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From: Brad Goodman
Subject: The Truth About Me - Chapter 11This story is a work of fiction. Some parts may be based on real life but
the actual names have been changed to protect the innocent. This story
involves sex with boys and adult men. If you are underage or offended by
this type of material or it is illegal where you live stop reading. Please
think about all the other usual crap that goes here before going on. ******************************************************
This has been a good week for the boys. Everything seems to be running like
clockwork. I did find out my company is looking to furlough or have a
reduction nymphets xx in little nymphet blowjob
force. The HR Manager is a friend of mine and he told me it
was a good idea if I got my resume up to date. Not a good feeling. My
section is considered indespensable, however they informed me that many top
management people will be targeted due to their salaries. I just got a
promotion about 2 months ago. This bites. Well I guess if it happens I
can't stop it. Maybe I can get a job with the federal government. I just
need a lobotomy and to be castrated. Then I would be perfect for the job
since I would be child nymphetts gallery inept small tits nymphet and have no balls. Enough of my ranting. I hope
everyone enjoys this chapter and keeps the emails coming. The boys and I
enjoy them. Your comments and emails are appreciated and can be sent to
bradgoodman30hotmail.comThe Truth About Me By: Brad Goodman
Chapter 11 Collin just stood there mouth wide open. He was looking me up and down and
Joey and I were in such shock we didn't even try to get dressed. I was not
sure what to say and then Joey said "Collin, it would last longer if you
take a picture."Collin replied "I wish I could.""Collin this is not what you think. Sometimes two people who really love
each other try to express it in a way that is so beautiful and meaningful...""Uncle nymphets shine sun Brad, I know about the birds and the bees. I think it is kind of
cool that you two are doing it.""Oh really" I said. I was puzzled and asked "What do you know and what do
you think of this?"He looked at me for a second and then he replied "It is cool but if this is
the way to show someone you really love them then why haven't you done it
with me?""Well Collin, I only do this with boys who want to do it. If they tell me
or show me they want to do it and we really love each other then it is
okay."He paused and looked me over again "I really want to do it too, and I nymphets small bbs really
love you."I was shocked. Collin was only 10. Was he ready for this type of
relationship. I didn't have sex with Nick and Jake until they were 11. I
kept thinking Collin meant so much to me and I didn't want to jeopardize our
good relationship by introducing sex to it."Collin, are you sure you would really want to do this? I don't want you to
think for us to love each other we have to do it."He looked at me and said "Yes I want to do it. If I didn't want to do it, I
wouldn't say I want to do it. I am not a sweet underage nymphes baby. My friend Sergey and nymphets pic sex
I wank
our willys all the time together. I know about sex."I was impressed with his candor russian nymphet kiddie
and honesty. I nodded and he walked to me
and we hugged."Now I want to get a nymphet watersports good look at you chaps" he told us.He looked us up and down for several minutes and Joey actually kept rolling
around so he could expose himself completely to Collin. This was going to
be an odd but unforgettable night. Joey became a little impatient and said
"Well if he is just going to look, I want you to finish with my massage.""That would be a lot of fun to watch" Collin added.I rolled Joey on his back and began massaging his shoulders. He had a
little tightness in them which quickly subsided as I rubbed his neck and
shoulders with the palms of my hands. His body is so smooth and silky soft
he is incredible to touch. I caressed his neck and collar bone and worked
over his shoulders gently rubbing them with firm circular motions. He was
sighing and purring a lot. I rubbed over his shoulder blades pressing my
finger tips into his smooth soft flesh. He closed his eyes and let out a
deep breathe. Collin could not stop watching."Can I help?" he asked timidly.I waved him to the bed and he knelt down next to Joey's left side. I had
straddled Joey and was sitting on his tight ass. I quickly positioned
myself on his right side. I took hold of Collin's hands and guided them
over the upper part of Joey's back just under the shoulder blades. He
smiled and let out a little giggle. I continued to guide his hands pressing
them firmly enough to Joey so he could get a real massage out of this.
Collin was definitely erect as his pajama shorts were tenting in the front.
