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From: Brad Goodman
Subject: The Truth About Me - Chapter 9This story is a work of fiction. Some parts may be based on real life but
the actual names have been changed to protect the innocent. This story
involves sex with boys and adult men. If you are underage or offended by
this type of material or it is illegal where you live stop reading. Please
think about all the other usual crap that goes here before going on. ******************************************************I appreciate those who wrote me 12 16 little nymphets and apologize to those who got their emails
sent back because my account was too large. Send it after 7:00 pm central
time and I promise it will be clear. For those of nasty angels nymphet you waiting to get to
stuff I never published before this is the chapter for you. New stuff is at
the end. Everyone is doing good and this week has been okay. The boys went
back to school and I back to work. Hard to get into the grove. I do have
one problem. We went out to eat on Tuesday and a "weekend warrior" on a
Harley cut in front of me on the road. I barely missed the idiot in
"leather chaps" and when we got to the light he was giving me a dirty look.
I normally don't say anything but I rolled down the window and in the gayest
voice I could muster I said "If you keep looking at me like that I may have
to drop your pants and spank small girls nymphet
your bottom red." His anger was replaced by
disgust and he nymphette video waited for us to depart after the light changed and then
headed the opposite direction. I thought it was funny and the boys really
laughed but my problem is with idiots on motorcycles cutting people off. If
you ride a motorcycle don't cut people off. If you do don't stare at them
when they barely miss hitting your stupid chap wearing ass. Enough about
that. Enjoy this chapter. Your comments and emails are appreciated and can
be sent to bradgoodman30hotmail.comThe Truth About Me By: Brad Goodman
Chapter 9 We arrived at the Ryans' house at about 7:30 as they only lived about 5
minutes from us. We pulled up and saw them putting the last few things into
their car. We all got out and went to talk with them. That is when I saw
him. He was a 13 year old picture of beauty. He was about 5'4 and weighed
about 120lbs. He had very curly brown hair that was cut very short. His
head was small for his body but he was firm and well built for a boy. He
had that great alabaster
skin that looked silky smooth and as I would learn later was silky smooth.
I was drooling and staring at the boy. It is very weird. I will drool over
and lust for a boy and yet I have never seen any boys as beautiful as Nick
and Joey. These two are so incredibly good looking that they fall in the
best looking 2% of the population. This boy was not nearly as attractive as
they are but I still wanted to see more of his gorgeous body. Ryan quickly
introduced us all to his friend."This is Bradley he is the friend I told you all about."My mind was racing and the only friend that Ryan ever talked about was the
one he had sex with. Oh man this is the boy. I was really drooling now. I
was thinking of the great time we were going to have this weekend and I was
not listening to any of the conversation when I noticed the boy was staring
at me as much as I was staring at him. He even licked his small thin lips.
I was getting hard. I couldn't wait to get to the beach. He was talking
to me but I could not hear him. I had to focus all my energy so as to
distract my mind from the thoughts of this weekend. "Do you work out a
lot?" Bradley asked. Everyone asks me this question. (I must be honest.
When I get asked this, the ten times a week people seem to ask, I just want
to shout some smart ass remark like "No! I am just naturally built like a
wrestler with only 5% body fat. I sit around the house eating crap all day
and just lucky to be a buff 255lbs.) Good rule of thumb is that if a person
looks like they work out a lot then they must work out a lot. With that
said I humor boys as I know they are still young and don't deserve the
sarcasm and blank expressions I give dumb ass adults. "Yes I work out about 5 times a week" and before he could say it Joey
blurted out "He can bench press over 450lbs."The boy and I talked a little about us sharing a name and I mentioned he
looked like he worked out a little himself. He explained he mowed lawns all
summer and that is how he got so buff. Maybe all boys should have to mow
lawns all summer if there bodies turn out this gorgeous. We all made some
idle conversation as big Ryan finished packing his car then we all piled
into our vehicles and headed for the beach. We got one of those Play
Stations with an LCD screen and car adapter for the truck. The boys were
able to just plug and play right in the car. It helped them to enjoy our
trips more. Before long the hour drive was over and we were cruising down
the Galveston Sea Wall heading for Indian Beach. The beach houses are about
20 minutes down from the Sea Wall and the rest of town. We eventually
arrived at the beach house and we noticed that not many of them were rented
or in use this weekend. Although it was Friday morning and many school
districts in Houston didn't have the day off. We unpacked the cars and took
everything up to the house. Most all of the beach houses in Galveston are 1
to 2 stories off the ground. They are on stilts to prevent flooding during
hurricanes. We carried everything up and put away all the groceries and
assigned all the rooms.There were 3 bedrooms at the house and a large living room. Howie, Joey and
I took the master bedroom, Nick, Jake and Matt got the smallest room with
bunk beds, and finally the Ryans and Bradley took the room with a very young nymphet raped
king sized
bed. However, I doubt these assignments meant very much. There was a nice
little dining area and a good sized kitchen. There was a neat deck around
the entire house and had plenty of room for us all to sit out and enjoy the
sunset and sunrise. It was warm about 85 degrees yet there was a really
nice breeze coming of the Gulf of Mexico. After we finished getting
everything done the boys all wanted to go down to the beach which was
literally 50 feet from the deck steps. We all went in to put on our bathing
suits and the boys decided to have a little fun before going down to the
water. Big Ryan and myself watched for a while as the boys stripped,
wrestled and groped each other but the boys soon took a special interest in
us. Here were seven boys completely naked and all with their sites set on
stripping and boy handling big Ryan and myself. They all were sporting nice
boy boners and there smooth sweaty bodies came creeping slowly toward us.
All the smooth boy flesh approaching me left me paralyzed. I could not move
nor did I want too. Ryan was gasping for air as the boys slinked towards us
creeping closer and closer. They were reviewing their game plan for their
attack but I was mesmerized by their incredible bodies and could not make
out a single word. Matt, Howie, Bradley and Ryan moved in to attack me.
