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From: Chris Reed
Subject: Turn of an Unfriendly Card - Part TwoThis story is the property of the author. You may keep a copy on your
computer for personal enjoyment, however if you wish to publish or
distribute the story then you must get the permission of the author.
This is the second part to Turn of An Unfriendly Card.
Lyn's Regression
By Chris "Hello" "Julie, can I move out there with you and Lydia? I can't stay here
any longer." "What has happened? Are you okay?" Julie replied as she motioned
for Lydia to pick up the other phone. "No nothing has happened... or rather is has; you know the girl
that you got your first apartment at college with?" "Yes" Julie said." "She is back with a vengeance. " Lyn said as a fresh batch of tears
started rolling down her face. "I see." Julie said with hesitation in her voice. "Well, why don't
you take the first flight out and then you, Lydia and I can talk about
this." "I am at the airport now. There is a plane leaving in thirty
minutes. With the time difference, I should be there at five your time. I
can't thank you enough for this. I know we all can be as happy together as
we were in college. Thank you!" Lyn said as she hung up. She dried her
tears and let out a deep sigh. She felt better already. She was going back
to her friends, they were the only ones who could help her to be the person
that she wanted to be and not the person she currently was. As Lyn was picking up her bags and heading for her plane, Julie and
Lydia sat down at the kitchen table to discuss their wayward friend. They
had just gotten home from work to eat lunch, which was quickly forgotten. "What do we do with her? I love her to death but she cannot depend
on us to straighten her out, every time she gets into trouble. She has to
learn how to be the person she wants to be on her own." Lydia told Julie. "I know. I feel the same way. I would love to have her here with us
but as you said, she has to be happy with herself before she can truly be
happy with us. So what do we do when she gets here? "She said she had become the girl you first moved in with, and then
we treat her that way when she gets here. We can listen to her story and
decide after that." Lydia said. "I don't know what else we can, but will it work this time?" Julie
said as she got up and they headed back to work. Lyn looked out the window as the plane traveled west across the
country. The farther she got from home the better she felt. She knew it
would be like old times and everything would be all right. She tried to
forget about the past few months but there was a person that she could not
forget. That girl's face kept appearing in her mind and no matter what; she
could not shake it from her head. Finally, the plane's wheels hit the ground, Lyn anxiously waited
for the plane to pull up to the terminal so she could disembark. She was
able to get a first class ticket so she was one of the first off the
plane. As she emerged from the walkway that connected the plane to the
terminal, she looked for Julie and Lydia. She looked around twice not
seeing them but then she saw them walking toward her. She dropped her
carry-on and ran to meet them. She hugged Julie first and then Lydia. "Oh god I am happy to see you. You do not know what it has been
like for me without my two best friends around. I can't thank you enough
for letting me come to live with you." Lyn said just bubbling over with
enthusiasm. "Let's get your bags, and we can talk about it when we get home."
Lydia said in a low- key voice. Lyn looked at her and wondered what she
meant but she was so excited about being with Julie and Lydia again that
she quickly forgot about it. She took Julie and Lydia by their arms and led
them to the baggage area where they waited on her bags to appear. She paid
extra to be able to bring more luggage, so they had to get a baggage
carrier to get it to Julie's car. Every time Lyn started to talk about what
had happened, Julie or Lydia would tell her to wait until they got
home. Lyn began to wonder what was going on, Julie and Lydia didn't seem to
be as excited as she was. When they got to Julie's and Lydia's house, Lyn went to the
bathroom and when she can back out Julie and Lydia were sitting on the
couch and the coffee table had been moved. "So you have regressed back to the person you used to be right?"
Julie said in a stern voice. Lyn was taken back by Julie's voice and her stiff body language.
"Yes, but..." Lyn started to say but Lydia interrupted her. "Just answer the question." Lydia snapped. "Yes." Lyn said and she dropped her head, as she suddenly felt
ashamed of herself. "Since you have gone back to the beginning, then so will we.
Strip!" Julie demanded. Lyn looked at Julie and then Lydia and she saw that they were both
very serious. She quickly remembered that she had been in this position
before and she knew that it wasn't going to be fun. Julie and Lydia was a
couple of the sweetest people that she knew and she loved them dearly but
they could be very demanding and forceful when they wanted to be. Ever
since they had reversed the tables on her in college, she was powerless
when they told her to do something. This was especially true when they were
mad at her. Therefore, she immediately started to unbutton her blouse. She
took it off and then looked to Julie to see where to put it but Julie just
sat there with her arms folded across her chest. Lyn folded the blouse and
laid it beside her. She unhooked her bra and took it off exposing her C cup
breasts. She laid that on top of her blouse. Next her shoes and then her
slacks were removed. She took a last look at Julie and Lydia and seeing no
reprieve she put her thumbs under the waistband of her panty hose and
panties and started to push them down. She got them to her knees and then
she had to sit on the hardwood floor to get them on virgin nymphet gallery off. The bare hardwood
floor was cold on her ass and when she leaned forward, she felt the cool
floor press against her shaved pussy. When the panty hose and panties were
off, she started to get up. "Stay where you are and open your legs. We want to get a good look
at the sweet pussy of yours." Lydia said and once Lyn had done that, Lydia
added, "Now lean back a bit, and put your hands on the floor behind you." Lyn did as she was told. This exposed her pussy even more and she
felt her labia open up. In addition, with her hands on the floor behind
her, she knew her breasts were pointed toward Julie and Lydia, giving them
a great view of her naked body. They had her where they wanted her naked
and vulnerable. Lyn knew that whatever was about to happen was about to get
started and she deserved what she was going to get. "Now start from the beginning and tell us what has happened."
Julie said. "It started to go bad when my father sent me to our plant in
Morristown, where we have a plastics injection molding plant." Lyn started
to say but again she was interrupted. "I believe Julie said at the beginning, start from when you left
college." Lydia said. "But you know all that..." Lyn started to say. "At the beginning!" Julie snapped. gallery nude nymphet "Okay, Okay. After you two graduated, you know my mother and father
wanted me to come home and work in my father's business. Since I was an
only child, I would eventually inherit the company. I probably should have
known better, but I did as they wanted. It started out good as I worked at
each of the departments for three or four months. I really enjoyed doing
this, I was treated just like any other employee, and I admit I learned a
lot about the business. After a year and a half there, my father had me
work as his personal assistant. This was where I probability started down
the wrong path. You know how my father is. There is nothing that stands in
his way, if he wants something then he goes gets it and he does not care
about anything but what he is after. I also was able to see how he treats
his employees, which is worse than he treated my mom and me. I mean he
treated them like dirt. When they didn't do things that suited him, he
would fire them. He would chew anyone out at any time. He did not care
about anyone's feelings." Lyn began to feel uncomfortable at this point as
this was beginning to hit home. The floor began to get harder and she had
to shift her butt to relieve some pressure. After she found a better
sitting position, she continued.
