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Dec 2001 00:39:04 -0800
From: zone
Subject: THE MIDNIGHT ZONE Turned AroundWho can judge what we say or do on the road of life? Or top sites nymphets where that road may
take us. Tonight, we will meet a young Black man on his own road of life.
A road that will lead him to an unexpected destination, where he will come
face to face with himself, in THE MIDNIGHT ZONE. nymphet boylove "TURNED AROUND"
By C.H. Jones Copyright December 2001 At twenty-four, Rocky was looking his best. He stood on the dark
street corner at two a.m. on a warm summer night, holding his dick in his
left hand so that the imprint of it would show in his tight fitting Guess
jeans. A sight that would be complimented by the curvature of his nicely
rounded behind. It seemed those pants were made just to fit him. He was of
medium height, brown-skinned, with a slender build. A nice thick chest
pushed its way through his white A-style undershirt. More curves. Arms,
shoulders and nymphette 13yr chest. Muscular, but not quite Hercules-out. He raised up the
bottom of his undershirt to reveal not just a little rippling stomach, but
also to show how the top of his jeans were unbuttoned, with the ends of the
belt hanging down. He knew he looked GOOD. He knew he was ALL THAT, with a
bag of chips, and a free soda. What he didn't know was how long it would
last. How long would it be before he took on the gaunt, emaciated and
ragged look of all his piper buddies he'd met out here. How long before...
But that didn't matter right now. What mattered now, right now, was the
desperate desire. The team nymphets bbs white rock. The high that he would need if he were
going to get his dick hard. The rock, the high, the never-ending oh nymphets
cycle that
had brought him out here, to meet the men of his dreams. Jackson and
Hamilton. They'd been famously dead a long time. But they were his
connection. To the rock. The pipe. The high. THAT, was all that mattered.
That was what brought him out here tonight, and all the nights before. He
never wondered why he just seemed to know just what to do to get the
faggots attention. He knew what they wanted, and how they wanted it. It
felt like he'd know it all his life. It seemed so natural.
But fuck all that right now. A car was approaching. Slowing down as
it passed him. Rocky moved his left hand up to rub across his bare
stomach. Both heads in the car turned toward him. Rocky shock nymphets grabbed his dick
again, holding it up and forward, in case anyone had missed it. His dick
wasn't hard, but it was still big enough to be clearly seen. The car
slowed and pulled over to the curb, and Rocky went running after it. He
didn't care who was in it. It really didn't make much difference. A trick.
A hit. Maybe, even a victim. But mostly, a means to an end.
"Yo, what's up?" Rocky said, looking into the car at the two
inside. They looked all right, he guessed. Nice clothes. That means they
ain't broke. Then his eye was caught by the wad of cash held in the hand of
the guy in the passenger seat. Then, Rocky opened the driver's door and
slipped into the back seat behind the driver. "What's up, Yo? You lookin'
for somethin' to do tonight? I got that dick, nah wha I mean?" Rocky
grabbed his dick and pulled it forward a little, and spread his legs open,
to make sure they saw it. nymphets cp He hoped his clothes didn't look too dirty, or
smell too bad. He'd already had them on for a couple of days. "Nice HARD
dick", he lied. "Could be worth a lot to you, nah what I mean?" Rocky
waited for a reply.
"Is it like that?" the passenger replied. Which was real good, he
was the one with the money.
"It's all like that Yo." Rocky.
The passenger seat got out of the car to climb into the back
seat. Rocky nymphet lol links started to wonder. It's two of them. And just him. But that
meant twice the money. Then, a pretty big guy was sitting next to him. He
was a dark skin, nice looking younger natural nymphet portal guy, not too much older then himself.
But he was really built. And had no shirt on at all. Massive arms and
shoulders, cut and curved like Rocky had never seen. Rippling. Chest
several inches thick. Damn, Rocky thought. He'd never... wait a minute, I
ain't about that. This is about that money.
"What's you name?" asked the big guy. "I'm Rocky, the bitches call
me rock hard, nah what I mean? They be on my dick." Well, they were
once. "What's your name?"
"Chill", the big one replied. He reached his hand across his
marvelous chest to shake with Rocky. Hands clenched gently. I can handle
them Rocky thought, nymphets met tgp both of them. "Yea", Rocky started, "so how little young nymphets
about some
ends man, nah wha' I mean?"
"All right dog," Chill said, "we can nymphette models top list
do something."
"Well let's go," said Rocky. free photos nymphets girls "You got your own place I know."
"Yea, not far away," said Chill.
The car started off up the street.
"So how much you holdin'?" Rocky.
"How much you askin'?" Chill.
