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From: Patrick McCormick
Subject: True ReleaseTrue Release
Patrick McCormickMy name is Larry Powers, and I would like to relate some my experiences
I've had on the path to sexual submission. I hope you can overlook the
graphic parts, but I wish to convey my experiences and true feelings about
them, and they are necessary for me to do so.I remember when it all started. Well, let me rephrase that. I remember my
first experience with submission. I mean real submission, me in bondage
with a real Mistress whipping my tender ass for real. Oh, I have been
reading about bondage and discipline since I was young kid. My father had a
variety of pornographic novels hidden in the basement of the house. Nothing
can ever be hidden from kids by their parents; it doesn't matter how clever
the parent tries to be kids find all their secret stuff. I found my dad's
when I was around nine. The images that those stories created drove
overpowering fantasies in my young mind. I would conjure one of them up
every time I played with myself. I wasn't even ejaculating yet, but I was
having overpowering orgasms reading my father's books or dreaming about my
own submission. My earliest sexual daydreams were of being beaten and
fucked in the ass with a strap-on dildo. I longed to taste my first
pussy. Although I wanted them badly, I never did have any kinky sexual
experiences as a kid. I do remember being held by my Mother while my Father
was beating my ass with his belt. I think it was for playing in the busy
street at the end of the block, something I had been warned about many
times. Another time, my Father held me and Mom gave me an enema. I remember
how embarrassing it was to have her insert the long nozzle into my puckered
little anus while she squeezed in the warm liquid. They laughed at my
embarrassment while I sat on the commode and squirted out that liquid.
Anyhow I often thought about those moments while I was reading and beating
off, they are with me even now.The desire to experience the real thing never went away, all through
college and the early part of my marriage, I longed for the physical,
sexual and mental abuse connected with BDSM. I was always too shy or
embarrassed to speak about it with my friends. I hinted to my wife that I
might like to experiment a little in that direction, but she never took the
bait. The worst of it all was that the desire was not going away. I longed
for corporal punishment and a good fucking with a strap-on. My asshole
itched every time I thought about it. The older I got forbidden nymphet pics the more that I
yearned for it. Damn, How I wanted to mature and nymphets be used for the pleasure of another,
to submit to a stronger personality. It was all I thought about; my secret
desire consumed me.When I grew older I began pinching my own nipples and hitting myself on the
rear. I bought a small dildo and began sticking it up my ass when I played
with myself. That turned me on, but it was no where near enough. It made me
crave more. I began surfing the net. I discovered that there were millions
of people like myself. There were countless pictures and mpeg's
available. I looked at all of them I could find. I spent hour after hour
watching ten and twenty-second video's, Female Dominants or Male, It wasn't
the sex that seemed to drive me, but watching other people submit to those
forbidden acts. Grown men were not supposed to allow that sort of thing to
happen to them. Not a Real Man for sure. It was all I wanted.Finally I discovered an alternate sex site and I joined. Forty bucks for
ninety days allowed me to correspond openly with any of the members, and
there were thousands. On Friday nights when my wife was still working, I
would type letters and send them to those with interesting advertisements
and pictures. I had answers right away. Most of those that answered would
not commit to a real meeting; instead they would want to chat "Just to see
if we were really compatible". I did this for a while, but began to
realize that they were phonies probably using my innocence to jerk
themselves off. Although all of the ads I contacted first were from women,
I began to feel that most prteen nymphets of them were just horny old men seeking instant
gratification. Initially, the net was a big disappointment.Then Karen answered my mail. She was a big girl, a BBW she said. She was
open about her size up front, and asked if it would bother me. I was
completely truthful with her and said if she were truly dominant, and
somewhat sadistic, I would not mind and would enjoy the experience
tremendously. We agreed that I would pick her up and drive to a local
motel. I was concerned about the noise, but she assured nymphet tgp tiny me that the desk
clerk was a man that she had beaten a few times and he would see to it that
we got an end room with no neighbors.I followed the instructions and found her house ok. It was about an hour's
drive from my location, but I thought that was a good thing. She opened the
door as soon as I rang the bell. She was a BBW all right. She was fat, and
I was surprised at how short she was, only about five feet two. She came
right out carrying a bag and got into my car. The motel was close and she
instructed me "Go pay the man!" I did so. I was given a key and sure enough
it was on the end. We were out of the car and inside in a heartbeat. "Lock
the door and close the drapes" she told me, as she opened her bag and
placed an assortment of her "toys" on the bed. I saw a fairly large rubber
cock and felt my dick tingle, as it began to stiffen. "Get naked, boy" she
told me, as she walked up to me. As soon as I had my clothes in a chair she
barked "Stand with your back to the wall. Get your hands over your head". I
did so and she walked up to me, reached down, and grabbed my balls in her
left hand. "You will address me as Mistress while we are here. Do you
understand". She squeezed by balls a little."Yes Mistress" I blurted as I felt the sudden pain in my testicles. She
