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Subject: Tuleman's New Friends Chapter 12 Authoritarian HighschoolTuleman's New Friends Chapter 12
An adult story depicting male on male sexual situations involving
domination, submission, and humiliation. Minors may not have access to this
story. The story is pure fiction and should be treated as such. It also
takes place in a world without STDS and Aids. Not so in the world of
reality in which we live. Don't do it...be safe
A big thanks to all my readers who've taken the time and let me know
they are reading this story. Your emails have let me know I can keep
writing because you're reading! Another story of mine you might like is
also found on Nifty, gay authoritarian. It's title is ( Employee
Manipulation )Tuleman's New Friends Chapter 12
Shannon was busy sucking another cock when he heard a knock on the
door to his booth.
"It's me, Walt, let me in boy." Shannon pulled off the cock and opened the door for the man who had
told them to use booth 15.
"Go miniskirt nymphets on and finish that cock boy." Walt said and turned Shannon around.
As Shannon sat and took the cock in his mouth again, He felt
embarrassed as Walt stood close to him and watched.
"Make love to his cock like it was the last cock you'll ever suck
boy." Walt whispered in his dark nymphets land
ear. "Good cocksucker." He said over and over
again and Shannon felt his head being petted by the older man.
They nymphets child sex
both heard the man in the next booth verbally announce his
ejaculation and Walt smiled as Shannon's sucking made smacking noises as he
sucked and struggled to keep all the cum in his mouth. He didn't want the
man beside him to see nymphet schoolgirls
him spill any on his floor.
When the cock withdrew back into the hole, Shannon felt a hand turning
his head and submissively opened his mouth for Walt's cock.
"While you're waiting for your next cock, you can practice on mine
boy. I want to see how good of a cock sucker you are. Shannon had sucked
bigger cocks but Walt's cock was nice and fat and he lavished as much
loving attention on the big piece of meat as he could.
"You're a good faggot. Your name is Shannon isn't it? I thought I
heard Bob call you that."
Shannon nodded his head yes. Walt's hand nymphets erotic
continued petting his head
like he was a dog.
"I haven't seen you here before Shannon. Is this your first time at
the glory holes?" Walt asked.
Shannon again nodded his head yes.
"Are you enjoying pics nymphet
having all these cocks to suck?"
Shannon nodded.
"Well, I have to tell you that as a new cocksucker, you're very good
at it."
Walt heard Shannon try to say what he thought was, thank you sir. It
was comical to Walt. A big boy like this trying to talk around the cock
that he was sucking on.
Walt couldn't hold back and his cock went off in Shannon's mouth,
flooding him with several squirts of thick milky cum, some of which poured
out of the corner of his lips and ran down his chin dripping onto the
floor. Walt moaned loudly as the boy lovingly held back his sucking on the
now sensitive meat in his mouth.
As Shannon carefully cleaned his cock, Walt talked to him.
"I don't know what your connection with Bob is Shannon, but the fact
you've been left here naked doesn't seem quite right to me. If he doesn't
treat you right or sometimes you want to do this again on your own, you
just come and see old Walt, OK. I'll let you in free and you won't have to
pay for any videos here in the booth. You can just sit in here and chill
out with all the cocks you want. You understand me?
Shannon nodded his head and thanked Walt for his kindness.
"Boy, you have another cock just came through the hole tiny russian nymphetts behind you."
Walt said. Shannon swiveled around on the stool and took the new cock in
his mouth
While Shannon sucked, Walt reached down and took the boy's hard cock
in his hand and slowly masturbated him. "You weren't very hard boy. I bet
you already jacked off, didn't you?" He smiled when Shannon nodded his
head. "You ate it too, didn't you Shannon?" Shannon again nodded.
Shannon serviced two more cocks while Walt stood beside him petting
his head and talking to him. " You're a very good cocksucking faggot
Shannon. For the rest of your life, you're going to remember this day as
one of the best days of your life. All these men are coming to you for your
lip service. By the time you leave here your stomach will have so much cum
in it that you won't even be hungry tonight. After you finish that cock,
I'm going to give you a drink to wash it all down and since you're here in
my video booth naked, you're going to drink it lovely nymphets password like a good little fag. I
don't want you to get dehydrated in this hot booth. littles nymphets nudes Trust me, It'll help
Shannon's cock had started filling up as he listened to Walt. This is
what Cockslave had been telling underage child nymphets
him about. Walt was going to piss in his
mouth and there was nothing he could do about it. The nymphets dark collection
thought of it, far
from being horrible, little anal nymphets had his head spinning with more excitement. His pulse
was racing as he felt more cum being pumped into his mouth.
