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From: Rob Andresen
Subject: Truly, the Best Man - 2 Truly, the Best Man - 2 I heard the doorbell go off twice before I realized what it was.
Dad and I had fallen asleep last night and apparently I had worn the old
guy out cause he photography nymphets nude young
was not getting up at this early hour.
I checked the clock on the nightstand and realized it was barely
seven in the morning. Who would be banging on Dad's door at this early
hour on a Thursday? I put on a pair of ragged shorts he had laying by the
bed, all of my stuff still in the suitcase in my room.
I had come to town for my brother's wedding, I was going to be his
best man. But last night, at the rehearsal dinner, Dad said some pretty
amazing things and when we got back, he and I discovered all the things we
had in common. nymphets 12yr Specifically, our love for men. Damn but he was a fine
specimen! I stole a glance at him in kds bbs nymphets bed, his blonde fur like a dusting of
sugar on just baked cookies against his tanned chest.
And those rosy nipples! Damn but I wanted to suckle on those
tender teats again. But there was someone at the door and they weren't
going away. I stumbled down the stairs to the first floor of the townhouse
and saw a little nymphet ukrainian
silhouette against the stained glass entry window.
I unlocked the door and pulled it open, the chain still barring
from unwanted intruders. There, his eyes bleary from drink and tracks that
could only be tear trails marring his face was my brother!
"Davy! What the hell are you doing here at this hour?" I croaked.
"Pete, man, let me very little nymphets tgp in! I need to nymphet model boy pee bad!"
I pulled the chain down and opened the door as he stumbled his way
into the hallway, his breath redolent of beer, his eyes wandering down my
torso in recognition of my state of undress.
"Sorry I got you out of bed, dude, but I had a real shitty night!"
He leaned against the wall, his knees swaying.
"Come on, bro. The bathroom's down here." I slid his arm around
my bare shoulder and helped him down the short hallway to the downstairs
bath. He lurched around, unable to control his own movements, banging into
the door frame as I tried to get him into the small room.
"Shit, man. I need some help here." I held him as he tried,
unsuccessfully, free innocent nymphets to unbuckle his darkcollection nymphet belt to pee.
"Look, you just hold on a sec. Let me help you." With a practiced
flick of my wrist I had de-pantsed him in short order to reveal stained
boxers that showed he had been little nymphet videos unsuccessful earlier that night in heeding
nature's call.
I slid his boxers down and quickly grabbed him around the waist as
he swayed dangerously close to the medicine cabinet mirror. He grabbed
himself and with a soft grunt began spraying on, around, and sometimes in
the porcelain target.
I had to chuckle. The wasn't the first time I had to help my
little brother after a night of bingeing, but it had been years since he
had been this wasted when I was around.
Almost without thinking, I glanced toplist nymphets pics at his cock, the amber stream
flowing solidly, making spirograph pictures around the young bbs nymphets toilet. He was a
hunky guy, all told. A little shorter than me with a solid build to my
wiry frame. He also took after Dad in more ways, his blonde hair evincing
the Nordic side. But he was hairy, like I was, and the fur was darker than
Dad's, albeit not as dark as mine.
He stood there for several minutes, the steady pace of liquid not
slacking in the least. Apparently he had stored the entire night's debauch
without relieving himself til now. nymphet top ls At last, with a kind of shudder, the
spray slackened and ended as though cut off. I pulled his boxers up,
running my fingers along his thigh and hip, copping a little feel while
helping him readjust. The pants went on a little slower than they had come
off but then that wasn't little illegal nymphets
my strong nude amateur nymphets suit anyway.
We staggered back down the hallway to the media room at the front
of art nymphet the townhouse where he landed on the sofa where Dad and I had begun youngest nymphets gone naked our
mutual explorations. His eyes closed, Davy took a deep, sobbing breath and
new tears began tracing the original tracks still nymphets sample video evident on his cheeks.
"It's over, man. Brianna kicked me out and called off the wedding.
I've lost her!"
"What?" I asked, stunned. "What the hell happened?"
"She was pissed at what Dad said at the dinner, making mention of
you when this was our event." The subtle emphasis on the possessive
reminded be of why I disliked the bitch so much.
"She bitched about it all nymphets angels picture
the way back home that night and when I
told her to lay off, that Dad was just making sure everyone knew that he
loved both his sons, she tore into me saying how I was just another lousy
example of a pathetic family and that I should be honored to marry into her
family and have her for the rest of my life."
