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True Blue 2
This story contains descriptions of sexual acts involving a man, a
teenager and two MINOR boys. Such descriptions are an integral part
of the story. While the story may appeal to prurient interests, it is
intended to have serious literary value. As a friend once said:
"Everyone has the right to fantasy. No one has the right to
censor an imagination, or dreams."
With that in mind, know that this story is not true, although it
is based on fact and some real events! Further, it is not intended to
promote illegal acts against minors, but to demonstrate that men and
boys can love each other despite the prevalent attitudes of western
society. It is my goal to help readers appreciate that love. The
sexual acts described in the story are nonnude nymphets the result of my imagination.
I have not performed these acts, and I do not encourage others to
perform them with minors. If the subject of man/boy love offends you,
if this material is illegal in your place of residence, or if you are
under the legal age for such material, do not read further!
By downloading this story:
"... you implicitly declare and affirm under penalties of
perjury that you are not a minor or in the company of a minor and are
entitled to have access to material intended for mature, responsible
members of society capable of making decisions about the content of
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The story is copyrighted under my pseudonym, Ganymede. A copy has
been placed nymphet porn little
in the Nifty archives for your enjoyment. The story
cannot be used to derive monetary gain. The story cannot be placed in
archives that require payment for access, or printed and distributed
in any form that requires payment either directly or indirectly.
Any similarity to individuals, living or dead, is entirely
accidental. Reference is also made in context to movies, characters,
and actors that have become part of modern western culture. No other
implication about the true sexuality of the people mentioned or their
private lives is intended.
Now that the preliminaries are out of the way.....
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True Blue by Ganymede
house was two streets away from where I lived. It was further back
from the water, but it was higher up the hill so it still commanded a
wonderful view. By the time we arrived there it was late enough for
dinner, not that I was hungry after eating birthday cake. Dr. and
Mrs. McIntyre were also into the ‘let’s celebrate Allan’s
birthday’ mode. We barbecued short-loin-lamb chops, which had
to be one of my favourite foods even if I had ameteur kid nymphette vids grown up eating lamb
every other day. At Brindajari, lamb was about all we ever ate. Some
years, there were up to 20,000 sheep to choose from.
was still light enough for us to play outside, and warm too, because
even at nine o’clock, the temperature had only begun to drop
from the afternoon high of 93 degrees. Blaine and I wanted to play
cricket on the lawn, but Dr. McIntyre was adamant. We needed to be in
bed, given the early start we were going to make the next morning.
And so, the ‘under-twelve galahs’, as he referred to us,
were sent off to bed. Blaine still had ten more days to go until he
couldn’t be included. Me, I had another whole year.
he was the youngest in super nymphet the family, Blaine’s bedroom was located
above the garage. The view wasn’t very good. It was mostly of
the street and driveway. Blaine’s bedroom was private, probably
more private than an eleven-year-old boy needed. He almost never
closed his door. That night, he did. I didn’t give it a second
my bedroom, Blaine’s bedroom was a large room, but it was
mostly given over to a Lionel train-set that had originally been his
brother’s. The model railway was very detailed. It was based on
the region around Loch Lomond. There were bridges over the shiny
painted water and the train track even went through tunnels in
mountains made of plaster and wire mesh. We played with the trains
for a while, until it was impossible to put off going to bed any
longer and not risk his father’s wrath.
My bag’s still out in the car,” I grumbled.
turned around from the train-control set. One of the engines was
backing down a siding, pushing half-dozen carriages.
pyjamas are in my bag?”
sleep in your undies. I’m going to.”
underpants was as good a solution as any, considering that the last
thing I wanted to do was to go out to Byron’s car and retrieve
my duffle bag in the darkness. I glanced sideways at Blaine’s
bed. young nymphet sex movies It was a single bed, big enough for one boy, but it was a tight
fit for two. We’d shared his bed, and mine too for that matter,
any number of times. Not that we got much sleep when we slept in the
same bed. Staying awake was part of the fun of spending the night at
each other’s house.
“Or we
could sleep in the nud, if you wanted to,” he added cagily.
got my attention. Of course, it was why he closed his bedroom door.
He smirked at me, his eyes meeting mine before he looked away again.
The seed had been planted in my fertile mind. It would not be the
first night that we’d been naked in the same bed, but until
then it had never started out that way. Sometimes it took an hour of
giggling, talking in whispers, and playing games before our pyjamas
found their way to the bottom of the bed. My heart raced, but I
wasn’t at all sure why. I wasn’t a prude, not after
spending nearly half of my life on a sheep station. However, I wasn’t
as uninhibited as Blaine. A boy didn’t grow up with two women
telling him what to do constantly and not have a few inhibitions.
manipulated the control panel of the train-set, bringing another
train out of the siding and onto the main line. I watched it
travelling around the track, thinking hard. Blaine was having trouble
not smiling. It took two to tango, and the ball was in my court. Our
relationship was based on that. One of us suggested something and the
other person had to agree. This time, it was more than just going to
bed without clothes on. Both of us knew that if we were naked we
wouldn’t fall asleep for a long while. We would end up playing
with our penises for an hour or more. Agreeing to sleeping nude, also
meant agreeing to doing that as well.
be honest, the idea of being naked with Blaine always sent a shiver
of excitement through me, just as the thought of where our hands
would stray once we were lying in his bed. However, it was more than
shiver. It was a thrill that made 14yo nymphet pics
me tremble. It didn’t make a
lot of sense. I had seen him naked lots of times. I knew his penis
almost as well as I knew my own. I should have been used to it by
then. Suddenly, my answer came. I didn’t want to sound too
the buff?”
If you want.”
struck me then, that Blaine was also trying to sound as if he wasn’t
interested, as if it was a last resort or a reasonable alternative to
going outside and retrieving my things from his uncle’s car.
The only problem with archive nymphets that was his voice seemed to quiver with
excitement the same way that mine did.
“Um, I
suppose I might,… if you do,” I said hesitantly.
I sounded too reluctant. Blaine regarded me for a few seconds. It
wasn’t enough. Without meaning to I had put the ball back in
his court.
up to you. Unless you’re chicken,” he suggested slyly.
not nymphets nudist underage chicken. I said I would if you did it too, didn’t I?”
