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Matt James
Subject: Turned Into A Slave: Part 2 little girl nymphets
- Trained Again, this is an entire work of fiction. I Was Turned Into A Slave Part Two -- Trained Chapter Six My Master stood over me, as I stayed on my hands and knees. He
spoke, "Stay here, slave. I will return shortly." With that, he left the
room. I was alone.
My mind was racing. What had I gotten myself into? Is this what I
really wanted? After waiting a half hour, and running these thoughts
through my head, I decided to run. I stood up and found my way out the
front door. I was naked and wearing his collar as I ran up his driveway.
I reached the front gate, but could not open it. I began to follow
along his fence. It was brick and ten feet tall, there was no way over it.
I kept running, looking for a place to get over the fence. But after hours
of searching around his large property, I could not find a way out. I was
really trapped with him. I decided to walk back to him, and beg for
On my way through the dark woods behind his house, I came upon a
small wooden shed. The door was open, and I nudism nymphets
went inside to hide from him.
I closed the door behind me. It was dark and I crawled to a back corner
and waited. I was so scared. After a few hours, I fell asleep.
Bright lights woke me up, my eyes tried to adjust. My Master stood
in the doorway of the shed. I sat naked in the back corner, holding my
legs to my chest. As I looked around, I saw chains and leather instruments
hanging from the nymphet gay sex wall, a large wooden cabinet with many drawers, a small
fireplace, and realized there were no windows in the dank shed.
Fluorescent lights brightly lit the room.
My Master spoke, "bitch, you now understand that you can not run from
me. You are my property." He walked over to me, grabbed my arm, and
pulled me up to my feet. He slapped me hard across the face, "Do you
understand, slave?"
I knew he was right, "Yes Master."
He slapped me again across the face, "Answer quicker, bitch." He
left me standing in the center of the room, and walked to the door. He
locked the door, and picked up a small plastic bag that he had in the
corner of the room. He brought it to me. "Take a look inside, top nymphet websites
I opened the bag, inside was my clothes that I had worn to his house,
my wallet, cell phone and car keys. He commanded me, "Start a fire in the
fireplace, boy." I held the bag in my hand, and hesitated. He slapped me
again across the face, "Now bitch."
"Yes Master," I walked to the fireplace, and taking a match from
above it, best nymphets portal started the fire. It started to burn.
"Now that you are my property, you don't need any of your old
belongings. Understand bitch?"
"Yes Master."
"Take your clothes out of the bag." I obeyed him, taking out my
jeans, undershirt, undies, shoes, and socks. "Throw them in the fire,
boy." I knew I had no choice, I threw them into the fire, and they began
to burn.
My Master smiled, "Good boy. Now give me your car keys, and the
money out of your wallet. They now belong to me." I obeyed handing him my
car keys and the small amount of money I had in my wallet. "Good bitch.
Now throw your wallet into the fire."
I hesitated for another moment, he slapped me hard against my face.
My cheek must have been beat read. "But, my license and social security
cars, and everything is in here," I stammered.
He slapped me again, "You don't learn do you, boy? I instructed you
not to speak, unless spoken too. I will have to correct your problem."
He walked over to the large wooden cabinet and opened a drawer. He
turned back to me, I couldn't see what was in his hand, "Turn around, fag."
I obeyed turning away from him, I could feel him walking up behind me. He
reached around my head and placed a ball gag into my mouth, and tightly
fastened the leather straps behind my head. "Good boy. Now you will not
be able to speak out of turn. Face the fire, and continue."
I turned to the fire, and with no choice, threw my wallet into the
fire, all of my identification was gone. He slapped me across the face
again, "Now the cell phone, boy." I obeyed throwing it into the fire.
Drool began to run out of my open mouth. He laughed at me, "Now you have
nothing, fag. You are completely my property. Nod if you agree." I
He spoke with great sternness in his voice, "Stand perfectly still,
bitch." I obeyed, as he walked back to the wooden cabinet.
He walked back to me and attached leather bands to both my arms and
legs. He pushed me backwards towards the wall, and with my bare ass
against it, attached the arm bands high above my head to metal chains. He
did the same to my feet. I was standing, naked, in an X position, fastened
to the wall, facing him.
He stood in front of me, in compete dominance. He grinned, "Now I
must mark my property. Do you agree, boy?" I didn't know what he meant,
but I knew I had no choice but to nod in agreement, so I did.
