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From: Dwedno Smith
Subject: Chapter 42 of the Tunnel.I am very sorry I haven't posted any of the story in over two months. Due to
my work schedule and holding down up to three jobs to pay the rent its been
extremely difficult to even find the time to write more then eat regularly.
I can only promise I will do my best to try and publish a chapter as often
as possible from here on out and I will try for a minimum of at least one
chapter a month. I WOULD LIKE TO thank all that have asked what happens and
those that send along e mails wondering if I was okay. Other then lost sleep
everything else is fine. I cannot tell all of you how much it cheers me up
hearing from some of you questioning where I am or if I am okay. Thank you,
Thank you all so very much. Here is chapter 42 and I have started writing 43
and hopefully with some free time I will get it to all of you soon. Due to
lack of usage of the email address they shut it down
but as far as I know its up and running again but if that does happen again has and still is running... So much for free e mails
accounts if you don't use them... Please continue to use the dwednomail
account for The Tunnel story so I can more easily answer everyone as long as
it is active. I will go thru all e-mails over the next few days and respond
accordingly to each of you that took the time to ask how I am, more
personally. Now I have to reread some of this story to catch up and know
where we go from here. The life of a busy person.... Enjoy all and again
thank you for your patients. Dwedno.Chapter 42. Catch up and clean up.
I walked in to find almost everyone watching some game that Luke and Kyle
were playing on PSII in the main room on the big screen TV and I sat quietly
without even being noticed. I came in from behind so it was easy to blend
in. I watched for a while not quite sure what was happening since I am not a
gamer. I started to understand a little of what was happening sorta getting
the main concept of it. Finally there was a break in their action and
everyone got up. Now I was noticed."Hi all.""How long have you been there?""A good five minutes.""And no one saw you and you didn't say anything?""Nope, why should I Jon? After all I didn't want to interrupt the game.""Yeah I guess but you could have tapped me on the shoulder.""True but I was enjoying watching all of you so engrossed in the game.""What did he say something is gross Danny?"I laughed."No Christian he said engrossed meaning watching closely.""Ohhhhh I got it. I think." He said."How is Shawn?" asked Kyle."Not nymphet boy pics much better. I finally gave him some medicine and he took a hot shower
to clean up.""Where is he now?""In bed young nymphette thumbnail Luke he finally fell asleep.""Do you think it's serious?""No Billy, I just think something he ate was bad free teens nymphets or didn't agree with him.
In a few days he should be fine. Meanwhile I need to keep him on fluids or
he will really get sick.""So we can see him?""Yeah I don't see why not Ky, but wait till the little tits nymphets morning.""Yeah I understand.""Joey rejoins us in the morning.""Yeah that's okay." Said Danny.That got a really cold, mixed reception."Okay everyone freeze. I have all of you here what is up with Joey now?"No one said anything."Well from your grumblings I have to think he isn't welcome anymore.""That's not it, said Billy, we are just really mad about what he chose to
do.""So you are speaking for everyone here?"Just about all of them nodded their heads or said yes."Okay then. So how are things going to be when he comes out of his room
tomorrow expecting everything to be normal?""Normal? Asked Danny. He has to earn my trust again.""Okay that's fair enough but just remember that and this goes for all of
you... if any of you make a mistake in the future don't forget how you treat
him tomorrow because it seems no one gets a second chance in this house. If
anyone causes one bit of grief for him tomorrow you will have to answer to
me!""But what if he starts it?" asked Danny."Okay look... I know all of you have been told not to go near him for the
past two days but I have been right beside him and talked to him. He is very
sorry for how he acted and I am not going to get into it beyond that. I will
leave it up to him to apologize. I am not forcing anyone to be his friend
but I am warning everyone that I do not want anyone being nasty to him. If
he is rude to you that's one thing but he was punished for two whole days
alone in that room and he is sorry about all of it. The rest is up to all of
you."I didn't say anything else or wait for anyone else's comments I headed up to
my room and shut my door. I wasn't proud of any of them at this moment.
