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True Stories of a Men's Room Pervert, Chapter 2 - ASU
Chapter Two: Road Trip
I got lots of email after my first chapter encouraging me to keep telling
stories, so here you go. It turns out that at least a few Nifty readers have
also had their fair share of shenanigans in the same places I wrote about. Wow.
This could get interesting. Anyway, read on for more.I spent a couple more years in Columbia, hitting the johns in Ellis, Jesse, the
Union, and other places. I probably gulped down a good quart of Granola
Boy’s jizz during that time, not to mention, well, an awful lot from more
cute boys than I can count. But finally the time had come to get a real job and
make my way into the real world. So at the end of 1997, I packed up my
belongings, said goodbye to MU and its nymphet pussy movies surroundings, and headed off for the
Pacific Northwest. I had two weeks before I was due at my new job and fully
intended to make the best of them. If you know what I mean.The web had just begun to take off and CFS was at the time just a big page with
a list of known active university tearooms. So armed with the list and an
atlas, I had prepared a route from Missouri to Washington that lasted two weeks
and hit as many potential campuses as I could and still get where I needed to
be on time. The route took me west into Kansas, south through Oklahoma and
Texas, then west through New Mexico, Arizona, up to Palm Springs, and then to
LA. I had a few day detour into Utah to do some snowboarding, then I had to
high-tail it up through Idaho, Oregon, and finally to Washington. Being a
holiday weekend I figured I’d be SOL until about Arizona, but I still had
to try.Key places I wanted to visit were KU, an adult bookstore in Junction City, KS
that was supposed to have a hot-and-cold ls magazine nymphets pass
running supply of horny army grunts in
desperate need of a good nut draining, Texas Tech, UNM in Albuquerque, ASU in
Tempe, all kinds of places in nymphet bbs xxx LA, and, time permitting, UO and OSU before
pulling into Seattle (looking like a glazed donut, no doubt).Getting there isn’t always half the fun
Well, as road trips go, this one started off pretty sucky. That part of the
country isn’t especially beautiful any little nymphet child time of the year and in the dead
of winter it has all the charm of a basement parking garage.Being a holiday weekend, KU was a bust. All of the good buildings were closed,
so I only nymphet virgin pussy mpegs spent a few minutes wandering around and decided to try for Junction
City that afternoon. Not to worry, even though I missed out on KU-flavored teen nymphet models top
that day I made up for it later.I pulled into Junction City (that’s Indian for “shithole”, by
the way) nymphet teen teen and made my sweet underage nymphes way to the bookstore which was very close to the base
there. I can remember shivering in anticipation of all those hot, butch,
straight-ish young guys who were going to be fighting with each other to get
their drippy boners through my glory hole and into my waiting mouth.
Unfortunately, there must have been a military emergency of some kind that day
because the only people in that bookstore were a small gaggle of pudgy
middle-aged nonnude ukrain nymphets queens and an ancient clerk who was channeling Mae West (not that
there’s anything wrong with that). Not really my cup of tea. I headed on
back to the arcade, bought some tokens, and looked around to see if there was
anything good to be had. No. I settled on a booth and a few of the guys tried
the door but after sparkle nymphets pussy
the way I had set myself up I just wasn’t in the mood.
