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From: Joshua Cotey
Subject: True Love, part 1 nymphets fashion models (new version)------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Ok, for the people who have already read this story, there are some prreteen nymphet models minor
adjustments that I made. Mainly because the names I used in my story gave me
some really awkward situations.
For the new readers, well ... just enjoy lächelnd
You can send me mail on
------------------------------------------------------------------------------True Love, nymphets pic pre
part I
-----------------"Hi, what's your name?" the boy in front of me asked."Josh," I quickly said, "and yours?""Matthew, nice to meet you." he said offering me his hand.I shook his hand; it was the first person today that said something to me
so I was very happy. nymphets pics ru
Here I was, my first day at university and all of my
friends from high school went to a different school."I guess it's your first day too." Matthew free child nymphet
said."Yeah, I hope everything goes well. You see, I was young nymphette thumbnail a little nervous when I
arrived here at first but it's already much better. Hmmm, do you know
anyone in here?" I asked him."You're actually the first person I talk nymphets world info to. So I know you." he smiled.
"So, are you going to sit there all by yourself or do you want to give me
someone to talk to?""OK", I said.Just when nymphets sex stories I was about to sit down, our professor sexy young nymphets pics entered the room. He
started with the usual "Getting to know each other"-stuff, so that was
ok. After what seemed like tiny nymphet tits eternity he decided to call it a day and we
could go to lunch."You wanna go grab something to eat?" Matthew asked me."Sure, but there's someone I know who I'm waiting for. If you want you can
come with me and afterwards we can all go to the cafeteria together." I
suggested."Hmmm, fine by me. I hope this person won't let us wait to long, because I
am really hungry." Matthew said.
So we waited for about five minutes before Kathryn joined us. Kathryn is a
girl I know from high school, actually I nymphet hardcore virgin
hot nymphets top know her very well; we sort of
dated for 3 years, but then decided that we weren't right for each other.
And now, she's the best friend I could have."Josh!!! Oh god, I've nymphet nude ru missed you so much." Kathryn said, illegal nymphets kissing me and
giving me a big hug."Hi there, beauty. So, how was your first class this morning?" I asked her."Oh, it went very well. I already know a whole bunch of people, but I see
you also got to know someone." she said pointing at top50 nymphets Matthew. "You see, I
told you that everything would be fine and that nymphettes porno
you'd make new friends!
Nice to meet you, I'm Kathryn. What's your name pretty boy?" she asked
Matthew.Yep, that's Kathryn all right; she says everything that comes into her
mind. But I guess she nymphettes free picture was right, Matthew did have the looks. He 's 5'10,
he's got blond hair and blue eyes and a very nice body."Hi, I'm Matthew. Nice to meet you to." Matthew said, shaking her hand."So, you wanna grab something to eat?" I asked her."I would love to, but I've erotic nude nymphet art got to go to some stupid meeting with our
professor to see where we get our books and stuff.""That's all right. It'll be tomorrow then. Bye, my sweet darling." I said
giving her a little kiss."Ok, bye. Bye Matthew" she said running towards a group of students."It looks like we're going to be alone Matthew. We'd better hurry because
we've got our next class in half an hour.""We'll just grab a burger or something," Matthew said, "That's your
girlfriend?""Nope, used to be but not anymore. We're just best friends. Why?
Interested?" I joked."Not really, I already got someone, thanks."
