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enjoy chapter 80. DwednoChapter 80. A day of cleaning and utter surprise.Since both boys were still dressed there wasn't much to hide so Todd stood
there while Ryan went to answer the door. He opened it and Jose was at the
door."What can I do for you Jose?""I was just wondering if you wanted to continue our game from last night
later.""Sure I guess so."He looked beyond Ryan to Todd."Hi Todd."Todd waved at him but said nothing."See you later.""Sure not a problem Ryan thanks."He turned and walked away and Ryan shut the door. As he turned to walk over
to Todd there was another knock on their door."What the hell does he want now?" Todd asked Ryan."I don't know!"He spun around and opened the door as he began to ask Jose what he wanted."I don't know what Jose wants since I am not him. Bryan said. And good
morning to you too.""Sorry Bryan we thought it was Jose again.""He walked past me and headed out to the kitchen.""Oh. So what can I do for you?""Kate wanted me to ask you two to come down to the kitchen and help clean
up the rooms. Since it's snowing like mad outside she figured this would be
a good day to clean the house thoroughly.""Sure... I guess we can be down in a bit." Ryan said after looking at Todd
and then back at Bryan."Okay ten - fifteen minutes tops. Since Kate is making everyone work she is
also making a big breakfast of pancakes and sausage satin nymphet with bacon too if you
want.""Now that sounds like a good trade." Ryan said."Okay see you boys in a bit. I'm going to go wake Matt I am sure he
wouldn't mind helping too.""Okay." Ryan said.As he closed the bedroom door he turned and looked at Todd."Guess any fun will have to wait, we are needed to clean.""Yeah I heard. My dick was getting soft anyway from waiting so long.""Guess we can try again later. Might as well get dressed now." Ryan baby nymphet said
ignoring his brother while he whined about the bad news.Ryan was very happy knowing he could put off his sex act for now while at
the same time Todd was pissed now that he wasn't about to get his fun with
his brother after he did his share to make Ryan happy a little while
earlier. Both boys got dressed in virtual silence. Bryan walked down the
hall and knocked on Matt's door and interrupted his session too. He had
begun to jerk off while lying in bed a few minutes earlier."Whose there?""It's me, Bryan; can you come to the door?""I'm not dressed is it important?""Kate is making breakfast for everyone Matt and then we are going to clean
up so we can use your help after we eat.""Great, how long do I have?""About fifteen minutes so hurry up if you can.""Okay, thanks."Bryan walked away and went to find Austin. He was messing around in his
room with some of his things and Bryan told him the same."Okay Bryan I'll be down in a bit."Bryan also got Mike's attention and told him the same thing. At this point
he was so mad about not getting his piece of Austin before, he was happy
for any distraction so he could stop obsessing about Austin xxx nymphette for a while. On
the other hand... Matt was a bit upset but he stopped jerking off and got
dressed. He thought about it and decided he would get back to his fun later
or in the shower after cleaning. With everyone told about breakfast Bryan
headed back to the kitchen to help get the food on the table. Jose was
already rompl shy nymphets setting the table and soon the others will join them. Within the
hour breakfast was served and everyone ate a hearty meal and drank milk or
something to satisfy them. After all dishes were in the dishwasher Kate
talked to all of them and told them what she wanted and they spent the rest
of the morning vacuuming, mopping, dusting, and cleaning just about
everything in the living room, game room, and kitchen.
Back down the hill:
By now it was late morning approaching noon and Tommy was at the front door
stepping out with his coat on as he decided to see how deep the snow
was. He walked out shutting the door behind himself and a quick blast of
what was left of the bitter wind gave him a chill. That too was dying down
now since the storm had all but ended. At first glance Tommy's look seemed
to indicate that the storm left close to 15 inches on the ground in some
spots and drifts from the wind in others made it look like a few feet in
others spots. It was a dry powdery snow with the frigid air that had move
in along with the blizzard like conditions so it wouldn't be too hard to
get around if they had to go out later. Off in the distance he could see
some breaks in the clouds and a few patches of blue sky heading his
way. Apparently he was being watched because within a minute of being
outside he had company."Hey TJ... how is it out here?" Jon asked as he approached.Tommy was now standing about ten feet from the house as Jon reached him and
another blast of artic air send a chill up both their spines."Damn that's fucking cold!" Jon said."I know it is but do you really have to use that word?""Sorry I was just trying to say how bad it felt.""I know how it feels cute boy I have already taken a few of those gusts in
the face and the snow kills when it hits you, its like little needles
shocking you.""Yeah I know what you mean. So why did you come out?""Ehhh, I got bored with watching everyone clean and the smell of pine young naked nymphete was
good for a bit but I had enough. I just wanted to clear my head I guess.""Is it okay if you clear it with me at your side?"Jon had his hands in his coat pockets and Tommy put an arm inside his and
grabbed onto him tightly."Sure is... you mind if I hold on to you.""No TJ it's been a while so you just touching me feels good.""I know Jon, I'm sorry about that but I haven't had much choice there.""I know TJ, I was just saying I miss being with you, not that we have to go
upstairs and have mad sex."Tommy looked prepube nude nymphet at Jon."Mmmmmmmm that sounds hot!"They both laughed."So how long you gonna stay out here?""A few more minutes my balls are almost totally frozen and when they fall
off we can go in.""Ha-ha very funny... they better not fall off I want to have lots of time
with them soon.""Yeah Jon and I want you to have lots of time with them too. I haven't
spent much time with you or inside your hot ass lately either and as soon
as I can move without pain we are going to make a time to have some hot
anal and anything else we can do together.""TJ just listening to you say that made my cock start to grow."Tommy reached down and felt around."Can't tell from here sorry.""Yeah it's the jeans, they block easy access. I can't wait for the warmer
weather so I can get back to shorts and let myself go free of underwear and
all so I can get the feeling of that."Tommy laughed at him."Jon sometimes you are just weird!""Yeah so? Aren't we all?""Maybe a little I guess, but you are right I can't wait to see how things
are gonna be when its warmer outside too... especially with the others so
close to us. I think it's gonna make for quite an interesting time.""Yeah I think you are right."With the sky clearing quickly overhead another cold blast of air hit both
boys and it was time to go in."Okay that's enough for me! TJ said. Let's go in!""Right behind you TJ, that was brutal!"They headed to the front door as fast as possible and flew inside shutting
the door behind themselves and leaving the cold outside. They walked over
and hung up their coats."I don't know about you but after that I can definitely use a cup of hot
chocolate.""Great idea TJ, you better make a lot because once they smell it everyone
is gonna want some.""I know and I am not gonna make it `we' are gonna make it.""Oh, that's okay I don't care.""Good, let's get going I have a chill now."Both boys headed into the kitchen and started the hot water going as the 1
o'clock hour approached. As predicted by the time they were done they had
company and a few of the boys wanted to join them for a cup too."While you are up would you grab the mix and a few more glasses so everyone
can have some hot chocolate please Jeremy.""Sure Tommy, how many?""Who wants some?"I counted hands."We'll need four more and yours. Zack go help him please."Zack helped Jeremy carry over the mix and some glasses. Jon got up and
grabbed the milk incase anyone wanted a creamy cup and suddenly their two
cups of hot chocolate had become a major job. Eventually anyone who wanted