Suddenly they all seemed to be holier then thou. It's just past 10pm and I
guess time for me to turn in. it seems like tomorrow might be a long day for
all of us. I stripped down and got into bed and got comfy. There was a knock
on my door and I yelled come in."Can I sleep with you tonight Tommy or are you mad at everyone?""No Jon I am not mad at everyone I am disappointed. Yes I would love you in
bed with me. I want to hug some one tonight and you are perfect."He undressed and hopped in."One sec... I got up and yelled downstairs. Kyle...""Yeah bro?""Set the alarm please?""Sure.""Thanks night, love ya.""Welcome, love you to BB."I went back into my room and crawled back into bed with my lover. I leaned
over and kissed him. He rolled over to face me."I love you Tommy, I hope you know that.""Thanks Jon, I do and I love free teen tgp nymphet
you too, what do you think about Joey?""Personally... I think he should be punished another day just to make sure he
understands but I am all for forgiveness and if you feel he is ready then I
do too.""Really you think one more day would make a difference?""Yeah why Tommy?""Just wondering lover... I guess since I have been with him watching him
closer then everyone else I have seen his remorse.""Probably Tommy but he fucked up and now he needs to get back into
everyone's good graces.""I understand what you are saying Jon but I guess I am closer then everyone
else to how he has been acting."I reached out and pulled Jon closer to me. I moved in and kissed his lips."You like that?""Yeah of course."He reached in and kissed me this time. We started kissing more and then just
held a lip lock together."That felt good.""Yeah I agree. But I am beat, I hope you don't mind if we don't go further
tonight.""Nah its okay Tommy but if you want I will rub you till you fall asleep.""Awesome. I turned and he started rubbing my back. That's great."I didn't say anymore I just took in his back rub silently and eventually
fell fast asleep. That was the last thing I remembered till a noise woke me
in the middle of the night. It was coming from Shawn's room so it seemed. I
rushed in. He was sitting up red faced and having trouble breathing. I ran
over next to him and asked him if he could talk. He shook his head no and I
panicked."Just stay calm Shawn I promise I won't let anything bad happen to you but
if you tense up you won't help yourself."I opened his mouth and looked for anything and saw nothing. He was starting
to turn blue and I was really worried now. I turned him around and for lack
of anything else to do I did the Heimlich maneuver on him. I don't know why
but that brought up something and he puked on the floor a little and began
to cough. He was breathing. I was totally relieved and shaking like a scared
deer in someone's headlights. I grabbed a towel and wiped his face off and
handed it to him and he wiped off his hands and nymphet cumshots
dropped it. He took a deep
breath and looked at me. He came to me and immediately started crying. I
held him tightly."Your okay cutie, I promise you are fine."I didn't have a clue but I had to calm him."Relax Shawnie kid. Come on babe relax."I held him tightly for a while finally he let go of me but didn't want me to
let go of him. I sat holding him on his bed for a while until finally he
cleared his throat and spoke."What happened to me Tommy?""I don't know Shawn but I am so glad I heard you.""Me too! That's twice now Tommy.""Twice?"I was lost."Twice you saved my life. He turned and hugged me. I love you so much
Tommy.""I love you too cutie."I placed several kisses on his head. He was warm."I want to take your temperature okay?""Sure.""I'll be right back."I got up and walked to the bathroom and got the thermometer out. I shook it
down and washed it off with alcohol and put it under his tongue. After three
minutes I read it. 99.2° not bad at all for someone who has all the symptoms
of being sick. But why?"Tommy you aren't going to leave me are you?""Nope only if you want me too.""No please stay with me."I crawled into bed and he got next to me and lay on me and I held him
tightly as he fell asleep on me. As soon as I was sure he was asleep I tried
to get into a better position. Finally I maneuvered to something I could
deal with as Shawn slept on me. After watching him for some time I finally
fell asleep. Neither of us under the covers. We stayed that way till
morning. I woke after Shawn started moving around. I looked down at him as
he opened his eyes."Morning cutie, how ya feeling?""I'm okay. I feel better now.""That's great Shawn."He sat up and I got up. I was stiff. I stretched and felt a little better."Man laying that way nymphets porn nude young
totally killed me.""Not me, you were a really good pillow Tommy.""Yeah right. You feel hungry?""A little but what if I eat and have to run to the bathroom again?""You have to eat something so come down and you can have toast and tea again
okay?""Yeah I guess."I hadn't looked at the clock yet but when we got downstairs Joey was already
in the kitchen eating.""Morning Tommy, Shawn.""Hey Joe, how's nymphets land top bbs it feel to have your freedom back?""Awesome. The past thirty minutes have been great, I can't wait to go
outside and get some air and then go swimming later and anything else I
want.""Great, well enjoy yourself. I am gonna eat."I put in some toast and then made tea for Shawn and fed him. Then I made
breakfast for everyone else as they slowly began to come down as 8am
approached. By 9am everyone was fed and Joey stuck around and helped me
clean up not really noticing the glares he got from the others. I did
though. After I started the dish washer I went and threw in a few loads of
dirty clothes so I would have something clean to wear for the next week or
so. By 11am I was done with my choirs and my room was about as clean as I
was going to get it. Jon poked his head in as I was finishing my bed."You doing anything today Tommy?""You mean besides three loads of wash, the dishes and making my bed besides
