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Related post: Date: Fri, 01 Oct 2004 10:12:46 -0400
From: dwedno smith
Subject: The Tunnel chapters 25 & 26.Thanks again to everyone who e mailed and took a guess. Two people got it
right and soon all will know what knocked Tommy to the ground. I hope it was
worth the wait. Very interesting e mails this week about the characters
quite a few people were very understanding and just as many were so into the
story they are ready to rip Tommy a new ass hole... Thanks for getting into
the story so much. The ideas were nymphets masturbating
awesome too from a few people. Sorry this
week is only two new chapters I found an error in chapter 27 and I didnt
have time to fix it before posting I didnt want to keep anyone waiting any
longer. Peace.... Dwedno. dwednohotmail.comChapter 25. A loved one returns.NO! NO THIS CAN'T BE TRUE. I thought to myself. I have to be dreaming he
can't be alive! But yet I felt his hand as he ran to me and touched me and
now he is helping me up. I must be in a fog it can't be real!!!!"Tommy are you okay?"I was shaking as I got to my feet, sure I was okay why wouldn't I be? After
all it's not every day you find your brother alive!"KYLE!"I hugged the stuffing out of him and started to cry. I didn't want to let go
and he hugged back just as tight. Finally I broke our embrace and looked
past him to see a smiling Jon standing in the doorway. Then I looked him
over from head to toe to make sure he was okay."Guess who is back Tommy?" he said with a smiling evil grin."Tommy are you okay? Kyle asked me. You took a nasty fall backwards.""AM I okay? Let me put it this way... as I dried the tears that were rolling
down my face with the back of my hands. I am freaking fine but it's been
three weeks where the fuck have you been???"Jon stood behind Kyle still in his doorway and Trevor came out to watch the
get-together too. Just as I suspected Trevor was here now and I needed to
ask Jon about it and I had a shit load of questions and explaining to do to
Kyle too about the home living arrangements."Well I don't know where to start Tommy but I went out with dad. We were
looking for you but you disappeared he wanted you to come with us. He came
home and surprised mom and me and told me he was taking us for a ride
somewhere. He kissed mom good bye and we left right away."I was standing there with my mouth wide open taking all this in as he spoke.
I'm still not sure it's really him. I touched him and ran my fingers through
his hair. He looked fine not a bruise on him and he was clean."So we went nymphets nude peeing out and were about an hour from home when those comets started
flying across the sky. We were by some old town and he stopped the car and
told me to go run and take cover that he would be right behind me. I ran
into this tunnel and heard this big bang and the ground shook. I was too
scared to go back and I yelled out daddy's name for as long as I could. He
never came in Tommy and I was too scared to come out. I sat there alone in
the dark for a day I think before I was so hungry that I finally got up and
headed back towards the light. I got outside and saw his car and it was
smashed up pretty bad but he wasn't there!"Tears were rolling down his face now as he told me the story. I reached out
and wiped them russian nymphets free pics and put my arm around the one thing in this world that meant
more to me then Jon, Shawn or any of the guys. My sweet brother! He looked
as awesome as always and I missed him so. We took a break and went inside
and I got him a chair and some water. I sat next to him and held his hand as
he took a sip and continued his story."No one was around. lol nymphet portal top
I started looking around and finally I started walking
hoping I was going the right way. Every once in a while I would find a place
to eat and sleep but never a person or even a body. I walked for weeks
hoping I was going in the right direction. I thought about calling home but
every phone I found was dead or needed change. My mind was so messed up I
wasn't thinking straight I was so scared and felt so all alone. I should
have called Tommy I'm sorry."He buried his head in my shoulder and started crying really hard. I saw Jon
tap Trevor on the shoulder and they both left the nymphets top land room to give us some
privacy. Something we won't have much of when we get home. He doesn't have a
clue about me being gay or who is still alive either. I have so many things
racing through my head I am totally fucked up mentally right now. All I want
to do is hold Kyle and never let go! Finally he lifted his head off me."You have nothing to be sorry for bro. I am so glad you are alive I can't
put that into words. How long have you been here?""Let me finish and you will know.""Okay go on I just didn't want to see you so upset but you do what you want
to. Besides we have a lot to talk about.""So I just kept walking and seeing no one or anything until about a week ago
I guess. I saw a sign that said our town name on it and twenty miles. So I
started walking along this road that I found out was the parkway. Two times
I heard cars but I wasn't sure who it was so I hid. I didn't know if I could
trust anyone.""That might have been me. I have a truck and am driving now.""Really? You might have driven right by me and I hid from you!""Yup. I smiled at him. Go on finish your story."Jon came back in the room and stood a distance away but close enough to hear
this."Anyway I walked as much as I could each day and found food in any store I
walked to. Whenever I got hungry or it got dark I would try to 101 nymphets find a place
to live for that night. That's what took me so long to get back here. When I
finally got home I ran to the house and inside and screamed for anyone. Jon
came running downstairs almost breaking his neck and when he saw me he just
stood there like I was a ghost or something. I said hi to him and he walked
over to me and just gave me a huge hug. I was dirty, smelly and so hungry
and no one was there but him. I went upstairs and saw so much weird stuff.
Tommy who is living there?""I'll fill you in shortly.""Anyway I took a shower and dried off and I couldn't find any of my clothes
so Jon helped me search and we finally found naked lil nymphets all my stuff put away in the
garage. You thought I was dead and put it all away didn't you?"Again a tear rolled down my cheek. I swallowed hard and shook my head yes
and then wiped my face."Yeah I did and I couldn't stand it so I packed up nymphets tiny everything of yours and
put it in the garage.""So who is alive Tommy? I see Jon and he didn't tell me much he seemed to be
in shock too seeing me.""Yeah Tommy I'm sorry we left your place and I realized I left the door wide
open.""Yeah I saw that. I thought someone broke in or you were so into whatever
you were doing when I left that you just forgot to close it.""No I was kinda in shock to see Kyle and I forgot. I took him by me so I
could get back to Trevor who you now know is living here and we can talk
about that later."I looked at him."Yeah we're gonna talk all right!"When I said that Kyle looked at me strangely."What does that mean Tommy?""Well Ky, like I said we have a lot to talk about. First you need to know a
few things. I looked at Jon. We're going out for a bit see you shortly.""Okay." He said.We headed outside and I sat him on a chair and sat next to him."I am going to tell you everything Kyle and some won't be nice but I am sure
you will understand most of it and then you have to make up your mind about
some things.""Like what Tommy?""Well like everyone is living with me now.""Everyone? How many are alive Tommy? His face brightened."Well there is Jon and Trevor who I found in another town, I'll tell you
about that some other time. Then Danny and we found his brother, Joey, Billy
and Shawn, Kyle. Shawn is alive your best friend."He smiled widely."Shawn is alive? AWESOME! I have to see him!"He got up."No, not yet, please. There is more you need to know first.""Okay Tommy tell me.""Well I don't know where to start but like I said they are all living in our
house. After this happened I took charge and everyone started to look up to
me and Jon too kinda. But things changed Ky, not everything was for the
good. This isn't easy for me to tell you since we always shared everything
and you know more about me then anyone in the world.""Tell me Tommy you know it will be okay we are together again and that's all
I care about."I swallowed hard."I am. we are.ugg!!"He sat patiently as I tried to get the words out."I am gay Kyle and Jon is my boyfriend. There I said it and I hope you can
forgive me and understand. I am sorry Kyle but that's the bad news."He started laughing."What's so funny?""You are silly.""Huh?""I have always known that. I mean not straight out but I am your brother. I
saw that a long time ago when you didn't look at girls and you always took
more time with the guys. Tommy anytime we were together and a cute boy
walked by you almost broke your neck looking at them.""But you never said anything to me Ky, why not?""Because you are my brother and you never hurt me or tried anything on me
and I didn't care who or what you liked as long as you still loved me. I
know you do and I didn't care then and I don't care now what or who you like
silly!"I hugged him again and this time I started balling. I was so happy and
scared to tell him and it was finally over. He knew all along! My baby
brother knows I am gay and doesn't care! The tears ran down my face as I
held him tightly."I missed you so much Ky, I thought I would never see you again and now
you're here."I was a blubbering mess with snot running out of my nose and tears all over.
