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Chapter 93b
Nifty readers,Hope all of you
enjoy Chapter 93 part 2 and remember if you want more Tunnel you can find it
at: http://dwedno.altervista.org/Where you can
also read my other stories and find our forum. The forum has many things to
offer including chatting with other members and updates that aren't in the
story. Please give it a look. Thanks, Dwedno.Chapter 93 "AL"Part 2 Back over at the
house with Kyle and Kate...Kyle had left the
other boys to go find Kate to see if he could get her help. He found her
washing a few loads of laundry."Hi Kate," said
Kyle as he approached her."Hello Kyle,"
said Kate as she quickly tossed some more clothes into the washer."Ummm, I was
wondering if you could help me and a few of the others out for a bit?" asked
Kyle uncertainly."Well that
depends on nude nymphet magazine what you need Kyle," said Kate."It's a little embarrassing
to ask you now that I'm here," said Kyle."I find, to just
say it works best," said Kate."It's about the
bet I made yesterday with Shawn, Billy, and Joey," started Kyle, "and I need
your help with it.""So you did
decide to make them wear a dress then, huh?" said Kate."You know about
that?""I heard some of
the others talk about it a little and thought that would be the only thing you
would need help with on your bet.""It's a little
more complicated now. I need your help to put them in makeup and help me pick
out some dresses for them to show off in. We are going tiny nymphetts to do a little fashion
show for everyone and I need your help to nude pretten nymphets make everyone look like a girl and
tell us how to act like one too. We each have to wear two getups though.""Sounds like an
interesting bet," laughed Kate."Yeah, it got a
little out of hand. I have to dress up with them now too.""Well, I can
certainly help all of you dress up and put makeup on you. Do you have enough
dresses for them all?" asked Kate."Tommy brought me
five dresses yesterday for them. Two French Maid outfits, two short dresses, a
little dress for Shawn, and a tutu for him too.""So we just need
something for you," said Kate."There are some
boxes around here with some girl's clothes in them," Kyle said pointing to the
boxes."This sounds like
fun. I haven't played dress up in years. Let's see what we can find then," said
Kate. "Why don't you go get the dresses Tommy brought back while I start to go
through these boxes?""Okay Kate, I'll
be back in a minute," said Kyle smiling.Kyle then ran off
to grab his stuff as Kate began looking through the boxes. When Kyle came back,
he showed the dresses he had to Kate and helped her to go through the boxes and
as much stuff as they might need. Once they had nymphets naturist it all, they went to Kate and
Bryan's room. Kyle then went and got the others and brought them to Kate for
her to decide what dress would look best on whom. "Okay Billy,
let's start with you," Kate said as he stepped forward to her. "Hmmm, I think a
simple little black dress will work nicely. What do you think Kyle?" as she
held up a short simple black dress to Billy."I think that
will work.""Good. I think
I'll have him wear my jade heart pendant. That should accent his eyes nicely.""I'm sure it will
be just lovely," said Billy sarcastically."I think the red
dress will fit nicely on Joey. The blue satin baby doll dress with the
spaghetti strings should fit Shawn. The red and white Hawaiian print sun dress
for Kyle will do nicely," said Kate holding each up to the boys to gauge how
they would fit. "I found some bras for each of you to wear. Shawn, you won't
need one for your dress though just for your tutu.""Tutu?" asked
Shawn."Yeah, Tommy
found one for you yesterday at the mall," laughed Kyle. "You can do your little
song and dance in the tutu.""I'll have to
make sure I thank him when he gets back," said Shawn sarcastically."Now for your
second outfit, Kyle has a French Maid costume for each of you," Kate said to
Billy and Joey."Tommy found
those too," laughed Kyle."We'll nymphet leotard gymnast
have to make sure we thank him when he gets back," said Billy."I found a nice
lavender flower girl dress that should fit you Kyle for your second dress,"
Kate said."Thanks Kate,"
Kyle mumbled."I also found
some panties for each of you to wear, I think they will fit. Shawn you get the
yellow ones with the butterflies on them, the rest of you boys are about the
same size so you can just wear any of the others," Kate said."How come mine
are the only ones with butterflies," complained Shawn."You get the
butterflies because you are a cutie, besides the others would be too big on
you," Kate said."Oh," said Shawn."At least yours
doesn't have lace around them," Billy said holding up one pair of panties."Or ruffles,"
giggled Kyle holding up the panties that went with the French Maid outfits."Or Minnie
Mouse," said Joey holding up a pair."Alright boys,
roll up your pant legs," said Kate."What?" they all
said."Either roll up
your pant legs or take your pants off, very young sexy nymphetes I need to see your legs. Oh and take
your shirts off please," Kate said.All four boys
started to roll their pants up and took off their shirts as Kate inspected
them."You will do fine
Shawn," Kate said as she ran her finger down his side making him giggle a
little. "The rest of you are going to need to shave your legs.""Shave our legs!"
said Billy in a bit of a panic."Well, you can't
pull off a short dress with hairy legs. Just be happy the pantyhose I found
would have been too big for any of you. Now how many of you have ever shaved
before?" asked Kate. When no one said anything she said, "I didn't think so.
All right then I'll have to shave you, as I don't want you guys to hack your
legs to ribbons. Joey, I think your armpit hair has to go too.""Can't we just
skip it or do something other than having you shave our legs?" asked Joey."Well I do have a
hair cream you can use if you want but the hair won't grow back as fast," Kate
said."That's okay,
I'll use the cream instead," Joey said quickly."What about you
two, you want to use the cream or have me shave you?" asked Kate."Can't we shave
ourselves, it can't be that hard," said Billy."If you had
experience shaving I would say yes, but you don't. I don't want you to hurt
yourselves and cut your legs up. They can be a little more difficult than the
face," Kate told him."This bet just
gets worse and worse," said Billy."Hey, you agreed
to do whatever Kate said needed to be done. I'm doing it too, so suck it up,"
said Kyle."Alright, I'll do
the shaving thing then," said Billy."Me too," said
Kyle, "and stop laughing Shawn.""Sorry, it's just
funny since it's not me this time,"
giggled Shawn, earning him a dirty look from the other three. "It's about time
I got to laugh for a change.""I'll give you
something to laugh about if you don't shut up," said Billy. "Okay boys, pick
yourself a bra and some panties and put them on. I'll be back in about five
minutes. When I get back I expect each of you to be wearing only them," Kate
said as she left them in the room.All four of the
boys quickly stripped down to their underwear and then one by one went into the
bathroom to change into their panties. Shawn put on the yellow with pink
butterflies. Kyle put on the Minnie Mouse panties, they were a little tight and
there was a noticeable bulge but he thought they covered him better than the
lacy one's. Billy and Joey both put on the ruffled panties as they would
eventually have to wear them with their maids outfits.
Joey held up his bra in front of his chest and
called to the others, "Hey guys, does this cover my boobies okay?" said Joey in
his best flaming voice. They all laughed at him but nothing else was said as
Kate quickly returned.
Kate noticed all of the boys were a little
self-conscious and they were covering themselves a bit."Okay Joey, since
you want to use the cream why don't you go into the shower and use this cream.