"I took in everything that he did and I saw how he bought more and
more companies thus expanding his empire. Slowly he had me start doing some
of his dirty work. He would send me to one of his new companies and then
report to him what was going on. At first, I tried to put the best light on
everything I saw but after being chewed out by my father a few times, I
started to do things his way. I know that was wrong but you do not know
what it is like to be chewed out by my father. He would bring up everything
I have ever done wrong in my life. I would always end up in tears after
talking to him. I nymphets porn teen porn did not feel good about it but I saw no way out. I kept
telling myself that when I ran the company then things would change. That
is what got me through the times that my reports to my father got someone
fired." Lyn had to adjust her position again. Her butt was hurting and she
knew the worse was yet to be told. Now her shoulders were starting to
hurt. What was worse was the coffee she drank on the flight here was
working on her bladder. "I assume that this was when we stopped hearing from you, right?"
Julie asked, already knowing the answer."Yes it is." Lyn responded as she looked away from Julie. "That is what I thought. Maybe that should have given you a clue
that things were going in the wrong direction." Lydia added. "Yes." Was all that Lyn could say. "Well, continue on." Julie said, with disappointment in her voice. "After a year of this my father bought that plant in Morristown,
this is the plant I started to tell you about before. I was sent there and
by now, I was getting good at making my reports to my father. I knew what
he wanted to hear so that is what I looked for. The plant manager was a
nice man and he did a good job with the plant. However, I knew my father
did not like nice guys. Therefore, I made my report that the manager was
coddling his employees and thus not getting the most he could out of
them. He was not a slave driver, as my father was. Therefore, he fired the
manager and to my surprise, he replaced the plant manager with me. He gave
me only one directive, "Get production up by fifty percent." Lyn felt the tears start to well up and before she knew it, she
started to cry. She did not want to tell Julie and Lydia what she did next;
she was too ashamed of herself. She felt the tears run down her face and
her nose began to run. With her hands on the floor behind her, she could
not do anything and Julie and Lydia were not moving. She cried for a good
five minutes and when she got herself back under control, Julie got up and
gave her a box of tissues. As Julie did this Lydia got up and brought Lyn a
tall glass of water. Lyn sat up and blew her nose. She shoulders were sore
and her butt was killing her. She calmed herself and drank down the glass
of water. "If you have gotten that out of your system then you may continue."
Lydia said flatly. Lyn blew her nose one more time and then she put her
hands back on the floor behind her. "I knew I had two if not three strikes against me with these
people. I was the one that got their manager fired and then I was the one
who replace him. So the first morning I called a meeting of the managers. I
told them that things would change around here and I expected results. I
then told them I wanted ideas by the following Monday on how to improve
production. I spent the week prowling the plant keeping everyone on his or
her toes. When Monday arrived, I told everyone that I expected to hear some
good ideas. The first person up was the engineer and he presented his
idea. It sounded good to me but then to tell the truth I did not know much
about production. When he finished a red headed young woman spoke, and she
said that we couldn't do this. I jumped up and asked her who she was and to
explain why in the hell that we could not do this as it would increase
production. She said that her name was Sharon and that she was the Quality
Control Manager, and she gave her explanation. I then pointed to her and
said that was the reason why their manager was fired. It was this type of
thinking, why something would not work, and not why it would. I knew then
that this woman would be the person who I would use to keep the others in
line. My father hated quality control people, and so I naturally had to
hate them. I saw her face go as red as her hair and she sat down. For the
rest of the meeting I would make a point of asking her why this or that
idea would not work. To beat it all she would continue to give me reasons
if she thought it was the wrong thing to do" Lyn was now really feeling her bladder and the need to pee was
getting worse so she interrupted her story to ask, "Can I go to the
bathroom? I really need to pee." "No finish your story and then we will see." Julie stated. Lyn was not sure that she could last that long but she had to
try. She continued with her story. "When it came to her turn to give her
ideas on how to improve production, I passed over her and went to the next
person. After the meeting, I made an appointment to see each manager to go
over his or her ideas but I intentionally left her out. I wanted her to
know that I thought that her ideas were of no concern of mine. Throughout
the week, I met with each person and got some good ideas but I was not sure
that any would work. They sounded good but I felt like none was what I was
looking for." Lyn felt the pressure on her bladder increase and she knew she
would never last, so she interrupted her story. "Ah, I really need to
pee. Can I please go to the bathroom?" "Oh for Christ's sake, can't you hold it?" Lydia asked. "No I really have to go!" Lyn said as she pleaded her case. "Okay, just sit there a minute." Lydia said and Lyn watched as she
grabbed Julie by the hand, then leading her out of the room. Lyn began to
rock on her buttocks. She was about to pee all over herself. A couple of
minutes later she saw Lydia enter the room carrying a plastic garbage bag
and Julie had a folded blanket in her arms. She watched as Lydia laid the
plastic bag on the floor in front of her and then Julie placed the blanket
on top of that. "Sit on that blanket." Julie instructed Lyn, who did as she was
told but she still had to go. It was then she realized what they expected
her to do. If she were going to pee then it would be on the blanket right
in front of them. Lyn decided that she was not going to let them see that,
she was going to hold it in. "You can go on with your silly story now." Julie said and this
really pissed Lyn off. This was serious and not a silly story. Lyn got her
back up and continued with her story. "Anyway, the next Monday I had another meeting and everyone
presented their revised ideas or a new idea. Again, I skipped over
Sharon. I saw her face go red when she realized that she was not going to
be allowed to give any ideas. When the meeting ended, I asked if anyone had
any reasons why any of these ideas would not work with the exception of
Sharon, as we all knew she would find something wrong with all of the
ideas. This really turned her face red and I could see she wanted to jump
up and tell me off right then and there. Everyone else, of course, kept his
or her mouths shut. They had learned to not say anything I did not want to
hear." Lyn felt her bladder spasm and she felt a drop or two of pee leak
out. She had to stop talking to try to stop her bladder but then she felt
another drop leak out. Lyn looked at Julie and Lydia and they were smiling
at her. Lyn felt another spasm and she felt her bladder let go. She opened
her legs a little further to keep the pee off her thighs. She looked down,
saw the pee flow from her pussy, and puddle on the blanket before soaking
in. Lyn felt her whole body redden from embarrassment. Lyn did not bother
trying stop the flow now and she let her bladder empty, which seemed to
take forever. She felt the blanket under her butt warm from her pee. She
knew that she was now sitting in her own piss. Finally, her bladder was
empty and the last few drops dripped from her pussy. "I bet you feel better now." Julie stated then she turned to Lydia
and said, "Man, did you see that cow pee. I have never seen as much piss
come out of anyone before." "You got that right. I bet she is thirsty now after losing that
much liquid. Let's go get her some water before she dehydrates on us."