Finally, I found a video that interested me, pulled out my dick, and cranked
off a quick load so I could concentrate on the drive ahead. Wouldn’t you
know it, as I was walking out I video young nymphets porn passed a seriously hot army kid looking
all bashful in his fatigues. Talk about bad timing.So, on to OKC I went, where I spent the night and set out early the next morning
for Texas and New Mexico. The following night I spent in Albuquerque, in a
hotel located conveniently close to the UNM campus. The following day was
Sunday and I headed on over to campus to take a little tour and see nymphets thong what I
could find in the library. Honestly my expectations weren’t too high,
this being a Sunday on a holiday weekend, but I figured I had to give it a try
since I was here.You guys are wondering when the hell is there gonna be some semen in this fucking
chapter, am I right? Hold still, it’s almost here.So I invested an hour and a half at good old UNM, trying different tearooms, but
never saw another soul. One thing that was interesting is the stalls all had
doors that were very short – they were normal height off the floor, but
had been cut off about chest-high so you could easily see who was seated
inside. Nothing like a little eye contact to improve the efficiency of the
search for someone to blow you. I wonder who’s bright idea that was?Anyway, another wasted day, another wasted load. On to ASU, where it was warm,
sunny, and most importantly, Monday.Finally
I rolled into Tempe early afternoon, parked my car, and headed into campus. The
conventional wisdom was that both Hayden Library and the Farmer Education
Building had much to offer a cum-starved pervert tourist. I figured I would try
the library first and if it were lacking, make my way on to the
interesting-sounding Farmer Education building.HAYDEN LIBRARY
A bit of recon showed that the highly-recommended basement was nothing special,
so I headed on up to the second floor. Based on the way this little adventure
had gone so far, I was hopeful but not optimistic that something interesting
would turn up.Hayden Library is 4 or nymphet lo bbs nude
5 stories, each one with a basically-identical restroom
in the center of the building. After entering the room, there is a small
privacy wall with a jog to the left, and then you are in a long narrow space
with sinks all along the left wall and a row of urinals on the right followed
by three stalls. The architects had thoughtfully specced a huge mirror that ran
the entire length of the room, meaning that you could swim teen nymphets
peer out the cracks in
the stall doors and see who was coming and going in the other stalls, as well
as any action at the urinals. Note that the person in the middle stall
didn’t have to worry about cracks as they had no door. But chances are
they would be far too busy paying attention to what was on the other side of
the huge gloryhole to worry much about the mirror anyway.As I entered, I heard the telltale sound of people quickly shuffling to get
themselves presentable. There was nobody at the urinals but the first stall was
occupied by a pair of warmup pants and some Adidas tennis shoes. The middle,
doorless stall was also occupied by a guy who looked right out of an AF
catalog. Tall, dark, nice looking, pretty muscular, around 22 or so. This boy
had no inhibitions about his body, either. As I walked pink nymphets pic by on my way to stall
#3, and casually glanced over at him, he charming angels nymphets was sitting up with his legs spread
and a very large boner standing straight up.I took my place in the empty third stall, and had a seat. I could see Mr. Studly
next door easily through the crack in the mirror and after a few seconds a
nice, average cock of about 7” poked through the hole and my neighbor
went right to work giving a fast blowjob. While he sucked, he rapidly stroked
his own boner, running his hand now and then down to fondle his nuts and his
ass. After a few minutes of watching this I figured I would help him out with
that big thing and opened my door. The plan was to drop to my knees and crawl
between his legs like the pig I am to get my gullet plugged. As soon as my door
opened he stopped, closed his legs, and leaned down, hiding himself.Helpful cruising tip #374: when a guy nymphets nude pics in a tearoom closes his legs and leans
forward to hide his face and body from you, it means he doesn’t want to
play with you. Increased persistence rarely pays off.
Well, shit. I went back inside and decided to just enjoy the view. As soon as I
did, up he came and dove right back on that dick. Periodically he would look at
my reflection in the mirror and hunch his hips forward, making a show of
jerking off for me. Odd. He clearly wasn’t shy about messing around, and
he clearly enjoyed my attention, so why couldn’t I have a nice helping of
cute college jock dick? I opened the door and stepped out again. This time he
waved me back in and whispered, “No! It isn’t safe!” OK,
whatever. I went back to watching and he went back to sucking. A few minutes
later I realized what he meant when the door opened and someone came in. The
way the tearoom was set up, there was zero time to get back into your stall
before they could see. So, the handsome boy with the big dick was just looking
out for my best interests, but I was still bummed to see him working on that
thing all by nymphets nudes models himself.As it turns out, the guy who had entered the john was extremely cute, maybe 19,
with dark hair and olive skin. Short and wearing chinos, nymphets free movie a sweatshirt, and
black Nikes. He walked over to the sink directly in front of the doorless stall
and using the mirror, proceeded to obviously check out the guy with the big
boner. After a few minutes, he turned and walked over to my stall. I leaned up
and opened the door a crack, spreading my legs to show off my hard cock and see
if he would like to step inside nude pretten nymphets
for some coffee and a blowjob. I remember
clearly that his pants were tented obscenely and that he had a dynamite smile.