squeezed harder and I groaned. Still holding nubile nymphet child sex and squeezing my balls, she
walked around nymphets cp fucking to my side and began slapping my butt with her free hand,
squeezing my nuts as she hit me."I hope you like to eat pussy, boy!" She let go of my balls and removed her
clothing. She had really saggy tits and a very fat belly that hung down
over her mons. She flopped down on the bed and spread her legs. "Get that
tongue to work right now!"I moved close to the edge of the bed and dropped to my knees. I began by
kissing one of her flabby thighs and was slowly working up to her
vagina. As I got close I could smell it. It was fishy and musty
smelling. Christ, it smelled like it hadn't been washed in a month. I
touched her clit with my tongue a little, using my hands to pull her lips
aside. I began to lick along her labia a little. I got some toilet paper
stuck to my tongue. I almost retched right there. She placed both hands on
my head and pulled my face into her foul smelling cunt. It was over
powering free nude nymphets galleries
and I was strongly revolted, still I could feel my penis starting
to throb. I was getting hard."Use you fingers", she arched her back a little, spreading her legs a
little more. I stuck two fingers into her vagina while I nymphet small licked the
swelling clit above. Her cunt swallowed both fingers with ease, so I put
four into her. She began humping and bucking fiercely, pulling my nymphets ls models face
harder against her sex. In a few moments she climaxed. I sunk to the floor,
disgusted with myself. In just a couple of minutes she was off the bed. She
instructed me "Get on the bed on all fours" She picked up a small flogger
made of what felt nymphet video clips like ribbon. It did not even sting as she hit me with
it. "You will love this, it doesn't leave any marks". What a
disappointment, I wanted to feel some pain. She swung her useless whip a
few times and then crawled under me into a position for a
sixty-nine. "Let's eat each other for a while". Another disappointment, I
thought about begging her to fuck me in the ass, I needed it that
badly. Just as I was about to speak, she lowered her cunt onto my
face. "Hurry up lover boy. I want to cum again". I ate her until I had a
cramp in my tongue. As frustrating as the scene was becoming, I still had
half a hard on. Once my tonguing slowed down, she backed up and slid my
dick into her hot steamy hold. "Ride'm cowgirl," she hollered. She began
riding up and down and sliding back and forth, fucking herself into
delirium. She rode me until I came.I was pissed. Fifty bucks for the room and hours drive each way for what? I
was just about to push her off of my stomach when she said, "I need a
little more of that magic tongue big boy" I couldn't believe it but she
slid that cunt full of cum right up onto my face. She began to slide it
back and forth. I refused to tongue her anymore, but she did not seem to
care. She just ground her pussy into my face groaning and humping like a
pig. After the passing of eternity she got up off me, "I need a shower, you
can jack off if you like", and she went into the bathroom. I got dressed as
quickly as I could while she was showering. When she came out, she asked me
if I wanted to clean up while she was getting dressed, but I said no. "What
lover boy, do you want to save the crud on your face as a memento of a sweet nymphette xxx real
good time?" she laughed. "I certainly had one." She turned and bent over,
to pick up her panties, showing me a large puckered ass, as pink as the day
she was born. A large mass of black hair was visible all along her butt
crack."No Mistress, I'm just too tired to do it now". young teen nymphets nude
I lied, all I really wanted
was to take my face full of cum and go home. I drove her back to her house,
She got out, but held on to the door as she leaned back inside."Maybe, if you're a good boy, I'll fuck you with my dildo next time", she
laughed "I'll bet you'd really love that." I shook my head with an
affirmative answer. She went on, "Let's talk about our next scene on the
Internet, Larry, there's a lot more I want to try with you.""Yes Mistress, Lets do that," I put the car in gear with her hanging on to
the door. She closed it and I backed out of her driveway. I raced to the
first quick stop and washed my face in the john. I bought two cans of
tomato juice for the ride home. When I got back into the car, I could smell
the overpowering smell of her cunt hanging in the air. I opened the window
as I drove off, in an attempt to blow it out. I was disgusted with
myself. How could have I gone that far with a woman that held absolutely no
physical attraction. God, I even had a hard on. "I have to be a real
masochist to have enjoyed that! Enjoy it, hell I tolerated it. But it did
get me hot. I never really thought about humiliation, that must be it. How
depraved am I, really?" I thought out loud as I drove. "I wanted something
up my ass so bad," I continued the one-way conversation. I squirmed in the
seat. My ass hole tingled, "I'm on fire" I mumbled to myself. I saw a road
sign ahead, "Calhoon Park". I pulled off the road and turned into the
park. I found a lonely spot and backed into a parking place. I unzipped my
pants and started to jack off. My cock sprang to life. I was really
horny. I was just getting into it when a car drove up and parked right next
to me. I fumbled with my pants stuffing my hard prick back inside them. A
guy got out of the car and walked up to my open window."Hi, would you like some help with that? He said at first. I stiffened up,
very nervous, pretending ignorance. "You were jacking off, I could
tell. Let me help you." He reached in the car with his hand and pinched my
left nipple. I twisted and turned then squirmed with passion, sinking down
lower into the seat. "You are really hot," he said and quickly came around
to the passenger side and let himself into the car. He immediately grabbed
my dick through my pants and said, "Rock hard. Let me suck this for you."
