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From: simon jones
Subject: Turkey AdventureJamie had just woken up to the first day of the summer holidays, As soon as
he opened his eyes he looked over at the alarm clock next to bed and it
read eight thirty am.He decided to stay in bed for a while longer as he did not need to do
anything until later in the afternoon as Jamie and his dad were going
Turkey for a two week holiday.After going little kdz nymphet net back to bed for a few more hours Jamie woke up and looked at
his alarm clock once again and it now read eleven fifteen am so Jamie
decided to get out of bed, Jamie then went over to the curtains and pulled
them back to reveal a beautiful summers day no clouds in the sky a perfect
start to the summer.Jamie then went over to the wardrobe and got out some clothes that were
left in there as most of them had already been packed in his suitcases for
the holiday, After getting dressed in some jeans and a random t-shirt Jamie
then went downstairs and saw his dad in the living room and his dad said to
him"Alright son are you all ready for our holiday?" and Jamie then stopped
outside the living room door and walked in and sat down on the chair next
to the sofa and said to his dad"Yea I am all done all my clothes and other things are all packed away in
my suitcase" his dad then nodded in agreement and said "Excellent pretty nymphetes
well we
will leave here at around three alright?" and Jamie then stopped looking at
the television and said to his dad"Sure alright ill go put my cases in the car then" and he then left the
living room and went back upstairs and into his room, He grabbed the two
suitcases that were next to his computer desk and dragged them downstairs
and out onto the driveway.He then opened up the jeeps boot and places the two cases inside next to
his dad's suitcase and closed the boot after him, He then went back inside
before his next door neighbour saw himAs soon as Jamie got back in he went seethrough nymphet
straight into the kitchen and got out
some cereal and a bowl and made his breckfast and took it into the living
room and sat back down on the chair and carried on watching the television
whilst eating his breckfast.After a short while he had finished his breckfast and nymphets danish
took the empty bowl
back nymphets small child into the kitchen and cleaned it and put it away and went straight back
into the living room to carry on watching the televisionAs soon as he got into the living room his dad was getting up off the sofa
and Jamie said to him"Were you going?" and his dad stopped and looked at him and said"I am going out to the car to check everything is alright" Jamie then just
sat down on the chair and carried on watching the television.After what seemed like ages his dad came back into the house and came
straight into the living room and said "Alright are you ready?" Jamie
looked confused and looked at his phones clock and it read two fifty pm he
then got up and turned off the television and said"Sure let's get going" and they both left the house and Jamie got into the
front seat of the jeep whilst his dad locked the house behind himHis dad then got into the drivers seat and said"Alright lets go" and he then started up the car engine and drove off out
of his driveway and out of the estate where they lived and headed for the
motorway.It only took them a few minutes to reach the motorway and as soon as they
got on Jamie's dad went straight into the fast lane and started to drive as
fast as he could without being caughtAfter what seemed like ages and a lot of games later Jamie then said to his
dad"How long until we reach the airport?" and his dad looked down at the GPS
in the car and said back to him"According to the GPS around half an hour" Jamie then nodded his head in
agreement to his dad and went back to his games.A short while later they arrived at the airport and his dad parked the car
in the long stay area and they both got out and ls models nymphets went into the boot to get
out the suitcase's Jamie's dad then shut the boot behind them and locked
the car and they both headed for the terminalAfter they got into the terminal Jamie's dad took control and Jamie simply
followed behind him, They went up to the flight desk and Jamie's dad
checked the both of them in with the holiday tickets and passports.After a short while they put there bags on the belt and got there boarding
passes and headed for the waiting lounge, Whilst walking there Jamie's dad
looked at the display screen in the terminal to see when there flight was
going to be loading and it said on the screen that there flight was due to
board in the next hour.They both found empty seats in the waiting lounge and sat down whilst
