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From: decal
Subject: Tutoring Billy 1Tutoring Billy
by decal ( IIt was my 3rd year at Stanford, and I was short of cash real bad. I heard
from one of my fraternity brothers about this woman who wanted to hire a
tutor nymphets girls model forum for her 16-year-old son. The boy was about to flunk out of high
school, and she was willing to pay a lot to see that he didn't.Her name was Gwen Matson, a socialite of some prominence and considerable
inherited wealth. She interviewed me at her Hillsborough estate. Estate
is the right word. The property was huge. Almost total privacy was
assured by a thick stand of very nymphet bikini
old trees that surrounded it. As I drove
up the long drive up to the house, I was surrounded by a broad expanse of
carefully manicured lawn, colorful gardens, and beautifully shaped shrubs.
The house was a massive 2-story affair. It looked like an Italian villa.
As I parked in front, my beat-up VW Golf looked very much out-of-place.
Gwen Matson answered the door herself...I guess I expected japanesse nymphets a butler or
something. She took me to a formal sitting room on the first floor that
overlooked the front grounds. Gwen Matson was probably the most beautiful
woman I'd ever seen. Dressed immaculately to accentuate every curve of her
lean, gym-toned body, perfectly applied makeup, every blond hair in place,
she exuded an unattainable, look-but-don't-touch quality. But there was
also something else, something raw and intensely sexual. Safe to say, she
turned me on big time. Sitting on a green leather couch facing each other,
her eyes looked me over with a subtle intensity that both excited me and
left me feeling off balance. My hormones were really racing, so it was
hard to stay focused on what she was telling me. But something told me she
knew the effect she was having on me...and that she was pleased. After
some get-acquainted small talk, she told me about Billy. She explained
that it wouldn't do to have her nymphet ls portal son fail, especially after the boy's
bastard of a father ran out on them and everyone predicted that she
couldn't handle raising a kid nymphets studios portal on her own. That was 10 years ago. She
admitted that she wasn't a good parent but did her best given that she was
so busy with her social activities and community projects. 'And the string
of men in her life,' I added to myself...even I had heard the gossip and
rumors. Then, abruptly, without asking me any questions, she told me what a
good-looking guy I was and that I was hired. The deal was three months,
four evenings a week, 6-10 pm, at $70 an hour with a $2,000 bonus if Billy
didn't flunk out. Now that kind of money I couldn't pass up. She told me
she would try to be home when I arrived each evening nubilenymphet so I could keep her
posted on Billy's progress.Finished with our business, we were just getting up from the couch when
Gwyn pointed out the window. "There he is now," she said. Then with a
strong hint of disgust she added, "I wish he'd let me send a car to get him
instead of using that awful thing."I turned and saw Billy skateboarding up the driveway, dressed like he'd
just stepped out of an Abercrombie & Fitch catalog: loose-fitting khakis,
open plaid shirt (sleeves rolled up) over a dark red polo, black Doc
Martens...the full preppy look. His turned-back cap topped a round face
with a bit of the Irish in it. About 5'8", his body looked thick, but he
moved with the grace and agility of an athlete. A hunky, good-looking kid,
I thought. Seemingly lost in thought as he approached the house, his face
seemed open and friendly. I decided I liked him. Then he opened the front
door and found his mother nymphets in shower and me standing there. His transformation
shocked me. His whole body tensed up and his face hardened. But it was
his eyes, fixed and glaring at Gwyn, that grabbed my attention. I glanced
sideways at Gwyn. I was incredulous...she had this broad smile on her
face."Billy dear," she cooed, "I want you to meet your new tutor, Andy Gordon."Billy didn't look at me."You never told me...""Now, Billy," Gwyn interrupted, sweeping over to him. "You surely remember
our talking about this last nymphet naked 14
week, so please, let's not have a scene."Gwyn moved up beside her son and started to hug him around the shoulders.
Billy visibly cringed and rushed for the broad stairway that gracefully
climbed to the second floor."Billy!" Gwyn said loudly and firmly. I suspected that he heard this tone
of voice from her a lot.Billy turned suddenly and faced me. We looked at each other for a child nymphet galleries
moments. His gaze was strong, too strong, I thought, from a kid his age.
His face relaxed a bit, even looked somewhat friendly."What's your name again?" he asked."Andy.""Hi, Andy.""Hi, Billy.""Whatever she's paying you, it's not worth it," he said to me. He shrugged
then turned to his mother. "But not tonight, Gwyn. Got other plans." He
bounded up the stairs two at a time and swung right."Billy, you get back down here," Gwyn called out in that same commanding
tone but her words were drowned out by the slam of Billy's bedroom door.
