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From: Brad Goodman
Subject: The Truth About Me - Cahptr 18This story is a work of fiction. Some parts may be based on real life but
the actual names have been changed to protect the innocent. This story
involves sex with boys and adult men. If you are underage or offended by
this type of material or it is illegal where you live stop reading. Please
think about all the other usual crap that goes here before going on. ******************************************************I have gotten a lot of great emails from people this last week and I want to
thank eveyone for their support. I appreciate all the ideas for future
chapters nymphets room
and will see if I can work some in. I had a request for a chapter
giving a description of each charcacter and the chapters they appear in. If
there is some demand for this I nymphet modles will oblige. I want to dedicate this
chapter to Scott. Hang in their dude, you are going to make it through it.
I hope you can love like the boys in the story. I really appreciate those
emails of support and if you wish feel free to drop me a line. Your
comments and emails are appreciated and can be sent to
The Truth About Me
By: Brad Goodman
Chapter 18 Lives were beginning to return to normal for me and the boys. We model bbs nymphets were
joking around, playing games, and hanging out like before. The next few
days went by very quickly. I was doing well at nymphet black
work and things seemed to be
looking up. Jason kept preteeen nymphets his promise and found me the next day in the gym
working out. He seemed to be wearing more revealing clothes this time too.
When the room had emptied he invited me into the bathroom hot nymphets sex
which had three
stalls and one urinal. younge teen nymphet He disrobed completely in the third stall furthest
from the door and I sucked him off. Before I could leave he sat me down and
sat on my cock doing most of the work and fucking the hell out of me again.
He was a very horny boy and just wanted to fuck all the time. He didn't
have any after school activities like Jake and Nick so he had tons of
energy. This scenario played out on Wednesday and Thursday. On Friday the
boys did not have any after school activities so I saved it for them. They
were so busy with school activities and nymphets fresh fuck xxx friends that we extreme nymphet always saved Friday
night for each other.The ten nymphets boys were keeping busy in school and whenever I wondered if I was
bringing them up right or not, all I had to do was naked skinny nymphettes
look at their grades and
school participation. Nick was a great baseball player and he was working
out with many of the juniors and seniors after school so he would have a
chance to make the varsity team in the spring. He was an awesome defensive
shortstop and he was a fairly good hitter. He was practicing about 1 hour
after school everyday with the upper classmen it was paying off as his swing
was becoming a thing of beauty. Nick was a thing of beauty already in those
tight best nude nymphets baseball pants because as I have said many times he has a perfect ass.
He was also getting involved in drama. I know you are thinking "How
Cliche" but he was a good actor. Not everyone in drama is gay but in his
case it was mostly true. I nymphet vombat
think he was a lot like me in the fact that he
had an eye for girls but preferred boys. His activities did keep him very
busy. Jake was a great soccer player. I think he is more talented at
soccer than I was at football. He can be a little lazy with his workout
ethic but he definitely shines when he puts forth 100% effort on the field.
I love watching him play because he makes it look so easy and that is not an
easy task to accomplish. He was also starting to get involved with the
Debate club. He liked to argue and this was a good channel for his
disposition. Nick loved to tease him and would say he was the "Master
Debater" all the time. Old joke but still fun.They both were very good academically nymphets portaal and I never really had to harp on them
about homework. The boys always did their homework with little or no
encouragement. I love it when they ask me for help in algebra or history.