Put it on and then wait a few minutes then rinse it off. Don't get any on your
head, so just use it for the neck down. It's specially designed so it shouldn't
irritate your skin," Kate said as Joey headed into the bathroom. "The rest of
you come here and I'll help you with your bras." The boys all got up and headed
over to Kate as she helped them into their bras and gently stuffed a few
tissues into Billy and Kyle's bra."How come Shawn
doesn't need the tissues?" asked Billy."Because he is
wearing a training bra, he has enough on his own to fill that out. You two need
more help to fill your bras," Kate said. "Now let me see you walk." The boys
then walked for her and she commented about each boy and told them how to walk
more like a young lady. They were practicing this when Kate went to the
bathroom door and said loudly, "Hurry up Joey. I need to use the tub to shave
the others.""I'll be out in a
minute, just rinsing off," shouted Joey back."Okay while we
wait I'll put some makeup on Shawn, you two keep practicing," Kate said pulling
a chair over so she could work on Shawn. "Oh for heavens sake littlenymphets Billy, you are
supposed to swish your hips not put them out of joint. Don't forget to keep
your back straight and push out your chest a little.""Okay Kate,"
Billy said sheepishly.Just then, Jon
entered the room and said, "Hi guys, just wanted to see how everything was
going.""It's going fine,
now out," said Kate but Jon just ignored her as he stared at the other boys.Joey came out of
the bathroom just as Kate was finishing putting a little blush on Shawn. Joey
went over to Billy and whispered something in his ear."What?" asked
Billy."It's all gone,"
said Joey quietly."Well that's what
it was supposed to do," said Billy not sure what Joey meant."No, I mean it's all
gone," said Joey worriedly.Billy thought for
a moment and then quickly pulled the front of Joey's panties away from his body
and looked. "You weren't supposed to do it there stupid," laughed Billy."What's the
problem Joey?" asked Kate."Nothing," Joey
said quickly."Joey did a very
through job. He doesn't have any hair below his neck now," laughed Billy as he
sat down before he fell from laughing so hard."Billy!""Joey you didn't.
Did you?" asked Kate."Yeah, I did. You
said to do from my neck down," said Joey."I didn't mean
for you to do it there," laughed Kate."What? What did
he do?" asked Shawn, looking at Kyle and Billy rolling on the ground laughing
now."He looks like
you do now Shawn," said Kyle as tears of laughter ran down his cheeks."You mean he used
it between his...," giggled Shawn."Yep, he's
hairless again," laughed Billy."That's hilarious
Joey, I can't wait to tell Tommy," laughed Jon."I don't think he
has to know Jon!" squawked Joey"I don't care!"
Jon said back between laughs."Hey this isn't
funny. I just did what I was told," said Joey."I'm sorry Joey.
I should have given you better instructions but I never thought you would use
it there," giggled Kate. "I don't envy you once that hair starts to grow back.
It is going to itch something fierce. So when it does, come get me, and I'll
give you a cream you can use to help with the itch.""What do you mean
it's going to itch?" asked Joey worriedly."When your pubic
hair grows back it will itch. Trust me on that, I have some experience
with it. Come see me when it does and I'll take care of it for you," laughed
Kate. "Now come over here so I can put your bra on right." Turning to Jon, Kate
said, "I told you before to go. Now if you want to stay I believe I can find
another dress that will fit you.""That's okay
Kate, I think I'll go find a camcorder so Tommy can see this if he doesn't make
it back in time," said Jon as he quickly left."Oh great!"
bitched Kyle at Jon as he left the room. "I'll remember this!" After Joey had
his bra on and properly filled, Kate gave him a little instruction on how to
walk then took Kyle by the hand and went into the bathroom with him. She sat
him on the edge of the tub and started to gently wash his legs. After applying
ample shaving cream to his lower legs, as his thighs didn't really need it, she
began shaving his legs. Once she was done, she inspected him one last time to
make sure she got it all. Then she gave him a playful swat on the butt and told
him to send in Billy. She did much the same for Billy but she had to shave his
thighs some since his maids dress would barely cover his ass. As she was
shaving his thighs, Billy started to get an erection. He started to stare at
the ceiling trying everything he could to make it go down. Kate laughed a
little at his tented panties but kindly put a towel over them to make him feel
a little better about it. Once the boys were underage nymphet x
shaved, Kate then did all of illegal nymphets gallery
hair to make it look a little more girly. She put some nail polish on them,
after giving each a quick manicure. Then Kate started to apply the makeup to
the older three boys."Let's see, I
think some earrings would look nice for you Shawn," Kate said."You're not going
to put holes in my ears, are you?" asked Shawn worriedly."No silly, they
are clip-ons. No one is going to hurt your cute little ears," Kate said reassuringly.
"Joey and Billy, you are going to have to change your panties for one of the
others as ruffled panties don't exactly go with your first dresses," Kate said.Billy quickly
grabbed a pair of panties leaving the lacy one's for Joey. It wasn't until he
was in the bathroom that he noticed that the pair he had were thong panties.
They barely covered him in the front but his butt felt so vulnerable. The
string between his cheeks felt weird but strangely erotic at the same time.
When he walked out he was giving off a full body blush as Joey and Kyle
whistled and hooted at him."Come over here
Billy and we can get you into your dress and cover up that cute little tush,"
giggled Kate.After Billy was
in his dress, he felt much better. He then laughed at Joey in his white lace
panties along with the others. The lace panties might not show as much skin as
Billy's thong did but they showed enough. Kate then got Joey into his dress.
She did some finishing touches to Billy and Joey's makeup, by giving each of them
some hot red lipstick and mascara. She gave them some low-heeled black shoes to
wear. Then she helped Kyle and got him into his dress and shoes. Gave him some
matching red lipstick and then turned to Shawn. Kate had to help Shawn into his
tights to make sure he didn't damage them. Then she helped him into his tutu.
Once they were all done, she stepped back to look them over."Kyle, you are
going to need a slip," Kate said. Then she pulled one out from her pile of
stuff and had him hold up his dress as she put it on him. "Joey, red really is
your color, you look really good in that dress," said Kate making the others
giggle. "Okay, I'll go check to see if Jon and Bryan have everything ready for
us while you boys practice walking again."Once she was gone,
the boys looked each other over."Damn Joey, you do look hot," said Billy."You think so," said Joey teasingly as
he pretended to primp himself up some making the others laugh."You look so cute
Shawn, in your little pink tutu," laughed Kyle."Shut up,"
giggled Shawn. "I'll get you for this!"After a few more
minutes, Kate came back and said, "They have everything set up. We will have
Kyle go first, and then he can introduce the rest of you. Shawn you will go
second to do your little song and dance. That way everyone will be able to see
it. Then Joey and Billy will enter. Shawn when you are done go change into your
baby doll dress, then Joey and Billy can change into their maids costumes.
After that, Kyle can change into his flower girl dress. I'll be waiting here to
help each of you into your dresses so we don't have any problems. Ben and
Chance heard about this and they have been busy making a bunch of goodies for
everyone to eat after the show. Now remember boys, you are doing this on a bet.