"Yeah, sure, other plans..." she mumbled then turned to me. "Well, that
went well, didn't it?" she said cheerfully. "Now, you go nymphettes com thumbnails ahead and start
tonight. I've got an appointment I'm litle nymphets blacks
already late nymphet model video for. I'll be late so
don't wait for me. Billy's used to being on his own. Oh, and help
yourself to anything in the kitchen. lil nymphet pussy real Bye."Suddenly she was out the front door and gone. I stood there dumbfounded by
the scene I'd just witnessed between her and her son. I was also seething
inside over her last minute 'babysitter' instructions. I was just about to
exit this whole fuckin' situation when I remembered the money I could now
start earning. 'Hey,' I said out loud to myself, 'I guess I can put up
with anything for 3 months.'I waited for about 15 minutes before climbing the stairs to Billy's room.
I knocked."Hey, it's me, Andy."Silence. I knocked again. A few moments later the door opened a crack."Got plans. Not tonight."Billy shut the door quietly. I decided not to push it and went downstairs.
I was about to leave when I remembered Gwyn's offer to raid the kitchen.
About a half-hour later I was settled into some warmed-up, leftover
lasagna, salad and wine. Billy was suddenly standing there in the kitchen
doorway, wearing nothing but his cap and black CK boxer briefs."Still here, huh?" elite nymphets nude he said as he crossed over to the refrigerator."Yeah," I answered.As he leaned into the fridge, I was taken back by what a good-looking kid
he was. Smooth, solid chest, trim at the waist. And he looked great in
those CKs, especially the way they hugged his ass. He turned with a Corona
in his hand. I forced myself not to look at his crotch. I almost blurted
out something about the beer and his being underage but bit my tongue just
in time."You and her mom...pretty intense," I ventured. I tried to look sensitive
and understanding.I watched his face darken. "You don't know the half of it," he responded
cautiously, then paused looking at me like he was trying to figure me out.
He shrugged. "Hell, just typical teenage rebellion shit."He unscrewed the cap off the beer bottle."Sure you don't want to try studying a little?" I asked."Don't push it, teach," he answered firmly and then he was gone. So much
for my first day tutoring Billy.The next evening I started in earnest. The first hurdle I had to get over
was getting Billy to even crack a book. As I tried to be my friendly,
persuasive best, he alternated between belligerence and moodiness. I heard
"You can't MAKE me do anything!" a lot. This he'd say while glaring up at
me from his bed while he looked through a stack of dog-eared Playboys and
Hustlers. After much cajoling, I finally figured out that few had
successfully said no to this kid...and I would have to find a way to lay
down the law with him if I was going to keep this job. So, what did I do?
Well, it came out of frustration really...and a bit of anger. First, I
tore russian nude nymphet
the magazine out of his hands."What the fuck you do that for!" he yelled, quickly covering crotch. Too
late. I'd already spotted the hard-on tenting his gray sweats."Somebody's got to teach you some manners!" I yelled right back and dragged
him off the bed by his leg.I wrestled him to the floor. He put up quite a fight, screaming at me at
the top of his lungs. I am bigger than him and stronger. Sitting on top
of his stomach, holding his arms outstretched, I held him down, not all
that sure what I was going to do next. But I figured I'd think of
something."Ready to study yet?" I asked softly, keeping my voice as pleasant as I
could under the circumstances."Fuck you!" he answered back."Sorry, only with my girlfriend," I said with a grin. The look on his face
told me he didn't appreciate my humor. "Hey, Billy...settle down, OK? Why
are you making this so hard?"He responded by pushing his body up from the floor to try and throw me off.
All he ended up doing was shifting me down a bit so that my butt ended up
resting on his crotch. I felt his hard-on press against me. It felt
bigger than it had looked. Still trying to buck me off, he tried thrusting
his hips up several more times. But he couldn't make me budge. He went
through a long string of obscenities, all the way from asshole to
motherfucker. The kid had quite a vocabulary.Suddenly he screamed, "You fuckin' fag!"That came right out of left field. Surprised the hell illegal nymphet pussy
out of me, and it
clearly showed on my face. He lifted his ass up against my butt."Yeah...that's it! Gotcha. A fag!""You're going too far!" I yelled down into his face."I turn you on, FAGGOT? You want some ass? Let me up. You can have some.
OK?"He gave me a sensuous smile and licked his lips with his tongue. Without
thinking, I let go of one of his hands and slapped him hard across the
face. He looked up at me, redness showing on his cheek. His eyes were
wild with surprise and shock. Tears were starting to form."Now, you get up, and do what I say," I yelled. "We've got three months
together whether you like it or not. I've got a job to do, and I am going
to do it!" I lifted my hand as if to strike him again. "Get it, brat?!"Billy nodded his head vigorously below me. I got up off him and knelt at
his side. I was in shock myself. What had I done? I'd never hit anyone
in anger before...and Billy? He was just a mixed-up kid. Shit, I was
supposed to help him, not hurt him.Finally, Billy couldn't fight them any more, and the tears started. He put
his fists into his eyes to make them stop. I glanced down his body. His
'No Fear' T-shirt was pulled up revealing his smooth, hairless teen nude nymphets
stomach. He
didn't have an ounce of fat on him. In our struggle his gray sweatpants
got pushed down, revealing a good three inches of white briefs and the
good-sized bulge of his erection laying just below the Calvin Klein
waistband. There was a wet spot of precum."Don't hit me again," he said, dragging my attention back up to his face.