some was served or made it themselves and as usual more cups were needed,
more mix and some more milk too. By the time everyone was done enjoying
their drink an hour had passed and the chill was out of my bones. The sun
was shining and I decide it was time to hand out shoveling jobs."Okay since most of you are here I need five volunteers to shovel snow."Zack's hand went up followed by Jordan's but no one else."Okay let me put it another way... who wants to eat tonight?"Five hands went up."Good Billy, Joey, and Danny you three can also help shovel.""Wait I didn't volunteer for shoveling, you asked who wanted to eat
tonight.""Correct and to eat tonight you and the other four have offered your
services to clean and earn some of your keep here.""Crap!" Joey said as he started to bitch about having to do something for a
change."Joe it's simple. You don't have to do it adorable nymphet pix
just go play.""Yeah and what about dinner?""You can play during that too."He got all mad when I said that and the others laughed."Okay boys it's not heavy snow and with five of you working you should be
done soon."What's for dinner tonight Tommy?" Caleb asked."It's a surprise.""Oh." He replied."The shovels are in the garage so let's get going I want it done by dinner
or else no one eats."I turned and looked at Ben."You feel like cooking?""Sure I guess... it beats being bored.""Good come with me and we will talk. Jon please go watch them and make sure
they don't screw around too much.""Sure TJ."I walked Ben into a private spot."How about we go down and make some steaks and burgers on the grill when
the time is right? We can go down and get them out of the freezer now and
in a few hours you can cook outside and I'll help.""Sounds good to me." Ben said."And some dessert tonight?""What did you have in mind?""How about two decent sized cakes while the meat thaws?""Yeah that sounds good I would like some sweets tonight. Ben said. I'll get
right on that."Kyle walked by nymphets stories while I was talking to Ben."Kyle... want to give us a hand downstairs tiny nymph tgp carrying up the meat?""Sure bro, Luke is coming and we'll both help out."The four of us went down together and I started searching the freezers one
at a time for some good steaks. I noticed while we were down there that our
extra milk supply was getting low so a trip to the farm was probably needed
tomorrow. I got what I wanted and between the steaks and burgers we were
all set. We headed back up to the kitchen and put the vintage nymphet meat out to thaw."DJ!" I yelled out.About a minute later he came into the kitchen."You bellowed ol' master?"Everyone including myself started to laugh at what he said."Yes I did smart boy. Can you call over to Cameron and ask them to have
milk for us tomorrow?""Sure, that will be great because I want to see Cam and the guys.""Yeah me too."He went to call on a cell phone as I occupied myself with other things. A
few minutes later he came back."Chance answered frehs little nymphets pics the phone and told me they had plenty ready and tomorrow
was fine.""Great, where is Cameron?""Out with the backhoe clearing snow.""Oh well that makes sense. They don't fool around over there do they?"He looked at me and I thought about what I said and I smiled. He did too
and we both started laughing."What's so funny?" Jeremy asked."Inside joke." DJ replied."Oh." He said.By now the five boys were dressed and outside close to done with
shoveling. I looked out on them and saw a few heads and it was starting to
look good out there. I went over to DJ."Hey I am gonna see if my brother nymphets cp top list and Jon are up for a stroll next door you
want to come?""You mean in the tunnel?" he said in a low voice."Yeah.""Sure why not. I'm bored.""Okay I'll let you know in a bit."I went and found Jon and then Kyle and got them both aside."You two interested in a walk over to the porn and video's? I want to bring
some back I could use something to watch.""Mmmmm, sounds interesting bro count me in." Kyle said."How about you? I asked looking at Jon.""I guess there isn't much else to do and I could stand some action or fun
watching a few.""Good then lets get DJ and head over.""DJ is coming too?""Sure why not we could use the help carrying some stuff back.""Yeah and I could use some time in the sex room too. I want another dildo.""Kyle...TMI man!!! TMI..." Jon said.I started to laugh. So did KY. We found DJ and made sure the coast was
clear. Kyle went over to Luke and told him he was gonna go do something
with me for a while and he asked him to keep an eye on the house. Privately
that is... so no one knew he was just incase something stupid happened
while they we were gone. We headed over to the basement door and I opened
it just as Shawn walked by."Where you going with everyone TJ?""Downstairs for a bit I have something 12yo nude nymphets to discuss with them in private.""Oh okay, I'll watch the house while you are busy.""Thanks cutie."He turned and walked away and the four of us headed downstairs. We got to
the bottom and DJ spoke,"Boy that was simple Tommy. He didn't need to know anymore than that?""Nah, Shawn is a great kid and I usually don't have to explain myself. He
understands I have things to do around here so he just takes me for my
word.""Yeah DJ, Shawn is the best." Kyle added."I am beginning to see that." DJ said.I headed into the room as Jon went to get flashlights and Kyle and DJ came
in with me. A few minutes later Jon had half of our supply in his arms."We only needed a few Jon; you didn't have to bring ten of them.""I like being prepared." He said,We laughed. He walked in and I secured the door while Kyle opened the door
to the tunnel. We headed down one at a time Jon going last after what
happened before this. He is still afraid he might get a flashlight dropped
on his head again. After a while we were on our way shining lights and
talking up a storm about what we thought might be on the videos. I swear by
the time we got to the steps to climb up to the house everyone had a
hard-on or was close to it from all of our sex talk. I was a little slow
going up the ladder because of my shoulder pain. Going down was fine but up
apparently was making me use the area that hurt the most. I made it but it
took me a few minutes to get there. Before long we were in the sex room and
DJ was looking around and we were all joking about the whips, chains, and
dildos. It was all fun until Jon started to talk about the boy that was
killed on the sex table. After that little chat we all got quiet for a
while each of us with our own thoughts of how sad that was. We worked out
way though the maze of rooms and finally we were at the boxes of porn. We
were quiet now because a few feet on the other side of the door that was
five feet from us was the garage to Bryan's house and anyone in their
garage could hear us if we were loud and they were in there at the same
time. The last thing we needed was anyone knowing what was on the other
side of that locked door besides us. I looked for what I wanted in the
large amounts of videos and soon Kyle and DJ were carrying a box of them
back. Jon and I had the flashlights. I led the way back and Jon had the
rear so there wouldn't be any lighting problems. We were okay with the
tunnel now after being in it so many times and not finding anything to
worry about that I didn't even bring a gun this time. As we hit the bottom
of the steps and we were all in the tunnel DJ spoke."Hey Tommy what's up that way?""It's an exit to some place up on top of the hill from what I know. Every
time we come it has been bad weather and I haven't had a chance to go out
yet and see if I can figure out where it ukraine nn nymphets ends but I really want to get to
that soon.""Why, do you think its important or anything?""I really don't know but since it's an extra way out of our house from
here, Naked teenie nymphets this tunnel and bomb shelter was built for some reason I want to know
and see everything I can regarding it.""Oh well I would love to come when you go out the other end that day.""Yeah, no problem Kyle and Jon do too.""Who said I do?" Jon asked.We started to laugh at him the way he said it. It almost sounded like he
was crying or scared about having to check something extra out or do it."Jon quit your whining if you don't want to know what is out there you can
stay home that day but I know I do and Kyle does and we are going to go as