I didn't have this feeling for anyone and other then a few others no one but
Kyle ever saw me cry. I wiped my face again."Yeah I am here if you don't drown me."I started laughing as he said that. He always knew what to say and what
buttons to push when it came to making me laugh."So you and Jon huh? I always thought you had the hots for him. Have you
done the nasty with him yet?"I looked at him."KYLE! You know I am not gonna tell you that!""Not yet maybe but you will Thomas remember you always tell me everything."Again I smiled at him."I guess you are going to want your room back huh?""That would be nice. Who is in there?""Jon.""Jon? I figured if you two were doing it he would be sleeping in your room
by now.""Yeah I know but there is so much to tell you."We sat and I filled him in on the rape of Jon and Shawn and all about the
guys and bodies we got rid of and all the other stuff including how I am in
charge and so on. He was the only one I didn't have to prove anything to or
lie to. I was still shocked he listened to me and didn't question anything I
said or doubt it either. Of course I didn't tell him all of it teen nymphets collection
but most of
it. Even he didn't need to know about all the sex. I little virgin nymphets xxx mean geeze a guy has to
have something private to himself. I must have talked for thirty minutes
straight and he listened to it all."So what do you think?""I think we have got some fun ahead of us now bro! It looks like you're the
big man in town and I am glad you're my brother and I can do anything I want
to."I looked at him. He looked at me."Anything you want?""Well yeah, kinda.can't I?""Yeah you can bro! I do need to ask you one thing though Kyle. I know it
might not be a fair question but with almost everyone in the house having
gay tendencies and so on. are you going to be okay living with a bunch of
gay guys? I mean if you can't you can live with Trevor at Jon's I am sure he
won't mind."He laughed at me."Live at Jon's? I don't think so and miss all the cute ass and."He stopped. He said it aloud and stopped."Are you gay Kyle?""I don't know Tommy. I never gave it much thought.""Well you are twelve years old you should have some kind of idea.""I do but like I said I never really thought a lot about it. I looked at
girls and guys too. Sometimes neither of them did it for bbs ukraine nymphet me and other times
I liked everything I saw."I laughed."I know what you mean bro. but sorry now you don't get a choice anymore.
There are only guys here. So far anyway.""I don't care Tommy I have you back and I wasn't sure if you were alive. The
whole time I walked all I thought about was you and mom and I hoped I would
get home and find both of you. I found you and I couldn't be happier. I miss
mom and dad so much but if you were gone too I don't think I would want to
live anymore!"I looked at him. I was ear to ear smiles."Come on boy we have got to get home I want to surprise the others. Now look
when we get there I am sure everyone will be inside playing games. I just
stopped and got a load of them for everyone. So I think I will go in and get
Shawn first. After all you do want to see him don't you?"He punched me."That's a stupid question. Of course I do. Other then you I missed him the
most.""You know I couldn't bring myself to talk to him about you no matter how I
tried. But you need to know one more thing, Shawn and I have gotten almost
as close as you and I are Kyle. After his rape and I saved his life he got
attached to me and he is the most loving kid I have ever seen outside of
you. By the way how are your shooting skills?"Talk about changing the subject."You're funny Tommy. You know I can shoot as good as you if not better.
That's all dad and I ever did together.""Yeah I know but I wanted to make sure.""Why?""Because yesterday I took a ride about an hour away to a town called
Pottersville and I thought I found someone alive but if they were there they
chickened out and wouldn't come out. I was alone and scared to go little ukraine nymphetes out and
look but if I had an eagle eye like you to back me then I can go back
safely.""So when do we go?"I laughed."How did I know you would say that?""I have an even better question Tommy. When can I shoot a gun again? And
where are mine?""Put away downstairs. I'll show you later okay? First we have a big surprise
to pull off.""Yeah I know come on I gotta see Shawn before I lose it."We walked home and decided together how to handle the rest of this. No one
was outside when we got home so he waited and I walked in. I was immediately
bombarded with Jon questions and why the front door was left open."Gee Tommy you were gone forever. Is everything okay?" Danny asked."You could say that.""Huh?""I'll explain in a minute. Guys. hey everyone I need your attention, please
come here I have something super important to tell you all."They put down their games and walked over to me looking at me like it better
be important to drag them away from their new toys."Look I'm sorry to drag all of you away but this is really important. Now
Shawn I have to ask you something.""Sure Tommy, what?"I looked at him and I was still smiling at the others."Why you smiling so much Tommy?" asked Danny."You will all see in a second hang in there.""Shawn, who was your best friend in the world?"For the first time in a while I saw a huge frown come across his face."How can you ask me that Tommy? You know as well as I do it was Kyle.""Yeah I do."He didn't get it. I gave the hint and I guess too much time has passed for
anyone to possibly think he could be alive."What's your point Tommy? Asked Joey. We all knew your brother and Shawn
were close. Why you bringing this up now. You don't want to hurt Shawn
anymore do you?""Of course not Joey, I just didn't know of any other way to ask that
question. Shawn stand right here."I positioned him right in front of the door."Okay Tommy but why? I don't get it."I opened the door. They all looked out and saw nothing. I stood in front so
I could see Shawnee's face"Okay, now Ky!"He walked up from the side of the house and stood there. Shawn turned white
as a ghost and started to smile and then burst into tears as soon as it hit
him that Kyle was alive. He ran to him and they hugged as the others came to
the door. Everyone watched in disbelief. We were all a close group and my
brother played with all the guys that now live in the house every day.