Then thailand nymphets he started to sob. "I didn't mean to call you a fag," he sputtered
out. " just got me mad."He turned over onto his side away from me. His tears were silent...his
shoulders shook."I'm...I'm sorry I hit you," I said. " got me mad, too."I then got up and sat on the edge of his bed and let him get control over
himself. Billy's cap had come off, and I saw his short, curly
brownish-blond hair for the first time. His butt, now facing me, was wide
but muscular. I glanced around the room and spotted a number of soccer
posters and figured that he must play. A few minutes passed before he
pulled his sweatpants back up. Then he rolled once again onto his back.
He looked over at me. I was amazed to see that he still showed a tent
between his legs."You OK?" I asked.He smiled somewhat sheepishly and nodded."Let's study then.""First," he said, "let me take a piss."He got up off the floor and quickly headed for the bathroom that was just
off his bedroom. He didn't close the door. I sat there and listened to
his piss splashing into the john. Then it was quiet...very quiet. Then
came the unmistakable sound of hand pulling on cock. 'Jeez,' I thought,
'he's jerking off.' Then he began to moan...he cried out...then he was
silent. 'God, this nymphet sexy kid is something else,' I thought. A minute or so
later he emerged from the bathroom."Feel better?" I asked."Yeah, much better," Billy answered. "You need to go?" he added with a
toss of his head toward the bathroom."No, I'm fine," I answered, wondering if he expected me to go in there and
jerk off, too.It took Billy a good 15 minutes to even find his homework, but we finally
settled down in two chairs in front of his desk. After about a half-hour
of math, he leaned back and stretched."You said you got a girlfriend," he said."Actually I'm between them at the moment," I answered."Bet you got some good stories," he said."About what?""Girls, dummy. You know...doing it with 'em."I really wasn't sure where this was going."I guess I...I got a few," I answered cautiously."Make you a deal!" Billy said loudly. "I do what you say, and you tell me
your stories.""Hey, brat, you're going to do what I say no matter what," I replied."OK...OK...but won't you tell me stories?"I figured that those Playboys and Hustlers were just the horny tip of
Billy's iceberg. I wondered if this was merely adolescent hormones
raging...or was it more? I was getting paid to tutor him, not tell him
dirty stories. But I had to admit that his wanting stories had me
strangely excited...excited as in a swelling dick. Hell, I could give him
a few good ones, not to mention the many "might-have-beens" of my past."Please, Andy?""I'll think about it.""OK," he said.I think Billy knew right then he'd hooked me. But at the time I was real
uneasy about it. Even mentioned it to my best frat buddy Ray. He thought
it was pretty weird and brought up the 'corrupting minors' stuff illegal nymphet I'd
already thought about. Ray advised me to be careful, then nymphet non nude model let me know I
could practice the stories on him anytime I wanted. I answered with
something pointed about his parentage and chased him out of my room. I
finally decided while risky, it was probably harmless, and that I'd do it
if it meant I could get that $2,000 bonus. I didn't tell my first story
until a week later. I was ready with one way before then, but I was still
a little nervous about the whole idea, and anyway, he pestered me too much
for it. The night before I finally gave in, he surprised me with his own."Gwen used to go out with a faggot," he said in answer to my question about
the chemical composition of water.Well, that stopped chemistry dead."She don't see him anymore, though. His name was Arnie. He used to sneak
into my bedroom late at night. He'd wake me up and ask me stuff about my
friends and school and stuff. We'd talk for a while and then he'd leave.