soon as the weather allows.""Yeah well I really don't want to know TJ. This place gives me the creeps
and that bomb shelter makes me feel really weird when I am in it.""Okay Jon I get the point, when the time comes you can stay in the house.""Good!" he said.I almost laughed at him and I could only imagine the expressions on DJ's
and my brother's faces. We found our way back without a problem and I
decided that taking the boxes upstairs would only bring unwanted questions
so we decided to leave them in this room and take a few up at a time and
only watch them in my room. So I grabbed a few and we shut the trap door
and headed upstairs. By the time we were done the house was clean, the
outside was shoveled and it was close to 4pm. All I had on my mind was
seeing some porn and I think Jon, Kyle and DJ did too so we headed up to my
room and went inside and I locked the door. I went over to porno nymphet the VCR and
popped in a tape and turned everything on. It began to play and before we
could even get to the first part Shawn came walking out of the bathroom and
startled all of us. I quickly hit stop so he couldn't see what we were
about to watch."What's going on TJ? How come all of you are in here watching a movie?""Because we are doing something Shawn so you can go play and let us get
back to the movie.""But TJ if you guys are gonna watch a good movie I want to see it too."I looked at Kyle and then DJ. I shrugged my shoulders not knowing what to
tell him."Shawn... I don't think you should watch this one because it's really scary
and I don't want you having nightmares and all okay?""Oh it's scary? Then I don't want to watch it TJ. Let me get out of here
before you start it."He went to the door, unlocked it and waved goodbye before he left."Wow that was close bro, good save with the scary movie. How did you know
he doesn't like them?""I tried watching one with him before and it wasn't fun. Half of it he
spent with his hands over his eyes and the other half he either yelled or
hid. I knew then that would be the last one he watched.""What were you watching Tommy? DJ asked."It was a sci-fi movie called `Night of the Comet'. It was pretty neat. It
was about a group of people that survive a comet blast that wiped out
civilization.""Ummm... TJ isn't that sorta what happened to us?""Yeah Jon but I didn't think about it at the time... but the more I do
now... it's almost like we are living that movie nowadays. Wow that really
fucks with my head now that I think about some parts of it.""Why Tommy what happened in that movie?" DJ asked."Well...the comet hits one night while everyone is outside watching. It was
well advertised on TV and in the newspapers so people decided to celebrate
its coming and make a night of it and a lot of them went out to view
it. You know... set up chairs and all like with fireworks but when the
comet went through it turned everyone to dust and left just their clothes
behind and those that survived and were exposed to it were left..."I stopped talking about it when I realized that I was getting to the part
where half baked people attacked some of those that were alive and since
that happened to Jon in the mall that time I didn't want to bring back that
memory for him."Why did you stop TJ?" Jon asked."Because what happened in the movie was a little too nymphette toplist
close to what
happened..."Again I stopped."To me TJ?" he asked."Yeah Jon, to you.""Oh... well then I am glad you pedo nymphets tiny
stopped. Thanks. I think I heard enough
about that movie.""Yeah I agree bro. lets start the video and see if there is anything hot on
it.""Okay KY."I looked at DJ and he had a puzzled look on his face. I realized he didn't
know what happened to Jon he wasn't with us then. I walked over to him."I can tell you later. I said in a whisper. It's not a good idea to talk
about it now.""Oh okay Tommy." He whispered back to me.I went over and started the VCR once again and we waited to see what it
would be. It started off slowly with some guy walking into a house and then
it turned into a typical video that you would rent from the XXX part of any
video place. We went through the tapes and the first ten were the same
thing, all x-rated videos with actors."TJ this is getting boring. We have done more then what we watched so far.""Jon I am sure DJ and Kyle wanted to hear that.""Oh, sorry I wasn't thinking.""Yeah well I can tell you like something Jon, said DJ. You are sticking out
of your pants."We all laughed at him. The little amount of video, cock and few seconds of
actor made moaning had gotten to Jon. Now don't get me wrong I wouldn't
mind watching these if I didn't have the real thing in this house but older
teen and young twenty something porn stars is not what I am into so each
time it looked like that was what the movie was I would stop it or fast
forward to make sure. Apparently we watched enough to make Jon tent out of
his sweat pants. His face was now read as he dealt with DJ's embarrassing
comment. I grabbed the next tape and it felt a little light like the same
amount of tape wasn't there. I looked into the window and it looked smaller
too. I popped it into the VCR without saying anything to them and started
it. The movie started and immediately we were all captivated by what we
saw."Hey bro that looks like the sex room in the tunnel.""Yeah it sure does." I said."You mean the same one we were just in?" Jon asked."Yeah Jon, I said. Come look closer."He walked over to the screen as did my brother and DJ and the four of us
stood there watching the video as we looked at the walls and saw the
dildo's kitty nymphet girls and then the sex table as the person that was filming this scanned
the room with the camera. Then a man spoke."Get on the table."Next thing we see a half naked boy sits on the table. He is pretty cute and
has no chest hair as the camera focuses on his chest. He has small nipples
and they are not hard. The mans voice starts again."You are to say nothing while we video tape this if you do the tape will be
turned off and you will have to pay the consequences."The boy cracks a little smile and shakes his head yes as he sits waiting
for further instructions. By now we can see that there are at least three
people in the room since someone is filming this, the man is talking, and
the boy is sitting on the sex table. He looks to be about fifteen and the
man ordering him what to do."Okay now I want you to stand up and take off your pants."Without speaking the boy gets off the table and strips his pants off. Next
you see a hand come out of no where and start to touch the boy on his
boxer's right at where his dick would be. The man feels around but says
nothing. The boy looks a little uneasy but remains quiet. As the man
continues to do his groping the room remains quiet and the camera remains
focused on the boy and the mans hand as it touches his boxers. The camera
is about three feet away right now. As the hand continues to roam the area
you start to see the beginning of the boy tenting out of his boxers from
the pleasure he is receiving which by the way is starting to turn me on. I
looked at the other guys and they were focused on the TV screen and
probably didn't even notice me looking at them. The man continued to touch
the boy for a good nymphette 100 links
while and finally he pulls his hand away and you can see
the boys cock pushing his boxers out now."Good, he says. You are now ready. Take them off."Again without question the boy does this and as he begins to lower his
boxers we see the beginning of pubic hair and then we finally get to see
what he was hiding in those boxers. His face is now a shade of red as he
lowers them his hard cock pops up and stands straight out. He has to be at
least six inches if not bigger and he was cut. The head of his cock was a
fine and beautiful thing to look at as we got a close up view with the
camera pulling in for a tight shot of it. I was now starting to grow in my
pants and I glanced over and noticed that DJ, Jon and my brother were
starting to squirm some. Apparently all of us were getting super turned on
by what we were watching. I started to feel a little embarrassed when I
realized that Kyle was starting to sport some wood only five feet from me
but I stopped looking and went back to the TV screen. The boy dropped his
boxers and stood there totally naked as the camera panned his body from
feet to chest after the original close up before. Man was he beautiful!
