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Subject: the truth about iceland, chapter 8I couldn't identify the look on Jakob's face, but he grabbed me and
returned fire on the passionate kissing. "I promise you that you will NEVER
have to experience what Cody did. I will never hurt you, and neither will
anyway else if they know what's good for them." His biceps seemed to have
gotten bigger. "God I love you." He said, putting his arms around my
bottomside and lifting me up so I was on eye level with him. With one arm
holding me up, and another against the wall to support his weight, we were
in heaven before reality interrupted."Hey baby... we should really figure out how to convince Sean not to call
the cops on you..." I said, somewhat scared."I have the perfect plan. Leave it to me." He ran downstairs, still holding
me with one arm. We went down near Sean, who was regaining consciousness.
"Listen pervert. If you or your desperate bitch up there says a word about
this, I swear to god I will rock your worlds." tiny nymphet sites
Jakob said, to which Sean
nodded frantically.We didn't waste any time getting out of there. "You can be so frightening."
I said, shivering. "I'm so glad that you're my boyfriend.""Aww baby, I don't mean to scare you." He said, hugging me tightly. "Here,
get on my back. We need to get to Lilja's as soon as possible." He
commanded. Even though we had done it before, I still marveled at his legs'
insane strength, along with his endurance that never seemed to die. We were
at Lilja's before I knew it, and we found Lilja and Anna in Lilja's
room. Lilja was on her bed, silent tears running down her face.As Jakob walked in, he picked Lilja up and hugged her sincerely, in a
friendly way. "Vat happened?" Anna asked eagerly. I began to explain the
whole situation, having to relive the emotions that I felt there, then. As
I explained how Jakob raped Cody out of anger, a look of pure remorse
formed on his face."You actually raped him?" Anna said."Don't be so shocked... you know that they won't tell anyone." Jakob said."Yeah... I think he got his point across pretty quickly." I said quietly."Oh Jakob!" Lilja cried out, embracing him in a hug. "I still can't believe
he... why... oh my god..." giant tears fell from her icy blue eyes."I shouldn't have let him even touch you..." Jakob said quietly."No.. don't blame yourself. If you had tried to stop him, I would've just
been mad at you anyway." Lilja said, underage 13 yo nymphets calming down somewhat."But he has left you an emotional scar that you'll carry around for a
lifetime! If you ask me, I didn't even punish him enough!" Jakob exclaimed."But he got his ass kicked, raped, and pride destroyed Jakob... not to
mention all the shit he'll nude ukraine nymphets
get hwen people find out." I said quietly."Have you told your host family?" Jakob asked quietly."No.. I do not trust them enough." Lilja said."Here.. dry your eyes girl..." Anna said sincerely. The day passed by in a
blur. nacked little nymphets
Jakob and I stayed with Lilja and Anna for the whole day. We just sat
in a circle on her bed talking about what happened, letting out our
emotions. Eventually, we just all laid down cuddled. At about 11:00pm, we
all decided nymphet sites pic it was time to get home."Sorry Lilja, but I can't stay here tonight. I have to get to school early
for tutoring in English." Anna said nervously."It's okay.. I should be fine." If you had asked me, I would have said that
she didn't sound very certain of what she was saying."I'll stay the night with you." Jakob said in a strong voice. A wave of
relief washed over Lilja, and it showed on her face. "I just need to walk
my boyfriend home." Jakob said in a nymphet teenie fuck pic more smug voice as he put a thick arm
around me."I'll wait with her until you get back, then. I don't want her to be alone
for a second." Anna said matter-of-factly."I love you guys." Lilja said, hugging them all."Please tell me that those are tears of joy." Jakob said, grinning."We'll hurry." I said, speaking for the first time in a while. As Jakob tiny angels nymphets and
I walked (he didn't insist on carrying me this time), we talked about the
situation."This is pretty intense." I said bluntly."Nah, just give her time. Lilja's strong, and I'm sure it'll make her feel
better when she sees Cody being treated like shit. She just needs time..."