Lydia replied as she got up. Lyn watched as they went to the kitchen. She
wanted to get up and go beat the shit out of them. They made her piss on
herself and then dared to laugh at her when she did. "Here drink both of these." Julie told Lyn, handling her first of
two big glasses of water. Lyn started not to take them but she knew better than to cross them
at this point. She gulped the first glass of water down and then took a
little longer on the second one. She knew they were trying to make her pee
on herself again. They knew she could not control her bladder. When she was
done with the second glass of water, Lydia got her a third. This one she
sipped on as she went back to telling her story. "As the weeks went on, we tried some of the ideas but none seemed
to work and most actually made production worse. My father would call every
afternoon to get the day's production reports and then he would pound me on
what I was doing. It got to the point that I hated the afternoons and his
call. He made me feel like an idiot and I started to take my wrath on
everyone else. As they say, underage nymphete "Shit runs downhill" and I made sure that it
did. However, I saved my best for Sharon. I let her have it whenever I
could and I did not care who was around to see me. If she were out on the
floor doing an inspection, I would come up to her and tell her that she was
defecting too many parts. I did not care that there were other people
standing there listening to what I was saying to her or how I was saying
it. Of course, at any meeting that we had, she was chewed out for some
reason or another, even if I had to blame her for something she had nothing
to do with. " "And then came today..." Lyn could not go on as she started to cry
again. Lyn let it all out and she began to sob. She put her hands to her
face and just cried for a good fifteen minutes before she could get herself
back together. She got a tissue and blew her nose. She looked at Julie and
Lydia who sat there impassively. She so wanted them to come to her and hold
her. But who would want to hold her after the way she had treated
Sharon. She did not deserve to be treated nicely, beside who would to get
close to someone who was sitting in her now cool piss. "So what happened today?" Julie asked trying to sound hard but this
time not quite pulling it off. "My father called early in the morning and told me to get my shit
together or he was going to disown me and put someone who knew what the
hell they were doing in charge of the plant. This upset me greatly and I
just lost any ability to reason. I called a meeting and told everyone that
if we did not get production up then I was going to fire them all. I did
not care how long they had been with the company or what their position
was. I then pointed to Sharon and said that it was people like her, who
were killing production. They only knew how to kill good ideas and not
come up with any. She jumped up and said that I would never listen to any
of her ideas. Moreover, if I would think then I would know that that what
she had been saying was right. The ideas that she had put down didn't work
when they were tried. This really pissed me off and I told her to shut up
and sit down. I then told the whole group that Sharon would not know what a
good idea looked like even if it hit her in the face. She started to stand
up but then she stopped as I stared her down, daring her to get up and say
anything. However, I could see the hurt in her face and eyes. I ended the
meeting repeating my warning that everyone would be fired if they did not
get it together. I then went back to my office. I was so pissed and upset
then I went to the bathroom that's attached to my office. I splashed some
cold water on my face and then looked into the mirror. I saw the dark
circles under my eyes and the stress on my face. Then I started to look a
little deeper and instead of seeing myself, I saw Sharon's face and the
look on her eyes as nymphets best erotic
I told everyone that she was worthless. Then my face
reappeared and I could see more than the stress. I saw someone that I
thought was long gone. All of a sudden, I realized that I was not seeing
myself in the mirror but I was seeing my father. Then I began to think
about what Sharon had said and I knew every word was true. I knew it had
gone wrong somewhere along the line. I started to cry and I cried all
afternoon. Later that afternoon, I found myself at my desk and I saw that
picture of the three of us at Six Flags and I knew I had to get back to you
two, where I would be away from my father and thus could go back to being a
person that I could live with." Lyn said as she finished her story. She
looked at Julie and then Lydia in the eyes trying to read them but she was
not sure what they were thinking. Suddenly she was afraid that they would
not want her back. This hadn't occurred to her until this very moment.
