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Subject: Tuesday Morning: Chapter 1Hi, this is my first time writing one of these stories. Hope you like it,
feel free to e-mail me with comments!(callipitter_reflexyahoo.com)
Chapter 1:
"Tuesday morning" he said to himself, sitting up quickly like a vampire
rising from the grave. His mind jostled around fragments of conversations
reminding him of responsibilities not yet fulfilled, movies not seen, books
not read, but these were over shadowed vastly by his responsibilities. He
hadn't paid his share of the rent, hadn't taken out the trash, called his
boss back for God knows what reason, blah, blah, blah. A month past his
nineteenth birthday and Tom Ikle had more responsibility than most
thirty-year-olds."Fuck" he muttered under his breath, a verbal substitute sex for free nymphets for a sigh, and
got up scratching his head in the process, soft mousey brown crazynymphets com English hair
parted for his fingers. Outside, wafts of mist curled like frolicking
dolphins over a normally busy street, garbage cans in their usual places
still filled with trash and waiting like prisoners to be taken.He'd only glanced through the sliding glass door for a second before
letting the dark blue curtain fall back into place. He didn't know why he
looked out there every morning, seeing the same street with the same trash
bins. Consciously he'd say he didn't know why; maybe he just liked the way
his neighborhood looked before porn little nymphet
it was teeming with life. Subconsciously...he
was waiting. Hoping something unexpected would happen and change him
because he could not change himself.He nymphet sex clips slowly paced his way into the bathroom (snores from the adjacent room
told him his room mate was still asleep), tugging up his soft cotton pajama
pants which were loosely hanging off of his bottom, He scratched his chest;
it certainly extreme tracking nymphets galleries
was not flimsy. He had a moderate amount of muscles covering
his body, nothing too extreme (though there were signs of a six-pack
forming beneath his flat stomach) and sun bbs nymphets
the muscles that did stand out were
mostly covered in a thin film of hair which had always bugged him. He
leaned over the sink for a moment, sill waking up before tiredly looking to
the mirror to greet himself. He looked at his face for a moment, a clear
face, nicely shaped nose probably inherited by his English ancestors, a
very light gorgeous nymphets amount of stubble near his side burns (he normally only needed
to shave once a week), water-like blue eyes that were soft when the lights
were dim and vibrant when it was bright. He did have an attractive teen nymphet models top
only problem was japanese schoolgirls nymphets the only ones who saw it were his co-workers and room
mate, neither of which he was interested in dating.Tom just didn't have time for a social life. He found himself busy with
work and busy with bills; it seemed like the wrong description to apply to
him; Tom was the type that looked like he'd just finished his first year of
college, still young and full of energy. He was...but it was repressed once
he started work, deciding to little boy nymphets
dismiss college in favor nude bedroom nymphs
of a marketable job
in advertising. Not once was he able to go out with a "friend", the only
ones he had had moved on from high school leaving Tom in their ascension.He youth nymphets angels sighed and stood erect; pulling his pants down thoughtlessly, the fabric
pouring off of him like water which he'd soon be submerged in. He then
turned to his shower and walked in, closing the milky-white plastic behind
him.Tom was actually quite attractive and sizeable as well; cut and six inches
flaccid, he admired his cock for its symmetry, a thick nymphet tgp portal shaft that looked
appropriate for its size and a nicely shaped head that ended in a nubby
point, not at all like those mushroom heads he'd seen before and to which
he felt no attraction.He gulped, finding himself thinking of beautiful men as he turned the
faucet on, a hot stream of water hit him in the face causing an instant
relief of warm pleasure to pour over him. He really could get a date with
any guy he wanted if he'd try, but there was always work, there were always
bills, and there was always tomorrow. A sigh as he began to clear his mind
for the brief moment he had of relaxation, checking out for the moment to
become himself.Who was the real Tom Ikle? Tom couldn't describe the real him, he himself
was much too complex. The real Tom could only exist as he was in the
shower; familiar with his body, surrounded by warmth^×a creature of
pleasure.He grabbed a bottle of body wash and squirted it out onto his open palm,
setting the bottle back down to massage his chest in suds. He turned from
the water to wash himself, the water poured on his back and bottom as if
rubbing him into submission, telling him to relax and go with his
instincts.That was his major flaw; Tom could not go with his instincts. He was living
a life that was given to him, underneath was someone else, not Tom Ikle,
some real littlevirgins nymphets tgp creature that wanted to get out- needed to, but nymphet photgraphy could not.His hand nymphets promo
trailed down his stomach habitually, sliding over the slowly
growing length dangling between his legs. Images flashed through his mind;
he was doing what he wanted, being the real person beneath his façade.In his fantasy he lay on a large mauve cushion, large sticks of incense