He took both hands and unzipped my pants. Fishing around in my underwear,
he pulled out my very hard cock and promptly bent over and began sucking on
it. I was in heaven. I could not believe how good it felt to have another
man sucking my dick. He pushed a hand under my balls and rubbed my anus
with one of his fingers. His tongue was working wonders around the tip and
I could feel his teeth rubbing against the shaft as he sucked. I was so
hot, I felt dizzy. I lifted my hips a little. My mouth opened and spewed my
true desire without my conscious mind's approval. My passion was in charge
of my flesh."I need it in my ass" He lifted his head looking upward. "Fuck me," I
whimpered. He turned his head and looked straight into my eyes. "Please," I
begged. "I need something in my ass. He just smiled a little as he pushed
his body off of mine and began to rise."Let's go into the woods. I'll take care of you there," he sat up and left
the car, walking toward the trees. I zipped up and followed the path into
the woods behind him. I lost sight of him, but then saw him waving me to
him. He was in a small thicket, not really visible from the path. He was
stepping out of his pants as I walked up. "Get out of your pants, hurry,
someone might come by. little nymphette nude pics
I never took my pants off that quickly. When I
looked back at him, he was rolling a condom over his fully erect
penis. "Bend over" he said. Without ceremony he walked behind me and
placing a hand on my shoulder, pushed me over at the waist. "Spread your
cheeks for me", He asked as he rubbed his cock a little. I reached back and
spread my cheeks for him and I immediately felt the warm head of his cock
pressing into my anus. "Push back a little", he said as he pushed
forward. I felt his dick enter me. There must have been some lube on the
rubber, but there was still a lot of friction. It hurt some as he worked
the full length into me and I took a deep breath. "You are really tight,"
he pulled out a little as he spoke, "Get ready" he shoved it back in,
hard. I groaned. Soon he was pumping in and out, throwing me a real fuck. I
never felt anything that good. In a minute I came, in a long solid spurt. I
never had I climax that did not pulse, but I did then. He came a moment
later. And pulled out quickly, pulling off the rubber and throwing it into
the bushes. "Suck me clean, would you," he asked. In a trance, I sank to my
knees and took his sperm covered cock into my mouth. My body quivered as I
did so. It was my first cock. I lovingly cleaned it up for him. I don't
think he ever realized that he had taken both my cherries. Hell I never
asked his name. "Do you come here often," he asked, as he was putting his
pants back on."No, nymphet katya
today was my first time. I'm from out of town," I bent down to pick up
my things and when I straightened, he was walking away, quickly. I got
dressed and went back to my car, wanting to ask him his name, at least, and
thank him, but he was all ready gone.My mind was going faster than my car as I sped along the interstate toward
home. I had made love to another man, Made love? I'd been fucked by another
man, and I sucked his cock on top of it. I was amazed at how I had
responded to my unnamed lover. "Well, I can thank that selfish bitch Karen
for winding me up so tight. If non nude pretty nymphetrs
she would have used her dildo on me, I would
never have stopped," I was talking to myself again, but the conversation
had become much more interesting. "Does this mean I'm gay? I asked myself
out loud. I took a deep breath, "Whatever, I loved every minute of it." I
drove on really pleased with myself, then had a darker thought. "I wonder
if a dominant gay guy could give me what I need?" That thought filled my
mind all the way back home. It was in my mind all of the following day.I practically flew home from work so I could have a couple of hours alone
on the net. I began searching naughty nymphet model the alternate site for Dominant Males. There
were a lot of them, and they were into all sorts of things. I wrote about a
dozen emails and went to the john and jacked off before, Linda, my wife
came home. "How was your day, hon," she asked as she came in and kissed
me. I gave her a hard hug, and swung her around. "I had a pretty good day"."What happened to you, Mr. Sourpuss? Did your boss man raise your pay?
