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From: E Scheib
Subject: Turning the nymphets castle portal Tables- Pt. 1Authors Note: All of the typical disclaimers apply. If you
are not an adult, you shouldn't be on this site. This is a
story(s) that is pure fiction. If others have real-life
experiences similar, or similar fantasies, the author would
like to hear from you. Hope that you enjoy!Turning the Tables- Pt. 1I little czech nymphets grew up in a very strict household in Southern California,
and was subjected to spankings at the hands of my father
until I moved out of the house at 23, after completing
college. Although I protested greatly that I was too old to
be spanked, Dad would always reply that one was never too
old to be spanked, and that if I were to remain living in
his house, I would have to follow his rules. When I
misbehaved, I was spanked. End of story. He was true to his
word!Being subjected to spankings as a teenager and adult was
very humiliating. It also hurt very much. Dad used his hand
only, but a spanking was never over until I was sobbing like
a baby. Afterwards, I would seethe and fantasize that I
could dish cute nymphetes out some of the punishment instead of being on
the receiving end all the time. I never expected this
scenario would ever come to fruition, which made it that
much more satisfying when it did. Let me explain.I am now 36 and have a good career that I worked very hard
to advance at. I have been able to invest and save much for
someone my age and should be able to retire at 55, if I
choose to. I nymphets ls naked have a beautiful condo near the beach. I was
very happy with my life, when circumstances warranted Dad
moving in with me. I was not happy about my perfect little
world being delicious nymphets girls
disrupted, especially due to the circumstances.Dad is now in his late 50's and is in very good shape for a
man his age. Being an ex-Navy man, he has stayed interested
in physical fitness his whole life. After Mom died of a
heart attack several years earlier, Dad's life unraveled
quickly. He began hitting the bottle and Vegas frequently.
He retired sooner than he should've, because he lost
interest in working. After his 2nd DUI in com nymphets wild the past few
years, he lost his drivers license for a year. He found
himself in some serious financial troubles due to the
drinking and gambling. He was feeling guilty and
irresponsible when he called me one day at work and asked if
he could come for dinner. He wanted to talk about something
important. We agreed to meet on Saturday night and bar-b-que
some steaks.He arrived at nacked little nymphets
5 sharp. I was at the door when I saw the cab
pull up. Although I could pretty young nymphets tell that he had already had
several drinks previously, I opened us nymphets young sex
each a beer. We had a
few more while chit-chatting and then had a nice steak
dinner. Although he was talkative throughout, I could tell
that he was nervous about whatever he had come to talk
about. It was finally time for us to talk."OK, Dad", I questioned. "What's up?""Well...", he paused. "I swim teen nymphets have to sell the house and want to
know if I can move in here with you for a bit?"I wasn't expecting bbs nymphets forum
that! I said nothing for nymphet photos prepubscent a bit and was
thinking about what it would mean to my life, living with
Dad again."You don't dancing nymphets have to answer me now", he stated. "Just think
about it."We talked for nymphet free index
awhile longer, and he explained what was going
on. The gambling, drinking and lawyers fees for the nymphet little porn
had cut into his savings quite a bit. Without a drivers
license nymphets russian models
for at least a year, the area where he lived was
inconvenient virgin nymphet model for getting around. Plus, the house reminded
him of Mom all of the time. At my place, everything was
within walking distance. He also had some issues with the
IRS due to the gambling and needed to pay them a significant
amount. I felt sorry for him and told him to give me a few
days to think about it. He agreed, and I called him a cab
and he left.I decided to take a walk on the beach, to clear my head and
think about things. Of course, I was going to let him move
in. He's my father. I thought about renting him a place
nearby. I had the money, but knew that Dad would never go
for it. He has too much pride to take money from his son. As
I continued walking, I began to think of rules and
conditions that he would have to agree to and follow, if I
allowed him to move in with me. Then it hit me, and I
stopped dead in nymphet bbs thumbs my tracks. When he didn't follow the rules,
there would have to be consequences. I would treat him the
same way that nymphet chill I was treated when I was living in his house.