I replied awkwardly.
a way, I was trying to make sure that Blaine was really serious about
us going to sleep naked.
it’s time to get ready for bed,” Dr. McIntyre shouted
from the bottom of the stairs.
was the excuse that we both needed, a momentary hiatus to what had
become a confusing flood of thoughts and feelings. I was torn between
doing something that I knew to be wrong, yet at the same time knowing
full well how much I would enjoy doing it. If we did sleep naked, we
would begin right away by playing our usual games. It was impossible
not to be excited by the mere thought of doing that.
bathroom was just down the hall. We went in together, taking turns to
use the toilet to urinate. Some perverse inhibition required that we
didn’t look at each other, almost pretending that the other
person wasn’t there.
knew I should have gone out for my bag. I don’t even have a
toothbrush,” I said.
almost sulkily, Blaine found a new toothbrush in the cupboard over
the little nymphets fucked basin. Having made the suggestion that we sleep naked, he
suddenly seemed uncertain that he actually wanted to follow through.
We brushed our teeth, still not looking at each other, not even in
the mirror. The strange thing was that I wanted to see him naked
almost more than I could stand. Again and again my eyes darted to the
mirror only to look away again. Blaine was definitely a very good
looking boy. There were freckles across the bridge of his nose like
there were on mine, but mine were lighter. His eyes were intense,
thoughtful, almost sombre if I didn’t know him better. He
seemed to be worried about something.
that moment I hadn’t realised just how much I looked forward to
the times when we were alone. We always took advantage of the
opportunity to touch our penises. Doing it came naturally to both of
us, although it usually was with some awkwardness at first. However,
the awkward stage seldom lasted longer than a few minutes. Inhibition
never lasted very long once we were in the mood. Then, we both
appreciated that ‘wanking’ together was one of the
reasons why a boy had a best friend in the first place. Sometimes we
even joked about ‘rubbing each other’s dongs until they
were sore’.
I studied Blaine’s profile, I couldn’t help thinking of
everything that had happened that day. In particular, I thought about
how Bruce had looked at me in the car on the way home from school. As
brothers they shared the same nose shape, the same strong jaw, the
same unruly hair. It seemed as if both of them were my best friends
even though I was nervous whenever I had to speak to Bruce.
night, we brushed long enough to make a dentist delirious, both
ignoring each other. I dare say that we were both very excited by the
prospect of spending so much time together, but it came at a price. I
kept thinking that it was too good to be true. I expect that there
was some sort of reluctance we both felt, not only because I was
intruding into Blaine’s life further than ever before, but from
a guilty compunction, if you will, of what that prospect offered. It
was unsettling, knowing how close we already were. Beginning that
very night, if we got into ukrainen nymphets bed without pyjamas, we would become even
finally caved and grinned at him. Blaine nodded, and raised his
eyebrows to pretend he was surprised that I would do want to do such
a thing, as if sleeping nude was my idea all along. Then, he grinned
back at me. Playfully, he tugged at my new board-shorts, implying
that he would take them off me whether I wanted him to or not. I felt
as if a weight had been lifted from my shoulders. There was nothing
to be ashamed of, not when Blaine was my best friend. We were mates
again. We rinsed our mouths, gargling loudly and for as long as we
could, finally breaking into spluttering giggles when the competition
was close to coming to an end. Spit and bubbles covered most of the
basin and young angels nymphets the tiles behind.
one back to my room’s a rotten egg.”
bolted from the bathroom, running at full speed and pushing and
shoving for any possible advantage until we were back inside Blaine’s
bedroom, the door closed behind us. Alone, together, giggling,
watching, waiting for the right moment. To make the situation even
more momentous, I had never gotten into bed totally naked. It was a
big step for me.
we both grinned. We mouthed the numbers, ‘3’, ‘2’,
‘1’, and then our shorts and shirts were on the floor and
we stood facing each other, both knowing that what we were about do
when we got into bed would be far more than we had ever done before.
There was a bulge in Blaine’s underpants. They were plain white
cotton with a blue ‘Bonds’ waistband like mine, the
universal Australian underwear for boys.
He smirked, not really looking at me. Casually, he licked his tgp little nymphettes
I nodded, very eager now. My heart was beating hard and fast, but it
wasn’t from running from the bathroom.
both take our undies off at the same time, right?”
nodded. Our eyes met. There was no need to count to three. I watched
him breath, the rise and fall of his bare lean chest. Blaine didn’t
tan as easily as I did, yet he was already brown from spending
weekends at the beach. His eyes sparkled, as animated as I had ever
seen him. The sadness I’d seen earlier had vanished. My hands
moved slowly, so did his, delaying that final moment of exposing
ourselves, although our underpants barely concealed what was
underneath. Observing the bulge in Blaine’s underpants, like
the bulge in my underpants only served to heighten my excitement even
further. Then, both of us looking intently, we took hold of our
underpants and ever so slowly pulled them down. Not with hesitation
because we were so used to undressing in front of each other, but
because this was a premeditated display and it was supposed to be
savoured. It was a private strip-show, both of us moving at the same
speed, lifting out the waistband an inch or two, then descending
gradually until our penises came into view. We were both erect, but
that was nothing new.
out underpants about mid thigh, we stopped and stared, taking in each
other’s genitals. We’d measured them before, often enough
to know that Blaine’s penis was getting close to four inches, 3
7/8” to be exact, while my penis was all of 3 ½ inches.
That three-eighths of an inch wasn’t very much, but it wasn’t
worth disputing whose was bigger. It was obvious that Blaine’s
penis was bigger. While they were nearly the same length, his penis
was quite a bit thicker than mine. However, he seldom voiced the
obvious difference because we were best friends.
got a stiffie, Allie.”
huh. I do, but from the looks of it, so do you,” I rebuked.
grinning, he pushed his white ‘Bonds for Boys’ underpants
down to his knees, then all the way to his feet. I did the same a
second or two later. We stepped out of them, leaving them where they
lay. We were both naked, sexually aroused and shamelessly exposed to
another boy. At that age there really wasn’t anything to be
ashamed about, but there was even less because we were best friends.
Our bodies were firm and lean because we surfed every weekend and we
both played on Edgecliff’s Rugby league team during the winter.