The rest of the day went by very quickly, after elite nymphets underage our last class I said
goodbye to Matthew and went to catch my train to go home. I was very happy
because the day went bye nymphette xxx
very well, I was so afraid that no one would talk
to me, but I had already made a very good friend! The next weeks Matthew
and I got to know each other very well and we became best friends. We did
practically everything together, we always sat together in class, we always
went to lunch each day... I always hated the end of the days, where I had
to go home and had to say goodbye to Matthew. You see, Matthew lived very
far away from me and we had to take different trains home, because both our
parents wouldn't let us stay at the dorm. My parents said it was little stars nymphets better for
me to stay home so I could study while they could check on me. teen nymphet naked Sucks, I
know, but nothing to do...The next morning on my usual train ride to university, I was reading some
magazine when some guy entered the train. I recognized him from class, so
I said hello. He saw me and asked me if he could sit next to me."Sure, " I said, "Hi, I'm Josh. I think we're in the same class together.""I knew I'd seen you already," the boy said, "I'm Kyle.""Do you always take this train to school?" I asked him."Nope, it's the first time actually. Normally I'm staying at the dorm but I
had to go wil nymphets home this weekend and that's why I have to take this train.""Oh, you're so lucky. You can stay at the dorm, my parents won't let me." I
said disappointed."Well, home is not so bad, is it?" Kyle asked me."Guess not, but the dorm would be much cooler." I said."You know, if you like the dorm so much, you can always come around to my
room and so it's almost if you'd stay there.""That would be so great, but I'm afraid my parents wouldn't agree. They
feel like they have to check up on me. I told them I'm 18 now, but that
doesn't make any difference. So I always have to tell them where I'm going
and if I told them that I was gonna stay at the dorm, they'd probably tell
me illegal nymphets pictures to come home and study.""Well, that's a bummer." Kyle said. "But remember, my invitation can be
taken at any time!"We got of the train together and walked to the building where we had our
first class that morning. As usual Matthew was waiting for me outside and
as soon as he spotted me, he began waving at us. I introduced Kyle, but
since we were all in the same class, they already knew each other. >From
that day on, me, Matthew and Kyle hanged out more and more. I liked Kyle
very much, but there was something weird about him. He always looked at me
and made sure he was the little nymphets video free one sitting next to me and not Matthew.Today Matthew and me had decided to go for a swim; Kyle didn't come with
us, because he wasn't really into sports, like me and Matthew. When we went
to the dressing rooms, Matthew began undressing revealing his nice chest
and abs to me. Oh god, he was pretty. Wow, what was I thinking!!! I
quickly undressed myself to and put nudies nubiles nymphets on my swim shorts and ran towards the
pool. Matthew followed me nymphets galeries pretty quick and soon was trying to catch up on
me. Since he trained regularly, it didn't take him very long to be swimming
next to me. We were shaved nymphets
having a very good time, when suddenly I looked my
watch and noticed that I had to hurry to catch my train."Matthew, notty nymphets
I really have to go, my train leaves in 15 minutes.""OK, we'll go change. I'll walk you to the station." Matthew said.
We quickly got changed and made our way to the old nasty nymphets station. When we arrived
there, we saw my train just gold sex nymphet
leaving."Shit, that was the last train home. Now what I'm gonna do." I said."Well, that's nothing. I'm staying at the dorm today, a friend of mine had
to go home and asked me to watch his room. You can stay if you want."
Matthew proposed."You don't mind?" I asked him."Not at all, it'll be fun!""OK then, but I'll have to call my parents first."
I did and they understood the situation and agreed. Cool, I was going to
stay with Matthew all night! Matthew had to go to meet some friends that
evening and I decided to go to the computer rooms to surf a little, maybe
chat with some friends. Since I started university, I also got to know the
internet. I logged on to the computer and went to my favorite chat room;
there weren't much people I know, so I surfed the net a while to look
something for school. A beep, I got a message."Hi" someone said."Hi, who's this?" I asked."It's me here, you know Kyle.""Oh hi, also on the Internet." I said."Yep, I kinda was waiting for you. I hoped you'd get online, I've got to
talk to you." Kyle said. "You looked very good today in the swimming
pool.""Huh," I said a bit surprised."Yeah, I was drinking something in the cafeteria above the pool with a
friend. I had a good point of view from there." "No, you really looked
very good." Kyle said again."What do you mean by that?" I asked."Well, I'm just saying that you're a very hot guy. That's all.""Hey Kyle, calm down, if you talk like this, people gonna think you're...""Gay?" Kyle said, "What if I am? You got a problem with that?""No, I guess not. Just a little surprised, nude girl nymphets you don't look gay to me, that's
it." I said a bit annoyed."Well, nude nymphets free gallery
thank you darling! I'm so flattered. So what are you doing here so
late actually?" Kyle asked."I missed my train and now I'm staying with Matthew." I said."Doesn't nymphet bbs forum Matthew go home every day too?""Yeah, but today he's watching the room of one of his friends and I could
stay too.""Oh, cool. If you want you can come over to my room until he's back.""Naw, that's ok. I said I would be waiting in the computer room.""Come on, I'm not gonna bikini nymphet
try to kiss you or something. Not immediately
anyway." Kyle said."What?""Geez, you don't have a clue, have you? I kinda like you and I hoped you
did too.""But Kyle, I'm not gay. I like you as a friend, but that's all.""Oh, I see. Well I guess I made a complete fool of myself." Kyle said very
embarrassed."No, that's ok. You can't help your feelings." I tried to say."Yeah I can, excuse me, my friend's here and I gotta go. Bye." he said and
he was gone.
