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From: T Storm
Subject: True Love Will Survive, Chapter 12Disclaimer: This is a slow love story and not a fast fuck one. If this
isn't to your liking, please don't bother reading. This story contains
sexual acts between two males. If it offends you, then X out. Any comments
or questions, email me and I'll try to respond promptly.
Chapter 12
"I think I'm going to shit my pants," Gray stated, gripping my hand almost
painfully.In spite of the situation, I giggled. "Eww, gross. I think we should break
up," I wrinkled my nose. "I need a man who has control of his bowel
movements. We're not eighty, you know!"Gray smiled too, his face relaxing. He grabbed me and kissed the top of my
head. "You wouldn't get away that easily, baby. I'd hunt you down, tie you
up, and throw you in my trunk.""Oh, how sweet," I said slowly. "Not scary or threatening at all," I said,
pretending to reach for the door handle, while edging away from him.Gray laughed and grabbed my shirt, pulling me closer. He placed a soft kiss
on my nose. "You'll love me in spite of my psychotic and possessive ways,
right?""Always." I smiled and kissed his neck. "Ready?" I asked. We were parked
outside his house and had been parked for the last fifteen minutes, trying
to gain nymphets porn 16 y.o. the courage to go inside."Nope," he said. "But I won't be ready in another thirty minutes nymphets sex incest either, so
what the hell. Face the music," he said, gripping my hand again.I kissed his knuckles. "I'll be right beside you. Maybe being Asian will
scare them. I can even strike a kung-fu pose if it will help." I shrugged
casually. "I've watched enough Chinese films to make it look good," I
boasted.Gray laughed. "You're crazy.""No," I said. "I'll just do anything for you.""Thanks baby," Gray said. Then his smile vanished and he took a deep
breath. He her nymphet nudes made to open his door and I followed suit.We walked to his front door and he hesitated sticking his key in the
keyhole, but finally unlocked the door and pushed it open. He took a step
inside, before stopping and looking around briefly. He looked at me with
wide eyes and I rubbed his fingers to let him know I was supporting him.We moved further inside and I couldn't help cute lil nymphets looking around. This was the
first time I had ever seen his house. Usually he was always at my place.Moving into the kitchen, I spotted his parents, eating lunch. They looked
normal enough. Not like some bible-bearing people wearing overalls or
something. I had a distorted vision of gay bashers. Read one too may
internet stories.His Dad was a tall, big guy, which I could tell even though he was sitting
down. Facially, he looked different than Gray, with his rounder features,
lighter complexion, light brown hair and brown eyes. But he had big,
muscular, wide shoulders, indicating he had been quite the sportsman back
in his day.Gray's mother was a female version of Gray. She was also tall and
slender. She had Gray's tan skin, big dark blue eyes and full pink lips. Oh
and she had curly brown hair, which was tied in a loose ponytail at the
moment.They both looked at us, just staring. First they looked at Gray, then their
eyes drifted to me, probably figuring out I was the
boyfriend. Subconsciously I found myself darting behind Gray.Finally Gray broke the silence."I came to get some stuff," Gray said in a thick tone. He nymphets doll
swallowed hard
and I saw his Adam's apple bobbing. I could tell he was trying to remain
tough and strong. I placed my hand on his lower back and I felt his body
relax, if only slightly. "Then I'll be gone."I watched as Gray's father abruptly stood up and strode out of the
kitchen. But before he completely disappeared, his eyes locked with mine
and although I wanted to look away, I forced myself to meet his gaze. After
a few seconds, he was gone."Christopher!" his mother called after him, but to no avail. She turned
back to us, a helpless and sad look in her eyes. In that moment, I felt
sorry for her. I wonder if that's how my mother had felt.Gray cleared his throat. "Umm yeah. I'll just get my things. I won't be
long," he said turning, his hand reaching for mine."Wait!" his mother nearly shouted.Gray tensed but turned nonetheless."Gray, please. Give us some time. I'll talk to your father. Come back in a
few days for dinner?" she asked. "Please?"He stared nymphet questbook at his mother and after a bit, he sighed heavily, as if in
defeat. "Sure Mom."The nymphet video nude woman broke out into a smile and she had the most beautiful smile- so
genuine. And she had adorable dimples."Ok then," she said, her eyes drifting to our intertwined hands, but she
said nothing. She even smiled, and it looked friendly and open, if a little
frazzled. I didn't blame the woman; this was a lot to digest and especially
having to mediate between her husband and son. "I'll call you to let you
know when.""Ok," Gray practically whispered. With that, we finally left the kitchen
and walked upstairs to his room where he quickly filled a duffel bag with
sweaters, jeans, boxers, socks, and some toiletries. I nymphet art nudes spotted him taking a
picture with him and his parents in it. "Let's go," he said in a determined
tone.It appeared he couldn't stand to be in the house for too long. He looked
like he was suffocating. I guess being in a house where you felt unwelcome
could make you feel desperate for the outside.On the way back to my house I looked at him as I drove. His jaw was
clenched and he was staring out the window.This had been tough for Gray; I wonder how things would progress from here.Waiting at a red light, I ran my hand gently along nymphets land free top his forearm and he