I was a wing, while Blaine nymphet model links
was the lock. Both of us hated cricket.
that night we always saw each others’ bodies in an innocent
way, sometimes with a silent appraisal of a summer’s tan, or of
a developing muscularity, but it was without showing more than a
passing interest. Mostly we made a game out of being naked, sometimes
by wrestling and pretending we were unnamed super heroes from our
favourite comic books, or showing off by posing in Mr. Universe
competitions. That night, being naked together for the first time in
more than two weeks, we stared at each other with very different
feelings. That night it was sexual from the outset, plain and simple.
It was if we had finally grown up and lost interest in pretending. My
penis twitched instinctively whenever I gazed at Blaine’s bare
brown body.
think your little friend down there is ready to play,” Blaine
observed. “He’s doing jumping jacks.”
is too.”
then my heart was doing jumping jacks inside my chest. Somewhere
along the way Blaine had taken to referring to our penises as ‘little
friends’ because we played with them so much.
nodded in response. His eyes hadn’t left my crotch in nearly a
minute. It was like we were seeing each other for the first time. His
hand closed around his erection and he levered it down.
guess what Allie-cat? I’m starting to get hairs. nymphet lingerie See,” he
pointed down proudly.
they’re pretty small if you are, Blainey.”
looked, of course. What boy wouldn’t look when his best friend
claimed to be getting hair around his penis? It was true. They were
tiny, but they were unmistakably there. There were half-a-dozen faint
brown hairs, straight like little eyelashes, scattered among the
downy colourless fuzz that was concentrated at the base of his penis.
Yet, as obvious as they were, even more noticeable to me was the size
of his testicles. They had always been bigger than mine, but now they
were even bigger. They were even bigger than the last time I had seen
them, and that was only two weeks earlier.
maybe,…” He grinned, taking his time to find the right
insult. “So they’re tiny, but you’re still as bald
as a bandicoot.”
wasn’t an understatement, although bandicoots really weren’t
as bald as the colloquialism suggested. My legs were very smooth
compared to most boys. There was a faint scattering of silvery down
below my knees to prove I nymphets fuck movies
was a mammal, but that was about it.
Certainly there was nothing noticeable around the base of my penis,
nothing thumbs movies nymphets
like the little hairs like Blaine had. I couldn’t take
my eyes away from my best friend’s groin. His penis stuck
straight out perpendicular to his body. The head of his penis was
swollen and bulging. When it was like that it always looked a lot
bigger than mine. No question about it, it was definitely a lot
are you perving at?” Blaine asked. His voice sounded strange,
challenging yet inviting me to keep looking.
I think your nuts look bigger, that’s all,” I said with
another uncertain glance.
looked down, moving his hand from his stiff penis to cup beneath his
scrotum. He examined himself, seemingly oblivious to what he was
doing as he fondled each egg-shaped organ through the skin. Like
that, cupped between his fingers, they didn’t seem nearly as
He glanced up at me, smiling slightly. “You’re right-on.
My balls are bigger. You know something? They’re supposed to
get bigger when you start making spunk,” he said imperiously.
hadn’t told me that before, or if he had, I forgot.
dust!” I countered.
not this time Allie. Remember that class my dad took me to? That’s
what they said. It’s one of those things that’s supposed
to happen when you start puberty. Your balls get to be like twice the
size or something like that.”
Everything gets bigger down there. You ought to see Bruce.”
what about Bruce?” I ascertained cautiously.
oh man, Allie, you wouldn’t believe it. His nuts are huge,”
Blaine smirked. “And his donger? Geez. super nymphets I reckon you’d
cark if he whacked you with it.”
both giggled. Suddenly, I wanted to know more, a lot more. Mostly, I
wanted to know more about Bruce. Whenever he wore shorts, the bulge
underneath was unsettlingly large. Behind his back, Blaine and I
called that part of him ‘Jumbo’, and usually appended
‘dick’ to the end of it.
I tried to pretend otherwise to Blaine, there was always a strange
thrill I got from looking at the one place on his body where I wasn’t
supposed to look at. For as far back as I could remember, it seemed
that when we compared penises we were close to being the same size in
length, if not the same thickness. And then for no reason at all,
Blaine’s penis started to grow. Visual inspection was
supplanted by a school ruler and size suddenly became important. For
the past few months or more, I accepted that his penis was bigger
because he was nearly a year older, but I never understood why it
grew faster than mine. Of course, it had something to do with him
growing up, but beyond that, I was clueless. I would have given
almost anything to know then what I know now.
night, there was something else that I wanted to know about. I had to
find out whether Blaine could do the one thing that made a man
different to a boy. I shouldn’t have been so nervous because we
often talked about it, but the very possibility was disconcerting.
so if your balls are so big why can’t you spunk?” I
blurted out.
grinned. “Okay, so I can’t, at least not yet I can’t,
but I bet it won’t be long before I can. I reckon I’ll be
making spunk by the buckets naturist teen nymphets pretty soon.”
at Blaine’s testicles and realising that he would soon be able
to do something that I could not do was both unsettling and thrilling
at the same time, but I was also so envious I could barely stand to
think about it. Comparing his balls and mine was like comparing
peanuts, with and without their shells; single ones, not doubles. My
testicles were tiny little things that clung to either side of my
penis in a way that caused the bottom of my scrotum to hang in an
ostensibly empty fold. By contrast, Bruce’s testicles hung
lower, suspended in an hourglass-shaped pouch that reminded me so
much of Menzies, the cattle dog at Brindajari. The image was so
ridiculous that I nearly laughed. Menzies’ balls were so low
that they could bounce back and forth between his legs. Any lower and
they would have dragged on the ground, which was the basis for a lot
of jokes by the shearers when they came to work.
saying a word, Blaine pulled back the bedspread and rearranged the
two pillows so there would be one for each of us. I went over to the
door and turned off the light when he was done, then hurried back to
get into lovely nymphets net
bed. All of a sudden, I wanted to feel Blaine’s body
against mine. He pulled the sheet over us, then lay on his back,
gazing up at the faint shadows that danced on the ceiling. His
parents, uncle and older brother were still sitting outside, at the
table by the side of the swimming pool. They were still talking loud
enough that we could hear their muffled voices through the open
window. I lay beside him, thinking wonderful thoughts about my
surfboard and about spending three weeks board nymphets
surfing. Without warning, I
started thinking about Blaine being naked beside me. Both of us were
waiting for the right moment, hopeful that it would occur before we
fell asleep. We didn’t have to wait very long before his
parents and uncle came inside the house and silence returned.
was then that Blaine’s hand lightly brushed my side. I felt his
fingertips walking down, touching the ridge of my hip, then rubbing
gently, getting closer and closer to my belly. I responded to the
invitation, just as I was supposed to. I caressed his bare flat
belly. It was like touching satin. He was so warm and sleek that I
would have wanted to keep touching him even if he told me to stop.
