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Subject: Turkish Sun - Part 2. Gay / interacial / urinationTurkish Sun - Part 2InteracialBy JonH
I woke up late in the morning in my small room above the village cafe, it
was another hot dry day with a wind blowing dust into the room, after all
the turkish bread I'd been offered and had eaten the nymph girl young night before I wasn't
hungry but ever since arriving in Turkey I'd drank gallons of water. I
went down to the cafe and bought a bottle of the tepid water and drank it
while trying to find out when nymphet model naked the next bus passed through this village, I'd
been told by Aziz that one was due late the next day and because he was
local to the village I hoped he was right. After a few phone calls I
managed to confirm a booking. So now I waited for my three new friends to
take me to 'their' place near a small desert lake.I'd told Aziz that I'd be happy bb underage nymphet to stay and after what happened child baby nymphet
the day
before I was eager to find out how they spent the time here. Talking with
Aziz and his two friends Gazak and Manira nymphets 13 yo
last night I realised that they
saw sex with men as a logical thing to do if they didn't have wives, the
whole idea of being gay didn't enter their minds. They fantasised all the
time about woman but only seemed to carry out lust with men. Aziz I found
out was 28, Gazak 20 and Manira 24, Aziz and Gazak had grown up in the
village but Manira lived in an even smaller village an hours walk away.
Aziz and Gazak both spent most of the year away at an engineering school in
Ankara, Aziz's 5'9 slim and and Gazak's heavier 5'7 nymphet sleepover build had gotten abit
soft now that they'd spent time in college but the both had underlying
strong muscles from growing up in the country. Manira on the other hand
was 5'10, solid build with sun darkened, dusty skin over a body taught with
muscles from a life of hard physical work, he must work alone alot of the
time as he has a real curiosity about the body and is unashamed to ask
about anything it can do.Late in the afternoon Aziz turned up ls magazine model nymphet and we left the village to meet Gazak
and Manira on a dirt track, Gazak and Manira both wore old cotton tunics
down to their nymphet shocking ankles but Aziz was wearing trousers and a collared shirt
like me. As we worked along an empty dusty path Aziz and I talked about
the work we did and what we wanted to do with our lives, occasionally he'd
translate something Gazak said, but after awhile we fell silent and all you
could hear was wind blowing.I didn't really need talk as I was enjoying watching the wind blow Manira's
tunic againest his body, with certain gusts the cotton blew close to his
body and revealed a big firm arse and heavy build, I wasn't sure nymphet model images if the
other three noticed it happening until Gazak turned to face Aziz and a gust
a wind revealed a decent sized semi-hard cock under his tunic. llittle nymphets They saw me
notice the cock but all Aziz said was, "did you eat all the bread?""yes" I answered.Aziz translated my answer for Manira who turned to me and with a friendly
leer and nodded his head. I didn't want to say so but all that bread had
left me constipated which I didn't like as I secretly wanted to show my
arse hole to these three turkish men.The sun was about half a hour from setting when Manira led us through a
thin gap in some very tall cliffs, coManirag out nymphet ls tgp the topsites nymphet other side we came to
a lakeside clearing with three petite nymphete
old palm tree's one of jpg index girls nymphets which had fallen down
and some bushes and tough looking grass which had managed to grow in the
sand, it was a barren place except for the lake which reflected the early
evening little nymphet girls sun.Aziz stripped down to his baggy blue briefs and told me to do the same,
this place was secluded but I hesitated until Aziz told me not to worry as
no one knew about this place, so in my white y-fronts I went down to the
shore and washed the sweat and dust off my face.Aziz said it was time to thank Manira for showing preteem nymphets us this place, sweet underage nymphets I didn't
know what he meant until I saw Manira standing with tunic lifted up to his
waste revealing his dark brown, free nymphet sex google long uncircumsised cock, he held it at the
base and pointed it at each of us. The three of us got close together on
our knee's around Manira, Gazak was the first to lean foward and stick out
tongue to meet the sheathed head, his tongue entered the foreskin and made
swirling motions around the insides. Watching Gazak's lust for this cock
had Aziz and me's mouth watering and desperate for a taste, when the head
of the cock broke through the foreskin Gazak's pursed lips met the piss