checking on Shawn every so often?""Yeah besides those fun things?""Yeah first I am going to check everyone else's rooms and see if they need
cleaning because if I don't then this place will start to reek, then I am
gonna go to the market and get a few things we are out of.""Want company?""Sure I was hoping you would offer.""I'd like to come too, Benjy said as he knocked and entered my room.""Sure Ben, what brings you down here to this end of the hall?""I am out of clean clothes and not sure how to run the washing machine.""I'll show him Tommy.""Thanks Jon.""Be right back.""Okay Jon.""Tommy?""Yeah Ben...""How soon are you going shopping?""About an hour I guess.""Would you mind if I went with you and we looked for a car for me today?"I looked at Jon. He nodded his head yes."Sure why not.""Awesome.""How well do you think you will do Ben?" asked Jon."I'll be all right, I drove a few times before the comet hit.""This might work well having two drivers. I said to Jon. But Ben you really
can't go out alone what if you run into someone?"He looked at me and after a few seconds seemed concerned."I don't know I didn't think about that.""You ever fire a gun?""Nope.""Want to learn?""Not really I don't like guns Tommy.""Okay well that just means you will have to either not go far or be very
careful or go with myself free porn nymphet pics or Kyle I suppose if you go out.""That kinda limits me.""I know and it also keeps you alive if you ever run into someone that might
be half baked.""I guess you're right. But I do want to drive.""Sure Ben we can get you a car later.""That's awesome, I wanted to go get clothes too if you don't mind.""Sure I really didn't have plans later this afternoon a nice mall trip
sounds good."I looked at Jon as I said that and he didn't turn three shades of red this
time so he must be getting over the mall incident slowly."Might as well tell everyone and we can take two cars and go.""That sounds great."Yeah and I can bet whoever has Joey will have the empty car too. I thought
to myself."We'll go shortly."He smiled and left the room."I want to talk to Tom for a second Ben; I'll meet you at the laundry
machine okay?""Sure."Jon watched him leave and when he was out of sight Jon looked at me with
some concern."You really want to let him drive? That means you are giving him freedom and
losing some control.""No it doesn't. First off this isn't about control Jon and second I told him
he can't go anywhere without protection and he doesn't want to fire a gun so
that takes care of going anywhere without risk but I won't stop him. The
only rule is if he goes alone he really goes alone.""Huh?""Jon, if he wants to take off that's fine but unless Kyle or myself are with
him he can't take anyone with him unless it's an emergency.""Ohhhhh. I get it now.""A little slow today Jon?"He gave me the finger."Yeah you can stick it up my ass later if you want.""Kewl!""Is that it Jon?""What that I want to finger fuck your ass?""No dumb ass, is that all you wanted to talk to me 16yo nymphets about?""Yeah for now and you're a dumb ass if I am too!"I just looked at him."Go tell the others we are going to the mall and help him with the laundry
before I open up a can of tickle on you!"He gave me the finger again and turned to go. I went to check Shawn who was
resting quietly in bed when I got there."Hey cutie how you feeling?""A ukrainian bbs nymphet little better, I had a few visitors but otherwise I have slept and I
haven't had to run to the bathroom yet.""That's great; you want to come to the mall with us?""Can I?""Sure why not. We're leaving in about an hour.""Good. I am gonna go shower now because I feel dirty.""Okay Shawn, see you when you get done."I went downstairs and found Kyle and filled him in on the car thing with
Benjy."Wow that sounds like you are giving him freedom.""What is this about freedom? First Jon now you.""It's just that everyone is under your watch and if he can drive that means
he can go anywhere at anytime.""Yeah alone but not without risk. He can't take anyone with him unless you
or I are there.""Oh well that changes things some.""Exactly.""I am gonna go find him a car and then we are gonna leave when we get back.""Okay BB, we'll be ready for you.""Good, make sure no one kills Joey while I am gone."He laughed."Sure... but I think everything will be all right."I headed for the laundry room to find Jon and Ben there loading the washer
when I walked in."Ready?""Sure." Ben said.I gently smacked Jon on the backside and we left. He said something under
his breath about it but I didn't hear him. I got in the truck with Ben and
we took off down the hill and into town and started driving the streets
looking for something he wanted to drive. I told him about my winter plans
and how I wanted his help getting stock and things up to the house. He
didn't have a problem with it. After driving around for fifteen minutes he
finally spotted one he wanted. I pulled over and we got out to check the
doors. It was locked."If we find the keys its yours."We headed up to the house it was parked in front of and the door was open. I
took out my gun and we entered. I did a quick search and the house was clear
and then we started looking for the keys. There was a hook leading into the
kitchen of the house with a bunch of keys on it and I grabbed them all and
we headed out to the SUV that Ben chose hoping one of the keys fit it. We
fumbled with keys for a minute and finally found one that looked good and it
did open the door. He got in and was all smiles as he turned the key and it
started."YES!"I smiled back at him. He was now the proud owner of a four wheel drive SUV
and shouldn't have any problems with snow or bad weather either."Go take it for a spin."He shut the door and took off down the block. I went back to my truck and
watched at he went to the corner and of all things put on his blinker and
made a u-turn. I just laughed. Guess he thought someone would give him a