Julie and Lydia didn't say anything and the wait for them to speak was
driving Lyn crazy. She was about to say something when Julie spoke. "I think you lied to us." "No everything I have said is the truth. I swear!" Lyn pleaded as
she felt her heart sink. "Oh, I believe your story. I know what you said was true. But when
you said that the old Lyn was back, you lied! What you did to those people
at that plant was much worse than anything you ever did to me. In addition,
what you did to Sharon was unforgivable. And you want us to just take you
back like you had done nothing wrong at all." Julie said with such venom
in her voice that Lyn felt scared. She knew she had done people wrong but
now she realized how wrong she had really done them. "I think we ought to throw her out on the street right now, naked
and with piss all over her." Lydia said and Lyn knew that she meant what
she said. "If I was Sharon, I would have taken her out back and beat the ever
living shit out of her. Maybe that is what we should do. Take her outside
and beat the shit out of her. You game for that?" Julie asked Lydia. Lyn felt fear rise up in her throat. Julie and Lydia were not
violent but she could tell that they were both mad at her and she was not
sure if they were serious or not. Her bladder all of a sudden felt full
again. She was truly scared. "On second thought, I have a better idea. Go get your digital
camera." Lydia told Julie. "Let's take pictures of her sitting in her piss and send them to
all her employees. Don't you know they would love to see their boss naked
and sitting in her own piss?" Lydia told Julie when she came back into the
room with her camera. "That is a good idea. Hey you slut, open your legs farther. I want
a good picture of your pussy and the yellow stain between your legs." Julie
instructed. Lyn looked at both Julie and Lydia and saw that this time they were
serious. Lyn opened her legs and she started to cry. This was so
embarrassing and the first picture was of her crying. She tried to stop sweet young nymphette gallery
that only made her cry more. And after every flash of the camera, she felt
that much worse. She felt like she was worthless. About this time she felt
her bladder let go again and in her misery, she heard Lydia say, "Look, she
is peeing again. Get a couple of pictures of that. I know everyone would
love the see that and I may keep a copy of that one myself and put it as my
wallpaper on my computer." Lyn wanted to strike out at them but she was
defeated. They had broken her. When she finally stopped crying, she looked
up and saw that Julie and Lydia were standing in front of her naked. "You got us both horny, looking at that body of yours. I want you
to lick our pussies real good and then maybe we will let you watch us make
love to each other." Julie said as she walked forward and then straddled
her. Lyn looked up at Julie's pussy covered with brown pubic hair. She
raised her head and started to lick. She did not notice that Julie was not
wet and if fact was far from being excited. Lyn did her best to lick Julie
properly but her heart was not in what she was doing. She licked Julie for
a couple of minutes and then she did the same to Lydia. "Well that wasn't great but I guess it will do. Get up and follow
us to the bedroom." Julie demanded. Lyn got up and dutifully followed them
into the bedroom. Julie turned off the lights and joined Lydia in the
bed. "Stand there and watch us make love, bitch." It was dark in the room; however, there was enough light coming
from the full moon outside the window that she could make out their
bodies. She watched as Julie moved over Lydia and she kissed her. Lyn could
hear the smacking of nymphettes portal
their lips as they came together and then apart. Julie
eventually moved down to Lydia's breasts and Lyn could hear Julie sucking
on Lydia's breasts. Lyn so wanted to join them but she knew that Julie and
Lydia didn't love her anymore. She was not worth love. Lyn started to cry
again. It seemed that was what she had done all day but she couldn't stop
the tears. Lyn wiped her eyes and saw that Julie was between Lydia's legs
and Lydia was now moaning loudly. Soon she heard a slapping noise and she
knew that Julie was fucking Lydia with her fingers and from the sucking
sounds; she had her mouth on Lydia's clit. In no time at all, she heard
Lydia moan loudly and she knew that she just had an orgasm. Julie and Lydia
switched places and now Lydia was working on Julie. Lyn remembered the feel
of Lydia's tongue and she wished that she could feel that tongue on her
pussy just one more time. She knew now that would never happen. She stood
there and listened as Lydia sucked, licked, and fucked Julie to what
sounded like a massive orgasm. She had never heard Julie scream that loud
when she came. Lyn would swear that the windows raddled. Lyn could see
Lydia move up in the bed and she heard them kissing again. It seemed to go
on forever before she heard Lydia speak. "Go take a shower whore; you are stinking up the room. And don't
come back in here until you smell better." Lyn turned and ran from the room. She wanted to get out of here.
She didn't know where she wanted to go but out of here and even out of the
country. She did not think she could get far enough away. When she got to
the bathroom, she turned on the shower and made the water as hot as she
could stand it. When she got into the shower, she started to scrub her
skin. She scrubbed as hard as she could try to get dirt off her. However,
it was not the physical dirt that mattered, it was the dirt inside her she
wanted off, but no matter how hard she tried, she couldn't get it
off. Finally, she gave up and rinsed her body. She dried herself and then
walked slowly into the nymphet 6 yo blowjob bedroom. She did not know what Julie and Lydia had
planned next but she knew she couldn't take anymore more. When she got into
the bedroom, Julie and Lydia were still in the bed and as she got to the
side of the bed, they separated making a space between them. Lyn stood
there not knowing what to do. "Well, don't just stand there. Come on into the bed between us."
Julie said, this time there was something different in her voice. It was
not harsh or cruel. bbs nymphets messages
Lyn was hesitant but she climbed between them. Then they did
something that surprised her. She felt Julie and then Lydia each take one
of her hands. They entwined their fingers with hers. She then felt Julie's
other hand on her chin and she turned it toward her. She felt Julie's lips
touch her lightly and sweetly. When the kiss ended, she felt Lydia take her
chin and turn her face toward her. She then felt Lydia kissed her just as
tenderly. "Do you both hate me now?" Lyn asked afraid of the answer she would
be given. "No honey we don't hate you." Julie answered her. "Even after what I told you? You both acted like you hated me."
Lyn said as she felt a tear about to fall. "No we don't hate you, disappointed maybe, we could never hate
you." Lydia said as she kissed Lyn again. Lyn began to feel a little better
but she knew Julie and Lydia and so she knew they weren't through with her. "Now we are going to ask you a few questions and it is not to make
you feel bad but just to see what you were feeling." "Okay." Lyn said but she was sure that this was not going to be
easy or fun. "First question; what were you feeling when we made you strip and
expose yourself?' Julie asked. Lyn thought for a second before she answered, "Mostly vulnerable." "Okay how about when we wouldn't let you go pee?" Lydia asked. Again, Lyn hesitated before answering, "Very frustrated. I really
had to go and you both did not seem to care." "When I told you to go on with your silly story, what did you
feel?" Julie asked this time. "I got pissed off, this is serious to me and it wasn't a silly
story." Lyn said with a little venom in her voice. "Calm down. We know it wasn't. Just answer the questions for now
and we will get to our point in a minute." Julie said as she squeezed Lyn's
hand that she was holding. This did calm Lyn down a bit but she could feel
her blood pressure rising. "Now what were you feeling when we made fun of
you peeing." Julie continued. "I guess I was both embarrassed and angry. Embarrassed because I
peed on myself and then angry at you two for making me do it." "When we talked about taking you outside and beating the shit out
of you, how did you feel then?" Lydia asked. "I got scared. I thought were serious for a moment." "Okay how about when we started taking pictures of you and
threatened to post them?" Julie asked. "I was very embarrassed and ashamed of myself, especially when I
peed on myself again and you took pictures of me." "Last question." Lydia said. "How did you feel when we had sex and
made you stand there and watch us?" "That was the worst of all. I felt unloved and lonely. I just
wanted to leave and never come back." "Now think carefully before you say anything. You have described
quite a few emotions that we made you feel tonight. Do you think that any
of your employees have felt the same emotions recently?" Julie asked. Lyn didn't want to answer this question but she knew she had too." "Yes." Was all that Lyn could say."Which of your employees would you say felt these things?" Lydia asked."All of them." Lyn said and she wanted to cry again."Who made them feel this way?' Julie asked. "I did but it was not all my fault, if it was not for my father..."