After watching that for a few seconds the man reaches out and grabs the
boys cock and starts to stroke it. He did this for a good minute and the
boy closed his eyes and put his weight on the table behind him as he leaned
back. We watched in silence as this went on for about three or more
minutes. Nothing was said and the man just stroked the teenager off. It
started to look like the boy was getting close or something because I swore
I saw wetness on the end of his cock. The camera panned up and the boys
head was now back and his eyes were closed as his tongue occasionally
darted out and licked his lips. It went back down again and we were now
watching the mans hand again as he jerked the boy off faster. Now I was
starting to lose it myself and I can't imagine how they felt but they had
to be affected just as much russian bbs nymphets as I was now by watching. There was little
doubt the boy couldn't hold off much longer. Hell I was almost to the point
where I couldn't hold off much longer and I haven't even touched myself
other then one quick adjustment when it was really getting uncomfortable
down there. I can imagine I am wetting my own boxers right now. I bet Jon
and DJ are too, I know how easily Jon gets excited and what happens when he
does. I don't even want to know how Kyle feels. Suddenly the man just
stopped and the camera went from the boy's hard cock quickly up to his
face. The boy brought his head up and opened his eyes and all four of us
said something. He looked like he wanted to say something but he remained
quiet."Get on the table and lay down."The boy did as he was told and the man and camera man both changed
positions. The camera now focused on the boy as he lay down and his cock
was standing straight up. He had to be at least six inches. He was a little
on the thick side circumference wise and without a doubt he was
leaking. You could see the wetness on top of his cock as the camera got
closer. My own cock was starting to throb and I was almost tempted to take
it out. Only Kyle being in the room stopped me."Okay boy its time for some real fun now!" the voice said.The man got close to him and reached out once again for his hard tool. He
grabbed it and out of no where started pulling on it real rough in several
different directions as if he was purposely trying to hurt the kid. The boy
jumped and yelled out as he sat up and tried to move the mans hand off of
and away from his hardness. I don't know about them but I cringed as he did
that because I felt it myself."What the fuck did he do that for?" DJ said out loud."Yeah! That was just wrong!" Jon added.I just stood there and watched as the boy tried to remove the mans hand
from his hard cock. The boy let out another yell and the man let go and
tried to shove the boy back down to the table and then of all things the
video suddenly ended. Now I was mad."What the fuck!" I said out loud.The VCR spit out the tape. I grabbed it and looked and sure enough it was
at the end."It's over guys. I don't know what we just saw but I have to think that
couldn't have ended well.""No shit!" Kyle said."Damn that was getting good too before he did that! DJ said. I wonder what
happened.""I bet I know." Jon said.The three of us looked at him. I had no idea where Jon was going with this."TJ remember the paper we read?""No Jon... you don't think that could have been the boy?""I don't know but it wasn't looking good on the TV and the kid looked about
the same age as what we read...""Wait a minute, DJ said. What are you two talking about?"I looked at him."Sorry DJ... when we were in that room one of the first times after we
found it we started looking around to try and get some idea of what went on
in there, I mean beside the obvious. I found notes or a diary if you want
in the desk draw and read it.""What did it say Tommy?""I don't really want to get into it in depth but what we read was that a
boy died in that room from lets say rough sex and he was fifteen years
old.""Holey shit Tommy! Do you think that could have been the boy?""That's what we are thinking." Jon said jumping in to answer DJ."We might nymphettes masturbation
never know DJ but for me that went from `I am gonna cum in my
pants' to oh shit in ten seconds flat."They all looked at me as if I read their minds."Well come on guys you tell me that wasn't hot!"They smiled for a second but none of us could get past what that guy did to
the kid as the video ended."All I can say is I would love to see more just because I want to know what
happens.""I know Kyle. I agree but there are only four tapes left out of what we
brought over and I looked at all of them and they all seem to be regular
length porn like the first ten we viewed. I mean we can check them but none
of them were short like this one.""We have to go back bro we need to check the other tapes to see if there
are more like this.""I know Kyle but not now, anime nymphet
not tonight. It's late and I don't feel like
taking that hike again. Maybe tomorrow. No one is going to touch them so
they aren't going anywhere.""You know TJ, this is the first time I actually want to go back into the
tunnel. This is going to drive me insane.""I know Jon but not tonight. It's just too late.""What time is it?" DJ asked.I looked over at my alarm clock."It's just about 6pm now."Just then Ben yelled down the hall to me. I opened the door and we were hit
by the awesome smell of dinner and the cakes he baked all mixed in. He was
walking towards me now as he just hit the top step."Tommy I started cooking some of the food downstairs since there isn't
enough room on the grill for everything. Luke is down there watching it but
I wanted to come get you. If we are going to eat we need bbs nymphet thumb
to get this done
now. The grill is on outside and the food is ready to be cooked.""Okay Ben go back down I will be there in a minute. Thanks for starting it
for me. I turned to them and after he was out of ear shot I
spoke. Boy... we got so into the video's I forgot about dinner. We need to
go."The three of them headed for the door."Wait, I said. Kyle can you take the box and put it in the closet for me. I
don't want Shawn coming in the room and finding those movies.""Good idea bro, yeah you go down and help with dinner. I'll hide them and
tell you were they are when I get back down by you."We headed down and didn't talk anymore about what we watched, all I know is
I went from hard-on to oooo-- ouchhhhh in five seconds flat as I felt the
same pain that poor kid felt when that bastard did that to him. I have to
find out more about that somehow. There has to be more movies in those
boxes. Hell there is another hundred movies easily in the tunnel. I headed
down with DJ and Jon. They went one way and I went to the get my coat and
then out to the grill. When I got there Jon was already out there but
without his coat."Jon I appreciate you coming out but please go get a coat its cold.""Yeah I am I forgot how fast the weather turned. I'll be right back."While he was gone I loaded up the grill with the steaks and anything else
that could fit. It was going to be a good dinner! A few minutes later Jon
came back."Tommy I know what we just watched wasn't a happy ending but damn did that
make me horny. Do you think maybe we can do something later?""That depends on what you want to do Jon. I still hurt a lot especially
when I am in the positions we need to make each other happy."He looked at me like how do you know that."Trust me Jon... I have already tried with someone.""Ohhhhh. I was going to ask but never mind."I laughed. I spent the next twenty or so minutes cooking as Luke played