Obey or be spanked!I ran home and called Dad on his cell phone. I told him to
come back to the house on Sunday afternoon free nude little nymphets and we would
discuss rules and conditions skinny little nymphets for him moving in. He agreed. I
then went to my computer and, over several hours, typed up a
contract for him to sign if he agreed to the terms and
conditions. I went to bed, but slept restlessly. I was
looking forward to Sunday afternoon.Dad arrived in time for the 1:00 football game, and we drank
some beers and watched the game. It was time for us to have
our talk before getting a pizza for dinner. I had just
enough of a buzz to help with my nervousness. I started the
conversation."OK, Dad", I said. "Although I sexy nymphets pics understand the situation that
you find yourself in, it doesn't change the fact that you
have been undisciplined and irresponsible since Mom died.""I know", Dad conceded. His face took young nymphets toplist ru on an expression of
embarrassment with my comment."I miss Mom, too", I continued. "And I cannot imagine how
hard it has been for you.""It's been hard", Dad stated."But, that doesn't excuse you for the poor judgment and
mistakes that you have made", I scolded."I know", Dad conceded again."You're lucky that Jim is such a good lawyer, or you
probably would've had to do some jail time because of the
2nd DUI", I reminded him."I know", he replied once again. I had him right where I
wanted him."You won't be so lucky if there is a 3rd one!", I stated
forcefully. "There will not be a 3rd one, right?""No sir", he responded. "I will never drink and drive again""Alright", I replied. "I have written a contract and an
addendum that I want you to sign and agree to, regarding the
rules of the house. Lets discuss them."For the next 20 minutes or so, we went over the contract. It
was fair and nothing in it overbearing. He basically would
agree to turn over his finances to me, until such a time
that all debts were paid and he had demonstrated that nymphets ukrainian he was
able to be responsible for them again. I, in turn, would
make sure all of the little nymphets goth bills and debts were paid each month
and would invest monies to build his savings up again. He
would receive an allowance each month. For extra money, he
would take a p/t job in town. nymphet underage thumbs I wasn't going to have a couch
potato living in my house. He agreed to all of this easily,
as Mom had been the financial expert in the marriage and Dad
would be relieved to not have those responsibilities
anymore. I also included a provision that he attend nymphets 14 yo
at least
one AA meeting a week, and one Gamblers Anonymous meeting a
week. He was only allowed 3 trips to Vegas a year, with no
credit cards and an agreed upon gambling amount between us,
depending on the state nymphets sexy pics of his financial affairs. He
protested a lot about these issues, but in the end agreed
and initialed each line item in the contract. The final
clauses were about chores. He agreed to those clauses
easily.Now came the addendum, which contained the consequences of
not following the contract. During our discussion, Dad had
enquired several times about the references to the
consequences, and I told him that we would discuss that
last. This was the moment. I opened another beer, as nymphette free pics I was
getting quite nervous again. I took a deep breathe and
decided I had nothing to lose, at images of nymphets
that point."When I was living with you and Mom, you were very strict
regarding following the rules of the house, were you not?",
I questioned."Yes", he replied slowly. Dad had begun to realize what the
consequences would entail."What was the result when I broke the rules?", I continued."I spanked you.", he replied. "You don't expect..." he
started, but I cut him off."Yes, I do!" I scolded. "There was never any gray area, Dad.
If I wanted to live in your house, I had to follow the
rules. If I didn't, I got spanked, right.""Yes, but.." He stammered."No buts Dad!", I continued. nymphette hot "This is my house, and if you
want to live here, you will follow the rules. When you
don't, you will receive a spanking. Understood!""But I'm almost 60 years old", he pleaded. "I'm too old to
be treated like a child.""Ah, yes.", I gloated. "I remember making the same age
arguments when I felt I was too old to be spanked. Do you
remember what your reply always was?""Yes", he conceded."And what was that", I asked."That one was never too nymphets mpg old to benefit from a good, sound
spanking", he sighed."That's right", I concluded. "This is not open for
discussion. If you want to live here, you will sign this
addendum and agree to spankings when you do not follow the
rules.""You think about it some", I stated. little stars nymphets "I'm going to walk down
to the pizza place and get pretty sexy nymphets us our pizza. I'll be back in
about a half hour."I left, but my heart was beating a mile a minute. Would he
agree? I hoped so, but not just for revenge. The rules nymphets in thongs would
be good for him. He needed the direction back in his life. I
would let him move in either way, but I hoped that he didn't
realize that and call my bluff. With that card off illegal littel nymphets free the
table, I would have no way of enforcing the rules which were
in his best interest.I ordered our pizza and waited for it. When I arrived back
at the condo, Dad handed me the signed addendum. He didn't
call my bluff!"Here son", he said. my usenet nymphet
"I thought about it while you were
gone, and begrudgingly admit that you are doing the right
thing. I have been acting like a child for quite some time
now, and deserve to be punished like one. Hell, if I was in
your position, I would've spanked me several years ago after
the first DUI!", he admitted. "I'll little pretty nymphets just have to follow all
of the rules, so it doesn't ever happen. Right...?", he
smiled."Not exactly, Dad", I replied. "I've thought along those
same lines and do nymphets free pics
wish that I would've done this earlier.