So be brave and have fun. Everyone will see that, and they will laugh with you,
not at you. You all look adorable, now go have some fun," said Kate nymphets galleries bbs smiling at
them.When they got to
the game room, everything was different. The boys had cleared a path down the middle
for the boys to walk, sort of like a little catwalk. Everyone else was sitting
either in the chairs or on the floor. There were some tables by the walls
filled up with cookies, punch, and other treats. The boys waited outside the
game room as Kate entered, music started up then as Kate took control of the
room."First we have
Kyle modeling a beautiful red and white Hawaiian print sun dress," Kate said as
Kyle walked into the room. He slowly walked down the little aisle they had made
and worked his way over to Kate to a lot of laughter and fun."Our next model
is Shawn, he is in a cute little pink tutu," said Kyle joining in on the
laughter as Shawn did little ballet moves working his way into the room. When
he had reached the middle of the room and stopped, then looked over at Kyle.
"Shawn will now grace us with his performance of I'm a Little Teapot for
our enjoyment," said Kyle, as Kate turned off the music then turned on the
music for Shawn's song."I'm a little
teapot, short and stout," sang Shawn."Here is my handle," as Shawn places one hand on his hip,
"here is my spout ," sang Shawn putting his other arm out. "When I get all steamed up, hear me shout,
Just tip me over and pour me out!" leaning over to tip his arm. "I'm a clever teapot, yes it's true," continued Shawn."Here's an example of what I can do,I can change my handle to my spout," sang Shawn as he
switched the positions of his arms. "Just tip me over and pour me out!" finished Shawn
leaning over to tip his arm again. The room broke up into peals of laughter and applause for
Shawn. Kyle then turned back on the normal music for Shawn. He then made a few
more ballet moves until he was out of the room. "Our next model
is Joey modeling a very sleek red dress," said Kyle.There were a lot
of hoots and whistles going as Joey swished his way into the room and walked
their little catwalk. Joey had a lot of fun with it by blowing kisses to some
of the boys and just hamming it up until it was time for him to leave and
change."Billy is our
next model as he sports a classic little black dress," said Kyle.Billy then walked
in the room and up and down the aisle to more fun and laughter. He even blew a
kiss to Jon, Ben, and Bryan as each of them had
a camcorder filming the show."Here, we have
Shawn again in a nice baby doll blue satin dress," said Kyle.Shawn slowly
walked the catwalk again occasionally twirling around for the boys."And here we have
Billy and Joey styling in the classic French Maids outfit," said Kyle. "Ooh la
la!"Billy and Joey
both entered then and worked the room some. They both had the full costume with
frilly white hat and a feather duster. They had a ball with it as they
occasionally pulled up the backs of their vombat nymphets bbs short dresses and showed off their
ruffled panties to the boys and to the cameras. Jon was sure to get some very
good footage to show Tommy when he got back with Hunter. Kate reentered the
room and Shawn, Billy, and Joey went to stand by her."Our final model
is Kyle in a beautiful lavender flower girl dress," said Kate.Kyle walked out
in his short damn nymphet
dress and curtsied to some of the boys as he headed down the path.
He then went over to the other boys and together they took a bow to much
applause. Then everyone cheered for Kate's help. After that the party kept
going. The music was turned up and the boys started to dance with each other.
Tommy's boys were much more relaxed about it and danced together until the
other boys felt comfortable and joined in. Even Mike was allowed to join in on
the fun.Bryan
pulled Kate away for a minute and said, "Don't you think it's a little weird
them dressing up as girls and dancing together?""Oh Bryan, don't be such a stick in the mud. Relax, have some
fun. The boys are just letting off a little steam and having a good time, so
let's head back and join them," said Kate."Well, I still
say it's a little weird to see them slow dance with each other, but you are
right. I need to relax more. Now let's go head back and do a little dirty
dancing of our own," said Bryan as they went
back to the party.And that's
exactly what they did. Bryan and Kate did a lot of slow dancing and some dirty
dancing. Some of the boys even paired off and tried to copy them some. Kyle
mainly danced with Luke but basically, everyone danced with everyone else.
Everyone enjoyed the treats and punch. Kyle, Billy, Joey, and Shawn stayed in
their dresses and had a lot of fun. After a couple hours, it broke up and Mike
started to clean up everything. Kyle and the others went to their rooms to get
some regular clothes and then went nymphets xxx old to Kate so she could take off their makeup.
The boys all agreed that they had a fun time with it and that it wasn't nearly
as bad as they thought it was going to be.Over with Cody
and his crew...The end was close,
and angels nymphets video the boys were drawing near the final exit. They were now closer to their
freedom and new home with Tommy and Bryan. Only a little bit left to drive
after this exit, maybe a half-hour at best. The plow slowed as it took the
sharp exit. The RV followed. Cody and his inexperience behind the wheel showed
as he suddenly lost control of the RV on the turn. He did his best to keep it
on the road, but it slid off the side and into a small ditch. Phil immediately
noticed no one was behind him and he stopped the plow and slowly backed it up
until he and Calvin saw the RV sideways and off the road, as they peered
through the plow's side mirrors. Phil stopped the plow when he was close enough
and both boys ran over to check on Cody, Denny, and Danny. Phil quickly opened
the side door and climbed inside."Is everyone
okay?" he yelled out."Yes as far as I
can tell we are fine. I need to check on Denny. Why don't you check Danny?""Sure Cody," Phil
said.Cody came back a
moment later and said, "He's fine. He's still out of it on the bed. How is
Danny?""I'm okay. I can
answer that myself thanks, I was asleep.""Sorry, I didn't
mean to do this," a very upset Cody said with a quivering voice. It was easy to
see and hear his fear."Its okay," Phil
said quickly trying to calm Cody. "Get on the radio and call Bryan.
We aren't that far away now. I'm sure they can come get us," added Phil who
suddenly appeared to be running things as the shook up Cody did his best to get
his wits back. Cody went up, sat
in the driver's seat, and began contacting Bryan.Back with Tommy
and Hunter...Tommy took out
his cell and gave Bryan a call to tell him the
good news and that he would be home soon."Hello," said Bryan a little uncertainly."Hey Bryan, it's me Tommy.""I thought the
phones weren't working anymore?" Bryan said
confused."They are working
now. Hunter and I are on our way back.""That's good. Did
everything work out how you wanted it too?""Better than I
hoped. I have a couple generators that will be able to power up our houses and
a long-term solution is in the works. I'll tell you all about it once we get
home and I have a chance to talk to you alone.""That's great to
hear Tommy. I can't wait to hear what you have to say. I admit I'm as curious
as hell now. Hold on a second Cody is on the shortwave," said Bryan."Okay," said
Tommy as he waited for Bryan to come back."Tommy I got some
bad news," said Bryan."What is it?""Cody and the
boys have slid off the road and need some help. They are at the exit from the
expressway to the main road that leads them to here. I'm going to head over
there to get them.""I know exactly
where they are. You stay put, tell them I'll be there in around fifteen
minutes.""You sure you
don't want me to head over there too?""No, it's around
a half hour drive for you, besides, I know these roads a bit better then you
since I grew up over here. No sense in both of us going and I'm a lot closer.
