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From: Gay Literature Class
Subject: "Turkish Delight at Home"This story depicts a consensual sex act between adults, and is a work of
fiction, loosely based on an actual encounter. The names, locations and
places have been changed to protect the horny.
It was a warm spring afternoon as I walked through little nymphet portals the streets of my
neighborhood in New York. Images of my recent trip to Greece and Turkey
filled my memory. Ancient buildings and sweet perfumed air permeated my
memory now like so many days in Istanbul. I pondered my next travelogue and
went about my browsing in shop windows and lazily videoangels nymphets drinking my tea.As I walked through Washington Square park an oddly familiar smell filled
my nostrils. It was a mix of smells - warm fresh food, roasting meats,
distinctly savory herbs - not exactly curry, not really Asian, but
specific. Then it occurred to me - it smells like the bazaars in
Turkey. Had my memory manifested itself outwardly? I continued across the
park when the smell became stronger and I happened upon a few small shops
with Turkish names, and was mesmerized. I had forgotten about the market
only a few blocks from my own apartment. litlle nymphets 12 porno Next to the grocery was another
door I hadn't ever taken much note of, but it, as well, was Turkish in its
distinction. I peered through the window and saw jars of herbs and
medicinals, incense and oils. I went inside and enveloped in the warm,
savory smells of my memory."Hello." The nymphets nude ru
shopkeeper greeted me in accented, but clear English. I said
hello and just turned in slow amazement at the twelve-foot high shelves
that banked every wall."You are here for hamam?" the shopkeeper asked me. "No, just browsing." I
replied with my reflex response.Hamam? A bathhouse? Did he just ask if I was here for the bathhouse? I
turned back to the old man and asked quizzically, "Excuse me, there is a
hamam here?"I was intrigued. In Turkey I had taken the advice of an American who had
traveled many times to Turkey and told me of a number of hamams to visit
while there. Never being a "spa" person, I avoided them, but in my last
days I visited a couple and was glad of the experience. It was a relaxing,
and refreshing experience, and mercifully void of the sexual expectations
of the so-called bathhouses in the U.S."Yes. You would like to come to bathe?" he asked. I talked with the
shopkeeper for a while about the hamam. I was surprised that there would be
such a place in New York. We talked about my recent trip to Turkey, littles nymphet nude and I
told him how much I enjoyed the hamams I had visited there."Oh, I am sorry. This is much smaller. One person only. City does not allow
traditional hamam here. You make appointment for bath?" he asked."Yes." I answered immediately. Perhaps my eagerness nn nymphets
to recapture some nymphet lolas
of my
recent memories overcame me.I followed the old man to the counter, and he opened a large tapestry
book. "Today?" he asked."Sure." My eagerness was jumping in my throat. "What time?"The old man looked across the page of the book studiously, then looked
disappointed. "Today only at 8:30 p.m. Last time of the day, though!"
expressing that last point as movies thumbs nymphets
a bonus."Sounds great." I replied and bounded out of nymphets clips the store.Around 8:20 I entered the store again as a man in his 40's swept the
store. "We close in 10 minutes." He announced to me.Slightly confused, I told him I had made an appointment for 8:30 for the
hamam."Oh yes! Of course. Please come in." he waved me in. "We close the shop at
8:30, but during the last appointment of the day, I am able to clean and be
home by 9." He smiled his crooked smile at me and nodded."This nymphets pics
way please." He smiled, ushered me into a small, but beautifully
appointed room, and handed me a pair of thin-soled rubber slippers. "Please
hang clothes there, towels are on the table." I nodded and thanked him,
and left me.The room was as nymphet sex art
luxurious as anything I'd ever seen in Turkey. Perhaps a
little overdone for the Americans, but still it was nice to sit on such
amazing silk cushions. I removed my clothes, wrapped pedo nymphets porn the small linen towel
around my waist, and put on the slippers. I stood nymphet lo bbs nude
up and caught sight of
myself in the mirror. My time in Turkey had done wonders for my physique,
and broke me of the habit of shaving my body hair. I ran my hands over my
now hairy chest and absently stroked a nipple. I liked my body kiev nymphets
as it
was. Now much nude nymphet bbs photography more muscular, having walked all over Istanbul for a couple
months and regular trips to the gym, I actually had the flat stomach sweet hentai nymphet and
tight rear end that I had at 22, even though I would celebrate my 40th
birthday in less than a month. Just then a tall, thin, younger man in a
breezy white cotton tunic came to my door. "Hello, I am Amir. Time for
steam!" he announced.I followed him down the corridor to a white tiled steam room approximately
the size of nymphettes sex videos a New York kitchen. A pale golden light filled the room and I
could make out two other figures among nymphets girl tgp the curls of steam. The dark, olive
skin and hairy bodies gave testament to their Turkish roots. They sat on