waiting for there flight to be called and they did not have to wait a illegal nymphetts
while because after five minutes of them sitting down an announcement came
over the intercom and said(All passengers for flight EZY227 to Ishmilar Turkey please go to boarding
gate number 5) so Jamie and his dad both got up and headed for the gate
which was a short walk naked junior nymphet
nymphet models underwear down the rusia nymphet nude terminal As soon as they arrived at the
gate Jamie's dad gave the lady the boarding passes and they both got on the
plane and found there seats easily as they were the first two seats in
front of the air crew,Jamie's dad then put the two bags they had in the overhead compartment and
sat down next to Jamie and said"Right all done now lets just relax and wait until we get to turkey" Jamie
then laughed and said "Yea ok dad" and Jamie then put femjoy nymphet his belt on as he
was not the best flyer in the world.After a short while all of the passengers had boarded and the air
stewardess closed the nymphets taboo
cabin door and the other air stewardess went onto the
intercom and explained all the emergency proceduresAfter a short while the aircraft moved towards the runway and the captains
voice came on the intercom and said "Ladies and gents welcome on board
easy jet fight 227 to Ishmilar Turkey we hope you have a great flight with
us and have a good holiday in turkey & also will all cabin crew please
prepare for takeoff"All of nymphets childs porn
the cabin crew then went to there seats and strapped themselves in
and we all waited for the take off, which was very successfulAfter climbing for a short while the seatbelt sign went off and as soon as
that happened Jamie took his off and went straight into the toilet to be
sick.His dad then turned to the lady who was young bbs toplist nymphet sitting next to Jamie and said
"Poor lad he isn't the best flyer in the world" the lady next to him
laughed and said"Well when he gets back I will give him some travel sickness pills there
pretty good" and she then went into her bag and took them out and handed
them to Jamie's dad and said"Tell him to take them"Jamie then dirty nymphets came back from the toilet and his dad gave him the pills and
said "Thank the lady next to you and they will help as there travel
sickness pills"Jamie then took two nymphet nue of the pills and gave the rest back to the lady and
said to her "Thank you I think I will defiantly need these" he then went
back onto his computer game and started to play a random game and his dad
sat there reading the news paperAfter what seemed like ages and a good meal later the captains voice came
over the intercom and said "Ladies and gents we will soon be landing in
Ishmilar can you all please put your seatbelts on and make sure that your
trays are in there upright position thank you & cabin crew please prepare
for landing"Everyone around Jamie and his dad all put there belts on and there trays up
whilst the cabin crew walked up and down the isles making sure everything
was alright before they sat down in there seats for the landingAfter a very nervous landing Jamie took his belt off and waited for the
plane to stop before mega nymphets
getting up.As soon as the plane reached the terminal building and they were allowed to
get up Jamie got up straight away and topless nymphet video
got the bags out of the overhead
compartment and said to his dad"Right I am going to get off as soon as I can alright" and his dad laughed
and took one of the bags and said"Ill be right behind littke nymphet pic you" and they both laughed and one of the stewardesses
came past hot nymphet 14
and opened the door and was letting people out so Jamie and his
dad were the second illegal nymphettes people to get off the plane and as soon as they got off
they both headed for the luggage belt.Jamie's dad went over to the belt whilst Jamie went to fetch a trolley, As
soon as Jamie got back his dad had the three suitcases ready and put them
onto the trolley and said"Alright lets get going then" and they both headed for the front of the
terminal and as soon as they got out the front door's the heat of Turkey
hit them straight away and Jamie's dad said"Wow bloody hot here" and Jamie laughed and said "Now what were we go?" and
his dad said "Well we hail a taxi and get to the hotel.So Jamie and his dad went over to the taxi spot and found a driver who
spoke a bit of English and Jamie's dad told the driver the name of the
hotel and the driver magical cgiworld nymphet
nodded in agreement and he helped them put the cases
in the car and they both got in the taxi and the driver drove off down the
road and out of the airportAfter a long but beautiful drive through Turkey's country side they arrived