If I can't get them back on the road I'll just put them all in here and bring
them back that way.""Okay, Tommy.
I'll tell them you are on the way," said Bryan.With that, Tommy
hung up his cell and turned the truck in the direction of Cody."Hunter, you need
to get dressed now," said Tommy."Yes Sir," said
Hunter sadly, as he began to put his clothes back on.After about ten
minutes Tommy pulled up to the exit and saw the RV had slid off the road due to
a large patch of ice. He pulled out his phone and called Cody."Hello," said
Cody."Hi Cody, it's me
Tommy. I can see you guys now, can you see me blinking my lights?" asked Tommy."Yeah, I see you.
Thanks for coming to help us," Cody said shakily."Don't worry
about it. Hunter and I are going to head over to you so don't shoot," Tommy
said half jokingly."Okay, who's
Hunter?" asked Cody."Hunter is just
another kid I found recently. We will be at your door in a minute."Tommy and Hunter
then got out of the truck, walked over to the RV, and knocked on the door."Come on in
guys," said Phil as he opened the door, "don't want to let all the cold in.""Thanks," said
Tommy as both of them entered the RV.Cody got up,
immediately went over to Tommy, and gave him a big hug saying, "Thanks Tommy. I
was really worried there for a bit." Holding back his tears he said, "I wasn't
sure what to do.""It's okay Cody,"
said Tommy gently as he returned the hug. "Don't worry, everything will be
alright." After disentangling himself from Cody, Tommy said, "Do you guys have
any chain we can use to try to pull you out ukranian nymphets model of the ditch?" giving Cody a chance
to compose himself."Nope, we looked
and we don't have anything like that," Phil said."We could push it
Sir," said Hunter."Yeah right, this
thing weights a couple tons," said Danny as the others laughed at Hunter's
idea."We might as well
try it," said Tommy looking at Hunter. "Cody, you and Phil go to the front and
pull while Hunter and I push from the back. Calvin can steer.""Danny's right,
we can't move this thing just by pushing on it. Plus we have the SUV still
attached in the back," said Phil."We won't know
until we try. Let's go try and if it doesn't work, we can move everyone to
either the plow or my truck. Then we will head home," said Tommy."Okay, but I
think we are just wasting our time," said Phil.Phil and Cody
went to the front of the RV to pull as Tommy and Hunter went to the back."Sir, the one in
the back is very sick. I can smell the infection," said Hunter."Do you think he
will make it?" asked Tommy quietly as they went to the back of the RV."Doubtful Sir,
should I heal the two injured sirs once we push this thing back on the road?""Only if you
think it's the right thing to do Hunter," said Tommy.Boom, Boom could
be heard as Hunter slammed his feet into the ground making little craters to
give him some traction."What the hell
was that?" shouted Cody as he started to head over to Tommy."We are just
breaking some ice to get a better grip on the ground for when we push. Just go
back to the front and pull, everything is fine back here," shouted Tommy as
Cody went back to Phil. "Shit Hunter, tell me before you do something like
that.""Sorry, I'm ready
to push Sir," Hunter said."Okay we are
ready. Pull on the count of three. One, two, three," shouted Tommy. Hunter then
slowly started to push the RV and SUV forward. Each footstep a little boom as
he slammed his foot into the ground, moving the RV step by step out of the
ditch and back onto the road dragging the SUV behind. Hunter kept pushing the
RV until it was not just on the road but was off the patch of ice that had
caused them to slide off the road. Cody and the merry angel nymphets
others were amazed and
overjoyed that it actually worked."Sir, the sir in
the backs heart is starting to fail. He might last another fifteen minutes,"
said Hunter."Then you have to
decide now. What are you going to do?" said Tommy."I'll heal him
then. It's what the old man would want me to do," said Hunter."Good, I'm proud
of you for making that decision but what about Danny? Will you heal him too?"
asked Tommy."He won't die Sir
if I don't heal him," said Hunter."But is it nymphet index
to heal one of them and leave the other in pain?" asked Tommy.Hunter thought
for a moment about that, and then said, "You are right Sir. I'll have to heal
the Danny-sir first, as it wouldn't be right to heal one but not the other.""Let's hurry up
then," said Tommy as he ran to the door of the RV with Hunter right beside him.
Cody and Phil saw them run to the RV so they quickly followed."Danny, I know
this is gonna sound crazy but if you let Hunter, he can heal you.""What?" said a
very confused Danny."I'm sorry sir,
but the other sir is failing faster than I anticipated," Hunter said as he
reached past Tommy and touched Danny on the leg. Danny stiffened up and then
slumped into his chair apparently asleep."What's going on?"
asked a bewildered Cody after seeing Danny slump in his chair."Just follow,
quickly Denny is dying," said Tommy.They all quickly
followed Tommy and Hunter into the back of the RV where Denny was lying and
could see he was in really bad shape as he was barely breathing and his lips
had a bluish tint."I need to get
the bullet out first," said Hunter as he pulled out the knife he had picked up
from one of the scientists. He ripped off the bandage and a foul odor filled
the room. Hunter then very carefully used one hand to cut the wound open and
extract the bullet, never letting go of Denny with his other hand. Hunter then
whimpered, "I'm going to be out for a little longer than before Sir." Hunter
then put his hand over the wound and screamed. A moment later he collapsed as
Tommy caught him."What the HELL is
going on Tommy," shouted nymphetes pix jpg
Cody. "Why did he do that?""Calm down guys,
Denny is going to be fine. I know it sounds nuts but Hunter can heal people,"
Tommy said holding onto Hunter gently."What, are you
crazy?" asked Phil."No, look at
Denny's shoulder now," said Tommy pointing at it. "See it's healed."The others all
looked at Denny's shoulder. The gaping wound that was there a few moments ago
was now just a little red line. It looked like it was no more than a simple cut
that was well on its way to being completely healed."But how?" asked
Calvin breaking the silence."Hunter is
different and he can do some amazing things. He pushed the RV out of the
ditch. He can do these things because some very evil people did stuff to
him. It hurts him a great deal to heal someone, that's why he passed out. I
know this all sounds nuts, but you can see the results. There was no way we
could push this RV anywhere. Not to mention the SUV trailing behind it, but he
could," said Tommy to the stunned boys.Just then, Danny
walked in and said, "Oh my God, you won't believe it! My leg doesn't hurt
anymore and I checked the hole. It's like, almost totally healed.""What are you all
talking about?" said Denny drowsily, as he woke up. He practically, scared the
shit out of the other boys."How do you feel
Denny," asked Cody urgently."I feel fine. You
must have given me a couple really good painkillers since my shoulder doesn't
hurt at all now. Wait a minute. My head isn't all fuzzy like it usually is
after those pills. Did you give me something different this time?" asked Denny."We didn't do
anything. He did," said Cody pointing to Hunter, who was collapsed in Tommy's
arms."What?" Denny
asked."Look at your shoulder,"
said Tommy.As Denny looked,
his face had a look of total disbelief. He reached over and touched it gently
with his hand. Then he poked it sharply with his finger and felt no pain."How is this
possible?" asked a stunned Denny."It just is. Look,
I know all of you probably have a ton of questions, but now I'm going to have
to tell everyone about Hunter. We can't exactly cover the fact that both Denny
and Danny are healthy and probably won't even have a scar soon. I'll tell you
all about him once we get to the house along with everyone else," said Tommy,
not looking forward to that conversation at all."But...," began
Phil."No buts about
it. Just be grateful he was willing to heal them as Denny was about to die if
he didn't," said Tommy. "When we get to my house, don't say anything about it.