He kept giggling and enjoying the feel of Joey's incredible body. nymphette porno
Joey was
enjoying the touch of our hands even more. We continued downward rubbing over the small of Joeys back really grinding
the tension out. He began to moan a little more and his breathing became
deeper. We rubbed Joey from one side to the other caressing every inch of
his silky white nymphet models bbs
smoothness. We began rubbing just above his tight ass and
Joey said "Make sure you do that part good."Collin smiled at that and quickly raced to squeeze and feel Joey's firm
smooth butt. He was running his hands over the two boy hills enjoying the
feeling. I continued massaging Joey's back and had neglected to realize he
was grinding his cock into the bed. He was breathing ukrainian naked nymphet deeper and deeper now
and was close to release. I kept working away and Collin kept rubbing his
ass. Joey bellowed and he shot boy lava on the comforter. He squirted
several streams of boy cream all over the bed. When he had finished he
rolled on his back and the juices were pressed to his stomach and the bed.
I leaned over his tight smooth hairless belly and began licking the remains
away. Colin saw this and asked "Can I try some?""I nodded and told him "It can taste funny the first time but it is good
once you develop a taste for it."He looked at me and said "I told you Sergey and I suck all the time and I
like his stuff."I guess Sergey is a little older than my ten year old boy. He quickly
leaned down and devoured the remaining spunk. He licked all over Joey and
even sucked his nipples a little. He licked back down Joey's body and
licked the small amount left on his shaft. He licked Joey's semi-rigid boy
pole up and down. When he had slurped up all the illegal nymphets photo
sweet nectar the boy
turned his attention to my throbbing cock and told me "You look to be in
need of some relief too."I nodded and he quickly licked my leaking slit. He licked my head around
the base and then up to the tip and his tongue ran through my slit again.
It was so good I knew he had to have practiced some. He licked the tip like
it was ice cream he didn't want to melt away. He sucked the head into his
mouth and created a nice vacuum. He then bobbed up and down a couple of
times taking my whole cock in his mouth. It was really hot. He shot me a
sly grin and playfully bit the tip. He was gentle and his teeth felt nice
running softly on my cock. Electricity filled my body. free nymphets pictures
He swallowed the
head again and began bobbing up and down half my mast. I was getting close
and he kept going faster and faster. I was starting to worry he would get
whip lash. My balls screamed and I could take no more. I fired my first
shot right down his throat and he easily took it. I fired again and again
and he swallowed more. He just kept bobbing and swallowing everything I had
to give him. This continued for several more rounds and he didn't lose a
drop. I collapsed next to Joey and thought: I can't believe I tried to give
this kid advice about blow jobs and cum. Collin smiled at us lying there naked and then he pulled his pajama shorts
down exposing his small 3 and a half inch cock. It had a beautiful foreskin
draping over the tip and it bounced with an energy only possessed by a young
boy. He began stroking his cock and was going to beat himself off right in
front of us when Joey popped up and said "Let me help you with that."
Collin smiled and Joey crawled to Collin who was kneeling on nymphette pics
the bed and
licked his shaft petite nymphets google from end brazillian nymphets
to end. Joey peeled back the foreskin exposing a
quite purple head and licked the tip good. He ran his tongue over and over
the small boy meat. Collin was moaning and panting. Joey engulfed the
small pecker and began sucking it with all his might. He became very
excited and was hard now again. Joey bobbed up and down on the small
sausage and Collin squealed with delight. Suddenly, Collin stiffened and
his body seemed to be having a seizure. He grabbed the back of Joey's head
and thrusted all of his meat to the back of his throat. He was having a
great dry orgasm. It looked incredible as his little balls twitched and his
body began to spasm. He released Joey and collapsed right on top of me.