He walked back to the wooden cabinet, and walked back to me with a
tattooing needle. He plugged it into the wall next to me. The needle
began to hum. I struggled in the chains, my young, smooth, naked body
trying to escape. He slapped me again, "Stay still, fag." His large
forearm pushed against my neck, I couldn't move.
He began to tattoo my chest. I had never had a tattoo before, and
the pain was intense. He wrote in thick, black letters across my chest,
"S-L-A-V-E." When he was done he stepped back, and smiled at his work.
"You understand underage nymphet nudes
now, boy?" I nodded again. My chest was burning from the
He then unhooked my hands and forced me to my knees. He attached my
hands to chains that were lower down on the wall. I was on my knees, still
in the outstretched X position. He took out his nymphets incest large cock, which was very
swollen, and began to piss on my face. He laughed underage cutie nymphets as he did it, "You are
now marked as my property, slave. If you are good I will give you more
markings." His warm urine sprayed against my face and ball gag. I was
choking on it, as it ran down my naked chest.
When his bladder videos little nymphets
was fully drained, he undid my ball gag, and forced
his cock down my throat. With my hand and legs chained, I couldn't move.
He fucked my mouth hard and deep, with no mercy for me. I gagged, and
threw up as he pumped my face. He didn't stop, "This ukranian nymphette
is the only way your
will learn, bitch." After a half hour of hard face fucking, he pulled his
cock out and sprayed his cum onto my face, covering it.
He put the ball gag back on me, and left me alone in the shack. He
turned off the lights, and shut the door behind him, I heard it lock from
the outside.
I sat on my knees, chained to the wall, covered in his piss, cum, and
my vomit. sweet top nymphets
The new tattoo was burning on my chest. My little cock hentai nymphet was
sticking straight out, as hard as a rock. I was his. Chapter Seven I feel asleep hanging in the chains, and was awoken by the bright
lights again. I didn't know how much time had passed. My Master was again
standing at the door. My chin and chest was covered in my drool. His cum
had hardened on my face. The vomit and piss lingered on my naked body. I
was humiliated.
My Master walked to the corner of the room, and picked up a hose. He
turned it on, and sprayed me down. The water was freezing cold, but felt
good cleaning me very young kiddie nymphet off. The dirt floor turned to mud.
When I was all clean, my Master took the ball gag off of me. summer nymphet He let
me suck on the hose. I was so thirsty, I drank for minutes.
After I was done, he threw a bowl full of dog food on the ground, and
unhooked my arms. He pushed my nymphets ls elwebbs head down, "Eat bitch." I quickly devoured
the hard dog food. I cleaned the bowl.
My Master attached a leash to my collar, put the ball gag back on me,
and unhooked my legs. The leather straps stayed on my wrists and ankles.
He yanked on my leash, "Crawl boy." I obeyed crawling behind him.
He led me out side of the shack, into the woods. He spoke again, "Do
your business, bitch." I had urinated on myself once during the night, and
I was too nervous to go with him standing over me. He raised his voice,
"Go boy." I knew I might not get another chance soon, so I squatted and
began to pee. "Good fag," he said. I hadn't taken a shit for days, and
began to force it out. My Master stood over me watching. Like a dog, I
started to shit. bbs nymphets elite He yanked on my leash, "Hurry up." I forced it out,
leaving a pile of my feces on the ground.
When nymphets art pak I stopped he pulled my leash behind him, "Come on, bitch." I
crawled behind him, my ass covered in shit. We walked for minutes, finally
arriving at the back of his house. I saw my cage. My Master took me to
the hose, and sprayed my butthole clean.
"Now, I am going to let you back into my home. So you can begin to
follow my rules. Are you ready for this slave?" He yanked my leash. I
nodded my head.
He took me back in his living room, took the leash off my collar, and
stood above me. I stayed on my hands and knees. Chapter Eight His voice got deep, "Now you will learn my rules. I expect them each
to be obeyed, or you will be punished. Do you understand, boy?"
He took the ball gag off of me, so I could answer him, "Yes Master."
He bent down and grabbed my head, so I was looking up at him, "Rule
number one, you will obey my every wish. Repeat it, bitch."
I repeated, "I will obey your every wish, Master."
He smiled, "Good boy. index of nymphet jpg Now I will test you on this rule." I
trembled, knowing that he could make me do anything at that moment.
"Follow me, boy," he ordered. I crawled behind his down the hallway.
