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Subject: true companions - part XIV - Paul's LessonsThis is a continuation of a fictional account of my mission in France and
Belgium during the early 1970s. Though many of the circumstances, events
and even some of the people are real, it is still nymphets dvd xxx fiction and is only what
I would like to have happened.Gary----------------------------Part XIV - Paul's LessonsWhen we went back to Paul's the next evening, we were stunned by the
difference. He met us at the door dressed in his best clothes. He had
cleaned up the room and even got rid of the stale smoke and food smell. He
had prepared some crackers for us to eat and even got some Coke for us (all
Americans drink coke, right?). Paul really wanted to put on a good show for
us. Both nymphets under Elder M. and I were amazed when we saw the change in both Paul and
his surroundings.We sat at the table and I got out the flannel board while Elder M. and Paul
chatted for a bit about nothing. Then Paul excitedly asked, "When can I go
to Church with you?""Well, we have Church on Sunday and our meeting hall isn't too far from
here. We start at 10:00am. Can you come then?" responded Elder M."No problem. Write the address down here and the time." Paul pushed a piece
of paper over to Elder M. who wild nymphets info wrote the address down and gave it
back. "What should I wear?""What you have on now is great," I said."So, Paul, tell us how you feel about yesterday's lesson."Paul began to tell us about his night and how he practiced praying like we
had taught him. He told us how different that was from his Orthodox
upbringing in Greece. magic nymphet picures He read the brochures we left and anticipated our
return visit all day long. He said he was feeling better and happier than
he had ever nude girls nymphets felt since leaving Greece.Elder M. and I looked at each other, both of us thinking this guy was
definitely cute nymphets porn
golden!Thus started an extraordinary week where we taught Paul all we could and
then some. He was like a sponge, soaking up every word we said about the
Gospel. He asked real nymphet video intelligent questions and accepted our responses even when
we said we didn't know. When we presented the third discussion on the Word
of Wisdom, he took his cigarettes and broke each one and threw them in the
trashcan. He took nympho young girl the beer in his refrigerator and poured it down the drain
in the sink. He had no problem keeping those commandments. In fact, he
accepted all the precepts of the Gospel.He learned how to blog ukrainian nymphets
pray and offered thoughtful, direct prayers that made me
shiver with their sincerity. russian kiddie nymphets
His behavior and demeanor improved with each
visit. We felt we were making a real difference in top board nymphet his life.We taught him all six discussions in 4 days. He started the Book of Mormon
after we presented the fourth discussion and had read half the book by the
next night. The only time he had a problem was when we came to chastity. As
we described the law uncensored nymphet pics of chastity, his face became crestfallen. We could
tell immediately that we had hit a snag. I was scared to death. Paul had
accepted everything including even tithing but now with chastity he was
clearly having a problem."Paul," Elder M asked. "Is there something you would like to say. All of a
sudden you're pretty quiet."Paul remained quiet for a second. "I, um, might have a problem here. I
don't think I have kept this commandment."Elder M advised him, "Paul, remember when we talked about repentance? We're
not worried if in the past you have not kept the commandments. Now that you
know better, when you are baptized you will make a promise to keep the
commandments in the future and the past is wiped out. You'll be clean and
new.""But, what I nymphets tokyo have done is serious. I mean it involves another person.""Are you currently cute little nymphet in a relationship with someone that would break the Law
of Chastity?" Elder M asked."No but I was when I was in Xania. We lived together for 2 years.""Do you still have feelings for this person?""No, we broke up completely. We never write or talk. It's one of the
reasons I left Crete.""Are you willing to keep the commandment in the future?""Yes, oh yes! It feels good and I know it is the will of God.""Then, Paul, you're ready to be baptized. You're willing to repent and
change. That's the main requirement."Paul looked at both of us. Tears started to fill his eyes. He spontaneously
knelt down and nymphet model girl began to pray in Greek. He paid no heed to us being there
but you could feel his repentant spirit as he poured his heart out to his
Father. Eventually, he changed back to French for his prayer. Both Elder