Lyn started to say but was interrupted by Julie. "Stop right there. You father did none of those things you told
us. You did them, didn't you?" "Yes, but..." "There are no buts; you did those things didn't you? You allowed
your father to dictate to you how you would act. You have a free will to do
things but you allowed your father to influence you. But you are the one
who treated her employees like shit wasn't you!" "Yes I did." Lyn said and this time she did start crying. She had
no more tears left but she cried all the same. She cried a few minutes
before she realized that Julie and Lydia was holding her tight and kissing
her on her cheeks. Lyn slowly stopped crying. "I know this will hurt but I have to ask you this." Julie said and
then she continued, "Is there anyone who you made feel worse than anyone
else?" "Sharon." Lyn said and she wanted to crawl into a hole and bury
herself, but there was no hole for her to crawl into. "You know what you have to do don't you?" Julie said. "No don't make me go back. You said that I could stay with you
two." "Yes I did and I meant it but still you have done something wrong
and now you have to own up to it. You have to make up for what you did. We
can't do that for you. You have to do it yourself. We will always be here
for you and you can call us any time of the day. When you have done that,
you can come back to us. You understand why we have to make you do this
don't you?" Julie asked. "Yes, I know but I can't do it alone." Lyn said suddenly feeling
alone and scared again. "You won't have too. We will be here for you." Lydia said and she
hugged Lyn tightly and then Lyn felt Julie do the same. Slowly Lyn began to
feel a little better with Julie and Lydia holding her so tightly. She did
not feel alone anymore. However, she was still scared. It was only when
Julie and then Lydia kissed her passionately, that even that scared feeling
started to ebb away. However, it did not go away completely. Lyn then started to feel Julie's and Lydia's hands begin to roam
around her body and it felt good but she stopped them before they got her
too aroused. "Can you just hold me tonight and then maybe tomorrow we can make
love. Besides thumb nymphets
you two already made love once tonight and from the sounds,
it sounded pretty passionate." Lyn said. "Okay if that is what you want but we thought you could use a
little loving tonight." Lydia interjected. "I just want to be loved tonight. I just want to feel your love." "That will be our pleasure and you do know that we both love you
very much. Neither of us enjoyed what we did to you, even the lovemaking we
faked. I was about as far from horny as I could get. Couldn't you tell that
we were faking?" Julie asked. "No I was so out of it at that point that I couldn't tell. But I am
glad that you told me. And I love both of you so much, even when you have
to do mean things to get me back on the right path." "I think our friend needs lots of hugging and kissing tonight."
Lydia said as she started to kiss Lyn. For the next hour, they both took
turns kissing Lyn and she happily kissed them back. It felt so nice to be
back in their arms again, even if it was only for a short while. The next morning they slept late then after eating, Julie put on a
fresh pot of coffee. They spent the rest of the day going over what Lyn
needed to do and gave her ideas on how to go about doing what she needed to
do. They gave her an example of how good bosses should act, which was their
current boss. The more Lyn listened she more she began to realize that they
were describing someone that sounded a lot like the person who she helped
get fired and then had to replace. This did not make her feel too good but
it did help her in that she had someone that she knew to think about when
she had a decision to make. They also made it plain that she didn't have to
be everyone's friend but she had to treat everyone with respect. There
would be times when she had to be tough but she could be tough without
belittling that person. Once that they had taken care of the plant, Julie
and Lydia zeroed in on Sharon and what Lyn had to do with Sharon. This was
what Lyn was dreading the most. She knew she had treated Sharon like shit
and it would take a lot to repair the damage. They made it clear to her
that she was going have to earn Sharon's respect and that would take some
doing. They gave her some ideas then they sat back and listened to what
Lyn's ideas along this line were. They made a few suggestions to Lyn's
ideas but over all they agreed with what she suggested. Once everything was
ironed out, Julie suggested that they go out to eat and have a nice
meal. Julie said that any conversation about Lyn's problems would be not be
open prepubescent nymphets for discussion and that way they could all enjoy the dinner. They
then went to the bathroom, took showers, and then put on their sexiest
outfits. They then went out for a pleasant evening. "You all had your way with me last night so tonight it is my turn
to have my way with you." Lyn told Julie and Lydia then she took them by
the hands and led them onto the bedroom. Once there she put them with their
backs to the bed. She then started with Julie by taking her face in her
hands and kissed her. It was soft at first then she opened her mouth and
slipped her tongue into Julie's mouth. She kissed her for a couple of
minutes then she went to Lydia. She took Lydia's face into her hands and
kissed her just as passionately. When she went back to Julie, she started
to kiss her but as she did this, she began to little nymphet nude portal unzip her dress. When the
zipper got to Julie's butt, Lyn took a second to grasp each of her butt
cheeks in her hands and gave them a squeeze. She then broke of the kiss and
pulled the straps of Julie's dress off her shoulders and she let it fall to
the floor. Julie was not wearing nymphets pedo toplist a bra so she was left standing in just her
panties. Lyn bend down, took a nipple into her mouth, and sucked it into
her mouth. This caused Julie to moan. Lyn then went to the other nipple
doing the same to it. She gave a last ucrainian nymphets galleries kiss to each nipple then went back to
Lydia. She started to kiss her and unbutton her blouse. When it was
unbutton, she stopped kissing her and then she removed Lydia's blouse. She
then reached around Lydia to unhook her bra and she removed that. She took
Lydia's B cup breasts in her hands squeezing them. She lowered her mouth
to the right breast and took the nipple into her mouth. She sucked on the
nipple and then she bit down gently on the nipple causing Lydia to
moan. She moved to the other breast and sucked the nipple into her
mouth. As she sucked, Lyn moved her hands to Lydia's hips and she unzipped
her skirt. She tried to push it down as she sucked on the breasts but it
was too tight. So gave a kiss to the nipple that she was sucking on and
dropped to her knees. She took the skirt into her hands and pulled it down
and Lydia's panties came partway down with the skirt. Once she got Lydia's
skirt to her ankles, she went back up to Lydia's panties and pulled them
down revealing her full brown bush. Lyn helped Lydia step out of the skirt
and panties and then she made Lydia spread her legs. Lyn glanced over at
Julie and saw that Julie had her right hand inside her panties and was
rubbing herself. Lyn reached over and slapped Julie's hand, causing Julie
to remove her hand from her panties. Lyn then slipped her hand under the
leg of Julie's panties and found Julie's wet pussy with her fingers. She
started to move her fingers up and down Julie's pussy as her mouth started
to lick Lydia's pussy. Lydia was very wet and Lyn lapped the juices from
the outer lips before parting Lydia's lips with her tongue. She licked up
