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From: D C Wooten
Subject: Tutoring Billy 7 SubmissionTutoring Billy
by decal ( VIISomeone stirred beside me. nude art nymphet
I opened my eyes and stared at the ceiling. I
focused first on the dim shape of the naked light bulb hanging above me.
Then my eye caught the shape of a running horse on the ceiling where the
paint had peeled. Billy had spotted that horse the night before as I'd
lifted his legs to slip my cock into his eager, waiting body.Billy. With a sudden jolt, the events of the last couple of days flooded
back, bringing me fully awake. Anxious and alert, I turned my head. The
first faint light of dawn was seeping through a torn shade that did little
to cover the room's only window. I listened intently. Only the sounds of
morning birds reached my ears. It was warm, almost stifling. My body was
covered in sweat.Billy stirred again as I sat up on the old, stained mattress. It sat in
the middle of the floor. Our clothes and the few belongings we had were
scattered about. I looked down at Billy. He was on his side facing me,
still sleeping soundly. His face was relaxed, at peace. I gazed at his
youthful body, glistening in the heat-induced sweat, a body he gave to me
trustingly and unconditionally. Did I deserve his love? Of course not.
But it was mine nonetheless. And I was committed to honoring and earning
it with my own. Somehow it had finally sunk into my gonad-dominated brain
that nothing must stand between Billy and me being together. Absolutely
nothing. It was too important to both of us. Anyway, if I blew it, Ray
would whip my ass big time.Ray. My best friend...who saved that very ass two days earlier. And whose
uncle would arrive soon to get Billy and me across the border to safety.But it's Billy resourcefulness that had got us this far. In the days we'd
been on the run I'd managed to get the full story out of him. Who'd have
thought a 16-year-old kid could pull it off? But I guess you live the nymphet lists tgp kind
of life he faced, you grow up fast and learn how to get what you want and
need. Either that or you just give up. And Billy was anything but a
quitter. Although why he never quit on me, I'll never know.* * * * * *Benson, the Matson gardener, knew a guy that knew a guy that knew a guy who
could get things done. Several days before that fateful night Arnie, Gwyn,
Billy and I faced off in Gwyn's bedroom, Benson met with this guy who could
get things done.The next day Billy cut school nymphets with boys
and met with Tom Takeuchi, reporter for the
Mercury-News and son of the Matson's Japanese gardener, who befriended
Billy as a boy.But first, what Benson did...This guy who could get things done...well, nymphette nude pics he went by the name Brute. No
kidding. Benson found out that ol' Brute had been in and out of prisons in
5 states. Assault, robbery, a little larceny, passing phony bills...and a
couple of possible murders that no one could prove. When Benson met him in
a darkened corner of a nondescript bar near on El Camino Real a nymphet sveta
few miles
south of Stanford, he found himself sitting across from a well-dressed man
in his mid-50s. His expensive gray suit stretched across broad shoulders
and thick chest. His head was shaved...his face showed the signs of a hard
life, especially with the reddish scar that stretched from the bridge of
his nose down to his left jaw. Brute smiled broadly as Benson sat down in
the booth next to him, but Brute's eyes told him that Brute'd just as like
snuff him as share a drink with him.After the drinks arrived, Brute sat silently as Benson laid out his
proposition. At the end Benson placed a bulging envelope on the table."Half now, the rest when the job is completed," Benson said."Don't usually ask this...but your request is a bit unusual. What's the
guy done?" Brute asked."Butt-raped the nicest kid you'd ever meet," Benson spat out. "Repeatedly.
Started when the boy was only 13."Brute's face darkened, his fists clenched tightly on the table. It was a
few moments before nymphets nude picture beach he spoke."This I do for nothing," he said as he pushed the envelop back across the
table. "Ya don't fuck up kids. He'll get what he deserves, the fuckin'
bastard.""Please understand," Benson quickly interjected, "my client wants nothing
more done to the guy. Just what I laid out.""Ya sure?""Yes, you'd only hurt the boy more if you take things...too far.""So he knows?" Brute asked.Benson nodded. Brute stroked his chin."What'd he do...rob his daddy's safe?" he asked with a grin. "Well, you
tell your client to save that money for college. Now...ya gotta a picture
or somethin'?"Benson reached into the envelope, pulled out a photo, and handed it to
Brute. Brute stared intently at the photo for almost a minute."Oh, you motherfuckin' asshole, I fuckin' got you now." Brute's
venom-laced voice seethed youngest nymphet kids with rage."Whatcha mean?" Benson asked, for the first time feeling anxious."What's he call himself?""Arnie Sanchez.""Well, to me it's Gordo Rojas, the biggest small nymphet piece of shit that ever crawled
into and out of Texas State Penitentiary."Benson was shocked. "You know him?""Know him? Fuck, I was there with him," Brute replied. "If I hadn't given
you the kid's money back yet, I'd sure as fuckin' do it now. I want that
two-faced bastard's ass!"Benson gave him a questioning look."Got my reasons...fuckin' good ones, too.""What was he in for?""Was a high-class pimp in Dallas. That and he got caught playing a little
extortion on the mayor's son. Ya know...he jumped parole. Ol' Gordo's hid
out pretty good since then." Brute got lost in thought a few moments
before he spoke again. "So when ya want it done?""In the next day or so. Call the same number?""Yeah, same number. You tell your boy Brute's gonna do good by him."Several nights later the ringing phone woke Benson up. As he climbed over
his lover Jasper to grab it, he noticed it was 3:00 AM. As he expected, it
was Billy. Benson heard the fear and anger in the boy's tightly-controlled
whisper."You OK?" Benson asked."A little sore here and there," Billy answered. "He wanted to fuck me...I
didn't let him...but he's doin' somethin' Andy.""Then it's now?""Yeah," Billy replied."All set with the reporter?""All set.""OK, when?""2 o'clock. He'll be alone." Billy started to softly cry as the emotions
of the last few days threatened to crush him."Billy...I'm gonna come get you," Benson insisted."'m OK...I don't mean to's OK...""But you're not safe.""I've gotta a place to hide. Don't worry. Please...I'll be OK.""Well, Jasper and I'll be there at 7 to do the front lawns. Promise you'll
get us if he tries anything?""Yeah, promise...and thanks."Billy hung up and crept into the backyard. He quickly found his way
through the trees and bushes to the gardener's shed. He padlocked the door
from inside, collapsed on the mattress, and let exhaustion take free nymphets angels its hold on
him.Benson dialed Brute's number and left the message.* * * * * *As Arnie drove back to the Matson mansion from Gold's Gym, he was feeling
damn good. The Blankenships were going fork over major cash for Andy...and
when they set eyes on him Saturday night they were going to do it gladly.