his voice trailed off."Hey... I'm sorry this happened." I said, hugging him."No.. it's nothing," he said; but I knew that it was nymphets photos bbs a big something. "I'm
going to watch any guys that hit on her like a fucking hawk though." After
some small talk about school, we reached my house."See you tomorrow baby... I had better young nymphets peeing get back to Lilja's so we can
sleep." He said, giving me a strong, passionate kiss."I love you." I said with a glint of euphoria in my eyes, in spite of the
situation."Ég elska þig, cutie." He replied. I could see his tongue dance gracefully
in his mouth as he formed the sounds with exaggerated length. "See you
tomorrow." He said, giving me one last hug and kiss before sprinting out of
sight.As I walked inside, I was met by complete darkness. I assumed that my mom
was either working the night shift, or already asleep. I dragged my feet
upstairs and collapsed on the bed, not even bothering to turn off the
light. I had freaky nightmares about Jakob raping me, and I slept
terribly. I assumed that it was because I was used to sleeping in Jakob's
strong arms at night, which would be enough to keep anyone's nightmares
away.Sooner than I would have liked, dawn broke. I quickly showered, brushed my
teeth, got dressed, and left elite hardcore nymphet without any breakfast. I caught the bus just
in time, sitting beside Emma, and thankful that things were back nymphets nn pic to
normal. "What's new?" she asked."You have no idea." I said, sighing. Surprisingly, I managed to explain the
entire situation before the bus pulled into the school."He raped him!?" she exclaimed in astonishment."Shhh! Don't say that so loudly!""Fine, but let's hurry up." ucranian nymphets We got off the bus and ran around the courtyard
like a bunch of idiots, searching after Lilja and Jakob. It was pretty hard
to miss Jakob's massive form; he was wearing the tightest, black tank ukrainian nymphetes
I've ever seen. My lustful thoughts about how his looks contrasted nicely
with the wifebeater were cut short when Emma pulled me towards the two."Is the shirt to scare away any predators?" I asked sarcastically."That, and so you have something to concentrate on in gym." He grinned."That might not nymphets pedo porno be such a good idea." I said grimly. We held a conversation
as Lilja and Emma confided nymphet 13 yr in each other, hugging and all. Either we were
extremely paranoid, or everyone got quiet as Lilja passed by. We all made
sure that Lilja never left our site. Jakob was so close to her that she was
touching her, and even the soccer team seemed to avoid us like the plague,
except for Sean. I wondered what made him be so persistent. It was nymphet lovers so
obvious that Jakob could kill him; what was Sean's problem?"Do you have a problem?" Jakob said in a deadly voice to Sean, who just
shook his head."Yeah? Then why are video nymphets
you eyeing her like you are?" He said, nodding towards
Lilja. Sean just bolted away as fast as he could. nymphet little girls "Fucking bitch!" Jakob
growled. Veins trailed Jakob's massive arms like thick snakes, and they
were even more prominent now due to his anger."Baby, just calm down." I said weakly, my small hand running down one oops nymphet art
his muscular arms. He let out a sigh, presumably to calm him
down. "Everything's gonna be alright." I gave him a small hug."Thanks boyfriend." He had nymphet model pictures made it a habit to refer to me little nymphette nude pics as 'boyfriend'. I
thought it was cute.Emma, Jakob, and I all took our seats in homeroom, and unfortunately for
Cody, he was still in the class. To all of our surprise, he walked up to
Emma. "Hey Em-" SLAP. Emma's hand had left a red imprint on his cheek."You bitch! I didn't fucking do-" I threw him face first into a desk."Fight! Fight! Fight!" everyone started chanting.SMACK. Cody's fist had connected with my stomach. My abs covered most of
the hit, and the rest of the pain was gone when I saw Jakob throwing Cody
across the room. I was certain that the whole school could hear Jakob's
kicks connecting with Cody's hardcorenymphets stomach. There was blood all over the
floor. Some girls screamed, some guys egged Jakob on, and, russian baby nymphets as usual, Emma
and I just stared in amazement."Damn, he's a keeper." Emma said, whistling."Eriksson! Go to the office, now!" Mr. Bates cried out, sounding more
confident than he looked. Mr. Bates flinched as Jakob's massive frame
knocked him to the side like a ragdoll."And you two! Go with him!""Just who the fuck do you think you are?" I yelled, losing my temper."You fucking teachers think that you know what's going on all the time,
don't you!? Well-" Emma screamed, but was cut off by the teacher yelling,
"Go!"A *SMACK* was made as Emma's hand whipped across Mr. Bates' face, similar
to that of when she hit Cody. "You senseless bitch!" Mr. Bates yelled,