and down Lydia's slit and at the same time, she forced her middle finger
into Julie's pussy. Lyn felt Julie's pussy grip her finger as she started
to move it in and out. Lyn's tongue went up to Lydia's clit and she felt
Lydia's knees go weak for a second. She sucked another second before she
removed her mouth from Lydia naked nymphets websites and her finger from Julie. "Sit down on the edge of the bed girls and lay back." Lyn
instructed. Julie and Lydia quickly sat down and lay back as told. Lyn
moved over to Julie and put her hands to the sides of Julie's
panties. Julie lifted her hips to help Lyn remove her panties. Once they
were off, Lyn dove into Julie's pussy licking the juices that Julie had
produced while she was fucking her with her finger. She did not forget
Lydia. She put her left hand to Lydia's pussy, she used her fingers to
caress the outer lips, and then she went deeper until she forced a finger
into her. As she began to fuck Lydia with her finger, her mouth was busy
licking Julie's pussy. She slid her tongue between the lips and pushed her
tongue inside Julie. She had both girls moaning and she could feel her own
pussy soak her panties with her juices. Lyn went to Julie's clit and began
to lick. This really got Julie going and she pushed her hips up forcing her
pussy into Lyn's face. Lyn got Julie close to a climax then she switched
over to Lydia. She removed her finger from Lydia's pussy and replaced it
with her tongue. She then reached over, inserted two fingers into Julie,
and started to fuck her. She fucked her harder this time since there were
no panties to limit her motion. She also began to lick Lydia hard, moving
her tongue around the outer lips and then inside her. She licked her a few
minutes before going to her clit. She did Lydia the same way she had done
Julie. She licked and sucked on the clit until she had Lydia close to an
orgasm. At that point, she again switched places. Both girls were moaning
and groaning as they both wanted and needed to cum so bad. Lyn knew that
she had teased them about enough so she only licked Julie a couple of
minutes before going to the clit. She now had two fingers in Lydia and she
was fucking her hard and fast with them. When she got to Julie's clit, she
sucked it into her mouth and used her tongue to tease and caress the
nub. It did not take her too long to bring Julie to an orgasm and from the
way she moaned and cried out, it was a good one. She licked Julie through
her orgasm before going back to Lydia. She left her two fingers inside
Lydia and continued to fuck her. She put her mouth over the clit and sucked
it into her mouth. She licked her hard and Lydia soon cried out as she had
her orgasm. Lyn licked and sucked Lydia through her orgasm and then as both
of them recovered from their orgasm, Lyn went back and forth licking their
pussies gently to get all the girlcum that they were producing. A few minutes later, Lyn felt two sets of hands under her arms and
she was pulled up into the bed. The two girls forced her into the center of
the bed laying her on her back. They got on each side of her and started
pulling her dress down. dutch nymphette bbs Lyn had meant to do a seductive strip for them but
she quickly realized that they had other things in mind for her. The dress
was forced downward which was the opposite of how it was suppose to be
removed. As the dress got to her hips she began to hear it tear, but she
did not care. Julie and Lydia could do any and everything to her. Once the
dress was off, Julie went to her bra and Lydia attacked her panties. In
seconds, she was naked. As Julie kissed her, Lyn felt Lydia open her legs.
The next thing she felt was Lydia blowing on her pussy. This sent a shiver
through her body and she moaned into Julie's mouth. Then Julie and Lydia
stopped what they were doing and it was if Lyn was a part of a
well-rehearsed play. At the same time she felt Lydia kiss her pussy, she
felt Julie kiss her right nipple. The next thing the Lyn felt was Julie
sucking the nipple into her mouth and Lydia start licking her pussy. Lyn
felt a moan come from deep within her body and it came out of her
throat. The moan was long and loud. This seemed to spur Julie and Lydia on
as they increased their intensity. Lydia's long tongue went deep into her
pussy and Julie started to bite her nipple. Lyn completely lost control of
her body as the two girls worked her over. Lydia was licking deep and hard,
Julie switched over to her left breast, and she sucked the nipple into her
mouth. Lyn felt like she was in heaven, having the two people she loved
most making love to her. Lydia would go up to her clit every couple of
minutes and tease it until she was close to a climax. Then she would back
off leaving her gasping. Every time Lydia did this, Lyn felt herself
getting closer to a massive orgasm. They worked her body for a few minutes
more then Lydia closed her mouth over her clit and stayed there this
time. Lyn felt her orgasm approach quickly and then it hit her like a brick
wall. She cried out and she clamped her thighs against Lydia's head holding
it in place as she came. When she came back to her senses, she found Julie and Lydia on each
side of her kissing her and gently stroking her body. She started to do the
same to them but they slapped her hands away. So Lyn settle for just
returning their kisses and enjoying what they were doing to her sensitive
body. Slowly she felt her body become arouse again. After her orgasm, she
did not think that was possible but Julie and Lydia knew what they were
doing. About this time, Lyn felt Julie turn her head toward her and kiss
her deeply. As she was kissing Julie, Lyn felt Lydia sit up and then move
around on the bed. As she concentrated on kissing Julie, she monetary
forgot about Lydia until she felt her move between her legs. She felt Lydia
lift up on her hips and a pillow was placed under her butt. The next thing
she felt was something hard against her pussy. She felt Lydia part her
pussy lips and that something hard began to force its way inside her. Lyn
then knew that Lydia had put on a strap-on. The head of the fake cock
popped inside her. She then felt the cock slowly fill her pussy up. It did
not stop until she felt Lydia's pelvis hit hers. She felt Lydia adjust her
knees up under her raised hips and then she felt Lydia withdraw the cock a
few inches and then she force it back in. Lyn let out another moan into
Julie's mouth. As Lydia began to fuck her, Julie's hands went to her
breasts and they began to squeeze and caress them. Slowly Lydia increased
her speed and soon she was fucking her hard. Lyn could hear the sound of
the cock sliding in and out of her and she could feel what the cock was
doing to her pussy. The cock felt so good, as Lydia fucked her. The cock
would fill her up and it was withdrawn only to fill her up again. Lyn
wrapped her arms around Julie as Lydia fucked her. Lydia fucked her for a
good fifteen minutes before Lyn felt her place her thumb against her
clit. It was only a matter of time before she felt a second orgasm approach
and then hit her. Julie did not stop kissing her as she came so Lyn was
forced to moan and kiss at the same time but in reality, she was doing more
moaning than kissing at this point. As she came down from her orgasm, she heard someone tell her to
turn over and get up on her knees. Lyn did as the voice told her and then
she felt something against her pussy. She looked over and saw that Lydia
was beside her nymphets hot video playing with her breasts as they hung down. She felt the
hard thing force its way inside her pussy and as she looked back, she saw
that Julie had put the strap-on on and was now starting to fuck her doggy
style. Julie was moving the cock slowly inside her. Lyn started to push