liaison going back and young nymphet nudists forth between Ben in nymphets studios portal the kitchen and me as we both
worked to prepare a good meal for everyone."Tommy Ben wants to know if you want vegetables.""Tell him yes. We all need some. Have him make green beans and plenty of
them and any other veggie he wants.""Okay."He turned and went back inside quickly as he wasn't close to dressed for
the cold. All in all we were done close to thirty minutes later and Jon
and Luke helped me carry the cooked meat inside. When we got there the
table was set and I looked at Kyle who was standing there."Did you do this?""Me and a few others. We wanted to have things ready. It smells so good
that I didn't want to ruin a good meal waiting for everything to be set up
on the tables."The next hour was spent with all of the boys sitting at a spot and helping
themselves to a burger or a small piece of steak since I was very stingy
with it. I did however give anyone who wanted some a piece since we made
plenty. It was one of the best meals I have had in a while. As we finished
Ben got up from the table."I'll get the cakes. He said. Luke please help me."A minute later the boys came back out carrying two big cake pans each. Ben
brought one to our table and Luke one to the other table and they put the
other two aside. Fresh chocolate and vanilla iced cake, my tongue was
hanging out for a piece. I started cutting small pieces and there was
plenty between both types for everyone to have a second or third small
piece. We went through three pans of cake and half the vanilla was left. I
covered it and put it away. It won't last long with the animals that live
here. I thanked Ben for his great work and I was also thanked for cooking
by some of the boys. I was a little surprised nymphets bedroom but I gladly accepted it
since I don't get it a lot. We even got some of the boys that didn't help
often to clear both tables and fill the dishwasher as we sat and talked
after dinner for a bit. Caleb, Zack, Danny, Jordan, and Billy actually
helped clean up without bitching.Dinner had been over for an hour now. Billy and Joey were in there room
talking."You know it's been a while since we tried to get Chris in here what do you
think nymphets nude xxx Joey?""I think it would be awesome if you can do it without getting Danny's
attention."Without saying another word Billy got up off his bed and headed to the
door."Where are you going?" Joey asked."I'm in the mood for some fun Joe, I am gonna go find Chris and see if we
can get lucky."He opened the door and headed out into the hall. He looked down towards the
right and Tommy's door was open and Shawn was in there. He looked left and
then walked that way. A few doors down was Danny's room but first he passed
Luke's room nymphets athletics photos
and bingo... Christian was in with Luke and for some reason
Luke was talking to him. Billy knocked and both of them turned to see who
it was."Hey Bill what can I do for you?" Luke asked."I was bored and just wanted to see if anyone else was too.""I'd like to help you but Chris just came in here and we might play a
game.""Oh well... no problem I was just wondering, ya know.""Yeah, maybe next time." Luke said.Billy waved and turned to go. He headed back down the hall and someone
yelled from behind. Billy stopped and turned around. It was
Christian. Billy waved him over and he came quickly."Did you want me?" Chris asked."Yeah if you wanted to come visit us later we were interested in having
some fun. You think you might want that?""Sure. As soon as I am done playing with Luke I'll come knock on your
door.""What about Danny?""Don't worry about my brother. Lately he has been doing stuff and not
watching me. I think he is letting me go around the house nymphets pics forum some now.""Okay then, when you are done come knock we will be waiting."Billy turned to go with a smile on his face and Chris headed back in to
Luke's room. A few seconds later Billy walked back in to Joey."Did you find him?""Yeah he is with Luke.""Oh, then he is busy." Joey said."Yeah but he came out in the hall after I went in and hinted.""What did you say in front of Luke?""Just that I was bored and looking for something to do." Billy replied."Oh. You had me scared for a minute. I thought you...""What? Said the wrong thing Joey?" Bill said interrupting him."Yeah.""Give me a little credit huh? I know something!" Billy yelled back at him."Okay, okay relax. Geeze you sure are pissy lately. nonude nymphette You really do need a
blow job don't you?""Yeah but not by you. I want Chris to suck on me.""Good luck." Joe said with sarcasm in his voice."Why you saying it like that?""Because Bill you know he has never done that before and what makes you
think he will even take your dick and put it in his mouth?""Well... I don't know but if I ask he might.""Yeah Bill if you ask... he also might bite it too since he doesn't have a
clue what to do.""Oh man don't go there. You are ruining my dream.""Your dream huh... so when you are screaming in pain because the kid bit
you and someone comes in here to see what is wrong what kind of dream are
you going to have then?""Look Joe, I don't know why you have to make this into such a big deal. If
the kid says he will do it I will explain to him that he can't use anything
but his tongue and lips.""That might work Billy but you just better make sure he does it right or
you will be the one in pain.""True but if it does work I will be the one enjoying it while you watch me
get sucked off.""Yeah then I might get a little...""Jealous?" Billy said."Something like that... but besides that I really don't think the kid is up
to doing what you want. I mean honest Bill even if he does take you into
his mouth how good can he be?""He can't be young nymphets share
any worse then you.""Fuck you Billy! Next time you want your cock sucked you can go ask Tommy
because you ain't getting any from me for a while!""We'll see... he said. I know exactly what you like and you have never
complained once so if you want it bad enough Joe you will give it too."He didn't say anything to that. He realized Billy was right. He could suck
a mean cock and he did give him the best orgasm. Hell... he was the only
one that sucked him off period. He realized he better be quiet before he
was back to just being alone and jerking himself off. Billy went and laid
on his bed as he stewed about what Joey said. After about five minutes of
silence in the room passed Joey spoke up."Billy... I'm sorry. You are right man no one does it better to me and I
don't want you mad at me.""Yeah well... all I am saying is when you do it Joe you could put something
into it. I mean shit! When I suck you at least I build up a sweat and you
never complain about the feeling. Last time you blew me I had to star nymphet models
work to stay hard.""Awww come on am I that bad?""You have been lately... I swear you used to really do a great job but the
last few times I just don't get it.""Sorry I didn't know. I promise next time I will really do it.""Yeah... I guess we'll see."Joey was thinking now what was he doing wrong. He suddenly felt
embarrassed. He thought he always did a good job. Billy always came when he
sucked him. The more he thought about it he started to realize that Billy
wasn't moaning or squirming around like he used to do. Maybe I am slacking!