Linda asked, I answered no, and just told her I was just feeling happy
about my life and realized how lucky a man I was. "Takes a good woman to
make a man feel like that," she said. I was thinking that perhaps it took a
good man to make a man feel that good, but naturally said nothing.The following day, I raced home again. I had mail, but not from one of the
men I had solicited. It was from a Domme. Her picture looked pretty good,
but her letter tied me in knots. It read, "Thanks for your email, Slave. I
am not a professional Domme, but have many years experience in the life
style I am interested in spending some time with you, as we seem
compatible. I must warn you, a session with me will include a very long
period of corporal punishment and will end with some heavy dildo
training. I love anal stretching. If this is not your cup of tea, please
let me know ASAP. If you desire a session with me please call to make the
arrangements". She signed it Mistress Diane.I was really mixed up. Mistress Diane was offering what I had craved most
of my life. After the events in the park, I had only been thinking of an
encounter with another man. Was I gay or just desperate for the BDSM? I
thought about it for a few moments and called the number Mistress Diane had
given. She had a sultry voice, which was a turn on, and was very much in
control of the conversation. We spoke a little about limits, likes and
dislikes, then she instructed me to clean myself, inside and out, and to
wear a pair of white panties under my clothes. We set a date for the
weekend, when Linda would be at work. I came home Friday and found an email
from a Dom. Peter Stark was his name. I thought about answering him right
away, but decided to put off my response until after I had met with
Mistress Diane. I wanted to give myself a chance to remain Hetro.11:00 a.m. Saturday morning found me knocking at Mistress extreme nymphet flag Diane's door. My
hands were shaking. At first, no one answered the door. I felt like I was
under nymphet nude young
a microscope. Here I was, at the door to a fairly large suburban
home, in feminine underwear. I imagined all the neighbors looking at me. I
felt so out of place. Then the door opened."You must be Larry, please enter," Mistress Diane was a very pretty woman;
near fifty; a dishwater blonde; a little on the heavy side, but not too
heavy. She was dressed simply in black leather pants, a white silk blouse,
with puffy sleeves and black riding boots that came almost up to her
knees. I followed her in, obediently, closing the door behind me. "Follow
me" she said as she walked to an upstairs room. I was led to a large
playroom, at a glance I could see some stocks, an examination and a set of
manacles hanging from chains attached to pulleys in the ceiling. On the
wall hung a variety of whips. There were several large dark cabinets. It
was an ominous sight and my knees were getting week. In a moment, I was
almost too weak to walk. Mistress Diane walked over to one of the cabinets
to pick up a glass full of liquid. She brought it to me "Take it and drink
it all!" she ordered. I did as she instructed. The drink was bitter and
full of alcohol. She walked around behind me and began running her fingers
through my hair. Her hands moved to my shoulders and she massaged them a
little. "Some vodka and something to relax your muscles, Larry. I want us
both to enjoy our time together today." Her hands moved down to my rear end
and she began to squeeze each cheek. "You have a nice firm ass". Her hands
moved around to the front and loosened my belt buckle. She pushed my pants
down to the floor. "I like the panties, slut. And you are going to become
my slut today. Aren't you Larry?""Yes Ma'am", I answered in a shaky whisper. I stepped out of my pants, as
she pushed me toward the stocks."Take off everything except your panties" was her firm command. I did so
and moved the last two steps to the stocks. She lifted the top of the
device and instructed me to place my head and arms into the holes for
them. She closed the device, locking it down. She proceeded to place a
spreader bar between my ankles tapping on my legs to get them far enough
apart to suit her. She clamped the bar in place. Then she came around to my
front and affixed some metal cuffs to my wrists and locked them to the
front of the stocks, There was no way out of this one. She bent down a
little and turned a crank, lowering the top of the stocks until I was bent
over, head below my hips. "You are going to receive a sever beating,
Larry. It will serve as my introduction. It will be much easier for you to
accept me as your Mistress afterwards. Scream if you need to. The room is
sound proof."Mistress Diane walked over to one of the cabinets and opened a small case
that was sitting on top. She removed an object, but I could not tell what
it was. She walked up behind me and slowly pulled my panties down as far as
they would go, about mid-thigh. She applied a dab of something greasy to my
anus and massaged into me with her finger. Then began working the cold tip
of something into my ass. "Your very tight, a virgin I suspect." She
laughed, "Well, not for long!" With that she pushed vombat galleries nymphets
the object into my
ass. At first, it seemed stuck. It hurt like hell and I cried out loud. It
was stuck fast. She simply increased the pressure by leaning her full body
weight into her effort. Still, it did not go in. I let out an agonized
scream. Still having trouble, she began to twist it clockwise, then
counter-clockwise. Finally, my nymphet 13 naked splincter relaxed and the object entered. It
had a large bulb on the end, an indentation followed, then it got big
again. It was securely locked in place. "Quit groaning, slut. It isn't even
a large butt plug." She slapped me on the ass with her hand. "We will be
able to park a car in your ass when I am through with you." I heard
something swish through the air. "I want to introduce you to my favorite
whip, Larry. It's a two-foot piece of flat whalebone, about an inch wide. I