were stuck around the room issuing smoke in different colors and with
different smells but they all had a familiar spiciness to them. His skin
was lighter than usual though it had a shade of pink under it that boasted
of his healthiness and from the neck down not a strand of hair of even the
shortest length could be found.The air was warm but not hot, for two large leafs were moving back and
forth close to windows draped with vibrantly covered cloths, and as Tom
looked in on his fantasy he saw that he was in a Moroccan looking room that
looked far too fantastic to be constructed in his time. The fantasy-Tom
sighed and stretched like an Egyptian cat accustomed to royalty; a single
silver circlet shifted on his ankle and seemed to be his only article of
clothing.Suddenly the sound of feet moving closer to the room could be heard but
only by the best nymphet models
real Tom. The fantasy-Tom was still asleep, beautiful as ever,
picturesque even and did not wake when a figure appeared in the door nymphetes pic
way of
the room."Mm." said the figure, a muscular man with light brown skin. His face was
middle-eastern but seemed to have a touch of Europe in it and was quite
beautiful, eyes the same color as his skin.He almost could pass for a Disney character in an nymphettes incest
Aladdin movie were it not
that his clothing looked appropriate. On him was an open beige vest that
gave a glimpse at his muscles which looked to be formed naturally through
hard 12y nymphet
work in the desert. Around his waist was a white strand of cloth that
capped pants the color of sand and below those he wore nothing, having
removed his sandals once entering his home, for it was his home to be
certain.The real Tom licked his lips as he imaged his master, and thought up a name
for him `Hassan' something seemed to whisper to him but he could not place
the memory that conveyed the name but he decided to use it anyway.Lord Hassan grinned as he saw his newest slave curled up on nymphet fetish a comfortable
cushion and proceeded to remove his vest slowly. Lord Hassan was not in a
hurry; he never was. He earned all he had and paid for what he wanted. He
owed no one...but many owed him.He dismissed his slave for the moment and barby nymphets walked over to a tub built of
sturdy bricks the inside of which was filled with cold, nymphets studios top clear water that
laid still.Lord Hassan feared no one.He was honest and loyal to nymphet porn models
his allies and a fierce and accurate foe to his
enemies which, presently, he did not have. He was a hunter, accurate and
stealthy; if he wanted someone killed he did it himself and always
succeeded. Above all, however, he was a brave man and a man of reason who
gave what he did not want or need, and he presently needed and wanted his
slave.The real Tom whimpered slightly as he continued to fantasize, hoping to
sustain this fantasy as long as possible.The fantasy-Tom smirked like a happy kitten, peeping an eye out at his
Master, asian nymphets models purring to nude nymphets models himself as he watched him undress and step, unhesitant,
into the water. Lord Hassan, whose face was turned from his russian nymphets nudes slave, grinned
as well as he knew his slave's eyes were on him, watching the hard,
accurate muscles slip into water,"My slave, you are awake." Lord Hassan pointed out, turning to the smirking
Tom."Yes, Master..." He arose, still naughty little nymphetts cat-like, and bowed to his master whose
eyes poured over Tom's form as if he were a work of art, a rare pale beauty
before him that belonged solely to him. It was true that Lord Hassan could,
if he wanted, take what he want but all who knew him (and all did) knew
that he believed flat chested nymphet only in earning rightfully what one wishes to possess."Sit" he gestured, a command that was spoken as if offering, but Tom
understood and gladly obeyed.
"I will come to you instead." Lord Hassan's eyes flickered with deviance as
he finished scrubbing his now clean skin and climbed out of the tub, his
nude front facing, unashamedly, his slave who's eyes bulged as they had so
many times before.The real Tom whimpered as a thick, limp, eight inch cock formed in his
mind, a work nymphet cartoons of art that was shaded a light dusty brown color and looked wild underage nymphets
be the most delicious thing to both the real Tom and horny nymphets
the fantasy one."Master..." he gasped softly.Lord Hassan grabbed an arrant cloth and began to dry himself as he
approached his slave,"On little nymphets nudepics your stomach, slave" he commanded, his voice slightly quivering with
lust. As Lord Hassan tossed the cloth aside Tom rolled over like a cat in
heat and slightly parted his legs, had he a tail it would have flicked
around in anticipation.The real Tom stroked faster, sitting down in his shower, subconsciously
rubbing his ass against the tiled floor.Lord Hassan slid his growing length in-between the gap between his slave's
leg and package. He leaned forward and pressed his chest against his
slave's back; it was warm and comforting and caused Tom to shiver hotly,
moving his head back to expose his neck to his Master."You learn quickly, slave" Lord Hassan said and slid his pink tongue along
his slave's jaw line, moving his right hand under to rub the stretched,
pale stomach below him. Tom pushed his bottom back against his Master who
was, save for a cropped free nymphet ls
square of hair in the front, as hairless as
himself. Tom purred out and further exposed his neck to his Master who
suddenly moved nymphet sex down and off of him. He whimpered softly but accepted his