His skin was soft, like mine. I felt the gentle rise and fall of his
ribs when he breathed, the muscles tightening in his belly, becoming
firm and then relaxing. There was the irrepressible movement of life
just beneath his skin. My fingers grazed the depression of his navel,
paused momentarily while I reflected on that difference between us.
One innie, one outtie. Then, I continued down. We were both headed in
the same direction, just taking our time getting to the final
fingers stroked cautiously along my thigh, inching around to reach
towards my groin. My upper leg moved back, leaving that part of me
exposed, wanting, needing him to touch me there. It was the one place
where he wasn’t supposed to touch me. Of course, after a year
of nearly constant sex play, we were a long way past the guilt stage
and well into the ‘never tell’ stage. His fingers touched
the side of my scrotum where the skin was so soft it had almost no
feeling. He wriggled closer, turning onto his side to face me. Both
hands grasped at the same time. I felt the familiar surge of
excitement. I should have been used to it by then, but I wasn’t.
My heart jumped as Blaine’s stiff penis filled my fist, as my
penis was grasped and squeezed in return. His penis was hot and hard,
and throbbing. It was alive with the energy of boyhood, demanding to
be held, caressed, stroked. It was a purely instinctive pleasure that
boys could only give to their best friends.
movements reciprocated expertly. We were always very gentle at first,
taking time to savour the initial sensitivity. His breath was
tantalisingly warm on my cheek. His hand closed tighter, squeezing. I
pushed gently against his hand, and in return I squeezed the hard hot
penis I held. He backed away, then pushed forward as well, pushing
his sexy little nymphets penis through my clenched hand. I did the same, only not moving
nearly as far. It wasn’t because nymphets girlr nude
my penis was shorter. I wasn’t
that keen on having it rubbed, especially when it was tightly held.
Blaine compensated for what I missed in friction by squeezing it
tighter, especially on the end. That was what I liked the most. No
movement, just pressure. Then, we did it again, not smoothly but with
the agitated jerk of young bodies that were simply too responsive to
stimulation. We quivered, breathing suddenly, wanting more. Then,
both together, instinctively moving with cautious thrusts. The bed
squeaked in protest. We stopped, both of us being very close to being
breathless in less than half a minute.
do me for a while, Allie. Then I’ll do you, okay,” Blaine
instructed boldly. His voice rasped, trembling with emotion.
usual practice was to take turns for a while. For one thing, it made
it last longer and it certainly aided concentration, but it was also
more fun that way. The unspoken rule was that he always went first,
but it was couched as an offer. He released his grip on my penis,
rolling onto his back again. His arms supported his head, stretching
out his chest and belly until the skin was as tight as a drum. I sat
up, leaning over him. I could barely make out his penis in the dark,
but there was a roadmap imprinted in my mind. I caressed the squat
hard penis that was offered to me. The thick, unyielding stiffness
was soft and hard at the same time. It flexed and pulsed beneath my
fingers, sending shivers of excitement through me. My fingers glided
slowly up and down, moving along the swollen organ the way that
Blaine liked most of all. My fingers fluttered, teasing. He sighed
after only a few seconds. It was quickly followed by a gasp. His body
tensed, immediately straining up to meet my hand. It was pleasure in
itself, watching Blaine’s joy begin to build. I rubbed my
forefinger back and forth over the plump swollen head and delighted
in making him squirm around. I did it until he groaned. By then he
was barely able to keep from pushing my hand away.
need a rest…. Now I’ll do you,” Blaine croaked.
lay back down. He sat up, cross-legged, concentrating. He took my
penis in one hand, tickling with his fingers. The other hand came
from underneath, cupping my testicles. His right hand began to move
in the way I loved. Two fingers braced against a thumb. Short strokes
just beneath the head, mostly pinching, barely rubbing. The skin was
too tight to do much else with it. There seemed to be a lot more skin
on his penis to play with. Neither of us knew why it was that way. It
was simply another difference between us. His other fingers fondled
my testicles, prodding and rubbing until I brought my knees together.
I wasn’t ready for it to end. His hands moved away. He grinned
gleefully, enough that I saw the white of his teeth. He was a boy
bent on enjoying life to the fullest. It was one of the things I
adored about him.
want to do something really terrific?” he whispered.
It feels so much better than wanking that you won’t believe
have to say you’ll do it to me too, and promise never to tell,…
and then I’ll show you.”
was nervous and excited, and it was infectious. He grinned again,
relishing his position of control. He was always the teacher when it
came to sex. He knew me well enough to know what I would say. His
eyes shone in the darkness, his pupils black and fully dilated. There
was nothing that I would not do for him. He didn’t need me to
promise. Whatever he asked, I would always willingly do.
thought for only a few seconds. I nodded.
it,” Blaine hissed.
Yes, I’ll do it to you,… and I promise I’ll never
tell,” I finished in a rush.
All you have to do is lie still and close your eyes.” He
giggled softly. “And,…”
special name for Blaine always got a smile. We grinned at each other
because some things were special. If it was not for him I would not
have had a best friend.
make a sound, okay, no matter what I do.”
nodded. It was so dark that closing my eyes was unnecessary, but I
closed them anyway. He leaned over me, taking my quivering little
erection back in hand. For a moment I felt his breath on my belly,
then,… It felt exactly like he was kissing my belly.
barely heard his muted whisper. “I can’t believe how
smooth you are, Allie. Your skin feels just like a baby’s.”
always said something like that whenever we were alone and our
clothes were off, yet this time what I heard was something else.