have been told that the pain it delivers is excruciating." Whack! She was
right, I could not believe the pain. Whack! another. Whack! she waited a
few seconds. Whack! Whack!, both blows in the same spot. I was squirming
and dancing as much as I could in my severely restrained position. With
every blow my muscles tensed, pushing against the butt plug; an instant of
extreme pleasure. I began squeezing the butt plug after every cafe bianca nymphet blow."Do you
like my whip, slut?""Yes Mistress!" I blurted. Whack! Right on the back of my thigh; I screamed
out loud. She continued beating my ass and legs for the next twenty minutes
or so. After a while the blows no longer stung, they just landed with a
heated sensation. The butt plug felt warm and very pleasurable. My whole
body felt like it was on fire. I had reached sensory overload and was
becoming oblivious to all reality.And then she stopped hitting me. cp nymphets I slumped down, letting the stocks hold my
weight. I remained motionless for a few moments. She returned and removed
my restraints, opening the stocks. I collapsed to the floor. "Stand up,
slave! This is not over yet." I slowly got up, bracing my hands on my knees
to do so. I was surprised; she had changed her clothes. She was now wearing
a black corselet, with what appeared to be black split-crotch panties. "You
took your punishment well, slut. I think I will reward you a little." She
took hold of my arm with her hand and led me to a small divan in the corner
of the room. She sat on the edge, spreading her legs. "On your knees! Right
now!" she barked. I fell to my knees in front of her. "You know what I
want. Get to it".I leaned forward moving my face into small nymphets sites
her crotch. I was rewarded with the
smell of perfume and lust, but at least, thank god, she was clean. I opened
up her panties and leaned in to lick her labia and clitoris. I lovely nymphets info
tried to be
gentle, loving; adoring. With all of my heart and soul, I wanted to worship
her. I carefully caressed the whole of her sex with my tongue, from her
anus to her navel. I wanted my respect, and yes, gratitude to show. "Very
nice, slut. You do this very well" she spoke softly, placing her hands on
my head as I continued the task at hand. After a few minutes she said, "I
have something else for you. I don't know if you will enjoy it or not, but
I will." Help me remove my panties," she was lifting her hips as she
spoke. I gently dressed nymphets pulled the panties off of her hips, handing them to
her. She simply flung them aside, grabbing hold of my hair and pulling my
face back into her cunt. "I want you to place your tongue inside of my
vagina with your top lip on my clit." I did as she asked, "Now start
sucking gently. I'm going to give you some pee and I want you to drink it
all. Don't nymphet porn draw
you dare spill a drop". My instinct was to pull my face away
from her pussy, but she held me in place while she began to go. It started
as a trickle, but was soon a flooding torrent of piss. It was all I could
do to keep up with it. But in a minute the volume decreased and turned back
into a trickle, She pushed out a nymphets 12y sexy couple of squirts and she was
finished. "Ahh she groaned, that was nice". I cannot believe how good I
felt about this. I had truly pleased her. I resumed licking her pussy while
she lay back and rested.After a few minutes she sat back up, pushing my head away. "Now the fun
begins." Reaching behind the divan, she brought out a strap on rig. It was
a pair of tough looking elastic panties with a long stainless steel bolt
sticking out of the front. "I have a variety of tools for this thing. Some
are small and some are quite large. You will enjoy your introduction to
them. Go over to that cabinet, you will find a leather briefcase on it." I
went over to the cabinet and found the case, bringing it back to her. She
opened the case removing three black rubber dongs. The smallest was about
ten inches long, about the thickness of a real cock. The middle-sized dick
was about twelve or thirteen inches long and very thick, about as thick as
my wrist. The largest was a heart-stopping thing. About eighteen inches
long, but thankfully, no thicker then the second. Mistress Diane stood up
and began to pull on the panties, "Don't just sit there with your mouth
open asshole. Help me get this on." I did as requested, quickly. With both
of us pulling, the panties slid on easily. She bent over and attached the
smallest dildo to the front. "Give it a little suck, will you Larry". I
bent over and put my lips around the end of the rubber implement. I was
thinking about my lover in the park when I did. I was jolted out of my
daydream by a sharp slap in the face, "I told you to get on your hands and
knees on this couch". I jumped, landing on my hands and knees like she
said. She reached behind me and jerked on the butt plug. I cried out in
pain squeezing the muscles on the backs of my thighs and my extreme lola nymphet cheeks at the
same time. "Don't be such a wimp, pussy boy. You are going to have to put
up with a lot more than that if you expect to serve me." She grabbed me by
the hips, pulling me to the edge of the divan. Without hesitation, she
plunged her cock into my ass and started humping me. I was smothered in a
wave of pleasure that emanated from my asshole. She continued to fuck me,
harder and harder, working up a sweat. As drops of her sweat dropped onto
my back, I was lifted to heights of pleasure I had only dreamed
about. "Lets get a larger dick".She stopped for a moment attaching the next weapon to her panties. "I'll
put a little extra butt grease on this for you, babe." She greased up the
next dick, then leaned over by my side, "Suck on this while I fuck your
face with it", with that, the asian bbs nymphets first dick was shoved into my mouth. She
pushed it in and out with a lot of force, making me gag as she banged it
into the back of my throat. Then she let go of it, leaving it in my mouth.