The feel of his very soft pale white flesh pressed to me made me instantly
hard. He lay on top of me huffing and puffing for several minutes. He
definitely reached orgasmic bliss. After, 10 minutes Joey rolled Collin off of me and climbed on top. He
straddled me with his legs and told me "I am not done with you yet."I knew he wanted to be on top and when he was it was hazardous to my balls'
health. He would slam down with all underage little nymphets
his might trying to impale himself upon
my cock. I was scared but very excited. He began rubbing his firm ass over
my cock letting it slid in his crack. He leaned forward and kissed me as
passionately as he could. His tongue caressing my lips and just touching my
teeth. I began rubbing his sides and quickly found his nipples. I was
running my thumbs over his nipples and had my other fingers caressing his
pecks. forever nymphets links
He grabbed hold of my shaft aimed to his hole and slammed back. His
ass plopped against my flesh and Collin sprang up. He watched in awe as
Joey started sliding up to the tip of my cock and ram back down. The pop
was so loud I was afraid others would hear it. Collin was amazed by the
sight of Joey riding my cock with reckless abandon. Joey was moaning and
talking very dirty. Collin was instantly erect again. I reached my right
hand out and took possession of his boy cock and stroked it gently. He
began thrusting it into my palm. The two boys continued to pick up the pace
thrusting faster and slamming harder into me. Joey was trying to either
stimulate his prostate like never before or he was trying to make my nuts
explode. Fortunately for the both of us, both things happened. Within
minutes, I was cumming inside of Joey. My sperm coated his bowels as I kept
exploding again and again. Joey gave his cock a couple of tugs and he began
to shoot his hot cum all over my stomach and chest. His prostate was
ringing with the pleasure he had slammed into it repeatedly and he didn't
need much to make him shoot his load.Collin began to spasm again and before long we were all lying in my bed
naked and completely spent. My cock and balls were coursing with the pain
of a hard ride but it was definitely worth it. Joey began to slip into his
slumber and so did Collin. I had a boy on each side of me and I wrapped my
arms around them and just held them all night long. very hot nymphets We remained like that
until about 7:00 the next morning when I got the boys up to get dressed. We
went back to sleep for several more hours all pressed together as we slept.
The most wonderful feeling is that of a boy pressed to you. Hearing his
heart beat, feeling his breathe against your body and enjoying the warmth of
his flesh pressed to yours. It is unbelievable. The rest of their stay was
pretty uneventful. We spent much of that Sunday lounging around, watching
football on TV and putting up some Christmas decorations. It was the time
of our life just being together. I was beginning to realize I could not
bear to be away from Collin for a long time when Mary told me she was coming
back for Christmas. I was so happy I thought I may burst. This was
definitely going to be a fantastic year. On Monday we drove them to the
airport and they flew back to England. When we got home I found a note on
my bed from Collin. It read:Uncle Brad,I will miss you very much. I really enjoyed us making love the other night
and can't wait to do it again. I love you more than anyone in the world.
You are my russian nymphet sites AMERICAN DADDY and I can't wait to see you at Christmas.Love,
Your Son CollinIt was so sweet and I wished I got it before he left so I could give him an
even bigger hug and a kiss goodbye. Collin is so fantastic I will miss him
a lot. The next week went as planned and by Wednesday all was back to
normal. The boys were enjoying school and I was back at work. On that
Friday nymphette tgp our lives changed forever. Ben came over in hysterics. I guess this
brings us back to where we left off. After the passionate night of love
making we all went back to the Hospital to visit Ben's grandmother. Ben and
I were the only ones allowed in to see her. She looked bad and had tubes
running out of her all over. Ben's eyes swelled with tears and the flood
gates opened. He began sobbing and crying worrying that the only caregiver
he had known was fighting for her life and her mind. The doctor came in and
talked with me and explained that she was not going to recover. The tests
had come back and she was brain dead. He asked what I wanted to do and I
told him I did not know. He was assuming I was her son and I guess he
thought I could make that decision. I was not ready too. Ben understood
some of what the doctor said and later we went into the doctor's office to
talk. I explained to him his grandmother would never get better and would
never walk or talk or do anything again like before. She is alive and may
live for a long time if she stays hooked to the machines. I explained that
the doctor wanted to know what to do. Ben was too young for such a decision
and he just fell into my arms and sobbed for an hour.I decided to wait and gave the hospital all the information about Ben's
mother I knew. I was hoping thaimisc nymphet jpg they could find her so a decision could be
made. A few days passed and they called to say they could not locate her.
I tried for everyday that week myself looking up all the places I had known
she had lived. Finally, on a Saturday afternoon I got a call from the
Dallas Police Department. They asked what my relationship was to fuck nymphet japanese
mother and so I explained the situation. They informed me she had been
found dead several years earlier of a drug overdose. Now Ben was alone.
His grandmother must have known but never told anyone. That Monday, I
called my lawyer and got the ball rolling on getting custody of Benjamin.
He said it looks like a no brainer as long as the father doesn't show up.