at the hotel and Jamie got out and got the sweet ebony nymphets bags and suitcases out of the
car whilst his dad paid the driver and as soon as he paid the driver drove
off whilst Jamie and his dad went into the hotel and the receptionist who
was English said"Hello and welcome to Ishmilar Grand Hotel, How can I help you today?" and
Jamie's dad then gave the lady the hotel room tickets naked nymphets pass and she then said"Ok sir please give me one moment" and she then went on the computer to
check that everything was alright and she then got up and got the key to
the two connecting rooms and handed it to Jamie's dad and said"Please enjoy your stay here and if you need anything please just call the
reception on number 1 on the telephone in the room" and Jamie's dad nodded
in agreement and a lad came up and took the cases off me and showed us to
our room and Jamie's dad gave the lad a good tip and he gave the biggest
smile to my dad and left.As soon as we got in we had a look around my dad's room and I went into my
room which was connected to my dad's room via a small hallway and it was
exactly the same and fair dues it was an impressive and clean room.Jamie's dad then came into Jamie's room and had a good look around in the
bathroom checked the television and then said"Pretty good isn't it" and Jamie then nodded and said "Yea its not to bad
like" Jamie then got his suitcase's and put them on the bed and started to
put his clothes away and his dad said "Why are you doing that now?" and
Jamie then said "Well better now rather than later" and his dad then said
back to him"Well you can do mine too then" and laughed and left Jamie in his room to
put his stuff away.After a short while Jamie entered his dad's room and his dad was laying
down on the bed watching the television and he said to Jamie"You going to put my stuff away underage nymphets forbidden porn
are you?" and Jamie said ukrainian nymphets
"Sure" and grabbed
his dad's suitcase russian nymphetts and put it on the bed next to his dad and opened it and
started to put his dad's top and jeans away and as soon as he got to the
bottom of the suitcase he saw his dads briefs and a thong and he took them
out and said"But experimental isn't it dad" and his dad turned around and saw Jamie
standing there with his thong and he then said"Well it's not to bad" eastern europe nymphets
and laughed Jamie then saw a bottle of lubricant and
a dirty magazine and did not say anything, He then finished and said"Right I am going to go to bed for a bit as I am knackered so I will see
you later ok and if you go out ill give you a call on your mobile, His dad
then looked at him and said"Sure ok I will most probably be in here sleeping too" and he then laughed
and Jamie left his room and went back into his room and went straight onto
his bed nymphets little com
and feel non nude nymphet asleep as soon as his head nymphet art nudes hit the pillow.After a few hours Jamie woke up and looked at the alarm clock next to the
bed and it read eight fifteen pm local time. Jamie then got out of his bed
and went into the small passage way connecting his room to his dad and he
could hear a small moaning coming from inside his dad's room so instead of
opening the door Jamie went onto his knees and looked through the keyhole
and looked inside.Jamie was shocked to see his dad laying nymphets thumbs naked on his bed with his legs in
the air wanking his rock hard cock whilst fingering his ass hole, Jamie's
cock went rock hard straight away nymphets guestbook and then his dad went into the draw next
to his bed and took out a dildo and started to put the dildo into his arse
whilst carrying on wanking.Jamie was now kneeling down with his shorts around his knees tossing off
whilst watching his dad fucking himself with a dildo and after a short
while his dad gave out a loud moan and shot his cum all over the place and
as soon as he did Jamie did the same but in the hallway and did not give
out a moan as his dad would hear him.Jamie then got nymphet erotic up quickly but quietly and went back series nymphets into his room and into
the bathroom and quickly cleaned his self up and threw the toilet paper
down the toilet and flushed the chain and as soon as he walked out of the
room his dad was standing there fully dressed and said"Alright sport you just got up?" and Jamie was immediately thinking about
what he just seen and his dad then said "Oh boy you there?"Jamie then snapped out of it and said "Yea and also can I ask you
something?" and his dad looked a bit confused and said "Yea what do you
want to know?" and Jamie then gave a smirk on his face and said"Did you enjoy the dildo?" and his dad went completely red and did not say