My fears were realized, when nymphets modelle we arrived in his bathroom. "I helped
you go to the bathroom, now you will help me, fag." He pulled his pants
and boxers down, and sat on the toilet. I stayed on my hands and knees
before him. I heard his powerful stream of piss hitting the water in the
bowl. He looked down on me, "Now I am going to take a tiny nymphets bbs shit, boy. Suck my
cock while I do."
I had agreed to obey him, "Yes Master." I began to reach into the
toilet, between his legs.
He slapped my hand away, virgin bbs nymphets "Use your mouth, fag. Give into my
training." I put my mouth between his legs, my lips searching for his
cock. He began to shit, with my mouth in his crouch. The smell illegal nymphet nue
terrible. As I began to suck on his cock, his first shit hit the water.
My head bobbed up and down on his cock. It grew in my mouth, as he moaned,
continuing to shit. He rubbed the top of my head, "Good boy."
After ten cute little nymphet models minutes of sucking he began to cum in my mouth. He ordered
me again, "Don't lose a drop, boy." I obeyed, holding his cum in my mouth,
swallowing it all. When I had fully cleaned his cock, he stood from the
toilet. "Look at your Master's shit boy." I looked into the bowl at his
large pile of shit, the smell was overwhelming.
He grabbed my head and forced it towards the bowl, dunking me face
first into it. Holding my face in the water he grumbled, "You will learn
your place, whore." I choked on the water, losing my breath.
He flipped me over, the back of my head in the bowl. My wet face was
looking up at him. He sat his dirty ass on my face, "Wipe me, boy." I had
no choice, and I feared what the punishment would be, so I began to lick
his asshole clean. He moaned as I cleaned all the shit off his hole, "Get
it all."
As world nymphets I finished cleaning him, he let a long fart out on my face. He
pulled his pants up, turned my shit covered face back over into the toilet,
and flushed. The toilet water cleaned my face.
He pulled my face up and reattached the ball gag, "Now you have
learned rule number one." Chapter Nine He led me back into his living room. I was disgusted by what I had
just done, I couldn't believe what had happened to me. He spoke again,
"Rule number two. You must earn your keep. I have let you stay here for a
week, and gave you food and water. It is time you paid me back." nymphet galerry nudenymphet boy photos I was
confused, wondering what I had been doing up to this point. He took me to
the kitchen, opened the cabinet under the sink, and showed me multiple
cleaning supplies. He opened another door to show me a mop and vacuum
cleaner. "Tell me, boy."
With the ball gag in, I slurred, "I must earn my keep, Master."
"I am going to town, boy. When I come back, I want the kitchen,
living room, and bathroom spotless. Do you understand?" I nodded. He
left me alone.
I stood up, gathered the cleaning supplies, and began to clean his
kitchen. I stood naked, scrubbing his sink, counters, and stove. The
mopped the floor. I did the same in the bathroom. He had been gone for
two hours, and I began to miss his control. I dusted the living room, and
vacuumed the carpet. When I was done I put the cleaning supplies back, and
got back on my hands and knees in the center of the living room. Chapter Ten I waited. After another hour, my cock began small young illegal nymphet to throb harder. I
hadn't masturbated in a week, and thought this was my chance. I reached
between my legs, and began to stroke my little cock. My hand quickly
became covered in precum. Just as I got close, My Master walked back into
the room. I quickly stopped, my cock throbbing, so stiff. My Master did
not look pleased, "I am disappointed, boy. But, I guess we hadn't come to
rule number three yet. You may only cum at my command." My cock throbbed
harder with this order. He yelled, "Repeat it."
I murmured with the ball gag in, "I will only cum at your command,
He walked to a cabinet and took something out, "Let me see it, boy.
Up." I stood up on my knees, my hairless, young cock sticking straight
out. He grabbed it with barely russian nymphet his large hand, squeezing it. With his other hand
he attached a leather strap around my cock and balls, and tightened it. My
cock and balls were trapped. He let go of my cock, and slapped it to the
side. I moaned. He slapped it again, harder. It swelled even larger. He
laughed, "Don't like that, fag." I shook my head. He slapped my stiff
cock again, "I don't care, bitch. This is my cock now. Stay still boy."
He left the room, and returned with a cordless phone. He took my
ball gag off. My cock throbbed harder. He commanded, "I will let you cum,
I begged him, "Thank you, Master. Please Master."