looked at me. nymphets pics illegal I smiled gently and the corners of his mouth turned up. He
took my hand and squeezed briefly, before releasing it again, so I could
shift gears."Love you baby," I said, turning into my development."I love you, too," came his soft reply.*************True to her word, Mrs. O'Neal called Gray four days later and asked him to
come to dinner that night.And bring me.That second part surprised me, as well as Gray, but what the hell. Maybe
good news awaited us."Gray, I have to watch Teddy," I said apologetically. "Dinner starts too
early and my Mom never makes it home at that hour."Gray looked at me pleadingly. "But you have to go with me, Kevin! First of
all, I need you! Second of all, they asked you to come.""What can I do about Teddy?" I asked. "Bill is never around and I feel bad
dumping Teddy on his mother. Not that she'd mind, but," I hesitated."Bring Teddy.""What?" I asked. "I don't know. He's five. I think we'll be having an adult
conversation, if you know what I mean.""If you bring Teddy, nothing bad will happen.""How do you figure?""He's a kid. No one ever does or says anything bad in front of kids," Gray
said. "It's a universal nymphets free porn movies
rule. Or some kind of social rule."I snorted. australian nymphets "Bull shit."Gray shrugged. "Plus, Teddy is super cute. Maybe he can charm my parents
into a good mood."I laughed. "You're adorable, you know that?""Is that a yes?" he begged.I sighed rubbing my head. I looked at Teddy who was dancing around the
living room to the music on the television screen from some weird
cartoon. Don't ask. That kid got more energetic and antsy or whatever, with
age. His blond hair was flying around and he didn't give a damn nymphet tgp toplists
who was
watching him. He brought a smile to my lips.I turned to Gray. I saw the need and desperation in his eyes. "Yes," I
caved."Thanks baby," he leaned in to kiss me. "I really need you there with
me. If my parents don't support me, at least the love of my life will,
right?" he petite nymphette
asked, his lips covering mine in a passionate kiss.I wasn't prepared for that kind of kiss and I almost fell backwards, save
for Gray's arms around my back, holding me to him. His tongue pushed past
my lips and slid deep into my mouth, touching every part of my mouth. I
gripped his neck and kissed him back, but as our kiss got deeper, I
suddenly remembered Teddy and hoped he wasn't watching us make out.I placed my hands on his chest and pushed back, but Gray only wrapped his
arms tighter around me.I moaned and whimpered and fought nude nymphet angels against him, but Gray's lips kept moving
over mine, feeling hot and hungry. Finally he pulled back and gasped for
air, his breath hitting my face, almost burning my skin. That's how hot we
were."Teddy," I murmured against his lips as he nuzzled my neck."What?" Gray asked huskily.I craned my neck to look at Teddy and sure enough he had stopped his
dancing and was staring up at the both of us, his hazel eyes porno kids and nymphets
wide with
laughter. He grinned when he saw me looking at him."Kevin and Gray are kissing!" Teddy sang out joyfully starting to jump
around again. "Kissy, kissy, kissy!" His giggles were high pitched as he
hopped around, but soon his attention was drawn elsewhere as he was once
again immersed in his own dancing world.Gray chuckled against me, hugging me. I hugged him back and smiled."I can't let go of you just yet," Gray whispered in my ear."Why not?" I asked rubbing my nose against his."I'm so hard I might break your furniture," he responded.I laughed and ground my pelvis into him. He groaned. "Me too. Let's just
keep hugging."Gray giggled and bit my ear. "I'd rather do more than hug," he said in a
suggestive tone that got my pulse spiking."Stop saying things like that," I whined. "It's not helping our situation!
At this rate, we'll be hugging for hours and then we can't make it to
dinner.""Mm, that sounds enticing," Gray said seductively."Gray!""I love getting you all worked up," he breathed, kissing my neck. I tried
to wiggle away but there was no where for me to go. "You get all," he
sucked on my neck and I arched my back. "Frazzled. It's sexy as hell.""Frazzled?" I choked out as I clutched his neck."Mmhmm.""Oh God Gray, we have got to stop," I said. "I'm too hot and worked up.""I want you to make love to me," he said kissing behind my ear, causing my
eyes to roll back.I groaned. "Gray, don't do this to me. I'm never gonna get soft."He laughed and he held me closer."Look," I said. "After dinner tonight, we'll have non stop sex. I
promise. But only if you back off now.""And if I don't?" he challenged."Then you won't get any until Monday morning.""Bullshit.""I can hold out!" I protested."Please. You and me, we can never resist each other."I sighed. "Yeah, you're right. Who am I kidding?""I have no idea, baby. But I'll back off, I promise. We probably need to
get ready for dinner soon. Teddy too. And I'm nervous.""Don't be. You have me and Teddy to support you," I smiled."I know, I know. That won't get rid of my butterflies, though.""I know," I said. "Only facing your parents and dealing with it head on
will make it go away. Soon, baby, soon.""Yeah," he sighed. He rubbed his cheek against mine."Baby, you gotta shave too." I grimaced at the stubble and the way it sawed
my skin off. He had been too bummed to shave lately and I wasn't a fan of
facial hair.He laughed. "Yes Sir!""Yes Sir!" Teddy mimicked and we looked down to see the small child peering
up at us once again, although this time, our tents were slowly deflating.*************"Who's this?" Mrs. O'Neal said as soon as she saw Teddy.I smiled and looked at my brother, who I was carrying in my arms. His pale
