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From: Brian
Subject: True life 2This Story is nymphet underground youngest illegal true and contains sex between consenting males and boys. It
also contains BDSM, CBT, Piss, Golden showers, and other stuff relating to
interaction between males. If you are not interested or are under the age
of adulthood, where ever you reside you should leave this Story now.All Comments welcomeMail to bsuddsshaw.caMY FIRST TIME: 2I knew I was being very submissive while I was with Norval, but because I
just loved to have a cock in my mouth it didn't really bother me.
Surprisingly, my marks in school didn't suffer and Norval's marks were
better for our association plus I saved a russian nymphet pictures
good deal of money. Even my
parents were happy be cause nude nymphets 9yo of my good standing in high school. I learned
to control my cock, so that seeing another cock didn't automatically give
me a hard on. I graduated with honors and won a scholarship to the U of A.
It only paid my tuition and board. But my parents were so happy they gave
me a $5000.00 bursary to cover some of the food nymphet girls mpeg and other stuff I would
need at U of A. My two younger sisters were now going to be the only ones
at home. So my parents sold the big house they had and bought a smaller one
in Victoria BC where they wanted to retire. So know I was really on my own
to pursue my dreams. really young nymphets My biggest dream was to suck a lot more cocks. I hoped
I could find some at free innocent nymphets University.The U of A had just recently opened a triple tower of dorm rooms for
students. I got a double room in tower A. When I first moved in and almost
for the entire first year I had it to myself. My first experience at
university with a guy was nymphet stories incest
on the second day I was there. I was in the
shower room and had a hard on as I was soaping my cock and balls when a
very young looking kid came in and started to shower. I turned away from
him briefly to hide my hard cock. He took the shower head right next to me.
He had apparently seen my hard cock and when I turned back he nymphet erotic nonude had a hard
on. I just reached over and nymphette models top list
grabbed his cock on impulse. He just smiled so
I dropped lsm nymphet to my knees and slid his cock into my mouth. He pumped it in and
out real fast and in no time I tasted his come. nymphetas After he had had come he
just said Thanks man, turned away, finished his shower and walked out.
Surprisingly I never saw him again. Well then I had a dry spell, never
seemed to connect with anyone interested, I had to be careful real nymphets no links the U of A
wasn't all that liberal when it came to queers. In fact several of the more
out guys had been beaten up. So I was real careful. Close to mid term in my
first year an exchange student was dormed with me. His name was Joseph
Malanga, from Nigeria. He was the biggest black guy I had ever seen, well
over six feet tall and very muscled. For almost 2 weeks I never saw him
nude or even with out a sort of skirt that he wore. My major was
psychology. His was agriculture. So we didn't have any classes together and
with my study workload, I didn't really pay much attention to him except to
think about what was hidden nymphet oh models under his skirt. One night late on a weekend
after I had finished studying for a test on Monday, he said to me Brian, he
pronounced it Bryyan, can you help me please. I Am having trouble with
these words. Although I took English in school in Nigeria, some of these
definitions escape my limited vocabulary. I laughed, yea some of the ones I
get screw me up too. I went over and sat down and went through with him the
problems he was having. There really are some big words used in Ag. After
about an hour, I casually asked him if that skirt he was wearing was
comfortable. I was only wearing a pair of cutoffs and a t-shirt. I noted it
hid everything he had. I really wanted to see what was hidden. He said it
was very comfortable. I said I wondered what I would look like wearing one
of those. He surprised me when he said that I could try it on if I liked.
Sure why not. Do you want try my cutoffs? I don't think they would fit he
answered, but I could try, with huge smile on his face. He stood up and
unwrapped the skirt from around him. It was really just a long piece of
cloth. After he had it off, he was nude, but for the flowered nymphet image board shirt he was
wearing. His cock was about 8 inches long soft with a lot of foreskin
covering the head. I could feel my own cock stirring at the sight of it,
but controlled myself. I undid my cutoffs and slid them off and handed them
to him. He looked at them and said I don't think I can get them on, but
lets see. He pulled them on and then proceeded to stuff that huge cock into
them. When he had them on and nymphet samples done up the bulge in them made my cock go
hard instantly. I couldn't control it. He seemed not to notice and came
over and started to wrap the skirt around me. His close proximity was
driving me crazy. After I had it on the tent from hard on was pushing the
skirt out. He laughed. I don't think I could wear these shorts for long, I
noticed the bulge was bigger. Well you lola nymphets pussy definitely fill them girl nymphets ru
out I said.