Matt was still groping Howie's massive 8 inch tool. He couldn't keep his
eyes or hands nymphet galleries pussy off of it. Bradley was incredible. He had the best pecks I
have ever seen on a thirteen year old boy. He was as smooth as could be and
I could tell he had shaved his pubes recently. His arms and thighs were
firm but not overly built, after all he is still thirteen. He had a nice
cock. It was about 5 inches long and circumcised. He was awesome. Ryan
kept approaching his soft brown quarter sized nipples erect and pointing
right at me. His wavy brown hair was just flopping around his face framing
his free russian nymphet galleries incredible smile. Howie's giant cock bounced up and down as he crept to
me with a sly grin and longing look in his eyes. Matt was nymphet kiddy porn sites the only boy that
was naturally completely hairless and his little 4 inch cock was jerking
with desire. My cock was rock hard and a wet spot formed on my shorts were
my pre-cum had begun to soak through. Ryan had a similar spot and he was
eyeing not nude nymphets the incredible boys approaching him. Nick, Joey and Jake had nice
wood and were smiling from ear to ear. They really liked Ryan and the way
he treated them. He never got upset or had a mean word to say. Nick had
his 5 inch pecker leaking and bouncing slapping him from thigh to thigh.
What a cool site. A blonde bombshell with a wicked sense of humor and a
perfect smile. Joey was eager to fuck and he was actually fingering his own
hole as he approached. Horny sandy blonde devil just couldn't wait. His
oversized nipples were high and hard. Jake was sweating and his brown skin
was a glow in the light. His foreskin had peeled back ever so slightly to
reveal just the tip of his head. The boys pounced on Ryan first and began stripping him as fast as they
could. He laid there enjoying the feel of six soft boy hands molest every
inch of him. I was hoping to molest big Ryan a little myself. Before he or
I knew it big Ryan was naked and his big seven inch cock was leaking all
over everything. This couch was going to definitely need a good cleaning.
I turned back to my attackers and Bradley leaned into me and kissed me on
the lips. He pressed his body to my right arm and pinned it down. His
tongue danced in my mouth trying to touch my tonsils. My right hand had
worked free enough to begin rubbing his smooth chest and stomach. He felt
like silk and plump nude nymphets his muscles twitched as my hand passed over them. Howie and
Matt were working on my shorts and had them off in seconds. Little Ryan was
pulling my shirt and had it around my neck. His little hand was rubbing my
chest and exploring the muscles on my body. Bradley broke our lip lock just
long enough for the boys to pull my shirt over my head. Almost
simultaneously, Matt and Howie removed my bikini briefs. We were all naked
and I looked over at big Ryan and the boys. He was sucking Jake's cock and
fingering Joey's hole all at once. He was in heaven and so were the boys.
Jake was bucking his hips shoving his boy meat in and out of Ryan's willing
mouth. Nick was getting a great blow job by Joey as Joey had his ass
pointed right at Ryan and had managed to take two fingers in his tight
entrance. This was such a hot sight to see. However, I had my hands full
with the four boys pressed to me. I lifted Bradley up so I could get a better look at his boner. He was
standing on the couch on my right side with his perfect boy rod pointing
right to my lips and little Ryan did not want to be out done so he followed
suit on my left side. Now I had to perfect specimens of boy erections right
in front of my face. I placed a hand on each of their asses and pulled them
both toward me. Their warm soft globes were so incredible to hold. I
squeezed and rubbed the soft, smooth, firm cheeks running my fingers over
every inch of them. They both quickly shoved their boy cocks in my mouth
and began to face fuck me. I had their two cocks sliding against each other
and my lips. This was awesome. Howie decided to sit right on my cock. He
pointed my engorged member to his tight entrance and sat back. He was
sliding up and down fucking me with all his might. I was holding the tight
little ukrainian nymphette asses of Bradley and Ryan in each of my hands and then I saw Matt go
down and start sucking Howie as he bounced on my dick. This was all to much
for any of us. Bradley shot first as he flung his head back and screamed.
His chest was heaving but the rest of his body was as stiff as a board. ukrain nymphet clips He
let at least four shots fly into my mouth. The first spurt set off Ryan and
he began to release his boy cream into my mouth as Bradley's second shot
slid down my throat. I gulped and swallowed every last drop of that boy
gold that was being delivered directly to my tongue. Howie was so hot he
started shooting his load in Matt's little mouth. It was too much for Matty
and he choked. He pulled back and let the giant 8 inch boy boner slip from
his mouth. He leaned back in and tried to catch the shots as they flew out
and seemed to enjoy the incredible taste of Howie. Howie nymphet underage kinder had stopped
sliding up and down on my cock, but I was so hot I was thrusting into him
now. His ass popped as my crotch slammed into it over and over. He was
squealing and breathing very heavily. He was savoring his own orgasm and
enjoying the workout his prostate was getting from my six inch man meat. I
had grabbed his hips and had begun to pull him into my thrust. The feel of
his smooth hips in my hands got me harder. I impaled him and held him down
to my cock as my first wave of cream was let loose. I exploded into his
tight ass. When the cum hit his bowels his ass contracted around my cock
and I exploded again. A third, fourth and fifth shot followed. I was
breathing so rapidly and he was so spent he fell forward and was trying to
recover on the floor. Matt saw my dick slid out of Howie's ass with top 100 nude nymphets
a pop
and he leaned down and took it into his mouth. I shot three more time in
Matt's little oral stimulator. He sucked every last drop out of me. I laid
back against the couch and noticed Jake, Joey and Nick lying all around the
floor in post orgasmic bliss. I knew Matt had not gotten off so I pulled
him up to me and positioned him so his dick was pressed little tiny naked nymphets to my upper thigh
and his little legs were on each side of my right leg. His right knee was
nestled next to my balls. I clasped my hands to his perfect smooth little
ass and began sliding him back and forth over my leg. He started pushing
his little boy boner into me. He began to moan and pant and within a few
passes he was twitching. No spunk yet but an enjoyable orgasm for my sweet
boy none-the-less. I was in heaven and from the looks of the cum dripping
off the faces and butts of the boys and big Ryan so were they. After a few minutes we all got our bathing suits on and headed down baby nymphet
to the
beach. We had given the beach house its inaugural orgy and we were ready
for some sun and spray. We were horsing around the beach wrestling in the
water and on the sand. The boys were all running about and just being boys.
