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From: Jackie C
Subject: The True Meaning Of LoveThe True Meaning Of Love
Sept 2002
My mother and I have been sleeping together now for 2 years. This story
goes back about 4 months is about how we ended up getting x wild nymphets
into more than
just watersports. Some of you may need to read my previous story (Punishing
Mum) to pick up were nymphete studio
this story begins. My name is Jacquelyn and I have
just turned 22. My mother free photos artistic nymphets
Amanda in now 40 and to porn nymphets
me is the most gorgeous
woman in the world.It was a Thursday evening and I had arrived home early about 4.30pm because
I had worked through my lunch hour so I could go late night shopping for
some new cloths with my best friend Sara. I'd jumped in very nymphette porno
the shower and
cleaned small virgin nymphets
up, put virgin nymphet pic on a fresh pair of cotton knickers and blow dried my
hair. As I was just finishing putting on my face mum arrived home. Wow was
she ever looking sexy. I asked her were she had been and she told me that
she had just come back from a lunchon at the club. I asked her why she had
dressed up so sexy. Her only answer was "You never know what you might find
out there honey". I couldn't argue with that logic. She asked me why I was
home early so told her the reason.As mum walked around the bed to get changed she stumbled and nearly fell
over. I asked her if she was ok and she told me that she had just a little
too much to drink. She wasn't drunk just tippsy. So I went up to her and
kissed her deeply and told her I would help her get undressed. Mum had on a
loose fitting blouse smallest teen nymphets and a just cut above the knee skirt and heals. As I
peeled off her blouse I was placing kisses on her bare skin as it appeared
to me. I placed her blouse on the bed and ran my fingers over the lace in
her bra and watched her nipples grow under my touch. Mum let out a little
sigh as I slowly began to peel the straps off her shoulder and reached
around her to release the clasp. As I reached around her I slipped my
tongue into her ear and started to chew on her lobe. I could feel her
melting under my touch. This sends my mum crazy, she just can't resist
having her ears bitten. As her bra fell away our breasts were now touching
skin to skin. Her nipples were hard and her breathing was starting to
become shallow.My crotch was heating up and I could feel the dampness starting to form. I
released her ear nymphet bbs message and travelled down her body to take one of her beautiful
nipples into my mouth and gently suck and lick on it. Mums hand was now
caressing my hair as I brought her nipple to its full erection. As I was
doing this I undid her lovely girl nymphet button - unzipped her skirt and pushed it over her
hips and let pearl nymphet
it fall on the floor. I broke my suction on her breast and
kneeled down infront of her and helped her step out of her dress. Then I
removed her heels. Mum was left standing there in only a pair of white
cotton knickers with little pink and yellow flowers on them. I could see
and smell her arousal. I leaned forward and buried my nose into the front
of her knickers and breathed free child nymphets in her motherly scent. I stood young nymphets nn pics up and ran my
finger over her pubis and turned to remove her blouse and skirt from the
bed so we could turn down the sheets.As I was turning down the bed mum started to walk into the bathroom. I
asked her were she thought she was going. And she just turned her head over
her shoulder and said " I need to go honey" and then continued into the
bathroom. This was unacceptable for me and I followed her in grabbed her by
the arm and spun her around pushing my tongue into her mouth and I bit her
lower underground little nymphets fucking
lip, as I pulled her close to me. I pulled back and told her that I
could fix that for her. She looked into my eyes and said "Honey you don't
understand I need to go at the other end". I looked at her and she looked
at parent directories nymphets
me. She could she the wheels turning in my head and before I knew what I
was doing or saying, I began to zeps forums nymphets rub her ass cheeks and said that I could
help her with that too.I'd heard about pooh play and scat but never given it any thought until
now. Mum looked at me and said "Jackie please no". "Mum please just trust
me I know you will like it". I said this as if I was some sort of expert on
the subject. I had no idea what I was doing. All I knew at the time was
that this is what I wanted to happen and I was extremely turned on by
it. Before mum could protest I pushed my tongue back into her ear and
started to rub my finger over her labia. I whispered into her ear "God mum
I want to make you cum so bad". I think that and a combination of the