One night while we were talking, he took my hand and put it on his leg. I
remember it was real hairy. The next night he put my hand on his leg
again, only this time he put it real close to his underpants. He asked me
if I ever touched a man's penis before. I said no. naked nymphets forums He told me I could
touch his if I wanted to. Then he moved my hand and put it on his
underpants right where his dick was. It was big and real hard. That's the
way Gwen likes 'em...real big...she don't go with a guy unless he shows a
lot. Anyway, he told me to rub it, so I did. And while I rubbed him, he
put his hand young ukrainian nymphets
under the covers and rubbed me through my underpants, too. We
both came. The next night he asked me if I liked what we did. I said I
didn't know. He said at least I didn't say no. Then he stood up and took
off his underpants and climbed into bed with me. He pulled down my
underpants. We were playing with each other's dicks when my mother
surprised us. She chased him out of the house, screaming 'faggot' at him
over and over again. I still have his underpants. You want to see 'em."Without waiting for me to reply, he pulled open the bottom desk drawer. He
reached way back and pulled out a pair of soiled, white Jockeys."They smell like her," Billy said matter-of-factly as he laid the briefs on
the desk. "He must've fucked her before coming in to see me."The odor of sex reached up to my nose. It had been awhile since I'd had
sex, and my cock responded by growing a bit in my tight-fitting pants. I
couldn't believe that Billy talked about his mother like he did and almost
said something, but held back."You can smell 'em, if you want.""Huh?""You know..." he said as he brought he garment up to his face and breathed
in deeply. "Here."He held them up for me to take. I glanced down to his lap and saw what I
expected...the signs of an erection in his pants."I...well...why don't we get back to our chemistry. OK?""Sure, Andy," he said as he put the briefs back in the desk drawer and
closed it. "You know where they are if you ever...""The chemical composition of water," I said firmly, interrupting him.Our next evening together, after making sure all of his homework was done,
I told him my promised story: my first time with a girl. He insisted that
we sit on his bed. He leaned against the headboard with his knees up and a
pillow over his crotch."I was a high school junior, just about your age," I began, "and had been
going with Kathy for over a year. About six weeks earlier we began doing
our homework together at her house. Both of her parents worked, so we were
alone. It didn't take much for us to shift from goofing wrestling around on the couch and kissing. Then we got
more and more serious."I stopped, feeling really anxious about what I was doing."Why'd you stop?" Billy asked."I don't know...this is kind of weird-like.""You promised!" Billy's voice was almost a whine."Just between us two...right?" I asked."Quit worrying, teach. Right...just me and you. Now, c'mon.""OK...OK. Like I was saying, we got more serious. Each time we went just
a little farther. First groping each other through our clothes. You know,
slipping hands under each other's shirts and down the back of each other's
pants. Then it was off with the shirts. It took several days of trying
before she let me take off her bra. It was about that time that I started
shooting off in my pants rubbing my crotch against her. That both excited
and scared her, and she resisted going any further for several weeks. I
tried many times unsuccessfully to get her to touch my dick through my
jeans. Finally one afternoon I stopped our making out and just lay back.
When she asked what was wrong, I told her she had to help me out, that she
had to rub me off through my pants. She started in with a 'well, I don't
know, Andy' line but I saw that she was interested. So, I started to rub
myself. Then she made some comment about how big it was. But she still
didn't reach out to touch it. I undid the waist button. 'What are you
doing?' she asked. I didn't answer just unzipped my fly and started to rub
my cock through my Jockeys. She thought I'd already cum because of the
large spot of pre-cum, and I told her what it was. 'Come on, please,' I
kept saying to her. Finally she reached and started to rub and stroke the
outline of my erection. I slowly eased my Levi's down a bit more so she
had more room to play with me. It didn't take long after that before I was
cumming big time and flooding my briefs in cum.""You really got her to do that?" Billy interrupted. Both of his hands were
under the pillow and their movement told me he was getting into the story.
I began to wish I had a pillow, too."Yeah, sure did. She really got into it after that, insisting that I take
my jeans all the way off. A few days later just as I was about to explode
the head of my dick slipped out from under the waistband, and she saw cum
shooting out of a cock for the first time. That really got her excited and
after that, just as I was crying out that I was cumming, she pulled the
front of my Jockeys down so she could watch my cum shooting out of my dick.
Finally I convinced her that she'd be so much more comfortable in just her
panties. I assured her that would be the farthest we'd go. After that I
always came in my briefs, rubbing up against her panties. She really liked
feeling my dick pushing and probing at her sex. Then she asked me to rub
her down there with my hand and fingers. That got her so hot that it
wasn't long before she was pulling the crotch of her panties aside so that
I could probe and finger her.""God, what'd it feel like?" Billy asked."Well, real soft and warm and slippery.""You liked doing it?""Sure did, nothing like it."Billy was awkwardly moving his hands like he was trying to open his pants."You know, it's just nymphets studios magazine
us guys here. If you want to get rid of the pillow,
you can.""You sure?" he asked."Sure, go ahead," I replied.Billy tossed the pillow onto the floor and stretched out his legs, lifted
his butt and pushed down his gray khakis to his nice naked nymphets knees. Only his black
boxer-briefs now covered his erection. Both of his hands cupped his hidden
genitals. I found myself marveling at how big his bulge was."You can, too," Billy said."No, I'm fine, bud," I answered, even though that's exactly what I wanted
to do. "OK, now, where was I?" I continued. "One day after finger fucking
her for a while, I climbed back on top of her and started humping her.