When he undid them and slid them off his cock was now about 10 inches long
and thicker. My mouth just watered and I couldn't take my eyes off it.
Shaking like a leaf I reached out and ran my hand down onto it. When I
looked at his face he had a big grin on naughty little nymphets it. I then just grabbed it and
jacked it a couple of times. I could feel it harden in my hand. Fully hard
he had 11 inches and about 8 inch girth. So thick, so smooth feeling. He
took my hand and led me over to his top wild nymphet
bed and sat down. He then took both my
arms and pulled me to my knees. With one hand he lifted his cock up and
with the other on my head pulled me down shy pedo nymphet until his cock was pushing at my
lips. I just opened my mouth. He really was big. AS he forced his cock into
my mouth I thought he would dislocate my jaw. He seemed not to care as he
kept the pressure up on my head. Then using both hands he pushed all he
could into my mouth and then my throat. He was choking me with his cock. He
kept up the pressure until he had forced about 6 inches into me. He then
let go and I was able to pull back and breath. After a couple of breathes,
he again pushed his cock back into my throat pushing almost 8 inches into
me. Now I really was in stress, his cock was way too big to fit into my
throat and he really was hurting me. When he again let my head go I pulled
right out off his cock nymphet imgboard and looked up at him. The tears were running down my
face, it had hurt so much. I can't take all of you. Your so huge. I said.I'm sorry Bryyan, I will take it more slowly until you get used to it.
After I have all of me into you maybe I will then try the other end. For
now you can suck what you can. I didn't know what he meant by the other
end. In fact the idea of getting fucked in the ass had never occurred to
me. He placed his hand on my head and slowly worked his cock in and out of
my mouth and throat. Gently pushing me deeper with each thrust in. He took
about 45 minutes to come, nymphets gallery free
and by that time I was comfortable with about 7
inches of his huge cock in me. When he came he just held me with his cock
in my mouth. His come was sickly sweet with a chalky after taste. But I
swallowed it all and continued to suck until his cock went soft. He then
stood up and unwrapped the skirt from around me. He then kneeled and sucked
my cock into his mouth. It only took me a minute to come. He swallowed it
all and then stood up. When I looked down at his cock it was again hard. Do
you want it again Bryyan. It will take me almost an hour to come, but if
you want you can suck me. But be warned if you want to suck me, before you
are done this time you will swallow all of me. I looked at that huge cock,
knowing I wanted to suck it but also knowing that I wasn't sure I could
swallow all of it. My jaw still ached from the first time. He turned and
went over to his bed and laid down, propping his head on a pillow. Come
over here Bryyan, he ordered. Without any forethought I just walked over to
his bed. Standing by his bed he reached out and grabbed my ball sack. In
his huge hands he slowly rolled my balls around and then clamped them hard.
I almost fainted with the pain.Pulling me with my ball sack he pulled down onto his bed and grabbed me by
the hair and shoved my mouth down onto his cock. Kneeling now between his
legs he just started to thrust upward, driving nymphets bbs his cock in and out of my
mouth and throat. With each thrust he drove it deeper. In less than 10
minutes he was pushing all 11 inches into my throat. He then would pull out
to let me breath and drive it back in. My throat and jaw ached at this
onslaught. He didn't seem to care, he just moaned each time his cock was
deep inside me. As much as it hurt I still wanted more of him. My own cock
was as hard as could be, and my balls although still aching were churning.
He kept it up for over an hour. Driving into me and then out and then back
in. He at last just drove it and held it. Swallow Bryyan. I felt him coming
in my throat and when I swallowed it pulled his cock even deeper into me.
