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Related post: Date: Tue, 14 Mar 2000 18:09:15 -0500 (EST)
From: Chris G
Subject: turnabout part 10The following story contains scenes of sex (and yes, even love!) between
young males. If this comes as a surprise to you, I can't even begin to
imagine what you are doing here. My hope is that you will enjoy my story,
and that you will let me know what you think at cgalt08yahoo.ca-TEN-The kiss just went nymphet bbc on and on. At some point, one of Josh's hands came up
and rested on the back of my head. It illegal cp nymphet didn't push. I felt nothing but the
warmth of his body spreading into me as he gently rubbed up and down
through my hair and onto the skin of my neck. At some other point, we
toppled over from our kneeling positions and lay side by side on the deep
warm carpet, wrapped in each other's arms, lips still glued together. I had
never before little nymphet non nude experienced such warmth, such intimacy, such a feeling of
caring, of giving and receiving love. 12yo nymphet nudes And I had thought that these were
things that Will had shown me. Had I been wrong?As we had gone side to side, our bodies had come together. I felt the exact
moment that Josh's hardness and mine met. There was an almost simultaneous
reflex to pull away, followed immediately by another one to push
together. Our two poles rubbed slightly together, then came to rest. For
some reason, neither of us seemed to want to move the focus down there. We
accepted what was happening to us physically, and let it go at that.No, the focus was on the join at our nymphets baby lola top mouths. It seemed as though neither
one of us had made the first top xxx nymphets move to bring our tongues together. It had
just happened as simultaneously as had the meeting of ukraine nymphetes
our cocks. Now nymphets nudes underage anal
were taking turns gently pushing into the other's mouth, sucking on the
offered flesh, probing, tasting, and welcoming the same attentions in
return. There was the occasional gentle murmur or moan of pleasure, but
there was nothing forced. My hands gripped the back of Josh's shoulders. He
still held the back of my head in one of his, while the other was placed
flat against the small of my back where I felt his heat radiating into
me. It seemed that the heat from his hands was having almost as potent an
effect on me as his mouth.Finally, although I had no idea of how long it had lasted, the kiss
ended. We moved ever so slightly apart, and lay gazing into each other's
eyes. Neither of us said anything for the longest while. Then, Josh brought
one hand up and began gently tracing the contours of my face. I wanted to
copy him, and did. The silence went on and on as we touched each other, the
gentle stroking seeming to have the same effect of reassurance and love on
both of us.Josh heaved a big sigh and spoke. "David..." That was all. He just breathed
my name.As he closed his mouth again, I ran my thumb over his lips. "Say that
again," I whispered to him."David!" he said again, although this time it sounded huskier. My thumb was
still at his mouth, and as he finished speaking he took it between his lips
and closed them around it. His tongue began gently stroking up and down. My
head started to spin. I moaned and tightened myself against him. The hand
he still had at my back pulled me even more firmly against him.He let my thumb go and nymphets naturism photo relaxed the tension of his arm just slightly. We
returned to gazing at each other. Time had lost all nymphets thongs meaning. I had no
notion of how long any of this had lasted. Josh spoke again, this time just
breathing the word, "Wow."All I could find to say to that was, "Yeah."He shook his head slightly and said, "I think I'm in love."I looked at him even more closely. His gaze was steady, serious, slightly
awe-struck. There was not the faintest hint of falseness showing
anywhere. Either he was a consummate actor or this was for real.Before I could say anything in return, he continued. "David, I think you've
got some stuff to tell me." And he moved himself nymphets pure slightly back, disengaging
his arms from around me.I sat up, cross-legged, beside him. My erection had subsided. underage nymphets gallery Josh
continued to lie on his side, looking up at me. I swallowed, hard. "I told
you I wanted to tell you everything, but it still isn't going to be
easy. Before I do, I just want to let you know that what just happened here
was the best thing I've ever experienced with another person." I staggered
to a stop. Had Will disappeared so completely from my thoughts?Josh's hand came out and rested on me knee. "Thanks. I can honestly say it
was for me too. And it hasn't been easy coming to terms with myself. You've