That's part of the reason why no one ever talked about Kyle much. Because it
hurt too much! The two of them were mobbed by all the others as soon as
Shawn got his hug in. There wasn't a dry eye in the group except for
Christian who didn't quite understand what was happening. My brother was the
kid on the block that no one disliked and everyone wanted to be around. I
know it sounds mushy and strange but that was Kyle. He had this always
happy, shit eating grin on his face and everyone liked him from his teachers
to his friends. I can't think of anyone who knew him that didn't like him.
Outside of a few punks at school but no one is perfect. Anyway Kyle was
still being mobbed by all the guys and I was just taking this in. Finally
they calmed enough for Kyle to talk after they finished bombing him with a
million questions. He had his arm around Shawn's shoulder as did Shawn his
around Kyle. I wished I had a camera! It grew quiet and he finally got to
talk. He tried before but with all the yelling no one could hear a thing."Hi guys."He let out a subtle giggle not nudes russian nymphets knowing what to really say and suddenly being
the center of attention. They all laughed."Guess you are wondering where I have been for the past few weeks. Well I
guess you can say walking home. I'll explain it all but for now I am just
happy to be home and with loved ones again. He looked at me. I couldn't stop
smiling or crying. I am so happy to see someone lived in my family other
then me and of course Shawnee!!! They hugged again. Also my brother told me
a few things changed around here. Too bad Jon isn't here.""I'm here Kyle!"A yell came from behind."Good, I'll be wanting my room back if you don't mind."Jon got closer."It I'll be my pleasure to give it back to you Kyle."Jon looked at me."You can share mine now Jon."I looked at Shawn after I said that. He was still smiling about having his
best friend back."It's okay with me Tommy. I have a room and its right next to Kyle's.Jon whispered to me that it was about time this happened. I looked at him
and told him we had to talk about Trevor. I let Kyle and the others talk
while I pulled Jon aside."Look Jon, I'm not mad at you for keeping Trevor's secret but I am for
slamming the bathroom door in my face. That was uncalled for man!""I'm sorry Tommy. I didn't know what to say to you and all I could think
about was keeping Trevor's secret so I tried to run from you and I shouldn't
have. Forgive me?""Of course I do but we still need to work out this Trevor thing. The kid is
so afraid he is going to turn gay I am actually starting to worry about him,
plus you know my rules Jon, if you don't live in the house you don't eat the
food. How are you planning on dealing with that?""I don't know I was going to ask you tonight what to do.""What we are going to do is have a talk with him at your house and get this
settled. If he won't come back then he can go shopping with you and I and he
can carry it all into your house and feed himself.""Are you sure about that Tommy?""Am I sure? The question is are you sure you want him living in your house?""Not really Tom but I said okay.""Well now that Kyle is back I need to talk with him. We are running out of
room in the house Jon. I mean we can make it but I am seriously thinking
about finding us all a bigger house with lots of rooms. I don't want to
leave my house but if we can't all live comfortable inside it won't do
anyone any good.""That sounds like a lot of work Tommy. Geeze just moving all the food will
take a day.""I know the freezers weight a ton and we have them full of everything. This
won't be easy that's for sure. Know what Jon we can figure that all out
later I want to get back to my brother."We turned back to them and Kyle was in the middle of telling them what he
told me about how he made it back home. It was so quiet you could hear a fly
fart if there were any. Everyone was listening to Kyle's story. After he was
finished there weren't as many questions as before. He was very thorough in
detailing his walk home. We all had something to smile about now and most pics nymphets nude of
all I had my brother back! I was still with Jon sitting behind him as he
talked to the others. He finished up and turned to me."Now what do I do?""I don't know how about sign autographs?""Oh you're very funny brother."Jon thought so he was busting a gut with my idea. A few of the others heard
me and started giggling too. I just got the `stupid brother' look from him
like I had so many times before when he didn't know how to react to one of
my dumb comments. I was so happy I didn't care what look I got as long as it
was from him and he was alive."You hungry Kyle?""A little, it's getting dark now. Shouldn't we go inside?""We can if you want to but why? We are as safe as can be here. No one is
around Kyle and you are home. Don't worry anymore about that you are much
protected here. So you want to go eat or are you tired and want to go lay in
your bed?""I would rather go eat; I haven't had a good meal in weeks. Where are you
gonna take me?""You tell me. Everything is open and I am sure everyone will want to come.
It's your choice as long as the meat isn't spoiled you pick where you want."He pulled me aside."What's up Ky?""I want my gun. I feel safe but I will feel safer with that close to me for
a while. Just until I get used to all this then I can put it safely away.""I don't know Kyle if the others see you carrying they are going to ask why
and maybe want to carry themselves too.""Please Tommy, please do this for me? Besides they don't shoot and they know
I do so I doubt they will want to carry."I didn't like the pleading it wasn't like him. I have to wonder how much the
time he was gone affected him and if something happened that he isn't
telling out of fear or because he doesn't want to ruin this good time.""Okay Kyle you can have what you want. Come with me and I will take you to
your guns."I looked at Jon."We'll be right back tell the others we are going to go out to eat somewhere
and to hang out we'll be right back.""Okay Tommy."I walked away with him."You really are in charge here Tommy aren't you?""Yeah Ky I am. As weird as that seems I am."I started to tell him about the time I left a few days ago and how I was
treated when I got back and he got a real kick out of it."They actually missed you?""Yeah they did. so? Smart ass how about I remind you of something you might
have forgotten?""Like what?""Like this!"I grabbed him and brought him down to the grass and started tickling him.