slit with a suctioning kiss. This was Aziz's cue to start work on the cock
shaft, he took over from Gazak and with one motion had sucked in Manira's
cock top best nymphets models right to it's base, pulling back slowly revealed a thick 8 inch shaft
hard with lust, Aziz lips slid down the shaft again, pulled back and sucked
with such force that I could clearly see the outline of cock in his cheek.Aziz then pulled his mouth off and with a string of spit down his chin held
Manira's shaft nymphets pics art up to offer me two large hairy sweaty balls, I took a
sweeping lick of each one and then opened my mouth as wide as I could to
take them in and bath them with spit, they tasted musky and sweaty and
rolled in my mouth as my tongue worked them as best as I knew how. Aziz
meanwhile had started back on the shaft and was working up so much spit
that it was running down onto Manira's balls and my mouth, we then swapped
tasks and the taste of turkish tobacco and pre-cum on the shaft was boy nymphet just
how a rock hard turkish boner should taste.Meanwhile Gazak had started to work on me and Aziz's cocks, roughly pulling
our underwear off he was faced with two steel hard cocks, one white and cut
the other uncut but both eager to be cleaned by a young turks mouth. He
went from one to the other smearing spit all over his lips, feeling my cock
tip wipe the back of this free nymphet org wet hole while I sucked all I could out of
Manira's piss slit was going to get me close to cuManirag to early, nymphets info the
other three must have been the same as we all reluctantly pulled away from
each other at the same time. With spit glistening hard ons we waded deep
into the young nymphet blog water to cool off.After a couple of Manirautes standing in our necks up to the water we heard
young male voices, from the echo it was obvious they were nude nymphets photos coManirag through
the cliff pictures of legal nymphets
gap, sure enough two slim, dark turkish men both around 17 came
walking into the clearing. They went towards the palm tree's and from the
way they began hoisting up their big tunics they intended to take a piss,
but before they started they began to speak in turkish and point at our
clothes on the ground. They walked over to the clothes, looked down and
then looked out at us and started to talk, they must have known Manira as
they smiled and waved excitedly, Manira looked them and gave that lewd
smile.Suddenly they both lifted their tunics again, held their flaccid young
dicks and started to piss, sending archs high into the air they made a show
of piss fountains for Manira, after their copious amounts of piss started
to finish one of kds nymphet the boys turned his back to us, hoisted his whole tunic up
to his chest and squated down. I thought he was hairy nymphets
going to piss again but in
the fading light I could see he'd squated in order to spread his arse
cheeks, in the fading daylight I could make out his hole, as I tried to
take in what I nymphet lists tgp was seeing I realised that the boy was taking a dump.
Watching a piece of shit slide out from the boys hole was terrible but
fascinating at the same time, I didn't want to look but couldn't avert my
eyes.With a wave the boys left the clearing. Leaving the four of us standing in
the water, lola nymphets pussy I didn't know what to say but I'd hoped that the other three
were turned on by what we just saw - litte nymphet Aziz finally broke the silence."You eat all the bread?""Yes" I answered."Shit very hard?""Yes. It's too hard""Ah, good. Gazak also very hard. He eat bread to. child nymphette gallerie We help you. Manira
and me will clean your holes, nymphet lover you kneel ukraine nymphets beach nudes
down and we help"With that we left the lake and in the shallow shore water me and Gazak got
down on all fours next to each other with our arses lewdly pointing into
the air and waited. Aziz knelt behind me and Manira was behind Gazak, they
took a handful of lake water and let lovely ukrainian nymphets it trickle down our arse cracks they
then nymphet topless 12yo licked right up our cracks with broad tongues, starting just above the
base of our balls they each took another lick of our arses, they did this
until our crevices were glistening spit in the sunset.Aziz then stiffened his tongue and flicked it over my hole, video clip nymphets from the
shudder coManirag from Gazak I knew that xxx nymphet kidsnymphets models tpg Aziz and Manira did this in
unison, Aziz was making small firm sweeps of his stiff tongue then
occasionally trying to burrow into my hole, the spit and nymphette russian liitle girl
the tongue on my
arsehole was definately relaxing me but I was having trouble relaxing
enough to let go. By the position of Manira's face I could tell he wasn't
having trouble sliding his tongue into Gazak's dark pink and brown hole.