made that happen a whole lot easier than it could have."I smiled down at him, and put a hand over his. That warmth again. I'd never
felt anything like the connection I seemed to have with him. And I just
opened my mouth and told him so.Josh shook his head. "Whoa! Head rush! Every time I think I've gotten used
to how direct you can be, you just blow me away with something else." His
hand turned, and he laced his fingers through mine. "I get the feeling
you're nymphet virgin hardcore
really nervous about this. Don't force yourself. Don't feel you're
obligated to say anything.""I have to do this, Josh. I've been so screwed up in the head for the last
couple of weeks I feel like I'm going to come apart if I don't get myself
squared away. You're the best reason I can think of to do it, seeing as how
you're such a part of it all."And so I started. I started right off by telling him how I'd been
fantasizing about him. I felt the rush of blood to my face as soon as I'd
said that, but he did nothing more than continue to gaze calmly and
seriously into my eyes, and mine never left his. His hand continued to hold
mine, and his thumb at some point started to stroke the back of it, very
softly and slowly. I told him about Will finding me in the midst of my
sorrows, and how our mutual loneliness and isolation had nymphets password
brought us
together. I told nymphet nude under 8
him about how we each seemed to ls barby nymphet change because of the
other, and how his campaign against us had driven us further together for
support. And then I told him about what had happened that morning, with
Will presenting a new and decidedly different nature."And now there's you." I stopped and took a deep, shuddering breath.Josh propped himself up on one elbow, then came up beside me and put an arm
around my waist. "And now there's me," he repeated in a very soft whisper
at my ear. He lightly brushed his lips against my cheek. "You have been
through it, haven't you?"We sat like that for awhile, Josh's arm around me, his other hand still
holding mine, nymphette girl sexe
still stroking it with his thumb. He spoke again. "I don't
know what to say, besides telling you again how sorry I am to have caused
you so much grief." He hung his head."It was worth every bit of it," I replied. And I turned and lightly kissed
the side of his head.He looked up at me. "David, this may sound awfully stupid, but... but I
think I love you.""Doesn't sound stupid at all. I think I love you.""But how... how can it happen this fast?""Don't know. Don't care, really.""OK, then. What about Will?""Ouch! And you call me direct?"He half laughed, half snorted. "But seriously, David. How do you feel about
Will now?""Bewildered. I mean..." I paused and considered. "He actually scared me
this morning. The one thing I didn't tell you, which I think I should now,
is how we spent this weekend." And I told him, stumbling over just how to
put it into words, about the sexual marathon we'd had. Josh actually
winced, but then he tightened his arm around my waist, holding me closer to
him. I rushed on. "So when he came out with that last thing he said, about
'getting on with our sex art nymphets loving', it sure didn't sound as though it had
anything to do with love."Josh's head bent again, litlle teens nymphets but I could see he was thinking about what I'd
said. He looked back up. "So, what is love, David?""Wow. Maybe we should deal with the theory of relativity first and get that
out of the way." I'd reverted to my flippant self, afraid of where this was
going.Josh didn't even respond to the flippancy. He just repeated, "So what is
love?""Not what you do with your body," was the first thing out of my mouth. I'd
surprised myself again. I said it with a considerable degree of force, and
started to shake. "The thing about what Will said, the way he said it, was
that it reminded me of... of..." I started to choke up, "... of what I did
to you in the locker room." And I squeezed my eyes shut, trying not to see
the replay of my hand reaching out, touching Josh in the intimate ways I
had, twisting his whole body into that final, heaving revulsion. I squeezed
my eyes more tightly closed, and two big tears broke loose and trickled
down my cheeks.Josh reached out and stroked one away with his thumb, and then I felt his
lips against my cheek, and his tongue whisking the other away. And then his
lips were at mine in a gentle kiss. His whispered voice eased into my dark
mind. "You did what you thought you had to do to protect yourself. You know
that. I know that. It's over now. We're both here, and we're both OK."I threw my arms around him and he promptly lost his balance and fell
backward to the floor. His arms came up around me and he yelled, "Uncle!