This time she didn't pull her panties back to cover her cunt. And this
time my dick worked its way out of my Jockeys. Well, we were both pretty
surprised when my pole found its way right into her. I thought she was
going to get pissed off and push me away. But she didn't. We just lay
there for a long time, me on top of her, my hard cock buried in her. I
finally couldn't help myself and began to slowly move in and out of her.
When she didn't protest, I began to fuck her in earnest. I remember her
hands grabbing my ass, her fingernails digging into me as she began to buck
under me. Well, that sent me over the edge real fast. So that's my story,
Billy.""Gotta go!" he said urgently.He jumped off the bed, kicked free of his pants and raced to the bathroom.
I heard a short stream of piss empty into the toilet. Then silence. I
began to rub my crotch through my tan Dockers. I listened intently for the
sounds of hand around cock. I was really aroused, both by the memories of
sex with Kathy but also by watching Billy get off on my story. Finally I
heard Billy stroking his dick in earnest. As he started to moan, I was
getting very close. His loud cry a few moments later sent my orgasm
rushing out of my dick to flood my briefs. I looked down in time to see my
juices making a large wet spot on my pants. When I looked up, Billy was
standing there in the bathroom doorway."Hot story, Andy," he said as he came over to the bed and retrieved his
pants. "You know, I've never done anything like that." As he pulled his
khakis back on, I noticed him glancing at my crotch. I spread my legs so
he could see the remains of my erection and ejaculation better. Even as I
did it, I couldn't believe that I did it."You've got plenty of time," I replied."Maybe not. This girl...her name's Angie...well, she's asked me to take
her to the Junior Prom.""Hey, that's great," I said."Not if you've never kissed a girl.""Don't worry. It'll be OK. Just you wait," I answered, feeling both
awkward at and concerned for his fears. I do remember what it was like.
"Now, let's say we raid the frig before I go."While he was dishing up some ice cream for us, he casually remarked,
"Gwen's going to try to get in your pants. You know that, don't you?"There he was...shocking me again."What...what do child nymphet penetration
you mean?" I answered."Hey, do I have to spell it out to you," Billy said with an impish grin.
"Your 'P-E-N-I-S''s big, real big."Get off it, Billy," I said firmly, trying to get myself back in control."I told you she likes 'em big," he continued as if he never heard me. "You
don't notice how she looks at you...looks at you down there?""She does no such thing!" I replied a bit too loudly. Truth is I had
noticed...noticed from that first interview. I kind of got off on it, you
know. Billy was right. I was nicely endowed...and damn proud of it. Wore
things that showed it off without being all gross about nymphets pussy chill
it. But it wasn't
his comments about his mom I was getting concerned about. Rather it was
Billy's attention to my dick. Maybe it was my imagination...but maybe not."Does to. I've caught her. Anyway, why do you think you got this job?" he
challenged.I tried laughing it off, saying that he shouldn't be talking about his
mother that way."You just wait," Billy said as he set the bowl of ice cream down in front
of me. "I got proof.""What do you mean proof?" I demanded, again louder than I intended."I thought you didn't believe me," he said, his grin much wider now. He
knew he had me hooked. Trouble is I knew it, too. "Ever wonder about my
last tutor?""Didn't know you had one.""Well, I did. His name was Luke. He had a big P-E-N-I-S, too...not as big
as yours though. A few weeks after he started tutoring me, Gwen started
spending time with him before he came up to be with me. He told me what a
nice mother I had. After that I spied on them. They'd sit on the couch in
the library and drink sherry...that's her favorite...and she'd get him to
talk about his classes and his swimming. He was on the swim team." Billy
paused and gave a long look at my lap. I was so focused on his story that
I hadn't realized that I was throwing a hard-on. From where he was
sitting, Billy had a clear view. I fought the reflex to cover
sense looking foolish. "But then you're probably not interested in all
this," he finally added."Look, brat, you started this story. star nymphet models Finish it," I barked free nymphet board back."OK...OK...don't go ballistic on me, teach." Billy stretched and spread
his legs. I now had a view of his crotch. He was hard, too. "Anyway,
Gwen sat real close to Luke. She played with his hair. Then his chest.
Then her hands got lower. I couldn't see but there was no question what
she was doing. He got nervous and told her that he needed to start
tutoring me. She told him to relax. I heard her working on his belt, then
his zipper." Billy was lightly stroking the outline of his cock through
his pants. The movement caught my eye, and I stared at his hand-action.
"She then moved onto the floor between his legs." I looked up quickly into
his face. "You can play with yourself, too. It makes the story better."
