked so great
on him. It accenting his hard body. His shorts were short red swimming
trunks that showed his puebes on the inside of his treetrunk thighs
whenever he moved. My heart was pounding.
We then went over to his driveway and he started fozya nymphets to shoot some
baskets. He made it everytime. I just sat there and watched and admired
how every muscle moved with what he was doing. He finally threw the ball
to me and told me to get hentai nymphet up and play. So I took a try and threw the ball
at the basket. Needless to say that I missed. He told me that it was
O.K. and to try again. So I did. Many times.
I guess Issac finally got tired of watching me hit the backboard
and me getting angry at the stupid ball that I swear was avoiding going
in on purpose and said that he could see why I kept missing. He said I
needed to jump with my knees and throw with my wrist. He demonstrated
what he ment and told me to try. I still missed even though I know I did
it exactly like he did.
He laughed and told me to come here. I went. He stood behind me and
put his hands on my hips and told me to bend my knees and to square my
feet while he pushed strip tease nymphets
me down into a throwing stance. He then reached
around me and positioned my arms and wrist so I could throw the ball
correctly. He told me to pump my body up and down and act like I was
jumping and throwing at the same time without actually lifting my feet
off the ground. I did it a few times not nude nymphets and and got the feel for it. But I
did it more time cause I liked the feel of Issac so close to me and
directly behind me holding me.
He then said I had the motion down pretty good and that I should
really try to throw the ball now. I picked up the ball and got back into
the stance. I did not relize that Issac was still standing so close to
me until I jumped and my ass hit his huge hard~on. I guess the feel of
me pumping up and down in his hands ukranian nymphettes with him standing behind me really
aroused him. I was so shocked at what I felt against my ass that all I
could do was stare at his crotch area while he was on the ground
squirming in pain. After he calmed down a little I came to my scenses
and helped him up. He excused himself and said that he needed to go the
I followed him in and seen that no one at all was home. I went to
the livingroom and sat on th couch waiting for him to come back. I could
not stop thinking of how it felt free nymphets movies to have his huge dick touch my ass for
that brief moment. I could still feel where it had jabbed against me. I
was so aroused. I wanted him so bad. I dont know how I wanted him I just
knew I did.
He came out about 5 min. later and tried to pretend like nothing
happend. I tried to play along but I did not do a good job of it cause
then he asked me if I enjoyed having his dick touch my ass or 5 yo nymphet something.
I was so shocked that I could not answer. I didnt know how to answer. I
just stared at him flabergasted. He just smiled at me and said, "I
thought so." I know you had to be gay. You're too pretty and nice to be
straight. You know how I know this all? Ive seen how youve looked at me.
How you watched me when we would study together.
I seen how you looked at me when I would finally understand what it
was you were trying to teach me. Like you wanted me or something. You
know how I know all this? Cause I was watching you too. Do you know how
bad I wanted to kiss you when I would see how proud of me you were when
I would understand. I wanted you to hug me and tell me with words
what your eyes were saying. But you never did. I knew you were not going
to make the first move so I thought maybe I should.
I was so stunned! I couldnt belive he was actually telling me he
was gay! Not only that but that he wanted me! That he felt the exact
same way that I did. I couldnt lovely nymphets art move or speak. I couldnt even think
right. I asked the dumbest question then. How can you be gay? You dont
look gay. He just smiled and said I know. Thats good cause I dont want
people to know. I then asked dumbest question #2. What about all those
girls that want you? You can have any girl you want. How can you be gay?
I know, I know. I didnt know what else to say. I felt so stupid while I
asked it.
I dont want any of those girls idiot! I want you! I wanted you when
you first moved to our school and I seen you walk into english class.
I wanted to cry cause I then thought of all that time wasted that
we could have spent enjoying each other instead of laying at home
fantasizing about oneanother. He must have seen the look in my eyes
cause he then grabbed my hand nymphets sun bbs and pulled me to him and held me. It felt
so GOOD to be in his huge strong arms. Feeling there strength wrapped
around me. His broad chest against my face breathing in the scent of
sweat and him. He smelled better that anything I have ever smelled in my
whole life. I wanted him to want me just like I wanted him.