M. and I dropped to our knees as well. We both began to cry at the example
offered by this sincere believer. After several minutes with all of us in
deep spiritual thought, Paul stood up and invited both of us to drink a
toast. So the three of us poured some Coke into three glasses and Paul
said, "To Elder Millett and Elder Roark who brought me the true gospel." We
lifted our glasses, put them down and just smiled broadly. Clearly, Paul
was ready to join the fold.That Sunday, Paul came to Church with us. I was really afraid that he
wouldn't be welcomed but the good members in Seraing took him into their
midst. We introduced him to the Dumonts who were still coming out to
Church.After the morning meetings, we brought Paul home to our apartment for lunch
before going back to Sacrament meeting in the afternoon. The three of us
were growing close. Paul was a couple of years older than either of us but
we got along really well. He would tell us about his home in Xania on the
island of Crete. He would go fishing everyday along with his father. He had
3 younger brothers that went with them as well. Elder M. made the immediate
comparison with his family. He showed us pictures of his home. It free teens nymphets
was right
on the hardcore nymphette sites water with the Mediterranean lapping its shore. The house appeared
to be adobe and was small. There were chickens and an outdoor kitchen with
a wood stove like a pizza oven. They had an outdoor toilet/shower
combination. His father ran a bus between Xania and Kastelli on the western
end of the island.After lunch, the three of us talked. I laid down on my bed and Elder M. sat
down child naturist pictures nymphets on his. We actually had a shortage of chairs in that small place. Paul
sat on nymphet innocent Elder M.'s bed and we just chewed the fat all afternoon until it was
time to go to Sacrament.After Sacrament meeting, we invited Paul back to our place and we pantyhose nymphets had some
bread and cheese with some yogurt. We showed him some filmstrips. We talked
Gospel all night until nearly midnight. When we noticed how late it was,
Elder M. said, "Wow, it's really late. We need to get up early for sweet nymphets nude
tomorrow.""I'm so sorry. Please, forgive me for keeping you up so late. I need to
go. Can we get together tomorrow?""Actually, tomorrow is our preparation day so we do errands in the morning
then go to the Municipal Baths to clean ourselves since we nymphets modeling naked don't have a
bath here in the apartment," I said."I know the feeling. I have to go there to if I want to get a shower. How
about in the divine nymphets evening. We could nymphet thong gallery get together at my place."Elder M. and I were very happy to private nymphet
do that. His baptism was scheduled for
Saturday in Liege and we didn't want to lose him during the week.After he left, Elder M. asked me, "Do you think Paul really understands
what he's getting into?""I think so. After the other night when he learned about repentance, I
think it finally top 50 nymphets dawned on him.""I think so, too. I really like elite russian nymphettes
him a lot," Elder M confided while getting
undressed. "I think he's really genuine and kind. He'd make a cool friend.""I agree completely!"We finished getting ready for bed, said our companion prayer while holding
hands together and hugged each other as loving brothers. Life was good.The next morning, we took our laundry to the regular place. The two of us
then went to the baths for our weekly soak and shower. nubile nymphet pussy
We were keeping the
place for an hour now and looked forward to our time hot model nymphet together. When we
arrived at the Municipal Baths and paid our money, we walked into the
locker room and discovered Paul there just sitting."Paul! Hi. What are you doing here?" Elder M asked. Both of us were just a
little wary of this encounter."Hi Elders! I thought I'd take my shower today when you were here then we
could go out and play today. Is that okay?"Neither of us could resist those black eyes. At the same time, we weren't
sure we should invite him to shower with us. Then again, we enjoyed his
company and wanted him to feel accepted. It was a bit of a
dilemma. Finally, after looking at me, Elder M. said, "Sure. It's
great. We've got the family bath area for an hour and nymphet babylove cp
you can join us in
there."There. underage forbidden nymphets It was done. Elder M. in his innocence just invited a Greek god child top nymphets
join us as we got naked and child nymphets videos
soaked and showered. What was I nymphet black to do? I was
okay by this time with Elder M. We were used to each other and I rarely got
hard ons anymore when I was with him 12yo nymphet tgps unless he touched me. But now, this
beautiful man was to join us and I was already feeling familiar stirring