Wow, I didn't expect that to happen. I was wondering what to do next when I
got another message."Hi Josh, I just returned to my room. You can come over now." Matthew said."Hi, yeah ... sure. Well ... ok." I said a bit confused."Hey what's wrong? Anything happened?" Matthew asked."No just, well did you know Kyle's little nymphet top lists
gay?""Well, I do actually. I've seen his room and it's covered with poster with
men on it. So I guessed he was.""So everybody knows it, except for me? He kinda likes me..." I said."Well, who wouldn't cute child nymphets like you? You're the most handsome boy I know!" Matthew
said."What???" I asked."Well, you know. You are very handsome Josh, you're 5'9, muscular, nice
brown hair and your eyes are so beautiful. Any girl would fall for you,
well it seems guys do to," he said joking."You think I'm handsome? It's you that's handsome!" I said."Well thanks. So we both like each other, maybe we're in for a hot steamy
night." Matthew said."Yeah sure, models nymphets angels
I'll come into the room and rip your clothes off, so we can
have sex all night long."
We joked around for another five minutes when I decided to go to Matthews
room. I was pretty horny after our little conversation about us having sex,
but is was just a joke. But if it was just a nymphet bb girls gal joke, why did I have my dick
being as hard as never before. Hmmm, I was confused. But hey, it'll pass
when I get to Matthews room. I arrived about five minutes later and
entered his room; it was empty so I thought Matthew had gone to take a
shower. I made myself comfortable and I was lying on his bed, when
suddenly Matthew entered the room with a towel around his hips, damn did he
look hot! My dick sprung to life immediately, I tried to cover it with some
pillow and little nymphet dream it worked."Hi, didn't hear you come in." Matthew said."No, I just arrived...". Just then he dropped the towel and revealed his
very sexy ass to me, he walked around to his closet and put one a new pair
of boxers."Hey, where am I going to sleep?" I asked him."Well, I got another nymphet nude thumbs mattress under my bed, so that's ok. Huh, Josh, I have
to get up really early tomorrow, so if you don't mind, I'd like to go to
sleep. Matthew said."Fine by me."
I began undressing and with only my boxers I helped Matthew to prepare my
bed. When everything was ready, I laid down on the mattress and Matthew
laid down on his bed. It was a very cold night, so twisted and turned to
get as much warmth as possible and I suppose that made a little noise."You can't sleep?" Matthew asked."No, elite nymphet boys
it's just that it is so cold." I said."Well, if you want you can come in my bed. It'll be a lot warmer." Matthew
proposed."You don't extreme tracking nymphets galleries mind?" I asked."Of course not, it has been a while since I slept with someone." Matthew
joked."Yeah sure." I said and moved into bed with him.
After 15 minutes elite nymphettes I felt Matthew getting closer to me, his back was against
mine. He turned around and engel nymphets now dirty russian nymphet I could feel his pics nymphets forum chest resting against my
back."You're asleep?" Matthew asked."Not really." I said."You know, you smell very good..." Matthew said.I turned around and was now face to face with Matthew, our faces were
almost touching."And you're so sexy..." he continued.
There underground nymphet photos
was tension in the air and I knew what was coming. I didn't try to
stop it. He placed a nude water nymphs
gentle kiss on my lips.
To be continued???------------------------------------------------------------------
If you like my story to nymphet ru bbs continue, let me know at
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