This doesn't give you a license to beat up on me every time you feel like
it!" I couldn't help laughing and he did too, with that wonderful, rich,
bubbling laugh I'd loved from the first moment I'd heard it. The tension
was broken, and we lay in comfort, me with my chest against his, the rest
of me angling off him, our arms wrapped around each other. I put my head
down onto his shoulder, my nose shoved into the side of his neck. He
smelled so good.Josh reached up and stroked my hair. "Mmmm, I love how this feels," he
murmured."Yeah," I whispered back.Another one of those long, timeless stretches. "David?" Josh finally said."Mmm?" I responded. I was almost to the point of drifting off to sleep."What about Will?"I was wide awake again. And I didn't want to be. I heaved nymphet russian nudenymphet girlie nude myself up off of
Josh and went back into my cross-legged seat. He put his hands behind his
head and gazed up at me."I don't know about Will. I really don't think I want to see him again
after this morning.""Are you sweet ukranian nymphets
sure? Do you think he really deserves that?""I'm not sure, Josh. I already told you, and I don't mind saying it again,
he scared me. And when I put what's happened between us up against how
things happened with him, it just seems to show even more how free nymphets pictures wrong the
stuff between nymphets girlies him and me was.""Well, from all you've said, isn't there just the slightest chance you may
have misinterpreted what happened this morning? Remember, you've been
pretty wound up over all this. Don't you think you owe him a chance?"I just stared at him. Finally, I said, "I can't believe you. Here you are,
saying you think you love me, and then urging me to have another try at
saving my relationship with Will!""I really do think I love you. And that's why I want to make absolutely
sure that if we go on, you're going to be going on with a clear mind and a
clear heart. You've got to do this, David."I sighed deeply. "Yeah, you're right. How do you manage to be right so
often?" I smiled a quirky smile at him.He just grinned and tapped the side of his head. "Kidneys!" he quipped.I absent-mindedly checked my watch and burst out, "Holy shit! Rosenblatt!""Excuse me?""This morning--English class--my head wasn't there--Rosenblatt
kicked me out and told me to check in with him after class today. It's 3
o'clock now!"Classes at our school ended at 3:20, and Rosenblatt would be waiting for me
to show up at his room.Josh said, "No probs! Trans Am power!" And his eyes gleamed mischief.* * * * *At 3:21, the TransAm slid into the very same space we had left at noon
hour. I took a moment to uncross my eyes and to make sure my head was still
in the same plane as the rest of me.Josh reached over and grabbed my wrist as I started to bail. "I'll be
waiting for you," was all he said.I stopped and turned to him. "You don't have to do that.""Yes I do." He said it with such understated seriousness that I could have
no doubt of what he meant."OK." I bailed.I walked into Rosenblatt's room. He wasn't there. Will was."So where have you been?" The question had sharp edges all around it."How come you're here?" I asked calmly in reply."I figured you'd have to report. But then when you didn't show for
afternoon classes, I wasn't so sure. I guess you have some sense left of
what's right.""So what's that supposed to mean?" I was starting nymphet index bbs
to tense up."Just where were you?" The edges were getting sharper. Look out you don't
cut yourself, David."With a friend." I was trying to keep it simple."I don't suppose that 'friend' was Josh Barrett?""And if it was?" How much more nude nymphets thai juvenile could we make this? Maybe the way I
could keep from frying myself on this was to make a game out of it."Ah, Mr. Preston. You're here." Neither of us had heard Rosenblatt come
into the room. He turned toward Will. "And you are...?""Leaving!" said Will, forcefully. He turned on his heel and stormed out.Rosenblatt didn't say anything right away. Actually, he kept his eyes on
the door Will had just rushed through for a few moments. Then he turned
them on me. "Is this perhaps part of what was on your mind this morning?"