cheeks were rubbing against mine and he snuggled in my grip. I gently
brushed his hair away from his forehead and kissed his cheek."This is my brother, Teddy. Say hello Teddy," I said to the child."Hi," he said shyly, but this time he looked at the woman, instead nymphet bbs vids of
hiding his face in my chest.Over time, Teddy wasn't as shy with strangers. He was always comfortable
with Bill, since Bill had been around since he was born, but upon meeting
Gray and Cara, and going to summer camp and starting kindergarten, he was a
bit more outgoing."Well, aren't you precious," the woman murmured, smiling softly at
Teddy. "He's your brother?" she asked with a slight perplexed look, her
eyes drifting to Teddy's blond hair.I smiled, understanding her confusion. "Half," I clarified. "But this is my
little angel." Teddy smiled at me and I kissed his nose. "Isn't that
right?" I cooed at him, nuzzling his face, causing him to laugh. "Right
baby bear?"Right!" he exclaimed, his small hands cupping my cheek as he stared
happily into my eyes.Mrs. O'Neal nodded and continued to look at Teddy. Everyone was always so
enthralled by small children. I swear, the answer to world peace was small
children. Ok, maybe not, but you got the idea."Dinner is all ready. Come on, come on," she insisted. "I hope you're
hungry," she said to all of us."I's always hungry!" Teddy announced cheerfully and everyone laughed at his
happy tone. For a second there, the tension and anticipation was broken.We followed Gray's Mom into the kitchen/dining room and saw that all the
food was laid out and Gray's Dad was already seated and waiting. His face
was expressionless and he had a gruff demeanor about him, that instantly
made me uneasy. But like Mrs. O'Neal, as soon as his eyes drifted to Teddy,
his gaze softened."Food!" Teddy said excitedly, wiggling in my arms.I hushed him. "Calm down," I said and he hugged his arms around my
neck. "He's an eater," I said to everyone and Gray smiled at Teddy."Yes you are, you chubby little bear," Gray said affectionately and Teddy
giggled.Gray looked at his Mom and Dad and his smiled faded. "This is Kevin and
Teddy," Gray introduced, his voice serious.His Dad looked at me and his eyes were gallery nymphet russian inquisitive as he studied me. Then
his eyes turned to Teddy who sat in my lap. An extra chair was placed
beside me and I lifted Teddy into it. His small hand gripped my forearm and
I rubbed his head, mussing his hair."Hey!" he whined.Gray cleared his throat. "Thanks for having me for dinner. For having us,"
he said, more to his mother than to his father.Mrs. O'Neal took her husbands hand and looked at us an smiled. "We," she
emphasized `we', "Are glad to have you here. Right Christopher?""Yes Gray, we really are," he said sincerely and my eyebrows rose in
shock. I'm sure Gray's did too, but I wasn't gonna turn my head to look."Well, let's eat," Mrs. O'Neal said. "Everyone help yourselves. Eat up, eat
up," she encouraged.I felt a little more at ease, feeling no obvious hostility in the air. I
started scooping up some pasta and chicken onto Teddy's place. Teddy poked
my leg and I looked at him. He pointed to the bowl of mashed potatoes and I
smiled before giving him a scoop. He wrinkled his nose when I picked some
broccoli pieces for him."Eat up, baby bear," I said. I watched as Teddy obediently picked up his
fork and started stuffing potatoes into his mouth. I sighed and shook my
head. "Slow down," I chastised but Teddy only smiled at me, his cheeks full
of food, his eyes glinting with laughter."All boys eat like that when they're young. Trust me," Mr. O'Neal's voice
broke in. I looked at him and was surprised to see warmth on his face as he
looked at Teddy shoveling food into his little mouth. "You were like nymphets cosplay that
Gray. Always eating and eating, like a messy little slob. Food particles on
your face, embarrassing your mother and I whenever we went out to eat. In a
good way, of course," he added.I sensed the nostalgic tone in his voice and I knew Mr. O'Neal was thinking
back on all the loving moments of Gray's childhood. That's what all parents
did, during a time of crisis or when their love for their child was being
tested. They weighed the pros and cons."I wasn't that bad," Gray said smiling slightly.Mr. O'Neal laughed. "Ok, maybe nymphet sex vid not as bad as this little on. He's really
packing it in. Teddy is it?"I nodded and looked at Teddy who was chewing, oblivious to our
conversation. That little boy and food."He has a healthy appetite," I said. "Always eating. Always taking my
food," I joked.Teddy scrunched his nose at the broccoli. "Vegetables. Yuck!" he cried out."Eat them Teddy," I said. "They're good for you."Teddy pouted and sunk in his chair."Teddy," I said in a more commanding tone. "If you don't eat them, you
won't get any dessert," I said staring at him. He stared back at me with
wide eyes, his mouth open. It was an empty threat on my part; I could never
resist his cute little face, but luckily Teddy never called my bluff. He
was too young to do that, I guess. Finally, Teddy grumpily stabbed the
broccoli with his fork and stuffed it into his mouth, chewing slowly, while
looking at me for approval.I smiled and grabbed his fingers, squeezing them. He smiled too, his cheeks
stretched."Well, you have quite an influence over him," Mrs. O'Neal said as she
chuckled lightly."I watch him a lot, so I guess he's used to taking orders from me," I said
smiling at her.Teddy was a good diversion tactic, albeit an unplanned one. The
conversation was light and jokes were made here and there.When dessert rolled around, Mrs. O'Neal handed out plates of chocolate
cake."Honey," she said to Teddy. "Would you like this with ice cream? You can
