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Subject: TS (Tycho Sebastian) Part 2Authors note:Thank erotic 12 yo nymphet you to all those who sent emails. I think I replied to all, but any I
missed, accept my apologies. In part 1, Tycho and Steven had agreed to
spend a weekend at Steven's house. Part 2 is the story of their first night
together, and their feelings towards each other. Keep the emails coming,
and I'll decide whether to post part 3.
Chapter 2
The following day at school, TS and Steven saw each other several
times, but the only time they talked was when Steven asked him what his
folks had said about the weekend. TS had smiled and told him it was in the
affirmative, he was allowed to stay as long as he behaved himself. He joked
that it was the end of their plans though, because his folks said he had to
behave. They just smiled their acknowledgements when they saw each other
after that, there was no way either was going to risk rumours flying
around. And wasn't school the place for rumours? Friday, they talked once again, but it was only Steven, telling TS
to be at his place at 5pm; he was going to cook them a meal, and he
wouldn't take no for an answer. TS just smiled his reply and went to his
classes. The rest of the day was sheer agony for TS, and he couldn't wait
for the last afternoon bell signifying the end of the week. He rushed the
usual twenty minute walk home, placing his bag neatly in his room, making
sure the house was secure, packing what he thought he needed in a small
overnight bag, then flopping into one of the lounge chairs awaiting his
departure. It was only a ten minute walk to Steven's house. He arrived on the dot of 5pm, Steven opening the door and inviting
him in; showing him into the lounge where there was a huge bean bag set
right in the middle of the room. TS looked at the bag. "That's huge Steve," he said. "That's the idea," Steven replied, "it's big enough for both of us
while we watch a DVD or nymphet bbs galleries something on TV." TS smiled. "That sounds rather cool." At five thirty, Steven presented his meal, t-bone steaks with
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sauce, roasted potatoes, peas and carrots, and when it was
finished TS realised Steven was an excellent cook. He helped with the
washing up, and when the kitchen was tidy again, both made their way to the
lounge once again. Steven closed the curtains and asked TS if he'd like to
choose a DVD from the extensive collection on the wall unit. It took TS
fifteen minutes to choose, and he picked the DVD which had always
fascinated him, "The Lion King." Steven set it in the DVD player, switched
on the TV, and turned the lights down to a low setting before flopping
himself in the bean bag, his legs apart. He patted the space between his
legs, TS taking the hint immediately. He sat between Steven's legs, feeling
his arms encircle him as he leaned back against him. This was heaven, this
was they way he had imagined things nymphet rompl should be. They stayed exactly like
that, hardly moving until the movie ended. "Enjoy that?" Steven asked softly. "It's my favourite," TS said. "Dunno why, but I love that movie." "Me too," Steven said, "always have. Anything else you want to
watch?" TS was so relaxed in Steven's arms, it felt almost
unbelievable. "Just a bit of telly I s'pose," he said, "it's getting a bit
late for another movie. Can you tell me where the little house is? I'm
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right now" Steven explained where it was, just down the passage on the right
next to the bathroom. TS made his way there to relieve his
discomfort. While he was gone, Steven calmly removed his clothing and sat
back in the bean bag awaiting TS's return. He flicked the channel to
something reasonably interesting nymphette pussies
on the TV as he heard TS enter the lounge. "Orgh shit man...!" TS exclaimed as he saw Steven, "why didn't I
think of that? Do you want me to...?" Steven smiled. "Of course I do, what did you think?" "Yeah, I didn't I guess," TS said.
He removed his own clothing and joined Steven in the bean bag
again, feeling the warm, naked arms encircle him once again. If he'd
thought the previous time was heavenly, this was nothing short of totally
sensual, their naked forms together, skin to skin, giving him sensations
he'd never experienced before. Every now and then, Steven would kiss the
top of his head, and TS wondered what it would be like if he kissed his
lips, those full, red lips against bbs picture nymphet his.