Jake and Joey really loved to ride those boogie boards. They showed the
other boys and taught them how to skim board as well. The boys played for
about 3 hours and after a little fun in the sun they had all worked up an
appetite. We all went back to the house but I did not feel like cooking so
I told the boys to shower and put on some nice shorts as we were going to
Landry's for dinner. When at the beach you gotta have seafood. The boys
all got ready and they took about 40 minutes to do so. I knew they were
fooling around in the shower but after all boys will be boys. I got ready
and before long all the boys were dressed and ready to go. Funny thing is I
couldn't wait to get back as I was sure this night was going to be the most
incredible night I have ever experienced. We arrived at the restaurant and
all the boys got lobster, shrimp and steak. Seven hungry boys and two
hungry men equal one hell of a bill. I paid and we all headed for the beach
house but when we saw the put-put golf course we had to stop. The boys and
I like to play put-put golf on our trips if we can. It is our version of
playing the finest golf courses in the world. We had a great time and
everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. Matt did very well and I was proud of
him as this was his first time to play. We never keep score as it is not a
competition for us we just want to have fun. After we finished, we got an
ice cream and then headed home. I was really looking forward to tonight and
I was not disappointed. The boys were stripping in the car. Clothes were flying all over the place
and naked boy bodies were enticing me in every direction. I could barely
focus on the road and I am sure glad no troopers were out because I am
positive I would have gotten a speeding ticket. The Ryans were behind us
with Bradley and must have thought I was crazy. When we got to the beach
house the boys darted out of the truck buck naked and ran up the steps.
Little Ryan cried out "No fair you started without us!"He quickly started stripping his clothes and following behind the boys
running up the steps. Bradley was not far behind him. Big Ryan and myself
were salivating like Pavlovian dogs and quickly removed our shirts and
headed up the steps. When we got to the top and looked around the deck we
saw boys playing and touching and exploring each other's perfect pubescent
bodies. It was such an incredible site I thought I was going to orgasm
right then and there. I quickly looked around the beach to find it quite
deserted. It was dark and about 9:00 so not many people were out. Besides
this was a private beach and not many of the houses were occupied tonight.
I turned the flood lights off and left the faint glow of the door light on
to shine upon the beautiful boys lying about the deck. The moon was full
and the light glowed off of each boys' body. It was truly the most
magnificent site I have ever seen. I kicked my shorts and boxers off and
was ready to join in the fun. Big Ryan was already feasting on the boy
flesh before him and was kissing and sucking off Bradley and Howie. He was
really mesmerized by Howie's huge eight inch boy erection. Joey came to me
first and was intent on having his desires fulfilled immediately. I asked
Nick to get the lube from my bag in our room and he obliged. He ran in and
quickly retrieved the tube and ran back out. I watched his perfectly
sculpted milky white ass bounce as he ran inside. God is his ass perfect.
I am not exaggerating when I say he has the greatest looking ass I have ever
seen on a man, woman or boy. Joey still had his awesome summer tan and it
was a cute contrast that his ass and crotch was stark white. He also had
those cute ankle tan lines from his ankle high socks. Damn he was gorgeous.
His awesome 5 and half inch boy cock was throbbing and in dire need of
attention. I reached out and wrapped my right arm around him and pulled him
to me. He smiled and nubile nymphet gallery bbs giggled with anticipation. We kissed and he was
grabbing my chest and back clawing at me. He had pressed his body to mine
and was running his fingers all over me which sent chills through my body.
I was rubbing his back and shoulders and driving my tongue into his mouth
trying to pick the lobster from his teeth. Our saliva had covered each
other's lips and was running down our chins. Sloppy but very sexy. I was
as hard as ever and he decided to run his hands down to my cock. He was
stroking the length and paying particular attention to the head. He kept
running his finger over my slit and right at the base of the head where it
meets the shaft. He definitely knows how to work a dick. I ran my hands down his sides and slid my head down to engulf each one of
his nipples. His giant silver-dollar nipples were quite sensitive and it
drove him crazy for someone to suck on them. I gave him all he could handle
without pushing him over the edge. I worked lower and lower until I had my
tongue in his belly button. His firm, flat, nymphette model no nude smooth stomach rumbled with
delight as I worked him all over. I slowly continued my journey south and I
stopped for a minute to admire his flawless milky white boy boner. It was
the best looking penis I have ever seen. I pubescent nymphet 14
put my tongue out and ran it
over his head letting it drag in his slit. I slurped his pre-cum and
delighted in the salty sweetness of his boy semen. I had to have more and I
sucked in the tip just to the base of the head. I slowly sucked his head
running my lips over it again and again. He was breathing more shallow now
and the sweat was rolling down his smooth semi-developed chest, then over
his flat quivering stomach and finally to the base of his awesome cock. He
was panting and sweating quite a bit, so much so that the sweat eventually
rolled down to his balls and dripped off. I was ready to make love to him
and quickly let his cock slip from my mouth. I turned the boy around and
his small, tight, firm ass was right in my face. I buried my face into his
crack and sucked in nymphet art nudist his wonderful boy aroma. I was running each of my hands
up each of his legs and as I caressed his cheeks I slowly spread them giving
my face better access to his passage. I slid my tongue out and ran it up
and down his crack licking every inch of his wonderful boy crevice. He
moaned and enjoyed the attention. His hole had fallen open and was begging
for my tongue to invade it so underage nymphets fucking I kissed his puckered opening and then slid my
tongue in as deep as it could go. He gasped and started talking very dirty."Go deeper, deeper damn it. Oh God that is good. More I want more. Fuck
me, I want you to fuck me hard. Please drive your tongue in my ass. Now
give it to me and fuck me!"He was getting hotter and hotter and his japanes nymphets talk was getting dirtier and
dirtier. He finally screamed out "I need you inside me now!"Who was I to refuse such an enticing demand. I licked him all the way up
his back until I reached his sweet neck. I was standing directly behind him
and his ass cheeks were pressed firmly to my cock. I stepped back in order
to pussy girl sweet nymphet better see his hole and positioned my cock head to it. It was open and
ready for a hard fucking. I spread my leaking fluid over it to give him
some lubrication but history has taught me that he does not require nor
desire much lubrication. I continued to tease his hole for several minutes
rubbing my engorged warrior over it as I loved that feeling so much. I
stopped and finally pushed the head into his ass. He bellowed and said "I
want it all!" With that he slammed back shoving every inch of me up his
tight chute. It was so hot inside him I thought I would explode right then.