he asked.Damn that blush! I could feel the red rushing into my face. He had asked me
the question, sounding not at all professorial, more like a nymphet dark portals concerned
friend. The whole tone of it threw me completely off. If he had only
behaved as I had expected him to behave, typical teacher keeping a kid in
after school, wanting to punish him for his misbehavior, I could have kept
up the necessary front. But this! How was I going to answer him?"That was a very upset young man," Rosenblatt continued. "Is he... a
friend?"I was so off-balance that I just met him on the same ground. "I'm really
not sure any more," I said slowly."Do you believe in the power of speech?"I looked at him quizzically."Do you believe that speaking, always trying your best to communicate with
other people, is the way to resolve problems?""Well," I said with some hesitation. I was still addressing him as though
he weren't my teacher and I wasn't his student. "Not talking is what got us
into this in the first place, and then talking after your class this
morning only made nymphette pissing it worse.""I see," was all he said. But it was an opening, and I surprised myself yet
again on this day of surprises by taking it."What happened was that when we did talk, he ended up not sounding like
himself. He became somebody different, and actually somebody I didn't like
the sound of.""Do you think he was speaking from his true self?""I'm not sure what you mean.""Well, I'm sure you realize that many times when we say something to
somebody, we are actually speaking for effect. It comes from wanting a
certain reaction, or from wanting to create a certain feeling, or perhaps
it comes from something we're reacting to and haven't really understood
ourselves. Do you think how he talked to you this morning was that kind of
thing, or was it real and sincere?""I... I don't know.""How will you find out?""I suppose the only way to do that is to talk some more.""Very likely," said Rosenblatt. "I think naked nymphetes
maybe that's what you should go
and do now, if you can. Then, if all goes well, you'll be with us tomorrow
in full mind."I sat there for a few moments just looking at him. Probably really seeing
him for the first time. He just gazed back at me, waiting. Finally, I
said, "Thank you, Mr. Rosenblatt. Thank you very much.""You're welcome, Mr. Preston. I'll see you tomorrow." And he turned to some
papers on his desk.I left his room and slowly walked down the hall toward the stairs leading
down to the lobby. Could I have misinterpreted what Will had said? little nymphet fucked I
couldn't help but hold this morning's conversation up against everything
that Josh had said to me during our time together since last night. Did all
that Josh had said come from his 'true self'? It had sure sounded like
it. Plus there hadn't been any of the pressure that I'd felt from Will
during our talk in no nude nymphet the park.I was turning all of this over in my mind when suddenly an arm shot out,
grabbed me by mine and yanked me sideways. I was pushed into the underground nymphet pedo
washroom and when I young angels nymphets got myself reoriented, I found myself confronted by a
very angry Will."All right, let's hear it.""Let's hear what?" I said, as calmly as I could. I figured there was no use
protesting his treatment of me. He obviously wanted to get down to
essentials, and I thought that the sooner we got to them, the sooner it
would all be over."Where were you?" He spaced it out, saying each word with great force."With Josh." Simplest is best, I thought."FUCK!" he exploded. He whirled, and slammed his hand flat against the
wall. The sound reverberated around the room for a while. Then he faced me
again. "So I'm not good enough for you now?""What is that supposed home nymphets girls
to mean?" I countered. "Josh decides he's been wrong
about the way he's been treating us, and has the guts to apologize to
us. Don't you think that deserves something in return?""Oh!" responded Will, dripping sarcasm from every word. "The way he's been
treating 'us', huh? Don't you mean the way he's been treating you? I was
just along for the ride!""He apologized to you, specifically, didn't he?""Only because you were there, and he wanted to nymphets country thumbs suck up some more. Or maybe
just to be sure he nymphet nude porn could suck some more?" With this, Will shoved his crotch
forward suggestively.I felt my face twist with disgust. "You're sick!" I blurted."Yeah!" he shot back. "Sick of being lied to!""Lied to? You have your mind absolutely made up that Josh and I have had
sex, that no more has he said 'sorry, David' than we're in bed together?"