He did. Just at that moment he brought my face up nude russian nymphs
to look at him
and he kissed me. Ive never kissed anyone before so I was nymphet stocking
surprised to
felt his tounge part my lips and enter my mouth. I didnt know what to
do. So i just sucked on it and his lower lip while is sucked my my upper
one. He then sucked my tounge into his mouth and and let go and he kept
doing it over and over again till it felt all tingley and I pulled away
to catch my breath. He smiled down at me then and asked me If that was
the first time I had been kissed. I said yes and he said I did good for
my first time and said I would get better.
But not right now. I want you to do something else. What? I asked.
He said, "This." He sat back down on the couch and lowered me down to
the floor in front of him. While I was kneeling between his legs he
pulled down his shorts and exposed his huge, beautiful, pinkish brown
dick to me. My eyes widened at the sight of it. Im telling you boy young nymphet pics was a
full 9 inches long and thick. About as thick as a silver dollar or more.
What do I do? I asked. What do you want to do? he laughed. I grabbed it
and it felt so soft and stiff in my hands. It was so warm and I could
feel it throbbing in young nymphettes in pantyhose
my hands.
I had to kiss it. I felt it jump when my lips touched it. He let
out a soft moan. I then licked the head of in and he grabbed my hair an
pulled me closer to him. I then went down to his balls and sucked one in
my mouth while I stroked him up and nymphet sleeping
down with my right hand while my
left hand roamed around on his hard sweaty body. I then took both of his
balls into my mouth and played and rolled them around with my warm, wet
tounge. His head was thrown back and his eyes were closed and moaning
while I was doing this. I figured then that sites small nymphets naked I was doing it right. He
then pulled me away from his balls nymphet doujin after a few by my hair little nymphet stories and told me to
suck his dick. I looked at him in disbelief. You want me to suck on
that? You'll choke me! He laughed and said. Dont take it in all at once.
Take a little at a time till you get used to it. Pull your lips over
your teeth so you dont scrape my shart with them. nude little nymphets fuck I did that and after a
few times almost gagging and almost throwing up I got used to it. I
could teen nymphette underage
take him all the way in.
He tasted so good. I didnt think I could ever get enough of him. He
kept running his fingers through my hair and pulling my head down harder
and faster against him. Then he stopped, and pulled me away. He then
said. I dont want to come in your mouth. I want to come inside your ass.
I was so scared. I knew that It hurt going in your ass for the first
time ukraine nymphet from some of my gurlfriends that crazy nymphets list have had anal sex. They said that
it feels like a red hot metal stick is being shoved up into you.. And
that it burns and tears when they enter you. So here was this guy that
wanted to put his 9 inch long thick dick into me that has never had
anything go in before. I was about to say noway when he said to me. Its
not as bad as you may have heard. If you just relax and not tighten up
when I push in, it wont hurt as bad. Just relax. I'll tgp little nymphets go slow.
I agreed then. He told me to spit on the tip in his dick and make
sure it was real wet. I did and then he turned me around and bent me
over on the recliner, spit on his hand and rubbed it around on my hole.
It felt so good to have him touching me there. Maybe it wont hurt as bad
as I thought. I then felt him kneel down behind lovely nymphets ukranian
me and part my cheeks
and rub his huge head against my hole getting it even more lubed with my
spit and his pre~cum. He then started to enter me. At first all I felt
was a little pressure and then all I felt was pain! He felt me tense up
and he told me to relax my ass muscles so it wont hurt. I did and it
hurt anyways. He went in a little more and I felt like I was torn open.
Ive never felt such pain in my life. I screamed (not very loud) and
tried to pull away but he had ahold of my hips and held me inplace. He
told me not to move till nymphet model erotic I got used to love nymphets baby it or it would hurt more. So I
stayed still and after a minute it didnt hurt anymore. He then went in a
little more and it awakend the pain as he pushed him self into me nymphet no nude
He stopped again so I could get used to him again. He did that several
more times until he was all the way in. By that time I felt kinda numb
back there and it didnt hurt as much. He then stated to thrust against
me. At first he went slow so as not to hurt me anymore than nessasary.