He handed me the phone, "First you will free pic nymphet call your Mother and tell her
what has become of you." I stared up at him. I wanted to question him,
but knew I couldn't. I was so hot, I couldn't think straight. I began to
dial the phone. I stopped, "I...can't...Master."
He grabbed my leash nubile nymphet children so quickly, with such force, dragging me outside. Chapter Eleven We reached his shed again. He forced me inside. I was crying, and
begging for his forgiveness. He attached me back to the chains on the wall
again, this time with my face against it. I was spread, naked standing in
the X position.
I could not see him behind me, nymphets pedo
"You broke a rule boy. You must be
punished." I heard him walk behind me. He smacked my bare ass with his
large, illegale nymphet callused hand, "You will learn, whore." I moaned, my cock still
throbbing hard. He swatted my ass again, forcing my cock to rub against
the wall. He stood behind me, unloading all his aggression onto me. With
my cock rubbing against the wall, I began to cum. It felt better than
anytime I had ever cum before.
My Master saw it dripping down the wall, "You have now broken two
rules, boy. You just don't learn do you?"
My body was still shaking from the orgasm, "I'm sorry Master."
He strapped the ball gag back on me, "I don't want to hear it." nymphet 15 models He
walked back in the room. I stood in fear. CRACK, he whipped my ass with a
cat-o-nine tails. CRACK, CRACK, he whipped me again and again. He whipped
my ass, back, and thighs. The pain was unbearable. I moaned and cried.
He just whipped harder, "You will learn your place, bitch." CRACK, CRACK,
CRACK, the whip kept hitting me.
I tried to beg, through my ball gag, "Please Master. I'm sorry."
CRACK, CRACK, CRACK, he just continued. I fell limp, my hands hanging from
the chains. He continued whipping me.
After at least twenty minutes of the whipping he stopped, "Are you
ready to follow my rules, boy?"
I nodded, mumbling, "Yes Master. Yes Master."
I heard him dialing the phone behind me. He took my ball gag off,
"Now tell your Mother what child nymphets young
has become of you."
He placed the phone to my ear, I heard it ringing. My Master grasped
his other hand around my neck. My Mother answered, "Hello."
"Hello, Mom," I tried to hide the tears in my voice.
"Timothy, is that you?" She sounded shocked, "Where have you been?"
My back, butt, and legs were burning from my Master's whip. I
gathered all my courage, "I have become a gay slave, Mother."
She stuttered, "What?"
My Master squeezed my throat. I spoke, "I am now the property of a
gay Master. Do not look for me."
With that my Master hung up the phone. I hung in shock. What had I
My Master walked away with the phone, "Good boy. You have nymphet 12 to 14yo pleased
me." I heard a drawer open, and the tattoo needle turn on. I hung in online nymphets cams the
chains. I began to cry as my Master began to tattoo above my ass. This
tattoo was much longer than the last one. The pain was intense. When he
was done he turned my head to look into the mirror behind me. He barked,
"Read it, slave."
There above my butt, on my lower back were the words, I read them
aloud, "Property of Master Jack." Seeing it made my cock began to grow in
its tight constraints.
He unhooked my hands from their chains, I fell to my knees. He
pushed my face against the wall, "Clean up your mess, slave." I licked my
semen off the wall, the tears drying on my face. When I was done he spoke
again, "There is no turning back now, slave. You are completely mine. Do
you understand?"
I swallowed my sperm, "Yes Master."
He attached my hands back to the chains, put my ball gag back on, and
went to leave the shed, "You were a bad boy today, slave. If you are good
tomorrow, I may let you sleep indoors." He turned out the lights and
locked the door behind him. I hung from the chains, on my knees, and fell
asleep. Chapter Twelve The bright lights again woke me. My arms hung from the metal chains,
and I sat on my knees. I lifted my head to look at my Master. I was
naked, wearing only my leather collar, the leather straps on my wrists and
ankles, the strap around my cock and balls, and nudes russian nymphets
the ball gag. My Master
spoke, "Good morning slave. Today you will finish your training."
He turned the hose on me, spraying me clean. Then he let me drink
the water, and eat from my dog dish.
When the bowl was empty, he attached the leash to my collar, and
released my hands and ankles. My arms and legs were numb. I forced myself
to crawl behind him as he led me out the shed. The sunlight hurt my eyes.
He took me in the woods, so I once again could do my business.