There was a different tone to his voice, an envious tone. The way he
said it that made me think what a strange thing it was for him to
comment on. Usually, he talked about how tight the skin was on my
erection, but not this time. He sounded envious. Compared to me,
Blaine was positively furry, although it was more like fuzz on a
peach. I couldn’t help being the way I was and neither could
then, the unbelievable happened. I really didn’t expect him to
put my penis in his mouth. Indeed, I would have been content just to
lie there and let him stroke my lower belly. There were no
preliminaries, no exploratory licks or kisses in the immediate area,
nothing to give the game away, or to give me a chance for second
thoughts. Certainly, there was no hesitation on his part, although
doubtless there would have been on mine if he had come right out and
told me what he was going to do. Most boys are the same way when the
subject of cock-sucking first comes up.
happened suddenly. It was the most incredible sensation that I had
ever felt. It was hot and wet, soft and firm, all at the same time,
an incredible thrill of being enclosed in something alive. After a
momentary panic when I realised what he was doing, I was overcome by
a feeling of utter contentment. I was also stunned into inaction. I
didn’t do nymphets nude lol anything except suck in air. His lips slid slowly
down the shaft of my penis, while his tongue followed close behind,
swirling around and spreading saliva. His chin bumped against my
testicles, pressing them down and out of the way. He didn’t
stop until his lips were at the base of my penis and it was entirely
contained in his mouth. It was all the way inside his mouth, and it
felt hot and slippery, and I wanted it never to end. It was the first
time for me, but not for Blaine as I came to realise later. He knew
exactly what he was doing. He sucked gently but firmly, drawing the
energy out of me as I lay there in a daze of disbelief.
fingers felt along the root of my penis and settled over my
testicles, squeezing them gently while his head began to nod up and
down. All of my thoughts were concentrated on a single thing. ‘Blaine
is sucking my cock’. ‘He’s actually sucking it’.
Up and down. He bobbed his head, never very fast, always a gentle
rhythmic motion as if understanding just how much stimulation I could
take before I lost my mind or passed black nymphet
out. He used his lips, his
cheeks, his tongue, his entire mouth to give me the most incredible
feeling that a boy could ever have. He suctioned my penis, sucking
his cheeks in, using his teeth carefully to scrape ever so lightly at
the junction of my glans and shaft. He spent long wonderful minutes
nibbling on the most sensitive part of my body. His tongue poked at a
slit that was far too tiny to admit anything within. His silky long
hair brushed by my lower belly again and nymphet beauties again, tickling, but not at
all unpleasant. He turned this and that, always keeping part of my
penis between his lips. His nose kept poking like his fingers into my
testicles, nuzzling the moist loose skin. Then, he stopped.
You drongo! You want my old man to come in?”
gulped. Had I been making noise? I took a deep breath, not believing
what I had been feeling. For the last few seconds my penis had felt
like it about to explode.
like that, don’t you?” he whispered. “Feels pretty
darn good, huh?”
nodded, realising that it was everything that Blaine had said, and
more. I wanted his mouth back, his tongue swirling around my
rock-hard throbbing penis.
you want me to do it some more you’ll have to stop groaning!”
Blaine grinned again.
were making enough noise to wake the dead.”
nodded, hoping that he would go back to finish what he had started.
the darkness, I could barely see his face. However, I could tell by
the shape of his cheeks lovly nymphets that he was smiling.
so funny, Tugga?”
He turned towards me. “Promise you won’t tell?”
know how to make it feel even better.”
Make what better? Surely, he couldn’t be talking about what
he’d been doing? There was no way on earth that anything could
feel better than that.
kind of dirty,” Blaine said enigmatically. “You might not
want me doing it.”
what?” My voice crackled.
a moment, he hesitated. We stared at each other in the darkness. It
only added to my anticipation of what he would do if I agreed. Then,
without warning, he changed his mind.
later on. You do mine for a while, Allie,” he demanded.
want me to put it in my mouth?”
you want to.” He meant ‘yes’, of course, because
that was what I had promised to do.
then, putting Blaine’s penis in my mouth was the last thing
that I could imagine doing despite agreeing to the contrary. Yet, in
that moment of truth, I realised that was exactly what I wanted to
do. It didn’t seem dirty or wrong. It was simply something that
I needed to do. I tried to reason that he was my best friend, and
after what he had just done to me, there was no reason why sucking
his penis should be any different to,… well his finger. Or my
finger. I swallowed, trying to decide what it would taste like,
hesitating because I didn’t want to appear too eager.
He sounded a bit impatient, but after what I had just experienced
that was only to be expected. I would have been impatient too.
Okay, don’t shit a brick, Tugga. I’ll do it.”
grinned gleefully and repositioned himself on his back, knees drawn
up on the bed so his thighs were wide apart. I didn’t know it
at the time, but it was the classic ‘how to get your cock
sucked by your best friend’ position. I licked my lips,
thinking ‘how am I supposed to do it?’ I could just make
out the shape of Blaine’s penis. It hovered above xxx nn nymphets
his belly, as
stiff and straight as a finger, not much longer, only thicker. Much
do what I did to you, Allie. But watch your teeth.”
nodded awkwardly, coming to a sitting position that would allow me to
lean over him.
are you waiting for?” he asked impatiently.
penis jumped. His scrotum was pulled up tightly underneath. I had to
do something. Anything! I licked my lips and came forward slowly,
watching the thing I was supposed to put inside my mouth. He did it
to mine. How bad could it be? It would probably taste like pee,
whatever that tasted like. There was only one way to find out. With
that thought uppermost, I came closer and closer until I couldn’t
see it. I closed my eyes, opened my mouth wide to make sure I wasn’t
going to touch it with my teeth. I wasn’t prepared when it
bounced up and brushed against my upper lip. I jerked my head away
before I realised that the sensation was anything but unpleasant. It
was soft and warm, tantalisingly so. I glanced back along Blaine’s
belly. He nodded agitatedly, encouragingly.
promised, but you don’t have to if you don’t want to.”
He was still impatient, but he was so good a friend that he was
giving me a way out if I chose to take it.
heart was pounding. I was released from my promise. Instead, of
pulling back I shook my head. Slowly, I came closer again. This time,
instead of opening my mouth, I kept it closed. I touched my little naked nymphets lips to
it, feeling the silky heat of his penis for several seconds before I
dared to move. Cautiously, I inched towards the head. There, on the
very tip it seemed to become even hotter. My lips traced the contour.
There was no smell beyond something that was entirely nice. I
extended my tongue so it barely protruded beyond my lips. There was a
slight taste when my tongue made contact, but it was not at all what
I expected. Nothing bad. It was sweet, not sugary sweet, but,…
I couldn’t decide.
tastes funny, Blaine.”
Of course it tastes funny. It’s a dong, you dummy, he whispered
giggled. It wasn’t bad. It was strange. Sweet, yes, that was
it. Sweet, like a taste that was supposed to be in your mouth.