"This is legal nymphets free so good Steve, being together like this. I feel I could
stay here on this bean bag for the rest of the weekend." Steven thought it wonderful himself, but he knew a place they would
be more comfortable together. He'd placed his and the spare bed together
in his room, using the spare double sheets from the closet, and the spare
double bed electric blanket. He'd effectively made a double 14 year old nymphets bed and turned
the blanket onto 2 so as it would be nice and warm for them. "There is a
place we could be far more comfortable TS." TS could only guess where that might be. "It's a bit early Steve." Never too early," Steven said softly. He looked hot nymphet pic at his watch,
surprised at the time. "It's quarter to ten TS, and we've got the whole
weekend to go." "Just a few more minutes like this," TS said. "OK, I'm not going to push," Steven said. "There is that thing you
were going to tell me though, as long as I was a really good boy,
remember?" TS smiled. "Yeah, I remember." "I think I've been a really good boy," Steven said. "You want to
let me in on your other secret?" "You're gonna kick me out the door if I do," TS replied. "That'd never happen TS," Steven said, "I think far too much of you
for that." TS was silent for some moments. "OK, TS, it tiny nymphet tgp
stands for... argh
shit, here we go, it stands for Tycho Sebastian." Steven was quiet for some moments. "I agree with you on the second
name, but I love your first. That's a real cool name." "It's a shit name," TS said, "who ever heard of anyone called
Tycho? It sounds like psycho." Steven grinned at the response. "I have. Are any of your family
tied up in scientific stuff?" "My grandfather on Mum's side was a professor at Uni," TS
explained. "He was into... I forget... something to do with the planets I
think." "That's it then," Steven said, "that's where you got your name." TS was now totally confused. "What are you talking about?" "Tycho Brahe was a very famous Danish astronomer back in the
sixteenth century," Steven explained. "For his time, he was very accurate,
even by today's standards. Don't hate that name TS, it still means a lot
to a good many people." "It does?" TS queried. "It does," Steven affirmed. "Would you let me use it, just between
you and me? It's a name that means a lot tiny russian nymphets to me, I've done a lot of research
into that guy." TS was quiet for some time. "I never knew that," he said
finally. "It explains where the name comes from though." "May I call you Tycho?" Steven asked. Tycho was quiet for several moments. "Say it again..." "Tycho," Steven said softly. "Yeah, you can," TS said, "it sounds cool coming from you. Don't
you let on at school though, or I'll turn feral. You know what I mean, you
pulled me off Draper, remember?" Steven remembered. He'd seen Tycho sort out the year ten school
bully about six months ago, a guy a lot bigger than himself. "I promise,"
he said. nymphets facial
"Now, how about that move, there may be a surprise awaiting you in
my room." "I love surprises," Tycho said, standing from the bean bag and
facing Steven. petite young nymphets "Just stay right there where you are Tycho," Steven said. He ran
his eyes from the top bbs magazine nymphet
of the boy's head to cute nymphets pics the tips of his toes, finally
resting them on his legs. "I was right Tycho, you are beautiful, better
than beautiful." He stood and placed an arm around Tycho's
shoulders. "Let's go and see my surprise." They walked together down the passage and entered Steven's
room. Steven flicked on the lights. "Orgh man..." Tycho said as he saw the bed, "that's so cool
Steve. How did you do that?" "Just put them both together," Steven explained. "Won't there be a hard gap down the middle?" Tycho enquired. "Shouldn't be," Steve replied, "I covered teens nymphet nude them with one of those
real thick fleecy overlays, nymphets photos naked I reckon it'll be virgin nymphets tgp
real comfortable." Tycho patted the bed. "It certainly feels that way." "Want me to leave the lights on and turned down?" Steven asked, "or
would you prefer them out?" "Turn 'em off Steve," Tycho replied. Steven flicked off young nymphets org
the lights as Tycho made his way around the bed,
pulling back the covers and slipping between the warm sheets. "Warm too," Tycho said, "you've thought of everything Steve." "I've thought of nothing but you the whole week," Steven
admitted. "It's been agony not being able to talk to you at school." He
reached out and touched Tycho's shoulder. "This is good Tycho, come over
here and snuggle." Tycho slid over to Steven, feeling his arms encircle him once
again, but this time they were face to face. He placed his arms around
Steven russian nymphets sex movies
as their legs entwined for the first time. He felt Steven kiss his
forehead, then the tip of his nose before feeling the full lips brush
against his. There was no hesitation from Tycho, he responded quickly,