I shook my head. I refused to do it in front of him. Even so, my nymphet x bbs cock
uncontrollably flexed several times under the tight constraints of my
briefs and Dockers. A spot of fresh pre-cum began to show. "So...Gwen
rubbed him a lot through his underwear, telling him he had the biggest cock
she'd ever seen. She lied. Arnie's was much bigger. She finally coaxed
him out of his pants and sucked him off. Luke loved did she. It
became a regular thing after that. So, what do you think? Believe me
now?""What do I think?" I responded. "I think you've got an imagination
attached to your crotch. Good story, bud...but it's all shit. That's what
I think. Now, I gotta go." I stood up and started to rearrange the
erection in my pants."Suit yourself, teach," he said looking up at me as he continued to rub the
mound between his legs. "If you're real nice to me, someday I'll show you
the video.""Video?" This kid was one surprise after another."Told you I had proof, butt-head. She has a fuckin' camera hidden in her
bedroom. She doesn't know I know about it. I've made copies of some of
her tapes, including one of Luke fuckin' the shit out of her."At that moment, we heard his mother's car. Billy immediately grabbed his
crotch with both hands and after a few moments of vigorous rubbing, his
face went blank and his hips began to jerk. When he pulled his hands away,
the front of his khakis showed the signs of a massive orgasm. Then he
bolted from the kitchen and raced upstairs, leaving me to greet his mother
as she came in the back door. She and I spoke briefly. I couldn't help
but notice her gaze moving numerous times from my face to my pants. Of
course, I was still sporting the remains of that erection. And I didn't
dare look down to check out how obvious that wet spot might be. Anyway, as
she walked me to the front door, she stroked my shoulder and back. Chills
went through me...right to my balls.On my drive back to the frat house, I kept telling myself not to let
Billy's fevered imagination get me all worked up. I also began to think I
was making a big mistake encouraging Billy's horniness.The next day as Gwen let me in, she told me that Billy wasn't feeling well.
He'd come home early from school and gone right to bed."That's strange," I remarked. "He seemed fine last night.""Yeah, it is strange," she agreed. "He was fine this morning, too, until
he got this call from a girl at school. Anyway, you may want to take the
afternoon off. I'll pay you, of course. It's too bad I've got to leave
right away. It's a lovely day for a swim. Do you like to swim?""Yes, I do," I answered."Well, why don't you go ahead and use the pool before you leave?""That would be nice but I think I'll pass," I responded. "I don't have a
swimsuit.""Oh, you don't have to worry about that," Gwen said. "We never wear
swimsuits. The pool can't be seen from any of the neighbor's. I'll be
gone and Billy's asleep. You'll have total privacy. Go on, do it. I know
you want to.""Well...""No arguments, Andy," she ordered. "Now, I've got to dash."Suddenly she was gone, and I was left standing alone in the huge entryway
of the house. I thought a moment or two about taking Gwen up on her offer
of her pool. It was a hot day, and the water would feel great. When I got
out to the pool, I looked around, and sure enough, except for the upstairs
windows of the house, there was no way anyone could see the pool. I
quickly stripped off all my clothes and dived in. I swam several laps,
thoroughly enjoying the rush of cool water over my nakedness. Then I
practiced some springboard dives. It was while I was getting into position
to do a back dive that movement at one of the upstairs windows caught my
eye. My first thought was that Billy probably had binoculars focused on
me. A charge of feeling went right through my balls. I made quick work of
the dive. As I pulled myself out of the water, I was strangely excited at
the thought that Billy was watching me...and didn't know that I knew. I
fondled my genitals as I walked back to the springboard. My dick was
starting to harden. Instead of diving, I lay down on the board on my back.
As I stretched out, my cock grew to its full length and thickness. If
Billy truly had binoculars, I nymphets porno pics
was sure he was impressed. I started to
slowly masturbate.'Good God,' I thought to myself, 'what am I doing jerking off for a teenage
boy?' But such thoughts didn't keep me from stroking myself. I began to
think about his getting that phone call and then getting sick. 'That girl
who's asked him to the prom,' I thought. 'Must be.' I knew now that he
wasn't sick. Then I caught more movement from the window. 'He wants a
show,' I decided. 'I'll give him a show.' I began to pick up the pace of
my fist over my nine inches. The head was now slick with pre-cum and my
balls were churning big time. Suddenly this image filled my mind of Billy,
his hand down the front of his briefs, madly matching my strokes. That
image sent me right over the edge. Shot after shot of cum rocketed out of
my dick and all over my chest and stomach. Momentarily forgetting where I
was, I thrashed about too energetically and suddenly found myself tumbling
off the diving board and into the cooling water of the pool.I pulled myself out of the pool and sat on the edge for a few minutes,
thinking about what I had just done. This anxiety rose up in my gut as I
considered that I had not only jerked off in front of Billy but also I had
cum thinking about him. 'What the fuck is going on?' I said out teen nymphets model
loud, then
quickly looked around as if someone could hear. I knew I wasn't
least I thought I wasn't. But this kid was getting to me, and that had me
uneasy.I finally got up and pulled on my clothes. I was heading through the house
to leave when I suddenly decided that if Billy wasn't really sick, he sure
as nymphet model toplist hell better get working on his studies. 'Hey, I got that bonus to
earn,' I told myself as I took the stairs two at a time. I stopped at the
top and listened. I heard footsteps nymphet 14 yr behind his bedroom door. Then
silence. I went to his door and young nymphetes pics
opened it. All was quiet. I looked
toward Billy's bed. The covers hid him. Impulsively I walked right over
to the bed, grabbed the covers and pulled them down. Lying on his side
facing away from me, clad only in white boxer-briefs, Billy moaned as if
just waking up."Get your fuckin' ass out of bed," I yelled."Hey, I'm sick," he shouted back and grabbed for the covers. I kept them
from his grasp."Don't believe it, brat," I said, this time softer. "Now get up. You've
got studying to do.""No!" he cried out. "You can't make me! Now go away."I loudly kicked off my shoes. Billy turned his head and looked at me. I
started to open my pants."What are you doing?" he asked. I sensed uncertainty in his voice. I was
finally surprising him. About time."If you're going to sleep through your tutoring, then I might as well get
some shut-eye, too."I pulled off my pants and stripped off my shirt. I sat down on the edge of
the double bed and took off my socks."This is very weird, man, very weird," Billy said very slowly."Not any weirder than a guy letting a girl upset him so much," I answered.
