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From: "J. O. Dickingson"
Subject: Tulsa Encore (t/t, Celeb) Tulsa Encore
"Can't keep myself from thinking about you
It's because I love you, and I know that it's true, whoooa
I'll call it desperation, can't you see it in my eyes?
That I want to be with you until the sun falls from the sky." As Taylor Hanson finished the repeat chorus of "A Minute Without You"
he had the image of a very special person in his mind, a person he was
aching to see after the performance. He glanced about the theatre even
though he knew with the glaring lights he couldn't even see the audience,
never mind spot him out of the thousands of fans. He prayed that he had
made it to Tulsa. The brothers started in on their next number.
Performing in their hometown was a major rush, and what a difference now
that they were famous. The last time they had performed in Tulsa it had
been in one of the smaller halls and it had been only partially filled.
Now they had packed the Mabee Center, the biggest stage teen nymphete forumm in Tulsa with a
capacity of more than eleven thousand seats.
At the end of the concert, none of them felt like going home and
relaxing with the family, even though it had been six weeks since they had
left home for their European-North American tour. Their mother and father
understood that. Even though they still insisted their boys follow the
evangelical Christian values they had instilled in them years forum bbs nymphets
ago, they
knew that they were now major stars nymphets galery and had to live their own lives too.
Their boys were growing up. Besides, after a performance like they had
tonight, it would take hours to come down.
Anyway, commencing with the Tulsa performance, the entire family was
going to be tour bussing it for the next leg of the American tour. That
meant not just mom and dad and the three boys, but their three younger
sisters and kid brother besides. With five more cities added to the tour,
this was going to be the last chance model nymphets boy for the boys to be alone for a long
Actually, young Zac was going home and he was looking forward to
spending a night in their bedroom after six weeks of sharing a hotel room
with his two brothers. An entire night without them telling him to quieten
down and get some sleep would be like having a holiday. Isaac, on the
other hand, was on his way to bbs for nymphets
a house party, with him being the featured
guest of course. He was hoping there would also be a certain girl there
that he had a crush on. Even if there wasn't, the seventeen-year-old knew
that there would be plenty of girls for him to choose from.
Tay was heading out to meet someone special also, someone special he
had met five months ago. As soon as their tour schedule had nymphet angel tgp been
finalized, he had made all the arrangements for this night, including
booking an air flight, sending the front seat concert ticket and booking
the hotel room. There had been countless nights since then that he had
lain in bed and quietly stroked himself thinking of the first night they
had spent together, nymphet yo 11 and what this night in Tulsa would be like. His mom
and dad thought he was spending the night with a friend, and he had not
lied about that. He could never lie to his parents. It was just that this
was not the friend they thought he was spending the night with.
They certainly would be shocked to know what he was hoping he and his
special friend nymphets pink might be doing. The fifteen-year-old had come to terms with
that himself, and it had not been easy with his upbringing and the
closeness of his russian nymphet porn family, but over the past year he had seen a lot of the
world, and he was not your typical fifteen-year-old boy. Being recognized
no matter where you went in the world, dealing with reporters, and working
with agents on albums, you nymphets art links matured fast. He knew that somehow there would
be a way to reconcile his feelings with his beliefs. For the moment, he
was satisfied nymphets bbs portal to deal with his feelings and the present. In that regard,
he was a typical teenager.
His parents would also be shocked at the appearance of their second
youngest son. At the moment he was in a stall in the Tulsa Transit
washroom removing his clothes cute little nymphet models and putting on his disguise. Now that he was
famous, he couldn't go anywhere without being recognized, let alone in his
hometown, and tonight he did not want anyone to know where he was going.
That nymphet teen would be all he would need, some photog snapping his picture in a part
of town where he was not supposed to be tonight. Having stripped down, he
quickly slipped on the clothes he had smuggled out of the house. Making
sure there was nobody in the can, he hurried to the door, and seeing nobody
in the hallway, he quickly slipped out of the men's can and into the
He took a quick look around. He'd never been in the women's before,
and he took the opportunity to check it out. Other than the absence of
urinals, he found there was not much noticeable ukraine nymphetes difference. He quickly
looked into the mirror and adjusted his dress so the straps of his padded
bra were not showing. He quickly applied a bit of blush to his cheeks, and
some cherry red lipstick to his lips. He'd observed his mother often
enough to do a fair job, although he could not understand how a woman could
stand the paste on her lips. He looked at the image in the bright red
dress in the mirror and fluttered his long, blond eyelashes. Red was his
fav colour, and the bright scarlet suited him. Actually, with his long
blond hair and his fine features, he made a good looking young girl. He'd
gotten the idea from some fake celebrity pics of him in drag that an irrate
fan who thought he should know what was going on had sent him. Nobody was
going to recognize him in this outfit. The words from "Weird" came to
mind: "When you live in a cookie cutter world being different is a sin. So
you don't stand out. And you don't fit in. Weird." That was exactly how he
felt, and he wasn't just thinking of his disguise.
