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Subject: Turning A Dad: Part 6Turning A Dad: Part 6
By Damien James
Send Emails or Questions to nymphette sex pics Hitln16aim.comWhen I left the room, I heard loud moaning down stairs in Coach's living
room. I figured Jack wanted another round, but it seemed too loud to be
him. I hurried to the living room, catching a glimpse of a tall boy about
Jack's age, shoving his cock into a fat ass, the sweat dripping from his
smooth tan body. I made my way closer, seeing the Coach with his cock in
hand, as Jack had all his holes filled with bare boy cock, cum load after
cum load of hot spunk dripping of his cunt and all down his face. I
couldn't believe it.We left immediately; I could hardly hold my anger inside myself. Coach
Keller had tried to best me. That was ok; I had plenty of ideas and had
only to pick one. Mark met us at the door, hoping I had some cum left to
fill him up. His pussy was going dry ever since I started getting it in
with his son. Jack and I went to bathroom, where I made him pull down his
pants."Push it the fuck out," I nymphets under
yelled. He tried telling me that only Coach
Keller and the other football player Anthony had fucked his cunt. I didn't
believe the whore, so I made him prove it."I'm trying, it's been sitting though. It's too far inside me", he
said. Again, I didn't believe him. I made him spread his legs, while he sat
on the toilet seat. I lifted his balls nymphet angel thumbs to look at his smooth wet taint and
pussy. I pushed my large finger inside him, as his body buckled under the
pressure giving in to his moaning. I could tell he wanted to teenage models nymphette legal keep the loads
in, but could not with the feeling of my warm hard man finger inside
him. His hole had gained back tightness, but still felt loosed with the
amount of sperm filling his insides. Soon, large shots of cum started
pouring out copiously wet sticky nymphets sample seed. The warm cum kept coming load after
load from his quivering pussy. It was not just two loads. Even if Coach
Keller and Anthony shot more than I did, which I knew they didn't, it would
not have filled him up this much."You are such a fucking whore," I growled as he started riding russian nymphets forbidden pics my fingers
with his messy wet cunt, creating a thick wet mess on my entire hand."I know dad, I'm sorry but it felt so good," he said panting, his eyes
closed and his square jaw falling open."Don't call me dad anymore. nymphets young freepics You want to get fucked by the football team,
then you don't deserve my cock," I said, I fingers motionless under his
busy cunt."I don't mean it like that," he sighed, stopping to insert another one of
my large fingers. "You know no one tiny nymphet first can fuck me like you. I only need your
cock to fill me up, you're my dad, but Coach Keller told nude nymphets sites me you wanted me
to have fun"."I do, but...," I began losing my train of thought. It was over, and his
hole was already filled. He wanted me to know that it still belonged to me,
so I'd have to let it go. Besides, I could not blame those young manly
jocks wanting to fill his hole with everything they could. "Fine, but don't
fuck anyone else without asking me first," I said smiling, as another load
of thick spunk spilled out of his cunt.We left the bathroom, and headed for the innocent nymphets pussy bedroom, Mark following close
behind. He had walked around the house in various states of undress trying
to turn me nymphets vagina pics on for weeks. I nymphet lesbians felt bad sometimes, and made Jack push out a
load I could stick inside his old man. Mark didn't care, as long nymphet daughter photo as my seed
was inside young nymphet post him. I told Mark what happened, not that I needed to, he was
just a whore anyway. He seemed surprised, but I little tiny nymphets naturist
suppose didn't know what to
think."I'm going back tomorrow," I said. They looked at me surprised. "John wants
my cock real bad, he told me to come any time to use his 9yo nymphet fresh hole. He
said his parents will just have to deal with it," I said. "Why are you
surprised, you've both felt my cock inside you"."His mom won't care that your fucking her son," Jack asked."Like I said, John doesn't care, and you know I don't give a fuck. I'll
fuck angel pearls nymphet his cunt on his parent's bed".That night, as the hours went by, even more cum fell from Jack's pussy. I
can't lie that I liked seeing the cunt I owned used by all those
jocks. Maybe, once I owned John's cunt completely I'd let him whore out to
the football team.That morning I woke up to father and son feeling up my cock, hoping to
collect my fresh seed. I held them back; this load hardcore nymphette sites was saved for later. I
drove Jack to school, his cunt rocking back and forth on my hand as I
drove. I loved the smell of fresh cunt on my fingers. I saw Coach Keller
when I dropped him off."You better not let anyone inside that cunt, you fuckin whore. If you do
I'll start fucking your father again," I said."I told you I'm sorry. I swear I won't. It free young little nymphets belongs to young nymphet ukrainian blog you," Jack said
pulling up his pants over his fat ass.After work, before heading home, I stopped at Coach Keller's house. John
answered the door in sweat pants, and almost bent over when he saw me."I'm really wet," he said licking his lips."You better be, you fucking slut," I said unbuckling my pants."My parents won't be home for a few minutes. We should go to my room," he
said."I think I'll take that pussy right here," I growled pulling him by his
tight waist."If you have to. Can we please go to my room though," he asked as I spit on
my nasty nymphet