Soon, I felt the larger fatter second dildo pushing on my anus. This cock
was immense. She had to really lean her weight into her initial thrusts to
get it through my anal ring. There was never a doubt that she would
succeed, and she did. I felt tremendous pain as she began pumping, but I
felt the stirrings of a climax right away. The pleasure of her riding my
ass was indescribable, and she knew it. "You really are enjoying this,
aren't you slut?""Yes Ma'am" I groaned in response. She reached around and grabbed my own
cock as she fucked young models naked nymphets me. I rewarded her caress by spitting cum into her
hand. She pulled out and smeared my cum onto my face."Let's get the big one" and in a minute she was fucking me with the giant
phallus. I could feel it sliding way up inside of my bowels. I began to
feel the same numbness I felt when I was being whipped with the
whalebone. Never in my life had I felt anything close to what Mistress
Diane was giving to me then. Finally she pulled the monster out of me. She
laughed, hysterically, "I wish you could see your asshole, slut. It is wide
open and gaping at me. You will be shitting your pants for days. I love
it." She got up and removed the panties and dildo as one, throwing them on
the floor. Walking over to the wall, she removed a crop, and immediately
began to beat me with it. She fingered herself as she swung the whip, and
in no time was in the throes of a violent climax herself. And then, it was
over."Get dressed, and get out, pig" was all she said as she left the room. I
stumbled around and found my clothing, dressed and found my way out. I
really felt low, used, and even worthless. She just discarded me like a
piece of shit when she was done. When I sat down in my car, I realized how
sore my ass was. Not just the cheeks, but my anus. It was raw. I was in
agony as I drove back to my home. I kept switching from one cheek to
another to take some of the strain off of my hole, but my cheeks hurt
too. When I finally got back home, I went straight to the bathroom where I
filled the tub with water and collapsed into it. I fell asleep in the
water, waking about a half an hour before nymphet underwear my nymphette nue
wife was due to get home. My
skin little nymphets net was white and all wrinkles. My asshole still hurt so I squirted half a
tube of "Preparation H" into it. I dressed and lay on the bed, falling back
to sleep.My wife woke me up for dinner. A hungry wolf would not have eaten
quicker. "I thought you would be mad about the tuna casserole," she said
while I hungrily forked top lists nymphet another mouthful."No, its great" I just kept on eating. I filled my plate a second time,
then got up and grabbed a beer from the fridge."I was hoping we could make love tonight," Linda said with a smile a yard
wide. I cringed inside, my mind scrambling for some excuse, any
excuse. "But I have to go back and cover a shift for Lou Ella." Her smile
turned to a frown as she continued, "But I will try to get you tomorrow". I
was hoping another miracle would happen tomorrow."Is that a date? We are always missing each other in the bedroom," I was
talking and still eating. She looked at me taking another bite."If you don't quit eating tonight, you won't be able to fuck tomorrow," She
wiped her mouth with a napkin and pushed herself away from the table. "Got
to go, Babe, be a darling and clean up, ok?" She came around the table and
gave me a kiss, then left. A close call averted. I did the dishes and
headed for my computer. "Now to answer Sir Peter," young nymphet schoolgirls I was talking to myself
again. I was really nervous about writing him. I had read that a man would
be a lot more brutal than a woman would. A man would know just exactly what
to do. He had enclosed a cock shot with his email. No picture of his face,
just one of his dick. It was very large and uncircumcised. It was almost as
big as the middle sized one Mistress Diane had used. I thought about the
guy in the park. His dick did not make my asshole raw. Well, he did not
fuck me for as long as Diane did either. I typed a quick letter saying that
I would love to submit to him. What the hell, I thought, I want to find out
just exactly who and what I really am.I looked at my other emails. Oh god, mail from that bitch Karen. I put her
on the block list. The other was from Mistress Diane. "Larry, you have the
makings of a great submissive. Let me know when you are ready for another
session. I would love to entertain you again." It was signed Mistress
"D". Oooh, I saved her email. She was as close to my fantasy as I had
gotten so far. Who knows, I might get calluses in my butt hole. I browsed
through fifty or so profiles, men, women, couples, even transsexuals, and
sent out six new emails. My theory is "If you want to catch fish, you have
to through out some bait. But I was getting tired; it had been a long and
very tiring day. I shut down my computer and went to bed.I was still sore the next couple of days, but my luck was still
holding. Lou Ella was still sick and Linda had to cover her shift. Thrill
of thrills, Peter Stark had requested my presence the following Saturday. I
