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From: Guy Smith
Subject: Truth about GrantThis is a work of fiction.Truth about GrantThings have pretty much sucked in my life for the past
two years. When I was 14 things were going pretty
good, then my mom died 12 yo nymphetts of cancer. It was a sudden
thing. I guess it was good she didn't suffer, but it
was a hard thing to deal with.I'm 16 now and not very happy with my life. I learned
how to be pretty self costume nymphet thumbs reliant when my mom died. My
dad, Hank Jefferson, had lost his job a short time
before Mom died. He kind of retreated. models nymphets porn He tried to
take care of us, but small ukrainian nymphets porno
didn't do a very good job of it.
When Mom died me and my other two brothers all lived
at home. Reggie was 18 and left for college as soon as
he could. Ryan was 11 and depended on me. I took care
of him as best I could, but at 13 he's learned how to
take care of himself. He spends most of nymphets and old his time at
his friend Oliver's. litlle nymphet gallery My parents loved the idea of
their son's names all beginning with the letter "R".
Ryan was the luckiest of us, Reggie, his real name is
Reginald, got the worst. I was ok with the name they
stuck me with- Rex.I spend a lot of time with my friend Tony. His nymphet angel models mom
makes sure I have enough to eat and all that cool
stuff. But I'm still pretty lonely. I also have a
temper problem, thats what got me kicked out of
school. I ended up going to an adult high school,
that's where I met Grant Weston. He was 28. He had
dropped out of high school at 16 and decided to go
back to finish up.I mouthed off nymphets nude photo to Grant the first time nymphet portal link little nymph models
I met him. He
grabbed me and told me that I better watch my mouth
and give adults a little respect. He then told me that
I reminded him of himself at the same age. He told me
about a few things that had happened in his life. From
then on we got along very well. He bbs nymphets vombat
was the wild nymphets 12yo first adult
to talk to me like I wasn't stupid and from another
planet.It also happened that what he wasn't good at boys nymphets top in
school, I was and vice-versa. We soon began tiny nymphet bbs studying
together on a regular basis. I even went over to his
apartment to study. He was a fairly good cook and he
enjoyed making me dinner.One of the few evenings I went home, I ended up
getting into a fight with my dad. I was pretty upset
and was riding around on my bike when I ended up ls nymphets kds at
Grant's place. I rang his doorbell and he answered
wearing only a pair of shorts and no shirt. It was the
first time I had seen Grant shirtless and noticed how
built he was.Grant could see I was pretty upset and instantly
invited me in."What's wrong, Rex?" he asked with genuine concern.I started crying the nude free pics nymphets
moment I tried to speak. Tears
rolled out of my eyes and down my cheeks. Grant didn't
hesitate. He wrapped his arms around me and nude nymphets models hugged me
tight. I'd never had a man hug me before, my dad
certainly hadn't. I was surprised by how good the
embrace felt. I eventually wrapped my arms around
Grant's back and he hugged me even tighter. I loved
the feel of his soft skin and that was a weird
feeling.Grant and I nymphets girls pedo eventually sat down on the couch. He got
me to open up about how much my mother's sexynymphets death had
hurt me and about everything else that was bothering
me. Grant and I talked for hours. Most of the time he
had his arm around me and I liked that. I convinced
him to let me spend the night. He gave me some
blankets and young nymphets
I crashed hard.I woke up early in the morning and heard Grant getting
ready to go to work. It was a Saturday, which meant no
school for me. I heard Grant get out of the shower so
I headed to the bathroom to take a piss.Grant's bedroom door was open and I glanced in. Grant
was standing there naked. He couldn't see me, but I
could see all of him. His cock was hanging and it was
hard. It stood straight out and had to be about seven
inches long. I watched for a second and then quickly
ran into the bathroom.When I pulled out my cock to take a piss I saw that I
had popped a boner. I had to piss bad, but couldn't do
it with a hardon. After a few minutes I finally made
it go soft and I relieved nymphet tween myself.I crawled back onto the couch and pretended to go back
to sleep. Grant made breakfast and prepared for work.