I fought back my urges and grabbed his hips. He was leaning forward so my
entire cock was placed up his love canal. I started pushing him forward and
he slammed back into me. For the first time I looked around and noticed
everyone watching us and stroking their cocks. This free nymphetts
sent me into over load
and I started thrusting forward with all my strength. The impact of Joey
pushing back and my thrusting forward caused him to fly forward four inches
each time. He only slammed back harder when this happened. I was in
ecstasy and Joey was panting and begging for it harder. His prostate was
being pounded and he loved it. He loved to be fucked hard and was getting
the best I had to offer. He was pounding his own cock trying to explode all
over the deck. The night air was warm but a nice breeze kept us from over
heating. Suddenly, boy after boy began to cum all around us. The show was
so hot they could not contain themselves. Nick, Jake, little Ryan, Bradley
and Matty all began to orgasm. Big Ryan had actually shot first just a
minute earlier but I never really noticed because I was so into our great
love making. Joey screeched he was ready to cum and I must admit I had been
ready for quite a while. I let ukrainian nymphets masha
my man sperm fly deep into his bowels
coating his intestines. I pumped out shot after shot into his boy cavern
and he kept pumping his own magic wand. His boy cream flew out and landed
all over the deck. Big young nymphets forum Ryan was so turned on he came over to catch as many
shots as he could as they blasted out of Joey's hard cock. I finally began
to slow and stop my motion. Joey was spent and had come to a stop too. He
slid forward and slowly fell to the deck. I followed right behind him
landing on his left side. He rolled over until we were face to face. He
leaned in to me and we kissed passionately for several minutes. Once we
were all finished the boys and big Ryan gave us a standing ovation. We just
laid there arms wrapped around one another and bodies pressed firmly
together. The show by no means was over. Big Ryan and Howie were really turned on
and ready for more action. Matty did not want to be left out and was not
disappointed because of their eagerness to show him new things. Big Ryan
told Howie he wanted to be fucked by that eight inch monster and Howie was
shocked."I have never fucked a man before, but I have always wanted too. What about
Matty?"Big Ryan looked at Matt and said "What would you like to do?"Matt smiled and I thought maybe he was too embarrassed to tell us but he
finally eked out "I want get fucked by you Ryan."Ryan smiled and with that he kissed Matt on the lips. The two of them were
exchanging tongues and rubbing one another's bodies. Big Ryan was in love
with the smooth slender body of Matt. He had an incredible mocha skin that
was as smooth as any silk. Ryan was enjoying it rubbing every inch of boy
flesh in front of him. Matt lied on his back on the deck and pulled his
legs to his chest allowing Ryan to access his tight hole. Ryan quickly dove
in slobbering that tight little entrance with his mouth and tongue. He
began to work his index finger into the boy pussy and stretch it for a good
ride. Howie was kneeling behind big Ryan and was fingering and eating his
man hole. He seemed to really enjoy this and was nude junior nymphets trying to lick every inch
of the man pussy in front of him. His tongue worked into Ryan's puckered
opening and soon his index finger followed. Then he shoved his middle
finger in as well and began to stretch it good. Matt was fully enjoying the
treatment his tight boy cavern was receiving and he was moaning with
delight. Ryan was sweating and his smooth skin was a glow in the light.
Damn this was hot. So hot it caused Jake, Nick and little Ryan to break
into their own threesome. The three boys were groping and touching all over each other. Nick was in
the middle and had little Ryan in front of him and Jake behind him. They
were all on their knees and just groping each other for all they were worth.
This was a great picture. Joey and I laid there staring without blinking
afraid to miss one moment of the incredible show before us. Jake had lubed
up his fingers and was working them in Nick's incredible ass. Ryan was
jerking Nick's cock and kissing him with the passion of ten sailors just
returning from a six month tour. Nick was pumping little Ryan's cock and
working it like a pro. He was rubbing the head and sliding his hand over it
slowly working it all the way to the base. Ryan's four inch cock was
throbbing and ready to cum. Jake pushed Nick down on all fours and
positioned himself to give a nice doggie style fuck. Nick opened his mouth
and Ryan quickly placed his four inch pecker in to it. Nick was sucking his
cock with expertise. He was definitely trying to exact a reward. Jake was
in the proper position and quickly invaded Nick's firm full ass. His four
and half inch pecker was pushed in till his balls were pressed to Nick's
cheeks. Ryan began to slid back and forth and was face fucking Nick, while
Jake was ramming his tight ass. This is an image I will never forget. It
was so hot I was up and pumping my cock to the sight. Joey was beating his
cock so hard I was afraid he would go blind. The boys kept young nymphets raygold
fucking Nick
from both sides until Ryan flung his head back, arched his spine and
screamed out hot nymphet links
"Oh shit!" With that he began to fire his wad into Nick's
mouth.Nick greedily swallowed every drop. Jake was evidently turned on by this
because he slammed into Nick's boy pussy until his smooth small grape sized
balls were pressed against it again. He held his hips in place and squealed
out a few "ooohs and aaahs" until he finished firing his boy sperm all over
Nicolas' bowels. Both boys peeled off of Nick and fell back panting and
sweating. Nick was horny as hell and needed relief but the other boys were
of no use to him now. Joey and I quickly went to Nick who had rolled onto
his back and was wacking feverishly. Before we could assist him he bent
forward and kept going until he was sucking his own cock. He was sucking
the top two and half inches and giving himself great head. I leaned back
and Joey pressed against me. We took hold of each other's cocks and began
to pump. I shot first as I must admit the site of Nick sucking himself off
is too hot for me to handle. Joey followed quickly behind me and then Nick
lay back as his cream exploded. It landed on his chest and stomach and the
site of his milky white seed running over his perfectly smooth firm body
sent me and Joey clamoring to clean him off. We licked every inch of him
till we had slurped every last drop of his boy juice from his body. Not to be out done, big Ryan, Howie and Matt were ready to get down to
business. Big Ryan had lubed Matt and Howie had lubed Ryan. They watched
the incredible show put on by the other boys and were ready to relieve
themselves. Matt was still on is back with his knees pulled to his chest.