He just said, “Hey. You wanna blow me?” Well…OK. I opened my
door a bit more but he motioned me to follow him.Two minutes later we were in an identical restroom on the third floor (minus the
gloryhole) and I was on my knees in the handicapped stall undoing Cute
Guy’s pants. Out popped a very nice but smallish uncut bone with a ls cp nymphets portals purple
head sticking out of the foreskin and a ton of precum making the whole thing
look very naughty. As I have pointed out before, you don’t have to ask me
twice so I went right to work taking good care of him. This kid was clean as a
whistle and smelled like Dial soap. While I prefer my boys with a little funk
on them, he was so cute I wasn’t about to complain. While I sucked, he
whispered nymphets posing naked
words of encouragement that would have been hilarious if I had not
been so occupied with the task at hand: “Yeah, you love my big cock,
don’t you?” After some sucking I managed to work his young nymphet non nude pants down to
his ankles and applied gentle pressure on his hips in the universal sign of
“I want you to turn around so I can do something back there that you are
really going to like.” He cooperated and bent right over, exposing a
squeaky-clean, hairless buttcrack and tiny little hole and I kept my promise by
licking, tonguing, and sucking his cute li’l hole while he stroked his
dick.Presently he was young nymphet link ready to nut and he informed me of this and asked where I
wanted it. Well duh. He spun around, stuck his dick in my mouth, and let fly
with three or four hard squirts. Yummy. Not bitter at all, just a bit salty. As
soon as he was done, he pulled up his pants, put the still-hard dick away, and
said, “Thanks. You do that really well.”I assured him the pleasure was all mine and he split. After waiting a few
minutes I really wanted to get back to the cute pair and the gloryhole
downstairs so off I went. Sadly, when I returned, the tearoom was empty. At
least this way I was able to snag the “good” stall and spent the
next half-hour or so looking longingly at the gloryhole and waiting anxiously
for someone to come in and let me try that badboy out.Alas, it was not to be. Several pissers came and went, but no dick for me. Put
off, I nymphette kiddy
nymphet twat decided to roam around to nudes little nymphets
the other restrooms there and see if I was
missing anything. Not really. I returned about 20 minutes later to find the
middle stall occupied by an older guy, dressed in cheap “slacks”
and dress shirt and shoes. This ukraian nymphets is not a turn-on for me. So, I went back to #3,
had a seat, and waited to see if something interesting would happen.Presently someone came in and took the first stall. It happened so quickly I
couldn’t see who it was but the middle guy wasted no time standing up and
pressing himself against the gloryhole. Evidently everything went according to
plan, because a few minutes later he pulled up his pants, washed his hands, and
bolted. Not being a complete fool, I moved over to the middle stall and took a
peek to discover an enormous, ghost-white thigh covered with…something.
Acne maybe?About this time, the door opened and I was trapped in the stall with no door. I
really don’t like those – I’m not sure why, but I think
it’s because being in one takes away any pretense of innocence or at
least accident, and those are two things I find extremely appealing about sex
in situations like these. But I digress.I stood there pretending to pee and sensed someone walking behind me and
stopping at the sink. A second later, a familiar voice whispered, “Hey.