watch litlle nymphets 12 porno
TV while you eat it.""Ok!" Teddy nearly shouted, grinning from ear to ear. She returned with a
container of vanilla ice cream and spooned some onto his plate. Teddy was
bouncing on his toes with excitement and practically drooling over the
goodies. He started to make his way into the family room, but I called him
back."Teddy, what do you say?""Thanks you Mrs," he sang out.She laughed. "You're welcome."We all watched him trot into the living room and then seconds later, the
sound of the television was heard."That kid is a ball of energy," Mr. O'Neal said."Tell me about it," I agreed. "My Mom and I are trying to figure out some
activity for him. She was thinking karate, but I was thinking
gymnastics. He's already so bouncy and flippy.""Is it just you and your Mom?" Mrs. O'Neal asked.I nodded. "Has been for years. cyber nymphets bbs
My Dad took off awhile back. Haven't heard
from nymphets pictures fuck him really. Teddy's Dad, was killed by a drunk driver, years
ago. Teddy never knew him.""How tragic," she murmured.I nodded awkwardly as there was a long pause."So tell me. How did you and Gray meet?" Mr. O'Neal asked.I glanced at Gray before answering. "Well, we were classmates in high
school," I began. "I always knew of him, but not personally. Except senior
year, we had literally every class together, except for maybe lunch or
something.""Actually, we didn't really meet senior year. Only after the accident,"
Gray pointed out."Accident?" his father inquired."Remember when Frank got into a car accident. He hit Kevin's car," Gray
explained. "That's when I really met Kevin. I was having trouble in my
English class at the time and Kevin's a good writer, so I went to him for
help. We started studying on a weekly basis, sometimes more, and became
good friends. From there, it just sort of happened," Gray finished lamely."When did?" his father said, then paused. "When did you even know you were
gay?""Awhile," Gray said honestly. "Before nymphet pics bbs
I met Kevin, that's for sure."I smiled."Maybe in junior high. All the sports and hanging with guys. I found myself
developing crushes on guys and feeling attracted to their looks more," Gray
said and I noticed both his parents cringed briefly."What about all those girls?" his father blurted out.Gray sighed. "I don't know. We happened to hang out and go on dates. It got
out of my hands. But deep down, I know I am gay. I may have pushed it
aside, but that's who I am and it was bound to come out sooner or later, no
pun intended," he said almost defiantly."Gray, we're just shocked and nunde nymphet trying to deal with this. We don't love you
any less, right?" her voice took on an edge as she addressed her husband.Mr. O'Neal sighed. "Listen Gray, I love you, ok. I do. This is a curve
ball. You're gay? I just can't see you being that way and it was a
shock. At first I was stunned and thought maybe he turned you that way."I frowned."It was stupid. It's just how you're wired. You were never as girl crazy as
most guys your age and I don't know, maybe on some level I suspected," bdsm free movie nymphettes the
older man sighed. "I'm sorry Gray. I'm not articulating myself well. I
just, well, I'm adjusting ok? And I love you.""I love you too Dad," Gray said in a shaky voice. "And you too Mom.""I know baby," she said smiling. "A son as good as you, you could like
horses and I'd still love you."There was a pause and we all burst out laughing."Horses Mom?""That's the first thing that came to mind," she shot back defensively."She has a point, Gray," his Dad broke in with a serious tone. "I did a lot
of thinking these past few days," he said with a heavy sigh and paused.Gray swallowed hard and his fingers were fidgetting under the table. I
touched his leg and squeezed and his hand automatically gripped mine."At first I was angry. Angry that you lied and gave off this impression you
were something you weren't. But then, with the help of your mother, I
thought more on that. You weren't lying about yourself and pretending to be
something you weren't. You were just hiding one part nymphets pregnant
of yourself, because
you were scared. And we all get scared. But everything else about you, you
were honest and upfront about. In fact, everything about you is genuine and
honest. I'm blessed with such a great son and for a minute there; I'm
kicking myself over even thinking that; but I was mad and didn't want to
have anything to do with you."Gray let out a breath."But then I watched some news segments about these young kids doing drugs,
involved in crime, or god knows what else. You don't do any of those
things. Then I look at kids we know, even sexy nymphets your friend Frank or kids of your
friends; none of them compare to you. You work so hard in sports and you do
well academically. Not just getting by either, but really well. No offense,
how many parents can say their kid is one of the stars of the lacrosse,
basketball, and football teams AND has aced his AP courses, AND gone to
Duke? Not many. Then on your spare time, you work for money. We pushed you
hard Gray, and you delivered. You're a good kid. And I'm not going to let
something like, who you choose to be with, change my opinion of you. At
first, maybe, because I wasn't thinking straight. Now I've had some time to
process this," he took a deep breath. "In my mind, you're still the best
son I could have asked for," he finished with tears in his eyes.I was impressed. I looked at Gray and he looked really emotional.His mother was smiling at the two of them.Me? I felt a bit out of place, to be honest."Thank you Dad," Gray finally said softly. "Thank you so much. I always
worried how you'd take the news. I didn't want to disappoint or let you