This time there was no mom or dad to stop me like other times and he
realized that after I pinned his ass to the ground and started going for his
sweet spots that made him squirm the most. I had him doing anything he could
to try to get away. He was as red as a stop sign when I finally quit
tickling him and he just lay there with tears streaming from the giggling
and heavy breathing he was doing trying to catch his breath."See how in charge I am little brother?I said with a smart ass tone to it. Now I can get away with making you piss
your pants without getting in trouble like that one time I did that. I
rolled off him and got up and took his hand and helped him up."Yeah I see that I guess I better behave or I will have a lot of wet
underwear now."We both started laughing as I put my arm around him and brought him to me
and hugged him as we walked to the garage. I kissed the top of his head and
whispered into his ear."I promise as long as I am alive nymphet toples and breathing that no one other then child nymphet galleries me
will be able to do that to you or even come close to hurting you without me
killing them."He stopped and looked at me. There was a look in his eyes. Kinda like he
finally felt comfortable after I said that to him."You really mean nymphet filipinas
that Tommy?""You better fucking believe I do! Anyone hurts you and they have to deal
with me!"He gave me a hug and we turned and went into the garage. I pointed to the
area where I hid his stuff and he walked over and moved a few things and
took out his favorite piece. He looked at it and then at me."I sure missed this the past few weeks. If I had it I would have felt a lot
more safe walking home every day.""Kyle, are you sure you told me EVERYTHING that happened to you on the way
home?"He looked away. I knew that was a no. I walked over to him and grabbed him
gently and turned him toward me."What happened out there, did someone hurt you?"He tried to turn and focus on his guns. Again I grabbed him softly turning
him towards me. I stood a good six inches over him and I got down on my
knees and looked up at him."Sweetie you know you can tell me anything no matter how bad it was. I have
lived through two rapes and killed three people so far nothing you tell me
will make me upset or be mad at you I promise."He just shook his head; I grabbed him and held him for a second then I let
go and spoke my mind."Whenever you're ready Kyle. There is no rush you don't have to say anything
if you don't want to but I am here fresh nude little nymphets
when you are ready. If you can't talk to
me tell Shawn or tell Jon but don't keep it inside Kyle, you are too sweet a
kid and I don't want any bad thoughts or pain changing you. I told the same
thing to Shawn after he was raped. He stopped smiling and I almost lost him
mentally. I don't want that to happen to you. And I am not saying you were
raped or even guessing what happened to you but you can't keep it inside you
Ky, it will eat you up and make you go crazy. When you're ready I will be
right here. If you can't tell me tell someone okay?"He shook his head yes. I walked a few feet towards him and took him into my
arms, held him and gave his head a few kisses. I nymphets 13 yo
missed him so much and I
love him so much too. I just hope no one did to him what happened to Shawn
or Jon. It would kill me if he had to suffer that pain and humiliation
alone."Come on sweetie lets look at your guns."We walked over and he started looking at what he had."Tommy?""Yeah Ky.""How come you were never this open, loving or affectionate before?""I dunno, maybe because mom did all that and since she is gone and I have
had so much love given to me by the others I just feel its normal now and it
doesn't bother or embarrass me like it used to. Why is it bothering you that
I am this way now?""Hell no, I like it a lot. I'm just sorry it took something like this to get
you to open up. I always knew you were a loving person but I never
understood why you hid it so much. I am very happy you show it now. Know
something Tom. when you used to smile which wasn't a lot around me or when
you used to do something for me it always made me feel special inside. That
kind of warm feeling you can't explain.""Yeah Ky, I know exactly what you mean. I feel that skinny nude nymphets a lot now."I leaned in and gave him a bunch more kisses on top of his head."So you mean like that?""Yeah Tommy exactly like that."He grabbed the gun and loaded it. Then he put the safety on and stuck it in
his belt."We can go now.""Yeah I am sure we can. At least I don't have to carry mine so much now.
Just don't scare the others Kyle. They aren't as used to guns as we are.""Don't worry Tom I'll break them in slowly. Now come on I am hungry lets go
eat."We walked out of the garage and back over to them Kyle pulled his shirt over
the gun to hide it knowing there would be questions if it was spotted. I had
to know what happened to him and I was pretty sure he would tell me when he
was ready. I mean it's only been a little over an hour since he came back
into my life now. For now I'll let this go. I know him well enough that it
won't take long for him to come clean with me. We were back with the group."Okay Kyle where are we going?"He looked at Shawn, then walked over to him and said something and then
turned back to me."We want to go eat at Shorties Tommy."Wow I thought I forgot they existed it has been so long."Then Shorties it is. as long as there is safe food to eat, that is. come on
pile into the truck everyone."We all headed over after I locked the house. Even Trevor didn't seem to want
to miss this. With one more we were almost full but there was still room for
another maybe one day. Kyle sat up front with me Jon gladly giving the seat
up for this the only question was if he were willing to give it up for good.
That's between them. For now I want my brother next to me and everyone else
surely understands that. I started the truck and we headed off to Shorties.
Now since it hasn't been mentioned before Shorties is a hot dog place which
is one of Kyle's favorite foods. I won't even go into the hot dog farts I
have had to deal with when mom and dad used to take us there. He was nasty!
And I'll leave it at that. I am just glad if the food is safe that he will
be sleeping in his room and not mine tonight. It was a short ride like most
places in town and we got there in a few minutes and all piled out of the
truck."You drive pretty good big brother."He said to me as I met him after he got out of the truck."Thanks. HEY. no one goes inside yet!!"They all stopped dead in their tracks a few feet from the door."Why did you do that Tommy?""Because Kyle we haven't been inside before and until I check the place out
for safety they all know the rules about going somewhere new.""Oh, wow you really do have this thing under control don't you?""Yup! You'll see as we go places. Put a hand on the gun but keep it away,
okay?"He stood behind me as I took mine out and slowly entered. The main room as
empty and smelled a little of something. I guess it was dirty food. I
checked the kitchen and then the bathrooms and then waved Kyle in and he
told the others it was safe."Oh man it smells like shit in here Tommy." Said Joey."No kidding answered Jon.""No one has cleaned in three weeks and I am sure that's all rotted food we
smell. I turned to Kyle. We might not be able to safely eat in here bro.
Okay first guys I am going to check the kitchen for food the rest of you
start cleaning up and open the door and windows my brother wants Shorties
and we need to clean!"As if it were magic everyone picked a chore and I went to check food. The
food supply was good and other then stale buns we had lots of ingredients to
eat. I found some frozen buns and stuck them in the microwave as I began to
heat up fresh food. I was so busy I forgot they were cleaning and after I
had everything heating I popped my head out and it looked and smelled a lot
better."So what's the situation back there? Jon asked."Fresh food shortly guys I found enough for all and it looks like Shortie
dogs for everyone in a few minutes."A collective cheer went up as it had so many times in the past with good
news. I turned and headed back in the kitchen and Kyle and Jon both came in."What's up guys?""Just seeing if you need help Tommy." Said Jon."Yeah you want us to do anything?" added Kyle."Yes, you go join your friends and Jon will help me."He looked disappointed."What? You're the guest of honor here you should be with your friends.""I am with who I want to be with right now bro. no one else but you."I smiled at him."Well then come around and wash your hand and start opening buns. Jon why
don't you make enough fries for everyone and then we can eat sooner."The three of us went to work and after about ten minutes of grilling and
frying we were ready. Kyle poked his head out of the kitchen and called them
over. One by one everyone got two dogs and a fry and went to sit. Finally
everyone was served and we came out with the rest. Surprisingly everyone
waited for us. A shock if ever."Thanks for waiting guys.""We did it out of respect for Kyle, Tommy."I smiled."Everyone get a cup and some soda."They all filled up and we sat and got ready to eat semi warm hot dogs, beans
and relish sides and fries. Jon got up. I looked at him."Everyone. yo! GUYS!!"Finally he got every ones attention. He picked up his cup of soda."Here's to finding a friend, brother and very important kid that we all
missed."He raised his cup as a collective cheer went up and we toasted my brother.