Master's wishes and waited for his next move which underage teenie nymph he discovered quite
delightfully as a warm tongue pressed itself against his pink pucker.He gasped silently, biting softly down on his lip, the real Tom was getting
close now as his thumb and index finger massaged his cock tip causing it russian mafia nymphets to
ooze out pre-cum which was quickly washed away by the hot water.Lord Hassan ran the flat of his tongue around his slave's bulging rose bud,
slipping in now and then to loosen his hole, causing Tom to moan aloud."As sweet as a strawberry..." Lord Hassan cooed out on pulling his lapping
tongue away, "Your tongue is as skilled as ever, Master" Tom shivered out,
digging his fingers into the fabric below him as his slightly opened bud
pulsed wantonly."The pleasure is mine, slave" Lord Hassan's hand moved down from Tom's
belly and onto his erect and wet-tipped cock which he stroked teasingly,
"Ohh...Master...you are far from the truth" He managed to croak out.This pleased Lord Hassan to hear.Tom stroked faster, wanting his imaginary Master badly.Lord Hassan decided to take what was his and moved his hips backward,
sliding his thick cock into Tom in one fluidic move."Ah!-" his cry was just barely cut off before it started, a hot pair of
balls lightly touched his own as his passage way became occupied. He wanted
to beg nymphet little his Master, cry out to him to take his slave as he must but instead
he bucked back and arched his back, milking the cock lodged within him with
his experienced anal muscles.Lord Hassan knew he had a treasure, he knew that many would kill to own
such an expert slave and this is why, above all else, he coveted his one
and only slave. The moment he had tried him out at the Bazaar he knew all
others in his harem were obsolete, all sweet naked nymphets of them inept and worthless. Tom was
the perfect, the type of pleasure slave that was known, at least
colloquially, as a "jewel".Lord Hassan slowly, yet aggressively, pounded his slave's ass causing Tom
to gasp with each thrust. The real little angels nude nymphets Tom knew he could not produce this
fantasy much longer (though it did seem to come naturally to him, as if
he'd seen a movie or read a book in which he saw these images) and
continued to imagine his nymphettes photo nu "Master" fucking his ass.Lord Hassan chewed on his slave's neck, already his tight hole was bringing
him close to climax, "So young...and all ready a jewel..." he groaned out.Tom was not that old to be a jewel, in fact, but Lord Hassan knew he was
not raised a pleasure slave as most jewels were. Tom could barely
comprehend his Master who was now fucking hard and fast, giving his slave
his nymphet mazok bbs
all. Both Toms whimpered, the fantasy-Tom was dizzy with pleasure, his
hole now wide and dripping with precum he knew both his Master and himself
were close to climax.Lord Hassan slammed in hard one last time, gripping his slave close to him
as he sent wave after wave of semen into Tom who greedily sucked it up, the
feeling of hot cum against his prostate glad sent him over the edge. He
proceeded to stain the sheets with his own hot jizz but neither his Master
nor he cared. The real Tom's fantasy started to fade as young illegal nymphets his cock spit out
the last strand of cum which swam down a small grill in the shower floor.He panted softly and let his hand cute nymphets porn drop to the ground, "God" he thought,
"Where did that come from?"He'd never imagined something like that so vividly before.Suddenly there was diaper nymphets
a large boom that came from the direction of his room
and sounded as if someone had detonated a small bomb near the wall with the
glass door set into it, for there was the underage nymphets fucked
unmistakable sound of broken
glass.He shot up instantly, his cock becoming flaccid elit nymphet free pics
once more, and threw open
the shower door, grabbing a towel and wrapping it around his waist before
running out the bathroom door. free bbs nymphets In his room (or what was left of it) were
the remains of a wall and a glass door, glass and wet-wall everywhere. His
bed was turned over, ripped almost completely in half, the shelves next to
it were now nonexistent and the things they held were either in pieces or
gone completely.Tom took all this in in an instant and glanced at what seemed to be the
direction of the noise. In its place he found a large sheet of what looked
to be pure darkness, as if the absence of light had gathered into a sheet
and solidified...but what surprised Tom the most were two figures standing
in front of the `sheet of darkness': a short man in a long coat which
looked to be made solely mexican nymphet out of used bandages and a taller woman who looked
as if she'd been fused with a tree.Tom was too shocked to say anything and simply gaped at the two who had yet
to notice a wet man wearing only a towel. The short man was the first to
talk."Shit." He said.~~~~~Far away and yet in the same area as the Earth a man nymphets pic russian
awoke in a
desert. This desert was unlike any on Earth and yet similar in looks. The
man owned the very large castle in which he was now residing. He was both
very powerful and very kind, very aggressive and very gentle, very brave
and very just. He awoke alone, in shock, his stomach covered in semen. He
had such a vivid dream, he could recall, though the dream itself he could
not.Lord Hassan was a wise man and knew...this was an omen...

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