What do I do now?” The taste lingered in my mouth. There was no
getting past the fact that I liked the taste. At that instant, I was
hooked for life on the taste of a young boy’s dick.
You moron. You put it in your moosh and suck it.”
giggled. Instead of putting it inside my mouth, I did the next best
thing. I licked the side. The taste was immediately stronger,
overpowering any reserve that remained. I kept licking all the way up
until I reached the bulbous little head. I licked that too, but
instead of returning down the short hard shaft, I opened my lips and
let it push inside. It went only as far as the head, because my lips
pulled in behind the flared rim. Intuition took over. My cheeks
pulled in and I sucked on that tender morsel of Australian boyhood.
It was good, oh so good. It was deeply, intensely satisfying in a way
that I had never dreamed possible. Mind-boggling. I pushed my tongue
onto it carefully, moved it around, nibbled with my lips, felt love nymphets bbs it
growing even harder.
twitched. “Watch the teeth.”
I bitten him? I opened my mouth even wider, vaguely thinking of my
dentist saying ‘open wide’. I sucked. I licked. I totally
forgot to bob my head. I concentrated on that little ball of swollen
flesh. Finally, Blaine’s silence got to me.
“Am I
doing it right?” I asked anxiously.
Christ’s sake, don’t stop!” Blaine hissed back.
trying to be careful.”
doing great. Do all of it, Allie.”
was all the encouragement that I needed. I brought my head down
again, licking my lips, opening wide. Like Blaine had done to me just
minutes earlier, I took his penis more than halfway into my mouth.
There, I stopped, holding it between my cheek and jaw. Instinct took
over. His penis slid past nymphets ped my teeth as I pushed down. I kept my lips
wrapped tightly around the pulsing shaft. Then, further. Further and
further down his penis until it was pushing hard against the inside
of my cheek and my nose was burrowed into his scrotum. His hands
rested on my head, holding me there. I felt him trembling underneath
me. Gently, he guided my head to lift away. He stopped when my lips
reached the groove that separated the head of his penis from the
shaft. Neither of us moved. My heart was pounding. All I could nymphets nude photos think
of was that I was sucking Blaine’s cock. It was as much as I
could manage at the time. Finally, I managed to breath youngest nymphets xxx through my
nose. After a few seconds we stopped trembling.
yeah. Do it like that!” Blaine whispered.
again, this time by myself. It was reassuringly easy the second time,
easy except for the thoughts that filled my head. It may have been my
best friend’s penis inside my mouth, but I’d heard enough
playground jokes to know what I was doing. I was doing something
wrong. I was doing what poofters did, even if I wasn’t at all
sure why it was all that wrong, not when it felt as nice as it did.
problem that all boys face when they first take another boy’s
penis into their mouths quickly became very evident. I couldn’t
stop. It felt so good. Blaine’s penis had become slippery and
it glided back and forth every time my head bobbed up and down. After
half-a-dozen times of going down as far as I could, it became a
competition of sorts, trying to see how much of his penis I could get
inside my mouth. It didn’t take long after that to realise that
if I wanted to get all of it in, it had to go between my teeth and
not against my cheek.
next time I lifted up, I tilted my head slightly and opened wide
again. I lowered my head very slowly. It felt strange because all I
could feel was his slimy penis sliding between my lips. Then, it
bumped against the roof of my mouth and my lips were pressing into
his newly appeared pubic hairs, and I knew I had all of it inside me,
all precious three-and-seven-eighths of an inch of it.
your tongue too.”
next time I lifted off, I licked back and forth over the bloated head
of Blaine’s now throbbing penis. I sucked hard on the head, all
but chewing on it, swirling my head around and around over it. I had
a vague image of myself doing it. It was just like sucking a piece of
hard candy on a stick. Finally, he gasped. I pushed down, swirling my
tongue over his penis again and again. Almost immediately, he
groaned. His muscles tensed, straining to hold something back the
same way that I had done. His body suddenly lifted up a few inches,
slamming his erection back into my mouth. It pushed my tongue out of
the way. I kept sucking, trying to grip the base of his slippery
organ with my equally slippery lips. Then, I realised what he wanted
was for me to move my head. Up and down, paying special homage to
that part of his body that had become essential to my life. I
trembled as I crouched over Blaine, aware that his hands were
clutching my head, that his body was jerking up and down, that his
lean thigh muscles were standing out. I barely heard the muted
stop. Please don’t stop.”
last thing I was going to do was stop. From personal experience, I
knew it was better than wanking, infinitely better. Nothing could
compare. Nothing! Up and down, trying to maintain a semblance of
rhythm despite Blaine’s increasingly frantic lunges that jabbed
his penis deeply into my mouth. By that point, I didn’t need
further instructions. I kneaded his testicles relentlessly, just as
he had done to mine. He twitched and writhed, groaning so loud that
he finally put his hand over his mouth. He was close, oh so close, to
getting the feeling that all boys strive for once they know that it
exists. I could feel it building inside him. It was making his body
jerk erratically and become tense. His penis grew even harder,
impossibly so, harder than when we masturbated each other. Without
warning, his body arched up, lifting my head with it, pulling it down
forcefully with his hands, ramming his penis into me. Between my lips
I could feel it pulsing, jerking, as Blaine strained up against me.
just as suddenly, he flopped back onto the bed, shaking with the last
of it, those final orgasmic shudders that drained a boy’s
strength, if temporarily. Blaine pushed my head away, yet his hand
stayed on it, keeping me beside him with his fingers tangled in my
hair. Only then, did I notice the strange taste, just slightly tangy,
a little bit like soap. It was no more than a single droplet, perhaps
not even that, yet what I tasted was overpowering in a way that a
person can only understand if they’ve had the same experience.
The taste of a boy’s first ejaculation is utterly unique. And
in a second teenage nymphette sex movies
or two, the taste was gone, and with it, the perplexing
realisation that something very special had occurred, but I didn’t
know what it was.
of us spoke. Slowly, our breathing began to return to normal. Our
pounding hearts eased. The trembles disappeared. I was left with a
single nagging thought. My best friend’s penis had been inside
my mouth. That was all I could think of, although it wasn’t in
those terms, rather, ‘I sucked his dick’. Blaine silently
stroked my hair, panting as the excitement slowly faded.
man!” he wheezed. “Allie, that was the best ever.”
hand moved to my shoulder, pulling me to lie down beside him. His arm
wrapped around me, drawing us closer, until my crotch was pressed
into his bony hip. We lay still, each thinking about what we’d
it bug you, what we did?” Blaine whispered.