"Now move your fuckin' ass over and give me room."In nothing now but my Jockeys I moved up beside nymphet model directory
him and lay down on my
back. He moved top nymphet xxx
away, still on his side facing away from me. Several
minutes of silence passed. I finally rose up and turned, leaning on my
elbow."That girl...she called you this morning...what's up?"Billy didn't move for the longest time. Then he turned onto his back and
looked up at me. I gave a quick check of his boxer-briefs. The soft mound
of his genitals was clearly surrounded by the remains of a recent orgasm.
Just as I thought."She got her daddy's car for the afternoon and wanted gorgeous nymphets
to take me out for a
drive," Billy whispered. "No one else...just me. I know she wants to make
out. This guy at school told me...well, Angie told his
girlfriend...well...Angie told her she wants me to screw her.""So you freaked out, huh?" I said gently."Hey, I told you," he shouted, "I never even kissed a girl before! She'll
make a fool out of me!""So what are you going to do?" I asked. "You can't stay sick forever."There was another long silence."I need lessons," Billy said firmly."Lessons? What? You going to get yourself a hooker?""Not a hooker, butt-hole," he said with a grin. "You're my tutor, you...""Oh, no you don't," I said, interrupting what was coming next."Andy, this is important," Billy begged. " help me and I promise
I'll study hard and not flunk out and you'll get your bonus.""You're going to study hard and not flunk out no matter what, brat," I
reminded him and poked him in the gut several times for emphasis. He
tensed his stomach muscles. Rock hard."Not if my life is ruined by Angie I won't," Billy said. I couldn't
believe how upset he sounded."Billy, I wasn't hired to teach you sex."Billy stared intently at me for toppless ukrainians nymphets a few moments." about just teaching me how to kiss? Just that...and I'll
somehow manage the rest."I looked at him in silence, struck again by what a good-looking kid he was."Please," he begged."If I tell you how to kiss, you'll...""Not 'tell', Andy," Billy interrupted. "Show me how. How else am I
supposed to learn?"The full wild nymphets pics impact of what Billy was asking suddenly hit me. The kid wanted
me to teach him to kiss by showing him how. But what really hit me was
that I knew I was going to do it. More than that, I wanted to do it."All right," I said, feeling a surge of excitement in my groin. "I give
up. But no one's to know. Right?""You think I'm going to go around telling people that a guy taught me how
to kiss? And here I thought YOU were the smart one.""Don't give me any fuckin' lip, nasty underage nymphets
brat, or I'll change my mind," I said
firmly, still trying to keep some control over a situation that was clearly
getting out of hand. "Let's do it."I leaned over and placed my lips against his. I kissed him quickly and
backed off. Billy leaned over and gave me a peck on the lips. We both
grinned widely. I kissed him again, this time running the tip of my tongue
between his lips. When he started to part his lips, I pulled back. He
repeated the same thing on me. nymphet model non nude My dick was now hard. I gave a quick
glance down his body. His boxer-briefs were dramatically bulging. When I
looked back up, I found his eyes looking at my crotch. I grabbed his chin
and kissed him hard, very hard. I forced my tongue into his mouth. He
resisted just a moment. Then I felt him relax. Forgetting for a moment
that this was a teenage boy, I hungrily devoured his mouth. He passively
gave way to my lust. When I finally came up for air and pulled back, I
found his eyes wide and wildly staring into mine. He lunged at me and
attacked my mouth. I gave him some resistance. He responded by pushing me
onto my back and climbing on top of me. I gasped as I felt our bulging
crotches come together. He shot his tongue into my mouth. Like a pro he
kissed me hard, long and passionately, grinding his erection into mine.