So, you will get a spanking tonight before bed. I've bought
pajamas and toiletries for you in your new bedroom and you
will sleep over tonight. You have clothes there already for
tomorrow. In the morning, we have an appointment with my
broker to list the house. I'm taking the day off of work.""Shit!", was all that he could reply.The rest of the evening, we watched tv, drank beer and ate
pizza. At around 10 p.m., I instructed Dad to bathe and get
ready for bed. When he was done, he was to call me to his
room, to receive his spanking. He magic nymphets top sites was going to get spanked
the same way that I always was, before bedtime. At about
10:45, Dad called from upstairs for me to come spank him.
While walking up the stairs, I was surprisingly calm. I
entered the room to find Dad sitting nervously on his bed.The pleadings started. "Come on Mike, I'll be good from now
on, I promise. I haven't been spanked for over 40 years.
Please, please don't spank me!"I said nothing. I placed the straight back desk chair in the
middle of the room, sat down in it, and motioned Dad over. I
noticed that he had a bit of a bulge in his pajama bottoms
and chuckled inside at his embarrassment. (Although I was
also getting a hard-on) After a few moments, he came over
and stood to the right of me. I unsnapped his pajama bottoms
and guided him across my lap. What a sight to behold! There
was my fathers nice white ass across my lap, waiting to be
spanked. I thought that I was dreaming. It was time to
start."OK, Dad", I stated. "You know the rules. You will be
spanked nymphet kid sex pictures
to tears, until I am convinced that you have been
sufficiently punished. No 13 nymphet nude
amount of pleading and carrying on
will end your spanking until russia nymphets
I am satisfied. Trying to
escape or protesting too much, will warrant another spanking
tomorrow night, and every night until links nude nymphets such behavior is
curtailed. Do you understand?""Yes", he sheepishly replied"Yes, what", I scolded. "You will treat me with the proper
respect when I am punishing you.""Yes, SIR!", he replied.SMACK!Dad yelped. He must've forgotten what it feels like to be on
the receiving end of a spanking. I stopped for a few moments
to notice the red mark on his round ass. Then, I began
again.SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK!"Drinking and driving", I scolded. "You SHOULD know better
than to drink and verry young nymphet gallery drive!"SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK!"Ohhhh! Ouch! Please Stop!" he pleaded. "I'll be good. I
promise to be good!"SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK!"Damn right you will behave!", I lectured. "Or you will find
yourself in this position often! Do YOU understand ME!"SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK!"Ouuccchhh... Yes,...yes, sir", he answered. "I promise that
I will obey. I promise!"SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK!On and on it went. I continued to scold and spank, and he
continued to apologize. Dad is a big, tough guy; underage pubescent nymphet
but, I knew
that I had him close to tears. Then, it finally happened."What would Mom think of the way you have been living your
life?", I demanded. "She's probably spinning in her
grave!!!"SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK!SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK!"I'm sooooooo sorry!", teen nymphet erotica
he sobbed.That was the last legible words that came out of his 12 nymphet russian mouth
for the rest of his spanking, although the spanking
continued for several more minutes. Dad just gasped and
cried. It took him a few seconds after early teen nude nymphets
the spanking was done
before he realized it. He continued to lay over my lap until
he regained his composure. I helped him up and he was no
longer hard! He gave me a hug and promised to behave."Now, go get the lotion from the bathroom and get back over
my lap", I ordered. "I'm going to be nicer than you ever
were to me and rub some lotion on your bare bottom.""Yes, sir", he replied.To Be Continued
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