pushing her down.I was astonished, but my instincts kicked in. I picked up a desk and threw
it at him, my muscles pumped up through the adrenaline rush I was
feeling. "Leave!" Mr. Bates shrieked, losing all sense of masculinity that
he had left.I ran over to Emma and lifted her on her feet and mumbled, "Let's go." As
soon as I was out of the classroom, I whipped out my phone and sent a quick
text to Anna and Lilja: "We three got kicked out of class for kicking the
shit out of Cody and Mr. Bates. Reply ASAP.""I'll call Jakob." I said."Okay, I'll call a cab or something.""Wait until we find Jakob.""Okay... is he answering?""Yeah-Hey, Jakey?" I wondered if it was a corny sweetname, but apparently
he didn't think so."Oh, hey baby. Sorry for taking so long to answer, I was taking forever
punching a hole in the wall." I thought that was pretty hot, even though I
probably shouldn't have."You're hilarious baby. Where are you at?""Outside on the backside of the school. What happened?""Emma and I cussed out Mr. Bates, he got smart with us back, so Emma
slapped him, then dark little nymphets
he pushed her down, after which I threw a chair at his
head and he kicked us out." I said, unable to suppress my giggles."Wow, that's hot. I hope Cody knows this isn't the end.""He probably doesn't. Anyway, we're trying to get Lilja and Anna out of
class now so we can just skip the day.""That's cool. Where would we go though?""Yeah, it's whatever. Uh, my house I guess. No one is there, and my mom
doesn't get off until around midnight.""Okay. Come find me, I'll be waiting.""Alright, bye.""Love you.""I love you too baby." I couldn't help but grinning. I was dating the
biggest stud in school. I probably would've jumped giddily if Emma hadn't
been there. I didn't want her to see me have a queen moment."Lilja responded! She said, 'Wow, you guys are awesome. Okay, just forge a
note from the principal. Our teachers won't notice.'""Perfect! Got any paper?""Yeah, here." She said, giving me a piece."College ruled? Nice." I quickly scribbled a note that said, 'I need nymphet boy
to see
Lilja and Anna; they will not be returning for the day.' signing it with
the principal's name. I showed the note to Emma nymphets natural nymphets erotica who said "Looks great!" and
began to powerwalk down to the art classroom.I walked in quickly, not displaying any etiquette whatsoever by thrusting
the note in the teacher's face. As he was reading it, some redheaded kid
with pimples called out, "Hey-hey you! Fagg-""CAN'T ANYONE MIND THEIR OWN FUCKING BUSINESS AROUND HERE!?" Anna screamed."Take a tampon, bit-" the red-headed boy tried to respond, but was met with
a full, lolly shy nymphets long blast of pepper spray. It was Anna who was holding the can."Ow! My eyes!" he cried out."Uhm, ma'am, before you and your friend leave..." the old man started, but
was completely ignored model young nymphet
by Lilja and Anna. They darted for the door,
slamming the door on their way out. Emma had already went to meet Jakob,
and Anna and I stood as close as ever to Lilja as Jakob had done."Pepper spray? Nice!" I exclaimed."It was Emma's idea. We need protection for when Jakob's not around." Anna
said matter-of-factly."Yeah well, speaking of, Emma and Jakob are around the back. We need to
meet them there."We walked and walked until we met the anja eternalnymphets two outside. They were sitting under
a huge tree, and as we joined them and told them about the redhead boy, I
saw Jakob's arms began to shake again with anger."Don't get mad." I whispered, hugging Jakob from behind. I still couldn't
get over how his body felt; as hard as a rock! I would probably nymphets stars top curl up in
a ball and cry if Jakob beat the hell out of me like he did the jocks and
Cody."I'm gonna rip that little boy's body apart." He whispered back roughly."Ah come on; He got peppersprayed; isn't that enough for him?""No nymphets tgp nude one calls my boyfriend a faggot, do you understand me?" he said, still
so quietly that the others couldn't hear. They were engrossed in their own
conversation anyway. His chest flexed with power, most likely a reflex. ukrainien nymphets He
would put any man to shame.When I didn't say anything, he repeated himself. "I said, do you understand
me?" God he was hot."Yes baby." I answered him, massaging his rock hard shoulders and arms. I
heard rustling of leaves, and even though it was freezing outside, it
appeared that there were others that were insane enough bbs nymphets naked
to come outside in
this weather."Y-you!" one of the three girls that approached us screamed, pointing at
me."M-me!" I said, making our group laugh."You better leave right now." Anna yelled at her. Apparently the girls knew
the group that was facing us."No!" the same girl yelled, running up to me with her hand outstretched, as