Ryan slid up so he was directly above him and positioned his cock right at
Matty's hole. He slowly pushed into him invading his tightest of places.
The tightness and heat of Matthew's perfect boy vagina was almost too much
for big Ryan. "Oh God that is awesome" he yelped.Howie positioned him self right behind Ryan and spread his cheeks to expose
his good sized man hole. Ryan was looking forward to this. Getting fucked
by the most incredible piece of boy meat ever seen and fucking a tight 10
year old ass at the same time was a fantasy he thought would never come
true. Howie pressed his cock up big Ryan's ass and to his surprise it slid
in quite easily. Before he knew it his balls were pressed to Ryan's firm
globes. Howie began to slowly thrust in and out of Ryan trying to keep the
same pace he had with Matt. Matt was taking Ryan's seven inch cock quite
well and was really beginning to moan with desire. He needed more and Ryan
picked up the pace. Howie followed suit and never skipped a beat. The
sweat was glistening off of all their bodies and the panting, moaning and
popping of flesh slamming together was intoxicating. The other boys and
myself were watching the action with the utmost attention. We were not
going to miss one minute of this incredible sex. The pace quickened more
and more and the moans became louder and louder. Matt was stroking his
little boy cock with all his might and he began to orgasm. He contracted
his ass as he orgasmed and this sent shock waves through big Ryan's body.
He clamped down on Howie's massive boy meat and this combined with the heat
and the motion caused Howie to blow his top. He shot volley after volley of
his boy cream deep inside of Ryan. nymphet mpegs movies The feeling of nymphets sexy pics the boy sperm splashing
against his prostate caused Ryan to explodes inside of Matt. All three of
them were having an orgasm and all three were in heaven. Once the thrusts
slowed and stopped they all collapsed with arms and legs twisted together
like a big human pretzel. We all had just experienced an incredible night of sex. It was better than
any thing any of us had ever experienced. What made the whole thing so
special was that everyone here loved each other. There was no prejudice,
hatred or ill feelings among any of us. Just love and acceptance filled the
air. We had sex all weekend long, stopping to take in the sights, visit
some museums, go to the water park which was just a couple of cool slides,
and enjoy all kinds of games on the beach. The weekend brought us all
closer together and by the end of the weekend we were no longer a family of
four or five but a family of nine. We shared an unconditional love that no
other family can match. We had come through adversity, abuse, jealousy, and
poverty with flying colors. We were a family, no matter vombats rompl nymphets how unconventional,
and were definitely bonded and committed as strongly as any other family.
Our family is bonded more strongly than any others because we take care of
each other physically, emotionally and sexually. We returned home and have
had a good time since our trip with the boys and big Ryan spending a lot of
time at the house.School and work seemed to fly by for the next few weeks. It amazes me how
fast time seems to go by when you are so busy. Matt was trying very hard to
find his place in the family and 14 yo nymphette quickly assumed the role of the little
brother. I think he really enjoyed being the youngest and getting so much
special attention. I make it a point to spend at least 2 hours alone with
each of my sons each week. This way they can get all my attention to
themselves for at least a little while. Matt was showing signs of why he
had been diagnosed with so many disorders but I find it is easier to give
him space. I do not to place great expectations on him or try to make him
into the other boys. Before I knew it, Halloween was here. One of my
favorite holidays. The boys always had a costume party and sleep over
Halloween weekend. Since Halloween was on Thursday this year we decided to
do it on Saturday. The boys were very excited and they all picked out
really cool costumes. We went to a local place that sells all kinds of neat
costumes but the boys found what they wanted about 2 days later when we were
at the mall. Spencer's Gifts is a really cool store with a lot of
different, hard to explain crap in it. Lots of gag gifts and fun stuff like
that. They had a whole set of South Park masks. (I must admit it is one of
my favorite shows. I even liked the episode where the boys get picked up by
NAMBLA members and are taken to a NAMBLA meeting. You had to see it to
understand.) Joey, Nick, and Matt agreed that they were going as a
different boy from the show. Joey went as Cartman, Nick went as Kenny, and
Matt went as Stan. We bought the Kyle costume because I knew it would be
good for Howie. They boys called him as soon as we got home and he was
really excited to be Kyle. Jake was not interested in the South Park theme
though. He is so independent sometimes. He wanted to be Homer Simpson so
we got him that costume.I couldn't help it so I got a Chef mask and costume in order to complete the
group. The party came before we knew it and all the guests started to
arrive. At the boys' Junior High, our Halloween party is considered to be
the coolest thing of the year for the boys there. All the boys in there
school hope they get invited and this year was not different. I only
allowed the boys to invite 15 friends for the party because anymore would be
too much for me to handle. This year we already had 3 of those spots gone.