He held his cock in my throat for almost 2 minutes. I was getting light
headed from lack of air when he finally allowed me to pull off him. Lick it
clean Bryyan, he said. Get every drop. I pumped his cock and licked kiddie nymphet up all
the small beads of come that dribbled out. You can suck on my balls now and
lick and clean my ass. I was repelled by the thought of licking his ass,
but my cock was betraying me. I sucked first one then the other of his big
balls into my mouth. He then turned over and put his ass up in the air.
Clean it Bryyan. I spread his cheeks and then looked at his hole. It was
just a pink spot. Lick it he ordered. When I still hesitated he turned over
and slapped me hard across my face. So hard it brought tears to my eyes. He
then grabbed my ball sack and squeezed. You will do anything I ask or I
will hurt you. Not anywhere where it will show. But remember these I hold
in my hand are very tender. Now will you do as I ask? YES, YES, anything.
Good now clean my ass. He rolled over and presented his ass to my face. Not
wanting anymore pain I just started to lick his butt hole. Surprisingly it
only tasted of sweat. And after a bit I started to enjoy it. After licking
him for about ten minutes Joseph said that was very good Bryyan. Now
anytime I want you to service me I will ask only once. Later I might like
to fuck you and you will submit. For now go to bed. I staggered over to my
bed. My balls were aching like crazy and I had a raging hard on. I was
going to jack then when Joseph said to No do not jack off. I will tell you
when you can. He got up and came over to my bed and sat down. I really was
scared of him now and was shaking as he sat down. Relax Bryyan, I am not
going to hurt you. It is really quite simple. You are now my slave boy. I
am your master. You will help me with my studies, suck me off when I want,
in turn I will suck you off on occasion. You do taste very good and I don't
want you wasting any of your come. It is for me to drink only. Tonight I
think you should sleep with me. You can sleep with my cock in your mouth.
But first you will kneel in front of me now so I can relieve myself. I didn't
know what he meant, but fearing the pain I knew he could inflict I knelt in
front of him. He put his soft cock into my mouth and said swallow. He then
released his bladder into my mouth. As the first shot of acrid piss hit my
tongue I tried to pull away but he held me on his cock. Swallow he ordered.
He didn't piss a lot but it was very bitter. I swallowed and swallowed.
After he was done he stepped back. You see Bryyan you enjoyed it, you are
still hard. Its true I was still very hard. He pulled me and then knelt and
sucked me off. After he was done I said I needed to visit the washroom to
relieve myself. No he said I will drink your piss. pretee nymphets He slipped my soft cock
into his mouth and told me to go ahead. It took a bit but finally I was
able to relieve myself and he just drank it all down. He then sat down on
his bed and just looked at me.You see Bryyan, when I was growing up a binary nymphet pics white man was owner of the farm
where my family lived. He made me suck him off almost every day from the
time I was 12 until I was 18. I didn't mind too much, as he would suck me
off too. One day he made me drink his piss and when I was 16 took my ass.
He told me if I hadn't been so big he would have let me fuck him. Now you
see. There I was his toy, to do with me as he wished. He said he would fire
my parents if I didn't cooperate. So now I am the black guy with a white
slave boy. What he did to me, I'm going to do with you. But I will be more
gentle than him. If you cooperate then we can be real friends, if not well.
I slept that night and several nights after that with cock in my mouth. I
got used to his 11 inches and even loved it when he fucked my mouth. He
always got sex school nymphets off at least once everyday and sometimes when I was in his bed
he would get twice or three times in the night. It was only on weekends
that we slept together. We always slept in a 69 position and sometimes, but
not often he would suck me off. I drank his piss everyday and he drank
mine. I was I guess in a sort of heaven and hell all my own. Near the end
of the first year he said he was transferring to U of A Lethbridge, as it
had an enhanced Ag program. He asked me if I would go with him when he
visited Jasper. Unusual, ussally he just ordered me pedo nymphet bbs
when he wanted to go
someplace to accompany him. Sure, why not. I rented a car for the weekend
after exams. He had apparently prepared very well for the week end. We went
first to the hot Springs at Miette. We rented a cabin set apart from the
others. After enjoying the hot springs and dinner went back to our cabin.