new I was fucked up when I felt the tingles running through my body. "Why
am I so aroused by the possibility of submission art nymphet photography to another man?" The
thought haunted me all week. He did not even make many demands, "Take your
clothes off when you get url nymphet inside and call me Sir." He lived out in Karen's
direction, but I did nymphets x not mind the drive.Saturday came fast enough. I got myself squeaky clean and escaped
cleanly. Linda went up to nymphet 14 teen her sisters for the weekend. I made the drive
while twitching and squirming on the car nymphet petite young
seat. My ass was jumping with
anticipation. This should be quite a day, a day for some answers. I was
playing with my cock all the way; I was at maximum arousal as I rang
Mr. Starks' front bell. His home was not a large one, but very well
manicured. A very handsome man, about fifty opened the door for me. "Come
in Larry" was 101 nymphet all that was said. I entered and removed my clothes. Peter
walked up to me and stood with his face just inches from mine. He began to
caress my body with both hands, slowly. He fondled my penis and balls,
holding my balls in his hand; he hefted them upward, weighing them. Then he
squeezed them a little. He pulled on them, a little hard. I winced. He
looked me in the eye and pulled a little harder still. My cock became
erect. "Very responsive. I like that Larry." He let go of my cock and began
working on my nipples, both at once. He was not shy about nice nymphet models
it. He pinched
and twisted them so hard, I thought my legs were going to give out. He
worked on my tits silently for about five minutes. It was intense. He let
go of them and dug into his pants pocket, pulling our two metal clamps, the
kind you would use for stationary. "These are going to hurt you, a lot!" he
said as he put one on my left nipple. He was right; I let out a painful
moan as he released the spring onto my breast. He did the same with the
other side. I started to dance, flexing my leg muscles and twisting back
and forth. Those things were killers, more intense than anything I had ever
had clamped on to me. "We will only keep them on for a few minutes,
Larry. Follow me upstairs now." He led the way, and I followed. He took me
to what must have been his bedroom. "Stand against the wall for me""Yes Sir" I groaned. He smiled as he began pulling and twisting the
clamps. "Ohhh, arghh, aaaa," only guttural sounds came out of my mouth. My
legs buckled, but he held me up. He was surprisingly strong."I think we can remove these clamps for now" He pulled them both off at
once, without releasing the spring's tension. I cried out loud. He began to
massage both nipples to help get some circulation back. It hurt like
hell. "As you can tell, I really enjoy nipple torture," saying that, he
pulled a short leather strap from his rear pocket and began hitting each
nipple. He gave about ten smacks to each slowly, deliberately. He was not
hitting full force, but by about the fifth blow the pain started to
intensify. It was not pleasant. After he beat them, he began pinching and
twisting them again. When he stopped, they were really sore. "You did well,
Larry. Not many men can take it like you just did," he smiled, backed up a
little and unzipped his pants. Reaching into the fly he came out with that
giant cock I had seen in his picture. It was flaccid. "Suck it for me a
while," He place his hand on my shoulder and applied some pressure, pushing
me to my knees. I leaned close and open my mouth trying to get the big fat
head of his cock into it. I experimented with his foreskin; nymphets image board I had never
seen one up close before. He reached down and skinned it back for me. It
was still soft and it went into my mouth like a giant marshmallow. I began
to suck it nice and easy. "I want you to suck on my balls too, Larry. Move
back and forth." I did it like he wanted. He stiffened a little and I could
no longer open my mouth wide enough to get his dick inside. He backed up a
step and told me to do his asshole. He was kind enough to spread his cheeks
for me. It was not unpleasant, as he was very clean. "Get your tongue up
inside, as far as you can." I worked diligently to please him, getting into
a rhythm. As I worked, his hole loosened and it became easier. I was
actually starting to enjoy it, and became hard as a rock while tonguing
him. "We are going to change positions, Larry. But you are going to eat my
ass some more." He turned around again and pulled out a handful of rubber
bands from his russia nymphet hardcore
pocket. Folding each one in half and twisting them to form a
smaller loop, he placed one around the base of my cock, behind my
balls. Then he placed one around each testicle, and finally, the last one
went behind the balls. I was trussed up like the Christmas Turkey. "I want
you to sit on the end of the bed and lay back, leaving your legs and crotch
over the end of it," He pushed my back once I had sat down. "Now I am going
to sit on your face so you can do my asshole a little more," He sat down
facing my cock." I could barely breathe, but my hands were free and I