willingly placing his lips against Stevens, feeling the older boy's arms
tighten around him. He felt Steven's lips part slightly, his soft tongue
against his own lips, almost begging for access. He did the same, littel hot nymphets
and as
their tongues gently touched, he felt something else, lower in the bed,
pressing against his thigh. He lifted his thigh and felt the seven point
five slip between his legs, before realising he was rampantly erect
himself. The long kiss continued, nymphets net becoming more bold, more daring as the
two inexperienced guys discovered ways of improvement. Several times
Steven pushed his groin gently into Tycho's, feeling the seven point five
slip against the incredibly smooth, hairless skin between Tycho's
legs. They were totally relaxed and as one, both feeling this was meant to
be. As the kiss continued, Steven gradually got himself further over
Tycho, until with a final, purposeful move, he asians nymphets was on top of the boy, their
lips still together, Steven's legs either side of Tycho's, his rampant
penis still between the boy's nymphets art gallery thighs. He had one arm behind Tycho's neck,
and Tycho had both his arms around his shoulders. Steven raised his hips,
then thrust, feeling Tycho adjust his thighs until they were closed around
the seven point five, not tightly, but just right. He continued slowly, the
skin to skin contact driving him to distraction until, not too far into the
future, the inevitable happened. Steven drove deeply between the silky
thighs as his climax exploded with a force he didn't believe, pump after
pump flooding the silky crevice. Tycho removed his arms from Steven's
shoulders and turned his head sideways from the kiss. "Argh man... you pubescent nymphet 14 spoofed... that felt totally wild." "Sorry Tycho," Steven apologised, "I should have warned you." "No need," Tycho replied, "it's something that happens I
guess. That whole nymphetes top session felt totally wild Steve, I never thought anything
could feel so good. The kissing was unreal, but when you got fully over me
and started humping, something inside me snapped and I wanted to to pretten nymphetes stay
under you all night. We've both waited too long Steve, this should've
happened months ago." "Yeah, it should," Steven said, "but neither of us knew back
then. All we knew was we wanted something to happen, but thought it never
would. At least, I did." "Me too," Tycho said, "but I'm so wrapped we finally met the other
day," he grinned, "even nymphet cock suckers
though it was through a real hard whack on my
head." Steven's fingers went to Tycho's forehead, finding the spot
immediately. "Jeez, it's still there. I never thought to ask you if it was
feeling better." "It's still sore," Tycho explained, "but nothing like it was the
next day." Steven rolled sideways off Tycho and pulled him against him,
wrapping him once again in his arms. "Just let Stevie cuddle you better,"
he said. "Don't forget I'm all spoofy Steve," Tycho said, "and there's a
real wet spot where we were." "Don't care," Steve said. "As long as we're together, I really
don't care." "What about the sheets?" Tycho queried, "they'll be stained." "That's why washing machines were invented," Steven said jokingly,
"to get cum stains out of sheets." Tycho snuggled against him. "You're funny." Steven's arms tightened. "Yeah, and adorable. Anyway, there'll be
more there by the morning, and it'll be yours." Tycho's thoughts imagined him over Steven, humping as he had, and
he snuggled tighter against the older boy. nymphet temptations "How far do you reckon this'll
go Steve?" he asked, "you and me I mean. Do you think it'll go the whole
way, if you know what I mean?" "I know what you mean Tycho," Steven replied. "It's up to us
really, if we find we want that somewhere down the angel nymphet photo track, it'll happen, but
if not... Right now, I'm happy with what we've got, and I'm hoping you are
as well." "You don't have to hope," Tycho said. "After all those months,
something's nymphets models portal
finally happened that I wanted, and even though it took an
unconcious me to make it happen..." he snuggled tighter into Steven, "I
couldn't be happier than I am right 3d nymphets archive
now." The feeling of this boy snuggled tight against him, was almost too
much for Steven. He'd wanted, wished and prayed for this for twelve long
months, and now it had happened, all over Tycho's mishap on the
field. Tycho felt something pressing into his thigh once again. "Jeez you're horny," Tycho said. Steven ran a hand down inside the bed clothes to Tycho's
groin. "You can talk," he said, "you're as hard as a chocolate frog." Tycho laughed out loud, ls nymphet bbs he'd never heard that expression
before. "Yeah, but you just spoofed, you're s'posed to wait a while before
it comes up again." "Nature doesn't think so," Steve said with a smile. "Talking about chocolate frogs," Tycho said, "I wonder if..."