down below.Once we closed and locked the door uncensored nymphet art behind us, we put our stuff down and
Elder M started to fill up the soaking tub. Paul started to undress as we
did. He little nymphets goth
took off his shirt revealing that black hair all over his torso
which covered a nice set of pecs and a flat, strong stomach. He took off
his pants and I saw his legs which were equally as covered in black
hair. He was standing there in his dark blue underwear. Meanwhile, Elder M
and I started to undress but when we got to our garments, we stopped for a
second and looked at each nymphet baby pussy other.I turned to Paul and said, "Paul, after you join the Church, there are
other nude tiny nymphet
things which asian tiny nymphet you can do including going to the Temple. Remember when
we talked about Temples the other night? Well, once you go nymphet gallery hard through the
Temple, a garment is placed on you to remind you of your covenants. We wear
the garment as underwear all the time except for bathing or sports. So, as
you can russian nymphets castle
see, both Elder Millett and I are wearing this." At that time, we
both removed our pants and were standing there in our garments.Paul was a little surprised and then he started to chuckle. Then we started
to chuckle. After all, we did look a little nymphet story weird. Paul came up to me and
looked at my garments. He asked what the markings were for and I said he'd
find out once he went through the Temple. He looked at the flap on the back
for bathroom duty and actually opened mine a bit revealing my ass. He just
started shaking his head and said something in Greek and started to remove
his underwear while we took off our garments.I wish it were that simple - just removing some clothing. Paul removed his
dark blue briefs and revealed this incredibly beautiful cock that I wanted
to fall down before and worship. It wasn't huge but it was perfectly
proportioned and rested on a large ball sack which contained two large
testicles from heaven. He was uncut as are most Europeans and his foreskin
tightly covered the helmet head on his cock. The entire package from black
eyes to black chest hair to perfect dick sent me over the edge and my dick
popped up like the thermometer in July. There was nothing I could do about
it, either. There I was naked and a boner with two beautiful men. Elder
M. was also naked by this time and his dick was semi-hard. Even Paul's dick
began to extend out of the foreskin to reveal the tip of his head.Normally, Elder M. and I would sit in the soaking tub for 10 or 15 minutes
before showering. The three of us walked over. We explained to Paul that we
both fit in with some room to spare. Paul was the first to get in and sit
down on one end. Elder M. and I just looked at each other then I climbed in
and then Elder M. climbed in. It was a tight hairless nymphet pic fit. Elder M. sort of sat next
to me but mostly on my leg. We both faced Paul who nymphet tgp xxx home
was at the other end
with his feet rubbing against our dicks and balls. My hand was on Elder M's
dick by this time but not by design. I could tell he had gone hard. My feet
were also touching Paul's equipment and it didn't take an architect to see
he had a steel beam there.We laughed and played some like Elder M. and I usually do. Throw some
water. Grab at each other. After some time, it was pretty natural. We felt
very comfortable with Paul and he felt comfortable with us. Being naked
with guys was just a normal thing to be as Elder M. used to say. And hard
ons were part xxx lol nymphet
of the business!After 15 minutes of play, we all got out and walked over to where the
showers were. There were two heads and the three of us stood around them,
washing ourselves and each other. All of us were rock hard. We tried to
make jokes about it. Elder M. told Paul about how he and is Dad and
brothers used to go skinny dipping at hot springs in New Mexico. Paul said
he and his Dad and brothers would swim naked in fresh nymphet pics the ocean. He just said it
was a very a natural state. As for me, I bit nn nymphet my tongue. I wanted so badly
to suck them both off but I just played along with the buddy routine. I
have to admit, it was fun to wash Paul's back and ass and have him wash
mine. His hands on my back and ass were like manna from heaven.After showering, spanked nymphets
we dried off and just sat there naked for a while, cooling
down and talking about our families. That part was actually pretty fun and
non-sexual. I really liked Paul. Were links nymphet top I not a missionary, I would have
pursued a relationship with him. Here I was, sitting down with two
beautiful men, naked, happy, content. I could spend my life with both of
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