Just tell them I will explain it all in a little bit, once everyone is
gathered.""Don't worry
Tommy, no one will say a thing until after you have a chance to tell everyone,"
Cody said."Okay then, I'm
going to head back to my truck and you guys just follow me along," said Tommy
as he was beginning to worry about Hunter, because he thought he would have
woken up by now."Phil you head to
the plow and follow Tommy while I follow you," Cody said.Tommy then headed
for his truck carrying a still comatose Hunter as Phil climbed into the
snowplow. Tommy strapped Hunter in, then checked his pulse and breathing.
Hunter was still breathing but his pulse seemed a little slow but then Tommy
didn't really know what Hunter's normal pulse was. For that matter, he wasn't
totally sure what his should be either. He put his worries aside and started
their little convoy on its way back home. It was around 5:30 PM and what little
light there was, was almost all gone now. Tommy kept glancing over at Hunter
hoping for some movement but nothing happened. Tommy then pulled out his cell
to give Jon a call."Hey, it's me,"
said Jon."Hi Jon, I just
wanted you to know that I'm on my way back with Cody and his boys," said Tommy."Are they all in
your truck or did you help them out of the ditch?" asked Jon."Hunter pushed
the RV out of the ditch for them.""Damn, how strong is that kid?" asked Jon amazedly. "Pretty damn
strong," said Tommy glancing over at the comatose boy."How did you keep
that from the others?""Well, that
didn't really matter much after he healed Danny and Denny.""Shit, how are you going to keep a lid
on that?""I'm not. There
is no way to keep Hunter's abilities secret anymore," said Tommy sadly."Well, anything I
can do to help with all this?""Yeah, tell
everyone I will need to talk to them shortly after we get there. You can tell Bryan it's about Hunter since I was gonna tell him anyway.
Give Kyle and Shawn a heads up too. Don't say what it's about to the rest of
them. I'm still trying to think about how to say it myself. I'm really starting
to worry about Hunter though. He hasn't woken up yet. After he healed Kyle it
was only a few minutes and he was up," said Tommy worriedly."I'm sure he will
be okay. He probably just needs to rest.""You are probably
right," said Tommy trying to convince himself Jon was right. "If he
hasn't come to by the time we get there, I'm gonna put him to bed in my room.
Can you sit with him while I deal with everyone else?""Of course I can,
you can just tell me everything later," said Jon."Thanks Jon, your
helping me to look after him really means a lot to me," said Tommy, getting a
little choked up. "I will pay you
back for it.""Sitting with him
is the least I can do after he saved your life," Jon said."Thanks Jon, I
love you. I'll be home real soon," said Tommy."I love you too,"
said Jon softly, "I'll tell everyone, then be waiting at the door for you."Tommy then slowly
drove the rest of the way back home being sure he didn't lose anyone along the
way. Hunter still hadn't moved or made a sound as Tommy finally drove up his
driveway. He had tried a number of times to wake him up by calling his name or
shaking him a little but there was no response. Phil and Cody parked on the
side of the road as they slowly climbed out of their vehicles and walked up to
the house. Tommy was frantic by this time. He didn't bother to wait for them,
just jumped out of his truck and ran around to get Hunter out. Then Tommy
headed straight for the front door. Jon was waiting for them at the door and
saw Tommy holding a very limp Hunter desperately to his chest."Relax TJ, you
don't want to squeeze him too hard," said Jon."Sorry, I'm just
worried," said Tommy relaxing his hold some."I can see that.
You take him to your room and I'll greet Cody and the others. Then come get you
once everyone is gathered," Jon said."Thanks Jon,"
Tommy said as he headed straight upstairs to his room.Tommy put Hunter
in his bed and again tried to wake him but still no response. He thought for a
minute to call Al but then he remembered the computers were still in his truck
and he didn't want to leave Hunter yet. Patches and Champ nosed their way into
his room then and quietly sat on the floor. Tommy looked at them and told them
"Shoo." They paid him no mind as they just sat there and stared at Hunter.
Tommy again tried gently shaking the little boy awake, but it was as if he
shaking a rag doll. If it wasn't for Hunter's chest slowly rising and falling,
Tommy thought the boy would have been dead. Eventually Jon came into the room
and said, "Tommy they are all waiting.""Tell them I'll
be there in a few minutes," Tommy said."TJ," Jon started
to say."Just tell them. Please
Jon, just tell them I'll be there in a few minutes," Tommy said."Okay TJ, I'll go
tell them," said Jon quietly as he left the room."Come on Angel,
you need to wake up now," said Tommy as he gently shook the boy. "Please
Hunter, I need you to wake up," but still there was no response. "Angel, I love
you. I need you to wake up for me, so I know you will be all right," Tommy said
as tears started to fall from his eyes."I'm going...to
be...all right...Master," whispered Hunter finally."Oh thank God! I was so worried about you," Tommy said scooping
Hunter up into a hug as he kissed his face."Hurts...Master," cried Hunter."I'm so sorry
Angel, you just lie down and relax," said Tommy overjoyed that Hunter had
finally come around. Tommy then gently laid him back down on the bed and
brushed the hair out of Hunter's eyes. Tommy just sat there with Hunter looking
into his emerald green eyes seeing the pain and agony the boy was in. Patches
and Champ had crept a little closer and were now watching Hunter closely. Tommy
reached out to pet their heads some as he sat with Hunter for a few more
minutes. Finally, Jon and Kyle entered his room."TJ, you need to
come down there. They need some answers, if you don't hurry you are
gonna have an angry mob to deal with. After Hunter's little incident with Mike
this morning and now Denny and Danny being healed, you can imagine it's getting
a little hairy out there," said Kyle."Okay Kyle. Jon
can you sit with him please?" asked Tommy as he got up from the bed."Of course," said
Jon moving over to sit next to Hunter.Tommy stopped him
midway and pulled Jon into a hug, then gave him a loving kiss on the lips.