Kyle had tears in his eyes once again with Jon's kind words. We all sat and
ate and pigged out on twenty something hot dogs and what looked like tons of
fries. Finally full bellies prevailed as the soda burps began. It seemed
like every kid, me included let a good soda belch rip. It started as giggles
and turned into one big roar of laughter. I stood up, everyone was looking
at me."Well there is only one thing that can top this night.""Ice cream!" Shawn yelled out."Exactly! We have done this too much!"Everyone laughed and then we all got up, cleaned quickly and then piled back
into the truck for dessert. I headed to the mall and parked up close in my
regular spot. Everyone filed in and headed towards the ice cream shop. I
watched Jon knowing he wasn't a big fan of this place and Kyle watched me as
I had a hand on my gun. Once Jon was inside he came over to me."What was that all about?""This is where Jon was raped. He comes back like the brave guy he is but he
always hesitates before he goes in.""I can understand that!"I looked at Kyle as he said that and walked in without looking back at me.
Something definitely happened to him and it was starting to bug me a lot. I
hate this waiting for the story but I can't push him on something this
sensitive. He must be okay since he is acting about 90% normal now. But he
must have had nymphet underwear models
something happen to him on his trek home. Again as always I
scooped and we ate until our eyes were ready to pop out of our head. Finally
it was time to leave. Everyone washed up before we left and I followed Jon
into the bathroom just to keep him from losing it. Before we knew it we were
all back in the truck and heading home. It was a very quiet but content ride
home. All bellies full and one nn nymphs galleries hot dog fart from someone that almost cleared
the truck. I had to turn off the A/C and we all opened the windows but no
one took credit for their bomb! Finally we were home and the guys all went
back to their games and I went to my room to be alone for a bit which wound
up being a very short bit since Jon started moving his crap into my room to
give Kyle his back. I talked briefly with Jon about where to put his stuff
and then I lay back on the bed and watched him set up his side of the room.
After about an hour or so went by I went in to see what Kyle was up to and
he was almost done nymphets land tgp putting his stuff back where it was three weeks ago
before all this shit happened."Wow you did that fast bro.""Yeah, no thanks to you.""I figured you might want some time alone to get your thoughts together
while you set up your things.""You're right as usual Tommy, I did want to be alone but I wouldn't have
turned you away if you came in.""I know Ky, I know. But you needed to do this alone I think.""Probably. Hey we going to take that ride tomorrow?""No not yet Ky, maybe the day after. But I would like to set up some
shooting tomorrow for us. I am sure it will bring everyone over younger nymphet to watch and
someone is bound to ask to shoot the gun so you might want to think about
that answer by then.""They can ask all they want to Tommy but you know as well as I do that no
one shoots my gun but me.""Yeah I do. Try and get some rest now Ky, you have had to have had an
exhausting day today.""Try week, weeks. how ever you want to put it. All nude nymphets erotica petite
I know is it will feel
great to be in my own bed tonight. First time in three weeks! I hope I sleep
like a rock.""I am sure you will Kyle. If you have any problems you know where I am.
Don't even blink, come get me, okay?"He smiled and shook his head yes. I went over to him. He nymphets models nude was sitting on the
edge of his bed in his free nymphets videos pajama bottoms and no shirt like he always slept. I
kissed his head and he got up and gave me a hug. We were alone and this was
special time. I never paid much attention to him before at bedtime he would
just say good night to mom and dad and then usually to me and go to bed. But
I think we will have a little more then that now. He came to me and gave me
a great big hug and I held him tightly."I love you Kyle, I whispered to him. I always have and I am so, so lucky to
have you back in my life and more important my arms."He didn't let go. We just held that hug for as long as we could. No one was
telling us differently. Finally he broke it and looked up at me. I could see
the tears but I already knew from his sniffles that he had been crying. I
wiped his face with my hand and he gave me one more quick hug, broke it and
looked into my eyes."I love you too Thomas. I never knew how much until I had to walk all the
way back here but I hope I never have to leave you again and find out how
much I miss you."Again he hugged loloita nymphets me and then he got into bed, I tucked him in and kissed his
forehead like momma used to do to both of us at one time."Love ya bro. see you in the morning."I turned put out his light and shut his door as I left."Tommy!""Yeah pal?""Leave it opened a little please I want to hear the house tonight.""Sure."I turned to walk away but only a few steps. I stopped and listened and I
heard him sobbing. I wasn't going back in he needed time to adjust to all
this hell on his own. He knew where I was if he wanted me. I headed to my
room and Jon was lying on his side of the bed. I was so used to seeing Shawn
there I was almost startled."Be right back." I told him.I went downstairs but only Joey and Billy were up and they were still
killing the bad guys in that new game. So I told them good night and went up
to Shawn's bedroom. His door was shut. I knocked and opened it. He was in
bed but awake."Hey cutie, want some company?""Yes. I missed tiny model nymphet
you today. I mean I am glad Kyle is back. Very glad, but I
felt so left out today when you didn't pay any attention to me. Even at
dinner.""I'm sorry cutie. I reached over and kissed his forehead and then his lips.
He didn't turn away. I promise tomorrow you and I will have some time
together okay?""Thanks Tommy. I know it wasn't your fault I know everyone is happy with
Kyle being back but.""But what cutie?""Oh nothing. don't worry about it Tommy.""Shawn!"I raised my voice just a little. He knew the tone."I guess I just felt left out.""Left out? Shawnee I couldn't ukranian nymphettes
wait to show you to Kyle how could you feel
left out?""Because you and me we usually do stuff together and now with Kyle back I
just think you are going to forget about me.""Shawn. am I here now in teen nymphet sex your room? I didn't forget about you cutie. I just
need to give my brother some special attention he was gone ya know.""Yeah, your right. I'm sorry."He leaned forward and gave me a big hug from the sitting position."I still love you tons cutie but Kyle is my brother and your best friend. It
will all work out you know that. I am sure tomorrow you two will go off
somewhere and be together most of the day."He smiled."You think so?""I know so. Okay. good night now, I love you cutie."With a smile on his face."Nite Tommy, love ya lots."I left and shut his door and finally headed to my room. I thought about
Trevor sleeping alone for just a second over at Jon's and then I walked in
to see his half naked body on his side of my bed and that was all that
mattered now."Waiting for someone stud?""Yeah. he just came in."I shut the door. It was going to be a really good night!Chapter 26. Getting used to having a brother around.I was tired but I couldn't pass up the half naked gift on my bed. At least
for a little bit. I crawled onto the bed and over next to that half naked
boy waiting for me."You waiting for me half naked boy?""All nymphets fuck movies
day long my super hero.""Super hero?""Yeah in Kyle's eyes you are.""Whatcha mean?""I had some time to spend with Kyle before you found him and although he
wasn't spilling everything he did tell me a few things."I began rubbing Jon's chest."Do tell lover... what did my brother tell you?""Well mostly he talked about missing you and wanting to see you so badly.