You think I could get another rimjob?” Wait a minute! Didn’t I just
drain this kid’s cute little nuts an hour ago? They must be insatiable
here in Arizona! Somehow I managed to make the difficult decision between
eating out the cute college boy or taking my chances with Jabba the Hut on the
other side of the hole and off we headed to the third floor again.Cute Guy was already in the stall when I arrived so I opened the door to see
quite a sight: pants off of one leg, legs spread wide, bent over the toilet
with that perfect round ass sticking out. Wow. To my knees I went, and ate and
ate and ate. His dick was still bone hard, still drooling precum. He
didn’t touch it but after a few minutes land nymphets top he asked if I was ready to eat
his cum again. He didn’t squirt much this time but I was appreciative
just the same, and so was he. While I still had him in my mouth I reached down,
did a few strokes, and unloaded all over the floor. Nice!It was getting late and I wanted to get to my hotel in Phoenix in time to meet
some friends for dinner so I took off. The original plan had been to head out
for Palm Springs the following morning but during dinner I got to thinking that
this was such a great tearoom, the boys were uninhibited and attractive, and
the rest of the trip was an unknown, that maybe I should just stick around
another day. Good idea!Day Two
The next day around lunchtime I headed back to campus and set off in search of
the Farmer Education building. I figured I may as well sample everything they
have to offer there. After wandering around for too long, I gave up and headed
for the library again.This time the place was full. All three stalls rockin’, two guys at the
urinals. From where I stood, everyone was cute and doable and nobody looked
like they were in any hurry to pee and get out of there. I headed over to a
sink and took a minute to check out the mirror and get a feel for who and what
was going on. A minute later the door opened and in walked two campus cops. OK, now
everyone is in a hurry. But no biggy. The cops had done their thing by making a
pass through, everyone left but me, and I now had the Prime Stall all to
myself. I took a seat and a few minutes later someone came in to take a piss in
the doorless #2 stall. Of course, I watched. Nice dick, uncut, on a guy with a
long-sleeved T-shirt, baggy sk8er shorts, and some particularly ripe-looking
Vans. Ooh! Tattoos! I was all about this. I crossed my fingers with one hand
and stroked my dick with the other hoping Skater Boy had more on his mind than
taking a piss. I peered through the crack to get a look at nymphet bikini models
the whole picture
and was quite happy to see a Fred Durst’s little brother type.Sure enough, within a minute or so someone had a boner. I motioned
through the hole and he promptly stuck it right through. Nothing huge, just a
nice normal dick. Knowing that it was on Skater Boy made it extra good, though,
and I dropped down fucking youngest nymphets
on my knees and gave him the works – deep throat
sucking, chewing on his foreskin, tonguing his hairy nuts – and just
totally got off on the funk coming from his not-recently-bathed crotch.
Unfortunately, I wasn’t paying enough attention to myself and about the
time Skater Boy was unloading nymphet legs
his very large, salty load of goo in my mouth, I
lost control and sprayed the floor with a good one myself. Dang. I had planned
on making today an all-afternoon jizzfest. But unlike Cute Guy, once I nut
I’m done. At least for a couple hours. Seriously, you could chain Justin
Timberlake to a radiator in my basement and cover him from head to toe in
Ashton Kutcher’s cum and I’d still rather take a nap or watch TV
for an hour or two.Disappointed, I mopped up, got dressed, and left shortly after Skater Boy. I
headed out to pick up some lunch, enjoyed the sun and came back a couple hours
later all recharged and nymphet daughter photo prepared to last longer this time.I hit the third floor again, just to make sure I wasn’t missing out on
anything, and I wasn’t. So back down to 2, which was full again. I went
over to a urinal and pulled out my dick and sort of lazily stroked it waiting
for something to happen. The door opened and in walked Cute Guy. Good grief,
what a hound! I was more than ready to attend to whatever he had that needed
attending, but as he came in he made a lap around all the urinals, kind of
checking everyone out. When he got to me, he rolled his eyes and sort of
sneered. Huh. I guess he has a one-day maximum or something. He wandered over
to the stalls and seemed unimpressed by whoever was in #1 naked nymphet toplist and the doorless one.