Tommy then turned to Kyle and said, "Kyle go down there and tell them I'll be
right down. I just need to wash up first.""Okay TJ," said
Kyle, "You really do love Jon don't you?" he said quietly to TJ as he was about
to leave the room.Tommy nodded his
head yes but said nothing. He then headed into the bathroom and washed his face
up real quick then headed back over to Hunter and Jon."Hunter, Jon is
going to sit with you while I go talk to the others. Be good for him okay?"
said Tommy gently."Yes...Master,
I'll...be a good boy...for Jon-sir," said Hunter in a pain-filled voice."Good boy," Tommy
said as he gently caressed Hunter's head. "Jon, come get me if anything
happens.""I will TJ," said
Jon, "don't worry I'll look after him for you.""Thank you, I
love you Jon," said Tommy realizing he wouldn't leave Hunter with just anyone."I love you too,"
said Jon shyly, "when you are done with them I have some good things to share
with you.""Something good
for a change, that will be different," Tommy joked as he left the
room.Tommy then headed
downstairs to deal with everyone and he still had no idea of what to say to
them. When he got to the game room, he saw that it was packed. Everyone except
Jon and Hunter were elite nymphets underage
there waiting to hear what he had to say. As he stepped
into the room, he was bombarded with questions. He let them continue for a bit
then took a position in front of the TV and shouted, "Hey! Everybody be
quiet. I'll tell you once everyone settles down." After a lot of shushing,
everyone finally settled down enough for Tommy to continue. "I know there are
probably a lot of questions about what happened with Mike and Hunter this
morning. I also know there are probably a lot more questions on why Denny and Danny are healed," Tommy said.
Turning to Danny he said, "Do you go by any other name? I mean we already have
one Danny and I don't want to confuse anyone.""Sure, just call
me Junior. That's what I was usually called anyway, unless I was in trouble,"
Danny Jr. said."Thanks Jr., now
as I was saying, those two things have one thing in common, Hunter. I want
everybody to try to hold your questions until after I finish. Then we can do
the hold your hand up thing just like in school. What I'm going to say is
probably going to sound insane but all you have to do is look to Denny, Jr., or
Kyle to see the proof of what I'm telling you. Now I'll try to answer
what I would think is the main question, how are Denny and Jr. healed," Tommy
began."Ya think," said
Zach sarcastically.Tommy ignored him
and continued, "All I can really say is that Hunter did it. I don't know how he
does it, but I do know, he can heal someone just by touching them. It hurts him
an awful, awful lot to do it though. I first learned about it when he
healed Kyle. It wasn't the medicine it was Hunter. He healed Kyle right before
my eyes. He then healed Jr. and Denny in front of Cody and his boys' eyes. So,
while I know it sounds nuts, there it is. Hunter can heal other people.
I think that answers that enough for now, I gave you the explanation and showed
you the proof. It's up to you now to decide if you believe or not," said Tommy.
There was a long period of silence as everyone tried to understand what Tommy
had just told them. After a few more moments of silence, Tommy continued, "Now
on to Hunter and what happened this morning. This is also going to sound nuts
but here goes, Hunter did throw Mike over twenty feet into the pool. He did
move from one side of the pool to the other probably within a fraction of a
second.""How can anyone
do that," said Zach belligerently."If you don't
believe me, I can have Hunter throw you Zach, or better yet, I can take you to
where Cody and the rest slide off the road. I can show you the little craters
he made by slamming his feet into the ground so he could push the RV back on
the road," snapped Tommy. "Now shut up and let me finish.""Sor...ree,"
mumbled Zach sarcastically."Those aren't the
only things that make Hunter different from us. His senses are hypersensitive.
The only way I can think of explaining it, is to talk about this really old
show my Dad used to watch. The show was called The Sentinel, if you have
seen it, his tight sweet nymphets are even better than the guy in the show. If you don't know it,
then basically all of his senses are extremely good, meaning he can see,
hear, and the rest, way better than we can. He also can heal
himself very fast if he is injured," said Tommy."You mean like
Wolverine," asked Shawn suddenly."Yeah, just like
him Shawn," said Tommy."That's kewl,"
said Shawn."If I may
continue?" asked Tommy sarcastically."Sorry TJ," said
Shawn giving Tommy his sad face making Tommy laugh a little."He can probably
do a lot of other stuff but I didn't really understand it all to begin with.
So, if you see him do something strange just accept it and move on," said
Tommy."But how is this
possible, what is he, is he human?" asked Bryan."Yes, he is definitely
human. He has been genetically altered and technologically enhanced, if I
remember the terms correctly," said Tommy."How do you
`technologically enhance' someone, what is he like the six million dollar
midget," joked Zach."Zach I swear,
you are getting on my last nerve. You are not
as cute as Shawn can be so please, be quiet and listen or else... They didn't
replace his arms or legs with robotic ones. That would make him a cyborg, and
he is all-human. They injected him with these nanobot things. They basically
enhanced his abilities even more than the genetic ones did. There was another
show my Dad liked to watch, it was called Jake 2.0. If you have seen
that show good, he can do those things too. If not, he bbs pics nymphets can interact with
electronics and make them do things he wants. I know that's a lame description
but it is the best I can come up with right now. The genetics of it all are
where they altered the egg and sperm to bring out certain characteristics. If
you don't know what an egg and sperm is then go ask Kate or Bryan, I'm not getting
into that one," said Tommy making the older boys laugh and the younger ones
look a little confused. "Then they kept altering his genes to do more and
more.""Baabaa what does
he mean jeans? I thought he didn't like to wear jeans?" asked Chris making the
older boys crack up again."I'll explain
later, hush let Tommy talk," said Danny. "It isn't like
the show Dark Angel. They didn't splice an animal's genetic code with
his. Though the Manticore place in Dark Angel is somewhat like the place
he grew up in, if you make it a thousand times worse," said Tommy."What do you mean
by that?" asked Kate."He was
engineered by our former government in secret. In order to keep control they
used fear and pain to keep him and the others like him under their control.""You mean there
are others like him?" blurted out Zach."There were, but
not anymore. He is the last one. Now I know a lot of you have had a terrible
experience in your life but he has had worse. I'm not saying that lightly, his
entire life has been one of abuse. Physical, mental, and sexual abuse for his entire
life, because of his healing abilities they could do stuff to him that would
kill us. And, they did those types of things to him, I have seen some of
the videos and they aren't pretty. Somehow he survived all that and being
outside when the comet came," Tommy said."Does that mean
he is a half-baked?" asked Danny."No, he is not a
half-baked. He is human. I know
he is a little weird, that's nymphets nude video why I have kept him close to me usually. He doesn't
know how to act around people. Almost all the people he knew from before the
comet hurt him. That's why he seems afraid of everyone. It's no wonder he has
such terrible nightmares after living through what he has. So, some of you can
be a little nicer to him," said Tommy looking at Mike, "and be a little more
understanding of his differences. Like not making fun of him just because, he's
not the neatest eater. He has only been using silverware for a few days, so
give him a break," Tommy said looking at Zach and Joey. "Now are there any
questions?" asked Tommy. Seeing Kate raise her hand, he said, "Yes Kate, what
is it?""Is he
dangerous?" asked Kate more than a little worried from what she heard so far."Not to us. I
don't think he is capable of actually hurting someone who doesn't try to kill
him or hurt someone he cares for. Unless he is ordered to," said Tommy."What do you
mean? He threw me over twenty feet," said Mike."Yes and you
landed in the water. You weren't hurt, you were about to hurt Shawn
though. He easily could have thrown you out the window, hurt you some other
way, or even killed you. However, he didn't, all he did was throw you in
the water. Other than getting wet, you weren't actually hurt," replied Tommy."I guess you are
right," said Mike as the realization of how close to death he came that morning
hit him."Yes Ryan, what's
your question?" asked Tommy."Where is he? Why
isn't he here to answer these questions?" asked Ryan."He is upstairs
lying down. After healing Denny and Jr., he was in extreme pain and passed out.