problem if he cut them off. He came back and stopped by me."It rides good. But I need gas.""Okay, follow me and we'll fill up. I suggest if or when you do go out you
always keep the tank full from now on okay?""Why?""Incase the power goes out.""Oh, yeah that makes sense. Can't put gas in the car if there isn't power to
pump."I shook my head and got in the truck. He went and turned around and we
headed to gas up. After he filled his tank we headed back home. As we pulled
up he beeped the horn and Luke, Danny, Billy, Kyle and Joey came out. I
parked and walked over as the others examined his new SUV."Nice wheels. Luke said to him. When can I go for a ride?"I filled them in on the rules of driving with him and the five of them
agreed."No one goes anywhere unless someone with a gun is there!"That was the main point and no one disagreed."You can go with him when we leave for the mall Luke; we are going in about
five minutes.""Kewl!" he said."Okay guys lets round up everyone else and go shop. We need food too so we
are going for clothes and then stop for some food.""And ice cream too?" asked Joey."Sure, why not."We rounded up the others including Shawn who was looking much better now and
got ready to leave. Joey, Billy and Luke decided to go with Benjy and the
others got in with me."Okay guys follow us and seat belts on."They buckled up and I walked over to the truck and got in."Seat belts on guys, Ben is behind us and just incase he loses control I
don't want anyone getting hurt."We all buckled underage nymphets portal up and off we went. My cell rang before we could get down the
hill and it was Billy calling from behind us."Yes Bill?""I just wanted to call so I could say hi, he said. Its different seeing
someone in front of us it's been so long.""Yeah I know Bill. See you at the mall.""Okay bye."We hung up. The ride went flawless and we arrived there about twenty-five
minutes later. I didn't rush; I wanted Ben to get used to driving at regular
speeds. We got out after I took my regular space literally right in front of
the door and as we entered it started to rain lightly. Guess the rest of the
day will be wet. We started walking the mall as one group and Ben and Luke
commented about the mall and never having been in here before."This place is awesome. There is so much to see! Luke said."Yeah, added Benjy.""There is a ton of stuff natural nymphet portal
to look at.""And take!" I added.And look we russian nymphets castle
did. Ben and Luke both stocked up on new clothes and shorts and
after a few hours of shopping and stopping for ice cream we pushed the
shopping carts to our exit and started unloading and filling the car and
truck in the light mist that was still falling outside."Okay guys pile in. Next stop the food store." It was easier to store stuff with both vehicles so that was an immediate
bonus. Jon was riding shot gun as we left and Luke was doing the same behind
us with Ben. A few minutes later we were pulling into the grocery store lot
and once again I parked a few feet from the front door. It was raining a bit
harder now so we all ran inside and Shawn and nymphets cosplay
Billy grabbed shopping carts
as we started looking for stuff to fill the carts with and take home. We
were out of laundry detergent so that was one of the first things I grabbed.
We went down the vegetable isle and Luke grabbed a rotten cucumber and used
it as a dildo making everyone laugh."You wish it was that big! Someone said.We all laughed again. We filled the cart with needed stuff and cans of food
now that almost all of the fresh food was rotten. I looked at Luke and asked
him how much of this he could grow next door."All of this Tommy. As long as we have seeds or some major part of it to
plant I should be able to have it by winters end.""Even fresh Tomato's?" Jon asked."Yeah Luke said, that will be really easy since I already have a few Tomato
plants.""Tommy we need to stop at a few hardware stores eventually so I can snoop
around and really pick up any kind of seeds I want to grow and then we will
be set for sure. I am even gonna plant potatoes indoors and next spring corn
and sunflowers outside. Its gonna be a real farm next door to us. If I have
help that is.""You will Luke I promise."I was happy knowing we wouldn't run out of some kinds of fresh food at
least."Man I can't wait to have a burger with fresh tomatoes on it next year!""Shut up Tommy I love Tomatoes and I can't have any for now either!" said
Kyle.I went to smack him but he moved away. We went up and down the remaining
isles and filled the carts with anything we needed and some. Suddenly candy
and gum began flying off the shelves and into the cart until I yelled."Enough all ready. Geeze, how much candy do we need?""Lots and lots!" Shawn said."Yeah that's the last thing you need after having that upset belly."He frowned at me"When you are better you can eat junk till then you have to be careful!"He didn't answer."No more that's plenty. I don't need you guys bouncing off the walls on
sugar highs."There were enough m&m's and packs of gum and other assorted crap to feed us
for a month in one cart alone as everyone suddenly thought about taking as
much of anything in the candy isle that they wanted. No comments to my
bitching about them to stop but at least they did. Finally we bagged
everything we had and headed out into the rain. It had gotten a little
heavier but wasn't a deluge like the other day. Everyone grabbed a bag and
we quickly loaded up the truck with everything. Everyone got in and I took
off with Ben following us. We were a little wet but we'll live. I took my
time going home incase Benjy wasn't sure of himself behind the wheel. The
last thing we need is an accident. About twenty minutes later we were up the
hill and pulling into the driveway. I parked up ukraine nymphet
close as usual and got out
to open the doors while the others took a bag or two and marched it nymphets 10yo inside.