managed to free nymphet list
get air when I needed it. I resumed my work on his ass. Whap;
the first blow landed right on my balls. I nearly bucked him off of
me. "Leave your legs down, asshole!" he barked "You almost kneed me in the
face." Whap, he hit me in the balls again. I could not help myself. I
bucked again. He got off me immediately and went to the end of the
bed. There were restraints fixed to the legs of the bed and he secured my
ankles with them. I could no longer move my legs. He pulled a large strap
out from under the center of the bed and placed it over my waste. Then he
climbed back on and started over. Whap, he hit my balls before I got my
tongue into his ass. "Hurry up, we don't have all day." Whap, Whap, Whap,
Whap, I thought I was going to vomit from the pain. He just kept hitting my
balls; every few seconds another blow. Surprisingly, the pain began to
change into an itching sensation. model angel nymphet
I was floating in that lovely state of
delirium I had entered before. My cock was as hard as a piece of wood. To
my surprise, He moved his ass back over my dick and impaled himself onto
it. He began a long sensuous fuck.''"What the fuck" I thought to myself, this is not supposed to happen. nymphet pussy mpegs
here I was with my dick up his ass. There was nothing I could do. As hot as
I was, I would have climaxed if he had rubbed my dick with steel
wool. There was no stopping it. It was a big one. Then he dribbled cum,
from his still not hard cock, onto my stomach and smeared it around with
his hand."Thank you, Larry" he gasped. He got up off of me and walked over to the
counter. "Let me take this little pill. He popped a pill into his mouth and
swallowed, "Viagra". He came back over to me and removed my
restraints. "Kneel on the end of the bed." He said, placing the restraints
back onto my legs as quickly as they came off. He placed a leather cuff on
each wrist and secured them to each ankle. Then he placed a rubber ball
into mouth and strapped it around my head. "I hope you did not think I was
through with you, Larry. Viagra only keeps me hard for an hour of so and I
like to get my first nut while I am still soft." He began to massage my
ass, then walked away to a cabinet. I could not see it, but heard the door
open and close. "Have you ever been properly caned, Larry?" I heard a loud
menacing swish through the air over my back. "You started to enter
sub-space when I was beating your balls, you are going to go for a ride
now." Smack! I screamed out loud in the highest pitch I could muster, but
the ball gag muffled it. "Ho Ho, That hurt". Smack he landed another, on
the backs of my thighs. "I think I'll give you thirty good ones." I tried
to count them, but I went over the edge long before he was through. He was
rubbing my ass with an icepack when I came back to earth. "This will help
keep the preeteen nymphet pictures bruises and swelling down a little. Your ass will be black and
blue for a week or so, but what the hell, it's all fun, isn't it Larry?" He
came up behind me and I could feel him rubbing my ass with his now fully
erect cock. I could feel its heat as he rubbed back and forth. Then the tip
was at my backdoor, pushing firmly. He had it lubed and ready to go, but it
was large. nymphet nudes free torrent Push like you are trying to crap, it will make it easier." I did
as he asked and was rewarded with nymphet thumbs dark the best sensation I have ever felt. That
huge velvety cock slid right up my ass all the way to the hilt. He stopped
when he was all the way in and let me get accustomed to its girth. Then he
began to fuck with slow deliberate strokes. I swear it was nonstop for
forty minutes. I could hear my hole sloshing and slurping as he fucked in
and out. I have never felt anything that good in my life. When I was really
loose, he stopped for a moment and released me from the restraints. Rolling
me over, he got in between my legs and placed my calves on his shoulders.
Then he slid his cock back into me for another twenty-minute ride. He came
after an hour of the most intense fucking imaginable. When he did he just
collapsed into my arms. He hugged me and I hugged him back. He began to
kiss me. I felt his tongue enter my mouth and I put mine into his. We made
out like school kids for about twenty minutes and then he turned me onto my
side and slipped that magic cock back into my waiting, and eager, asshole.
I fell asleep while he was screwing me for the last time. I woke up alone
on the bed. I stumbled into his washroom and showered. He was waiting for
me when I came out. He helped me towel off. "You were great, Larry. I
really enjoy a masochist, and you are truly that." I would love it if you
became my live in slave." I told him I was married, but added, I would
think about it. "You would not be sorry. I know how to give you what you
need." I knew that was the truth. I put my arms around him and kissed him
one more time."I loved every minute of this day" I told him as I hugged him some
more. Its just, well, I have a lot to think about.
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