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From: Demitiri Symone
Subject: True Blood FeedingCopyright- My name is Demitiri and I am a 18 year old Russian male and
this is another time for me writing these types of stories. Please enjoy
because I'd like to continue writing stories. Thoughts, comments,
suggestions, or would you just want webcam nymphets
to talk? Please lol nymphet tgp be gentle.
Email- demitiriKyahoo.com. I don't bite =]
Notes- I hope you enjoy this chapter. i didnt. but young lingerie nymphet archives anyway
send feedback please. It makes me feel better nymphet nude photo
about my stores nice naked nymphets =]Disclaimer- mude nymphets The following is a work of fiction and is not intended to imply
anything russian nymphets teen
about the true sexuality of the gallery nymphet young
celebrities mentioned or any
personal knowledge about their private lives.
Eric sat on the foot of the bed with his blood tears nymphet sex free running all down his
body. He looked down his chest to see the blood had nymphets love top painted an intricate
and exotic design on top nymphet stars his upper body. After losing his maker, or father,
Godric to the sun he lost all hope in life. Unfortunately he couldn't stay
on the rooftop of the hotel to watch the heroic suicide but that didn't
mean Eric didn't feel his creator's pain. Millions of thoughts ran through
his head and he felt like complete shit with every single one of
them. There was a permanent hole in his heart and Eric wondered if it would
ever heal in time. After he took a quick shower to physically cleanse himself he lied his
nude body in the lush covers very young nymphet pussy
and tightly ls nymphet models wrapped himself in them. In his
1,000 years of existence Eric always had fantasies about his maker Godric
but he never acted young little nymphet toplists
upon them because a nymphet art rika fear of rejection. The two did have
a homosexual vibe when they were alone but this was greatly attributed to
Eric's burning desire to take the relationship to the next level. But it
will never happen now. His soft blonde top photos littles nymphets
hair was gently brushed back from
the open window which let a cold Dallas breeze inside the room. As he lied wrapped in the covers he heard an obnixous knocking on the
door. Ignoring at first because he wouldn't to nymphets y o be alone Eric simply turned
his body towards the window. But the knocking persists."Who is it?!" He screamed out in anger. If there was a time to leave one of America's most powerful vampires
alone ukranian bbs nymphets this surely was that time."Its Bill. Now open the door.""Why is he here?" Bill and Eric were never the best of friends. Bill's most prized
possesion was the Bon littlenymphet Temps telepath, Sookie Stackhouse. Those two had met
down at Merlotte's and ever since then they have been in a good
relationship but ever since the bombing at Godric's nest that relationship
has strained. You see at the bombing elwebs nymphets Eric shielded Sookie from the bullets
and faked then faked a near death experience to get the naive girl to suck
out the bullets, and thus suck his blood. But what she didn't know is Eric
was already self healing and in no danger and by her digesting some of his
blood, she would sooner or later began to develop feelings for Eric. Since
that day Bill's hate for his sheriff Eric has only ascended. Using trusty vampire speed nymphets 10 years he naked nubile nymphetls nymphets angels threw off the covers and nymphets masturbating
allowed Bill to
enter the room. As Bill walked in he shot a cold look at Eric, who in
return flashed his sparkling Nordic smile, and sat down ukrainian nymphets galleries on perteen nymphet pic
the bed staring
blankly out the window."And you're here in my room because?""Sookie." Bill replied quickly and boldly."Ah yes the human. What about her?""Not over my dead body will you ever have her." Eric ran over to face Bill dead in the eyes. The two just stood there
staring harshly at each other. Because of his 5'11 height Bill had to look
up like a little child at his 6'5 superior Eric."You are not even near half my age.""I do not care. Stay away from Sookie or-""Or what Bill? I could snap you like a twig.""Be that as it may. I will do everything in my power to keep you two
separated.""Thats dandy and all but you're just a tad late. My blood, which is
stronger than yours by the russian nymphet incest way, is already in Sookie. Whatever feelings the
human grows for me will not be overpowered.""You address her as Sookie and nothing else. Pathetic excuse for a vampire
is all you are Eric. You sicken me!" And with that said Bill spit directly into the face of Eric. He simply
wiped it off with the bed cover nymphets underground
and then laughed to himself. Without
warning Eric grew his fangs and bit down tightly on Bill's neck. There was
no resistance because both vampires new that Eric would easily win the
fight quickly. He sucked so much teen nymphets models of Bill's blood that models child nymphet he thought the poor
fellow young nymphet free video
would he drained."Don't you ever disrespect your superior. If I felt like it there would