It wasn't until right before I came down here that he came too. Jon is sitting
with him right now. What I'm gonna say is gonna sound nuts again but he can
somehow share the pain he feels with someone. After healing Kyle, I stupidly
ordered him to share his pain with me. It was the worse pain I have ever
experienced. Way worse than being kicked in the nuts. Much worse than when I
had kidney stones, which I was told at the time is about as close as a man will
get to the pain of childbirth. Which only Kate actually knows but I'm sure the
rest of you have some experience with someone saying how bad that is. I don't
want anyone to ask Hunter what he can do or what has happened to him in the
past. He has a hard enough time living with it. He doesn't need to have to
relive it by telling one of you. If you have a question about him, come to me
and I'll tell you or ask him," Tommy said."Why are you the
only one who can ask him those things?" asked Zach."Do you want to stay
up with him all night trying to help him get over his nightmares? Do you want
to deal with him whenever something happens and he falls apart, like he did
this morning?" asked Tommy."No," said Zach
softly."Then ask me your
questions and leave him alone," said Tommy sternly. "Okay Bryan, what's your question?""Why didn't you
tell us about him when you first learned he could do these things?" asked Bryan."Quite honestly,
I didn't think anyone would really believe me and I needed time to come to terms
with dealing with him and from learning all this unbelievable stuff," said
Tommy simply."I can understand
that. I doubt I would have believed you if it wasn't for Denny and Jr. being
healed," said Cody."Yes Matt?" asked
Tommy when Matt raised his hand."How did you
learn all this about him? Did he tell you all this?" said Matt."I learned some
from him but most of it I learned from a friend of his. That's where he and I
went today. We went to see his friend Al. Now before you nymphets video underage all start again, give
me a chance to tell you about him first. Al is not a danger to us, at all.
He is the one that sent Hunter to me to begin with. I made a deal with Al. He
is going to supply us with electricity, food if we need it, water, medical
facilities, and any other help he can offer," said Tommy."What do we have
to do for all this?" asked Todd."I have to look
after Hunter and kinda show him how to be a good person," said Tommy."And who is going
to show you?" wisecracked Joey getting a bunch of laughs."Hey, I can't be
all that bbs free nymphets
bad or you wouldn't still be here," said Tommy."That can't be
all of it, so what else?" asked Todd."We all have to
learn some stuff. He gave me some computers that we can use to learn from,"
Tommy said. "We also need to help him, if he needs it. That's why he
wants us to learn stuff. He doesn't need brain dead video junkies and it won't
hurt us to learn something. We are getting a great deal here from him.""Tommy is right.
This is a great deal for us. So we will definitely do our part," said Bryan."Okay one last
thing before we break up as I can see Denny and Jr. are about to fall asleep,
which is normal from when Hunter healed Kyle. Hunter has been trained to obey
orders and he has a hard time not immediately following what one of us says to
him. So, watch what you say. Don't tell him to do something, ask him.
He'll probably do it but it's important to ask him. Now Denny and Jr., why
don't you guys go take a nap. I need a bunch of you bigger boys to help unload
the truck," Tommy said."Denny, Jr., you
boys follow me. We have some beds set-up for you in Bryan's and my room," Kate
said leading the two tired boys away.Tommy and most of
the other boys went to his truck and began carefully unloading it."What's this?"
asked Billy as he and Joey struggled to carry the big bag of food pellets into
the house."That's some
special food for Hunter, just put it in the kitchen," said Tommy."Hey bro, what
are these?" asked Kyle holding up some of the strange metal bars."I'm not sure.
They belong to Hunter so just put them in my room. Tell Jon I'll be up there in
a minute," said Tommy."Okay TJ," said
Kyle as he and Shawn carried them inside to Tommy's room.Tommy was proud
to see that Bryan needed Ben's help as they
struggled to carry one of the solar power generators inside the house. He was
beginning to feel a little weak around Hunter but when compared to the others,
he was easily the strongest person around, since he could carry one by
himself.0 Once Tommy was sure everything was put away, he headed up to his
room. He found Jon sitting next to Hunter who appeared to be asleep. He saw
Patches and Champ had each got up on the bed to lie down next to Hunter on the
opposite side of Jon. Patches had his head resting on Hunter's chest just staring
at the little boy, while Champ was lying between his legs. They both looked up
when Tommy entered his room then put their heads back down soon after. Jon
looked like he was about to cry as he just sat next to Hunter and held his
hand."You okay Jon?""I don't know
what to do. He sometimes nymphets ls elwebbs makes this sound and I could swear he is screaming. He
just doesn't have the energy to make it any louder," Jon said shakily. "At
times he would stop breathing, and just as I was about to get you, he would
take a breath. I just can't seem to get past the idea that he did all this to
himself, if I understand you right about his healing. I mean, he just healed
two kids who he knew nothing about, knowing this would happen. How can
anyone do that to themselves?""I know Jon. I
don't understand it myself sometimes, but we are just lucky to have him here
with us," said Tommy sitting next to Jon and giving him a hug and kiss."I know TJ. If it
wasn't for him I would have lost you and Kyle.""He'll be okay
Jon. We just need to give him some time to rest," said Tommy giving Jon another
kiss. "Thank you so much for sitting here with him. I don't think there is
anything we can do to help him other than just be here for him. I shouldn't
have let him heal Jr.," said Tommy softly."Jr.?" asked Jon."Yeah, that's
what we are calling the Danny from Cody's group.""So I take it
everything went well downstairs?" asked Jon."Pretty much, I
told them enough about Hunter to satisfy them. I even told them a little about
Al," said Tommy. "Get down boys, off the bed," said Tommy to the dogs. Both
dogs got up and licked Hunters face as if saying `I hope you get better' before
jumping down. Tommy and Jon watched this curious behavior from the dogs but
said nothing. Tommy moved to sit by the head of the bed and pulled Hunter into
his lap. "Well, can you
tell me about Al now?""Sure Jon. I'll
tell you everything so watch what you say to the others, as they only know a
little of what I'm going to tell you. I'm gonna have to tell Bryan
some more about Al when I get him alone. Other than you and me, no one is to
know this stuff. Not even Kyle.""I understand. I
won't tell a soul."Tommy then went
into detail about what he told the others so Jon would know what he could share
with the others. Tommy told Jon about the trip to Al's and all the innocent
looking things around the building that were actually so deadly. He told him
about the three graveyards Hunter had made. He explained how the three former
workers were waiting in ambush for them and how Hunter had knocked him out of
the way, taking the bullet meant for Tommy. Tommy then showed Jon where Hunter
was hit. He showed the hole the bullet made in his shirt and where there was
an injury on Hunter but now it was totally healed, not a blemish to be seen.