Walt turned Shannon around and inserted his cock into the open mouth
of the young man. "I'll start out as slow as I can but make sure you have
your lips sealed around it good cause any piss you can't drink is nymphets art photography
going to
run down your chest onto the floor and stink the place up, not to mention
you having bare feet. I'm not going to give you a lot boy, just enough to
hydrate you.
Shannon waited for Walt to start. He was filled with lust as he
thought about being where he was and having all these men performing sexual
acts upon him and he was dark young nymphets wanting them to. Why was he allowing himself to be
used like a whore by strange men he wondered. Everyone's words came back to
him. Terry, Buddy, Cockslave, Bob and his friends. He had sucked one cock
and it had made him a cocksucker and then he followed his fate which made
him a faggot for life. It dawned on him that his mom's dreams of being a
grandmother to his baby would not be realized. If he was a faggot, he could
never get married to a girl.
A stream of urine interrupted his thoughts as it hit the back of his
throat nymphets beauty and made him choke. Walt had stopped after his first nymphet pageant
short spurt of
piss, allowing Shannon to recover. The pungent odor that he'd smelled so
often in the school restroom was now in his mouth and nose. Shannon cleared
his throat and apologized to Walt for choking.
"That's OK son." Walt said continuing his petting of the boy. "It's
your first time and I understand. Now that you know what it feels like, I
will be pissing a little harder and then stop for a second or two before
starting again. You're going to be a fine piss drinker Shannon. Cocksuckers
that can drink piss are very valuable and you're going to please a lot of
men with your special talent.
His cock was back in Shannon's mouth and Walt was giving him longer
spurts. Walt groaned as he found it difficult to hold back his full
bladder. Added to this was the fact that he was once again hard which made
pushing the piss through that much harder.
The choking had caused Shannon's eyes to water and it looked like he
was crying but far from that. Shannon was riding a high wave as he held the
fat cock in his mouth. The humiliation and being degraded in such a fashion
had stirred something in his libido that Shannon knew was now in control of
this moment and his entire life. He was now a piss drinking, cock sucking,
faggot and he was being rewarded with this wonderful feeling of lustful
pleasure. He looked up into the smiling face of Walt who was still doing
that constant petting of his head.
"My pretty cocksucker. Oh I have to talk to Bob. I want to see more of
you my little piss drinker. Walt crooned as he slowly pulled his cock out
of Shannon's mouth. When it came out, it made a popping sound and Walt
chuckled out loud. Bob withdrew his cock and wiped it across Shannon's
eyes, nose and cheeks. Reaching down, he picked up Shannon's cell phone and
dialed his own cell phone hanging on his belt. When his cell phone rang,
he ended the call. He now had a record of Shannon's phone number in his
cell phone.
Another cock came through the middle glory hole and Shannon dutifully
went to it as Walt examined the boy's cell phone. He looked at the name
Shannon Tuleman. He knew that name from somewhere, but from where? Laying
the phone back on the floor, he again patted the boys head and ran his
fingers through his hair. He was again making those wet smacking sounds
indicating he had fluids being injected into his mouth and he was fighting
his gag reflex.
Walt unlocked the door when Shannon finished sucking the withdrawing
cock. "Have fun Shannon. How many have you sucked today?" He asked
"I think 22" Shannon said. His head down looking at his cell phone.
Laughing, Walt said, "Keep it up. There's more coming. Lock the door
after I leave. I may come back to check on you later."
Locking the door, Shannon sat back down and watched his glory holes
for another cock. He picked up his phone off the floor and pushed the
buttons. He looked nymphetsnaked at his contact list. What would they think of him if
they could see him now and what he was doing. There was that familiar
feeling of shame but now something else too. It was a feeling that he
finally nymphet model japan
had faced the fact that now he was a cocksucker. Not just a
cocksucker, but a faggot and piss drinker. It was as they had been telling
him and he felt a calmness because there was now nothing he could do to
prevent it. Bob said his non nude nymphet model libido in his brain was now in control and making
him do these things and he would be unable to resist it's power. As
he was
watching the sexual
movie above showing xxx young nymphets several men bullying a younger man, his hand was
slowly playing with his own cock which was hard again. He saw himself as
the young man being bullied and it was making him excited. They were
calling him names like pussy boy, sissy and fag, forcing him to suck their
cocks. He saw himself doing the sucking.