"Fifty" Rocky said hopefully, "fifty dollars, both of y'all."
"Wow, that's a pretty big bite," Chill said. "What I get for all
"You get all this dick", Rocky
"Well, I don't get fucked," Chill said. "I go in the other way, nu teens nymphets young you
know nymphets nude girl what I mean. That's what I'm into. Tim's never been fucked either."
"That's all right", Rocky said slyly. "We might be able to do
something." He'd never been fucked before either. He'd just have to get
that money and then get while the getting was good, he thought.
"All right," Chill said. "I can do that."
"You can?" Rocky said, trying not acrobatic nymphets bbs pedo to show his surprise. Damn, he
thought, fifty dollars just by askin' for it. And from them both. A hundred
dollars. The rock. The hit. The high. Big time. "That's both of y'all
right?" he asked again, just to be sure.
"Yea, a hundred dollars," Chill said. "You look good enough,
especially in those jeans."
All right Rocky though, it's on now. Just one more thing he would
need. "Yo, we nymphets young modellist got to make a stop, nah wha' I mean?"
"Stop where?" Chill asked.
"You know, down by the row," Rocky said.
"The row?" nymphets undressing Chill.
"Yea, down on 5th Street," Rocky. Down where they have the flavors.
The rock. The hit. The high. "You know," he said again. "They got the
flavors. Keep you dick hard all muthafuckin, night. Nah what I mean. Dick
be hard as shit." Rocky waited anxiously.
"Naw, we can't do that man," said Chill. "I stopped that shit a
long time ago. I'm clean now, you know. I work out. I got my own studio.
Photography studio. We take pictures of fine dogs like you. And some of me
too. It's doin' good. I'm also a rehab counselor. I work with dogs just
like nymphets cuties galleries you. We have a halfway house not far from here." Chill gave Rocky a
sobering look. young nymphets having sex "But I don't think you want to hear about that right now, do
Rocky squirmed in the seat, feeling a deepening, sinking
disappointment. "Naw, I really don't," he said quietly. This might not be
as easy as he thought. extreme nymphets
It might be a very long night. What am I going to do
now? he thought.
"You can get out if you want," Chill suggested. "We'll take you
back where you were."
"No," Rocky said quickly. "Naw, let's do this." Let's get this
The shower was just the right temperature. Pleasantly warm water
pored down softly on them all. Rocky was standing in between Tim and
Chill. All naked and wet. A hot light bulb warmed the air around them.
Rocky felt like he was wrapped inside a blanket. He felt strangely secure.
He couldn't stop feeling Chill's body as he rubbed soap all over his chest,
his arms, his shoulders. He'd never felt such an attraction
before. Couldn't understand why...
"You look real good," Tim free nymphets model
said to Rocky. First time he'd said
anything. He was a little taller then Rocky, about the same height as
Chill. But more slender. And just as cut, and curved. A `V' shaped torso,
leading down to a nicely shaped ass. Nice and round. And strong. Rocky had
his hand all over it applying the soap. Skin smooth as silk. Just like
Chill. Smooth. Strong. Both Tim and Chill were very masculine. Rocky had
stopped thinking of them as faggots. Right now he wasn't sure what he
thought, of anything. His whole focus on Tim's ass, and Chill's... dick. It
was long and fat, and had been hard for some time. Standing straight out
from the junction of Chill's large, shapely thighs. And coming his way, it
seemed. Rocky tried to take his mind off of it. He looked at Tim. His dick
was really hard. A little longer and just a little slimmer than Chill's.
There was an air vent blowing hot air on them as the got out of the shower.
It seemed to dry them as soon as they stepped out.
They all walked out of the bathroom and down a short hallway to the
bedroom. It was a really nice place. Rocky noticed a small table in the
hall with a silver bracelet watch on it. As he passed he noticed that the
bedroom door was on the same wall, so you couldn't see from in the bedroom.
"A shower feels good sometimes, doesn't it?" Chill asked.
"Yea, I guess it does," Rocky said. "So, let's get started," he
said, "you got to give up the money first," looking Chill in the eyes as
hard as he could.
"Ok," said Chill. He reached into the pocket of his pants, which
lay on a chair, and removed some cash. Counted out some, and gave it to
Rocky was thrilled. A hundred bucks. He hadn't had that much
since... "Yea that's alright," he said. "Ah, look, I got a secret place I
put my dough, you know. I can't let anybody see; nah ha' I mean? How `bout
I just go to the bathroom for a minute?"
"Ok," Chill said.
Rocky grabbed up his jeans and disappeared down the hall, returning
in just a minute or two.