They had gotten bored with the other four kids in his stable and were
threatening to take their business elsewhere. But Andy would change all
that...not since that mayor's kid had Arnie hooked anyone this hot. But
more than that, Andy was the spittin' image of the Blankenship's own son
when he was in college. Andy would feed their most intense fantasies...and
Arnie would reap the rewards.Even the previous night's unpleasantness was playing into Arnie's plans.
All that intensity of passion and desire...oh, Arnie fully intended to
encourage Billy's love affair with his stable's prospective new stud. His
telling Billy and Andy no tutoring this week wasn't a punishment for the
previous night. He was just going to keep them apart for a bit. Let 'em
taste his authority over them. Then when he let them be together again,
they'd appreciate it more...and be willing to let Arnie show them off for
the entertainment of his best clients. Having seen the Andy/Billy video,
they were primed to see and touch the real thing. "This time I'm gonna
make it big," Arnie whispered to himself as he pulled his Mercedes, a
recent gift from Gwyn, onto the Matson property.It was Monday, the day when he was totally alone in the house, at least
until Billy got home from school at 4. Gwyn had her all-day spa treatment
and it was the help's day off. Even the gardeners shouldn't be there, but
there they were that morning working on the front lawns. Seeing that
Benson asshole always pissed Arnie off but Arnie knew Benson's days were
numbered. Gwyn wouldn't say no again to him.So Arnie was surprised as stepped through the front door and heard noise
from the backyard, someone playing in the swimming pool. He headed through
the house and out the back door expecting to find Billy. What he saw
instead sent rage rushing through his veins. Stripped to their briefs,
their clothes laying around the pool, Benson and Jasper were splashing each
other at the shallow end. Arnie stormed to the edge of the pool above
them. The two in the pool stopped playing and looked up at him. As they
shrugged their shoulders and smiled, Arnie realized that they weren't
alone. He turned. Between him and the back door stood two men. Arnie
froze...staring...disbelieving."Tiny...Dakota...long time," Arnie said, his usual bravado considerably
subdued.A voice from another direction struck Arnie like a gunshot to the head."Yes, Gordo, a long, long time."Arnie didn't turn. He just whispered, "Brute."Brute stepped up beside him."Nice clothes," Brute said. "Nice house, too. You've done well. Too bad
you've blown it."Arnie finally turned to face his nemesis."Now, come on," Arnie said, some of his old cockiness returning to his
voice. "I know we've gentle angels ukrainian nymphets had our differences, but hey...we can be friends
again. Right? Anyway, I got this new thing going...just about to take
off...let's say I cut you in."The blow to Arnie's gut was swift and strong. As Arnie doubled over in
shock and pain, Brute got him in the chin, clean and hard. Arnie landed
sprawled out on his back, his head hanging over the edge of the pool.
Brute stepped over and leaned over him. Arnie's eyes came to focus on the
scar that crossed Brute's face."Sorry, Gordo, your offer insults me," Brute said quietly. "Why, you're
worse slime than even I thought possible. Just want you to know, what's
gonna happen now is for..."Brute glanced over at Benson, now sitting on the side of the pool with
Jasper."Billy," Benson called out."Yeah, it's for Billy. Tiny...Dakota, get him ready."As Brute stepped aside, Arnie rose up and lunged for Brute's legs. Fear
clutched Arnie's heart and he cried out for mercy as he wrapped his arms
around Brute's ankles. Tiny and Dakota grabbed Arnie and roughly pulled
him to his feet. Arnie was totally freaking out. Brute turned, faced him,
and slapped him hard across the face."You fuckin' make another sound..."Brute didn't have to finish. Arnie went silent. Brute reached over and
patted Arnie softly on the hot, red cheek he'd just slapped."If I had my way, Gordo, you'd be a dead man by now for what you did. Only
thing stoppin' me is the boy you screwed. See, he thinks 'eye for an eye'
is OK punishment. And maybe it is...if you're still guardin' that virgin
ass of yours..."Arnie's eyes went wide with fear. Brute's face expanded illegal photos nymphets into a broad
smile."Oh, good, very good. I actually think you'd rather die," Brute said with
a laugh. "Now, if you remember Tiny and Dakota from the prison showers,
you've ukrainan nymphets figured out why I've brought them along.""Another way. Gotta be another way!" Arnie blurted out.Brute delivered another devastating blow to Arnie's belly."Another fuckin' sound..." he whispered loudly into Arnie's ear. Brute
then nodded to his companions.Arnie silently struggled as Tiny and Dakota dragged him over to the diving
board. The rope was ready, already laying there on the ground. Quickly
they tied his feet to the diving board's base. Arnie tried to take a swing
at them but Tiny got a hold of Arnie's arm and twisted it behind his back.