But there was this one thing. He started talking about and he suddenly
stopped and clammed up,""What was it?""I really couldn't tell Tommy but he seemed scared to talk about it.""I know something happened to him on his way home. I know it now for sure.
He isn't talking though and it's frustrating the piss out of me!""Give him time Tommy, he's your brother he will tell you if anyone.""I know but it sucks that he might have been hurt, touched or abused
somehow.""Don't worry so much! Besides I have something for you to touch right here!"He took my hand and placed it over his crotch. I felt his growing boner and
suddenly that was all I thought about. SEX! I pulled away wanting to tease
him some. Finally the thoughts of my brother were fading and being replaced
with thoughts of cocks and balls. I was so hot and horny and that I totally
forgot about sex with everything that happened today. that bothered me for a
second but it was all good now, not any longer though I was ready now for
some fun."So what do you want to do Thomas? You gonna tease me all night or you going
to take that hard thing out of my boxers and see if it works?""I was thinking maybe I just might go to bed. I am tired."I lay down on my side of the bed with my back to him knowing well the look
on his face must have been priceless."HEY! He said. This sucks!"He rolled me over and I was smiling wide."You were teasing me?""Yup! Kinda sucks don't it?""Nah it's okay. I understand."He let go of me and lay down himself. Now I was all `what the fuck?' I got
up and looked at him and rolled him over. He was laughing."Okay. what's fair is fair! You win.""Finally! He said."Yeah, yeah. you finally win!"With that I let him go and he fell back and lay straight out. The hard on
that he had was half gone but that won't last for long. I reached over and
started playing with the top of his boxers."Gee, now where did that little monster go to?""Little?" he kinda yelled out.I laughed."It won't be little for long, not after I am done with it!"I started playing with the slit in his shorts and eventually I got it just
right so that the head of his cock was sticking out about an inch and no
more."Ohhhh look Jon it came out to play."He didn't say anything he just watched. I took my finger and placed it on
the exposed head and ran my fingernail over the piss slot. His eyes closed.
I ran it again but down the underside of it and he jumped just a little. I
continued to do this for a little bit and he grew. Now he was out of his
hole and standing fully erect. I got closer looked at him once more, his
eyes were still shut, and then I got as close as I could. I stuck out my
tongue and touched the top of his stiffness. I could taste a little piss and
I got the full smell of his day's musk that lingered in his boxers. It
wasn't a dirty wash me smell it was more of a boy soon to be a man smell.
Like when you don't shower but you don't sweat enough to stink. Without
touching him with my hand I lowered my mouth and place my lips only over the
head of his cock. I squeezed my lips together as tightly as I could and
pulled off him creating a little popping noise. I did this several times and
by now he was rock hard and practically begging for more. I assumed."Okay sweetie, lift up."He lifted his ass and I pulled down his boxers and slid them right off him
and threw them on the floor. Now I had a naked boy on my bed, yeah a rarity
for me. and I got up and grabbed him by his ankles softly tugging him
downwards so he could lay flat on the bed. Now the only thing sticking up
was his cock. I crawled back on the bed and took him into my mouth and began
to wet his cock with my saliva. Then slowly I started to bob up and down on
his hardness taking in the aroma nymphets board of his day's activities without washing. It
was a little funky but it would do. I sucked and played with his cock for a
few minutes before I began to taste precum. One thing about Jon, he couldn't
last long for anything. I looked down at his toes and they were curled
under. Another sign from him that he was starting to get close to squirting.
Again I began to suck him off and this time I starting fondling his balls
one at a time and then I slid from the head of his cock down the under shaft
with my tongue and to his nuts. I took each of them into my mouth one at a
time. He let out a moan as I did this. I repeated this several times and
then ran my tongue back up to the head of his cock in reverse. He was
leaking precum now like anything as I went down on him and licked every bit
off him. I held his balls firmly as I began to suck him again. I tightened
my lips as much as I could as I continued to bounce up and down on him and
softly fondle and tug on each nut. I knew he was ready so I started going
faster and faster and then he let out a soft yell and began to fill my mouth
with his seed. I teens nonnude nymphet
let go of his balls and sucked every bit of cum out of his
spurting cock. He filled me up well I guess he hadn't cum in a few day by
the amount of nectar he gave me. I swallowed it all and then let his
softening dick go and moved up to his lips to kiss them and give him a
little taste of his own stuff. I placed one kiss on his lips and the second
one was all tongue. As odd as that sounds for kids our age. I guess we have
mastered mostly all the moves by now. We kissed for a bit and then I grabbed
for his soft cock as I broke our lip lock. I gave it a gentle squeeze."Wanna go for another round?""I would love to but I am spent. You sucked me dry so to speak. It was
awesome! One of the best orgasms I have had yet from you. Almost blew off
the top of my head as I came. It actually hurt at first them the pleasure
kicked in and I was off into no where land. AWESOME!"I smiled at him and let go of his cock."You didn't have to let go. It still felt good having you play with it.""Oh okay."I grabbed it again and ran my finger over the piss slot again. I felt a
little precum moisten the top I knew he could probably go again but if he
didn't want to I wasn't about to bust my ass begging or build up another
round of sweat if I didn't have to."Want me to do you now Tom?""Nah its okay lover. I am tired some other time.""Okay kewl!"He got up and headed to wash I assumed. I wasn't in the mood to so I lay
there. I'll shower in the morning. He returned quickly as I watched his cock
sway as he walked back into the room."I love the way your dick moves when you walk.""Oh thank you. I am glad you do. I worked hard on learning that.""Wise ass! I am going to sleep Jon tomorrow Kyle wants to go shooting so I
guess we will go out and set up something and see how good his eye is.""Is he a better shot then you?""Yeah, sadly he is. He has had a lot more practice then me. It's okay though
I am proud of him and its nice to have an eagle eye around.""Huh?""Eagle eye. it means someone with a sharp eye for shooting. Ya know doesn't
miss his target.""Oh, oh I got ya.""Good. I'm glad you did."I reached out and gave him a nice squeeze since he was laying there naked
and then I got up and sweet nude nymphets
shut off the light and pulled off my boxers and lay
next to him. He reached over and started fondling me and it felt good but I
was so tired I was falling asleep even with him trying to get me hard.