opposite sides of the room, so I attempted to sit an equal distance from
each in the middle. As they had forsaken their towels, I did as well,
folding mine up and sitting on it like a mat.I began to give myself to the swirling steam. It was gently scented of
sandalwood gave the room a distinctly male scent forbidden nymphet little girls
- both relaxing and
invigorating at the same time. The man on the right stood up, stretched and
lay eternal nymphetes
out on the warm tile, with his arms folded behind this head. I admired
his thick, muscled body, and the opportunity that he provided me to admire
him. Realizing my own nakedness, I illegal nymphets galleries decided it would be best for me not to
ogle him, as my arousal would be much too visible, and I wouldn't want to
offend anyone.I opened my eyes again as my young guide Amir entered the room. He handed
me a large white, terry robe that seemed to nude nymphets portal be fresh from the oven. "Put
this on, so you won't be cold." He said, as he helped me into the layers of
warm cotton. "Come with me please." unde nymphet bbs He instructed, and I followed. As I
passed the man underage nymphs nude on the right who I'd been admiring, I noticed a very large
erection protruding from between his legs, with no attempt to cover
himself. Perhaps, I had been too hasty in assuming they were easily
offended.Amir walked me into a very heated, lowly lit room, with the familiar stone
table in the middle - the rotundas of the hamams in Turkey, but obviously
much smaller. The room was beautiful - richly detailed cobalt and ivory
mosaics filled the walls, granite fountains on all sides - perfect in it's
beautiful symmetry and detail."Bathing and massage?" Amir inquired."Yes, I suppose so." I responded. I didn't recall what I asked for before,
but I didn't care. I was enthralled with 3d nymphet lesbian my new discovery, and wouldn't let
costs worry me."Please, on the table." Amir directed me. He lifted the robe off of my
shoulders, and I realized I left my towel in the steam room. I hoped he
would offer me a new one, but he simply nymphette child porn
gestured me onto the table. I
approached the stone table, and he spread out a towel on the stone, and I
crawled naked atop the table and lay on my stomach. The stone was perfectly
heated. Amir walked around toward my head, and slipped a thick, round russian nymphets nude artistic
of plastic coated soft foam under my head. I turned my head to the left,
and laid my arms at my sides. On the other side of the room, Amir lifted
his long white tunic revealing his beautiful hairy young body, wearing
nothing underneath. He took a linen towel from the shelf by his workstation
and wrapped it deftly around his waist. He reached up and ls nymphets kds turned on soft
Turkish music in the background."You have been to hamam in Turkey, yes?" he asked. "Yes, I really enjoyed
it." I answered."You have special Turkish massage and bath today." He smiled at me and
turned to the faucet near the ukranian nymphets models side of the stone. He began to pour hot water
on the stone around me, then across my body - not scalding, but perfectly
heated. Again, somehow relaxing and invigorating."You don't have a towel!" he exclaimed. "I get one for you." "No," I
protested, nymphets video underage
"It isn't necessary." I didn't want him to have to do anything
special for me. "Oh, is okay for you then?" he asked. "Really, it's
fine. Not to worry." I assured him. I had to admit, I never really
understood the illusion of modesty presented by the thin, Turkish linen
towels. The bather and the bathee wore these thin cotton towels that hung
no more than a nymphet sexy stories few inches past the edge of your butt cheeks, and ended up
soaking in the end, but it was somehow part of the modest custom. Amir
smiled and returned to soaking the table and me in steaming water.We walked over to his workstation and unwrapped a cake tiny tot nymphets of sandalwood
soap. He ran dipped it in the basin of hot water and began to lather it in
his hands. He began soaping my feet, massaging the weary soles and ankles
with his strong hands, working the soap in perfect circles around my
skin. He bent my knees up and massaged my calf and shins. First the right,
then the left. I could hear him hum quietly as he systematically worked the
tension out of every pore of my body. He moved his way above my knees to my
thighs, and slid his hand between then, gently pushing them apart. I
obliged and opened my legs to his command, and he began soaping and
massaging my now tensing thighs.As he reached under my thighs, I worried that he would touch, or catch
sight of my growing erection. natural nymphets models The movement of his hands was swift, and sweet nymphet sex he
never managed to touch it, but as he lowered each thigh I winced slightly
as my weight forced my increasingly aroused cock was forced into the marble
below.His work on, and between my asscheeks nearly sent me very youngs nymphette porno through the roof. I
don't believe that he was aware of the effect he was having, but his hands
gave a slow, and delicious torture. By the time he worked his way to my
shoulders, my throbbing erection had managed to subside enough that could
enjoy hot nymphets com the view of his cock swinging clearly under the thin, now soaked