Arnie cried out in pain. Tiny gave an even harder twist...this time
Arnie's face contorted in agony but also in silence. Then Dakota grabbed
Arnie nymphet forum links
by the neck, squeezed it hard, and leaned him over. Tiny tied his
hands together under the board. Dakota took hold of the collar of Arnie's
shirt with both hands. With a single, quick movement he ripped the shirt
off and tossed it on the ground. Tiny then roughly grabbed Arnie's
genitals through his slacks and squeezed. Arnie groaned loudly. But Arnie
was silent when Tiny squeezed again, this time harder."That's it, Gordo. You can learn, can't you?" Brute called out.Arnie looked up. Brute was sitting nearby on a lounge chair watching his
goons do his dirty work. Benson and Jasper still sat at the end of the
pool. But now Billy was there, standing beside Benson. He realized in
that moment that Benson was how Billy got to Brute. Arnie silently vowed
to kill Benson first before bringing his full wrath on Billy. Nothing
would stop him. Nothing.Dakota and Tiny pulled out switchblades and started in on Arnie pants.
They made quick work of cutting them and Arnie's silk boxers off his body.
Naked now except for his shoes, Arnie felt a hand grab his low-slung balls,
then the cold, sharp edge of a blade. He jerked his head up and gave Brute
a panicked look."Only if you make a sound," Brute said with a smile. "You see...I am a
reasonable man."Both Tiny and Dakota were showing hard by the time they started stripping
off their clothes. Dakota's cock was easily 10-inches. Tiny's was a
little shorter but much, much thicker. Dakota mounted Arnie first. There
were no preliminaries. Just a sudden, hard, deep thrust into Arnie's
virgin ass. While Arnie took it without a sound, he was screaming inside.
No one had ever even touched his ass...and now he was being
savagely raped. The violation of Dakota's massive sex was worse than Arnie
had ever even imagined it could be. That he was helpless and unable to
fight off the attack made it much, much worse. Arnie had watched guys
resist then embrace the feeling of his dick plowing their bodies. But he
knew deep to the core of his being that he'd never embrace a cock up his
ass. Never. That realization only caused the pain in his bowels to
intensify.As Dakota began to fuck Arnie hard and fast, Tiny grabbed and roughly
pulled and squeezed on Arnie's balls. Arnie loved having his balls worked
over but, he realized, never again would it be associated with pleasure,
only with feelings of powerlessness and anal violation. Dakota suddenly
grabbed Arnie by the hair and pulled his head up."Look at the boy!" Dakota yelled. "It's him...not me!"Unrepentant, Arnie stared at Billy, directing every bit of his rage at the
punk kid who brought him down. Benson caught it and looked up at Billy.
The boy was holding Arnie's look, holding it calmly, with just the
slightest bit of a smile. Benson was once again amazed at Billy's courage.With deeper thrusts than Arnie thought possible, Dakota cried out in orgasm
and filled Arnie's gut with burning heat. Then suddenly Dakota's cock was
gone. But the relief was short-lived. Tiny positioned his massive organ
at Arnie's now-stretched hole."No one takes mine without bleeding," he whispered into Arnie's ear.Dakota did nothing to prepare Arnie's hole for Tiny's thicker sex. This
time he could not control the cries of pain. That only made Tiny thrust
harder and deeper."I've seen enough," Billy said to Brute. "Thank you.""Hey, I thank you for letting me help," Brute replied. "You know there's
more?""Yes, Benson told me," Billy answered. "But I don't need to be here.
Benson will bring out the sweats."With that Benson and Jasper got up, gathered their clothes, and followed
Billy into the house.Completely overwhelmed by Tiny's rape of his hole, Arnie heard and saw none
of this. So when he next looked up, Billy and the gardeners were gone.
