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From: Dexter Alderman
Subject: Truth Is Hard chapter 2 nymphet incest dark Standing up so I could get my head above water, I realized Jack had
thrown me in the pool.
"Hey! What did you do that for?" I shouted.
"Why?" Jack laughed as he took his shirt off. "Because I didn't want
you passing out before I got some of that little ass of yours."
Smiling, I watched as Jack got undressed and jumped into the pool with
me. Swimming up to me, he took my penis into his mouth for a few seconds
before resurfacing. Picking me up in his arms, he asked, "I hope that's okay
with you."
Laying my head on his shoulder, I could feel the top of his penis
against the opening of my bottom as nymphet prety I said "yes."Chapter 2 Closing my eyes, I waited as Jack caressed my back. His hands were
fondling each cheek and pulling them apart so the top of his penis could
slide in. I shivered as I felt just the tip enter. He blew lightly on my
neck until I completely relaxed. I started to pump my little
two-and-a-half-inch circumcised penis into Jack's stomach. My young lust for
him was starting to completely take me over until I finally couldn't take it
any nude porn nymphets
longer. I wanted him, needed him, inside me, now. Picking my head up, I
looked Jack in the eyes. free nymphet pussy Taking over, I tried forcing myself down on his
"No, not yet my love, Jack said with very caring eyes as he stopped me.
If my lustful feelings weren't in the way, I would have been on high heaven
from him calling me his love.
"But why? I thought you wanted little nymphets photos fre to," I said, feeling frustrated and bit
"Yes, I do, but I don't want to hurt you either."
Carrying me out of the pool, Jack took me to our gym room. Pulling out
a mat, he lay me down on it. Kissing me lightly on the lips, he said he'd be
right back. Jack ran out of the room to return in just over a minute
carrying what looked like a big can in his hand.
"What's that?' I asked.
"Cooking grease," Jack replied. "It was the closest thing I could
"What do you need that for?" I asked.
"You'll see."
Kneeling down between my legs, Jack put the can down beside me. As he
pulled the top off, I could see it was full of this white paste-like stuff.
Grabbing behind my knees, he raised my legs back and told me to hold them
there. I did as he asked and watched as he put his hand into the can and
then to my bottom. I felt him enter me, first one finger, then two, then
three. The third finger caused some pain, but it was over quite quickly. My
penis, which had gone soft, had became hard again somewhere between the
first and second finger. After a while, he took his finger out and told me
to put my legs back down. Climbing onto me, he kissed me deeply. My hands
roamed around his chest feeling the beauty of his well-formed muscles. Our
cocks made contact as he slid up my body to kneel on each side of my face.
Looking into his eyes, I opened my mouth as the tip of his penis touched my
lips. My mouth stretched wide as Jack slowly pushed. After getting nymphets russian incest
about one third of him in my mouth, I started to gag. Jack isn't a monster,
but his circumcised cock is about seven inches long and two-and
a-half-inches wide when he's hard. When I stated to gag, Jack stopped but
didn't pull out. With his weight on top of me, I couldn't move, and bbs little nude nymphets with his
cock triggering my gag reflex, I couldn't breath either. I began to panic.
Wriggling violently below him, livedoor futaba nymphet I felt Jack pull out a little. Looking me in
the eye, he told me to try breathing through my nose and swallow.
"Dexter, put your hands on my hips, and when you feel I've gone far
enough, tap my side, okay?" he said.
Nodding my head, we tried again. This time I was able to get at least
half of him in my mouth before I started tapping him. Shaking, Jack pulled
back a little before starting a slow rhythm. I did my best as he tried to go
deeper and deeper. After a few minutes my my18 nymphets
mouth was getting sore, so I
tapped him again.
Climbing off of me, Jack told me to turn over, which I nymphet 101 did. Lining up
his cock with my bottom, nymphets toplist tgp he pushed in slowly. I felt the head start to enter
and felt the great feeling as my bottom started to open. But as Jack
continued to push and my anus was forced wider and wider, the feeling
quickly changed. When I started to cry under him, Jack stopped nymphet naked 14 and brought
his face down to my ears.
"If it's too much for you we can stop." he said.
Shaking my head, I told him no.
"But I might," he started to say, but I interrupted him.