Tay walked out of the station unnoticed and caught the city transit
heading to North Garnett Road. As he stared out the bus window, he felt
the tension begin to rise. What if he was wrong about his special friend?
What if he was wrong about himself? Suppose things did not go as he had
dreamed this past month? The growing anticipation and the worries were not
unlike the feeling he had just before a tiny nymphet child performance. As he watched the
streets go by, he hummed the lines of "Thinking of You" little nymphets first sex without even
realizing he was doing so. photos lovely nymphets "Fly with wings of an eagle
Glide along with the wind
No matter how high
I'll be thinking of you the whole time.
I'm carrying this heavy load
I don't know what to do
The only thing I know is that
I'm in love with you. Oh
Fly the wings of an eagle
No matter how high
I'll be thinkin' of you."
Arriving at the Holiday Inn, he wiped his sweaty palms nervously on
his dress. It had gotten over ninety today, but it wasn't just the heat
and humidity that were causing his sweat. Not once in his daydreams had he
figured he would be so frightened. He wondered if this was a mistake as he
entered the hotel and headed for room 217. Had it been a mistake to
reserve the same room where they had their first sex together? Tay would
never forget that February night for as long as he lived. By the time he
reached the room, his heart was nymphets tgp uncensored
pounding so hard you'd think he'd just
finished an hour performing on stage. What he was about to do was far more
frightening than any show he had ever performed. Wiping his sweating palms
once more on his dress, he inhaled deeply and knocked on the door.
The door opened to reveal a nervous, grinning teenager that was
sweating just as badly. Taran Noah Smith's smile quickly disappeared. He
couldn't hide his surprise at the sight of the blond girl standing at nymphetes models
door. She was beautiful, but that was not who he was expecting. A tremor
of disappointment rippled through his heart.
"Ah, free sex nymphet
sorry, you must have . . . ah, Tay?"
"No other. You going to invite a girl in, or you going to make her
stand out here in the hallway all evening?"
"Well, ah, c'mon in."
"What is this?"
"A disguise. What do you think?"
"I think you're gorgeous."
"Don't get funny."
"I'm not."
"Well," said Taylor, fluttering his long eyelashes, "I think you're a
hunk too."
Taran laughed as Taylor walked over to the bed and kicked off his
shoes. "Shit, I don't know why women would wear such awkward shoes. My
feet are killing me and I've had these high heels on for less than an
hour." Taylor leaned back on the bed and looked over at Taran.
"That was a fantastic show."
"So you did manage to catch it."
"Nothing would have kept me away. You were superb!"
"That was something with all those fans yelling and screaming and
everything. You must feel a real buzz right now."
"Yeah, it was a real rush performing at home. It's been a long time
since we performed in Tulsa."
"Yeah. Last time we performed here was before we became nymphets teen lycra
"Well, you're known now."
"Yeah. If we weren't, I wouldn't need this freakin' disguise."
The two boys stood naked nymphets there in the awkward silence that followed.
Neither really wanted to talk about the performance nor the fans or
anything else. Both had only one thing on their minds, and that was the
last time they were here, in this very room, in this very bed. That was,
after all, why Tay had invited Taran here, and that was the only reason
Taran had accepted the ticket to his performance and the booking at the
hotel room. The reason for this meeting had seemed so obvious a month ago.
Now they wondered just what the other was thinking.
'Perhaps he was just being kind and wanted me to see the concert,'
thought Taran as he wondered how to raise the topic of sex.
'Perhaps he just thought I wanted him to see the performance,' thought
Tay as he wondered how he was going to nymphet incest tube let Taran know what he wanted to do.
"So-," began Tay at the same time as Taran.
"You first," said Taran at the same time as Tay.
The boys laughed.
"Actually, what really gave me a buzz tonight was thinking of seeing
you," Tay said tentatively. It was a safe comment that could mean several
"Really? I've been really wanting to see you again too."
That was another safe comment.
"You want a Mug root beer?" Taran asked, nymphet world nude
knowing it was Tay's
favourite and having some on ice.
"Yeah sure, I'm still dry after all that singing."
"You must be exhausted."
"No, not really."
"Yeah. Performing is a rush. It takes a long time to come down
"Hmm." Taran thought of another meaning for "coming down" and his
dick twitched.