The bed was a four poster queen. Undress Bryyan. He ordered. I quickly
undressed. Lay on the bed with your hands above your head. I did as he
ordered, so used to following his commands. He then pulled two pieces of
rope from his bag and tied my hands to the posts at the head of the bed. He
undressed climbed onto the bed shoved his soft cock into my mouth and
relieved himself. After that he just fucked my face until he came. After he
was done he stood up and looked down at me. This going to really hurt
Bryyan. I am going to put my cock into your ass. As I am sure you have
never had a cock there before you are going to be very tight. I pleaded
with him not to do it. He said it was his going away present to me. After I
have fucked you several times this weekend I will let you fuck me and then
you will love having a big cock in your ass as much as you like one in your
mouth. I was trying to get loose from the ropes and pleading with him. I
think you will scream so I will have to gag you. He pulled a roll of duct
tape from his bag and after stuffing a sock into my mouth put the tape over
it. Can you breath Bryyan. I nodded yes. Good. He then pulled two longer
pieces of rope from his bag and tied one to each ankle. He then pulled my
leg up and tied it to the head of the board. Then he did the other. Now I
was trussed with my ass wide open for his assault. He knelt down before my
upturned ass. I felt his tongue as he started licking me. It turned me on
right away. Next I felt a finger slowly forcing its way into my ass. After
a bit he put two and then three fingers in me. It hurt as first but then
felt really good. Bryyan now I'm going to put three fingers from both hands
inside to try and stretch you a little. I felt a cool liquid being smeared
on my opening. Then he slid three fingers from both hand in me and it
really hurt. I could only moan in pain. More pain came non nude teenies nymphets when he started to
pull my ass open. Stretching the opening. God how it hurt. My hard on was
gone and I could feel tears on my face. If you relax Bryyan it won't hurt
as much. How could I relax with his fingers pulling and prying at my hole.
He pulled his fingers out and I felt a cool liquid being put into my hole.
I then felt the head of his cock at my hole. You need to relax Bryyan and
let this happen. If you fight it will only hurt worse. He started to push
the head of his cock into my ass. The pain was so intense I tried to
scream. I tried to push side ways and up and down to prevent him from
penetrating me. He grabbed my hips and pushed hard against my tight
opening. As his cock head forced its way into me the pain increased until I
was almost passing out. Still he pushed. I felt his cock head pushing past
my outer ass muscle. And then the inner. He stopped pushing with his cock
head inside me. He just sat there with just the head of his cock inside me.
Relax Bryyan. Just relax. I am not going to pull out until I have put all
of me into you, so just relax and let it happen. I was shaking my head from
side to side moaning no. I then felt a stinging blow to my right ass cheek
and then to my left and then both again. At the same time he pushed his
cock into me deeper. asian nymphette fuck Oh God the pain. Again the slaps really hard on my ass
cheeks. With each slap he would push deeper into me. He finally stopped.
You see Bryyan, I am half way. He slowly pulled back until only the head of
his cock was in me. The relief felt wonderful. He then holding my thighs
drove his cock deeper into me, and held it there. Eight inches now Bryyan.
I was becoming delirious with the pain, I indian nymphet pics
had never hurt so much in my
entire life. The pain was so intense. He slowly pulled back and although
the relief was wonderful I knew he was going to drive in deeper with his
next thrust. He again stopped with just the head of his cock in me. He then
droved all of his cock into me. My whole body arched with the pain. I awoke
several minutes later feeling him still deep inside me. The pain was now
throbbing. I could actually feel the pulse in his cock as it nestled deep
in my ass. Are you ok now Bryyan. I shook my head no. It feels really nice
with my cock all the way in you Bryyan. He then pulled all the way back
till only the head was there and then slowly nymphets girllover slid back in all the way.
After he had done that several times I started to feel heat down in my cock
and balls. Something liked what was happening, even if my mind was
screaming in pain. Joseph slowly started to increase speed until he was
pounding in and out in a frenzied zeal. It still hurt, but it was also
starting to feel good. My cock I could see was hard again. I was now in a
sort of no mans land, it hurt like hell, but it felt good at the same time.