By that Tuesday, I had temporary custody of Ben and everything was set in
motion to make it permanent. I talked with Ben about always having a place
with us and he seemed very pleased. Wednesday came and I had to finally
make a decision about Ben's grandmother. I decided to call the hospital and
have her removed from the life support. We visited her about an hour before
they were to remove her nymphette password from the machines and Ben told his grandmother he
loved her and kissed her on the cheek. We left and the hospital staff took
care of the rest. She went very quickly as her heart stopped within
minutes. I have not told Ben I decided to remove his grandmother from life
support. I just told him she died peacefully sleeping. I believe it is a
fair and kind lie. On Saturday Mary and Collin were returning and free nymphets tgp
I was
afraid this would be too much for Ben to handle. I watched him carefully
and was trying to gauge his needs and be sensitive to his pain. He was a
trooper and made it through his grandmother's funeral on that Thursday. He
was such a brave kid and had the strength of 100 men but he also had the
vulnerability of a single boy. I held him every night since his grandmother
passed. He never could get to sleep. The poor boy felt so afraid. tgp bbs nymphets
I just
held him all night and told him I loved him. Finally on that Friday, he
slept well for the first time since she went into the hospital.Saturday came and Mary and Collin were due to arrive at Bush
Intercontinental Airport at 3:00. I had been emailing Mary keeping her
aware of the situation. She greeted Ben with a hug and a kiss like he had
been part of the family for ages. Collin and he clicked right away. Things
seem to be headed in the right direction. I was just hoping and praying the
boys could keep a lid on the sex. nymphets porn links
If Mary ever found out or someone else
for that matter, then we would all be in jeopardy. However this was a time
for love and peace and the greatest present a boy can receive is love and
affection. My Christmas adventure was about to begin. I had a 10 year old,
two 11 year olds, two13 year olds, and one smart ass 14 year old for two
weeks. nymphets 14 yo Aye Caramba! How was everyone going to get along? We moved the
bunk beds and one single into the largest bedroom upstairs. This became
Ben, Matt and Jake's room. Joey and Nick got the next biggest room and the
last room upstairs was left as a guest room. Thank god we had two bathrooms
upstairs. For Christmas, we gave Mary the guest room and the bathroom
closest to it. The boys had to share the bathroom attached to Ben, Matt and
Jake's room. Joey and Collin stayed in one room, Nick one a coin toss and
got to stay in my room, and the other boys stayed in their own pedophile nymphet black
room. It
seemed to work. We still had a living room, TV/game room, and my study if
needed. Nick was way too eager to stay with me and he told me that Saturday
before bed he was really looking forward to taking a bath in the Jacuzzi tub
with me. He liked to be nude teen nymphets bathed and I liked to bathe him. He has such a
great soft smooth body. His milky white skin and the incredible shape of
his perfect ass make him a nymphet glamor pics real treat to pamper in the tub. But I will tell
you about that later.We all prepared for Christmas and I decided to try to make arrangements for
Ben to celebrate Chanukah. I asked him what he wanted to do for Chanukah
and he informed me it was over. I was puzzled because it usually falls
around Christmas time. He informed me moscow nymphets it came at Thanksgiving this year. I
checked the calendar and he was right. Damn, I am an insensitive buffoon.
He smiled and told me he really wanted to celebrate Christmas if that was
okay.I said "Sure but only if you will teach us about Chanukah too."I didn't care it had passed I zepps nymphets
wanted to learn as much as I could so I could
support Ben in the future. He agreed and we all began making preparations.
Oddly enough, we went to see "Eight Crazy Nights" in order to learn more
about Chanukah but sadly ukrainian nymphets port it didn't help much. I did learn some things from
Adam Sandler's Chanukah song though. It is the festival of lights and lasts
eight nights. That was more than I knew before I heard it. Poor Ben did
not know his history either. His grandmother did not take him to Synagogue
much and he had very little education to go on. He did explain that they
got one present each night for eight days and they lit one candle each night
for those days. We decided to celebrate Chanukah beginning Monday. I
thought it would be good for all of us to get a little culture. There were
many boys to shop for and I wanted them all to have the best Christmas yet.
Too my surprise I got a much bigger bonus this year and my boss informed me
I was being promoted to Regional Director of Accounting Services for the
Southwest. Now life seemed too good.All the boys are still very much collectors of Hot Wheels cars and of all
things World of Simpsons figures. I got them most of what they wanted from
a new PS2 for Jake to the XBox for Joey to a go-cart for Nick. They all
wanted a lot of games and CDs. Matt had to have Grand Theft Auto 3: Vice
City and I got it. (I know it is bad but I can't help it.) They all got
plenty of clothes and gift certificates to Blockbuster as well. I tried to
give them each a nymphet modelling pics
gift just for us to enjoy together. I gave Joey a
certificate for the Auto Show for just the two of us to attend. Matt got a
certificate for 1 football game nude child nymphets
and Jake got a certificate for a day to go
to play put-put golf. Nick received a certificate for the Monster Truck
rally for just he and I and Ben got a certificate for us to go fishing in
Galveston. I think the boys always liked my certificates best because it
usually it means we spend a day together with just us. They love each other
but I have found they seem to covet alone time with me. I feel the same way
with them. For my present the boys had a real surprise in store for me.