back as Julie went forward. Soon they got into a gentle rhythm. Julie
fucked her slowly for a long time just moving the cock in and out. Lyn
could feel every inch of the cock as it pulled and pushed on her lips. She
felt the cock fill her to the max then empty her. Lydia was gently pulling
and pinching on her breasts and nipples. They went on like this for what
seem like forever but then Lyn started to need more. She started to push
back against Julie harder and Julie responded by pushing forward
quicker. They were soon fucking hard and fast. Lyn could hear and feel
Julie's hips slap wetly against her pussy. Lyn pushed back harder trying to
get as much of the cock inside her. When she felt Lydia's fingers against
her clit, she knew another orgasm was not far off. When it hit, it hit
hard and she lowered her head to the bed and hugged the pillow. Julie did
not stop fucking her. She felt one orgasm merge from one to another until
she lost count of how many times she had cum. She could feel her pussy
start to get sore from the fucking but she tried as best she could to push
back until she reached the final orgasm and as it exploded inside her she
fell to the bed and somewhere in the back of her mind, she felt the cock
finally slip out of her body. She woke up sometime later and she looked
beside her and saw that Lydia was lying on top of Julie and from nymphets gangbang
movement of the bed she knew she was fucking her. Lyn wanted to get up and
help but she had no energy, Julie and Lydia had fucked it all out of her. When Lyn woke up the next morning, she found that she was alone in
the bed. She rolled over onto her back and then she reached down and placed
her hand on her pussy. She was a little sore but it was worth it. She was
not sure when she would be able to come back for good so this had to do her
for a while. She got up and took a shower. "Well they are still running, I see" Lyn said to herself upon
finding a note on the kitchen table saying that Julie and Lydia had gone
out for their morning run. Lyn got a pan out and started to fry some bacon
and then some eggs. Everything was about done, when Julie and Lydia came
into the door. "Hurry and take your showers, breakfast will be on the table when
you get done." Lyn called out to them. "Sounds great and smells great too." Lydia said as she passed by.
When the showers were done, they sat down and had a nice breakfast. Lyn had
a noon flight back so soon after breakfast, she had to pack up her things
and they headed toward the airport. No one talked much on the drive and
once Lyn was checked in, she found she had an hour wait before she would
board. They kept the conversation light and it was only when the airline
started to board the plane did any say anything about what Lyn had to do
when she got back to work. "I know you can do this. You will be fine." Lydia whispered in her
ear as she kissed her. "We are always here for you. Call us anytime." Julie told her as
she hugged her then kissed her. "I know. I love you both so much." Lyn said as she gave each of
them a final kiss and hug. She then hurried up the ramp before she lost her
nerve. As she fastened her seatbelt, a strange feeling over came her. It
was as if she knew that she wouldn't come back the same person. She knew
that her relationship with Julie and Lydia had changed. She did not know
why she knew that it had, and strangely, this did not scare her. When she got home, she unpacked her bags and checked her
messages. There were several from her father and all were about the
plant. She chose not to answer them. She would deal with him on her terms
and at the time that she chose. She spent the evening doing her laundry and
cleaning up a bit then she took her shower and retired. She tried to sleep
but her mind was working to hard and sleep would not come. She then tried
to read a book to make herself sleepy but that did not work. She turned on
the TV, watched a movie, and tried to sleep but again sleep was not to
come. Finally, she turned off the TV and turned over on her back. She
decided that she wasn't going to be able to get any sleep so she was just
going to relax and think. Before she knew it, she was asleep. The alarm woke her up, and after shutting it off, she lay back down
and thought to herself, "You can do this, you can win them back over to
you." kiss nymphets
She then got up and got ready for work. She was the first one to the plant, so she walked around the
building where the only people there were the nightshift maintenance
men. She nodded to them and then toured the rest of the plant. She
eventually made it to her office and she reviewed her emails. She had a
number from her father but these too she ignored. A little after eight she
told her assistant to call a meeting in the conference room for eight
thirty. Normally she liked to the last one there so that she could make her
entrance and thus make sure that everyone had to wait for her but today she
made sure to get there first. She sat at the head of the table and watched
as her managers came in the room. As soon as each person saw her, Lyn could
see his or her expression change. It was like all the life went out of
them. If they were smiling, the smile immediately disappeared. When Sharon
entered the room, her expression changed but it was not the same as the
others. She was smiling and that did disappear. It was replaced with a
determined look. It was almost as if she was saying that she had gotten the
best of her for the last time. Lyn knew she would have to go to plan B with
Sharon but then she knew all along that she would have to do that. Once
everyone had settled in their seats and opened their notebooks, Lyn stood
up. "I have spent the weekend reviewing what has happened to this plant
since I first arrived and I have come to some conclusions that I did not
like." Lyn saw what life her employees had in their eyes, disappeared. Lyn
hoped what she said next would start to bring it back. "Production has steadily gone down since I have been here. So I
decided to try and figure out what had changed to cause this. The only
change that I could come up with was that a manager that everyone liked and
respected was replaced by me. Therefore, if this was the only change, then
that small nymphette teen
means that I am the problem. You all figured that out long ago didn't
you?" Lyn saw everyone trying to figure out where she was going with
this. She also saw that there were many heads dieing to nod yes. "So that
means that I have to change and I plan to do just that. I need to earn your
respect and I plan to do that. The first thing I need to do is to offer my
apologies to all of you but before I do that, I need to apologize to a
certain person. Sharon," Lyn noticed that Sharon perked up at the mention
of her name. "You said some things to me on Friday that I had trouble
with. You said that I never would listen to your ideas and that the things
you said about the ideas not working were right. Well you are right on both
accounts. I didn't listen to you and you were right about some of the ideas
not working. I believe I told you that you wouldn't know a good idea if it
hit you in the face. I want to apologize to you." Lyn saw the surprise on
Sharon's face but also some disbelief. She would have to work hard to win
her over. "Now I want to apologize to the rest of you. While I have not
treated you as bad as Sharon, I still treated you all badly. I would like
us to start over today. I will do my best to earn your respect and I hope
that with all of your help that we can get this turned around. I want all
of you to think about this and as this week goes along I will come to each
of your offices and we can talk and clear all the air. Thank you" everyone
was so in shock by what she had said that no one moved for a minute.