Hunter roused himself a little for this but then shortly went back to sleep in
Tommy's arms. Tommy talked about how amazed he was to see Hunter in action for
the few seconds he needed to kill those three evil people. Tommy then talked
about his meeting Al and everything Al told him. Jon was very happy that Al
wasn't a threat and that he seemed more than willing to help them. Tommy
learned what Jon meant by the sound Hunter sometimes made. It did sound like he
was screaming, all Tommy could do was hold Hunter tighter and rock him gently.
Tommy then told Jon about his trip to help out Cody and everything that
happened there."I think that's
about everything now. Thanks again Jon for being here for me and letting me
unload on you like this. I feel like a huge burden has been taken off me by
sharing all this with you," said Tommy as he leaned over to give Jon another
kiss."You are welcome
TJ. That's why we are doing this so you can feel better about what's happening
and deal with it better," said Jon returning the kiss."I know Jon but
it still means a lot to me that you are here for me when I need you," said
Tommy tenderly, "But I never intended on you being my shrink.""I'll always be
here for you Tommy, you should know that by now," said Jon, "and I am a lot
more then your shrink.""I love you Jon,"
said Tommy lovingly."I love you too,"
said Jon leaning in to give Tommy another kiss on the lips."We better stop
this until after Hunter is doing better at least," said Tommy reluctantly. "Yeah, you are
right," said Jon."Hey, didn't you
tell me earlier that you had some good news," asked Tommy."Yeah I did. Let
me go get something first and then I'll tell you," said Jon getting up."Why don't you
just tell me now?" asked Tommy."Because it will
be a surprise this way," said Jon as he left the room."Mas...ter," said
Hunter in a pain filled voice."Hi Hunter, are
you feeling better?" asked Tommy gently."I always feel...
better when you hold me," said Hunter tiredly."That's nice of
you to say, it makes me feel good to hear that," said Tommy smiling at his
awakening Angel. "Is your pain any better?""A little Sir,"
said Hunter."Good because I
want to try an idea out with you that might help you out with your pain. Will
it help you if you share the pain you feel with others? Kinda try to spread the
pain out some so you don't feel it as much," said Tommy."I don't know
Sir. I never tried that before or really paid much attention to it when they
made me share it sometimes," said Hunter."Well why don't
you share it with me again and we'll see if it works," said Tommy."Please Master.
Don't make me do that again. I don't want to hurt you," begged Hunter as tears
started to form in his eyes."Calm down Angel.
I won't make you do that if you don't want to try it. I did feel it before
though so I do know what I'm getting into," said Tommy."But its worse
now Sir," said Hunter still worried he would be forced to hurt Tommy again."Why is it worse?
I thought from healing me and then my brother would have been worse since we
were each close to death," said Tommy as Jon came back into the room carrying a
camcorder."It's worse
because I still wasn't fully recovered from healing you and your brother, and I
healed you again this morning," said Hunter. "You didn't tell
me that he had to heal you this morning. Why did he need to do that?" asked
Jon."It wasn't
anything important. He just threw me across the room last night because of his
nightmare. I just had some scrapes and sore muscles this morning," said Tommy."And you had him
heal you for that?" asked Jon incredulously."Of course I
didn't. The little scamp gave me a hug and did it before I could stop him,"
said Tommy. "I guess that's
okay then," said Jon."So what did you
bring to show us?" asked Tommy. "You remember the
bet Kyle had with the Shawn, Billy, and Joey?" asked Jon."Yeah," said
Tommy."Well Kyle
decided to give them a choice. Either they could wear some girls' dresses for
the whole day or they could do a little fashion show for everyone. So, they
chose the show," said Jon. "I got Bryan and Ben to help me video it for you.""That sounds
hilarious," said Tommy."It was. They
even got Kyle to dress up with them," laughed Jon."Oh man, I got to
see this," laughed Tommy."Kate put their
makeup on and shaved their legs and everything. Except for Joey, he got rid of
his own hair with some cream," giggled Jon."What?" Tommy
asked."Apparently, Joey
did a very thorough job of it and is now hairless from the neck down.""You don't mean?""Yep, he did,"
laughed Jon. "There are some more surprises but I don't want to ruin them for
you."Jon then finished
hooking up the camcorder to Tommy's TV and started it up. Jon then sat back
down on the bed next to Tommy. Jon and Tommy had a lot of laughs but it seemed
that the humor just went over Hunter's head. Hunter did watch it all with them
just sitting in Tommy's lap. Hunter tried to understand when Jon or Tommy
attempted to explain why it was funny but he just didn't get it. Seeing Shawn
do The Little Teapot song and dance, made Tommy's sides hurt from
laughing so much. Tommy had to have Jon replay that for him a number of times
as it was just so funny to him. Tommy felt much better after watching the whole
show."Thanks Jon, I
really needed that," said Tommy."That bet was a
lot of fun. We will have to try more stuff like that," said Jon. "Which reminds
me, does Kyle know how good a shot Hunter is?""I don't think
so, why?""Well, Shawn and
I were thinking we might get him in a bet to see who the better shot is and if
Hunter can beat him, Shawn can get back at him.""That might work,
my bro is rather proud of his shooting ability," said Tommy."You think you
can take Kyle in a shooting match?" Jon asked Hunter."Probably Jon-sir,
but I don't know how good of a shot he is," replied Hunter."He can take
him," said Tommy with certainty. "Kyle probably could have hit the guys like
Hunter did but there is no way he could have done it as fast. He would need to
aim for a couple seconds first, and then shoot.""Good, next time
I see Shawn I'll tell him," said Jon. "Hopefully we can set something up soon.""Hope so, my Mom
used to say he would sometimes get too big for his britches and would need to
be taken down a peg or two. I guess today he would be too big for his panties,"
giggled Tommy. "There was
something else I should tell you," said Jon."What is it?""Shawn has to
make up the rest of his extra for the bet tonight. He has to dress up as Baby
New Year," laughed Jon."That's gonna be
funny," laughed Tommy."Kate put
together a little sash for him but we don't have a diaper that will fit as
Shawn is too big for Joel's. Kate said she would find something if we
couldn't.""I can help with
that. I have some emergency diapers in storage. I'm sure I can find them.
Wouldn't want Shawn to be in only half little nude nymphets gallery
a costume," giggled Tommy."This is gonna be
great. little nymphet russian Shawn probably won't like it too much but that's what he gets for
skipping out on part of a bet."Suddenly there
was knocking on Tommy's illegal photos nymphets door so he said, "Come in.""Hey guys, I'm
supposed to tell you dinner is ready," said Mike."Thanks we will
be down in a second," said Tommy as Mike just stood there looking nervous.
"What is it Mike?""I was wondering
if I could apologize to Hunter now since he hasn't been around much?" asked
Mike."Okay, go ahead,"
said Tommy."Hunter, I'm
very, very sorry for what I said to you this morning. I was having a bad
morning because your screams last night brought out my own nightmares. That is
no excuse for my behavior though. I was very wrong to say those things to you
and especially wrong to poke you. Thank you for getting me out of the extra
hits of the belt. Tommy explained that they bother you and I'm sorry for that.
I will really try to be much nicer to you and try to make up for my abysmal
behavior to you this morning," said Mike."Thank you
Mike-sir," naturist nymphet jpg said Hunter softly clearl

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