He thought to himself. I have to get better or Billy will find someone else
and I will have nothing. He got up and went to the door."Where you going Joey?""I need some air.""I hope it's not what we talked about that is chasing you out."Joey turned and looked at Billy but said nothing. He walked out and shut
the door. He headed down the hall and looked into Tommy's room. Tommy saw
him."Hey Joey you look sad what's up kid?""Just not in a good mood Tommy.""You have a disagreement with Billy or something?""You could say that.""Why don't you come in and talk to me."With Tommy's invite he walked in."Shut the door Joe."He did as I asked."So what happened?""It's embarrassing to talk about Tommy.""So try me. You know what I deal with and how many boys I have done stuff
with?""No not exactly.""Enough to see you are in pain Joe.""Yeah well if Billy wasn't such an ass hole."He stopped short of saying anymore."Joe it can't be horrible so just say it."He looked at me."Billy said I don't do it for him that I am lazy when we have sex.""Oh... is it true?"He looked at me."Tommy you said you were going to help me not make me feel worse.""Joe you have to tell me something for me to help.""Yeah I guess... maybe I have been a little weak lately when we do stuff.""Weak? You mean like not putting out a lot of energy or getting into what
you are doing?""Yeah that.""Yeah what Joe? I asked two things.""The getting into it part.""Are you getting tired of having sex with Billy or just tired of sex all
together?""Tommy I am thirteen. I never get tired of sex."I laughed."Yeah I hear ya. So then you are tired of Billy?""Maybe a little. I mean I still like what we do and since you got me and
him together back at the old house that one day. I swear Tommy what the
three of us did that day I was so hot and horny and it turned me on to
watch everything happen... and then well you know... you were there but I
swear Tom between you and Billy I thought I was going to lose my mind when
I came. The rush and feeling... it's just that I guess since that time its
all been okay between us but I need more now. Maybe someone else to get me
to that feeling again.""Wow. I don't know what to say Joe.""Yeah... neither do I.""Have you two tried anything special?""No but Billy wants to. He is trying to get another person in with us.""Really? So you and him are going to have a three way?""Maybe Tom and I really shouldn't be talking about it because...""Because what?""I... I really should stop Tom before we get in trouble.""Now wait. Why would having someone else in for a three way get you in
trouble?""Tommy I really shouldn't say.""But Joe who would cause problems? I mean everyone in this house would
either say yes or no and everyone is old enough to decide. I mean unless
you are talking about little Chris..."I looked at him and he almost turned pale on me. He looked nymphet dark away."Is that it Joe? You and Billy are thinking about doing something with
Christian?"He wouldn't look at me. I only guessed but damn I got it right. Or I think
I did."I'm gonna go now Tommy. I think I said too much."He got up to leave."Joseph! You wait just a second."He stopped in his tracks."Look at me."Slowly he turned towards me.""Was I correct?""Tommy please don't make me say it. Billy will hate me.""Look this is tough for me to pass judgment on because truth be told Shawn
isn't a lot older then Chris but still he is only seven.""Yeah but Tommy he'll be eight soon and that little shit...he walked in on
us while we were going at it once and he stayed and watched before we even
knew he was there. Damn what am I saying this to you for. You are gonna
kill both of us!""Joe its okay I promise. I am not mad.""You aren't?""No I mean I don't like that what you might do... or could do... but how do
I say it... `Wrong' as I put my fingers up nymphette pics free in quotes to him, while he is
alone with you two. But a few things... you don't hurt him and force him to
do anything he doesn't want to and make him stay if he wants to leave. And
you better not let Danny find out because even if he is eleven he will kill
both of you.""Yeah I know. But honest Tommy you had to be there. That little shit... he
watched us and he came over and showed is his hard bone. He got into what
we did and it was so awesome. I didn't think anyone that young would get
hard over watching two other guys.""Well damn, I said. I wouldn't think that either but I guess you found
yourself a little pervert if he got excited."Joe smiled at me."It was pretty awesome to see his little cock standing out like that. But
still it was different.""I can imagine Joe. Look whatever happens you better respect that boy
because if I hear of anything going wrong I will skin both of you alive and
throw your asses out of this house. Do not hurt him if this happens!""I promise Tommy if and I mean if anything happens it will be because
Christian wants it to not because either of us makes him.""Okay then I will look the other way but if Danny comes looking for him or
asking me anything at a later time I don't know if I can protect you two.""Fair enough Tom just please don't get us in deeper.""I am not making any promises other then I won't stop you two but you know
how I feel!""I know and thanks for listening to me.""Anytime Joe just please be careful.""I promise we will."He got up looking a little happier and headed to the door. He opened it and
went to shut it behind him."That's okay leave it open."He waved and left. I watched him walk down to his room and go inside."Where did you go?" Billy asked."I needed some air like I said.""Yeah but what did you do?""Why does it matter Bill I don't grill you every time you walk out of
here.""I am not grilling you Joey I just wanted to know if you were okay. I DO
care about you ya know.""I'm sorry Billy I just went for a walk around the house to see what was
happening.""Oh, well is anything going on?""No it's as boring around the house as it is in here."Just as he was about to respond to his comment there was a knock on the
door."Come in." Billy said.The door opened slowly and in walked Christian. He shut it and turned to
them."I'm here like I promised." He said."Great. Where is Danny?" Joey asked."I don't know, somewhere around the house.""Won't he come looking for you?""I don't think so. He is just happy I am not there bothering him.""Oh." Joey said as he looked at Billy."So are you guys going to do little lollitas nymphets what you did last time I watched you?" he
asked."We might but what I want to know is what are you interested in doing?""I don't know. Maybe watching or touching your thing again. That would be
cool!"Again Billy looked at Joe. They both smiled."Yeah we can do something but first we want you to get undressed." Joey
said to Chris."Do I have to?" he asked."Yes because last time you saw us without clothes now it's our turn to see
you that way." Joe said."But I don't want to. I really just want sexy litte nymphets
to watch.""Sorry, said Billy you can't watch unless you are undressed."Reluctantly the young boy grabbed his shirt and started to pull it over his
head. Then he reached down and pulled his sweatpants off and he was now in
just his white undershirt and underwear. Joey looked at Billy and
smiled. Chris looked at them and they waved him on. He reached out and took
hold of the bottom of his undershirt and started to lift it. It went over