For a few moments I just lay there, shocked by being kissed like this by a
guy. Then my hormones kicked in big time and I kissed him back. Our
tongues battled for supremacy, each of us taking and giving. Without our
lips parting in the slightest, I rolled him over onto his back and now I
was on top. As I humped his groin, he started to push up against me. He
started gasping for breath and I eased away from his mouth. He cried out.
I felt him go stiff below me. Then he was cumming, flooding his briefs and
soaking through to mine. I shot off moments later, groaning and thrusting
my Jockey-clad erection against his. After the throws of orgasm subsided,
I rolled over onto my back and immediately passed out.It was pitch-black out when I awoke. For a few moments I wasn't sure where
I was. Then I became aware of Billy...pressed up beside me, his head on my
chest and his hand cupping my genitals through my briefs. I had a piss
hard-on. I pressed the light button on my Casio...1:45. Can't be that
late. I pressed again. It was. A panic grabbed my gut. What if his
mother catches me like she did that boyfriend of hers? I slowly eased
myself out of Billy's embrace. He moaned but did not awaken, turning on
his side away from me. I pulled the covers up and gently placed them over
him. I made my way carefully to the bathroom, shut the little nymphets pic door and turned on
the light. I stood over the john, shoved down the front of my cum-damp
Jockeys and began to urinate. I stared at my reflection in the mirror that
spanned the whole wall over the sink and toilet. My grogginess cleared
quickly as I reflected on what I had done with Billy."What the fuck is going on?" nymphets 17 video I loudly whispered. What the fuck came over
me to do something like that? The excitement of those moments with Billy
were quickly turning to guilt and self-recrimination. I tried to find
solace in the fact that I had not touched his penis...rubbed mine against
his, that was true...but I had not reached out and touched him.
"," I whispered slowly as I shook the last drops of
piss from my dick. But I had wanted to...a deep stirring of anxiety swept
through yo nymphet beauties my gut and made me shiver.I left the bathroom light on and the door ajar just enough so I could find
my clothes. Just as I reached for my pants, I paused. Impulsively, I
pulled off my briefs and tossed them on the floor beside the bed. I then
quickly finished dressing and crossed to the bedroom door. I paused and
looked back as Billy kicked the covers off in his sleep. An erection
pushed out his boxer-briefs."Jeez," I said under my breath and wondered if his cock ever stayed soft
for long.I quietly closed the bedroom door behind me and crept down the hallway to
the stairs. I heard music from the other end of the nymphet tgp portal
hall...where Gwen's
room was. prepubescent nymphet nude I stopped and listened...then recognized the Enya music my last
girlfriend always listened to. child bbs nymphets
Then I heard a loud moan. I looked down
the hall more closely and saw that Gwen's bedroom door was partially open.
Another moan drifted down the hall. With a mind of their own, my legs
carried me slowly down the hall."Oh, yes...."It was Gwen's voice, deep and throaty. I got to the open doorway. When I
looked in, I could see the end of the bed and the far wall. The only light
was from the huge television screen against that wall. My eyes were
grabbed by the video images of this large, muscular, Latino man mercilessly
fucking this woman. His cock was black and massive both in thickness and
length. The woman was on her back, her legs wrapped around his neck,
rocking her head back and forth. Her cries and screams were silenced by
the TV's MUTE. Suddenly the woman's face turned right to the camera. It
was Gwen. My shock was quickly arrested by movement on the bed. I leaned
a little further into the doorway and got a good view of Gwen's naked legs
and crotch. She was masturbating."Oh, God, Arnie..." she groaned.I looked again at the man on the screen. So, this was the boyfriend who
fooled around with Billy. His face wasn't all that attractive, a bit
pock-marked...but his body and cock more than made up for that. I was so
focused on him that I didn't notice Gwen start to get up until it was
almost too late. I pulled back and froze, the only movement the frantic
beating of my heart. I heard the sounds of a tape being ejected from a
VCR. Then a tape going in. Then Gwen getting back on to the bed. I
waited for a minute or so, breathing as deeply and as silently as I could,
still trying to calm myself. When I little nymphet sex finally leaned my head into the open
doorway, I got the shock of my life. For there I was on the TV screen. I
was taking off my clothes at the side of the pool. 'Oh, my God,' I
thought, realizing what she was about to watch me doing.I didn't...couldn't...stay there watching her watching much as a
part of me wanted to. I crept back tiny nude nymphs
down the hall and quickly descended the
stairs, certain that every creak would bring both mother and son after me.
As I drove back to the fraternity, I vowed that I would not go back.That resolve held up for a week.End of Part IAuthor's note: Many thanks to Cage Crawford, a fellow author, for his
insightful suggestions for improving Part I. Check out his very hot
stories at
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