My voice was rising shrilly, I was so upset. I stopped and took a big
breath, trying to regain control. "Maybe you just want to believe he's been
behaving the way you have."Will's eyes widened. "And what is that supposed to mean?""Simple. Think back. How fast did you get me in the sack?" I was cringing
inside as soon as I said it. It was so crude, so unfair really. But I had
to find out where he was coming from with this stuff. Why was he so
convinced that Josh and I were lovers already?Will's face went white. Without a second's warning, he launched himself at
me and slammed me back against the wall, his forearm across my throat. My
head rang from the force of the impact and I blinked rapidly, trying to
regain focus. He stood in front of me, chest heaving, color slowly coming
back into his face. His eyes bored into mine. His arm was heavy, not
cutting off all my air, but enough so that I had to work at it to get some
into my lungs and out again."David, teen nymphet gallery
David, David!" he croaked. "How could you say that to me? Davy, we
love each other!"I gasped in enough air to answer, "Funny way you have of showing it!"His other hand came up swiftly and backhanded me across the face. "Bitch!"
he yelled. "I'm going to teach you..."He didn't get a chance to finish. Suddenly he was lifted from his feet, his
arm came away from my throat, and he went flying to one side. And Josh was
there.Josh was there. A white-faced, very tense, vibrating young asian nymphet
with repressed rage
Josh. He looked at me, seemingly to gauge what sort of shape I was in, then
over at Will, who was just now propping himself up on one arm from his
prone position on the bathroom floor, and shaking his head.Josh looked back to me and took a deep breath, trying to calm himself. "Are
you OK?" he said very quietly.I had one hand up, massaging some life back into my throat. I nodded
briefly and croaked, "Yeah, sure."Josh turned his attention back to magazine nymphet bbs Will. He moved over towards him as he lay
on the floor. Will glanced up at him once, then looked back away from the
two of us and over to the far wall."What is with you, man?" Josh asked, still very quietly.Will made no answer. He just slowly picked himself up and then moved toward
the door. Josh moved to block him. He didn't raise a hand, but Will
flinched away as though he saw a move coming."Listen," said Josh. "I'm not touching you again unless you try something
smart. Not that I wouldn't like to do more than just touch you after what
I've seen you do. But you're going to tell me what is going on before you
leave here. How can you treat him like this? After what you've had
together?"Will looked over at me. "Oh, so you've nymphets cp bbs tgp told your new boyfriend all about
us, have you? Couldn't wait to have a good laugh about that?"That shocked some life back into me. "Laugh? Will, come on! What would
there be fucking little nymphet pics
to laugh about? Will, man, you saved me! You brought me back to
life! You cared about me! And I care about you! How can I be laughing at
you?""You care about me? Well, there's a laugh all right. You care enough about
me to drop me the moment shit face here says one kind word to you. Yeah,
that's what I call caring. Oh yeah, he can pound on me all he wants to, and
you just think it's great cause he isn't doing it to you."Josh still stood between Will and the door, watching the interplay between
us quietly. He didn't try to get involved; he just let us keep on talking."He punched you in the stomach that first day. Nothing else. And that's
what you call pounding on you all he wants? Come on, Will, you've got to
tell me. Where are you getting all these notions from? Why are nude child nymphet you so
convinced I want to dump you?""David, you've got to tell me something. What does this guy mean to you?"I had to think fast. Josh was listening. Will was waiting. Neither one of
them deserved to be lied to. Or about. "He means a lot to me." Will's head
snapped up almost as though I'd socked him on the jaw again. "Now wait,
Will. It's not a question of my choosing him over you. It's not a question
of someone getting left out. Josh and I have had a pretty bad round the
last little while. And something happened that brought it to a head. The
good thing is, we worked through that and, as unlikely as it seems, it's
made us friends. I think I've found a good friend. And cp tgp illegal nymphet I also think you can
be included in that."Will let out a snort and shook his head. "Well, thanks for nothing,
pal. Just what I've always wanted to be. The proverbial third wheel. Looks
like you've made your choice, David. I hope it proves to be a bad one."