though she were going to slap me. But Anna charged her before she could get
to me. They were on top of each other before anyone knew what was
happening. All you could hear was SMACK SMACK SMACK and whimpers of pain."Yeah! Go Anna! You're kicking her ass!" I yelled gleefully. The other
girls of her group seemed too nymphet 002 afraid to do anything."Alright, break it up. Jakob said, pinning the girl nymphets bbs nude effortlessly to the
ground and lifting Anna off of her.""Oh! How fucking cute! Defend your little faggot boyfriend and your-""Hey little bitch. Listen. I'm a gentleman, but if you shit talk the people
I love, I'll make you regret it. I don't have to fight to make someone
hurt.""What're you gonna-Ohhhh!" she moaned out as Jakob sat nymphets lsmagazine on top of her, his
sexy ass pressing down on her chest."This might be hurting you more if you weren't flatchested." He taunted,
getting up and pushing her away."Fucking queer! You fucking-" SMACK. For the third time today, Emma slapped
a person across the face."Get the hell out of here!" Emma shrieked."Ugh! Let's fucking LEAVE!" she added. We stalked away quickly, and arrived
at my house in short time. Jakob and I sat close enough to talk without
being overheard by the others, and that was saying something considering we
were in the living room."Wow, you dominate guys AND girls?" I said wild nymphet incredulously."Only guys, well only you, well-yeah, you little nymphets boy
know. But I so could have gotten
laid by her models nymphets pics
if I wanted to.""Yeah but littel nasty nymphets
ew, her make up was totally out of whack.""Queen nude tiny nymphets moment?""Totally. But yeah, why did you do that silly? You could have just held her
in place.""Because I'm feeling pretty pumped up if you get my drift." He said,
flexing all of his grand muscles."Hold on tiger." I said, winking paranoid nymphet at him. I was pretty sure I saw him grin
and let out a deep growl. I was surprised I didn't spring a hard on right
then and there. "We're going to need some alone time." I whispered to the
girls, winking at them. They must've gotten my drift, because they all
said, "Play safely."Jakob carried me upstairs and lay me on the bed. "What're you in the mood
for?" he said, grinning. I had a full view of his now naked upper body, as
he was standing over me. That heavenly masculine smell that nymphet gymnastic belonged only
to the Icelandic god in front of me filled my vicinity."Depends." I gasped as sexy nymphette he bit my neck and sucked. I didn't bother keeping
my moans down. "Did I mention I have no gag reflex?" I gasped again. I
swear I could feel his cock expand in his jeans. "You like that then?" I
grinned cockily.Jakob threw me face down onto the bed with a grunt. "Looks like someone's
got some energy." I grinned, raising my head up and looking directly at
Jakob. He grinned and took off his nymphette kid pic sexy A&F jeans. His tight briefs looked
like they were about to burst nymphette girls from all of the strain coming from his heavy
package. I was just as eager nymphete photo as he was. I had wanted to taste his sweaty,
masculine meat ever nubiles nymphets young incest
since I had laid eyes on him. I let my tongue do its
own thing. It ran itself over Jakob's powerful, rich balls. Even though he
was hairy, I didn't mind it. In fact, I kind of liked it.While my tongue ran itself over Jakob's massive cock, my hands found their
way to his rock hard thighs. I tried with all my might to dent the muscle,
but Jakob had them flexed to brace himself. He smirked at me, his penis
now deep down my throat, and said, nude nymphets oreteens
"You're too weak, little man." He
must've been getting joy out of my futile attempts at triumphing over his
power. Nevertheless, he was right. I was weak compared to him. Everyone
was. My mouth had to stretch as wide as possible to fit his massive balls
in my mouth, but I was still glad I could fit them. After about a half hour
of sucking, he still hadn't orgasmed, but he was definitely close. He was
such a sex machine!He let out low, manly growls as he grabbed my head with his massive hands
and facefucked me. I made small, whimpering noises as he forced me around
with his insane muscles, now ten times stronger due to all of the
testosterone. "I'm going to cum! Fuck yeah!" his voice boomed through my
ears. Nothing could have prepared me for what I was about to feel. With
extreme force, a total of fifteen bursts of cum came out of his huge penis
into my mouth. If he hadn't been holding me still, I would have probably
would have went flying back. I didn't waste a drop of the cum.The girls at school had always said that cum tasted horrible. They
obviously never tasted the luscious, sweet cum of the smiling Icelandic guy
who now ukraine nn nymphets had his full lips on mine.

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