These are two subjects I like and I love working with them and seeing the
light come on when they get something or learn something new. Spending
anytime with them is precious to me and for some reason we seem to enjoy
learning together. The boys had all A's and B's on their progress reports
things were going well for them. On parents night the teachers told me I
had done such a good job as the boys were both so polite and well mannered
in class. It seems our widower story was running through the school and
many young, single, attractive teachers hit on me. The soccer coach 3d nymphets archive
was one
of them. He was a young man about 25 and he had light nymphet creampie brown hair and hazel
eyes. Coach Jones was in good shape. He was thin but with an athletic
build. He had a very baby face in my opinion so I was shocked when he
introduced a 15 year old boy to me as his son. The boy looked nothing like
him except he was cute as hell too. The boy was short, had an olive
complexion, dark brown hair, and deep brown eyes. He nymphetsland com looked Italian or
Hispanic. The boy was quite polite and he seemed to be eyeing my body as I
eyed his thin boyish frame. In fact, Coach Jones was eyeing me too in my
opinion, but I disregarded the whole incident as being only in my mind. The
coach asked if I and Jake wanted to meet Tony and him to practice on
Saturday morning and Jake answered before I could speak."Yeah. nymphet photgraphy
That would be great.""Just meet us here at 9:00 on the practice field." The coach told us."You know I can't play soccer, right?" I chimed in."That's okay it is really just so the boys can practice." model nymphet ukrainian
The coach
replied.I nodded and we all parted.Jake explained to me that Tony had been living with a foster family at the
beginning of the year last year. Children's Protective Services likes to
move kids a lot and were going to place him elsewhere. When he was about to
be placed at another home coach asked him if he would like to live with him.
They both got along and really liked so they worked it out. CPS was so
happy to get rid of nymphet nude links
dealing with the kid they expedited the matter and
evidently at the beginning of this year it became official. Jake told me he
liked Tony and they teen nymphet russian topsite had messes around in the boy's locker room after school
a couple of days earlier. The boys ended up jerking the other off. Tony
told him he had been doing it with the coach for a year and Jake confessed
our relationship. I guess I know where this is going to go.Before we left the school that night I had three phone numbers for female
teachers and one phone number for Coach Jones. I had almost forgotten
about the whole thing because of the sex with Jason on Tuesday, Wednesday
and Thursday but Jake reminded me on Thursday night when he got home. On
Friday, I worked a little later than I wanted too but when I got home Jake
was still not there. He was practicing with the debate team for a meet that
was going to happen in a couple of weeks. It was quiet and the dog was
missing. The door to my room was half open and I heard so moaning coming
from it. I walked quietly to my door and peaked in. I saw Nick and a new
boy sitting on the edge of my bed intently watching the TV. The boy wasn't
much older than 13 and cute as the day is long. The moaning was coming from
my TV and I naughty nonnude nymphets recognized the music as being from one of our Man's Best Videos
named "Fresh Cream". It is a bisexual elegal nymphets
video and has a lot of condom free
sucking and fucking. Cute, horny teens boys and a nice teenage slut with
big tits. I wasn't sure what to do so I decided to play it straight. I
burst into the room startling both boys."What the hell is going on here!" I said loudly. "You two are watching my
porn. That is unacceptable. You know I don't allow you in my room without
permission Nick. You two are in big trouble."The boy looked scared. Nick was trying to suppress his grin."I didn't know sir, I was , I was , I was..." He squealed out."You were what. You were watching my porn and enjoying all the hard bodies
of the boys and thinking you were going to get away with it."He looked a little puzzled now. Nick finally started to laugh and said "Are
you going to fuck with us all night or are you going to FUCK with us right
now."The boy pussies nymphet
looked more puzzled. "You know I don't allow boys to watch porn in
my room... without me."I smiled and the boy finally let out a large sigh of relief. He started
laughing and I think it was partly to relieve the tension. I looked him
over real good now. He was very cute. He was about 5 feet 4 inches tall
and blond. His hair was short and spiked with very blond tips. The roots
were darker and it created a very cute looking contrast. He had a milky
white complexion and looked pretty thin. He definitely junior nymphets did not have much
body hair looking at his smooth hairless legs and arms. He was wearing a
South Park t-shirt and long baggy jean shorts. He looked up at me and he
had an amazing smile. His teeth had braces on them but he was quite cute
none-the-less. He had deep pools of blue set in his eyes and a cute button
nose."So what is your name?" I asked."Brett." He replied."Nice to meet you Brett. How old are you?"He looked at me and smiled "I am 13.""How do you two know each other?" I inquired.Nick spoke up "He lives upstairs. He and I new free nymphettes porn
each other from last year.