Sudden anxiety gripped him, even breaking through the pain of Tiny's
battering. He was now alone with Brute and his thugs. Something inside
him started preparing for death as Tiny let out a loud cry and emptied
himself deep into Arnie's gut. That was the last sensation he felt before
he passed out."See, he bleeds," Tiny said with pride as he pulled his cock out of Arnie."You sick bastard!" Dakota said as he grabbed Tiny and pushed him into the
pool. Dakota dived in after him, and for a few minutes the two men
grappled and played like overgrown kids.""Enough!" Brute finally called out.As Dakota and Tiny quickly climbed out of the pool and got dressed, Brute
made a call on his cell phone. Then he walked over to Arnie. He shook
Arnie to consciousness. Arnie almost passed out again from the pain
radiating from his bowels, but he fought to stay nasty black young nymphets alert."Gonna...kill" sweet pedo nymphets series Arnie said with great difficulty."No, my friend," Brute answered. "That'd be too good for you.""Don't...understand...""A Lieutenant Harrison will be here in a few minutes...""Oh, God, no!" Arnie cried out."Oh, yes," Brute replied. "He'll see to it that you find your way back to
Texas. Oh, young nymphet softcore
and this little enterprise you got goin'? Well, there are
these four guys, you see...and, well, the cops have 'em singing like birds
in the trees. And, Gordo, they're saying such awful things about you.""I'll get you for this, you motherfucker!" Arnie spat out."Oh, I think not, my friend. Not where you're goin'. Oh, and by the way,
I still keep in touch with a lot of guys inside, you know. Bet they're
gonna love to hear you take it up the ass now."Later, dressed in sweats and arms handcuffed behind his back, Arnie sobbed
uncontrollably as Lieutenant Harrison and two officers led him out the
front door of the Matson mansion to a waiting police van. Tipped off that
something big was breaking about the Matsons, the press was already there,
capturing the arrest of Gordo Rojas for the 6 o'clock news. Unaware of how
her life was about to change, at that very moment Gwyn Matson turned up the
driveway to her home.* * * * * *Ray threw open the door to my room and bbs nymphets land
rushed in."What the...?" I cried out in surprise, bolting illegal nymphet galleries upright on my bed.Ray turned on my TV and flipped a couple of channels. A newscaster's face
filled the screen. nymphette russia There was an inset photo of Arnie, black and white. It
looked like a police booking shot."...the arrest of Gordo Rojas, raising questions about the role Gwyn Matson
played or did not play in the alleged Rojas prostitution ring. Our own
Patty Shields is live at the Matson estate in Hillsborough. Patty.""Thank you, Matt. News of the alleged prostitution ring has spread like
wildfire through this affluent community, threatening to implicate some of
its most powerful and influential citizens. We understand that four young
men have been under questioning all day at the San Mateo County Sheriff's
Office. We also have word that Rojas was convicted in Texas of similar
charges. An hour ago Arthur J. Blankenship, Chairman and Chief Executive
Officer of Blankenship Industries, spoke to our radio affiliate KBTR and
denied any knowledge of Rojas or his activities. Meanwhile, here at the
Matson estate where Rojas was arrested after what one police officer called
a sex orgy, Gywn Matson is secluded with her son, William, inside the
mansion. Earlier, moments after arriving home, Matson spoke with
reporters."As I stared in fascination and disbelief, film of Gwyn surrounded by
reporters, police in the background, filled the TV screen. For a moment
she looked confused and scared but then I watched her get control."Please...please..." she was saying. "I am as shocked as all of you. I
know nothing about this.""But didn't Gordo Rojas live with you?" shouted a reporter."Arnie Sanchez lived with me. I have nothing further to say at this time,"
Gwyn turned and walked away amid continued shouted questions."Police sources tell us that Gwyn Matson is not a suspect at this time in
Rojas' alleged activities. Back to you, Matt.""Patty, there's unofficial word that a Stanford University student, a tutor
to William Matson, may be a Rojas accomplice. Have you heard anything
about that?""Yes. Police sources tell me that Rojas has implicated a Stanford student,
but I have no further information at this point.""Thank you, Patty. Now in other news today, Governor Davis announced the
appointment of..."Ray turned the TV off. He came and sat on the bed beside me. Stunned by
Arnie's accusation, I was totally losing it. I started to curse and pound
the wall and mattress. nymphet virgin hardcore
Ray quickly grabbed me by the shoulders and shook
me."Andy!" he screamed. "We don't have time for this. Billy doesn't have
time for this! Now pull yourself together. We gotta get you outta here."Ray got me to throw a few clothes in a duffle. Moments later we were in a
car heading across campus."Whose car is this?" I asked."Never mind," Ray answered. "It's better you don't know.""What the fuck's going on?" I cried out."We're getting you out of this fuckin' mess you got yourself in!" Ray
shouted back.We rode silently nasty little nymphets for a minute or so. I noticed that we were heading to
Hillsborough."Who's 'we'?" I asked."Billy mainly. Then me and a couple of others.""I don't want Billy messed up in this," I said."Too late, bud," Ray replied. "And why he loves your sorry ass, I'll never
figure out...I sure as hell hope you really love him?""Yes...I do.""God, I sure hope you do...and you better start fuckin' showin' it. He
doesn't deserve to get screwed again...ever.""I know...I what now?""Gotta get the two of you out of the country for awhile," Ray said. "I've
made some arrangements but getting you two...oh, my God..."I turned to see what Ray was staring at in horror. From the direction of
the Matson estate, flames reached high into the nighttime sky.* * * * * *Gwyn closed the front door behind her, shutting out the voices crying out
her name. She looked out the narrow window that ran the height of the door
just in time to see the police van pull away from the house. Did she know
what Arnie'd been up to? Of course, she did. Her private investigator had
found out all about Arnie over three years earlier. But Arnie was
absolutely the best sex she'd ever had, and she decided she could overlook
his past...even when it started to become his present again. While they
never spoke directly of Arnie's private endeavor, she knew what he was up
to. At first she loved the depraved excitement of it all...even when Arnie
fucked Billy that first time. Oh, she protested when Arnie first nymphets free samples brought