We invited the Ryans, Howie, and Bradley. Big Ryan could help me manage
this group so I was more than happy to invite him. Matt invited his friend
who lived next door Benjamin and a really cool boy Asian boy from his class
named Martin. The other boys could invite 3 kids and we left one open for
little Ryan who thought he had a friend that would like to come. I found
out the nice older couple free nymphet pictures who lived across the street from us was going to
have their grandson staying with them for the weekend so I had to commandeer
a spot for Michael. Now the boys were left with eight openings and they had
to sit down for a little strategy session to decide whom they would invite.
The Tuesday before the party I told them they needed to make a decision that
night so I could make out the invitations and they could take them to their
friends the next day. They discussed it for hours after school finally
deciding at 9:30 that night.Most of the boys I was very familiar with but there were a few new names
that I really didn't know. They wanted to invite Jason and Jared White,
which were the cutest brothers in the neighborhood. Jared was 13 and Jason
was 11. They both had blond hair and blue eyes and were the pictures of the
All-American kids. Very Old Navy meets Abercrombie and Fitch. Too cool yet
too playfully bashful to know it. Their parents were divorced but they only
lived about 5 blocks from each other. Both of them seemed very nice. Tony
Barber, a really cute Italian 13 y.o. nymphet
looking boy, was next on the list. He had an
olive completion and was very small for his age. He was 13 and was always
trying to spend the night with us. He didn't have many guy friends at
school but he had a ton of girlfriends. In fact the boy had a new
girlfriend each week. Poor kid had very little supervision at home as his
mother worked all the time and his father never talked to him. The fourth
name on the list was Kevin Escalante. Kevin was a nice Hispanic kid who
recently moved to our area. His mother had recently remarried and they
bought a house in one of the poorer neighborhoods that went to the boys'
school. He was very cute. He had short dark curly hair and was well
developed for a 13 year old boy. I don't know what ever happened to his
father. If he wanted me to know I guess he would tell me. The fifth name
on the list was a bit of a surprise to me. Cory Cooper was the tough kid at
school. The boys always said he could beat anyone up at their school. He
was black and was kind of tall for a 14 year old boy. He was 5'8 and
weighed about 155 lbs. He was not fat but he was a solid kid. Interesting
choice I thought.The last three names I sort of knew but was surprised to see them. Dillon
McKay was the coolest kid in school according to the boys. He had just got
his cast off as he had broken his leg at the beginning of school in the
first football game. Nice looking kid. He was 5'5 and weighed about 140
lbs. He was not fat but he was rugged like a lumberjack kid. I can't
describe it any better way. He was considered by all the kids in the school
to be the best athlete there. Nice kid and a lot of fun to be around.
Great sense of humor. Next on the list was Adam Covens. Adam was a skinny
Jewish kid who could be charming at times. He had an "Eddie Haskill"
personality and I really didn't care for him to much. However, as the boys
told me he was one of the most popular kids at school. He was a short, loud
mouth, with a very big attitude. He was about 5'2 and probably weighed 102
lbs. sopping wet. The last name was one I had heard but was a kid I never
met. Justin Smith was rumored to have actually gotten a blow job from a
girl he dated. He walked around the school bragging about it for weeks
until the girl got fed up with it and said she was "going to blow him but
his dick was too small to suck and it blew before she could get down there."
He was still quasi-cool as the boys explained it. No one knows what the
truth is but the boys did say he was kind of small in the locker room."You can never tell when it is flaccid" I told them.Regardless he was last on the list. I made out the invitations and the boys
delivered them the next day. They had specific instructions for the boys'
parents to call me if they could attend. By 9:30 the next night all but
Cory's parents had called. The rest of the week flew by and on Saturday at 5:00 the boys started to
arrive. We picked up Howie at 3:00 so he could get into his costume before
the others arrived. Big Ryan and little Ryan came first with Bradley.
Little Ryan was dressed as Superman and had a really neat costume on.
Bradley came in some torn teen nymphets gallery
up jeans and no shirt with his body was painted
green. You guessed it, he was the Hulk but without all the muscles. Once I
saw him, I wished I had done that. Big Ryan was a very different story. I
laughed so hard when I saw him I almost wet my pants. Little Ryan explained
that since he was Superman, big Ryan was his girlfriend so nude nymphette photographers he dressed as
Wonder Woman. He had the outfit, big hair, and lots of make up. It was
very funny. Ryan had his other friend with him and he was dressed as Jason
(from Friday the 13th). He was a nice looking boy but a bit on the chubby
side. His name was Ron and he was 12. He was quite quiet and seemed to
mind his own business. The next to arrive was the White brothers. Jason
the younger one was dressed as a vampire and was quite cute looking. Jared
was wearing basketball pants, the kind with all the snaps up the legs so
they could be removed and no shirt. He explained he was a stripper and then
he showed me his cool bright red bikini briefs underneath.His father said "What can I say, this boy is crazy."I told him "There will be no problems as long as he keeps his pants on."We both laughed but secretly I kept thinking I sure hope he does do a little
strip tease for us. I wanted to stuff his briefs with many dollars.
Michael came over with Benjamin and they both were also dressed in cute
costumes. Michael was wearing his baseball uniform and it hugged his tight
14 year old ass. He was gorgeous in it. Ben was dressed as Yoda. Pretty
cool costume I thought. (I love Star Wars and once went to a convention.
The boys told me that they lost all respect for me when I dressed as Darth
Vader and paraded around the convention dragging them everywhere.) Adam and
Justin arrived next. Justin spent the night at Adam's house on Friday.
Adam was dressed as a basketball player and Justin was wearing some really
cheesy cowboy outfit. These boys soon realized the cool kids got into this.