his head and he threw it to the floor. Now nymphets live the little boy was in just his
tight white briefs."Do I have to go further?" he asked."No not yet." Billy replied."Good. Now are you two going to do the same thing?""Yup." Billy said.He stood up and ripped off his shirt and tossed it aside. He wasn't wearing
anything else so he was now half naked. Chris' eyes were fixed on him as he
went for his jean button. He unbuttoned them slowly pulling down the nymphet site zipper
and they fell to the floor. Bill was already semi erect from the excitement
of watching Chris get undressed. He went all the way down to his boxers and
then looked at Joe."Your turn Joe." He said.Joey got off the bed and did the same stopping at his boxers."Okay now we are all ready.""But you two are still dressed. Last time I came in you were both touching
each other and had nothing on.""We will get there Chris just give us some time to enjoy this.""Okay, I guess that's okay.""Come over here." Billy said to himHe walked over to Billy as he sat on the edge of his bed. Joey was behind
him already and watching whatever Bill had planned. He reached out as Chris
stood a foot away and touched the top of his briefs trying not to scare the
boy."Is this okay?""Sure. You can touch me anywhere if you want." Chris said modestly.So Billy did just that. He reached out again and put his finger right on
the little bulge in the boy's underwear and touched his cock through
them. He moved his finger back and forth over his little bump a few times
and Chris closed his eyes for a moment."That feels great" he said afterwards."There is plenty more of that as long as you do what we ask.""I will I promise. If you make me feel good I will do anything."Again Billy looked at Joe and they both thirteen year olds snickered."Okay then. Billy said as he stood up. The lump in his boxers was obvious
now. I am gonna start this Chris."With that he grabbed hold of his boxers and lowered them. He was now
standing there totally naked. Chris looked at his half erect cock and
smiled."Wow its just like before. Really big!" He said."Okay now you do the same thing." Bill said to Chris."But what about him... He said as he pointed at Joe. Isn't he going to get
undressed too?""Yes I will in a second. Joe said. I am waiting for you to go first.""Oh." Chris said.With that Chris grabbed his underwear and pulled them off. They fell to the
floor and he stood there with two inches of solid sausage link standing
straight out from his body. Billy who was standing right next to him
totally naked looked at Joe and smiled. Joe got off the bed and quickly
pulled his boxers off making all three boys totally naked now. All were
also hard or getting there."Okay now let's have some fun. Billy said. Chris get on the bed."He walked over and got up onto the bed. Both boys watched as his little ass
slowly moved off the floor and he crawled up onto the bed. Joe joined him
and then so did Bill as all three were now a foot apart. Joey sat down and
patted the bed. Chris free nymphet sat next to him and then Billy followed. All three
were on the edge of the bed."Okay sweet little nymphet Chris I want you to take each hand and grab us here." He said
pointing to their cocks.Without hesitating Chris reached out and took hold of Billy's cock and then
looked over at Joe and grabbed his."Okay now start running your hand up and down both of them." Joe said.On top virgin nymphets pic command Christian started stroking up and down on both boys hard
cocks. They both practically sighed together with the touch of the little
boy's hand. Joe reached nurgles nymphs
out and started to run his fingers over the head of
Chris' little cockhead and the boy instantly stopped jerking them as the
feeling took over all of his senses. At this point neither of them cared
they just wanted to see what would happen and how far they might be able to
go. Joe started running his fingers up and down the shaft of his small dick
and the boy just sat there."Lay back." He said to him and Chris fell back onto the bed.As he fell back onto the bed he spread his legs some to adjust to a more
comfortable position. This left his tiny little balls open to play with now
and Billy did just that. At first Chris jumped when Bill touched them but
after he looked and saw what was happening he put his head back down. Now
both boys were having their way with the soon to be eight year old. Chris
lay there still and totally silent. The only thing moving was his skinny
white belly as it rose up and down. sexy lolta nymphet Bill sped up his jerking motion going
up and down the boys little penis quicker now as Joe moved his hand away
and became a spectator. Chris wet his lips and let out a little cooing
sound as he started to get more and more into the sensation that was
beginning to overcome all of his senses. A good minute passed and Billy was
still moving his fingers up and down the little sausage link in front of
him. Chris remained quiet other then the occasional deep breath, smacking
of his lips or sigh he let out which was actually the noise he was making
to show how much he was enjoying the play. After another two minutes or so
Joe pointed to Chris' belly as it suddenly started going up and down
faster. The boy reached out and grabbed the bed sheets with both hands
tightly. He was holding on securely now and his legs got stiff and he
lifted them up straight. He opened his mouth and his tongue darted in and
out a few times as he licked his lips over and over. His cooing sound
started to get a little deeper and almost sounded like a moan now. Suddenly
as Billy sped up the rubbing if the most sensitive underside of Chris'
little penis he spoke..."I think I have to pee." He said."Just enjoy it you will be fine." Joey said to him. Chris let out a little yelp shortly after that and started to shake quite
a bit. Joe looked at Billy and smiled as they both knew he was having some
kind of small convulsion, the kind that came along with a prepubescent
orgasm. Billy stopped playing with his little tool and both boys watched as
Chris' face began to contort some and the shaking stopped as the major part
of the little boys orgasm began to pass. A good minute later he lay there
totally limp and finally opened his eyes and looked at both boys."What happened to me?" he asked."Did it feel good?" Joey asked him."Uh huh... it was weird and I thought I was going to have to pee but I
don't know what happened because I started to feel this really strong
feeling and I got all funny inside and then it started to feel awesome and
I thought I was gonna pass out or something. But wow it just kept getting
better and better so I stayed quiet. What happened to me?""You had an orgasm." Billy said."A what?""It's called an orgasm. Its when you touch yourself over and over like I
did to you and finally that feeling happens and you feel magical cgiworld nymphet like your head is
going to explode.""Yeah that's what happened. I thought my brain was going to come out of my
head and then it got better and it felt so good.""That is what we want you to do to us now. Do you feel like helping?""Oh yeah. Can I please? I want to see how you guys act when it happens.""You will. Joey said. If you do it to us right you will see that and a lot
more."Both boys laughed at the thought of blowing the wad of cum all over Chris.