"No, Jack. I want this, I really do," I said as much with my eyes as I
did with words.
Looking at me with concern, he replied, "Okay, if this is what you
really want, then I'm going to do it fast so it won't hurt you as long."
Jack didn't give me time to understand what he said. He gave me one
hard quick push only stopping when his balls slammed nymphets young modellist into my bottom.
I screamed as the pain shot through my body. Jack brought his face back
down to mine to comfort me. Rubbing the tears from my face, he said caring
words as image boards nymphets
I slowly got used to his cock fully inside of me. After a few
minutes of Jack blowing in my ear, he started to pull out again. I did
everything I could to not make a sound. It didn't hurt, but little nymphets freee
it was now
uncomfortable. india sex nymphets As he moved slowly in and out of me deeply, I started free child nymphet to come
around. The feeling changed from one of fullness to one of pleasure. Once he
heard me starting to moan, he decided it was his cue to give me what he had.
The more he pounded me deeper and harder, the more I moaned in pleasure.
When my body shook from my orgasm, Jack moaned loudly as he took off like a
jack hammer.
"I'm coming!" he yelled as he shot deep inside of me. nn nymphet pics I could feel the
liquid as he slammed into me trying to pack me like nymphet girls pics a cannon. When his
orgasm stopped, he slowed down but didn't stop. Slowly siding in and out of
me, yung nymphets he asked me if I was all right.
"Yes," was all I could say as I moaned from the many pleasures Jack had
given me and was still giving me. When Jack finally pulled out of me, I felt
like something inside was missing. Grabbing my side, he rolled me over to
lift my legs and pinned them against my chest again.
"Put your arms around the back of your knees and thai nymphets hold them there," Jack
said as he placed his cock once again at the entrance of my hole. Entering
me, he looked deeply into my eyes watching the sensation that went through
me. He brought his lips down to meet mine. We kissed.
"I love you," he said to me as he found new depth inside of me.
"I love you too, Jack," I replied, and I knew I had never felt love for
anyone as much as I did for him at that moment. With his arms holding me,
his eyes looking nymphet video bbs deeply into me his weight on me, and his penis inside of
me, I knew I was in love.
As nymphets close up Jack made love to me, he made sure to make it last. After at least
twenty minutes and me getting close to my fourth orgasm, Jack breathing
increased. As our tongues battled it out in our mouths, I could feel his
penis starting to swell, and when it did, my orgasm rocked my body again.
Clasping on top of me, Jack screamed as his dick was squeezed by my muscles,
milking him for whatever he had left and filling me to the point that my
bottom couldn't hold. I could feel his cum running down both sides of my
legs. Looking back into my eyes, Jack kissed me softly before allowing his
now soft dick to fall out of me.
On the way back to the pool I was making a mess on the floor pussy modell nymphet as his cum
ran down my legs. I was sure glad that no one was coming home anytime soon
or we'd have had a lot of explaining to do.
"Hey, you're walking kind of bow-legged now, you know," Jack said,
making fun of me. "Are you okay?" He was laughing but had a concerned look
on his face.
"I don't know. I feel fine. I just can't seem to walk right."
"Does it hurt?" he asked.
"Well, a little but not bad," I answered.
"Not bad yet, you mean. We'll see how you feel by tomorrow."
Going over to the pool, I walked down the steps until I was standing
with the water up to my waist. Jack went over to the spa, turned the jets on
and got in. Quickly cleaning myself off, I joined him. It wasn't until fozya nymphets I sat
myself down on the hard concert seats of the hot tub that I noticed it did
hurt. Jumping right back up, I rubbed my bottom.
"What's the matter? You get a electric shock or something?" Jack asked
"No," I snarled at him knowing he knew damn well why I did that.
"Okay. I just wanted to make sure I didn't need to get out, that's
With that, I decided to do something I knew would get me in a lot taboo nymphets models of
trouble if my parents were home, and so I splashed him.
"Hey! You too young nymphets pics know your parents' rules: No splashing in the hot tub," he
said trying to sound like my dad but failing miserably
"But they're not here," I said in a high-pitched voice as I splashed
him again.