I gave up trying to think it through. The ramifications were simply
too foreign. “No,” I said simply.
don’t think it’s weird? I mean think about it, Allie.
We’re in the buff and lying in bed together, and we just,…
you know?”
shrugged, not at all sure of what to say, even less sure of what he
wanted to hear. I wasn’t about to suggest that perhaps we were
‘poofters’, but that was what Blaine seemed to want me to
really. We’re best friends and all.”
about?.... You know,” he asked. He sounded timid, not at all
like the daredevil boy who I had grown up.
licked my lips, licked where his penis had been. It seemed that I
could still taste his penis, that warm sweet boy-taste that I’d
suddenly come to like.
doesn’t mean we’re poofters or anything like that,”
Blaine said awkwardly.
had said what I was thinking. Suddenly, I wasn’t sure of
anything. “It doesn’t, right Blaine?”
gave a slight shrug. “Search me.” He smiled. “Hey,
you want a pt beautiful nymphets
hear a joke Byron told me earlier?”
do you call a cross between a poof and a dinosaur?”
know,” I said uncomfortably.
grinned. “A mega-saur-arse. Sore arse? Get it?”
smiled weakly, not quite getting it, but not willing to admit it.
Then, suddenly, the light went on and I tensed, because like any boy
who'd just completed a year in the company of sixth grade boys, I
knew what poofters did to each other.
what does it mean?” I asked awkwardly. “What we do,...”
Allie. All we ever do is have fun.”
about?....” I licked my lips. I couldn't say it.
no different. It’s just like if we wanked each other, except we
used our mouths. So what if we sucked each other’s cocks. It
was fun wasn't it?”
only thing different is you can’t tell anyone,” he said
would I tell?”
don’t know. Your mum, maybe.”
off the dunny, you boofhead.”
giggled. His hand moved between us, gripped my penis again, squeezed
it with his fingers, but not as tightly as before. It was soft and
floppy, but it still felt good to be held like that.
mum’s not going to know you when we get back.”
hanging around Bruce and me you’ll be speaking ocker like some
blue mate,” I answered with a fair imitation of a Parramatta
both giggled. The western suburbs of Sydney were a different world to
the one in which we’d grown up in.
man, you want to know a secret? It sort of concerns you,”
Blaine added guardedly
I guess.”
tell Bruce I told you, okay?”
nodded. My mind went over all the possible things that could involve
Bruce. I couldn't think of anything that involved a secret.
brother thinks you’re really spunky,” Blaine said boldly.
He smirked and gave my penis a firmer squeeze. “I bet you
didn’t know that, did you?”
thinks you’re really, really spunky,” Blaine said
h-heard you.”
on the dunny now?” I said dryly. “You're full of crap.”
stared at the ceiling for a while. The shadows were gone. The
nervousness was back. I glanced back at Blaine. There was just enough
light entering from outside the room to see his face. It didn’t
make any sense at all for Bruce to say I was sexy, because that was
what spunky meant.
“It is
true, you know,” he said quietly. I could tell that Blaine
wasn’t joking. “My mum says you’re a cutie-pie all
the time. And my dad, he thinks you’re Beaver Cleaver with
blond hair.”
off!” I said with as much irritation as I could manage.
giggled. “You’re sounding more like me every day.”
bite your bum.”
both had trouble suppressing our laughter at that one.
Blaine finally managed to get out. “I’m not joking you
know, Allie. He really does think you’re spunky.”
a dork, more like. You’re full of it, McIntyre.”
want to know something else? He’s happy as Larry you’re
coming with us. It was a bit iffy there for a while, ‘cause
your mum wanted you up at Brindajari for Christmas and Uncle Byron
could only go while the factory’s closed down for the holidays.
It took forever for my oldies to convince your mum to let you go with
didn’t you tell me?”
Mum told me she’d knacker me if I let it get out.” Blaine
grinned and pushed his pillow back under his head ready to go to
sleep. “Listen, I promised Bruce I wouldn’t tell you, so
don’t you tell him.”
making it up.”
didn’t make any sense at all, yet, deep down inside me I wanted
it to be true. I wanted Bruce to like me. I wanted Bruce to like me
as much as I liked him, from a distance. Up close, I wasn’t
sure how I felt about him. Then, he always made me nervous. He was a
way of making me feel insecure. However, saying that I was ‘spunky’
made no sense at all.
I?” he sounded exasperated.” It’s fair dinkum,
do you know?”
you won’t tell him I told you?”
honour?” Blaine teased.
was a joke because neither of us was a scout. When all of our friends
were cub scouts, it was something of a point of pride between us not
to be. Yet, I would have joined immediately if Blaine wanted to.
grinned. “Yeah, scout’s dishonour.”
mean it right?”
you say, Akela.”
smirked. “Okay. Here’s how I know. See, I walked in on
him while he was wanking.”
way.” Bruce was seventeen. “Seventeen-year-olds don’t
do that!”
huh. He was in the bathroom, Allie.”
was really doing that?”
He does it just like how we do it, except he shoots it out everywhere
when he’s done,” Blaine said gleefully. He pulled on my
penis, stretching it out so that it was twice as long and half as
thick. It looked like a worm after rain.
“So he
w-wanks. So w-what?” I stammered.
what he was looking at while he was doing it?”
So tell me.”
had that photo of you when your cossie nearly came down. Remember?
The one my dad imageshack jpg nymphet took of you in the pool a couple of weeks back?”
face felt hot. I was blushing. My Speedo hadn’t come down far
enough for anyone to see anything that should have been covered. It
wasn’t embarrassing in the slightest, yet the idea of Bruce
looking at it while he masturbated disturbed me. Bruce had looked at
a photograph me while he did that? It made no sense that Blaine would
make it up. My penis started to become hard again. Nervously, I
pushed Blaine’s hand away.
nudged my shoulder in the dark. “What are you being so snarky
about then?” he asked abruptly. “You afraid Bruce’s
trying to crack onto you or something?”
n-not,” I said, equally abruptly. I took a deep breath and
tried to calm myself. There was no sense to any of it. Moreover, I
didn’t understand why Blaine would say something like that.