They were rock hard now after watching the pleasure Chris just had."Okay I am gonna lay back and I want you to start playing with mine okay
Chris?" Billy said."Sure."Joe watched as Bill got comfortable and Chris reached out and took hold of
his hard cock. He started rubbing it up and down. But slowly."Go faster." Bill said to him."Let me show you." Joey said.He grabbed Billy's cock and started stroking it quicker."Oh like that?""Yes. Joe said to him. You have to go quicker.""Okay."Chris took hold of it once more and did as he was shown. It was starting to
feel good now after a good minute and the kid was making small
progress. Billy looked at Joe because he wasn't doing it well enough but he
let him continue."Chris why don't you take your mouth and put it on there.""You mean put his thing inside my mouth?""Yes that is just as much fun." Joe said."That sounds gross.""Its not. It feels awesome."He stopped stroking Billy as Joey explained how to give a blow job to him."Okay I will try it but you better not be lying." Chris said."Just don't use your teeth only your lips and you will do fine." Joey said
to him.He slowly got closer to Billy's cock and put his lips on the end of
it. There was no taste so he went further and took the head of his cock
into his mouth. While Joe watched he started playing with Chris' cock a
little and fondling his balls. Chris stopped for a second and then went
back to his first blow job. He took more and more of Billy hard cock into
his mouth and he started to wet him. He had about half of him in his mouth
now."Okay now start moving your head up and down but keep Billy's dick inside
your mouth all the time." Joey said to him.He did as told and slowly he started to bob up and down Bills shaft and
cock head. He started to catch on after a minute and went faster. Billy
began to feel the pleasure of the boy's mouth now. He was catching on
nicely. With all the play and fun that went on inside the room Billy wasn't
far away from orgasm and Chris catching on quickly made it feel really
good. After a minute of Chris sucking his cock he yelled out to warn
Chris. Joe didn't want to scare the kid so he tapped him on the back and
told him to move away."Chris you have to move now Billy is going to squirt.""Huh?" he said."Just back up and watch." Joe said to him.He remained quiet as he backed off of Bills hard cock. Billy grabbed his
stiff tool and started stroking it fast. After a few seconds he let out a
moan and began to cum. The first two shots flew all over his chest as
Chris' eyes lit up."Wow! He said. Is he all right?""Yes he is fine Chris now be quiet and watch."The third blast came out and landed on his lower belly One more dribbled
out as Billy let go of his cock and enjoyed the flood of emotions as the
orgasm took over his senses. Chris watched in silence as Billy's face make
all kinds of odd shapes and moves before Billy finally opened his eyes a
little later."Wow that felt great." He said as he sat up smearing his cum all over his
chest and belly with his hand."That looked gross." Chris said."It's not Chris. Billy said. Here taste it."Billy reached his hand out and brought his finger to Chris' lips and
touched some cum to them. Chris licked his lips and made a funny face at
first and then smiled."Cool. Its tastes a little weird and salty but I like bikini nymphet pic it." He said.Both boys lit up as Chris said that. You can imagine the thoughts that went
through their heads."That's good. Joe said. Because now I am going to do that.""Really now it's your turn to cum?" Chris blurted out.The way he said it was priceless and both boys did their best not to laugh
out loud at him."Yes now I am gonna cum but you have to help." Joe said."Sure. No problem I like this a lot.""So do we. Billy said to him. So do we!"Chris went and sat next to Joe as he got set on the bed."Okay Chris now start playing with me."Chris reached out and took Joe's semi hard cock and began stroking it. He
grew hard quickly from the little boys touch and soon he was ready."Okay now suck me like you did to Billy.""Huh? Suck you?""Yes put your mouth on my cock.""Ohhhhh. Okay."Chris went through the same motions he did with Billy only he did it a
little better this time. As with Billy Joe was close from all the
excitement in the room and within a good minute he was ready to cum."Chris I am gonna cum soon." He said out loud.Billy tapped Chris on the back and told him to move away. He stopped
sucking and looked at Billy."No its okay I want to try and see what happens if I stay here.""I don't think that's a good idea Chris I think you will choke from too
much cum.""No I wanna do this."Billy wasn't going to argue with blogs nymphets models
the kid so he got quiet and looked at Joe."I don't care Billy the worst that happens is he chokes some and backs
off. Then I will finish.""Okay it's your call. It's your cock." Billy said to him.Christian went back to sucking on Joe and he had gotten so much better in
the short time he did it that Joe actually was ready to cum now. He arched
his back off the bed and let out a rather loud moan from Chris doing such
fine work. He fired off his first blast into Chris's mouth and Chris
immediate got scared as the cum filled his mouth and he let go, backed off,
and started to cough. The next shot of cum flew out hitting Chris square in
the face. Billy tried not to laugh and Joe was off enjoying the beginning
of his orgasm so he had no clue what wash happening. As Chris' face caught
the splatter of cum that flew from Joe's cock he moved away quickly but
still coughed and choked on what hit him in the back of his throat. The
next shot came and flew up landing on Joe. He now grabbed himself and
stroked out whatever was left as the full pleasure of his orgasm over took
him and he floated off to enjoy it. Meanwhile Chris was coughing; his face
full of cum and he looked like he wanted to cry as he caught his breath. He
didn't but it was quite funny anyway. Billy grabbed an undershirt off the
floor while Joe slowly recovered from his orgasm and wiped the cum off of
Chris' face. With their pleasure all but over Joey opened his eyes to catch
the end of Chris wiping his face off."What happened? I heard coughing and them I lost it." Joe said."You figure it out. Billy said smiling at him. You got him square in the
face with your second blast. What did you think happened?"He smiled."How would I know man, I was off into la la land!"Joe sat up and looked at a semi messy Christian."Sorry bud but I tried to warn you that you wouldn't be ready for this
yet.""Yeah I guess so but it was still a lot of fun and I want to do this
again,"Joe looked at Billy."Yes!" he said pumping his fist."Next time maybe we will show you how it feels to have your butt played
with.""Huh? What do you mean my butt? I don't play back there Billy. That is
where I take a dump."He smiled."Yeah we know but it also feels really good if you do it right.""Really? Chris said. You have to show me now. Please?""Look it's getting late and none of us want Danny to find out so why don't
we save it for next time okay?""Yeah I guess so. I don't want Danny knowing any of this. You won't tell
him right?""No way!" both boys said."Come on Chris, you better get dressed now."He got up and both boys

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