Joey, Nick lovely nymphets galleries and Jake did something for me I am in shock over. The boys
secretly made me a special video. On Christmas Eve Joey and Jake came into
my room around 11:00. Everyone else was asleep and they and Nick just
grinned from ear to ear. They explained that Big Ryan and little Ryan
helped to make this tape filming it for them. They had used our video
camera to make me a movie. This was quite a movie.The boys put the movie into the VCR in my room and we watched. It was
really kind of cool with them all dressed in their Sunday best clothes
pretending to work in an office. Joey was the manager and Jake girl nymphets pic and Nick
were his staff. Little Ryan made a cameo as the office boy. Jake goes into
Joey's office (my study) asking for a raise. Joey tells him it is a bad
economy and raises have to be earned by HARD work. He really emphasized
HARD. I suddenly realized this was a very cheesy plot and it must be a
porno. I was right. Jake said I can get HARD work done and quickly
unbuttoned his pants and dropped them. He tossed off his Sports coat, shirt
and tie. He stood in boxers with a nice tent in nymphet thumb underage them. Joey stripped
dancing slowly and letting his clothes fall from his body. He has great
moves. Before I knew it he was naked and his cock was bouncing around.
Jake dropped to his knees and quickly began blowing Joey. Jakes smooth
bronze skin pressing to Joey's slim but athletic nymphetes photos legs looked incredible.
Joey's crotch and ass were a stark contrast to his tanned body. Joey was
thrusting his 5 inch cock into Jake's mouth and Jake was sucking it all
down. The sounds from the video had me just as hard as the sights. The
boys were moaning and talking dirty to each other.Joey kept asking "Is that HARD enough for you?"Jake kept mumbling out "Um, hmmm.""Don't Talk with your mouth full" Joey replied.It was so hot to watch as Jake slurped Joey's pecker from base to tip. Jake
had his cock hanging out through the opening in his boxers and his brown
warrior was hard and his coat pulled back. He reached down and stroked it
as he sucked. Joey was getting close and panting naked nymphets pics more. The video zoomed in
and Jake pulled back. Joey gave his cock a few tugs and his nymphets tits cream shot
right onto Jake's face. Jake opened his mouth and caught some of the
precious seed but a lot of it landed on his chin and neck. It was hanging
down from, his chin and Joey quickly dropped to his knees and began to kiss
Jake passionately. The two boys feasted on the boy spunk together. I was
quite ready for a little personal action now but the video was so
captivating I could not stop watching. Joey was not done with his
performance either.Joey said "Now I need you to complete the HARDEST task of all."He quickly got on all fours in front of Jake pointing his tight white ass to
Jake's solid five and a half inch cock.Jake replied "I aim to please the boss."With that the boy took his rod and shoved it into Joey. He grabbed his hips
and pulled their bodies together bucking him forward each time. They were
fucking harder and harder and Joey was really wailing for the cameras. He
was begging for nymphet boys
it "HARDER AND HARDER" over and over. There was no extreme
close up like in many porn movies and I think I like it better this way. I
got to see both incredible natural nude nymphets boys the whole time enjoying their action. This
was too hot. They kept slamming together until Jake cried out "I am going
to cum so HARD." It was so cheesy but I loved it all so much. He pulled
out of Joey and rubbed his dick on the top of Joey's tight ass till he blew
his nymphet topless 12yo load all over Joey's sweet little butt. Right after he finished he
leaned down and licked the two boy globes clean of the recent nymphets model pics deposit. Only
the first scene and I was going to cream my pants. I stopped the movie and
said "I can't watch anymore. I need to go to sleep." sex sexy nymphet fashion I rolled away from
them all in the bed and pretended to snore. They all sat there for a minute
and then began diving on me saying "You liar, you know you want us so bad
right now." They really nymphets angel knew me and I was ready to have a great Christmas
Eve party just the three of us right here, right now.To be continued......
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