anything but then he said "What do you mean dildo?" and Jamie then said
"Well I was just about to come into your room about five minutes ago but I
saw you were otherwise occupied with it"Jamie's dad then went even com love nymphets
redder and did not know what to say but after a
short silentness he said"I don't know what to say" and Jamie just smiled and said"Don't worry dad I don't care I little nymphete sites have been fucked by a cock before and to be
honest I found it fantastic" his dad's face went from red to completely
shocked and white and he then said "What do you mean boy?" and Jamie just
laughed and said "Well its pretty self explanatory, I have been fucked by
a big thick and fat cock" Jamie's dad then licked his lips and Jamie saw
this and said "Hey dad do you want to give me a try I hear my ass is
nice and tight" and his dad then free litlle nymphet immediately said "Dam right lets do it
right now" Jamie then laughed young perteen nymphet
and said "If you want to go and get your
lube" so his dad then went straight back into his room and came back in
within two minutes with the lube in his hands and said "I can't believe
you didn't glamorous nymphets tell me this before I could have had so much fun with you" Jamie
then laughed american nymphets and dropped his pants nymphet japs and went over to the bed and lay nude latina nymphets
on his
back with his legs in the air and his dad could not help but lick his lips
when he saw Jamie in this position.Jamie's dad then went down and started to lick his son's arsehole and Jamie
was loving this he closed his eyes and was loving every moment and was
giving out small moans every once and a while.After a short time Jamie's dad took his tongue out of his son's arse and
put some lube on his fingers and started to slowly put his finger into his
son's ass he started with one at first but progressed and managed to nymphets and gallery fit
four fingers in his ass within an hour.He then looked down at Jamie's face and said "Are you absolutely sure you
want me to do this?" and Jamie looked up at nymphet strip gallery
his dad's face and said
"Defiantly"His dad then got his now rock hard eight inch thick cock and pointed the
head at his son's ass hole and said "Here we go" and slowly he started to
put his cock into his sons waiting ass.It was extremely tight at first and his dad was having the time of his
life, after a nymphets pics only
short while of pushing his cock slowly into his son's ass he
managed to get the whole eight inches into his son's ass and loved the
feeling of his son's hot arse around his cock.He then started to move his cock in and out of his son's ass first slowly
and then picking up the pace, eventually he managed to start fucking his
son's arse faster and faster he kept the pace going for a good while and
one time he fucked his son's ass so deep he could hear his balls slapping
against his son's ass.After a good two hours or more of fucking his son like this he could feel
that he was about to explode underage nymphet childrens pics and he then said to his son"Boy I am going to cum" and he did not expect the response from his son as
Jamie then looked into his dad's eyes and said "Cum inside me" Jamie's
dad's looked down at his son russian nymphets topless and smiled and then his dad gave one more
thrust into his son's ass and he exploded into his son's ass Jamie felt the
hot liquid fill his ass hole.Jamie's dad came so much that some of the cum was oozing out of his ass
hole, Jamie's dad then took free nymphettes porn
his still rock hard cock out of his son's ass
and moved up his son's body and put his cock into Jamie's waiting mouth and
said "Lick the rest of the cum off" and Jamie did as he was told and took
the rock hard eight inches into his mouth and sucked off the remaining cum
off his dad's cock.After Jamie had did this his dad fell to the bed and gave out a massive
moan and turned to his son and kissed him on the lips and said "Thanks a
lot boy you really are the best thing in my life" and Jamie's dad then fell
to the bed and gave a deep breath and Jamie lay there also on the bed with
his legs still in the air with some of the cum still coming out of his
arse.Jamie then turned to his dad and said "Next time we will do it all night
how does tomorrow sound?"His dad smiled at his son and said "Defiantly but right now I need some
sleep that really took it child nymphet nude fun out of me" and Jamie agreedSo they both lay there in the hot summer's night in Turkey naked on there
hotel bed.
PART 2Jamie and his dad do it all night long but not in there bed in other places
around the hotel room such as the bath and on the balcony in the middle of
the night under the moonlight.
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