Joseph drove in and held it and as he unloaded his seed into me my own cock
erupted and splashed come over my chest and face. Joseph finally pulled out
of me and untied my legs. He climbed up on top of me and told me suck his
cock clean. I looked at it and could see ass slime, come and blood on it.
He pulled the gag off. Suck it! When I kept my mouth shut, he casually
reached around and grabbed my ball and squeezed. As I opened my mouth to
scream he shoved his dirty cock into my mouth. It tasted terrible, and yet
even as I was sucking on it I could feel my cock hardening again. Jesus
what had I become. I loved sucking cock, I think now I even young teen nymphet bbs loved getting
fucked. I guess I would now do anything. What was next? After I had sucked
him clean, he was hard again. He just lifted my legs this time and shoved
his hard cock back into my ass. He pounded me for almost an hour before he
came. When he pulled out this time he undid my arms and stood by the bed.
Well Bryyan. I just sat up and took his cock into my mouth again cleaning
it totally.He pushed down on the bed after I was done and again lifted my legs up. But
instead of fucking me again he went down and licked my ass clean. When he
was done he sucked my cock into his mouth and sucked me off. I was
astounded. All of you taste very good Bryyan. I am going to miss you when I
go down south. He said. I am going to miss you too Joseph. I love you. He
grabbed me and pulled me into his arms. We kissed for several minutes. I
wanted him, all of him. Please fuck me again Joseph, use me as you wish,
for this weekend I'll do anything you want and I want you to use me.
Actually I love you abusing me. He got a gleam in his eyes, and then I saw
a look that quite honestly scared the shit out of me. I said I had to visit
the bath room. Why he asked. I have to take a crap.It took a long time to crap. His 11 inches had really compacted things.
Finally able clear it all out was a relief, along with both his loads. When
I came back into the room Joseph had his skirt on. Lay down on elite nymphette the bed on
your stomach he ordered. After I was laid down he tied my arms and legs to
the bed posts. He stuffed the sock into my mouth and taped it. I will be
back he said and left the cabin. Now what I thought. I had told him he
could anything he wished, but I amateur nymphet photos
think I was going to regret it. He came
back into the room about 15 minutes later. He had a 4 foot long sapling in
one and two bottles of wine in the other. I had never seen him drink so I
was little teenie nymphets a little taken aback. He set the two bottles down on the table and
walked over to me. Without warning he brought the sapling down over my ass
cheeks. The pain was instant and searing. He then just whipped my girl nymphet models ass as
hard as he could. Being spread eagle on the bed there was no way I could
move out from under his searing attack. After about twenty hits he stopped.
He then ran his hand over my red ass. His hand felt like it was on fire and
hurt almost as much as the sapling. Do you want me to whip you more Bryyan?
When I shook my head no, he said too bad. And again laid the sapling onto
my ass beating me relentlessly. After another twenty he asked again. Do you
want more Bryyan? BY now my ass was so numb from his beating that I just
nodded yes. Good you like it. This time he swatted my ass continuously for
almost 15 minutes. I think that's enough on that side he said. He untied my
feet and crossed them tying them to the opposite posts. He held me down and
undid my nude nymphet thumb hands, turned me over, which brought more pain as I was ass down.
He tied my hands again and then went and opened the bottle of wine. He came
over poured some on his hand and then rubbed it into my cock and balls.
When the bottle is empty Bryyan I am going to use it to fuck you some more,
but now I'm going to beat your cock and balls. But first. You have seen all
my scars. They ritual scars given by my tribe in Africa when I came of age.
I am going to give you some scars now. But only you will be able sweet naked little nymphets to see
them. He sat down on the edge of the bed and grabbed my cock. When he
grabbed it I got real hard as usual. Good he said. He pulled a straight
razor from his bag opened it and cut a circle right around my cock about
half an inch from the top. I arched my back at the pain and when I looked
could see blood streaming from by cock. I was crying from the pain, but
Joseph just wiped away the blood and cut another about a quarter inch
further down. He stopped and poured more wine into his hand and massaged my
cock with it. The nymphet europe jpg wine in the wound made me scream in my gag even more.