“I’m tired and we have to get up early.”
next morning came too quickly. It nymphet guestbooks
was still pitch dark in the room
when I started to wake up. Gradually, I became conscious of someone
sitting on the bed. I was lying beside Blaine, I could feel the heat
of his body. Then, a voice talking very softly, shaking Blaine. After
a while, he whispered something back. Then, silence. Once again, the
bed moved next to me. I closed my eyes and slid back into sleep.
last few minutes of sleep were disturbed, fitful, interrupted by
movement in the bed. I was barely aware of Blaine wriggling about,
his efforts to avoid laughing out aloud from being tickled. At least,
that was what I thought was happening. It didn’t make much
sense. I turned over. A minute later, I stirred again. Beside me,
Blaine suddenly groaned and trembled, and I felt the shift of weight
beside me when he arched his back. He was right on the edge of
orgasm, straining to achieve the second ejaculation of his life, but
I didn’t realise that at the time. I wanted to be left alone,
even though the bed rocked and Blaine’s bare leg was burning
hot against mine.
grumbled something, girl nymphet tgp
incoherent words from a slumbering boy who didn’t
enjoy being woken up in the middle of the night. I was nearly obvious
to Blaine’s erratic jerking, but not so much that I wondered
why he was so hot under the sheet. It seemed like he was squeaking
too, but it only lasted for a moment, then endearing words in a silky
murmur, finally becoming quiet again. In seconds, I went back to
sleep, forgetting everything, barely hearing the excited murmur of
their voices at something unexpected.
wake up mate. Allie! Come on, wake up! Get up time! Rise and shine.”
realised someone was pushing gently yet persistently on my shoulder.
Blaine’s father? It sounded like him. I yawned, rolled over.
The sheet was down at my knees. There was light coming through the
open door, enough to see that I was naked, that it wasn’t Dr.
McIntyre, but Byron who was smiling down at me.
morning, birthday boy. Time to get up and get on the road,” he
announced cheerfully, too cheerfully for that time in the morning.
“Don’t worry. I’ve seen enough boys in their
birthday suits to last a lifetime, haven’t I Blaine?”
took several seconds for his words to sink in. I was born at 1.00
p.m. so I really wasn’t eleven, not for another nine hours or
so. hot nymphet links
Only after that, did I realise that he was looking down, straight
to where I was bare, to where my penis was hard and pointing to my
giggled distantly. “I guess.”
worry about that either, Allan,” Byron laughed suddenly.
“As I
see it, mate, if a boy’s dong isn’t doing push-ups when
he wakes up there’s probably something wrong with him. I’m
surprised Blaine still doesn’t have his as well, but I reckon a
perpetual stiffie is a thing of the past for him now.” Then, he
of a sudden I became aware that Blaine was no longer lying in the bed
next to me. Vaguely, I wondered how long Byron had been sitting
beside me. Long enough for Blaine to get out of bed and start getting
dressed. He had his shorts on and he was working on a tee-shirt. And
then there was the bigger question. It was hardly momentous by any
stretch of the imagination, but most certainly it was embarrassing to
me. How long had my penis been standing up? It was so hard that it
throbbed. It was never like that unless I played with it for a while.
time is it?” I murmured awkwardly.
tried to push the sheet higher with my foot, but it was too far down
the bed. There was nothing I could do to hide that gauche,
all-too-obvious part of my body short of sitting up and pulling the
sheet up or putting my hands over it. Luckily, Byron looked away.
four am. I think the best thing would be for you two boys to get in
the car and go back to sleep for a few hours. We’ll stop for
breakky around eight or so, I think.”
nodded in agreement, yawning sleepily.
put on some clothes,” I mumbled. It was very dark outside the
a good idea. If you go out like that we’ll have the neighbours
complaining about nudie boys at the McIntyre house. Byron winked at
me and got to his feet abruptly. “And no messing around like
last night, guys. It’s okay by me if the two of you have some
fun together, but we don’t have the time this morning. I want
to get on the road before the traffic picks up. We have a long drive
ahead of us. If you guys want to mess around together you can do it
once you’re in the car,” he chided. “And no
dilly-dallying. Get downstairs and we’ll be off like a bucket
of prawns.” A few seconds later, he was gone.
knows!” I blurted out.
course he knows, you ninny. It’s no big deal. I told him we
messed around for a while before we went to sleep.”
told him that?” I sat up, stretching back. My penis was aching
to be touched, by me, or Blaine, or anyone. It was red and swollen on
the end. Even the shaft was reddened and shiny. It looked like it had
been rubbed too much. It looked angry, just as I was angry.
would you go and do a dumb thing like that?” I demanded. My
heart was pounding like a drum and I was barely awake.
not? I didn’t tell him the important stuff, just that we messed
around for a while. It’s nothing, okay.”
I said in my most contemptuous voice. “You really screwed it
up, you nong.”
smirked. “Don’t get your knackers in a knot, Allie. Trust
me, okay. Byron’s bang-on.”
My face was red. I didn’t know what to think.
Don’t get all berko. I told him we wanked for a while, that’s
all. It’s no big deal.”
big deal?” I was too shocked to say more.
grinned. “You don’t know my uncle yet, but when you do,
you’ll understand. He’s okay. It’s fun having him
around. For sure he’s not some wowser like your gran. Hell, he
probably won’t even mention it again, unless we do.”
gave up arguing. Blaine wasn’t going to agree, and maybe he was
right anyway given now Byron had said it. He wasn’t angry or
upset. Actually, he’d smiled when he said it. I looked around
for my clothes. I found my shirt and my shorts.
are my undies?”
shrugged nonchalantly. “Wherever you left them. I couldn’t
find mine either. Maybe they’re under the bed or something.”
He smirked. “Maybe my mum took them to wash because they stank
so bad.”
I don’t know what you need them for. It’s more fun going
pulled his shorts down a few inches. I saw the pale skin of his groin
and just the hint of something else. It was the start of his penis.
kind of no-hoper wears undies under board shorts anyway?”
guess,” I admitted as the idea took hold. Usually I wore a
Speedo under my board shorts, but everyone knew that real surfers
wore nothing beneath.
hurried downstairs, pausing only long enough to say good-bye to Dr.
and Mrs. McIntyre. A couple

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