Then, looking back at Josh, he said, "Do you mind?"Josh looked at him a moment, then stepped aside. Will moved to the door,
pulled it open, very little nymphets then looked back at me. His face was twisted up in a
snarl. "One piece of shit little nymphets book should be with another." He yanked the door hard,
slamming it back against the wall, and was gone. Neither of us moved or
spoke until the door had sighed shut once again.I couldn't move. I was replaying the last minute or so, trying to figure
out where Will had come to to be able to talk like that. Josh came up to me
and put his hands on my shoulders. He didn't say anything. He seemed to
have a knack for knowing when not to talk. I shook my head, hard, wanting
to toss out what we had just been through. nymphets porn toplist
But there was no way.I looked at Josh. free magic nymphets photos He was videos naked nymphets
gazing at me patiently, waiting for me to decide
what I wanted to do next. Tears formed and I angrily dashed at them with my
hand. "Fuck! I can't seem to do anything without crying over it."Josh released my shoulders, but kept standing very close to me, letting me
feel his warmth. "I don't know how you could keep from crying over
something like this," he said softly. "I mean, it's not like I knew him
from before this, but from illegal nymphet incest pics what you've told me, I could see how different
he was just now. I don't know what to tell you now, David. I encouraged you
to try and deal with him, and now I see how impossible that seems."I took a deep, shuddering breath. "Oh god, Josh, what am I going to do?""Right this moment, nothing. Except come back home with me and try to
forget about this."I looked at him. I could see a kind, caring person in front of me. It's
what I had seen in Will too. Was this destined to go the same way? Would
Josh end up turning on me as well?He must have seen the hesitation in my face. He read it right. "David, you
have to have trust. Will I turn out like Will? I don't think so. But to be
brutally honest, there's no guarantee. Look where I came from. Could I go
back there? Possibly. But you got me out of that, and I got you out of
this. Together we're making something good. Let's have faith in it."I stood, thinking. I tried to reason it through. Then I thought, fuck
reason. I held out my hand and Josh took it, then squeezed it. We moved
toward the door together, and walked out.* * * * *This brings to an end the first series of Turnabout. But not to fear:
David, Josh, and Will cannot fail to return in Turnabout Series Two.But before they do, I need to hear from you. There has been a fair bit of
reaction already to this first series, and lines are being drawn between
those who cannot imagine Will being treated in the way that I have made him
go, and those who favor the David-Josh pairing. There are even some who are
sorry for Will, but "understand that he had to go".Well, did he? What do *you* think is going to happen with the three of
them? Or, more precisely, what do you think *should* happen to them?Several of you have told me that what has happened in this story has
reproduced, more or less accurately, things that have actually happened to
you. I would love to hear about that too. Have you heard of the therapeutic
power of writing? Try it. You don't nymphets child sex have to be an author. Just tell the
story. I have a ready and a sympathetic ear, and my mind is not already
made up.If you're the sort of person who reads through the stories in this archive
and says to himself, "I should write to this guy and let him know what I
think about this stuff," and then never do, I urge you to really do it this
time. Think about what you've read, and let me know the results.I'll be looking forward to hearing from you. Write me at cgalt08yahoo.ca
Remember, that's .ca at the end, not .com. We Canadians like to be
different.Meanwhile, Turnabout Series Two won't be around right away, but it will be
here eventually. I humbly ask your patience, and thank you for joining me
in this first series.Chris
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