it up, but then he convinced her that Billy was a budding queer and that
it'd be good for the boy to get introduced to his sexual orientation in the
safety and comfort of his own home. After awhile though, Gwyn started to
feel uneasy and anxious, fearing that things were getting out of hand. She
began to fear her own exposure, especially after Arnie started supplying
her closest friends. Why, she'd finally gotten the courage to kick him out
a few months earlier, but that was short-lived. His charms and his cock
won her back after just a few weeks' absence.And now? Gwyn faced a life in ruins. 'Why? What the fuck happened?' she
thought, growing increasingly angry at her plight. She was used to getting
her way, getting whatever she wanted. Then it dawned on her: everything
started coming apart with the arrival of Billy's tutor. But her thoughts
were interrupted by the sound of footsteps behind her coming down the
stairs from the second floor. She turned and faced her son, who stood
several steps from the bottom. Billy tensed up, wondering if he could go
through with it. He knew everything depended on the next few minutes. He
hoped he'd prepped enough with Tom Takeuchi."You're part of this, aren't you?" she asked in a carefully controlled
voice."You never should have let him hurt Andy.""So it's Andy, is it? Your little schoolboy infatuation fuckin' wrecks my
life," Gwyn laughed bitterly. love nymphets lola porno She spat out angrily: "What do you know
about love?""I know what it's not," Billy answered softly."Oh, whatever...whatever...what a fool I've been," Gwyn said as she moved
to the bottom of the stairs and stared up at her son. "Andy, huh? I found
him and gave him to you. You haven't figured that out yet, have you? And
this is how you thank me,""Bullshit, Gwyn!" Billy finally raised his voice. "He was for you...that
is, until you let Arnie back in. I just lucked out that he was a decent
guy who cared about me." Billy's fists were clenched at his sides. "Thank
you? I owe you nothing!""That's no way to speak to your mother!""Then, goddamn it, be my mother!""I don't know what you're talking about!""Unfortunately, I know that's true," Billy replied. He dropped down and
sat on the stairs, his eyes now level with Gwyn's. "So here's what you're
going to have to do.""No one tells me what to do!" Gwyn flashed back. "Especially you!""Just listen to what I have to say," Billy shot back. Then more softly:
"Then you decide.""I don't have time for your games!" With that Gwyn turned on her heel and
started toward the formal sitting room."I gave the video to a reporter," Billy called out after her.Gwyn stopped dead in her tracks. She didn't turn around."What video?" Fear entered nymphet pageants nude
her voice." know...the first time.""How did you...?" Gwyn slowly turned around to face Billy again."Arnie was careless...what can I say?""You wouldn't dare use it!" Gwyn snapped."It's all up to you," Billy replied. He looked at his mother and waited.
She finally nodded. "OK...remember you telling me about Mr. Takeuchi's
son, the one who works for the Mercury-News. Well, I met with him on
Friday. Tom...his name is Tom...he even remembered me...told me his father
really loved me. Anyway...I asked for his help. And...I told him
everything.""God, Billy, 12 yr old nymphettes a fuckin' reporter!" Gwyn shouted. "Are you out of your
mind?"Billy ignored her outburst."The video is in a safety deposit box. Only Tom and I can get to it. It
stays in that box as long as you do what I tell you."Billy stopped and again silently looked at Gwyn. In those few
moments...defenseless in the face of his threat...struck by a strength in
him way beyond his years...the enormity of what she'd forbidden virgin nymphet done to her son
suddenly and finally broke through to her. And it hit her that she'd live
the rest of her life trying to make it up to him. It was probably the
clearest moment of truth she'd ever experienced. She could do nothing now
but nod for him to continue."There are three checks on the table under the mirror," Billy said, amazed
and uneasy at how subdued his mother had nymphets non nude
become. "Please sign them."Gwyn stepped over to the table. The check on top was made out for
$100,000. She almost turned to confront Billy but models no nude nymphets caught herself just in
time."That top one's a donation to a child abuse program in San Francisco," Andy
said as Gwyn picked up the checks to examine them. The second one was nymphets erotics for
$100,000, too. "Then there's one for an agency in Mountain View that helps
battered women. Tom says they both do really good stuff. The third pays
Andy in full for his tutoring."Gwyn picked up the pen on the table and signed all three. Billy fought to
keep his surprise from showing as she came back to the bottom of the stairs
and handed him the checks."You understand why?" Billy asked as he folded the checks and put them in
his back pants pocket."Yes," she answered. "Is there more?"Billy nodded. "For the next year," he said, "you will volunteer at least
20 hours a week at one or both of them.""Too ask too much," she retorted. "I won't do it.""You will," Billy replied firmly, suddenly very thankful for the coaching
Tom had given him because they'd practiced this. "And hopefully you'll
decide to continue doing it after the year is up."Gwyn suddenly found herself admiring Billy's holding his own against her.
She nodded."Two more. You'll sign the papers changing my name to O'Brien.""He fuckin' deserted you, the bastard. You can't want his name. Don't
you...don't you understand Matson will open so many more doors for you.""He deserted you, not me...and I'll open my own doors.""What the've made up you mind anyway. Get on with it...what's
the last one?""Andy. You will destroy all the videos of him and me...and you will clear
his name of Arnie's lies.""But I'd don't know where all the videos are," Gwyn replied."Then you will find them," Billy said firmly. "Listen carefully. If a
single one of those tapes surfaces or if Andy is even taken in for
questioning, Tom will not hesitate to take what he knows to the police.""You're not being fair!" Gwyn cried. "I'll do everything else. Don't hold
me to this.""Life isn't fair," he responded. "You taught me that, Mom."Billy didn't realize what he'd just said. It just slipped out. And he was
actually more surprised than his mother." me...Mom," Gwyn said.There was a minute or so of silence. The two of them just stared at each
other, both fighting long-repressed feelings of affection and love, trying
to bridge the terrible fear, anger, and guilt that separated them."Please give me reasons to say it from best nymphet models now on," Billy finally said, "and do
all that I've asked."With that he stood up and walked down the last few stairs and past her.