Who or whatever was in #3 was wearing a very large pair of Timberland boots and
certainly got his attention, though. His dick was hard and he was rubbing
himself in front of the door crack but didn’t gain entrance. After a few
minutes he was still cute nymphet teenie
there, practically pawing at the door. He wanted at that
bad! It wasn’t too long before several of the other guys wandered over to
see what young girls nymphets all the fuss was about and remembering the earlier visit from
ASU’s finest I decided to go check out the periodicals for a bit. One
thing was for sure. Whoever was in #3 had a fan club.About half see nymphets biz an hour later I headed back up to find the place deserted except for
#3, which still held the same big Timberlands and their owner, and I took a
seat in #1. Within a few minutes we were joined by someone else, who headed
directly for the middle stall and took a seat. What do you know…Skater
Boy again! What is up with these guys here? The keep coming, and coming
and…I assumed I would get another shot at SB, which was fine with me. I sort of
wanted him to follow me up to the third floor so I could get a crack at, well,
his crack. He took out a pen and started writing on a piece of toilet paper.
And writing. Christ, it was practically a novel. He handed it under pedo underage nymphet gallery the stall
to the big Timberlands and then proceeded to take a huge wad of toilet paper
and stuff it into the gloryhole. I dunno what he was trying to accomplish.
Evidently he didn’t want me to be able to see him doing whatever it was
he hoped to do over there. It may not have occurred to him that the mirror made
that pretty easy regardless. Eventually it became obvious that he was ukraine nymphet photos trying to
get Timberlands to slide his dick under so he could suck it but Timberlands was
just not cooperating.Pretty soon someone else came in and took the urinal right next to my stall. Now
there is a gap of maybe 2 ½ inches between the wall and the stall where
it juts in so you can pretty easily make eye contact and have a casual
conversation with whoever is at that urinal if they lean forward a little bit.
In my case it was a short and handsome black guy with a nice smile, jeans,
T-shirt, and Adidas. He made it quite clear that he was more interested in
whatever I was playing with between my legs than in casual conversation, so I
stood up and we both had a good view of each other jerking off. His dick was
pretty long and very, very thick – like a beer can – and so I
immediately started plotting ways to get that thing in my mouth. But try as I
might, he just wanted to stand there and jerk off together.I managed to squeeze my fingers through the crack and he moved forward to let me
touch it but wouldn’t kneel down. I opened my door and motioned him
inside but he shook his head no. How frustrating! So, we stood there watching
each other for a few minutes while Skater Boy russian illegal nymphets
and Timberlands did the hokey
pokey litle nude nymphets or whatever next door, totally oblivious. Finally my guy was clearly
getting ready to nut – heaving breathing, up on his tiptoes, etc. –
so I put my fingers back through the crack and he stepped forward and just
blasted them – and the wall – with his jizz. I carefully pulled
them back through as he zipped up and left.True Confessions of a Men’s Room Pervert Trivia Time: I realize this is
only the second chapter but you probably know me well enough by now to answer
this one. Did I:
a) ukrainian nymphetts
quickly wipe the cute guy’s cum off my hand with some toilet paper
lick my fingers clean and curse the wall that got the rest

I sat back down and contemplated the scene next to me. Notes were still going
back and forth but not much else. I guess he finally got frustrated or
something, because all of a sudden Skater Boy pulled up his pants and walked
out. Timberlands didn’t move. About a minute later, Skater Boy came back
in, back into the nymphet magazene model middle stall, and pulled out the toilet paper. He wasted no
time dropping his shorts and sticking his hard dick through. It looked red and
angry, like he had been punishing it for quite some time. It was also wet and
sticky with precum, which is always a good thing in my book. I opened wide and
slid it in, getting ready to give him another five-star blowjob. Much to my
surprise and not inconsiderable consternation, he blew in my mouth within five
seconds. That’s no fun! Being the dutiful cumpig that I am, I swallowed