alcohol and the teasing broke down the barrier and she relented.Breathlessly mum said "Ok Jackie ok exotic nymphetes you talked me into it but we better do
it now because I'm nearly bursting". As mum finished saying this she
started to remove her knickers. I quickly stopped her and told her to leave
them on. Again she looked at me as if I was some nymphet sex incest weirdo "OK I'll leave them
on but your doing the washing". I backed mum up towards the toilet and sat
her down. I spread her legs wide and really started rumanian nymphets
to rub her pussy hard
and fast. Mums breathing again became shallow and she was starting free nymphet bbs
pant. I pulled the gusset of her kickers to one side and pushed my face
into her crotch and started to lick at her lips. She was extremely wet and
her clit was starting to poke out from under its hood.I slid my hand under her bum and slipped a finger into her knickers and
started to feel around her bum hole for the protruding pooh. I couldn't
feel it coming out so I pushed my finger into Mums asshole. "JACKIE
PLEASE"- "How can I nymphet fuck if your finger is up my ass." I removed my finger
reluctantly and continued youngs nymphets my assault on her pussy. My other hand was now
inside my knickers sliding up and down my slippery puss. I put my finger
back on Mums bbs underage nymphets asshole and circled around and around. Mum was now starting to
moan, her breathing was very quick now. I could tell she was getting close
to an orgasm.Then suddenly I felt her ass muscles latina nymphet beginning to relax. topless 100 nymphet " Oohhh Jackie
it's coming I can feel it". Her ass started to open up more and I could
feel the head of her pooh poking out now. I ran my finger across the top of
it and around the sides. "Push mum push hard" I said. I was still sucking
on her cunt, I'd never felt her pussy so wet before her orgasm. Mum was now
squeezing her breasts and pinching her nipples hard as I felt her bear down
trying to push the turd from her ass. Suddenly a huge squirt of pee escaped
her pussy right into my mouth. She couldn't stop peeing. Mum was trying to
force out her turd but it had only come out about and inch or so. I ran my
finger around it and couldn't believe the heat that was coming from it. I
drank as much of her pee as I could and let the rest spray over my face and
cheat.Mum stopped peeing and I grabbed her clit between my teeth and started to
chew it like there was no tomorrow. That was all it took. Mum groaned in
this deep animal like sound and her body started to shake. Her bum relaxed
- opened right up and out came her pooh. I removed my finger and let the
elastic snap back into place as Mum filled her knickers full of shit. Her
legs started to shake violently and she threw her head back still grunting
as she exploded in nude virgin nymphets one of the most powerful orgasms that I have ever seen
her have. My mouth was still attached to her clit and there was that much
cum pouring out of her that I heard it splashing into the bowl. I reached
up and started rubbing the outside of Mum's knickers, spreading her pooh
all over her ass and pushed some back up into her asshole.I released my grip on her clit and started to rub the shit into her
drenched pussy. youth nymphets angels
I was so overtaken by the moment that I leaned in and slid
my tongue over her shit stained pussy coating my tongue with it. The taste
was masturbating nymphets not that unpleasant or the smell for that matter. I remember now that
the bathroom never use to smell that much after Mum went to the toilet. I
again started to rub her pussy hard and fast. I grabbed her cit between my
fingers and pulled it and tweaked it. Mum was panting hard again telling me
to keep going. I nymphete photo wanted Mum to cum again and I wanted it to happen now.I pulled my hand from my knickers and reached up on my knees and pulled her
mouth to mine. My tongue was still covered in her pooh and I shoved it into
Mum's hot mouth letting her taste her own shit mixed with my spit and her
cum juice. My tongue swirled around her mouth and she greedily accepted my
offering. Then suddenly I could feel Mum raising up off the toilet and then
scream as she crashed back down cumming harder than before. Her legs were
trying to close but I was in the way as she just kept squeezing me between
her them.I removed my hand from her pussy and pulled back her knickers so there were
now covering her completely and just massaged her nude teen nymphets pooh into every crease
and crevice on her crotch. Mum's breathing returned to normal and she just
looked at me with glazed eyes. She asked me how long had I been doing this
for and I told her I just started today. I also told her that I felt that I
needed to go poo poo too. Mum told me that she could help me with that and