Dillon arrived next dressed in his football gear and his pants were a year
or two old and hugged his tight little butt. Damn he looked good. The last
to arrive was Tony and Kevin. They lived in the same neighborhood so
Kevin's mom drove them both. Tony was dressed like Freddy Kruger. Kevin
was dressed like Michael Myers and he even had a big plastic butcher's
knife. Boys like the slashers I guess. Surprisingly , Martin never made
The party was always a lot of fun but I and big Ryan just supervised. We
tried to keep out of the boys' ways and just keep them from killing
themselves. We had a ton of fireworks left over from the Fourth which they
couldn't wait to shoot off. The boys played video games and I ordered pizza
for them. I got six pizzas and had to order four more later. At about 8:30
they shot off all the fireworks for about an hour. They all came in and
played more video games and then around 10:30 we put in Halloween H20. They
all watched and when it was over we broke out the toilet paper and drove
over to the house of two boys that no one liked. James and Phil lived
across the street from each other and were the bully kids at school no one
wanted young little nymphet top
to be around. I parked about 10 houses down from Phil's house and
the boys all slinked down there and wrapped it good. Then they used another
40 rolls on James' house. When they euro nymphets
were finished they all ran back to the
truck jumped in the back end and we drove away. When we got back to the
house big Ryan and I went to my room and settled in for the night. The boys
were all in our TV room watching horror movies. About 20 minutes later
Jared knocked on my door came in and said "Do either of you have any ones?""I do" I replied."So do I" Ryan added."Okay I want to earn a few. If I strip will you put some in my briefs."I had to shake my head, I was dreaming I thought. Ryan was doing the same."What?" I said."I have to get you guys to put five dollars each in my briefs." Jared
replied.I heard a snicker at the door and new the boys were up to something. I
leaned forward and waved Jared over to me. I whispered to him and told him
to whisper back."Why are you doing this?" I asked."We are playing truth or dare and I got this as my dare.""Okay we will play along" I told him.I waved him back and said "Okay you got it, let me put some music on for
you." I put on a movie hits album with the song "I Touch Myself" on it. He
began doing his best stripper dance which was quite weak and then he pulled
his snap on pants off. He danced around the bed and came to my side. He
was about five feet from me and I waved him closer. I grabbed my wallet off
the night stand and removed a handful of ones. He got about six inches from
me and I reached out ran my finger tips up his thigh and slid the dollar in
his briefs about two inches from his crotch. He shivered a little but he
kept going. I did the same on the other side. He was right in front of me
grinding his hips in a 100 top nymphet
circular motion and I ran my hand over his smooth
flat belly. I slid my fingers just inside his briefs and pulled them out
about 3 to 4 inches. I slid another dollar in but not before I got a good
look at his small flaccid 3 inch cut cock. It was so cool. He didn't
flinch this time. I decided to take it farther. I placed my hands on his
hips spinning him around. I placed each hand on the back of his legs just
above the knee and rubbed him all the way up. I caressed his tight little
ass for about 30 seconds and then I moved to his lower back. I ran my hands
to his hips and back and then slid my fingers into the tops of his briefs
like before peeling them away from his skin. I got a real good look at his
ass and slid another dollar in. I spun him again but this time I was
greeted with his erection pointing at me. I must have been staring cause he
stopped looked down and became very embarrassed."Oh god, I am so sorry." He squealed."No it is okay. It happens." I told him.I pulled him close and to me and rubbed his back a little as his boner was
sticking in my side and it jerked as I caressed him. He looked at Ryan and
then Ryan said "It is okay Jared." He smiled and then I said "If you want
the rest you have to strip all the way."He blushed and whispered "Lock the door."Before he could finish Ryan was locking the door. He turned his back to us
and slowly slid his bikini briefs down. His cute small firm white ass
bounced out. It was nice and tight. He slowly turned showing us his 5 inch
boner. His cock was darker than the rest of his pale white skin and the
head was blue. His little balls were pulled up and I am sure he needed
relief. This was however, our first time going through this. I was not
sure he was ready especially with an audience on the other side of the door.
I waved him closer and ran the dollars up and down his chest and stomach.
I then wrapped them around his awesome cock and stroked it a little."If you need some help come back after the others are asleep and I promise
you won't regret it."He smiled at me and said "Really?""Yeah, really. You can come back later and I will meet you in my den alone
to help you with your little friend.""You're not kidding me are you? I will do it if you will." He said to me."I will see you later then. Just knock on the door when the boys are
asleep." I smiled and he nodded eagerly.He pulled on his pants and went out. He showed the boys the money and I
went to the door saying "He tried to strip but I paid him to keep his
clothes on." They ukrainian angels nymphets
all laughed and went back to their game. I could not
believe I was so forward with Jared. I was beginning to think I had gone
too far. I had known him for years and we flirted occasionally but I never
have been so blunt. Ryan let ma know I took a big chance with the boy. We
watched TV for about an hour and then fell asleep. Around 4:00 a knock came
at the door and Jared came in. Ryan and I did not wake and he came to the
bed and shook me awake. I opened my eyes and saw this half naked
All-American beauty standing before me."Were you serious about us doing it?" nymphets art
he asked."Yes, are you ready to try some things?" I replied.He nodded eagerly and I got up gently so not to wake Ryan. We crept down
the hall to the study. We shut the door and when I turned Jared had removed
the pants again and was standing there in his bright red briefs. His little
boyhood was up and ready for action. A wet spot was forming on the right
side from his pre-cum. I walked to him placed my hands on his shoulders and
rubbed him down his arms and sides. He let out a little gasp and smiled.
Jared was about 5'4and slim. He must have been mini nymphets
around 120 lbs with blond
hair and blue eyes. He was so smooth and hairless I was salivating. He
reached out and touched my bare chest."You are so strong. Your muscles are so cool." He sighed.I smiled and began caressing his shoulders and slid my hands onto his back.
He was breathing heavily and really enjoying my touch. He was rubbing my
chest and stomach and he finally grabbed nymphets naked russian the front of my boxers and pulled
them out. He looked into them and just stared for minutes."Your dick is so big. I have never seen one so thick."I was flattered, my dick is thick but not that long. It is only 6 and half
inches long but it is about 7 inches thick. He stared for a while and I
told him "Do you want to take them off?" He nodded and pulled my boxers all
the way down and never once stopped ukrainian nymphet princess looking at my dick. I told him he could
touch it and before I finished he was rubbing my dick all over."I have never really touched another guy's dick before. I really haven't
touched anyone before.""You are doing a good job Jared." I told him.He smiled and said "You wanna see mine again?"I nodded and he said "You wanna take my briefs off?"I nodded again and placed my hands on his hips. I pushed his briefs down
slowly and watched his boy meat flop out and snap nymphets virgin pussy back against his crotch.