Gwyn wanted to reach out to him but couldn't bring herself to do it. She
turned and watched him pull his bulging pack onto his back. He then picked
up a small suitcase and his skateboard."Where...are you going?""I can't tell you," Billy answered. "But you won't see me again until he
can naked asian nymphets
safely return.""Please, Billy. Don't go.""Goodbye, Mom. Please...don't let me down."Billy started to head toward the back nymphets fuckpics of the house. He suddenly stopped
and turned."You may not have figured this out yet, but you've got another pretty big
problem.""What do you mean?""Tom thinks the police will be here tomorrow with a warrant to search the
house for evidence about Arnie's business. His boys were here, weren't
they? There are videos, aren't they?'re in them, aren't you?"Then he turned and left his mother standing there, alone and shaken in the
massive front entry of her mansion. Gwyn heard the backdoor close. She
slowly sat down on the bottom step of the stairway and buried her face in
her hands. Her shoulders silently shook.It wasn't until he was lying on the mattress in his hideout that he started
to cry, overwhelmed all at once by the enormity of what he'd just done in
confronting his mother. After a few minutes emotional exhaustion finally
took hold, and he dropped off to sleep. It wasn't until Andy and Ray threw
open the door, awaking him with a start, that he heard the sound of fire
engine sirens.Billy bolted out of the shack. With great difficulty Andy and Ray
restrained him from racing through the trees and brush to the burning
mansion. He was screaming, "Mom...Mom...!""She's OK, Billy. She's OK," Andy yelled into Billy's contorted,
horror-stricken face. "We saw her...just now...the press is interviewing
her out front."Still frantic Billy stared blankly into Andy's eyes. Andy nodded. "Trust
me."Billy collapsed into Andy's arms, his body shaking with emotion. Ray
stepped up to nymphets 14
the two of them and wrapped his arms around them both. For
several long minutes the three of them stood like that, each trying to
absorb the careening events that were carrying them to some unknown
destination.Finally Ray whispered, "Come on, we don't have much time. Gotta get you
two out of here."* * * * * *"Top story this hour on KTBR All News Radio: Hours after the arrest of
Gordo Rojas at the Hillsborough mansion of Gwyn Matson, the mansion is in
flames. Moments after telling reporters that the fire was an accident,
Matson was taken into custody by police. Police refused to comment on
reasons for the arrest. There are also unconfirmed reports that Matson's
son William is missing."* * * * * *Yes, Billy was missing. And by the next day the police realized that I was
gone, too. By late afternoon on Tuesday, the newspaper headlines screamed
the question: "Matson Son Kidnapping?" We devoured the article with
Quarter-Pounders and fries at a McDonald's. Billy laughed at my high
school yearbook picture that accompanied the story. I just about freaked,
though, when I read the part about a four-state manhunt trying to find us.
Feeling russian nymphets com
dumb as shit, I quickly got us out of the restaurant, praying that
no one had spotted us. Fortunately that was the only thing even resembling
a close call. Otherwise the two days that brought us to this abandoned
house were a blur of fear, fatigue, and adrenaline-rushes every time we saw
a police car or Highway Patrol cruiser.The house was in the middle of nowhere on the California side of the
Colorado River just west of Yuma, Arizona. Ray's cousin Maria was waiting
at the house when we arrived. She explained that the house was along the
trail used by Mexican illegals moving back and forth across the border.
Many years earlier, it had been a rest stop run by a priest who gave food,
water, medical cute nymphs nude assistance and encouragement to the illegals. Due to
increasing INS crackdowns the location was no longer safe, so the house had
been abandoned. She also let us know that Billy's mother had been released
on bail and was insisting that the kidnapping story was 'pure fabrication
by an overwrought press'. But that wasn't stopping the police from
tracking down the fugitives. Maria explained that what they really wanted
was me in custody to answer to Gordo Rojas' accusations. She got us
settled and model nymphet pic
told us her father would meet us before dawn.* * * * * *Billy didn't stir as I climbed up off the mattress. I found my briefs and
pulled them on...slipped my naked feet into my black Doc Martens...then
carefully stepped over and around our clothes and bags to nymphets underground fuck
the closed door.
It squeaked loudly as I opened it. I glanced over my shoulder at Billy.
He hadn't stirred. I left the door open and stepped into the narrow
hallway. There was no working toilet, so I stepped out the back door and
was taking a piss against the house when I heard a distant vehicle
approaching. I rushed back into the house and woke Billy. We nymphet topkds quickly
dressed...the rest had done him good, forcing me to playfully fight off a
few frisky gropes. Then as if we'd choreographed it, we drew together and
embraced tightly."You scared?" Billy asked."Yeah, a little.""Me, too."We kissed...long and deeply. And as we did, a fear grabbed a hold of me
that this might the last time I'd kiss Billy. That fear steadily increased
as I became convinced I was hearing two vehicles approaching the house.