He scooted down the bed clothes before Steven could stop him,
taking about three inches bbs russian nymphets
of the seven point five into his mouth. Steven
collapsed back on his pillows, never had anything felt this intense. A few
minutes later, Tycho emerged from the bed. "Nah, doesn't taste like a chocolate frog," he said. "Tastes good
though." "Jeez man," Steven said, "that was out of this world, but warn me
next time will you. Where'd you learn to do that anyway?" "Just dirty schoolboy talk I s'pose," Tycho replied. naked nymphets underage "I heard about
it so I thought I'd give it a try. Was it real good?" "You're just about to find out," Steven said, plunging beneath the
bed little nymphets top100 clothes and taking most of Tycho in his mouth. Tycho stiffened instantly and his eyes opened wide. "Argh
jeez... Steve...!" He didn't get time to say anything more. The intensity
of what had happened to him throughout the evening and free child nymphet the incredible
sensation of Steven's mouth around his penis, had him on the brink in
seconds, and he blasted his offering into Steven's throat before he could
make another sound. Tycho was horrified, this was the last thing he wanted
to happen. Steven swallowed what he could, but he hadn't expected this
much fourteen year old nymphets cum from a fourteen year the nymphets montreal old, and a lot ran out of the corners of his
mouth. Finally, Tycho's penis stopped bucking, and Steven ran his lips up
it's entire length, closing them over the tip to get the last drip. He
emerged from the bed clothes. Tycho was still horrified. "I'm so sorry Steve, I didn't mean
to..." Steven cut him off. "That's enough of the apology Tycho. Like you
said earlier, it's something that happens, and anyway, both it and you
tasted real good." A thought hit Tycho. How could Steven talk with ls mag nymphet a mouth full
of... "Orgh shit Steve, did you swallow it?" "Most of it I think," Steven replied, "but some escaped into your
pubes. Jeez Tycho, you can certainly cum, it was like a firehose down
there." Tycho laughed again. "I really didn't mean to go in your mouth
though. Um... what's it... what's it taste like?" "You know I'd be lying if I said chicken," Steven replied. "I don't
know, it hasn't got any real taste, so I'd have to say it tastes
like... like cum I guess." "You idiot," Tycho said, ruffling Steven's hair. "I love your sense
of humour man." Steven was quiet for some moments. "You love my sense of humour,"
he said softly, "but..." He placed an arm around Tycho's shoulder and held
him tightly. "But I love something teen bbs nymphets else, I love you Tycho." That was unexpected. Tycho nestled into Steven's shoulder. "You
do?" he queried. "Yeah, I do," Steven replied, his voice soft and incredibly
sincere. "It started a long time ago Tycho, and it's been building since
then. This evening has finally put a cap on it." "I don't know..." Tycho started. "That's OK man," Steven said. "You're only fourteen, and at your
age feelings are mixed. It's difficult to analyse love at fourteen." Tycho was quiet for quite some time. "No it's not Steve. I love my
folks, and I know the feelings I have for their love. I love my cat,
Wonker, but that's a different sort of love. There're all sorts of things I
love Steve, but they're all at different levels if you get what I mean. I
know I feel love for another person though, with the same sort of love I
feel towards my parents, and that's you Steve. I love my folks because
they're my folks, but I love you because you're you, and for no other
reason." It was now Steven's turn for quiet, turning what Tycho had said
over and over. "When did you realise?" he queried. "When I woke up on the field and saw the most beautiful bent knee."
Tycho explained. "When I nymphet underage incest
followed it up to the thigh, then up the torso to
your face, I realised then nymphet child sites Steve." "We hadn't really met then," Steven photo models nymphets nue said. "The only time I'd really
had anything to do with you before your accident, was when I pulled you tiny nymphet galleries off
Draper." "That's when it started Steve," Tycho said. "If you remember, we
locked eyes then, and I saw something in yours, but I didn't get the
significance. I realise that now, but all russian nymphet teen I wanted to do back then was
cream Draper." "Made a pretty good job of it too by all accounts," Steven
said. "You never got into trouble, I saw to that, but he certainly did. He
got himself suspended for a fortnight." "You saw to that?" Tycho queried. "Yeah," Steven replied, "it was only fair. He started it as he
usually does, and you finished it. I've got to say one thing though Tycho,
I've never seen anyone fight like you did that day. You were about five six
back then, you're not a whole lot more now, but he was a six footer, and a
big six footer at that. You went at him like a thrashing machine, and you
were right, you did cream him." "He was giving my best mate Toddles a bad time," Tycho explained,
"he'd king hit him from behind, and I just saw red." "That little episode earned you a lot of respect Tycho," Steven
said, "both from the students and the teachers. Little guys usually back
down from those sorts of encounter, but not you, you went in there like an
angry terrier." Tycho grinned. "Only fight I've ever had too. Just as well no-one
knew my name back then, or I'd have been black nymphet free pics called Tycho the psycho." Steven laughed. "Word spreads quickly Tycho," Steven explained,
"especially at school. Anyway, we've both got what we wanted to say off our
chests, we've satisfied each other sexually, so what's next?" Tycho grabbed Steven's wrist and looked at his watch. "Sleep's
next," he said, "it's almost one o'clock." Steve looked at his watch,. "Jeez, it is too. Just one more thing
Tycho, you call your cat Wonker?" Tycho grinned. "Yeah, I was going to call him Wanker, but Mum put
her foot down, she thought it was too rude, so I had to use another vowel." Steven laughed nymphets toplist tgp again. He got further down the bed under the covers
and turned his back to Tycho. "Spoon against me Tycho." Tycho did, wrapping an arm under Steven's, and around his nymphets nudes underage
and placing his groin against his butt. It felt so good, it felt so right
to be with this guy who was so caring and honest, and, who had told him he
loved him. "If you wake in the night, hard and horny," Steven said sleepily,
"just help yourself. You know where to put it." "Yeah, I know," Tycho said, just before sleep overtook him.That's the end of part 2. Keep the emails coming, they'll encourage me to
post part 3.
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