He giggled a little and said "What do you want to do?""I don't know Jared. It is your first time so why don't you tell me what
you want to try?"He looked down at his feet and mumbled out "I would like it if you would
suck mine and I could suck yours."I knew it was really hard for him to say that and I put my index finger
under his chin and lifted his face so he could look into my eyes. "That is
great Jared I wanted to do the same thing.""Really" he exclaimed "I thought you were going to think I was a fag or
something.""Jared would I be here if I didn't want the same thing?"He smiled and nodded and I pulled him close and hugged him tightly. Our
boners poked each other and he giggled again. I looked into his eyes and
drew my lips to his. He leaned up in anticipation and pressed his to mine.
It was a soft, gentle, first kiss. He smiled and I kissed him again and
then again opening my mouth a little. He followed suite on the next one and
then I slipped him a little tongue. He jumped at first but the next kiss he
returned the favor. We really got into the French kissing and he was
panting and gasping for air in just a few minutes. I remember my first
time. Is it just me or does everyone forget to breathe the first time? I
slowly kissed him on his neck and then I progressed lower and lower. I got
to his nipples and they were firm and small. They were pink and about the
size of a bottle cap. As I licked them he giggled from the sensations. He
is a ticklish one. I continued on my journey down under and reached his
little belly button. His stomach was smooth and flat and he had a cute
little belly button that recessed about half an inch in. I could feel his
stomach rumble and quiver as I licked him. He was giggling the whole time.
I decided to go for his boy gold and I kissed down to his erect pole. He
had some blond hair all around it but it was thin and fine. I positioned my
face so his head was pressed to my nose. I moved my face up and kissed his
little penis right on the slit. I kissed him a little more there and then I
licked his slit clean of its leaking juice. He stopped giggling and moaned
when I did this."I am so close. I can't hold it much more."I looked up and smiled. I opened my mouth and swallowed his boy pecker
whole. I had his pubic hairs in my mouth I swallowed so much of him. I
pulled back dragging my lips across his ru nymphet 5 inch staff and more pre-cum oozed
into my mouth. He was so sweet. His body was quivering and his knees
weakened. He was really close. I bobbed on his apple for about 30 seconds
and then I nymphet homepage felt his warm boy love explode into my mouth. His hot cream slid
right down my throat. He was so bitter sweet. I loved it. He fired a
second shot landing right on my tongue. The third shot just trickled out
and he suddenly collapsed onto me. I gently laid him on the floor and then
I caressed his body. He was panting and puffing. His chest was heaving up
and down and his eyes were rolled back into his head."That was so incredible." He gasped.I smiled and said "You were excellent. I would never have guessed this was
your first time."He smiled and seemed to be delighted with my little lie. He lay there
recovering for about five minutes and then he said "I don't know if I can
suck you very good. Are you sure you want me too.""I only want you to do what you want?"He smiled and said "I really want to try it in my butt."I was in heaven. I will get to take his virgin ass. This must be a dream."Okay I will do it if you want it.""Yes, I have been putting my fingers up there and wondering what it would be
like to be fucked."I smiled and slid down his body. I lifted his legs to his chest exposing
his tight pink hole. I licked his crack and he let out a loud moan. I was
glad we closed the door because that could have awakened the dead. I licked
him up and down his crack sliding my tongue gently over his hole each time.
He was moaning and his breathing became more rapid. I focused on his hole
and began fucking him with my tongue rolling in and out of his ass. He was
loving it. I slid my index finger to his puckered friend and pushed the
first knuckle in. I kept sliding my finger in until it had completely
disappeared in his tight boy chute. I was sliding it in and out of his boy
hole and he was really moaning."I need it." He gasped.I quickly got the lube from my desk drawer and worked it into his hole. I
paid more attention to loosening his tight entrance and kept sliding my
index finger in and out. I added a second finger and the boy started
panting. His sweat was running off his body and all over. I removed my
fingers and gently slid up his body so my cock was pressed to his boy
opening and my face above his. We kissed and kissed passionately. Our
tongues were searching each other's mouths looking for new places to reside.
While we kissed I positioned my cock to his glory hole and slowly slid it
in. Once the head was in I stopped so he could catch his breath. His hole
was so tight. It was the tightest hole I had ever been in. I slid free nymphet pornsites in about
3 inches more and gave him time to adjust. When he nodded I pushed the rest
up his butt until my balls were nestled in his ass cheeks. It was so hot
and tight that I thought my dick was stuck in a light socket. I began
slowly sliding in and out of him and he slowly started to loosen up. He was
moaning and kissing me all over and I started into a regular rhythm. He was
kissing my neck and running his fingers over my back. I kept pounding his
ass and started to get more aggressive. He just moaned and begged for more.
I hit his prostate and it was like he had the wind knocked out of him. little nymphet board
wrapped his legs around me and tried to pull me into him more to make it
happen again. I began ramming his prostate and kissing him deeply. Our
bodies were covered in sweat sliding over one another. I kept up the pace
and pressed as much of my body to his as possible. His rock hard cock was
rubbing between us and with the sensations his prostate was giving him he
started to cum between us. I felt his hot boy spunk land on my stomach. I
bellowed and my balls pulled tightly to my body. I fired shot after shot
into the boy. The heat between us was so incredible. The sensations of my
cum filling his bowels sent waves up and down his spine. He moaned and
kissed me deeply again. I fired until my sac was empty. I lay on top of
him for several minutes recovering. He was lying there doing the same but
he kept kissing me all over my neck and chin. After about 10 minutes I
pulled out of him and he let out a little sigh."I loved having you in me." He said."I loved being in you." I replied.We eventually got up and he went into the TV room and I back to my bedroom.
I love that damn study.
To be continued.....
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