Then as I got used to it I began to move my hips against him and rock
back and forth. It felt soo wonderful to have him inside me. I felt
complete. He started to pump faster and faster, harder and harder until
suddenly I felt him tense up so tense and then I felt his hot cum just
rocket into me. It was so hot it star nymphets felt like he scalded me. He came so
hard that I could feel it shoot into me over and over again while if
felt him convulse and shiver and grunt and scream in pleasure. He ground
his hips against free young nymphets gallery my ass and held my hips against him so tight I thought
he was trying to really make me apart of him.
He then grabbed my hair and pulled me up to him and guided me down
with him to the floor where he laid against my back still inside me on
our sides while he kissed the back of my neck and held me tightly to
We stayed like that for about half an hour. Neither of us wanting to
move. But we knew we had video mpeg nymphets to. He started to widthdraw and it hurt. Almost
as much as it did going in. He went slow so as to cut down on the pain.
When he finally came out I heard him say "Oh shit!" I turned around to
see what was wrong and I hentai nymphets
seen blood all over his pubic area. My blood. I
knew he had torn me but I didnt know I was going to bleed that much. I
felt my hole and hissed in pain when I touched it. It was so sore and
raw. I had blood on my fingers when I looked at them. I looked at Issac
and he said he was sooo sorry. He didnt meant to hurt me that bad. I
knew he didnt and I told him not to worry. It wasnt as bad as it looked.
I told him I had to go home cause it was getting late. It hurt to
move. It hurt even worse to walk. So I called my mom to come pick me
up.. Issac then asked me if I was going to tell anyone and I said no. I
didnt want anyone knowing I was gay anymore that he did. He was happy I
said that and told me it would be our secret.
He then asked If I really wanted to go home and sweet ebony nymphets I said not really. I
wanted to stay nymphet black with him. He told me to spend the night. For me to call
my mom and tell her to bring me a change of clothes nymphet collection and underclothes and
I could sleep in his room. So I did.
His mom got home then and asked if little nymphets free
we had fun playing basketball.
I said yes and she said you must have been playing rough and hard cause
you walking funny. I laughed an naked angel nymphet
embarrased laugh and told her that I had
fallen down real hard on my butt and it kinda hurt to walk. Issac then
said. come on up to my room and you can play the russian nymphets free pics SuperNintendo while I
shower. His mom said good Idea. Im going to start dinner anyways. Issac
then asked her If It was O.K. if I stayed over. She said sure and for
Issac to lend me some nightclothes so I could shower too when he got out
while I waited for my mom to bring mine.
We went up to his room and he locked the door behind us and turned
on the T.v and pulled me to the bathroom wild nymphet 3d that connected his room with
his parents room. He locked the other door and started to undress. He
then told me to undress so I could shower with him. I was like "Shower
with you? But your mom's home." He said thats O.K. She's down stairs.
She wont know. If she comes up she will hear the young ukrainian nymphet
T.v on and the shower
going and think that one of us is showering and the other is watching
I said o.k. and we got in together. It was such a good feeling to
have him wash my body for me. Having his big, strong hands scrubbing my
body. Shampooing my hair. He took great care when he got to my butt hole
and carefully scrubbed away the dried blood.
When i was all clean it was his turn. I lathered him up real good
from neck to toe. I then scrubbed him down with a washcloth carefully
cleaning his dick. petit nymphet model Washing away all my blood. Scrubbing the shaft and
head to make nymphas model sure they were clean cause of where it had been a little
bite ago. Cleaning it for him got nymphets sexy 12y him all aroused again. He was hard and
ready to go so I pulled him into the water and rinsed away all the soap
and took him into my mouth. nymphet action
I sucked him off so good and long that he
came in my mouth. I swallowed a lot of it and still a lot dripped down
my chin.
When we were both clean and showered we went down to find dinner
ready and his dad home. We were starving needless to say. His dad
noticed that I was walking funny too so I told him the same thing I told
his wife. When I sat down to eat I stood right back up cause it hurt to
sit. I told them that I probly bruised my butt when I fell and that It
hurt when I sat and if it was o.k. if I ate standing. Issac busted up
laughing then. I started to laugh, and his parents not knowing why we
are laughing joined in.
Well to bring this long story to a close. Issac and I went up to
bed after dinner. We spent the whole night making love.
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