A huge black cock came through the hole to his right. It was a
perfectly formed cock and he took it in his mouth and went to work
providing sexual pleasure for the unknown man.
Before he could bring the man to a climax, another cock came through
behind him. He heard a voice say Suck me faggot. Pulling off the black
cock but holding on to it with his
hand, He whispered thought the hole to wait just a minute and I'll suck
After finishing the black cock, He moved to the waiting cock. In just
a minute, the man shot his wad deep into Shannon's mouth. Shannon dutifully
licked the cock head clean of the sticky cum. He pulled his mouth off the
cock and waited for the man to remove it from the hole. The cock however
stayed right there.
Shannon was perplexed. Did he want him
to continue sucking his shrinking cock
Since there were no other cocks in the holes, Shannon again gathered
up the somewhat limp cock into his mouth and began massaging it with his
tongue. barely legal underage nymphet
Even soft cocks were a turn on for Shannon. He just loved the
smooth feel of a cock in his mouth. Suddenly a spurt of urine entered his
mouth. Being unprepared,
Shannon young pre nymphets choked and sputtered momentarily
as he expelled the cock from his mouth.
Noise from the center booth hole made him look and a nice long cock came
through the hole. Rolling his little stool, he engulfed it and began
pleasuring it. This cock was more than a mouthful and he was happy to suck
it for the unknown male on the other side of the wall.
Suddenly, he felt liquid being poured on his side. Looking quickly, He
saw the cock he'd just finished nymphets cp fucking
dripping some piss in his booth. The left
side of his body was wet with piss. Shannon was upset and slid over to the
cock, pushing it back through the hole. He leaned his mouth to the hole and
whispered. "Hey, I don't do that fella."
"Well, you better do it fag or I'm just going to fill up your little
booth with my piss. It's up to you boy. Here comes some more." the unknown
voice said.
Shannon just had enough time to seal his lips over the pulsing cock as
it began to spew its waste into his mouth. His feet were sliding around on
the wet filthy floor. He had no choice but to try to swallow as much as he
could to keep his booth from young nymphets nude 10 having a floor covered with urine. He couldn't
keep up with the
volume of piss, try as he did and it
began seeping out of his lips and nose as he
swallowed rapidly. The piss ran down his chin and chest as the cock
persisted in unrelenting pressure. underage russian nymphettes Slowly, the volume decreased and as it
pulsed out the last few spurts of piss, Shannon was able to catch his
breath and cough out some that had tried to enter his lungs.
Shannon turned to the cock in the center hole, but it wasn't there
now. Instead, he heard a laika cp nymphet
voice from the hole say, You ain't
sucking my 10 y.o. nymphets
cock with that filthy mouth
faggot. He heard the man unlock his booth and leave.
Immediately, Shannon was overcome with shame and guilt as he realized
that the man was right. He was no longer Shannon the best basketball player
in the state, but the filthiest piss drinking faggot in the state of
Kansas. His feet were wet with the piss that was on the floor. A cock came
through the hole where the cock that had pissed in him had been. He could
only sit there and
stare at it.
A knock on his booth door and a voice told him it nymphet bbs porn was Walt. Shannon
unlocked the door and Walt came in and handed him a mop. There's some
deodorizer on that mop, mop it up real quick Shannon. Hurry up, there's a
cock waiting for your mouth boy.
Murmuring a thank you, Shannon quickly mopped the urine up. Walt stood
the mop in the corner and pushed Shannon down on his stool and up to the
cock. Shannon automatically resumed sucking as Walt patted him on his
head. "One of the guys said that you needed a mop in your booth so I got
back here as soon as I
could." Walt whispered into his ear.
"You're doing a great teenage nymphets land job boy, Everybody here
likes you a lot. You're making a lot of friends here. I brought you a cold
Pepsi that I'll just sit down here on the floor. I don't figure you're
hungry at all." Walt said with a laugh. "Lock the door when I leave,"and he
opened the door and slipped out.