He took me to the back of his house and sprayed the hose on my
bottom, to clean it. Then he led me into fresh nymphets pictures
his house. I was led to the
bathroom, were I once again sucked his cock while he took a shit. Then I
cleaned his asshole with my mouth. He again washed my face off in his
dirty toilet.
After he pulled his pants up, he spoke again, "Slave, you have been a
good boy so far. Tell me the rules again."
He took my ball gag off, so I could speak. I thought back to the day
before and spoke, "Rule number one, I must always obey you. Rule number
two, I must earn my keep. And rule number three, I can only cum on your
command, Master."
"Good slave, you aren't a total waste." My Master grinned, "Now you
will learn rule number four, you must always keep yourself healthy and
clean. Repeat it slave."
I obeyed, "I must always keep my self healthy and clean."
"Good fag." After putting my ball gag back on, he led me, by my
leash, down the hallway. I crawled behind him. My Master led me to a new
door in the long hallway. He opened the door.
Inside was a workout room, with machines of all types. My Master
took off my leash, "You will now do your exercises boy."
Over the next hour he ordered me around. He made me do push-ups,
sit-ups, and squats. He made me do bench presses. nymphets sex models
He made me walk on the
stair master as he naked pre nymphets
spanked my bare ass. He took great care in stretching
my muscles to their limits. The whole time I was working out, he was
drinking multiple bottles of water, as my thirst continued to grow. My
Master especially worked out my legs and ass. After the hour was done, I
was drenched in sweat. My Master spoke again, "This is how you will remain
healthy slave, now you must be clean." He attached my leash and led me
down the hallway. My arms and legs were burning from the exercise. I
crawled to the bathroom.
He forced me in the bathtub. He pulled out his swollen cock and
spoke, "You have been a good slave." He took my ball gag off. "I know you
must be thirsty bitch. Don't lose a drop," with that, he began to urinate
into my mouth. I was thirsty, and began to drink his warm piss. His flow
was long and steady. I swallowed it all.
After pulling his pants back up, he turned on the shower. The cold
water covered me, as I sat in his tub. He put a plug in the tub, to hold
the water in, and threw me a bar of soap. He ordered, "Clean yourself fag.
You have a big night ahead of you." I obeyed, scrubbing my self clean. I
washed myself very well, as my Master watched. When the tub was full, he
turned the shower off. He handed me a razor, "Now shave yourself nymphets pic
bitch." I obeyed shaving the slight hair on my armpits, chest, legs, and
crotch. When I was finished he let the tub drain, and turned the shower
back on. "Rinse off fag." I moved around in the tub, to clean myself.
I looked up at him, with my big baby blue eyes. I must have been
quite a sight, after working out, and cleaning and shaving myself. He
spoke again, "Good fag, you have learned rule number four. Now stand." It
was the first time I had stood nymphets naked bbs
in days, and my legs shook as I did. "Step
out of the tub slave," I obeyed his order. I stood before him. "Undress
me fag," he commanded. I took off his shoes and socks. I removed his
shirt. I removed his pants and boxers. It was the first time I had seen
my Master completely naked. He was beautiful. He was very well built,
with large muscular arms and legs. He had a slight gut. He was covered in
dark black hair. His large cock and balls hung between his legs. He
noticed me staring at him, "You like what you see slave?"
I answered, "Yes Master."
He stepped past me into the shower, pulling me in with him. He
spoke, "Now clean me boy." I gladly obeyed, soaping up his hairy chest and
back. I got on my knees to scrub his thick legs. I stood to wash his
hair, beard, and face. The soapy water ran down his naked body, "Don't
forget my cock and balls, slave." I got on my knees and soaped up his cock
and balls. I took my time, massaging with balls and cock clean. His cock
grew in my hands. It thickened up and throbbed. He pushed me away, "And
my ass, boy." He turned around. His large, hard, hairy ass was in my
face. I began to soap it up, massaging his ass muscles. He backed into
me, "Clean it all, fag." I soaped up his crack, and began to clean his
asshole. He moaned. I slipped a finger into his hole to clean it. He
turned around and grabbed my head, "You haven't earned that yet, fag." He
pulled me to my feet, and pushed me against the wall. My face was against
the wall. I felt his thick hand pressing down my ass crack. His fingers
reached my virgin hole. He pressed a thick finger into me, "This list sites nymphet is my
pussy, fag." I moaned as he worked his finger deep into me, "You must
always keep your pussy clean, Slave." His finger continued to work in and
out of my hole, as he held me against the wall. After a few minutes he
stopped. The soapy water ran off of us. He turned off the shower. "Dry
me, bitch," he ordered. I got a towel and dried off his awesome body, "And
yourself, fag." I dried myself off. He pushed me back onto all fours, and
attached the leash. He led me down the hallway. Chapter Thirteen We reached the room at the far end of the hallway. He opened the
door. It revealed two staircases, one leading upstairs and one down. He
took me up the stairs. There was another long hallway, with many doors.