Bryyan the wine will keep the germs out and color your scars. He then
proceeded to put more circles around my cock all the way to the base. He
didn't care how much pain I was in and continually washed my cock with the
red wine.He then grabbed my ball sack and cut an incisition from the base of my cock
to the bottom of the sack. Not deep, but deep enough to draw blood. He then
massaged red wine into wound and again up and down my cock. The pain was
almost more than I could bear. I really was crying, and blubbering. He
looked at my tears. I'm sorry Bryyan I am almost done. This will hurt even
more. Surprisingly I was still hard. He gripped my cock and placing the
edge of the straight razor in my piss slit cut a straight line down over my
cock head, through the corona and down my cock. The blood gushed from the
wound and I screamed through the gag. He took more wine and massaged it
into this fresh wound. He continued to naked nymphets password massage the wine into my cock and
balls until the blood stopped. He then untied me and took me into the
shower and washed me down. I was almost limp from the loss of blood and the
pain. He sat me down on the toilet slipped his soft cock into my mouth and
drained his bladder, I swallowed his piss by reflex. You are good slave boy
Bryyan. So I will give you something. Lay on the floor. So used to now
following his order I just laid down. He squatted over my face. Lick me
clean Bryyan. AS I started to lick young nymphets nudity and suck at his ass he pushed a thick
turd into my mouth. He was shitting into my mouth. nymphet young asian When I realized what was
happening I turned free tiny nymphets
away and spit what was in my mouth out. Joseph stood up
and looked down at me. I will give you a choice Bryyan. You will do this or
I will feed you one of your balls. Your choice. Wow, Jesus. What had I
created here. Eat his shit or eat my own balls. I just pulled him around
and started licking his ass again. He pushed another long turd into my
mouth and I just chewed it and swallowed. After two he was done and after I
had licked his ass clean he got up and walked into main room. I turned to
the toilet and threw up almost continuously for darkworld nymphets links
ten minutes. I vowed never
ever eat shit again. When I staggered into the main room Joseph handed me
an open bottle of wine. I drank a nude skinny nymphets long draught and then looked at him. He
was now nude and his cock was standing straight out. He pushed me to the
floor and over the bed. Without any preliminaries he drove his 11 inches
into my ass. As I opened my mouth to scream he clamped one hand over it. He
then fucked my ass hard and continuously for twenty minutes. He pulled out
and pulled me studio 13 nymphet
around and shoved his cock into my mouth and blew a really
big load into my mouth and throat. He then just sat down in a chair. I
looked down fotos nymphets at my cock, I could see the concentric rings around my cock and
the straight line down from the head on top to the base. They were bright
blue now, but figured they would be deep brown or black when they healed. I
looked at Joseph. He had a hard on, but I just looked at his face. He had
tears in his eyes. I am sorry Bryyan I got carried away. I am sorry if I
hurt you. I think I do love you. I know I love you Joseph and I knelt down
and took his hard cock into my mouth and sucked him off. After I said is
that wine bottle empty. Yes he said. You were going to fuck me with it. I
said. Not now Bryyan, I can't hurt you anymore. Joseph I want you to fuck
me with the bottle. Are you sure Bryyan? Yes, oh yes, as I lovely nymphets laid down on the
bed and lifted my legs. Joseph smiled and came over with the empty wine
bottle. He inserted it slowly pushing it in until he saw underage lo nymphets pain only face. As
he started pull it out I shouted all the way, all the way. He pushed it
back in until it was at the base. It hurt but now I was hooked on two
things. Cock in my mouth and cock in my ass. I was becoming a real faggot,
real queer, real homo. Cock in me was what I wanted with a little pain too.
After Joseph fucked with the bottle he slid his 11 inches in and I loved
it. This time he pumped in and out as hard as he could. I wanted more. At
nineteen I had become a slut to cock. Cock in my ass and down my throat. I
knew what I was now, a whore, male, yeah, but now I wanted more cock and
not just one but two, one for each place. Was I crazy, probably, but as
long as I kept it secret I wouldn't end up in the Looney bin. In 1963
homosexuality was still in most circles considered an aberration, which
could get you committed to an asylum.End Part 2
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