down.""You could never. I'm sorry for acting the way I did last week. I, that,
well, I was terrible. It was a horrible reaction. I should have taken my
head out of my ass and thought before walking out like that," Mr. O'Neal
said. "I have to get the stereotype of gay men out of my head. I couldn't
imagine you being gay. You`re so big and you`re so good at sports," he
trailed off."I'm normal Dad," Gray said. "I just like guys instead of girls. Everything
else, I'm the same.""I know that now," his father insisted. "I really do.""I think we should all agree that it's a work in progress," Mrs. O'Neal
broke in gently. "Nothing is overnight. We, especially, need time to adjust
to this. In time, we'll get there. Completely. I know we have to
try. You're our only son and we love you."Gray beamed.His mother turned to ukrainian nymphette me. "Kevin, we'd like to get to know fucking nymphet pussy you better."My mouth fell open. "What?"She laughed. "How long have you two been dating? Since high school?"I nodded. "The end of senior year, give or take.""Two years? Impressive," his father commented. Gray smiled."It wasn't easy," I admitted."It never is, but if it's worth it, you manage," she said smiling. "Anyway,
as I was saying. If you were together for so long, I'd like to know who had
captured my son's attention and heart?" she said looking back and forth
between us.I blushed. "Umm.""Maybe you can come here for dinner a few more times before you both head
off to school. Maybe visit us during winter break? I always feel like Gray
disappears over the holidays, but now I think I know why," she drawled out."Yeah," Gray said shyly. "We'd love to come here more often," he said
looking at me. I nodded in agreement. "We usually hang out at Kevin's,
because his Mom knows and well, because Kevin stays home with Teddy a lot.""Feel free to bring Teddy around," his mother said her eyes lighting
up. "It's nice to have an energetic child in the house again. Makes me feel
young."Her husband snorted. "You? Young?" and she swatted his arm."You're older than me, Christopher!"He smiled at her. "You get lovelier every day."She rolled her eyes but looked pleased nonetheless.Teddy ran into the kitchen and tugged on my arm. He pointed to his mouth
and I instantly grabbed my cup of water and held it to his lips, while he
drank.He smiled widely and let out a small burp. "Thanks.""Hey, burping baby, what do you say?""Excuse me," he said grinning proudly, his chest puffed out. The O'Neal's
laughed at the child while I ran my fingers through his soft hair.We stayed another two hours just talking, getting to know one another,
feeling comfortable with the other, while Teddy dozed on the couch.*************"Will things be better this time?" I asked Gray as we lounged on my bed."You mean the school year?"I nodded. "No more repeats of last semester?"Gray kissed me. "I know for a fact that this year and next year will be
much better, if not perfect.""Why is that?" I asked."Because although it might take more time for me to come out to my friends
and teammates, my parents know. As long as my parents know, I feel
supported. I feel safe; like I have someone to turn to and fall back on,
besides you, of course," he added. I nodded. "If people give me shit,
they're not real friends, but now I know my parents stand by me. So if it
slips out sometime that I'm gay, I won't feel like my life is falling
apart.""So?" I prompted."So! So that means I feel more free. Less pressure. And when I feel the
time is right, I can tell people about me. I won't have to hide.""Ok," I said slowly. "Well, I still think it will be tough, the distance
and everything. And our jealousy. But it does help that your parents know
now," I said."No one is going to come between us, Kevin. None of those stupid girls or
guys I run into will ruin what we have, ok? No matter who I meet, they
can't compare to you. I don't even see them at your level. You and I, we're
something special. Sure we found each other young, but when it's right,
it's right. Why mess with perfection?" he said reaching for me.I smiled as I snuggled onto his lap. nymphet virgins "Oh I love you. nymphet nude girls You're so poetic.""Hardly," he scoffed.I laughed and kissed his nose. "Hey," I whispered."What?""I think we need to have an all out sex marathon to celebrate this good
news. Before you leave me tomorrow," I said giving him a puppy face."Stop ruining the mood and talking about my leaving," he said nipping my
chin."Sorry, my bad," I said kissing him briefly. My hands wandered along his
chest, caressing the strong muscles. Then I moved to his abdomen, rubbing
gently, moving further south. His breathing increased and he gripped me
tighter.I groaned. The feeling of his hands on me was really erotic for some
reason. His hands just felt so large and strong, yet gentle and warm."I feel really good," Gray said."Of course you do, you're about to get some!" I exclaimed laughing.He laughed too. "No you butt! I mean I feel good about us. I feel like
we're stronger than ever. I was really scared, because we were having some
problems. You and I rarely fight, but we were having some fights last
semester and I was scared for this upcoming year. But with everything
that's happened, I feel happier and more confident in our relationship.""Me too," I murmured. "But we still have to work on it daily. Being so index oflittle nymphets far
away makes me feel insecure.""Me too," he said. "I'm not immune to it either."I buried my head in the crook of his neck and inhaled him. I sighed. "I
don't think it's going to be easy, but I think we can make it work. We've
made it this far.""Hey, you know what I think we should do?""What?" I asked."Next summer, let's go travel together. Like Europe. We can save all year