"You ever feel that way acting?"
"Yeah, series nymphets
when a shoot has gone particularly well."
"I like it when a shoot goes particularly well," Tay said
"Have you had many shoots since we saw each other last?" Taran asked,
picking up on the double meaning immediately.
"Oh yeah, but none as good at that night."
"Yeah. What about you?"
"Same here."
"Lots of shoots, or none as good as the last one here?"
"Both," Taran said with a smile.
"Well, we'll have to see if we can be as good again."
"Yeah," Taran said, stepping forward.
"Let me get out of this outfit first."
"Ununh, let me get you out of it," Taran suggested with a grin as he
sat beside Taylor.
"I am going to need help," Tay said. "I'll collection dark nymphet never understand why they
design dresses so they button up the back."
"That's so you need a guy to help you get undressed," Taran suggested
with a leer.
He unbuttoned the dress and eased it down over Tay's smooth shoulders
and upper torso. Tay stood and stepped out of it. He had put on pink lace
panties and matching bra and nylons with a black garter belt. In part it
was to make sure the disguise was complete. In part it was because he
thought it would be sexy having Taran see him that way. Mostly, he'd been
thinking about dressing up that way ever since he'd seen those fake
pictures, and the idea had turned him on. That, and thinking of Taran, had
been his two main jerk off fantasies lately. Unfortunately dressing up in
the men's can had been risky and had nymphets stories xxx not been the major turnon he had
Tay ran his hands under Taran's turtleneck, raising it and running his
hands over the fourteen-year-old boy's slender, smooth body. He bent down
and kissed his hairless chest, and ran his tongue over Taran's nipple.
Slipping the sweater off over his head, Tay turned his attention to the
Hollywood jeans, unbuttoning the fly and undoing the belt buckle. As he
pulled them down, he smiled to see Taran had chosen black jockey briefs.
He cupped his crotch and could feel the nymphet teen video
dampness and the heat of his
genitals through the cloth.
Taran reached up and after a bit of a struggle managed to unsnap Tay's
bra. Removing it, he too ran his hands over the slight youth's slim,
hairless chest. He squeezed his nipples gently and bent over and sucked on
one. He felt it grow hard in his mouth. Taran was growing hard too. He
quickly removed Tay's garter belt and nylons. His silk panties were
jutting out in a manner that was very unfeminine.
"You know," said Taylor as he saw Taran looking at his crotch, "I like
the feel of them."
"I like the way they make you look," Taran said sincerely.
Tay nymphet torrent reached over and ran his hands over Taran's crotch again. They
eased each other's underwear down, and then lay on the bed and kissed. The
kiss was a brief one, a tentative investigation. The second was more
forceful, and the third the most powerful. They caressed each other for a
while and their lips met again, this time touching softly, their tongues
exploring tenderly. young nymphets private They pressed their bodies together, their boners
squeezed between them.
"You're a much better kisser than the last time we met."
"Yeah, well, I'm older now. Fifteen and four months."
"You've had a birthday since we, well, since we. . . ."
"Had a hot fuck and suck session."
"Yeah, that's one way to put it."
"You got another way?"
"No," bbs ukrainian nymphets Taran said, "That's nymphet little girl models exactly the way to put it. I've had a
birthday since then too. Three months ago."
"Thought you kissed better."
The boys looked into each other's eyes. Still worried, the two used
the banter to hide their true fears and feelings, but neither one was
fooling the other.
"Oh yah."
"Me too."
"What would you like to do?" Taran asked huskily.
"I liked it best when nude nymphets sites
you were fucking me," Tay admitted.
"Hey, I liked that the best too."
"I'd like to do it in a different position though."
"I want to do it on my back, so I can see your face when you cum."
"Cool," said Taran agreeably.
Tay lay down on his back and placed several pillows under his hips.
"Hey, you been nymphets sweet page doing this with someone else?" asked Taran.
"No, just saw a pic of two guys in this position when I was surfing
the net looking for stuff," Tay nymphet sexpics
said with a grin. Tay didn't mention he
was looking for nude pictures of himself supposedly on the web, and for gay
stories that he heard men were writing about him.
"Thank heavens for the net," said Taran with a smile.
Taran took out a tube of KY jelly he'd placed in the drawer of the
stand beside the bed just in case. Opening it up, he squeezed a gob on his
finger and then spreading apart Tay's cheeks, he began working it into his
"Hey, where did you learn about that stuff?"
"You're not the only one who surfs the net," Taran replied with a
Smearing more of the lubricant on his stiff cock, Taran finally got
into position. As he leaned forward, Tay took his bone in his hand.
"Hey, I think you've gotten bigger since we last saw each other."