He is in 8th grade. I was wondering if he could spend the night.""Of course he can. But he will have to sleep in my room." I replied."That was the plan" Brett explained."You know that I don't allow boys to wear clothes in my room while we watch
porn movies, especially when they have a boner leaking cum through there
shorts." He looked down and his little boner was making a cute little tent in his
shorts. Nick sat there smiling big and I grabbed the boy by his left arm
lifted him from the bed and pulled him into me standing with his back to my
chest. I leaned down and nibbled his ear and whispered nude nymphet thumbnails
"Are you ready to
have some real fun.""Hell yeah. I have been waiting all week to come over here. Nick and I did
it for the nymphets pix jpeg first time on Sunday and he told pretty little nymphet girls
me about you and Jake. I have
been dying to come spend the night."I licked the boy on his neck and kissed him under his earlobe and then
nibbled his ear some more. My right hand reached around him and rubbed his
cock through his shorts. little nude hot nymphets
I ran my right hand up his right side and then
lifted both his arms up. I grabbed his shirt and pulled it over his head
exposing his thin white skin. He was very smooth and he had not developed
any hair in his armpits yet. He lowered his arms and I ran my hands down to
his boxers which were sticking up about nubile nymphets xxx 3 inches above his shorts. I
slipped my thumbs inside the elastic band and then pulled them from his skin
so I could look over his shoulder and peer down at his boy staff. It was
gorgeous. He had cum sprayed all inside his shorts. He must have blown his
load while watching the video. sweet russian 6 nymphets His cock was rock hard and good sized for a
boy. It was about five inches long and he had a nice foreskin. It was
already pulled back exposing his head. It looked like he had the kind of
foreskin that was always back a bit exposing the tip of the penis ls nymphets ls models even when
flaccid. He had a light, thin nest sweet nymphets childs of blond hair around the base. I guess
his hair was naturally highlighted like that. I slipped my right hand into
his boxers and wrapped my fingers around his shaft. I squeezed it sliding
his foreskin forward a little and then back. He let out a gasp. I wiped
some of the cum from his boxers and collected it on my index and middle
fingers. I raised them to his mouth and wiped his seed over his lips. With
my left hand I turned his head and I kissed him. Our tongues raced out to
snatch the prize. We shared his cream and kissed quite passionately. My
hands trailed back down and I unbuttoned and unzipped his pants. They
dropped to the floor and he kicked them off.Nick stood up and began to dance in front of Brett slowly stripping off his
shirt, then his shorts and then sliding his boxers down. He was very hard
and his six inch cock bounced in front of him. He was leaking gallery nymphet young a little and
he definitely was very horny. He turned and bent over exposing his ass to
us. Brett let out a underground nymphet gasp. I did too. Nick's ass is so smooth and well
sculpted. He waved it grinding his hips around and around. He chinese nymphet stepped back
and rubbed it over Brett's boxers young nymphet schoolgirls
making his cock wave up and down in them
as his globes passed over it. He stood up and faced Brett. He dropped to
his knees and took hold of Brett's elastic band. He pulled it out as I had
done and looked in very seductively. I ran my hands back in and gathered up
the last of the boy spunk and placed the glob on Brett's cock head. Nick
slipped Brett's boxers off and then Brett kicked them over to the side of
the room. Nick opened wide and flicked out his tongue and licked the under
side of Brett's wild nymphets info pulsing cock head. It was a large purple head on a milky
white shaft. Nick opened some more and then engulfed Brett's cock. He
savored the juice on it. I was rubbing Brett's flat milky white chest. He
had nickel sized nipples and they were very erect. He had the cutest mole
just to the left of his right nipple. No muscles yet but a sexy smooth body
anyway. I continued kissing and nibbling on Brett's cute nymphetes nymphets underage children porn
ears and neck. He was
lost in the sensations and he was only held up by my hands on his chest.
Nick was sucking his cock and licking his crown every time he reached the
tip. Brett was breathing rapidly and his chest heaved.He flung his head back and it pressed into my chest. His body tensed and he
began pumping his second orgasm down Nick's throat. Nick sucked down all of
his precious fluid not letting a single drop slip from his mouth. Brett
collapsed completely against me and I gently lowered him onto the bed. Nick
stood up and nymphet rape galleries came to me. He stuck out his tongue and it had a little of
Brett's boy juice still on it. I opened my mouth and sucked his tongue like
it was a cock. I pushed nymphets tube
Nick onto his back on the bed. I stripped of my
clothes as quickly as I could releasing my six and half inch thick cut cock
from its prison. I picked his legs up and put them on my shoulders. I
knelt down and began to lick his cock. His six inch pecker was hard and
smooth. I licked the shaft from the top to the base. I licked his hairless
balls sucking in his walnut sized balls one at a time. I licked the V of
his crotch and then back to his shaft. He moaned and begged for me to little sweet nymphets 12yo
him hard. I clasped my lips over his head and I created an intense vacuum.