Shannon heard virgin teen nymphets
the owner of the cock groan loudly and push his cock as
far through the hole as possible. Several spurts of cum flooded his throat
and tongue. The thick milky fluid was so thick and kept on coming that it
started coming out his nose back on to the cock still pumping it into his
mouth. He somehow was
not gagging anymore and was able to
drink it all down and lick the cock clean and
also lick his lips clear of the remaining cum. He washed his throat nymphettes pic with
several gulps of Pepsi.
The rest of Shannon's time in his little cubicle of a cell was a
seemingly never ending show of bobbing cocks sticking through the three
glory holes all demanding to be serviced by his mouth. Shannon had no
conception of the time as he went from one hole to another, his jaw, tongue
and lips becoming very tired
from the sucking, licking and
swallowing .
Bob's arrival was welcomed by a grateful Shannon. As he dressed in his
clothes Bob had returned to him, Bob told him to keep sucking while he tied
his shoes. Finally, fully dressed nymphet girl panty
and no more cocks to suck, Bob led
Shannon out into the bright store, pausing to thank Walt for letting
Shannon practice his cock
Walt told him that he was great for nymphet ls models business and to bring him back
anytime and he wouldn't even charge a fee the next times. "Don't forget
what I told you boy!" Walt said to Shannon as they headed for the door.
"What did he mean, models nymphets angels
don't forget what I told you?" Bob asked.
"Oh he was just telling me to be the best cocksucker in Topeka."
Shannon lied. He didn't think Walt would want him to tell Bob that he was
invited back by himself anytime he wanted. At Bob's house, Shannon was told to take a hot shower and clean
himself up. In the shower, Shannon played the day over and over in his
head, thinking of all the different types of cocks he'd sucked. It occurred
to him that he'd not eaten all day but that he didn't feel hungry at
all. He couldn't be sure, but he thought he'd sucked over 35 cocks and then
there was that guy that
made him drink his piss and then nymphets models nonude Walt did too. But he wasn't mad at
Walt. He had just thought that he might be thirsty and was trying to help
him. He washed his hard cock and pumped it slowly. He was almost ready to
cum, but he decided he better amateur nymphet photos not yet. Bob was waiting for undreage nymphets
him to finish.
Bob was sitting on the couch and totally naked. Pointing to the floor,
Shannon knelt between his legs. Bob pulled him forward and his hard cock
slid into Shannon's mouth.
"Just hold it in your mouth and look at me Shannon. By now, you fully
realize that you're a faggot cocksucker. If your mother knew this, it would
break her heart. We will have to hide that fact from her. You will have to
trust me with your future. I've told Terry to keep his mouth shut about you
and not to
talk to you at school. You will now
need cock every day or you won't be able to
concentrate on school work or basketball."
"From now on, You will leave a half hour earlier for school every
day. Tell your mom it's to use the school library and to brush up on your
daily assignments. You will come here and suck my cock and masturbate. That
will get you through the day and practice. After practice, you'll come back
here for your nightly
cock and masturbation. Saturdays will
be reserved for some type of cocksucking.
You tell your mom you're goofing around with friends. Don't fuck up
Shannon. You don't want to lose her love for you or your basketball hopes.
I want you to consider me your daddy. As such, you will ask my permission
to do things and go places. When your mother tells you things, you will
call me and OK it with me. Nod your head and caress my cock with your
tongue if you understand and agree."
Shannon nodded and licked as he knew he must. He felt more control
over his life being transferred to Bob. He had started dating Sheila Blanda
off and on and had been able to get underneath her sweater. Already, she
had been a little put off because he hadn't had time to spend with her. Now
he was going to have
even less time. His friends were
wondering what he was up to because he stopped
hanging out with them. Life was becoming complicated because of his
sucking cock. The thought of cock brought him back to the wonderful feeling
of the fat cock in his mouth. He could only equate it with the comfort
feeling a baby feels with his thumb in his mouth. Shannon knew now that a
cock in his mouth was soothing the desires of his libido that Bob had told
him about. He knew that Bob was looking nymphets angels picture out for him by providing him his
cock twice a day and letting him masturbate in the morning and evening. The
thought that he would have cock every day was leotard nymphet vlad a relief.