Luckily, Sharon was the last to leave and as she got to the door, Lyn spoke
up. "Sharon, may I talk to you a few minutes." "I wanted to speak to you too." Sharon replied dryly. Lyn walked
with her down to her office and Lyn shut her door. "Please have a seat. Would you like a cup of coffee or anything?"
Lyn asked. "No, I am fine." "Well let me get a cup and we can talk." Lyn said. "I can probably make this conversation short as I would like to
turn in..." Sharon started to say but Lyn interrupted. "I would like to say something before you do what I am afraid you
are about to do." Lyn said as she sat down with her cup of coffee. "I have
treated you very badly since I have been here and while I apologized to you
in the meeting this morning. I would like to apologize to you personally. I
could give you a number of reasons on why I did that but they would all
just be excuses and wouldn't hold any water. Basically I was being a bitch
who was showing her ass." Lyn saw the shock on what she had just said come
across Sharon's face. "Like I told everyone else, I would like to earn your
respect. I realize that will be hard but I would like the opportunity to
try. I am figuring that you are holding your letter of resignation in your
hand, but before you give it to me, I would like to make you an offer."
Lyn said as she pulled a sheet of paper from her desk. "What I have here is an agreement between the two of us. If you
will agree to stay one month, thus giving me a chance to turn things
around, then if you want to leave I will guarantee your current salary for
a year. I would hope that you would look for another job during that year
but I will not require you to do that. In addition, if you find a lesser
paying job, then for that year I will supplement your salary. If you think
I just trying to get you to stay another month so that I can make your life
miserable, I can only assure you that I am not, but I am also sure my
saying that does not mean much to you right now. So are you willing to give
me a month?" "I don't know. I will have to think about it. How did you get human
resources to agree to something like this?" Sharon asked but Lyn could tell
she was thinking about the offer. ""They don't know anything about the agreement. This is between you
and me. My father would never agree to anything like this. This is coming
from my own salary; none of the company's monies is involved. I would also
ask that you not tell anyone about this." "That is interesting. How long do I have to make this decision?" "I would like an answer today if possible but you can take longer,
if you need too. Why don't I stop by your office at 4:30 and we can talk
more." Lyn suggested. "Fair enough, I should have made my decision by then." Sharon said
as she got up and left the office. Lyn sat back in her chair and let out a long nymphets nn sites sigh. The morning had
gone well but it was just the beginning. She spent the next hour answering
her emails and then spent the rest of the day out and about the plant. She
stayed away from Sharon, not wanting her to feel as if she was putting
pressure on her. In a way she was dreading her 4:30 meeting as she was
afraid that Sharon would turn down her offer. Sharon was the key to wining
over the rest of the plant, if she convince Sharon to stay after all that
had happen then maybe then the rest would follow. However, it was more than
that. Sharon was the key but her plan would not fall through if she left
but for Lyn it was more than that. She was not sure why that was so, but
she knew it was. "So how has your day been?" Lyn asked as she walked into Sharon's
office at precisely 4:30. "Not bad, especially since you have not been on my case any today."
Sharon quipped, and then she put her hand to her mouth as if she was trying
to catch the words that had already left her mouth. "I am sorry. I should
not have said that." "That is okay. I guess I deserved that one." Lyn said as a genuine
smile appeared on her face. "Still I am sorry." "Tell you what; let's start fresh as of today, no more me berating
you if front of everyone of even in private. If I have something to say
then we will do it behind closed doors and I promise to be civil." "Okay, I that sounds fine. I think I can live with that." Sharon
said but there was a lingering question on her face as if she did not
entirely believe Lyn. "Does that means that you will agree to stay at least a month
longer?" Lyn asked hopefully. "Yes." "Great!" Lyn said as she pulled the agreement from her clipboard. "I see that you come prepared. You knew the offer was too good to
pass up." "No, I was just hopeful. I really do want you to stay longer than a
month." Lyn said as she held out the contract. Sharon hesitated a second
before putting her name to the paper. Lyn then signed the contract and
gave it back to Sharon. "Do you want me to make you a copy?" Sharon asked. "No I trust you to keep it." Lyn replied. "How do you know I won't try to change it in any way?" "I don't. But I can't expect you to trust me if I don't trust you."
Lyn said hoping that this was the starting point for their new working
relationship. Sharon took the contract and put it into her case before
coming back to where Lyn was standing. "So do you have an idea on improving production? I never did give
you a chance to tell me." Lyn asked. Sharon stood there a minute and Lyn could tell she was trying to
decide whether to tell her or not. "I may have something in mind but I am
still studying the idea." "Okay, well tell me when it is ready. I really would like to know
about your idea." Lyn said and then she asked Sharon to tell her about what
all her job involved. She let Sharon talk and she made sure Sharon knew
that she was actually interested and wanted to learn. Lyn stayed there
until five then politely excused herself. That evening she called Julie and Lydia and told them how the day
went and they were happy for her that it went as well as it did. Julie
asked her about Sharon, and if Lyn thought, that Sharon would stay longer
than the month that she agreed too. Lyn thought a moment and told Julie
that she thought that she might but it all depended on how she handled
things the next few days. They talked for an hour or so, and then Lyn hung
up and went to take her shower. When she got into bed, she reviewed the
time she had spent with Sharon and made up a plan on how to handle her the
rest of the week. Tuesday through Thursday Lyn spent her morning in her office and
then in the afternoon she spent out in the plant. She made a point to talk
to everyone of her employees at least once. She also made sure to save the
last half hour to hour with Sharon. Tuesday and Thursday they spent that
time in Sharon's office. Wednesday Lyn found her doing one of her
inspections so Lyn walked with Sharon as she did that. Lyn kept their
conversations mostly about work but she did start to elicit other
information from her, mostly general stuff like where she went to school
and where she was from. ""So how has your day been today?" Lyn asked on Friday as she came
into Sharon's office. "Not bad, it is Friday so that always helps." "You can say that again, it has been a long week. I am looking
forward to a restful weekend. I may sleep all weekend." "Does not sound like a bad idea. I may do the same but I am fixing
up my parents house that they left to me so I would say that I will not get
much a chance to sleep but then again I might fit a nap in there
somewhere." Sharon said. "That sounds like you have two jobs going, here and then when you
get home." Lyn said and then almost offered to help but stopped
herself. S

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