"Boy, you're turning into the naughty boy, little nymphet sock aren't you," he said before
he splashed me back. This got Jack and I into such a splashing war that by
the time we were finished we had nice nymphet jpg
drained almost half the water out of the
After drying off, we headed into the house without getting dressed. I
was getting hungry because it was now past six. We had had sex and played in
the pool for over five hours. I told Jack that free nymphets kdz while he made dinner I was
going to go put something on the TV for us to watch. I was about to leave
when Jack told me to come here.
"Why?" I asked.
"Just come here. Please," free pix nymphets he said with a pleading face.
"Or what?" I said sarcastically as I walked back to him.
Leaning down Jack whispered, "Your ass looks so damn hot."
"Jack!" I yelled in embarrassment as I lightly punched him. "You made
me come back to tell me that?" I yelled as I turned banned russian nymphets hardcore to walk away.
Grabbing my arm and spinning me back, Jack said, "And to give you
this." He then planted a kiss on my lips.
Again I melted. I would have dropped, spread my legs and allowed him to
take even my hurt butt all over again, but instead he turned me back around
and swatted my bruised bottom.
"Ow!" I screamed as I ran out the door. The swat on my ass hurt a lot
more that Jack meant it to because my ass was getting sorer by top nymphets legal the minute,
but I didn't want art angels nymphets virgins
Jack nymphet swimsuit models to see me cry at his little swat so I left quickly.
I asked Jack to make for both of us a grilled ham and cheese sandwich,
which is one of my favorites. It was a meal my parents would never have
allowed us to eat for dinner if they were home. I sat on Jack's lap with
his penis nestled up between gateway nymphet my legs and ukrainian nymphets porn free
rubbing nymphets netherlands
up against my balls as we
ate and watched TV.
"Boy, you're just breaking every rule you can think of tonight, aren't
ya?" Jack said. "First, nymphets top100 splashing in the hot tub, Then, asking for a
sandwiches strawberry nymphets at dinner time. And now, eating in the TV room. What's next,
Dex?" Jack said as I laughed. Around nine o'clock, Jack carried me to his room for bed. His room was
on the far side of the swimming pool complex, way away from Daryl's room. We
both knew that there was no way I was going to sleep in Daryl's room if Jack
stayed in his room. The rooms were just too far apart. I could set a bomb
off in Daryl's room, and Jack wouldn't hear it in his. The house was pretty
soundproof to begin with. It was hard hearing between rooms to say nothing
about across the house.
I had seen the help's rooms before but have never slept in one. The
rooms were quite small compared to the ones in the house. They were kind of
like a small apartment with their own bath, kitchen, living room and
Once nymphets toons inside I followed Jack into teenage nymphets pictures his bathroom where he stood nymphets angels nude in front
of the toilet to relieve himself. Going over, I stood beside him and did the
same. Once done, Jack lay down on the bed and patted the sheet in front of
him. Hopping up, he pulled me to him, his penis naturally finding its way
into my butt hole.
"Ow!" I yelled from just the softest poke of his penis.
"Yep, you're going to be sore tomorrow," Jack noted.
Reaching over, he pulled the same tub elite nymphets topless
out of his night stand that he
used on me before. Rolling me onto my stomach he lightly rubbed the cream
into my sore nubile nymphets porn butt hole. Like before it hurt a lot at first but then started
to feet better.
"You sure are bruised. I guess I overdid it. I'm sorry."
Turning over onto my back, I put my arms around his neck. Looking into
his eyes, I said with all the love I could. "Please don't be. It was the
best time of my life. I have never felt anything nymphet gallery hard like it, and I'd do it all
over again."
"Sometimes I just can't believe you're only six. You act and talk so
much older than you are."
"That's because I've been foto little nymphets around adults all my life and not kids. So
like they say, 'When in Rome, do as the Romans do.'" Jack's eyes sang with
pride as he hugged me more tightly.
"Boy Dexter, I could never thank God nn nymphets russian enough for bringing you into my
life, because I don't understand how it happened," Jack said.
"I know. David and I both thought it was strange Dad hired you. He has
always said no to all the other young people who asked him for work."
"And I didn't go to candid nymphets him for a job. Your dad found me. Said that Mr.
Baker my English lol rompl nymphets professor told him about me."
"Well, however it happened, I'm just glad it did," I said.
Laying back down on my stomach Jack rubbed my back as we talked. But it
wouldn't be long before I was fast asleep.
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