Now the moment had come. Rocky stood naked, in-between the two of
them. Tim in front, and Chill behind him. Rocky had planned to get out of
this, but just what that plan was he didn't know. All he knew now was that
he was in the middle. All he knew was that he couldn't take his eyes off
of Tim. He couldn't stop himself from feeling all over Tim's arms and
chest. He looked down now at the very hard dick that was touching his.
Rocky's dick had been limp up to now. But that was starting to change. He
felt it beginning to stiffen up a little. He felt strangely overwhelmed. He
had always messed around in the street. In an alley. In a car. He'd never
been so close to a naked man.
"So ah, what's up," Rocky.
"Don't you know," Tim.
"Well uh, I've never been fucked before," Rocky said softly. "I
don't really go that way, nah wha' I mean?"
"You didn't say that before", Chill said from behind him.
"Well, I uh..." Rocky
"You had your ukranian nymphets bbs
chance to get out private gallery nymphet of the car," Chill continued. "And
you've already taken the money. So, what are you going to do now?" Chill
What was he going to do now, Rocky thought. Suddenly, Rocky became
aware of Chill's hands on his thighs. Soft, smooth hands gliding gently up
to his nicely rounded ass. He felt Chill's big hard dick rubbing against
his ass. Parting his checks. Now sliding up along the crack of his ass and
almost reaching his back as Chill let out a sigh. The two of them walked
Rocky slowly to the bed keeping him in the middle. Then Tim put his hand on
the back of Rocky's head as they slowly lay down across the bed. Then Tim
guided Rocky's head until his dick went into Rocky's mouth. Rocky felt
Tim's dick throbbing in his mouth. He choked a little each time Tim pushed
his head down on it. Forcing him to push his head back against Tim's
grip. Rocky had never done this before, and he wasn't sure how to feel
about it. How should he feel about it? He didn't know. But he kept sucking
it. Slowly and gently. Now Tim guided Rocky's head to lick his balls.
Pubic hairs were in his mouth. Gently Rocky sucked on one of Tim's nuts.
Gently rolling it around in his mouth. Easing it back and forth. Then that
long dick slipped back into his mouth, and he sucked it some more. And some
more. Rocky started to worry a little now. He knew from his own
experience, not recent experience, but from experience that something was
going to happen, soon. He didn't know if he was prepared for it. Then Tim
stopped. As if for no reason. Let go of Rocky's head, and got off of the
bed. Rocky felt a sense of relief. But for only a moment, because Chill
took up the position and, grabbing Rocky's head, slipped a much fatter dick
into his mouth. The action started again, as Rocky sucked on Chill's big
dick. He choked a little more african nymphets illegal fucking this time as the dick reached the back tiny nude nymphet
of his
throat. Forcing his head up against Chill's stronger grip. Up and down on
the throbbing fat dick. Was time standing still? Or did time even matter
now? He could only keep sucking that dick, and feeling it throb. Chill let
out a sigh. He slid his free hand down Rocky's back until it found Rocky's
ass. A finger fitted itself in between Rocky's nymphets pics clips cheeks and found the ass
hole. Another finger was felt. And then something else. Something cool and
slippery. Then the finger opened Rocky's ass hole and made its way in. It
didn't hurt. It felt... Rocky wasn't sure. But now something else was
happening. Chill's dick seemed to come alive suddenly. Something warm naked russian nymphet was
filling up the back of Rocky's throat, and he had to swallow it. Rocky
wanted to move his head, get it out of the way, but Chill's grip was too
strong. He had to swallow it again, and again. And then a few more times.
Until finally, it stopped. Now, in the stillness that followed, he could
taste something. Not quite nasty, but not entirely good. Rocky didn't
know. He did know he'd just done something he knew he'd never do. But it
was done now.
Chill moved slowly from in front nymphet cherries
of Rocky and positioned himself
behind and on top of him. Chill had slipped a condom over his big dick, and
fitting his legs between Rocky's, and began guiding them slowly apart.
Rocky let him do it without objection. Feeling... Rocky was now trying not
to feel anything. But Chill's big hard dick had now found Rocky's prepared
ass hole, and slipped its way in. It hurt. It hurt a lot, and Rocky moaned
and cried out loud. His face screwed up and his teeth clenched. He almost
didn't leotard nymphets vlad even feel it as Chill's big dick slipped up in him. All the way up
in him. Filling him up like nothing had ever before. He tried to get away
with all his might, but Chill had grabbed him around his chest and shoulder
and held him real tight as the full length of the world's biggest dick
locked itself in place. Time did stand still. The world became unimportant
and was forgotten.
"Ahhh..." Chill said softly, "come on baby, take that dick, take
all that dick. I know you want it."