We reached one, and he led me in. It was his large bedroom. All the
furniture was leather, he had a large bed, rugs covered the hardwood floor,
and thick curtains hung in the windows. He stood over me, naked, "Now you
learn rule number five, boy. Your pussy is mine. Understand?"
I did, "Yes Master, my pussy is yours." He put the ball gag back on
me, took my leash off, and lifted me onto his bed. I was naked, on all
fours. He climbed onto the bed, and fucking sexy little nymphets kneeled in front of my face. He
slapped my cheeks with his swollen cock, "Suck it, slave." I obeyed,
giving the best blowjob forums pics nymphets of my life. His cock grew as my lips rubbed around
it, getting it all wet. He held my head as I worked on his cock. After
ten minutes he pulled his cock out of my tight lips, "Spin around, fag.
Present your pussy to me." I obeyed spinning around. My young, round,
white, virgin ass faced his cock.
He slapped his cock against my ass, "Good slave." q teeny nymphet
I felt the huge
head of his cock pressing against my virgin butt hole, "I will use lube
since it is your first time, whore." I heard him spraying something on his
With one fast motion, he buried his cock all the way into my ass. I
bit down hard on my ball gag. My cock began to swell. With his cock
inside me he spoke, "You have a nice pussy, boy." After letting his cock
just swell inside me for a moment, he began to move it back and forth. For
the first time in my life, I was having my ass fucked. His cock was so
huge, it hurt, but my cock continued to grow stiffer. My Master grabbed my
hips and began fucking me harder. He was pumping my ass with all his
strength. He slapped my ass as he fucked me, "Good boy. Good boy."
After ten minutes he pulled out his cock, and laid on his back. He
pulled me to him, "Sit on it, fag." I obeyed straddling him and sitting
down on his cock. It slid into my anus. He forced me all the way down,
"Ride it, bitch." I obeyed, beginning to ride up and down on his thick
cocksnake. My cock was fully erect and throbbing. I rode up and down, up
and down, faster and faster. I began to love it. All of a sudden, my cock
began to cum, spraying onto my Master's hairy chest. He slapped me across
the face, and removed my ball gag, "Lick up your mess, slave." I obeyed,
getting off his cock, and licking my cum off his chest.
When I had got it all, he threw me onto my back. He grabbed my legs,
forcing them up to my chest. He held himself above me. olita team nymphets mpgs He spit on my
face, "Now I am going to fuck you, slave." He forced his cock once again
deep inside my ass. He was doing pushups on me, giving me deep, long
strokes with his cock. After five minutes, he pulled out and moved his
cock to my mouth, and fucked my throat. He fucked it just as hard as he
had been fucking my ass. After minutes of that he nymphet rape photo went back to my ass.
This continued for a half hour, him moving his cock back and forth from my
ass to my mouth and back to my ass. I was his fuck slave. I felt his cock
growing thicker in my ass, and he began to grunt. He pulled it out and put
it back in my mouth. It exploded with cum. I choked on his huge, hot
load. He pumped it into my mouth. When he was done, he rolled over and
laid next to me. We were both covered in sweat. He pulled me to his
chest, "Suck my nipples, slave." I obeyed licking and sucking on his big
hairy nipples. We fell asleep in his bed.
I was awoken by him in the middle of the night. He has strapped my
leash on, and was pulling my out his room. I followed him down the stairs
and outside. He led me to his nymphets club
shed. I stayed on all fours in the center
of the room. He got his tattoo needle, "You have earned another mark,
slave. You have pleased me." He began to write on my right butt cheek.
When he was done, he turned me to the mirror to see it. He slapped my
other cheek, "That's right, slave," as he read the tattoo, "You are my
`Nasty Pussy.'"
Look for "Part Three -- Obediance" coming soon...Questions/Comments...boy4daddy23yahoo.com
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