Pushing Shannon back, Bob got up and pulling Shannon by his hair,
gently guided him to the dining room table. Pushing him over the table, he
picked up a condom and put it on. Taking a tube of KY Jelly, He lubed his
cock and Shannon's asshole.
"Please Bob, I don't want that legal nymphets done to me. I'm not that way Bob."
Shannon said, trying to get up.
"DON'T FUCK WITH ME BOY. Your daddy's going to fuck you. Bob said,
slamming Shannon's head down on the table.
Shannon started crying softly and trembling as he felt Bob's hard cock
pushing against his sphincter.
Bob's hot breath in his ear telling him to relax his asshole and it
won't hurt forced him to focus on what was going to happen. Shannon felt a
searing pain as his flesh was parted and penetrated by the large
cock. Slowly, he felt it moving in him further until he felt Bob's groin
flush against his ass and he knew
he was completely little nymphets photos fre impaled on his
"This is what completes you Shannon. Now you are truly a fag. Your ass
is now your pussy. You are a pussy boy. You'll always remember my cock in
your ass this first time. In time, you'll learn to appreciate the fact that
you now also have a pussy. Think of how you'll feel with a cock in your
mouth and another little nymphets child one
in your ass at the same time. This
is another step in becoming the faggot you
were destined to become. Now, as nymphets bbs cp I begin pulling out and pushing back in,
You try and relax your asshole so it will slide in and out smoothly without
tearing your tender insides out. That's a good boy. Oh yes, that feels so
good. I've wanted to fuck you since I first saw you and Terry
together. Your ass is so tight." Shannon was shaking from fear and shame. He was being used like a
girl. Everyone would know what he had done. A man was fucking him in the
ass and Shannon knew that he deserved to be fucked. It was right that thaimisc dreamwiz nymphet he
should offer his ass to men so they could fuck him. All his friends and
family too would be
horrified and ashamed of him. They would
not want to be his friends anymore. He saw now
that all those men in the adult bbs tgp nymphets
book store would want him for a
friend. They wanted him to be a faggot and suck their cocks. He could feel
Bob's cock slowly sliding in and out of his nymphets no nude ass. He could hear Bob
breathing hard and making nymphets little porn animalistic noises and then groan loudly as he
reached his climax. Bob was jerking sporadically now as his body shook with
pleasure. Bob collapsed over Shannon as he slowly came down from a monster
ejaculation. He lay on top of his personal cocksucker, a smile on his face
from ear to ear. This young man was his to fuck anytime he wanted to. Getting up, he pulled out of Shannon's ass. Carefully, he removed the
condom from his cock. Seeing there was a large amount of cum in it, he held
it over the table let the spunk run out onto the table top. He pulled
Shannon up and began pumping the boy's cock. "You did very well today Shannon. I'm going to give you a reward
now. My cum is on the table and when you're ready, I want you to shoot your
cum on the table too. You deserve a nice cum after what you've done
today. After you cum, I'm going to allow you to lick it all up and clean
the table with your tongue.
I'll sit here and watch
Shannon was embarrassed as he began masturbating with Bob watching
"You're becoming a fine faggot Shannon. If you sucked off 35
guys today, that's 35 new friends you made. Shit, you don't have that many
friends in high
school. Just looking at you now, I can see that you have cocksucking
lips. I'm surprised that the kids at school haven't recognized that in
you." Shannon groaned and shot his load across the table top. After 4 good
spurts, it came down to dribbles of white cum as he milked the last of it
onto the table.
"Good girl, now get up on the table and start licking it all up like a
good fag would do." Bob said with a satisfied smile. Bob watched as
Shannon's tongue lapped up the trail of cum. He had started with Bob's cum
from the condom first and then followed the uk nude nymphets
cum he'd shot across the
table. Shannon was now nymphet 6 yo
firmly entrenched as a cocksucker. He would make
sure the boy got his daily cock and cum. He had a few more surprised for
him in the weeks to come. "You're dripping some cum from your cock boy. Lick it up." Bob
said. When you're finished, get dressed and go home. Take nymphet nudes portals
tomorrow off, but
I'll see you before school Monday morning."To be continuedEmail the author: storydreamer2006yahoo.com
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