"Take it out," Rocky was finally able to say something.
"I can't take it out," Chill said, "it don't stop `till it's
Rocky didn't know what he going to do now. He didn't think he could
take it. But soon it didn't hurt as much. Chill's dick went in and out
again and again. As it did so, Rocky began to surrender himself to it. It
filled him up like nothing else. Each time Chill stuck that dick up in
Rocky, he let out an "umph" that he did not control. He felt himself spread
open by Chill, giving up links porn nymphets a part of himself that he thought he never
would. He had somehow become very relaxed. All that had been tense was now
not. The biggest dick was slipping in and out, in and out, to a rhythm he
tried to keep up with. Each stroke nn nymphettes became easier and easier to take. And he
was taking it. Taking it up and up in him. Then Chill stopped and changed
his grip on Rocky. Chill raised up a little, and positioned his legs
outside of Rocky's. He managed to turn Rocky over on his back without
removing his dick from Rocky's ass hole. Rocky's legs went up into the air,
and for the first time he really looked into Chill's face. Dark brown, and
handsome. He'd never allowed himself to think that before. But "uhh", that
dick was still finding its mark, getting right up to the hilt. Up into the
pleasure center. Pleasure center? Don't think that way. It's about that
money. That hit. That illegal child nymphets rock. That high. But Rocky threw his arms around
Chill, who had his arms around Rocky. In an ever-tightening embrace as the
action reached its climax. As both of them said "Ahhh."
Rocky saw himself high up on a ledge. It was dark and he didn't
know where he was. But he could see himself clearly. He was naked, and he
looked old. His face, which was once very fine, was now gaunt. His body,
which was once all that, was now thin, emaciated. What had happened to him?
Now he felt scared, real scared. And he fell off the ledge, into the
freezing water. He couldn't swim.
"HELP, SOMEBODY... HELP!" Rocky cried out.
"I angels nymphets video can't help you," said someone. It sounded like Chill's voice.
"Grab the Life Line," said Chill's voice.
Rocky saw a bright orange rope in the water and tried to reach
it. "I CAN'T REACH IT. HELP ME!" Rocky cried.
"You don't want to reach it." Chill's voice said.
"This is what you really want, isn't it?" Now it was Tim's voice
that Rocky heard. He turned in the direction of the voice and saw Tim
standing naked on top of a kids nymphets
large clear bottle with a giant white rock in
it, floating in the water. "You can reach this, can't you?"
Rocky reached out and grabbed the bottle with the rock in it, and
then sank below the surface of the water.
Now Rocky was back in the bedroom with Tim and top 100 nymphets net Chill. Tim was
laying face down on the bed in front of Rocky, who was knelling on the bed
in-between Tim's legs. Tim had his arms over his head, and Rocky could not
take his eyes off of Tim's nice round tight ass. Tim's cheeks were spread
so that Rocky could see his ass hole. Now Rocky's dick was big and hard,
harder then it had been in a long time. Rocky could feel the desire welling
up within him, but he felt ashamed.
"You feel ashamed because of THEM." Chill said from girl nymphets pic behind him.
"What? What are you talking about?" Rocky.
"THEM, all of THEM. The THEM who control your life." Said
Chill. "You think I made a faggot out of you because of THEM."
"I ain't no fucking faggot!" Rocky replied.
"No you're not," Chill said softly. "And neither are we. But you
think you are. You think you are because you got fucked. And because you
WANT to fuck Tim."
"How the fuck do you know what I want?" Rocky.
"Because you know." Said Chill.
Rocky was silent for a moment. Something was nymphetsland bbs
going on and he didn't
know how to deal with it.
"Why don't you do little virgin nymphette
it." Said Chill. "You want to, and so does
Tim. It will be his first time. And now you can actually do it."
Rocky looked at Tim lying on the erotic pink nymphets
bed in front of him.
"Alright, fuck me daddy." Said Tim.
Rocky's dick was hard, and Tim's ass was ready. Rocky slipped on a
condom real quick, and youngest nymphet pic before he knew tight nymphets what he was doing, he was making Tim
take the world's biggest dick right up his ass.
"Uhhh...Take it out!" Tim cried. "I can't take it!"
"You gonna have to take it," said Rocky. "I know how you want
it. You want it like THIS!" Rocky nymphets petite
said as he thrust his big hard dick up in
Tim's tight ass nymphets 11 yo hole. Tim let out another cry as Rocky stroked him real
good. Tim's ass hole was really tight. Tighter then any pussy Rocky had
ever angel nymphet pic had. Hotter then anything he'd ever imagined. It gripped his dick like
a vice, and Tim groaned and cried even more as Rocky tried to bust that
ass. Bust it real good. Just the way he wanted it.