We were unloaded in minutes and putting all of it away shortly after that
with some comments and of course everyone taking a piece or bag of their
favorite junk food that they picked at the store."So Joey how's it feel now that you have had some time out of jail?""A lot better then those four walls. I won't be doing anything stupid again,
that's for sure.""Good, I said, glad to hear it."I did a few more things in the kitchen and I was finally done with what I
wanted to do. It was just after 2pm and I was bored."Jon I think I am gonna go take a dip in the pool care to join me?""Yeah that sounds good.""Can I go too?""Sure Shawn the pool is for everyone.""Awesome." He said as he took off to change.I followed him up at a slower pace with Jon next to me. We headed to our
rooms to change. As I headed back out a few minutes later I noticed a few
more guys apparently heard me and were also heading downstairs too. Joey,
Billy and Danny with his brother were now joining us in the pool. So much
for any thoughts of doing something naked with Christian coming in. I'm
kinda surprised after he took in water last time that he is attempting to go
in again. Guess the kid has big balls for his age. I headed to the pool and
was the nymphetts bbs
first there but not by much as I dropped my towel littel nymphets bbs and dove into the
deep end surfacing to someone else's splash a few feet away. Danny was in
the shallow end walking Chris in so I waded over to him to see how much if
any fear had set in with his brother after last time."Is he okay with coming back into the pool Dan?""So far but I have a feeling he will be pretty very little nymphets tgp clingy after what happened
last time.""Did you have to do anything special to get him back in?""Nah, I just said pool and he jumped. He really young nymphet clips
nnaked nymphet sites does like the water even if
he's still not that good a swimmer."In the mean time Shawn came over like a magnet to see what was happening. He
watched silently with the rest of us as Danny walked Chris into a little
deeper water. With the water at Chris' neck Danny stopped and started to
help him float. I had seen enough and was satisfied that he would be fine. I
turned to go back into the deeper end as I saw Ben and Luke come in with
their suits on. As promised Ben dove directly into the deep end this time as
Luke walked around and waded in still not close to being ready for the
deeper water yet. The only ones missing now were Kyle and Trevor. As I
counted heads in the pool everyone else was now making a splash somewhere in
the water. I told Jon I would be right back and got out and wrapped my towel
around my waist. I was curious where they were. I went to Ky's room and
knocked. He was in there as he yelled come nymphets kiddy in."Everyone's in the pool bro, not interested in joining us?""Nah, not really, Trevor is here and we are getting ready to play a game on
PS II."I thought to myself... interesting I wonder... but let it go."Okay enjoy, you know where I am and everyone else is too.""Everyone in the pool again huh?""Yeah, I shrugged my shoulders, every time I decide to go it seems like I
get the group to follow without even asking.""What can I tell you BB you're mister popular?""Enjoy the game Ky, talk to you later."I headed out as he headed towards his bedroom. I can't help but wonder if
there is anything else between Ky and Trevor besides games and maybe he was
the one that was in there last time but I can only guess. After all they do
enjoy the game together so anything is possible. I stopped and grabbed a
glass of ice tea that I made before and it was finally cold enough to drink
now, and headed back to the pool. I got back at pool side and put my drink
down in a safe place and announced `cannonball' as I jumped into the deep
end. Those close scattered or got drenched by the flood from my splash. I
surfaced only to be attacked from those who didn't like my present with
waves of water being thrown my way, namely Joey and Danny who were giving me
more then I wanted. I started to splash back which quickly ended the war.
Once the water stopped hitting me I noticed Benjy was with Christian and
giving him a lesson. Guess Danny has faith in Ben to take car of his brother
which surprised me some. I decided to pull my usual stunt on Jon since he
wasn't paying attention to me. I dove under and panted him or should I say
bathing suited him as I yanked down his suit and pulled it off. I surfaced
waving it at him to his dismay and the pleasure of those around him who
found it extremely amusing. Without risking a Danny fit I threw his suit to
him and he slide it back on as a few of the others hooted and laughed. He
swam over to me after he was dressed."You will pay for that mister!""Don't I always?""Maybe but I will get free young nymphet pics you before we leave this pool with some payback. This
is getting old can't you think of another way to torture me besides trying
to show off my stuff to everyone?""Nope it hasn't gotten old to me yet, besides I love seeing your stuff under
water."He splashed me and dove away under the water fearing some kind of
retaliation. I just let it go and thought about what he might try to do
later. Time passed and I got into a game of tossing the ball around when
someone threw it into the water. I think it was Billy. But we started
playing keep away and I forgot about Jon's threat. I was going for Joey who
had the ball as Jon came up from under the water and got me back by panting
me the same. He came up with my bathing suit and waved it in the air. Now I
got the laughs. By now Christian was out of the water and Danny had brought
him to his room and just gotten back in the water a few minutes before so
there was no reason to rush getting my suit back. I didn't care everyone
knew that! But Jon had to get even in his mind so he waved my suit at me."Keep it! I'm gonna swim naked and I invite anyone else to join me."I said it loud enough as I dove back under exposing my ass to all as I went
down. I popped back up and got smacked upside the head with my suit as Jon
threw it at me apparently not happy with me once again turning something he
did around on him. After the free nymphets porn pics
initial sting wore off, which was minimal I put
them on the side of the pool and asked if anyone else had the balls to do it
too. After no takers at first I just swam around with my junk freely
enjoying the water for a change and not stuck inside a bathing suit. There
was little comments from nymphets little youngest pussy the others with everyone except Christian still in
the water. I looked over and to my surprise Ben was waving his suit at the