or something and just take off together. A summer dedicated to just
ourselves. You and me. Only," he said excitedly.I laughed. "Want me all to yourself?" I teased wrapping my hands around his
neck."Always," he whispered sucking on my neck."We'll plan for it," I said. "It will be like a little honeymoon."He cupped my chin. "Absolutely," he rained gentle kisses all over my face."Alright, we have the house to ourselves, let's make good use of it," I
growled as I aggressively pushed his shirt up his chest."I love this side of you," he teased. "Makes me feel like a piece of meat
that you have to have right now otherwise you'll die."I froze, then started laughing. "You are too funny, baby!""You know it's true.""Of course," I agreed. "Now shut up and take off your clothes," I ordered
pulling his shirt off so fast that the collar got caught on his ear."Shit, you're getting me so hot," Gray said."Yes, I know how you love to be ordered around," I said slyly."Only by you. Gets me really hot for some reason," he said honestly. "I
kinda like pleasing you and making you happy," he said almost shyly.I smiled and touched his cheek. "You always make me happy," I said and then
I started to work on the buttons and zipper of his jeans. I gave them a
forceful yank, knowing that'd get Gray going. He groaned and obediently
lifted his hips and I hastily pulled them down to his ankles and off of
him, dropping them to the ground dark nymphets site with a dramatic plop. "You're all mine,
O'Neal," I said in a low tone. His breath hitched.It was a sight; Gray being completely naked while I was still dressed, and
I was lying between his legs. Gray sighed as I gently kissed his chest,
nibbling on his nipples. My hand went to his hard member and I slowly
stroked.He hissed and arched his back, thrusting slightly into my tight grip. I
took my hand off of him and stripped off my clothes quickly. Then I moved
forward and started licking his balls, sucking them into my mouth. He
groaned and writhed on the bed. I lapped at his head teasingly and he
whimpered, "Kevin."I very, very little nymphets and sex slowly ran my tongue on the underside, before rubbing my
tongue into joebobs nymphet his piss slit. A large amount of precum leaked and he shouted,
"Fuck!"I chuckled before I sucked on just the tip of his cock."Fuck, Kevin!" he growled. "Stop torturing me!"I laughed and pinned his hips down before I engulfed him completely. A
large squeak escaped his lips before he started to steadily moan. I moved
up and down his rod, coating it with saliva. I had gotten better and was
able to swallow more of him, almost reaching the base. I sucked black teen nymphets
hard and
rubbed my tongue up and down the shaft, before swirling my tongue over the
head.His breathing became faster and he bucked his hips, straining against my
hands holding him down. I looked up and saw that he was biting his lip and
his eyes were closed, his dark brown curls fawned over the pillow. His
hands were clutching the bed sheets; I could feel him trembling.I bobbed faster and he groaned loudly, arching his back. Then I took just
the tip of his cock in my mouth and furiously started to tease the head and
piss slit before gently easing a finger into his hole, curling my finger
once I found that special knot.Gray's body lifted off the bed and he screamed. I couldn't see what was
happening to Gray, besides his animalistic sounds and the large spurts of
his cum entering my mouth. I swallowed quickly, savoring his taste; so
sweet and creamy. Maybe I was biased because I was in love with the man. He
had a huge load and it appeared he was groaning and cumming for a long
time. Finally, all there was left were small dribbles and I licked him
clean before pulling off and licking my lips.Gray's eyes were still closed and he was breathing hard, his chest rising
up and down rapidly. I moved up his body and started to kiss his abdomen
and chest again. He sighed and shifted beneath me, his hands grazing my
back."Did you enjoy that baby?" I asked.He hummed and I took that as a `yes'.My mouth moved over his nipples and I licked the little nubs until they
hardened. nymphet crazy
Then I sucked on them and he groaned."Kevin, let a man recover!" he whined."No way. I have to get my pleasure out of you now," I whispered and he
moaned. I started to kiss his neck, moving up his jaw and chin, to behind
his ear. "I plan to make good use of you before you leave me."He sighed. "If you must."I giggled and nipped his ear playfully. "Turn over baby."Gray rolled over slowly and snuggled into the bed."Don't fall asleep on me," I warned."Mm, then don't just let me lie here," he said. "Do something!"I playfully bit his ass and he yelped. "You bitch!" he exclaimed."I'm no bitch," I slapped his ass next and he yelped again."Ok, ok, I surrender!" he cried out in mock pain.I laughed. "Better," I said kissing his lower back. I grabbed his ass
cheeks with both hands and started kneading the hard muscle and flesh.He groaned. "Feels good.""Does it?" I teased."Yeah," he sighed. "I'm getting hard again.""So soon?""I'm horny as hell.""You sure are," I said. "Since when do you like taking it? I remember my
first time, you said you weren't sure if you'd like to bottom.""I kinda enjoy it," he admitted. "I didn't think I would, but I don't
know. Having you move inside me, feeling the heat, and then seeing the
faces you make-""Faces I make?" I interrupted. "What kinda faces?""Nothing bad," he laughed. "Just that, I can see pleasure on your
face. Like utter bliss and happiness and I feel like I'm giving you
that. Giving you me makes you happy and that makes me happy, you know? And