Eventually he stopped when he realized he wasn't going to get a rise out of
me and I drifted off to sleep.He was awake before me and woke me to a real nice surprise. I awoke with him
sucking my cock. It felt awesome! I grew instantly as he began to speed up.
He stopped for a second to smile at me and then went back to sucking me off.
It this rate he would have me blowing my wad any minute. I hadn't cum in at
least two day as weird as that sounds for a teenager I have just had too
much going on here to even have time to stroke off."Ahhhhh Jon I am almost there. This is your only warn--- Ahhhhh fuck! I am
cumming!"I began to shoot into his mouth. Squirt after squirt I filled him up; he got
off me after he swallowed all of it and I felt my dick go soft. He began to
play with my few chest hairs that tickled like crazy and brought me back
from my orgasm."Thanks sweetie, that was awesome! I need a shower now!""Good we can wash together."We got up and stumbled out into the hall and then the bathroom. I think his
blow job made my morning piss go away because I didn't have to take a leak
for the first time in a long time. I started the water and we both got in. I
got wet first then gave way for him to do the same. I wasn't sure if I stunk
but I felt like I did. Jon wouldn't say anything either way it wasn't like
him to be that way. Mister manners! We both showered and washed each others
backs and then without any other play rinsed and got out. We dried off and
headed back to my room to get dressed."Go downstairs Jon I want to check on Kyle and then I'll be down.""Sure, no problem."He headed down and I went to look in on my brother. He was under his cover
and appeared to have slept well for his first night back in his room. I am
sure glad he didn't have any nightmares or if he did he didn't come in or
scream to wake the house. Maybe he will be all right after all. I went to
shut his door and I heard him call for me. I opened the door and went in. I
walked over and sat on the edge of his bed."Morning sleepyhead. How did you sleep?""Great. It was really good to finally be back in my bed.""I bet it was. No bad dreams or anything I see.""No, why should I have them? I feel fine.""Good I am glad."He pulled the covers back off himself and went to get up. I spotted what
looked nymphet land pedo like a tent in his PJ's but didn't say anything out of brotherly
respect. He got up and I did too. He was heading to the bathroom and I told
him we would be downstairs when he was done. I got down there and Jon was
making eggs for us. It started to smell great. I opened the freezer and took
out bacon and decided we should do this right. Might as well wake everyone
since we were up first, the old fashion way. and I was sure this would have
everyone awake soon. Bacon always did it for me! We started to cook and sure
enough I heard more footsteps upstairs after a while. Kyle was down already
and watching us cook from across the kitchen,"You two make a great couple. of cooks that is.""Glad you finished that off bro. I was afraid I would have to come over
there and smack you upside the head with a pound of bacon."He started to laugh. That brat! He had this contagious laugh that always got
everyone going eventually. I smiled and Jon began to laugh too,"You need help?""Sure you can set the table for everyone if you want?""Everyone? The table isn't big enough for all of us.""I know set six spots at the table and the rest at the kitchen bar.""Oh okay that should do it."He went to work as I started finishing the first round of bacon. Glad we
won't run out of this at least for a while. There was lots of it in the
store and we have plenty frozen here too. I heard more pitter patter
upstairs and I was sure mostly everyone was up now."Must be a line to pee by now." Jon said.With that someone came flying down stairs past the kitchen door and into the
downstairs bathroom. We all laughed."I guess someone couldn't wait. Did you see who it was?""Yeah said Kyle. it was Shawn."I chuckled as I got a mental image of him with a piss hard on. Like I hadn't
seen that before with him sleeping on me so many times. I am gonna miss
that! I might have to sneak into his room one night and sleep with him just
for the good times!"What?" Jon asked."Nothing just thought of something funny.""Yeah I bet. Probably Shawn's hard cock if I know you."I just gave him this queer clairvoyant look."Don't worry about it just make the bacon my little porker!"Now I got the queer look."Little porker?""When you two porkers are done I am hungry over here."We both turned and looked at Kyle and said in unison."Bite me Kyle!"Then we bust out laughing almost losing it right into the bacon."Ha. ha. ha.!" He said back to us.Jon threw on two eggs."How do you want them Kyle?""Scrambled please."In a minute he was given his plate of eggs and bacon and Shawn walked in."Mmmmm smells good.""Hey cutie ya hungry?""You bet. Can I have my eggs scrambled too please?" he said after seeing
Kyle's plate."Sure can."Jon threw two more eggs in. Then he handed Shawn a plate and he went to sit
next to Kyle and when I checked on them they were eating together, smiling
and chatting. It looked amazing seeing them together again. One by one the
others came down and eventually we had cooked two dozen eggs and three
pounds of bacon and we were finally done with everyone eating and the house
smelled like bacon. it was great."Trevor! Jon blurted out."I should go check on him.""Why? Jon you are not his keeper. He will be fine.""Yeah but I should really go."He went to the front door opened it and it was pouring outside. We were all
so busy we nymphets russian pics didn't even notice it was a rainy crappy day out."Still going?" I said to him."Ummm, Nah. Don't feel like getting soaked. He will live."I laughed and turned to the group."Okay boys, we fed you so you guys clean up!"With a few moans and groans they slowly rose and started to clean the eating
area and kitchen."And I want it spotless!" I yelled in."BITE ME!"Came back out from the kitchen. I knew who that was. I poked my head nude nymphets art in and
Kyle was laughing."Smart ass!" I said.He stuck his tongue out at me."Careful or you might lose that.""Yeah you and what army?"I walked in the kitchen. I heard a big gasp come from outside. None of them
knew how we played and I am sure someone thought I was mad. Not even close!
I walked up to my nymphette russian liitle girl brother."If you don't behave I am going to tickle you in front of everyone!""Ohhhh, I'm scared." he shot back at me.I leaned in and whispered."You better be cause if I do and you piss yourself in front of all them you
will be embarrassed not me.""You wouldn't!" He said in a dare.I smiled at him."You would?"I reached out and tweaked his nose. Then I gave him a kiss on top of his
head."Love ya bro. and yes I would."I laughed and walked away. As I turned everyone was watching from outside
the kitchen. Other then Shawn who was inside watching with an amused look on
his face. He had seen this act before being around the house so much. I
wouldn't be surprised if he actually knew about Kyle pissing himself that
one time too, but he wouldn't dare say anything because he would get it
double from me and Ky."What are small tits nymphette
you all looking at? We were playing. I said as I went to leave the
kitchen. None of you have ever seen me and Kyle play so don't get so upset
that wasn't even close to a fight. That my friends was normal so get used to
it!"It almost sounded like they all breathed a sigh of relief when I said that."Go finish cleaning or you all will see my wrath."I said as I laughed. Jon looked at me and shook his head."You're a nut!""Yeah, so? You can bite me!""Is that the new catch phrase?""Now that little brother is back it is. We used to do a whole bunch of shit
together Jon and not once have we ever and I mean EVER had a major fight. I
love and respect him too much besides if he gets too out of hand I threaten
to tickle him and he usually straightens right out.""Tickle?""Tommy shut up about the tickling!"I heard come from radar ears in the kitchen."He's very sensitive about that tickle shit too, I forgot."I chuckled. Jon just shook his head."Guess I have a lot to learn from you two if you never fought.""I guess you do. Love and respect my dear friend. love and respect!"I reached out and grabbed his nose now and tweaked it."Hey! Hands off the merchandise!""You forgetting I own that merchandise?""Oh yeah." he said.Again from the kitchen."Careful Jon or he might convince you he owns all of you."