other end of the free pre nymphets deep side of the pool. Everyone watched as he put his suit
on the cement floor and began to swim over to me. I guess that was all it
took because before I knew it Shawn had his off and so did Joey. There
wasn't a lot to see with the clouds outside making the pool on the dark
side. With the sun out the bottom of the pool is easy to see. I guess the
pressure of four naked bodies got to Danny because he was next to take nymphet sex pics his
off. Now we are getting somewhere. I looked at Jon he shook his head and
took his off not to be out done. That just left Luke and Billy. Joey went
over to Billy and said something causing Billy to cave to the pressure and
he pulled his off. Then everyone looked at Luke who turned beet red."It's up to you Luke, I said. We are all okay with this but I understand if
you aren't."Slowly his hands went under the water and as everyone watched from a few
feet away Luke bowed to the pressure and took his suit off too. When he
lifted it out of the water everyone cheered and he smiled shyly. This was
something I wanted to do for a long time and it finally happened. Everyone
in the pool was totally naked. I grabbed the ball and started throwing it
around again. Before long asses and cocks were flopping in and out above the
water line as no one seemed to care if they were naked anymore as long as
they weren't totally out of the water it seemed. We all got into the game
and I grew adolescents teen nymphet semi hard watching whoever went for the ball as some part of
their lower body wound up exposed. Needless to say by the time free galleries nymphets raped we had enough
playing around just about everyone had seen one another's ass and probably
everyone's cock too. It was a blast and didn't seem to bother anyone young sweeties nymphettes any
longer. Comments were made about how great it felt to swim without suits on
as the water flowed freely between cock and balls and up and through ass
cheeks. It was without a doubt the coolest thing all of ukranian nymphets us ever did
together. Unfortunately the best I could do to see Benjy was a shot of his
pubic hair and a few times I saw his ass but unfortunately I still didn't
see how big he was. He kept himself pretty much hidden under water as we all
kept distance from one another to some point. When we were finally done I
watched to see if anyone would get top pussy nymphets
out naked but all the chicken asses
grabbed their suits and put them back on in the pool before getting out. I
let it go without comment not wanting to spoil a good thing and risking it
never happening again. Although I have a feeling it probably will after
this. Maybe not right away but since everyone played along and there didn't
seem to be much embarrassment it's a good bet to try this again sometime
soon. Too bad Kyle and Trevor missed the fun. That would have been something
I would have bet on. Would Trevor do it? I know Kyle would because he
doesn't care who sees him but I would bet Trevor would chicken out even
under pressure from everyone. Doesn't really matter since he wasn't here and
we are done playing. Everyone was out of the water now and starting to
complain about being hungry as the clock on the wall said 5:05pm. As
everyone dried off before leaving the pool area I asked what they wanted for
dinner. As usual I got fifteen different answers even though there weren't
fifteen people there, if you get the point. We decided on burgers and I
fired up the grill out back. I gave everyone a job to do and since the rain
has stopped and we were all still in our suits and pretty much wet we
decided to eat outside on the wet benches. Billy got towels and dried off
the table as Luke, Danny and Joey went to get the plates and utensils. I got
the meat and buns while the others brought the rest out. About a half hour
later I was serving up burgers and the whole area smelled awesome with the
smell of cooked burgers in the air. Jon went to get Kyle and Trevor before I
was done and of course Danny went to wake up Christian from his nap as
everyone had a few burgers and filled their bellies. Everyone helped clean
up as darkness began to fall. After everything was put away or in the
dishwasher I needed a shower and headed up to my room. All three showers
would soon be full of chlorine bodies as everyone took their turn washing. I
walked by the other two as I headed to nymphets fashion
mine and was glad I had my own so I
didn't have to wait. The only question was would there be enough hot water
to go around but I think each shower has its own hot water heater too. But
don't hold me to that. I know it takes forever for me to lose hot water but
I don't remember if anyone ever showered the same time I did although I
would think so. I stripped off my suit after I shut my bedroom door and
headed to my shower knowing either Jon or Shawn would be along shortly.
Almost on cue I started the shower water and there came a knock on the door."Can I come in?"It was Jon. I guess he beat Shawn here."Yeah come on in."In walked a naked Jon with his stuff flopping left and right as he
approached me."Looking good sexy boi!"He smiled."I want to shower with you and I locked your door so we won't be bothered.""Smart boy!"I got in and Jon followed grabbing the soap and wetting it under the water
that I had already hogged from him. He started washing my back as I lowered
my head and enjoyed his sensual touch. He soaped my allstar nymphets nude back up and then my ass.
He dropped the soap and started to massage the soap all around my back and
ass not missing a spot. He paid special attention to my ass as his hands
carefully slid between my ass cheeks and cupping my balls. It felt awesome!
My cock began to grow as proof and as expected!"Turn around lover." He said to me.I did as told as he took the soap and began to wash this side of me. When I
was totally soaped up he started running his soapy hands up and down my
erection and went from slow to fast and then found a nice middle speed as he
fell into rhythm and continued to jerk me off. I was close almost
immediately after getting fifty or so erections in the pool while I watched
cock and ass bounce around all afternoon. He added the pleasure of tugging
and playing with my balls as he continued to stroke me off. I was ready to
blow my load as I took a deep breath and squeaked the words out. As usual
his soapy finger found my ass as I started to spew my juices at him
enriching the orgasm just a bit more and putting me over the edge. I floated
off as my back hit the wall and the strong feeling of wave after wave of
ecstasy over took me. He stopped and let the moment happen as he went and
wet himself. I took another deep breath and opened my eyes. Jon had his back