Aziz was using both a finger and his tongue in trying to get past my
slightly hairy ring, I just couldn't loosen up enough as I'd never done
this before, to try and coax me Aziz would take a lick then lean foward and
whisper hoarsley to me;"Come on, you open your hole for Aziz. You let my tongue inside you. Aziz
wants to see what you have for me. I kiss you arsehole, I love it with my
tongue"It began to work, my puckered hole began to open. With his stiff tongue
Aziz pummeled my hole..."Thats it man, I can taste you. I swallow you. nude nymphets Let this turkish man clean
your hole"With that he reached around and grabbed my stiff cock and began pumping.
That did it for me, I could see my lust had taken me over into a whole new
world."Ohhh...that's it. I touched it. Aziz's tongue touched hard shit in your
hole. You push it out, you show me your shit. You look, you look at
Gazak..."Aziz whispered quickly in Turkish and Manira pulled his face away from
Gazak's crack to pussy nymphettes reveal of puckered hole clenching back and forth, small
bubbles appeared in the spit left from Manira's mouth....What a beautiful
depraved sight. My arse muscles started to push shit into position, I knew
my hole would also be puckering and puffing out. Both Aziz and Manira were
puckering their lips and planting them over our holes, they'd use their
tongues to push spit fkk nymphets into our bowels and then dig their tongues in as far
as they could, by the frantic whispers and wild expectant eyes I knew they
were getting desperate, they were drooling over what was only inches from
their long tongues.I turned towards Gazak's sweat drenched, flushed face and saw that he was
like me in being desperate to give the contents of our bowels to the mouths
and bodies of Aziz and Manira, the shit inside us was so hard that to get
it out would involve real strain. I could see Gazak was deliberately
clenching and working his arse muscles trying to get it to move so I leaned
over and licked his face, he did the same to me, our tongues roughly
wrestled in each others mouths. He didn't understand english but in a
crazed whisper I counted in nymphets download turkish..."one, two, threeeahhh"....From the two arses sticking into the air came firm logs of shit, they slid
out with such speed and such force that both Manira and Aziz were hit in
the mouth by our columns of shit, Gazak and I turned around to watch
fascinated by the bbs picture nymphet extra long, extra firm logs that Manira and Aziz
supported with their open hands. When finally nymphet lola rompl vombat our bowels were empty, Gazak
and I lay back in the shallow water and looked up at Aziz and Manira who
held the huge logs lovingingly to their chests, all four rock hard cocks
showed the lust and pleasure in the air. At the same time Aziz and Manira
started to press the columns of shit againest their dark chests, they then
proceeded to lie on top of Gazak and I squashing the shit between our
bodies, we writhed around like animals, the smell was strong but the filth
of it all kept our cocks rock hard and eager.We began to smear it all over our bodies, I grabbed a piece and rubbed it
into Aziz's top 100 nymphets back, he wiped a chunk up the crevice of my arse, Manira
pointed his arse towards my face and I used some of Gazak's shit to
lubricate a finger pumping into his naked nymphets forums bowels, Aziz massaged shit into Gazak's
arse cheeks. After much writhing about in the shallow water some of the
shit was washed of all the rock boners so we eventually worked our was in
69 positions, with water, nn nymphet index shit and sand dripping on my face I took Gazak's
cock into my mouth. I worked my mouth up and down that shaft with such
speed and suction that soon all I could taste was cock juice, Manira was
going down on Aziz's cock with such frenzy that the shit on Aziz's balls
started to get on his face but he appeared not to notice.Within seconds of each other we all started to blow our loads. Gazak had
his cock so deep in my mouth that it's expended head spat cum straight down
my throat in a quanity that I had asian bbs nymphets to drink to keep up. Gazak also was
swallowing all the white cum I could over, all around me was the gulping
sound of lust, of for men in Turkey so in lust that we saw every function
of a turn on and something to share.
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