it does feel good.""I loved that explanation. It sounded so perfect," I said grinning like an
idiot. "Thanks.""Kevin, focus," Gray said turning around, nudging me aside. "Middle of sex,
over here."I smiled and hugged his neck. "I know. I'm rock hard," I said nodding at my
rigid member, the tip purple and pulsating. I gently turned him onto his
stomach once again and I spread his legs, seeing his pink pucker. I gently
licked it and stabbed my tongue in and out, as if fucking him, and Gray
shuddered."Baby, I'm going to get your ready for me," I said as I grabbed a tube of
lube and squeezed some onto my finger tip. I rubbed his hole before
pressing in. I felt him pushing out and my finger popped in easily. I slid
it all the way in, feeling his moist heat within and searched for his
button. When I located the hard knot, I massaged it and he moaned loudly."That feels amazing," Gray sighed. "I could lie here all day.""That's why you love this; you're lazy and wanna lie there while I do all
the work."He chuckled. "Maybe," he murmured sweetly.I added a second finger and jabbed his prostate with more force. I saw his
muscles tense and his fingers curl around the blankets and he shifted his
hips. rika nymphet
I knew in an instant that Gray was erect again.I felt a wave of heat wash over me and I pedo nymphets pedofilia wanted Gray so badly. I hurriedly
eased a third finger inside and stretched his ring out, making sure I
wouldn't hurt him."Gray, I need you now," I said with urgency as I reached for a condom. Gray
started to turn over, but I leaned over him. "No, stay this way," I said. I
tore the wrapper open and sheathed myself, added more lube to my cock, and
then positioned myself at his entrance. "Ready baby?"I saw him relax and he nodded. Taking a hold of pissing models nymphets his hips, I pushed in. I
popped in steadily and continued sliding in, seeing that Gray wasn't in
pain. He felt so hot and his ass gripped me tightly and massaged my
prick. I moaned just entering teen models nymphet him."God," I groaned as I hit home. Gray grunted and shifted on the bed."I'm leaking onto the bed," he said."Laundry later," I sighed. "Can I move?" I asked."Yeah," he said. "Please."I slowly pulled out all the way, watching my cock leave his hole, then I
pushed back in to the hilt. Gray and I both groaned. I kept a slow tempo
going, until it became too much and I fell on top of Gray, and started
thrusting faster, slamming my hips into him over and over again. I
stretched my arms out and laid my hands on top of Gray's, intertwining our
fingers together as I thrust, feeling the sweat our bodies were creating.He was sighing and moaning, and lifting his ass back to meet me, bringing
me to the edge faster."Oh baby, baby, I'm so close," I murmured."Me too," he groaned. "the comforter is rubbing me," he hissed and his
voice broke and he started trembling.I knew he couldn't hold back much longer so I started taking short and fast
strokes, and my eyes rolled back and I clenched my jaw.Then Gray came. His ass clamped down hard on me as he roared and thrashed
on the bed, his body tense. His orgasm must have been powerful. It felt
like a thousand tiny fingers were massaging my cock and I let out a
strangled cry as I was milked by his ass. My eyes rolled back and I
squeezed his hands tightly as I felt the ripple of ecstasy roll over my
body wave after wave.When we both came down from our high, I collapsed on top of him, grateful
that he was bigger than me. He was breathing hard; I was breathing hard; we
moved up and down together as we tried to regain ourselves.I rubbed his sweaty arms soothingly and I kissed his shoulder blade,
tasting his sweat on my lips."That was amazing," he finally said.I smiled. "I thought so too," I said running my fingers through his sweaty
curls."Whenever I cum with just you inside of me, I feel I have no control over
my body and I love letting go," he said in a dreamy nymphet porno galeries tone.I smiled. "I love you Gray," I said as I pulled out of him and threw the
condom into the trashcan. Then I resumed lying on top of him."I love you Kevin," he said in a sleepy tone."Hey, what about laundry?" I teased.Gray rolled over and I fell backwards, to his side. "Later," he sighed,
wrapping his arm around me, and curling himself against me. He kissed my
neck. "Now we sleep." He tightened his hold, as if expecting an argument
and I smiled, snuggling into him. I wasn't going anywhere.I felt content, feeling assured of my future.Of our future. Gray and I. Together.*************"So is everything harmonious in the land of Kevin and Gray? Judging by that
huge smile on your face?" John teased as he got us some sandwiches from his
friend in the food prep area. He handed me one and I hungrily unwrapped it
and took a bite.I smiled. I was in such a good mood these days. Gray coming out, his family
being ok with it, all our lovemaking, put a nonstop smile on my face.I nodded happily. "Better than ever. We had a good summer. He even told his
parents about himself."John's eyebrows shot up. "Really? Good reception, I take it."I grinned. "Really good. Well, a little intense at first, but they came
around real quick.""That's good. No more sad faces for you then?" John asked mocking me,
giving me a pout."Let's hope not," I said shrugging shoving more food into my face."It's a wonder you have a boyfriend- the way you eat," John chuckled."He accepts me as I am," I said sticking my tongue out and wiping my mouth
free of turkey and spinach."Piggy Kevin," John said. "Skinny and you eat whatever you want.""Look who's talking," I shot back."I eat less than you, though," John laughed.I shrugged. "Most people do.""Actually, I kinda admire you and Gray," John said. "Starting something so