to me as I came back to earth and I came up behind him and gave him a hug
and started kissing his back which still had a hint of pool water smell to
it. I reached around him and pulled his warm wet body to me as my softening
cock started to rub on his ass cheeks. I grinded my cock into him some as I
continued to kiss his shoulders and upper back. He wasn't moving just
standing there enjoying my touch at the moment. I started to hump him or his
ass cheeks as best as I could."Wanna do me in the ass?""You should have asked me that before I blew my load on the tub bottom. You
know I can't get hard right away after that.""We'll see."He got on his knees and started sucking my soft cock pulling it into his
mouth and sucking as hard as his lip and suction would allow. I started to
harden a little."You have to help me some Tommy think of my ass and your dick in it."He said before he went back to sucking me off again. It must have worked
because I was just about hard again as he got up. I started stroking to keep
myself hard."Soap up your ass for me."He did as I asked."Ready?""Yeah go slow till you get in.""I know I will."He bent over and I slide my cock between his cheeks and up against his pink
hole. I pushed slowly and the head popped in. he groaned a little. I pushed
again and he let out another grown as I pushed a few inches into him."I'm going the rest of the way in.""Okay." He mumbled from down under.With one more long push I was now fully into him as my balls hit his ass
cheeks. I slid out some and pushed in. he let out a moan as I slowly began
to build up a rhythm. I pulled out more until just the head of my cock was
in him and began pumping him faster now. He was quiet as I was now going as
fast as I wanted as his hole remained open for me. It felt awesome as I
popped my cock in and out of his ass without any resistance. I pulled all
the way out and his ass hole just stayed open for me as I watched for a few
seconds. He relaxed and it began to close as I shoved my cock back inside
him and he let out a little gasp."Fuck me Tommy that feels so hot!"He said but nothing more as I felt his tight ass grab my cock when he
tightened him muscles around my erection. It was awesome and I was getting
close to the feeling again. I thrusted deep into his ass a few more time as
my balls swung into his ass. I was ready as I warned him."I'm gonna cum up your ass now Jon."He moaned out something I couldn't make out as I began to let a few shots
fly into him. I was pretty dry from just spewing before but I did get
something inside his tight ass. I stayed in as long as I could before my
cock started to soften and I pulled out with a little plop. Immediately Jon
got up as the cum began to leak from his ass."I think I have to shit again and I am not going on you this time!"He said as scrambled out and flew to the toilet. As he sat he let fly a
bunch of gas and then whatever else started to fill the toilet under him. It
sounded pretty gross but who am I to say anything my cock was just up there
causing this to happen. I washed myself off as he finished up on the bowl
making sure I was clean after doing him in the ass without any protection.
If it was anyone else I would have used a condom but I know all to well who
was up there before me and other then that half baked bastard who barely did
anything but rip him open no one else has been in there. He flushed and came
back in to rejoin me."Damn I enjoy it when you fuck my ass but after you finish I feel like I
need to shit all the time."I just smiled at him and got on my knees and began to suck him off. I didn't
go near his ass just in case he was pained from my ass fucking so I just
sucked him and played with his balls youngest nymphet galleries until bbs fc2 nymphet he moaned a few minutes later and
I began to taste him in my mouth. Seconds later he was filling me with his
sweet nectar and fucking my face as his hands held the top of my head. I
always enjoyed taking Jon's cum into my mouth for some reason it had a good
taste to it. He grew soft and pulled away from my mouth as I got up and
rinsed anything off that dribbled down from my lips. I gave him a quick kiss
as I groped his soft cock a few times and then finished soaping up again and
washed off as Jon did the same and then turned the water off. I got out
first and wrapped a towel around myself and handed him another one. I pulled
him close to me and looked into his eyes and grabbed the back of his wet
head and pulled him to me as we met and kissed. I let go as we turned and
held our kiss making it last as long as possible. It felt awesome and so did
my hands on his ass as his towel feel to the ground and I hugged nymphets sites his still
wet naked body close to mine. Eventually I let go and he turned to pick up
his towel. I ran my finger up his ass between his cheeks as he bent over and
he giggled as I did that."That feels awesome when you do that."I smiled at him. He began to dry off as I took my towel and did his back
placing occasion kisses around his upper back after I dried it off. I
reached thru under his arms to the front of him and played with each nipple
from behind as he didn't stop me for a change. Then I slid my hands down to
his nude nymphs gallery soft cock and jerked it a few time before stopping all together. I spun
him towards me and pulled him to me once more and placed another lip lock on
him as we held each other once more. We were pretty dry now as I let go if
him and opened the bathroom door and led him by the hand to my bed. I didn't
want it to end so I pulled him on the bed after me and we kissed for a bit
longer. My hands wandered down to his soft cock once more as I played with
him down there wherever my hands explored and found something to grab. After
a few minutes of this I lay back on my bed and he put his head on me as he
lay on his belly and looked at me."I really do love you Tommy. Especially now after we finished doing that. it
was so great having you all over me like that.""And in you!" I added.He just smiled. He lay back on his side nymphets sweet freee of the bed and I leaned over and put
my head on his belly facing away I began to run my fingers through his patch
of pubic hair. He squirmed some as I guess I was tickling him. I out a quick
end to that as I moved my hands down and cupped his low hanging balls and
began to gently massage them. He didn't move after that but he started to
get links porn nymphets
hard again. Damn I don't know how he does it! Not to let a hard cock go
I moved in closer and took it into my mouth and started sucking the tip of
it but nothing more. I nymphettes pics free
just kept licking and sucking the head of his cock as