fingers, and then rubbed them into his tight moist pussy."Fine. Hurry the fuck up, whore," I yelled. He hurried his muscular ass up
the steps, his crack hanging out of his pants. Once in his room, I lay him
on his back, cunt completely submitting to me, like the whore I knew he
was, ready for my huge cock. I hardly had my thick rock hard head inside
his twitching pussy when we heard his parents come home. I nymphets yo didn't care. As
he began to yell, I fucked harder like I knew he liked. The bed young nude nymphs
banging against the floor and his wall. The whole room seemed to shake, as
I dug my way inside.I hit my fist hard on the wall, as he gasped and tightened his cunt around
my cock. There was a huge hole in the wall, as the debris fell around his
bed. The creaking was getting louder, with each passionate scream the boy
let go. He was egging me on. His cunt was virgin, but he wanted no
mercy. He wanted me to force my cock in hard and fast. I heard the door
open behind me, as Coach Keller looked in on his whore of a top 100 nude nymphets son taking my
cock deep like a complete slut for me. His wife stood next to him.I kept banging they're son, and they quickly shut they're door as 14yo nymphets John
said, "Oh you own that fucking pussy. Fuck me harder"."I will, you fucking slut. I knew you wanted cock up that juicy cunt of
yours"."Oh god, fuck me dad," John teenie nymphet yelled."I am your dad now. That pussy of a father you have phot nymphets porno can't even take this
fucking hole like a real best nymphets nude
man. I'll own this shit by the time I let you take
my load," I said harshly into his ear."Please be my dad. I want your cum inside me so bad. Knock me up daddy," he
screamed, as his parents stood in the room next to us. His bed nymphets and bbs completely
broke, as the bottom fell out from under him, giving me the perfect
position to implant my sperm. His asshole was up toward the sky, as I
fucked in, my big man body hitting up 13 yo nymphets against his. My big balls were
getting tight, hitting against my pussy boy's taint. I gripped his hair, as
I began to unload relentlessly. His nymphet galery cunt made way, as load after load of
hot cum filled his insides."Ahhh...Fill me," he yelled. It took a few minutes to dump in my young ukranian nymphets entire
load, but he eventually got every drop of a real man inside him. I pulled
up my pants, ready to leave the gaping whore, who was now completely tired
out. He lay sprawled his cunt pre nn nymphet
open and filled with a man's cum. I left his
room and headed down the steps. His parents sat on a couch in silence. I
don't know what they were doing, because I didn't care to look. They
probably hated that their virgin boy's hole was 18 years old, and could be
owned by a real man if it wanted to be.The next day Jack came 12yo nude nymphets home, and told me nymphets bbs young Coach Keller had tried to fuck him
again, but that he told him straight, that it belonged to me. I was proud
of him. Coach Keller was now a complete bitch to me, just like his
son. Over the next week, I came and red haired nymphets went as I wanted at Coach Keller's
house. Sometimes his parents were home, sometimes not. Either way, I'd use
their sons warm tight pussy, fuck and dump, then leave. I loved the coach
knowing that I was only using his son as my personal cum dump, and he loved
it like the whore he was.(Preview to Part 7)The next time I went to fuck best anal nymphets John, I decided to take him into his parents
bed. His my little nymphets pics
own bed was now completely destroyed from the fucking pedo nymphet bbs his pussy
took. Coach Keller saw us entering his room from down stairs. I dropped my
pants, and shoved his sons face into my sweat crack. wild nymphets fuck He lapped at my hole
like a slut. Coach Keller came into the room, as his sons face was stuffed
into my asshole."I nymphets and modelssexy virgins nymphets don't know if I can take anymore of this," he said. "I regret the day I
met," he said pointing to me.I pointed to myself, surprised. "You asked me for Jack though," I said,
pushing my hairy taint flat onto his sons face, as it nymphets pay sites rubbed across his
whorey face."I know, it my fault. But I just can't let this go on any longer," he began
getting weaker, as I sat on his bed, my hairy sweaty spit covered man
asshole ran along his covers. His son spit real nice onto my pedo land nymphets fat cock, as I
pulled down his sweat little nude nymphettes pants, releasing his cunt for his father to view. little nymphets galleries My
fingers slowly running along the tight pink hole."Why don't you fuck this, Keller," I said egging him on. His son spread his
hole further apart, the little pussy twitching under my hard fingers. He
stood dumbfounded, seeming to way his options. "Don't be scared about
measuring up to me. He wants your dad cock Keller. I can't imagine why, but
he wants the pretty nymphet angel
seed that made him. He wants it bad too," I said. John laughed
knowing I was right, and he spread his cunt lips apart further.Coach Keller shut the door behind him, and locked it."Fine boy, you're going to feel what its like to really be your dad's
pussy," he said slowly removing his hard fat cock from his pants. "But you
have to be quiet. Your mom's downstairs," he nymphet pubic hair whispered shoving his son's
greedy mouth in his chest hair down to uk nymphets his bushy sweaty pubes. As his son
began to wet his father's cock, I made my way behind Keller. He seemed
confused, but caught up in his sons tight little mouth wrapped around his
cock, he hardly noticed as I stuck a large spit covered finger into his
hairy ass up porn nymphets nude to the knuckle.
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