"Yep, by half an inch."
"We're almost the same size now," Tay observed, his own being just
over five-and-a-half inches.
"Wish it was twice as long and twice as thick so I could give you pedo nymphets bbs a
good time."
"Hey, that would be painful. I like you just as you are dude."
Taran smiled as he lowered himself. Tay guided his knob to his door.
As Taran pressed forward, Tay strained to open up to him. For the next
couple minutes the boys were silent russiannymphetnewsgroup
as they tried to connect. Both were
new and inexperienced at this sort of thing, and all the erotic stories and
all the gay pictures couldn't prepare you for the real thing. Taran was
about to think he was doing something wrong, or free nymphet thumbs
that this position wild nymphets elwebbs
not work, when he felt his knob begin penetrate Tay. He inhaled deeply as
he pushed down and felt Tay's sphincter slip about the head of his cock.
Tay grunted with the exertion as he both tried to relax and to open up
his anus. As he felt Taran's solid flesh finally begin to penetrate him,
he inhaled deeply and held his breath. He felt the hot boycock slowly sink
into his body until all five-and-a-half inches were snugly buried up his
rectum. nymphets land extreme material Taran paused and looked down at him with a wide grin, and he
returned the smile. Taran bent forward slowly and Tay struggled to raise
himself. Their lips met in a hot, desperate kiss. God, Tay thought, this
is so fucking hot. He watched Taran's face as the teenager began to work
his hips to and fro in a slow and as of yet novel rhythm. A melody played
in both boys' minds: "mmmBop, ba duba dop, Ba du bop, ba duba dop, Ba du
bop, ba duba dop, Ba du."
Taran smiled down at Tay as he humped his ass. He was so fucking
beautiful, and it was so cool fucking his ass and being able to look into
those deep blue eyes and that delicate face with the little mole on his
chin and scar on his left cheek. Taran inhaled Tay's Ckbe and sighed. nymphets club login
worked his cock in and out slowly, wanting this pleasure to last forever.
When he finally felt himself reaching that inevitable peak, he froze and
tried to think of the most asexual thing he could. elite nymphetes nude He thought ukranian angels nymphets of some of
the fan letters he'd gotten from girls saying how hot they were for him.
Once his passion had subsided, he resumed his fucking.
Tay had been doing the same, thinking of the screaming preteen girls
at the concert that night to stop himself from cumming. If the girls only
knew, he thought with a smile. He reached down and grasped his boner and
began to pump it. Jerking off while a friend is fucking your ass was a way
different experience than jerking off in the hotel can or the bathroom at
home. He had to squeeze his throbbing boner below the knob several times
to stop from cumming. It had to be perfect. They had to come together.
The two boys reached their peaks and allowed themselves to cool down a
second time, but as they started up for the third time, they knew it would
be brief, and that when the time came, they were not going to be able to
resist going to the end. Their breath grew deeper and louder as free hot nymphets
approached that magical moment. The two hot teens began to speed up, Taran
pumping his cock in and out of Tay's asshole with a rapid, steady rhythm,
and Tay pumping his hot cock in time to Taran's humping. "MmmBop, ba erotic nymphettes duba
dop, Ba du bop, ba du dop, Ba du dop, ba du dop, Ba du."
If anyone had been watching, they would have been unable to tell which
boy came first. thumbs nymphets Taran suddenly quivered and thrust his body forward, and
Tay trembled at the same time. Both nasty angels nymphets boys' breaths nymphets sex pics shuddered as they
released their hot boy juices, Taran's squirting up Tay's hot, pulsating
hole, and Tay's squirting out of this throbbing cock and striking his
smooth, hairless chest. Hot white cumm spurted forth like fountains from
the two boys and they sighed and groaned with the joy of release, and the
joy of having pleased each other.
Taran at last withdrew his still stiff organ, and as Tay lowered his
legs, Taran eased farther up over his body. nude nymphets studios As he lay down, their hot,
hard cocks lined up side by side and were pressed between their flat
stomachs. The last hot jizz was squeezed out of their boners and oozed
between their bellies. Taran leaned forward, his smooth, perspiring chest
pressing against Tay's and the two boys kissed. As their tongues entwined,
Tay's hot semen spread between the two panting chests and pounding hearts.
It was a wonderful beginning to what was going to be a long and wonderful
night.Disclaimer. This is a work of fiction and in no way represents the sexual
orientation of the two stars. russian nymphet 14 yo The lyrics of all Hanson songs are copyright
Jam 'N' Bread. Taran and Tay fans are invited to send their comments to
the author, J.O. Dickingson, at authorsixhotmail.com
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