'Police,' I thought in a panic and pulled away from Billy and rushed to the
window. A green Chevy Blazer and a beat-up blue 70's Ford truck were
pulling around to the back of the house.We were out the back door before Ray's uncle even climbed out of the
Blazer. He told us we needed to move quickly because he'd heard on the
radio that the police were concentrating the search for us in the general
vicinity. We were quickly introduced to Juan and Jorge. Billy pulled an
envelope out of his backpack and handed it to Juan. In amazement I watched
Juan count out $12,000. Ray's uncle assured us that we could trust the two
Mexicans implicitly and that they'd get us to our destination. Then Ray's
uncle was driving off and we were piling into the back of the pickup truck.* * * * * *Four days later we arrived in the Mexican village of Ajijic. It sits on
the north side of Lake Chapala near Guadalajara. Juan had explained that
many American retirees had settled in Ajijic, including Ray's grandfather,
who'd died earlier in the year, leaving his retirement home to Ray as an
inheritance. That house was about to become Billy's and my refuge.It was late afternoon as we drove very young pedo nymphets along narrow cobblestone streets and
tightly nestled homes. We stopped a short distance into the hills at the
house of a retired schoolteacher from Boston, who had been a good friend of
Ray's grandfather and was acting as caretaker for Ray. After Juan and
Jorge departed, Betsy telephoned Ray's uncle to let him know we'd arrived
safely. Then she walked us the short distance to Ray's house."Ray's already told me what happened," Betsy explained as we walked. "You
boys are safe now...I'll see to that. Ray and I...we've already worked out
a cover story for the neighbors. But more of that tomorrow. Right now,
you two need to need to catch up with yourselves."As she showed us around the house, she made a point of telling us about her
lesbian daughter and how proud she was of her. Then she was suddenly
gone...and we were alone. For model nymphet 10yo underage the first time in a week...yes, we finally
did feel safe. At first it was strange...being there alone together. It
was as if the world had stopped...all our past connections and
responsibilities suddenly suspended. I had expected us to fall into mad,
passionate lovemaking the minute we were fact, I'd carried an
almost perpetual hard-on the whole day anticipating this moment. But now
that the moment was here, it felt strangely awkward. It became clear to me
that Billy felt something, too. So, after a long embrace and Billy telling
me how awful I smelled, which I quickly reciprocated with a laugh and a
grab at his sides, we drifted apart...him to the bathroom to start a bath,
me to the deck that looked out over the village and the lake.As I stood there, the extent of Billy's love washed over and through me for
about the millionth time that week. Yesterday I'd finally asked him why he
loved me. He told me because I'd hit him that first day. 'You gotta be
kidding,' I'd responded. He answered me very simply: 'I knew tiny kds nymphets
you cared
about me.' I knew then and there that I had a lot to learn from Billy
about love. In fact, I decided that he'd been patiently tutoring me all
along.I wandered back into the house and found Billy, eyes closed, stretched out
in bathtub of hot water. His soft, uncut sex was underwater, buoyantly
pointing toward his bellybutton. He'd lost weight...even looked a bit
gaunt, nymphet childs his face thinner, his ribs showing more than they used to. His face
was relaxed and at peace, almost angelic. But he looked older boy nymphets tgp now, and I
realized while that was to be expected, it was also kind of sad.I thought maybe he'd fallen asleep, but then he opened one eye."Like what you see?" he asked with a sudden grin that filled his face."Sure do," I answered as I sat on the edge of the tub and started stroking
his wet, curly hair. He closed the eye again and moaned appreciatively as
I rubbed around his ears with my fingertips."I still can't believe what you pulled off," I said as I massaged his
forehead."Had a lot of help," he answered. "Couldn't have done it alone.""But're the one who made it happen," I said. nymphets europe's
"Didn't even let me
in on it either.""Didn't want you to fuck it up," he shot back with a laugh."Probably would've, too," I acknowledged.I dropped to my knees beside the tub, continuing my fingertip
exploring/massaging down his face and to his neck."God, you're beautiful, Billy," I whispered as I looked down his body.His dick was lengthening, the head now mostly free of his foreskin. Mine
was straining uncomfortably against my clothes. I stood up. As Billy
watched intently, stroking his erection, I slowly stripped my shirt, pants
and briefs. Then, as I climbed into the bathtub, he scooted up giving me
room. I knelt between his legs and leaned over him, bracing myself with my
hands on either side of the tub. Our lips touched...our tongues explored
each other's mouths. ls nymphet teenies As we kissed, Billy gently fondled my balls with both
hands.When we finally broke our kiss, Billy got me to turn around and sit between
his legs. Using the hand-held showerhead, he sprayed my head, back and
chest with warm water. He started by shampooing my hair, giving my scalp a
long, deep massage. Then he soaped up my back and followed that by
reaching around me to wash my chest and stomach, before giving my cock and
balls a thorough and wonderful going over. After spraying off all the
soap, he got me to rise up on my knees again and proceeded to wash my feet,
calves and thighs. Finally he started in on my ass. As he soaped my
cheeks, he squeezed and massaged them, digging deep into the hard muscle
with his fingers."Oh, God, that feels great," I moaned loudly.Then Billy's fingers moved where they'd never ventured before, deep down my
crack toward my hole. It was unexpected and electric. I jumped slightly."Is it OK?""Oh, yes, Billy, oh, yes," I replied.His soapy finger young nymphet image found my anus and after rubbing around the opening for a
minute or so, he started to probe. I relaxed my sphincter as much as I
could, letting his finger enter me. I groaned at the momentary pain of his
penetration."Don't stop...don't stop," I urged before he had a chance to ask.For several minutes Billy explored my asshole, inserting two, then three
fingers, reaching into me as deep as he could. I finally directed him to
my prostate, telling him just how to rub it. I was absolutely in heaven."You know what's next, don't you?" Billy asked."Uh, huh.""That's OK?" he asked."Yeah...oh, yeah...I want you in me."We both stood and quickly used the showerhead to rinse off. Dripping wet
we went right for the bed, throwing back the covers, and collapsing into
each other's arms on the cool sheets. The slow, relaxed pace of our
lovemaking in the bathtub turned urgent now. Our kissing was hard and
intense, our bodies almost wrestling as they strained against each other.