Jon got up and walked over to Kyle."He already super little nymphet
does Ky, he has for a while. Especially my heart!"Kyle looked dumbfounded and was at a loss for words. A first as I recall. I
looked at him and now I stuck my tongue out. He just shrugged his shoulders
as in I give up and went back to helping Shawn clean up. Shawn was defiantly
amused at all this as he smiled and laughed as we traded comments. I went
over to Shawn."Careful if you enjoy this too much I might have to tickle you too."He smiled widely at me."Promise?" He said.Kyle was standing right next to us watching."Yeah I promise cutie."I leaned over and kissed the top of his head and looked at Kyle who appeared
to be lost in the moment. He didn't know the new Tommy yet. He was used to
the old shy, quiet one. Shawn looked at Kyle."He really has changed Ky. Since the comet and you missing he has changed a
lot we all have and I love him a lot.""I see that.""You okay with that Ky?""Sure I am. I wouldn't want it any other way.""Good because if you weren't I would be upset. I don't know how else I could
live now without Tommy since he saved my life Ky. It will never be the old
way again between us. He means the world to me."Kyle just looked at Shawn and went over and gave nymphette sex videos him a big hug. I smiled and
walked out of the kitchen to let them be alone. They needed time together to
bond again. I walked over to Danny who was watching Joey and Billy play a
game and put my hands on his shoulders."Everything looks nice and clean again in here."I gave him a little shoulder rub.
"Ahhhh that feels good Tommy.""Good it's been a while since you got anything from me anyway."I said it. Didn't realize what came out but they did. Both Joey and Billy
stopped playing turned to look at me and then started laughing. That's when
it hit me. Dumb ass! Talk free nymphets pic
about just blurting out anything without thinking.
I couldn't see Danny's face but I am sure it was priceless. I almost felt
embarrassed. That passed as quick as it came though. I rubbed his shoulder
a bit more and them leaned over and whispered into his ear."It has been a little while since you got something from me."He turned and looked at me. Just smiled and nodded his head. Christian was
close by so we both had to watch our comments. Joey and Billy were still
watching me as I whispered in Danny's ear probably dying to know what I
said. But neither will ask I am pretty sure about that. Just then a loud
clap of thunder rang out shaking the house. Everyone including me jumped, I
assumed. Nothing else happened after that just one big thud. It was enough
to make Kyle come out of the kitchen and right to me. He hated thunderstorms
with a passion. I can't remember how many times he would run to mom or dad
when it thundered out. As nonchalantly as possible I walked to him knowing
what he wanted and took him upstairs. We went into his room and shut his
door."I know bro, you hate storms. It will be okay."He came over to me and I nymphethairless
hugged him. I think it was part storm and part
everything else that is fucked up in our lives. He didn't say anything at
all he just stayed in my arms for a few minutes. I kissed his head a few
times. I was loving this because I got to play big brother. not because he
was scared because I love to play big brother. Finally we broke our hold and
he looked at me."You think I will ever get over my fear of storms Tommy?""Yeah some day but right now you have a lot going on Ky. I mean come on you
just got back from hell and all this shit with mom and dad gone and now a
clap of thunder. don't sweat it! I am right here for you and you are as safe
as can be."He smiled at me."Come on lets go back down before we are missed."He came over to me walked past and opened his door. I rubbed his back as we
headed back downstairs. I lagged behind so he could go first and no one
would suspect a thing. He blended back in perfectly but Shawn saw us and
came over to me."Everything okay Tommy?""Yup, we just had a small talk for a few minutes.""Oh okay. Are you busy?""Not right now why cutie?""I wanted to know if we could spend some time together in my room and maybe.
well ya know."I smiled at him."Sure let's go."I knew what he meant but I was going to bust his balls a little before we
did anything. We walked into his room and he shut his door and started to
take off his shirt. I let that go and then he went for his shorts."Stop! What are you doing?""Getting naked for you.""No you can't do that anymore."I said it with a straight face. He looked confused."I thought when you wanted to come up here you just wanted to talk to me."Now he looked down right sad. I couldn't go much further without hurting
him."Well Shawn. with Kyle back and all I thought you two would or might be
closer now."He continued to look at me seeming totally lost to what point I was making."You don't want me anymore Tommy?"I knew I would go too far. I forgot how sensitive he is. I went and sat on
his bed."Come here cutie."I pointed to my lap and he came right over. I began talking to him in a low
tone."I'm sorry Shawn I was teasing you. I didn't think you would get upset that
fast. Of course we can do anything you want to even with Kyle here. He
wouldn't care and even if he did know he would deal with it just fine."He turned and hugged me. I started rubbing his back and he didn't move off
my lap."That feels so good Tommy.""Yes it does Shawn especially from this side."I alternated from rub to tickle by running my nails nymphets nn up and down his back
finally I went a little lower and was now running my hand littlenymphettes
inside the elastic
of his underwear. He wasn't moving an inch. I scooped him up and turned and
put him on his bed. I could see the little tent that I had caused and I went
right to work on it. He was watching me as I reached over and started to
swirl a finger around it without touching it. He was smiling. I went around
and around and wound my way to it stopping right on top of it like I was
climbing a mountain in a circle with my finger. His eyes closed. I moved in
closer and took in a whiff of his boy scent. He always smelled good. I got
closer and put nymphet fun both hands on his belly and ran them down together to his
tent. I did this several times and knew he was getting into it. Finally I
decided it was time to release his small package and really have some fun. I
was stiff now too but that wasn't the point this was for him. I took both
hands and grabbed each side of his underwear and started to slide them down.
He lifted his butt to help me. I pulled them off his legs and let them fall
to the floor. I looked at his little pecker standing at full erection, all
three or so inches of it. I got close again and took a finger and again
teased it by running my finger from his belly right down to it and up its
hardness to the piss slit and then I played with the hole for a bit running
my finger over and all around it until he began to squirm."That tickles too much Tommy."I coaxed his legs apart and started fondling his small orbs of joy. They
were hanging low and away from his body at the moment and I had full control
of them, after a bit I got tired of this and moved close. I took each one

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