young and sticking through it, thick and thin."I smiled. "Yup.""Don't be a smug bitch," John snorted."I'm not," I protested. "I go through hell agonizing over our
relationship."John rolled his eyes. "That I know. Firsthand by the way.""Shut up," I stuck my tongue at him. I paused and studied him. "Thanks for
being such a good friend, listening to me bitch and whine and act all
girly, in your words.""And!" I continued. "I love wild nymphet 3d
you for giving me free goodies. Yummy."He burst into laughter. "Dork.""I know we're juniors, and we still have a long way to go, but I feel
better overall," I explained. "More confident of our relationship, knowing
we have the support of our families. Takes off a lot of pressure, you
know?""Definitely," he agreed."We're saving all our money to take a trip together this coming summer. Oh,
summer, I wish you were here already," I sighed.John laughed. "It's only September."I pouted. "It should be May.""Aww, little Kevin, don't be a baby," John said pinching my cheek or he
tried to; I knocked his hand away.John sighed."What's wrong?" I asked curiously."You make me feel so sad.""Why?" I cocked my head."You're all in love and have a great relationship and you're both willing
to work hard for it and look at me? I have nothing," he nymphets illegal sex said glumly. "No
prospects.""Oh John," I said slumping, "I didn't mean to make you sad.""It's not your fault," he answered smiling. "It just makes me evaluate my
life. And I've come to the conclusion that I am alone and I haven't been
dating as much as I should be. Instead, I spend all my time working or with
you.""You don't have to rush into a relationship or force one. Let it happen
naturally," I suggested."When will I find a quality guy? One who doesn't just wanna fuck all the
time? And is funny and smart?""This is Princeton. There are smart guys everywhere!""Yeah, but they're so serious and a little snobby. Some of them," John
said."John, you'll find someone," I said, knowing my words sounded lame."Wanna know something?" he asked."What?""I had a crush on you when I first met you," John admitted flushing
slightly.I was stunned, then I grinned. "Really?"He nodded silently. "I always saw you studying and you were so cute when
you were concentrating on your work, chugging that coffee. You have a
really nice, big smile. And happy eyes.""Happy eyes?" I questioned."You know, they light up and sparkle over little things. Like when I gave
your that brownie the first time we officially met," he said blushing
further and looking at the table.I slowly smiled. "Is that why you gave me the free brownie?"He shrugged. "Maybe."I laughed. "You're so funny John." I eyed him. "Don't feel bad
though. Everyone loves my big smile," I grinned in exaggeration."Yeah, well, you ruined it all by having a boyfriend. A serious one, at
that," John said joking, but I could sense a serious undertone."If I wasn't with Gray, I'd go for you in a second. You have it all
John. Brains, humor, and looks, and good personality and a good person," I
said honestly.He smiled at that. "Thanks," he said almost shyly. "It's easy to like you
Kevin," he sweet little underage nymphets added. "You have this quality. Like you make the person you're
with, feel like they're the most important person in the world. Except when
you're whining about Gray."I smacked his arm playfully. Then I studied him. "You don't have feelings
for me anymore, right?" I asked hesitantly.He shrugged again. "It comes and goes. Sometimes I like you a lot, thinking
we'd be good together, and I get jealous of Gray. Then other times, you're
just my good friend, and we have fun joking around, but I realize you're
not available, so I don't let myself go there," he sighed. "Or perhaps I'm
just projecting or some shit. Like I want what you have with Gray. I don't
know. I'm confusing myself.""We need to find you a man," I stated. "I think you're craving a
relationship. If you really models nymphet photos liked me or some shit, you would have made a
move, in spite of nymphet pre naked
me having a boyfriend. Like, you would have fought for
me. That's how I see it. Plus, you're too good of a friend to mess anything
up. You're a good person. So you're just projecting your own wants and
desires from what I have with Gray.""Hmm, not a bad analysis," John commented."Yeah, that was a total mess of words. I don't know shit," I smirked. "But
I do know that we need to find you a man."John groaned. "Not this again.""Oh come on now! Last time wasn't so bad. You had fun. Admit it," I
cajoled."Only a little," he said after a long pause.I laughed. "Well, I had loads of fun.""Yeah, cause you get to play matchmaker with none of the agony of being on
the actual date. Some of those dudes were losers and I had homicide on the
mind!" he said. "Meaning committing homicide on you!" he clarified."Ohh," I said rolling my eyes. "Don't be a spoilsport.""Kevin," he shook illegal nymphet rompl his head. "Kevin, you're crazy.""I have my moments," I said honestly. "If I didn't go crazy, I'd go
insane.""What?" John laughed."Think about it," I said. "If I didn't go crazy, like left off steam or act
all stupid, I'd really go insane. You know, no outlet," I explained."Wow, how your mind works.""Whatever, I know I'm right," I stuck my nymphets elwebbs
tongue out at him. "It's not my
fault your brain can't function like mine.""I forgot - you're super smart," John rolled his eyes."Of course."We ate in silence a bit longer."So, can I find you a guy?" I paused. "Again?" I asked hopefully.John groaned. "Kevin!""Come on, come on!" I said imitating Peter from Family Guy. "What have you
got to lose?"He groaned again.*************.

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