stood up nymphet pedo underground kiddy and kissed me hard and nymphet adventure grabbed my ass and said "Leave these on too
honey" -- I don't mind doing pink portal nymphets the washing". "On one condition mum" I
said. "And what's that" she said. "That you leave yours on". She said ok
and I asked her nymphets ukrainian ls were she wanted me. "Anywhere you like darling".I grabbed the towels and headed for the bed. I spread them over the sheets
and layed down on my back. Mum came out from the bathroom still in her shit
filled knickers rubbing her pussy through the material. She stood next to
the bed and released a little pee into her pants and I could see it mix
with her pooh and then start to leak out onto the floor. Lucky we have
floor boards in ukrainian nymphets passwords our house so it makes it easy to clean up. Mum caught some
in her hand and then leaned down and rubbed it over my nipples and
proceeded to free nude little nymphets lick them clean. My hand was back in my wet pants rubbing my
pussy. I reached down and ran my fingers across my ass hole feeling the
sensations it was sending through my body.Mum had worked her way down my body nymphets top list porn
so she was now looking at my wet
knickers. She bent down and started to lick and suck my cotton panties into
her mouth. I pulled my hand from my groin and ran it over the back of her
head pushing it harder into me as I raised my hips to meet her tongue. With
my other hand I began to rub her thigh and pooh stained panty covered
ass. "Mummy I need to go poo poo" I said, pretty nymphets bbs collection sounding like I was a 3 year old
baby. Mum pulled my legs up and right open. Then she pulled aside the
elastic of my pants and licked all over my ass. She slid a finger into my
wet pussy and started to tug on my clit. I tensed my muscles and pushed
down. Mum felt this and removed her finger from my pussy and spread my
pussy lips as her thumb worked overtime on my clit.A small dribble of pee nymphets movies bbs escaped my bladder and started to fill up my
pussy. I could nude nymphet 10 years
feel my sphincter muscle naked forum naked nymphets expanding to release the shit that
was coming out. Mum's tongue was still dancing over my asshole as the first
part of my turd protruded from my ass. Then to my amazement Mum opened her
mouth and engulfed the head of it trying to suck it out. This was just too
much and I exploded in orgasm. As my muscles contracted I squirted the piss
out of my pussy along with my juices and in the process I snapped off the
pooh coming out of my ass. I just kept on cumming. It was one of the sweet nymphets virgin most
amazing experiences.As my orgasm started to subside Mum just kept her attack going on my clit
and was rubbing my pooh into my ass through my panties. I could feel
another one approaching. I was delirious with sexual overload. I grabbed
Mum by the leg and swung it over my head so we were 69ing each other. I
pulled her knickers aside and just drove my face into her ass and pushed my
tongue right up her nude little nymphets fuck shitty hole. I pushed down hard and expelled the
remaining shit that was left into my pants. At this point I came again and
again. I pushed my mother's face down into my groin as my body shook in mid
orgasm.I felt Mum's ass vibrating on my face and I knew that she had cum too. With
both of us completely spent it took a few minutes to recover. We got up
still dressed in our shit filled knickers and with it on our faces to. I
leaned over and kissed Mum and squeezed her ass and told her I loved her
more that life it's self and headed for the shower with her in tow. We
washed ourselves completely clean. We even drained the hot water in the
process. After I got dressed and redid my makeup and hair I was ready to go
shopping, even if I was an hour late. Mum was in doing the washing (I
wonder why) I leaned in kissed her and said " Thanks Mum for trusting me
-- I knew you wouldn't be disappointed ". nymphets girls pics All she said was " I had no
idea that I raised such a kinky daughter -- and next time your little nymphet young doing n n nymphets the
washing".As I got in my car I was still coming to terms with what happened. This for
me I thought was a one off experience and wow what an experience it
was. But what Mum said threw me
"next time". Mmm I thought as a smile came across my face as I drove off
to meet Sara.Some people out nymphets tennegers
there might think little hairless nymphets bbs that we are two sick bitches. You know
mother - daughter incest involved in watersports and scat but as I always
say. "Don't knock it until you try it"Hope you enjoyed the story and look forward to photo nymphet nude any illegal nymphets nude and all comments.Luv Jacquelyn C
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