I began to bob up and down on his cock sucking every inch. I could feel his
warm, smooth, milky white thighs close around my face. This felt so good I
picked up my pace. I could feel his hot cock sliding along the roof of my
mouth and then touching the back of my throat. He screamed and jammed his
cock into my mouth more. His hot watery cum spewed into my throat and I
sucked down all four blasts. I milked his snake until he had nothing left
to give. As he panted in the afterglow of his orgasm I slipped lower and
began to kiss and suck on his boy hole. His pink rosebud was opening like a
fish mouth out of water. My tongue dove in and he moaned. His cock
immediately sprang back to life. I lubed his boy pussy with my spit and
then slid up his body until my cock touched his hole. He smiled real big
and just gazed into my nymphet pthc sites eyes. I looked into his pale blue eyes and leaned in
and kissed him as I slipped my cock up his chute. We continued to French
kiss as I began to fuck his tight little ass. I began pushing into him
harder and harder. His love canal was so tight. He must have been clamping
down and the heat of his body pressed to me was incredible. He wrapped his
legs around my hips and locked his ankles just above my ass. Brett was
watching so intently. We didn't even notice him. We were locked in a
lover's embrace me ramming his hot hole. His hard cock was rubbing on my
belly and we broke our lip lock for a quick breath."I am going to cum." I told him."Just hold it for a minute. I am about to do it too." Nick replied.I held my cum and the friction between our bodies continued to work him into
a frenzy. We kissed more and as soon as I felt his first shot, I exploded
deep inside of him. We never stopped kissing during the entire orgasm. I
shot round after round deep inside of Nick's bowels. Our sweaty bodies
locked in a deep embrace we never looked up. After a lovely nymphets gallery couple of minutes
pressed together I rolled off Nick and we just lay there for a couple of
minutes. Before I was fully recovered Brett rolled on top of me. He began
kissing me and I kissed back. My cock sprang to life again. He slipped
down and licked Nick's cum off my belly. He slid back up and then kissed me
letting me share in his feast. He slid back down. His smooth round ass
stopped as my hard cock hit his crack. He grabbed my leaking tool and
rubbed the head over his hole spreading my natural lubricant all around.
Nick opened my drawer and got out our lube. He squirted some into his hand
and greased my pole."Brett has never had a dick so big and thick in him."I just nodded. Brett slid back and Nick guided my cock into him. My head
pushed past his ring and I saw him wince a little. He slid back more and
took about three and half inches into his very tight pussy. It was the
tightest ass I have ever been in. I was still out of it. The euphoria of
making love to Nick still had me on the greatest of natural highs. team nymphets bbs
He was
tight and hot. His hole was so hot I thought my cock had burst into flame.
He slid back more until my pubes were in his crack. He paused and waited to
adjust again. I couldn't believe it but I was about to cum again. He
wiggled his ass a little getting used to the huge pulsing intruder. It was
actually very sensual the way he maneuvered his ass around my cock. He
waited a little more and then began to slowly slide back and forth on my
dick. He was so tight I new I couldn't hold out very long. He picked up
the pace and then it happened. My cock rammed his prostate and he
immediately shot his cum out over my nude nymphets first time stomach. He clamped hard with that and
slammed back into me more. I fired my load. I had grabbed his hips and
thrust my cock deep into him. He fired three shots of watery almost clear
cum. My cock pulsed deep in him firing over and over. Whether he was
trying to milk it all out or not his tight hole was tiny nymphet photos doing just that. I must
have shot 8 streams into him. He collapsed forward onto me tiny nymphet first and my cock came
out of his ass with a pop. We just lay there silently. I caressed his back
and his head gently. We must have dozed off because when I awoke Jake was
standing over us with a big grin.
To be continued......
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