linen towel. As he leaned over me to scrub my shoulders his weighty cock
and balls swung loosely below his towel. It was all I could do to keep my
hands to myself.He then climbed illegal pix little nymphets
russian nymphet gallery onto the table with me and began to scrub my soaped body
with the familiar coarse brush used in every hamam. Usually the rough
scouring would be enough to end any sort of sexual appetite I had, but his
hot wet body next to mine, the hard scrubbing and rhythmic sway of our
bodies, kept my libido throbbing like a bass drum. I could hear him
panting softly as he scrubbed away at my back and ass. I knew nymphet pictures then nymphet cp models that he
was getting into the heat of the moment as much as I, as he straddled my
waist facing toward my feet as he scrubbed my legs. With every lurch he
made forward to scour my thighs, I raised my ass slightly to make contact
with his dangling balls. He moved down slightly to scrub my feet and
ankles, and left his monstrous ballsac sliding between my thighs, making
contact with my own aching balls, and throbbing cock beneath me. His wet,
hairy ass rubbed naturist nymphets
in tandem with mine, I was being teased into near sexual
ecstasy.Swiftly, he jumped from the table and began to pour the warm water across
me to rinse me off. He put his washing cup back on the table and turned to
me and said only "Turn."I could see his excitement beginning to swell beneath his wet, disheveled
towel, as I turned onto my back, my own cock slapping my hairy belly with a
loud, wet "thwack." If he were to be embarrassed or angered at my flagrant
sexual overture, aggressively forbidden in a traditional Turkish hamam,
this would be the time. But I didn't care, I wanted him, and I was sure
that he wanted me too.He turned back, and saw my throbbing manhood. He said nothing, but smiled
at me. He grabbed the soap again, and began to wash my chest and shoulders
down. He worked his way down my chest and body to my pubic region. He
skillfully began to massage around the base of my cock, and softly kneaded
my dangling nuts. He began to wash my cock slowly - sliding the foreskin up
and down the pulsing shaft. With one hand the pulled down firmly on my
ample foreskin, and wrapped the other around the bulbous purple head and
stroked it with this soap-lubed hand. He backed off of my cock in the nick of time, and reached for the
scrubbing brush. He climbed back onto the table and straddled my thighs. He
lifted his wet towel, and draped it like a tent over my own aching
cock. His own cock landed like a weight on mine, and he began to grind my
crotch as he scrubbed my chest and arms. His monstrous cock was hardening
with every stroke. Slid my hands up to his thighs in a daring move toward
his supple ass. He reached back and rinsed off my clean scrubbed chest and
reached for a bottle of sesame oil. He raised off of me, and began to pour
warm, sweet scented oil over my body. His strong, playful fingers danced
across my tingling flesh. He then straddled me again, leaned forward and
plunged his forceful tongue into nymphets 14 year
my hot mouth. We sucked each other's
tongues while our cocks seemed to wrestle beneath us. He let forth a
muffled moan and my hand banana nymphets reached under his towel and grasped his enormous
cock. At least 10 inches long, and so thick I could barely close my hand
around it, ukrainian nymphets children it was naked russian nymphets
on of the finest pieces of man tgp topsites nymphet meat I had ever had the
pleasure to behold. He raised up, and began to pour more warm oil on my
waiting cock. He wrapped his glistening hands around his and seemed to take
great delight in the play of my foreskin.After several moments of torturous handwork, he raised himself over me, and
then lowered his tight ass down onto my dick. Skillfully, and patiently, he
accepted every inch of my pulsing prick. Slowly, I began to reciprocate
with inward strokes of my own. Eventually he was taking all 8 inches of my
meat without any ru nymphets effort. With every down stroke his own tiny nymphetts cock would slide
across my oil slicked belly and he would pant an appreciative note. We were
in perfect rhythm. We rolled among the steam, and oil and wetness. As the
tempo began to accelerate, he ripped off lovely nymphets ukranian his linen towel and I grasped his
gargantuan cock in both my hands and pumped him in tandem with my every
stroke. Soon the familiar change in breath signaled that we were lil nymphet nude both ready
for much deserved release.Within a few strokes, I could feel his monster twitch and throb. He began
to emanate a low moan, signaling the end. His pulsing, engorged head of his
cock lifted and let fly rope after rope of thick, creamy cum, landing
across my chest, in my mouth and around my neck, and with the taste of his
hot essence in my mouth I could restrain myself no more. I drove myself
deep into him and blew load after load of my own into his steaming hot ass.We collapsed for a moment on top of on another panting, and deep kissing -
sharing the copious load he had left across my chest.He climbed off of me, and walked over to a small notebook on his table."You will be on my V.I.P. list. You will always ask for Amir?" he asked."Absolutely." I replied. "Without a doubt."

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