hard as I could applying as much pressure as I could with my lips and
sucking him off too."Ohhhhh Tommy you are getting me close again."I didn't stop or move away from the head of his cock I just kept playing
with that and nothing more as my lips went up and down his cock head. I
began to taste him again and after a few more tugs on his balls he let loose
into my mouth once again letting a few shots of cum hit the back of my
throat. I sucked him dry and squeezed out the last drop and licked that off
his cock head too before letting go of him. He just lay there with his eyes
closed as I ran a fingernail all over his chest finally causing him to start
giggling and grab me to stop me."Stoppppp! That fucking tickles so much!"He shrieked as he grabbed my hand. I made his nipples hard by doing that and
when he let go of me I tweaked them knowing it would piss him off like
usual. He just looked at me and shook his head before putting it back down
on the pillow. I watched him lay there for a bit and moved closer so I could
place a few kisses on his belly. He just smiled as I did that but didn't
move. I got closer and kissed his ear and whispered I love you into it. He
turned to me and I kissed his lips one more time before I finally sat up and
put on a pair of socks that were next to me on the bed."You going some place?" he said."Yeah, I am thirsty from playing with you so much I am gonna go get some ice
tea,"He sat up."Good I am too."We both got dressed and off the bed almost together even though he didn't
have anything but shorts we both walked out with nothing more then shorts on
and I had socks. He went into his room and put on socks as I watched and he
came back out and we went downstairs together. I went over to Kyle's door
and listened as best as I could as Jon watched me and shook his head. I
thought I heard something but the noise from the other room drowned out
anything I could hear as the boys were cheering something that happened in
the game they were playing. I gave him and headed into the kitchen as Jon
followed patting my ass along the way. I grabbed two glasses and filled them
with iced tea and we sat at the table and drank them slowly. I looked at his
naked chest as he drank his tea and noticed he was asain nymphets starting to get more and
more chest hair now."You're filling in some.""Yeah I know, finally."I smiled at him."Yeah you are becoming a man Jonathan, pretty soon you will shave."He just laughed and shook his head."Yeah in four prepubescent nude nymphet or more years I think."He said as he took another drink from his glass. What did I know I still
didn't have to shave but I had plenty of pubic and chest hair. It was just
starting to come in on my face now as the beginning of thicker hair above my
lip was forming."Pretty soon I will have to shave Jon,"I said as I rubbed my finger above my upper lip. Jon reached over and felt
it."Yeah it's starting to get rough up there."Damn if we didn't sound like two fags playing with body hair and so on. I
just chuckled as the thought hit me."Could we be anymore gay over here Jon?""Huh?""Look what we are doing."He thought about it for a second."What? Touching each other?""Yeah, running a finger under my noise I made the point. Doesn't that seem
silly?""Not really I enjoyed touching you there.""Kewl." I said and it ended like that.Just then Shawn and Joey walked into the kitchen."Hey tiny nymphets models Shawn look, two half naked boys at the table drinking together."Shawn didn't get it but Joey laughed. We both gave him the finger and Shawn
turned to Joey and laughed. Shawn came over by me and hung all over me for a
second."What cha up to cutie?""Watching Ben and Luke play a game in the living room. They are tough!""Tough? You mean against one camila model nymphets another?""Yeah man, they are good. I don't know if I could beat them in this game
they are playing. We got thirsty and came in for a drink. You gonna come in
and watch Tommy?"I looked at Jon."Sure why not."We both got up as Joey filled two glasses with soda and handed one to Shawn
who thanked him as we all left the kitchen and headed into the game room. I
got comfy on a chair and Shawn got comfy on me as usual."You smell good Tommy."He said as he turned to me and smelled my chest. I gave him a quick peck on
the cheek just as the game came back on and he turned back towards japan nymphet top list the
screen to watch the action. I watched too as I held him while he sat on my
lap. As we watched I began rubbing his back some and he move back on me. I
stopped after a bit and he immediately turned to me."Don't stop it feels good."I brushed his hair back off his forehead."Okay I won't stop but I want a kiss."He moved closer and gave me a kiss on the lips. He turned back to the game
and I went back to rubbing his back up and down and all around from his neck
to his butt. I did this for about another five minutes or so before he laid
back on me and let me off the hook. His head was just below mine and I
placed a few kisses on top of his head before we both focused back on the
game. I didn't have a clue what was going on I just wanted to hold Shawn and
enjoy the moment. I did, I sure did. He didn't move until they took a break
about fifteen minutes later as he bounced off me and headed into the next
room. I got up and walked past Jon who smacked me on the ass before getting
up himself."Have fun with Shawn?""Yup you know that.""I do.""You jealous?""Oh yeah Tommy sure after what we just did in your room? Get real!"I smiled at him."Good because I am happy ukrainenymphets with both boys in my life and it looks bbs nymphet rompl
like I can
finally enjoy both of you without someone getting upset."I rubbed his head and headed out into the kitchen."Someone... you mean me... don't you!" he yelled to me as I walked away.I didn't stop or answer. He answered it himself. It was dark outside now as
night had fallen during all of my sexcapades in the past few hours. I didn't
care, it was a great few hours and having Jon is like nothing I can explain
to anyone. He is a joy to be around when he is in the right frame of mind
and I mean sex frame of mind! Shawn is fine but he is still younger. I love
him more then Jon but only because he knows how to love better then Jon
does. I hope nymphets little kids I don't ever have to pick between either of them because I
couldn't deal with the broken heart I left behind but as for Shawn he will
learn to be better sexually over time. He has already improved more then I
can say. As for Jon as long as I don't piss him off at least I have some
good loving... for now... from both of them.TO BE CONTINUED ASAP....
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