I flushed at the words, an angry haze burning its way into my
forehead as my dislike turned coldly into anger. "And what did you say?" I
asked, ice dripping from my lips.
My brother looked up at me with nymphets pussies
his tear-streaked face and grinned
evilly. "I told her that I would rather marry a red assed babboon than
lower myself to sally a dip into her gene pool, a facility that could do
with a good dose of nymphets nude girl chlorine and a paint job to cover up the horrible
My eyes grew wide and I found myself choking on the vision of my
now-ex sister-in-law's response to that vile comment. I coughed as Davy
chuckled cute nymphs nude in agreement. "Yeah, she didn't like it much when I said that so
she threw me out and so I went through the neighborhood, drinking at every
bar nymphet info
in sight."
I settled back down and sat next him, a matching grin on my face.
"So why the tears?"
He closed his eyes and sighed deeply. "Because I finally figured
out why everything was going the way it was. Why I was going to marry that
pretentious weasel woman and why I begged for the favor of touching her
ice-rimmed hole knowing that there was nymphet hole more in life for me than that."
Davy turned to illegal nymphet sex me and gazed deeply into my eyes, his clear amber
eyes sparkling with some internal light. "You had it easy, Pete. You knew
just what little nymphet free gallery
you were and took it all like it was normal, nothing to think
about. But I've never let it out before and last night, while I was
getting fucked by this hopped up jock, I knew that I had to be honest with
myself. And so I cried, cause I lost my innocense and finally realized
that I'm gay."
I sat, stunned by my brother's announcement and somewhat aroused by
the vision of a firm jock pounding my brother's ass with his member. David
took advantage of my momentary immobility, leaned forward and kissed me,
his hot breath steaming open my lips to allow his tongue to advance.
I closed my eyes and allowed the feelings to flow as we jousted
with our tongues, each fleshy spear yielding to the other. I knew this was
wrong, we were brothers, but then I realized that this was another
extension of the love I had for top nymphets
Dad. This was a love of family taken to a
higher level.
I abandoned myself to the flow of sensations as he kissed me,
running his hands across my cheeks, caressing my stubbly morning growth and
teasing light tingles into my scalp. But he did still smell and I was
burying myself in his being so fully there was no escaping the sneeze that
was building.
I backed up, turned, and let it fly, surprising him with its
intensity. "Sorry, bro, but you smell!" I grinned to take the sting from
the words and he grinned back at me.
"Yeah, I guess I do. I've had a couple dozen beers and at least
three men in the past four hours. I could use a shower!"
Knowing that he was not about to make the trip up several flights
of stairs to the bedroom level of Dad's townhouse, I got him standing and
we returned to the downstairs bathroom. I helped him undress, forum sex nymphets running my
hands across his firm belly and kneading his ass cheeks while admiring his
David had always been an active kinda guy, jogging and cycling when
others drove or played at the computer. As he stood there before me, his
body swaying under the heat lamp throwing shimmers off his blonde chest and
belly, I marveled at my fortune. He truly was an awesome hunk!
My shorts came down quickly since I knew I had to help him clean
off. We stepped into the shower and I leaned him against the tile, his
broad shoulders and firm ass to me. The water came gentle angels ukrainian nymphets out cold and he gasped;
but heat was quick to follow and soon he was standing under his own power
under nymphete porn the spray.
I poured shampoo into my palm and began massaging it into his
scalp, lathering it into a frothy cream. He leaned his head back to keep
the foam from his eyes and sighed at my efforts. I worked my fingertips
into his head, massaging the asia schoolgirl nymphet bbs
scalp and the sensitive points below and in
front of his ears.
I rinsed my hands and turned him slowly to allow the water to rinse
his hair clean. Facing me now, his eyes closed and head back, I gazed down
at his thick meat rod, standing proud and tall from between his legs. My
brother was not quite as long as me but he was thick in a way that I could
not hope to be. My thinner saber smacked against his cock as we jockeyed
under the water and he russian nymphet nudist smiled.
I little nymphet asian took the soap and began lathering him up, my hands beginning at
his shoulders and slowly working their way across his chest, flicking
against his now erect rosebud nipples, the fur collecting stray bubbles
that shimmered until bombarded with water drops.
If anything, my efforts caused his phallus to engorge even more,
threatening to illegal russian nymphet impersonate a beer can with its dimensions. I continued
across his belly, smearing his fur into swirled designs before wiping my
hand across and erasing young nymphets org my traces.