have a much worse punishment. Now apologize.""I will not!" Bill said weakly. Eric released his fangs yet again and was about to bite but Bill ukrainian nymphet forum threw
his hands up in a sign of surrender. Letting out a sigh of disbelief Eric
rolled over to the pillows of the bed and watched nymphet 8yo girls
the other vampire regain
composure."You know underage nymphets porn Bill, if you weren't such a terrible vampire we could have been
good friends.""Just because I do not feed as frequently as you I am not made a terrible
vampire.""Bullshit. We both know you secretly wish you were human!""And Eric we both know I was turned against my will.""Be that as it may you're damn near 200 years old yet you still can't
accept the fact that you are a vampire.""I never will.""Hm. Would you like a hug?""From you? I'd rather meet the sun.""There will be no talk of meeting the sun in my prescence!" Eric's eyes were full to the brim with rage and anger at the comment
about the sun Bill made. His very young nymphets fangs were out and he wanted to bite again but
thoughts of Godric drenched his mind. Godric was twice as old as Eric and
possesed a much greater ranger of wisdom and knowledge. The old vampire was
probably the most humane on the continent and also one of, if not the most
revered of them all as well. Flashbacks of how Eric was a dying as a brave
Norsic soldier and how Godric came along little young nymphette
to give him mortality brought
bloody tears to his eyes. He sat silently as the tears dripped to white
luxorious sheets. Bill sat and watched feeling the pain of his superior in
his bones."Eric uh I am sorry for your loss.""Then show me.""I beg your pardon?""Show me how sorry you are.""Um I don't think I fully understand you. But tiny nymphets galleries I must nymphet glamour models retreat to Sookie nymphets phot she
is probably up and worried.""The human is talking with her brother and you have yet to cross her mind." Bill slowly walked to the exit nude nymphets galeries thinking maybe Eric would let him go but
he was wrong. Using his vampire speed Eric threw Bill on the bed and ripped
his clothes off exposing his nude and somewhat hairy body. Eric ran his
finger down Bill's sharp nose and used it part his thin red lips. Bill in
return ran his fingers through the soft blonde hair of the nude naked nymphets models Nordic
vampire. Without thinking Eric dived his tongue down into Bill's mouth and
the two shared a passionate tongue naked nymphet models
kiss with each other until Eric flipped
Bill on his stomach so his plump ass was in the air."I will enjoy this Bill. And I hope you do the same.""Please go easy. I am quite new to this type of intercourse.""Let me think about it.... And no." Eric parted Bill's sweet cheeks and stuck in a good 5 inches of his rock
hard and thich as a flashlight 9 inch cock. Bill screamed in pain,
squirmed, screamed some more, and squirmed some to hoping that Eric would
pull out but instead he thumb nymphets
shot the rest of his cock in deeper. Because Eric
was vastly more powerful of the duo he latched tightly on Bill's shoulder
and began to work up a fast and rough pace on his tight ass. Bill was
screaming out in pain yet this only made the other hornier. Eric would pull
out so far that only ukrainian bbs nymphet the head teenie models nymphet
remained inside then rammed it forcefully
back down balls deep. But he grew my nymphet bored with that technique and decided to
throw caution to the wind and fuck Bill as the world was comming to an pregnant nymphets end. Even though it took quite a while for him to manuever his muscles to fit
Eric's massive member, when Bill finally did his pain was quickly replaced
with pleasure. He was now moaning loudly and biting down on the bed sheets
to conceal his urges to scream. Eric took a fistful of Bill's jet black
hair, which he dyed for a meeting with the queen, and twisted his head all
around the bed."Fuckk me.""What?! Louder I can't hear you!""Fuck me!""Louder! Scream!""Fuck me!!!""Yea you love this vampire cock don't you Bill?!""Yes Eric yes! Harder!" Eric threw Bill up into the air and then caught him so his legs were on
pressed up against his chest and Eric tighlty grabbed his ass so he could
slam his cock right up his awaiting hole. Eric was practically throwing
Bill into the air and then impaling him on his immensely thick cock. The
pleausre was steadily rising in Eric's loins but he didn't want it to so
soon. As he pounded sensely into the young vampire's ass Eric released his
fangs and bit down all over Bill's neck and chest."Ah yes Eric! Yes! Ravage me!" The sound of Eric's large heavy balls slapping skin incest nymphet toplist was driving Bill up a
wall and he jerked a huge load on his face and Eric's. A good 5 ropes of
thick vampire sperm was releases and now it was Eric's turn. He began to
fuck Bill harder than ever and without warning shot load after load of warm
sperm into his ass. Eric pre nymphettes nudes then collasped on Bill's chest and the two shared
another passionate tongue kiss."Eric you were wonderful.""That was only a sample of what I plan on doing to Sookie."
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