"You didn't know it could be this good did you?" Chill asked. "What
would THEY say if THEY could see you now?"
Rocky was too busy to even hear the question. But he could feel
Chill's presence behind him. He could feel Chill's warm breath on the back
of his neck. Could hear Chill's voice in his ear. As Chill stuck the
world's biggest dick up in Rocky's tight ass hole. Now it Rocky's turn to
moan and to cry out. Cry out with pleasure.
"Did you know life could be this good?" Chill asked softly in
Rocky's ear. But Rocky couldn't answer. With Tim below him, and Chill on
top, Rocky could only know that he was in another world. A tight ass hole
around his hard dick as he stroked it without mercy. As Tim almost screamed
in delight. As Chill's biggest dick went up in Rocky's tight ass hole, nymphette gallery childfuck
he almost screamed with delight. Rocky on the down stroke, Chill on the
down stroke. Tim up on the down stroke, Rocky up on the down stroke. The
rhythms of the three bodies in motion seeming to synchronize them as
excitement reached a fever pitch.
"You can have it like THIS," Chill said softly. "It is what you
really wanted. I know it is because you know it is. But you can only have
it if YOU want it. It has to be what YOU want, and not what THEY want. That
THEM who controlled your life and told you what you should like. What do
you think THEY'RE fantasies are about? Do you even know? Why don't YOU
tell THEM what it is that YOU want."
Rocky wasn't sure what was being said. He only knew that he was in
another world of pleasure. A world he never thought existed. A world he
never thought he deserved. He was ready to bust that nutt. It was ready
NOW. Tim was ready NOW. Chill was ready too.
"You can have life like THIS," Chill said quietly.
Suddenly Rocky found himself back in the freezing water, naked,
weak, and fighting to stay alive.
"Or you can have it like THIS." Chill's voice was much louder
now. Loud enough to be heard over the splashing of the water. Rocky had a
death grip on the bottle holding the rock.
"HELP ME, SOMEBODY. HELP ME!" Rocky cried out.
"I can't help you," Chill said. "Only YOU can do that now!"
"NO! NO!"
"HELP!" Rocky cried out as loud as he could, sitting straight up in
the bed. It woke everyone up.
"You alright dog?" Chill asked softly.
Rocky sat still on the bed for a moment, realizing how wet with
sweat he was.
"You alright?" Tim asked. He and Chill both looked at Rocky. "I,
uhh, I got to go to the bathroom," was all rocky could say.
After a shit and another shower, Rocky stood looking at himself in
the mirror. His face was as it had been. He still looked fine. He still had
his body, his old sexy self. But he was still scared.
"You must have had a drug dream," Chill was explaining over the
kitchen table. "It happens when you start to go into withdrawal. If you
want I can give you a ride to the halfway house. It could turn your life
around. But you have to want that."
Rocky kept his head down, eating the bacon and eggs that Tim had
made for everyone. It was his first real breakfast in, how little nymphets video galleries
long? "No,"
Rocky replied to Chill's suggestion. "I'll be alright. I gotta go," he
said. That rock. The high. It had been a long night. Now it was time for
some real satisfaction. He'd worked hard enough for he thought. I deserve
"Well," Chill began, "you got a hundred dollars and a Rolex
watch. Not to mention a fine body. It could look nice in some pictures. Or
something else could happen to it. Something else could happen to the money
and the watch too."
A flush of embarrassment came over Rocky. "How did you know I took
the watch?" he asked.
"I know," Chill replied, "because you know."
Rocky felt guilty now, for the first time. He pulled the watch out
of his pocket and started to give it back. "I'm sorry," he said, "here."
"No," Chill said, "you keep it. It can help you get to the meetings
on time. Unless something else happens to it."
Rocky left the house and walked as far as the corner. The sun was
coming up now, and he took the card Chill had given him about the rehab
center. He stood looking at it in the early morning light.
"Unless something else happens to it".
Rocky couldn't forget the dream he'd had. It seemed to have been
too real to be a dream.
"Why don't you tell THEM what you want?"
That rock. That high. What will he do now? Rocky wondered. He stood
looking back at underage nymphet portal the house he'd just left. He started walking back. Who can judge what we will say or do on the road of life? Or where
that road will lead us. If you hardcore nymphet sex ask them, they will undoubtedly have an
opinion, one way or another. But in the long run, the opinion that means
the most, the one that decides where we end up on the road of life, is the
one we have of ourselves. Thank you for joining me this evening. And I hope you will join me
again, next time, for THE MIDNIGHT ZONE. .
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