I ignored his purple staff and slid my hands along his hips,
foaming around his ample pubic hair and down his thighs. I kneeled before
him to grasp his muscular gams, the obvious result of his exercise regimen,
and slid my hands up and down his legs, teasing him with fingertips
brushing against his ball sack.
Then I grasped his nuts gently and massaged the soap into the fur
coating the sack, jostling his orbs around and bringing a little nymphet nudes groan to his
lips. I grasped his hips and turned him around to face the spray once
more, revealing his fur dusted ass to me. I massaged those firm melons and
slid a digit or two along the fur lined crack that hinted at its recesses.
In response, he shifted his leg to open the cleft to my
explorations. Covered with soap, my fingers found little friction and no
barrier to entrance as I slid along his pucker. It opened slightly before
me, winking in recognition of his deflowered status and the recent
exertions. I slid my forefinger inside, a groan emerging from above as my
brother settled into the moment.
But I wanted more than that and so, with great reluctance, I stood
once more and began washing his back, my fingers kneading the muscles and
providing massage and exfoliation at the same time. I purenymphets com reached his
shoulders once more and turned nymphet art volz him around so the water could rinse his
He opened his eyes and 15 yr old nymphet smiled dreamily at me before leaning forward
and kissing me again. The scent was of soap this time and I relished the
feel of his stubbled chin against mine as we savored the taste of one
brother for another. But there was another taste dark nymphets site I wanted this morning.
Breaking off our nubilenymphet
embrace, I slid back down to my knees and viewed
the object of my new found lust. He bbs nymphets board was impossibly thick but I needed to
sense the fullness of my brother's mast and licked a pearly drop of juice
that had peeked from the mushroom's cleft. He tasted of beer and honey and
salted pretzels and I moaned softly.
I was able to open my jaw wide enough to nymphet amateur models
allow the head to pop into
my mouth where several drops of cream joined the first in sliding down my
gullet. I ran my tongue around his crown, the total circumference testing
my years of experience in going down on men.
Davy was in thrall to me, his legs shuddering with the effort of
maintaining balance while I played his skin flute to perfection. It took a
little effort but his length was perfect for nestling against my tonsils
while my cheeks formed a velvet glove for his rod. I slid up and down his
cock, my brother leaning against the wall for support.
Despite his claim of tiny nymphet nude pics having been with a man recently, I could tell
that he was ready for release as his cock expanded even further, locking
itself in between my lips before firing its creamy barrage of jism down my
throat. He grunted with each shot and groaned as the last stream dribbled
down my tongue and into my hungry pipe.
His cock having been drained of liquid, it shrank enough that I
could slide off its meaty shaft and swallow the last remaining drops of
brotherly goodness. Now I was ready for release, my cock having risen to
its full length in preparation for its prodding exploration of my brother's
love chute.
I stood, my cock slapping against my furry belly, and spun my
brother nymphet art bbs to face the wall, his ass bud twitching in anticipation. I slid
into him in a single movement, burying all nine inches of top child nymphet asian lust inside his
velvet love track. He fit me perfectly and I could feel his prostate as my
cock knob banged against it.
But I was too far along to settle for love right now. I need to
satisfy my lust this morning. I began fucking him vigorously, the water
flowing over his back and along my chest, smearing fur into patterns as we
slapped against one another, my grunts and his moans echoing in the tiled
As the wave of nymphets naked forum pleasure crested along my spine and began traveling
across my sphincter and toward my balls, I whispered a warning that served
to cause Davy to tense his ass, keeping me buried inside him. The first
shot seemed to extend twice the length of my cock before the second wave
erupted, a sturdy salvo of similar duration. I pumped a quart of love
juice into his ass crack and stood, shuddering, under the cooling water.
Ever helpful, David reached for the handle and heated the flow of
water as I stood, shivering inside him. A moment of rest and I stepped
back slowly, my sword sliding from its flesh sheath before the pommel came
out with a pop and nymphets wet tgp felt a flash of ice across my cock.
Davy turned and kissed me gently, his eyes no longer red, his tears
erased with the rinsing water. An evil grin teased its way ls magazine nymphets pass across his lips
and he little nymphets sex pics chuckled.
"Well, Pete, I was just thinking. nymphet sex sleep
You know, you really are my
`Best Man!'"
....there's a third installment coming. Any guesses what's gonna happen
next? let me know what you think! Rob
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