Then I was on my back, lifting my legs into the air, giving Billy my body.
From somewhere he got some lotion. I watched and felt him smooth it
between my crack, then more of it into fashion nymphets japan my hole. His fingers reached deep
inside me. I was on fire, wanting him inside me. I watched him spread
lotion all over his six and a half inches, fascinated by the movement of
his forehead over the crown. Then he positioned himself at my hole."Ya know," he said. "I've never done this before.""Just slow and easy at first."Billy leaned into me. I felt his cockhead push at my opening. I tensed at
first, remembering how painful Arnie's cock had been when it first plunged
in. I tried to relax. My sphincter gave just a little, and Billy was fast and deep."OH!" I cried out in surprise and pain."Sorry...sorry," Billy said as he instinctively started pulling out.I grabbed his ass and held him deep inside me."It's OK," I said with a bit of a laugh. "Surprised me, that's all. Just
take it slow until I get used to it.""Feels good?""Oh, yeah, feels great."Billy started to fuck me. Slow, easy, and deep. He kept watching me for
any sign of how I was doing. I smiled. He grinned ear to ear pleased with
himself. God, I loved the kid. I reached between my legs. My fingertips
felt around my stretched anus and touched his thick shaft and low-slung
testicles. I suddenly pulled him down on top of me. As we kissed, I
placed my heels into his asscheeks. He continued to ease himself in and
out of me. After almost a minute I broke our kiss."Oh, Billy...Billy...Billy..." I muttered."That good, nymphets posing nude huh?""Yeah.""Love me, don't ya?""Oh, yeah, Billy. I love much.""Me, too."He smiled with so much happiness, I felt myself getting all emotional.
Tears stung my eyes. At that moment, though, Billy rose back up, holding
himself up by his outstretched arms. He looked down at me expectantly. I
nodded. His fucking started now in earnest. I watched him get totally
lost in the sensations of having my ass wrapped around his thrusting sex.
I grabbed my hard cock and started jerking off, focusing on the twin sexual
sensations taking hold of my body. Sweat started dripping off his body.
His still-open eyes lost focus, his mouth opened. My ass was getting a
real battering now as the speed of his thrusts quickened. It hurt like
hell, and I was groaning loudly. But it was Billy's cock moving inside me,
filling me...that made all the difference...and I loved it...knew I always
would."Oh, Andy...Andy...I'm cumming!" Billy suddenly cried out.One final plunge deep into my gut, his body wracked in the throes of his
orgasm, his head tossed back, he emptied himself into me. I felt his
burning heat filling me. At that moment I took my own needs in hand. The
pace over my sex quickened. I looked up. Billy was staring down at me
now. My eyes focused on his."Oh, God..." I cried and erupted, sending bolt after bolt of hot cum all
over my now sweat-drenched chest and stomach.As my last spasm eased, Billy pulled himself out of me and then collapsed
on top of me. I wrapped my arms and legs around him."That...was...great!" he said, trying to catch his breath.
"I...never...knew...""Better...than...great," I added as I too fought to recover.We feel asleep that way. It was Billy O'Brien's 17th birthday.EpilogueIt's been three months now since Billy and I arrived at Ajijic. Billy's
been spending about four hours a day over at Betsy's. She took immediate
responsibility for keeping him up on his studies. Hopefully, when we
return to the Bay Area in August, he'll be able to rejoin and graduate with
his class. At the same time, I've been prepping him for his SATs. He's
bound and determined to get into Stanford. While it seems unlikely he'd
qualify for acceptance, I don't put anything past him.When we return we'll be living together...that's all worked out with Gwyn.
Benson has talked with his landlord and is pretty sure nymphet link forum we'll be able to get
an apartment in his building.Speaking of Billy's mom, she nymphet portal
did take care of everything with the
police...convinced them that Arnie's accusations were based jealousy over
an affair she and I were having. That and the fact that none of Arnie's
four studs for hire had ever heard of me was enough to convince the police
to drop all interest in me. The 'accidental' fire took care of the videos,
except for one of Billy and me that Arnie had given to Arthur Blankenship.
Gwyn had little trouble convincing him to part with it. She told Billy
she'd keep it in a safe place for a while in case we changed our minds and
wanted it.A couple of times a week she and Billy talk on the phone. She's a changed
person. Billy's convinced it's because of the volunteer work she's doing.
I insist it has more to do with his courage in standing up to her. We've
decided it's some of both.Arnie is Gordo Rojas again. They frown a lot on jumping parole in Texas,
so he's back serving out his full sentence. And he's got to deal with
charges in California before he'll see freedom again.THE ENDAuthor's Note: I want to thank Cage Crawford for kindly allowing me to
include his characters Benson and Jasper in 'Tutoring Billy'. Want to find
out how Benson and Jasper meet? Check out Cage's story 'Benson and the
Hedges' at .
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