He woke me to say he was leaving and that I was
welcome to stay if I had my dad's permission.After Grant left, I called my dad. I lied that I was
staying at Tony's for the weekend. little nymphets nudepics
He ok'd it. I then
called Tony and told him to cover for me if my dad
called. I told him that I was hanging out at Grant's
place and he agreed to lie for me. He thought it was
weird I liked to hang out with an nymphet angels nude adult, but he was my
best bud and would do anything for me.After Grant left I ate a bowl of cereal and watched
tv. I got bored and decided to take a look around his
place. Knowing I shouldn't, I went into his bedroom
and started looking around. Spying under his bed, I
noticed a box pushed as far under as it could go. I
managed to reach it and pulled it out. I was surprised
when I opened the box and saw what was in it. Porn
magazines and sex toys!!! The sex toys were dildos and
plastic dicks and the porn magazines were of guys
kissing, sucking cock and fucking. I was leafing
through the magazines when I realized I was getting a
hardon.I was still a virgin. I had dated a few girls and
kissed a underage free pictures nymphets
few. A couple had nymphets studios given me a blow job, but I
had never fucked any pussy. I continued to look
through the magazines, rubbing my hard cock through my
jeans.After a bit of that I got onto Grant's computer,
logged onto the internet and looked at his history. He
had erased it, but I knew enough about computers to
find it again. He had been to several gay sites and
had watched some gay porn videos.I watched a couple of the downloads he had watched. I
got especially turned on topless nymphets
with one of an older guy
fucking the ass of a younger guy. I pulled out my cock
and started stroking it. Leaning back and closing my
eyes I began jacking my cock little indian nymphets imagining the duo on the
screen was Grant and me-making love. I shot a huge
fucking load all over my stomach. I was floored to
admit to myself that I was attracted to Grant, but it
was the truth.I took a shower and cleaned up. I made sure there was
no asian nymphets sex sign I had disturbed Grant's porn collection or
knew his fallen angels nymphets galleries secret.When Grant came home that day, I nasty nymphettes lied that my dad had
given me permission to stay the night again. He took
me out for pizza and we had a good time playing video
games.We came home and watched a movie. tiny nymphets virgin I wanted to tell
Grant that I knew about him, but I didn't have the
courage. I saw my chance when he went to take a
shower. A few minutes after he got in, I went to the
bathroom stripped down and climbed in."Rex!" he exclaimed. "What the hell are you nymphet land photos doing?""I know you're gay, Grant," I told him. "I want to be
with you. I need to be with you."He tried to deny that he was gay, but I told him I had
seen the gay stash of porno under his bed and on his
computer."Don't you want to be with me?" I asked him.He tried not to answer, but I begged him to tell me
the truth. He finally admitted that he did want to forbidden nymphets tiny xxx be
with me, but it would be wrong because I was a kid and
he was an adult. I swore the age didn't matter to me
and that it would be totally consensual.He tried to say it was wrong, but I shut him up when I
grabbed him and pulled his lips to mine. He resisted
as we kissed at first and then gave in. I felt his
body loosen and he gave in to our attraction. His arms
wrapped around me and our bodies pressed against each
other. We kissed for some time before he broke from
the lip lock and sank to his knees. My cock nymphets nudes underage was hard
and at its full six inches. Grant took my cock in his
hand and gently took it into his mouth.The cp nymphets bbs links blow job that followed was the most intense orgasm
I had ever had, and a million times better top young nymphettes free than the
suck nymphets nudist jobs by the chicks I had gotten.I was pretty horny and it didn't take him long to make
me cum. When I came I saw stars. He drank my came
happily. He stood teem nymphets
up and kissed me again and I could
taste my own cum on his tongue. I knew right then I
wanted to taste his cum.He turned off the shower and took me by my hand to his
bedroom. We laid on the bed and kissed. He laid side
by side and I crawled down to where his cock was.I took his cock into my mouth and innocent nymphets porn tried to suck it."Whoa, baby," he said. "Slow down." He told me how to
do it right and nymphets bbs rompl tgp
I listened. He maneuvered so I was on
top of him and we 69'd for awhile. I followed his lead
doing what he did. I loved the taste of his cock in my
mouth and desperately nymphet pic forum
wanted to taste his juice. I
could feel him starting to cum and I held his cock in
my mouth. His first load sprayed the back of my mouth
and I nearly gagged. I swallowed as much as I could.
The taste of his cum set me off and nymphets myusenet I came nymphets 16 years again,
shooting another load of young boy jizz down Grant's
mouth.When we kissed our cum mingled on our tongues. He laid
down next to me and we rested. I laid my head on his
chest and lovely nymphets board played with his chest hair. I loved the
feeling of our skin touching and I was soon hard
again. And so was he.Grant crawled on top of me, his lovely body pressed
against mine, our cocks rubbing against each other. We
kissed and his tongue slipped past my lips."Make love to me, Grant," I whispered in his ear. He
asked me if I was sure and I illegal nymphet gallery said I was, most
definitely.Grant crawled between my legs and little school nymphets prepared my ass with
his tongue sweet litte nymphet photos and then his fingers. My ass resisted the
fingers and I wondered if there was anyway I could
ever take his big dick. He lubed up my ass and then
his cock.I felt his cock poking outside of my asshole. "Relax,"
he told me and I did.He pressed against me and I felt my asshole give way
and his cock popped in."OH FUCK!!" I said. Grant didn't move again and just
stayed there. I froze as well, hoping the pain would
go away. It soon went away and he began to slowly
slide in. Before I knew it, his wonderful cock was all
the way in. The pain was gone and in it's place was a
wonderful feeling.Grant began to fuck me and I knew at that moment I was
a queer. There was no doubt about it. I nymphets getting fucked urged him on
and soon Grant's heavy balls were slapping my ass.I felt tingling all over my body as Grant fucked me.
He leaned down and kissed me as he continued to fuck
my teenage ass."I love you," I murmured without really thinking about
it.He smiled. "I love you, too," he responded.He fucked me for awhile. My cock was rock hard and
soon I felt myself cumming. Without even touching my
cock, nymphet petite young
I came again, a huge load of cum spraying all
over my stomach."Oh, fuck!" Grant moaned. He froze with his cock deep
in my ass and I felt him unload another dump of cum
deep in my ass. He collapsed on top of me, breathing
heavily.I wrapped my arms around him, holding him right. His
cock eventually went soft and plopped from my ass. He
rolled off of me and laid next to me. I laid my head
on his chest and soon we were both asleep.Grant and I fucked and sucked the rest of the night
and the entire day.Grant told me he couldn't promise me anything,
especially a committed relationship. I told him I
didn't want that.I underage nymphets links don't know where the relationship is gonna go. I
just know I'm gonna enjoy it while it lasts.Comments and feedback are welcome.
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