it all down and, since he was standing still for it, licked him clean.So, Skater Boy split again and it was just me and Timberlands. I’ve seen
shy guys like him before. Especially if they’re cute, they may sit there
for hours while guys are hitting on them like crazy, too afraid or
whatever to make a move. Granted I didn’t know what he had been up to
when I wasn’t there but based on the behavior I had seen I decided to
just ignore him and wait for something else to come along.After a few minutes of sitting there, he whispered, “Did you swallow that
guy’s come?”I said I had.“Did it taste good?”Yes, it had tasted good. I asked him if he liked the taste of come. No response.After a couple more minutes I heard a commotion and looked through the hole to
see him squatting down in his stall, facing mine. He had really nice muscular
thighs with a little bit of a tan and a dusting of light-brown hair. And
jutting out between his legs was one magnificent penis. We’re talking
Pringle’s can here. Without exaggerating, I would say 10 inches long and way
thicker than I could wrap a hand around. It was about half hard, sort of
hanging there, twitching.Of course I immediately knew I had to have it in my mouth.I decided to try the direct approach. “You got a big dick dude. You want
me to suck it.”“No.”“How come?” It seemed like the least he could do was justify his
decision to deprive me of that stunning piece of manhood.“Well, I already came four times today. I don’t think I can come
again.” These fucking Arizona guys. It must be something in the water.I whispered back that I really needed to get off and would love to suck him for
a while even if he couldn’t come. This followed by a bit of
back-and-forth because he didn’t want to ukrain nymphets come over to the middle stall so
I could do it. He seemed mortified by the idea of being visible in there.
Finally I agreed to move to the middle so he could come take #1 and we could
use the glory hole. As soon as I moved, he came out and zipped over to #1. Wow.
Fucking gorgeous guy in his early 20’s. Around 5’ 11”,
muscular, with a nice tan, light brown hair, very handsome face,
and…that’s all I had time to see.He went into the stall, dropped his pants and just stood there on the other side
of the hole stroking. He whispered that he wanted to get it hard first. How
considerate. I informed him that was my job, and he slid it through.I’m not sure why it is that I have this obsession with freakishly huge
dicks. I mean, what exactly am I gonna do with one when I catch it? It
won’t fit in my mouth, it’s sure as hell not going up my
ass. Really all you can do is hold it like a baked ham, and maybe lick it or
So I did my damndest and with a combination of stroking, licking, and sucking
the head managed to get it hard. Fucking tremendous. I would give anything for
a picture of it sticking through that hole with my grinning mug in the
background. I galeries nymphets continued to worship him and his monster for about 10 minutes and
decided I wanted to hard nymphets try and get a taste of his ass too. So I asked him if
he’d be willing to squat down on my face if I slid under his stall, but
no, he was out of time and really had to go.I thanked him profusely for sharing that thing with me and then he said,
“Can I suck you off before I go?” BAM! My dick was through that
hole so fast I nearly hurt myself, and he knelt down on the floor forums pics nymphets russian
and took my
dick in his mouth. While he was sucking, he scooted up enough so that his big
dick was rubbing up against my calf. Who knew that could be such a fucking
turn-on?This guy gave what has to be one of the three best blowjobs ukraine nymphette
I’ve ever had.
Sure, lots of guys give a good blowjob. But you know how every once in a blue
moon you find a mouth that has exactly the right combination nymphet nonnude art
of heat, wetness,
friction, slippery, and velvety all at the same time? This guy had it going on
in spades. My knees nearly buckled and I let out a loud groan. Within maybe 30
seconds I let loose in his mouth nymphet dark cp and he eagerly swallowed it all down. After I
was done, he kept at my dick, licking and sucking. I actually had to pull it
away from him.So, I thanked Timberlands again for the lovely afternoon and headed out to my
car. One more night in Phoenix and off I was, headed to sunny California.To be continued…
I hope you enjoyed chapter two. By all means, if there’s anything I can do
to make your masturbation experience better; don’t hesitate to let me

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