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From: Cnjshore9aol.com
Subject: True Beginnings models nymphets naked #6Hey, rompl nymphets bbs guys ... again no angel nymphet model pics
real "delay" in this series ... Apparently I'm
"still on a roll"....and btw ... if you think you read episode #5 12 years nymphet nude
, go check it again ... I
goofed and attached a copy of #1 to the original submission to Nifty.
That's now been corrected ... and you ought to read the real/corrected #5
before this one.Now if you are in here at the story level, you must have decided to be
here, and the route in is nymphet russian nudist pretty darned clear as to what's in here... but
... If it is not allowed where you live, or you are too young, please
click on that upper right "X" and leave now.Otherwise, I hope you enjoy ...
True Beginnings #6: More Trips to the Stock Pond ...
a story by CNJShore9In the previous couples of episodes I mentioned that I had stayed away from
any anal sex suggestions for a good two years after my episode at 12 in the
pool shower room, but that I did have a friend that tried sooooo hard to
get me to let him in there over that period. However, I didn't let him
breach it, and, of course, now that I have been there, I wish I had been a
bit more brave.As I said in the last story, Bill, Jay, and photographers nymphet I used to make a lot of use of
Bill's uncle's "farm" -- the ukrainian nude nymphets
pond there, that is -- playing our water tag
games, jerking each other off, and Bill faux-fucking me between my thighs.By the next spring and early summer (I was finishing 8th grade then, and
they were ending 9th) we were back out at the pond. So far nothing had
really changed. I dutch nymphets pics had been on a number of Scout camping trips -- even to
two weeks at the local Scout Camp (the one bbs board nymphets galleries with bunks, etc., not just a
night in the woods in pup tents.Too say I was "late pretteen nymphet bloomer" is, I guess, an understatement of gross
proportions -- at least in terms of the stories I keep reading. There I
was, at 13 ½ years old, and I still hadn't cum. I had finally gotten a
little growth spurt and my cock was almost 3 slim inches soft, but still
not more than 4 or so when hard, and I pre nymphets teens
had a few little brown hairs at the
base. I had been jerking it for at least 2 years by then, and been in
heaven-only-knows how many circle jerks with buddies, watching them shoot
quarts of jizm onto tree trunks and tall weeds, and even onto each other
-- and I never even had a `dry cum'. Well, that was soon to change!!It was the end of May, school was almost out (yes, guys... back in those
`dark ages', we tiny nymphettes actually were out of school by Memorial Day), and Bill,
Jay, and I were pedaling our way out to the pond.About half-way there, Bill shouted, "there he is!" and pointed over to his
right and I could see another kid on a bike heading wild nymphets set our way. We stopped
and waited for him to catch up. Apparently Jay knew about this, although I
didn't.When the other guy stopped next to us, I recognized him as Charlie, an
acquaintance of Bill's. I say "acquaintance" because they didn't really
seem to be what I though of as "friends" -- just a couple of guys that
know each other and have paths that cross from nymphette under age time-to-time.Charlie is also Bill's age, a year older than I. By then, I guess he was
5'7" or so and maybe 125 pounds...dark hair and eyes...nice looking...with
a sort of one-sided smile and a really cute dimple (wow! Did I really think
that !!?). But there was something about him that kind of made me feel
uncomfortable. I had no idea what it was. Just some inkling of something.
Besides... there was a very nice bulge in his cut-offs.That's when Bill turned to me and said, "Oh, I don't think I told you, but
Charlie's going to bbs info nymphets ukraine
go camping with us at the pond.""Oh," I sort of muttered. Then turning to Charlie I said, "Great! We
really have a lot of fun out there." young illegal nymphets
For some reason I never even thought
that his presence could mean a big change in our usual "fun" at the pond.
I guess I just non naked nymphet assumed he was in for it all the way. Little did I know
just how far into it he could get!When we got to the pond, we unloaded the gear tied to our bikes."Y'all set up the camp while I go get some ice," Jay shouted as he hopped
on his bike and headed off to the country store about a mile down the
highway. We leave a cooler out under some underbrush so we can keep things
that need to be chilled. One time we went to get it and a possum had
nested in it .. she was not happy that we wanted it .. Damn! Those
things can get nasty!!! But three teen-aged boys and a big stick ... well,
Teddy Roosevelt would have been proud of us !!...anyway... there we were ... Bill, Charlie, and I `setting up camp'.
It was interesting that we now had 4 shelter-halves to use and create a
rather nice-sized tent. (for those of you who don't know what a
shelter-half nymphet photo free
is... well, it's just that... half of a canvas shelter or pup
tent. You snap them together, and with the poles and stakes you can make a
tent. One shelter-half by itself makes a lean-to. ...and btw ... if it
rains... DON'T touch the inside of the canvas!!! It nymphets asian erotica makes it leak !!!!)I must say that Charlie was into it completely! He was really a nice
guy!!! ...and I didn't quite understand why he and Bill weren't more like
"friends". It wasn't long before we had the tent set up in the usual spot,
and had put nymphets gratis gallery the foodstuff into the cooler waiting for Jay to get back with
the ice.With nothing else to do, I said, "So...let's get naked and hit the pond!"Charlie and Bill said nothing but immediately pulled their t-shirts up over
their heads and tossed them on the ground by the tent. By the time I had
mine off, they already had dropped their shorts and undies and were heading
toward the water."Water tag!!!" Bill shouted."Shit!" I thought to myself. "I didn't get a chance to see what's up
front," as Charlie hit the little school nymphets
water showing nothing but a really nice, smooth,
rounded ass -- nothing nearly as hairy as Bill's.Five seconds later, nymphet bbs portals I was in the water as well, splashing and horsing
around with the other two. Unfortunately, the water was not clear enough
to see much farther down than the other guys' navels, so I still didn't get
to check out Charlie's "bulge". Oh, well, it's gonna happen sooner or
later."Hey, Peter, Charlie knows the game," Bill called to me, "I clued him in on
it ... so let's get it going," he continued as he started to swim away from
us.Before I knew what was happening, Charlie slapped my shoulder and shouted
"Tag!""Awww fuck!" I thought. I really don't like to "it"...and naked nymphets com now Charlie is
going to find out about me before I find out about him. Then it dawned on
me that he didn't try to swim away. Maybe he had planned this.
Hmmmmmm... curious...So I "assumed the position", standing near the bank but still armpit deep
in the water. Charlie walked up to me and reached forward, his right hand
finding my hip and then moving around and into cute nymph models the crevice of my thighs as
he lifted up and cupped my small scrotum and balls. His fingers then
raised up and began to touch my little-boy dick, which sprang up in young nude nymphets models an
instant.Leaning forward he whispered to me, "Nice... nice... still kinda small, but
very nice."My first reaction was a combination of embarrassment and anger! ...but
then it sort of sank in ... the way he had said it and the way he was
touching it... it wasn't a put cam little nymphet porn down... there was no laughter or ridicule
... he really liked what he was holding."...and I know it's not part of the `rules', but you can reach out and feel
mine too," he added.I did.He had a good 6 inches, about the same length as Bill, ukrinian nymphets but a bit narrower,
also cut, and a very nice set of balls hanging down below. All-in-all, it
was a typical all-american cock! And it was hard as a rock !!!"Hmmmmmm," he murmured as he pushed his groin forward into my hand and
gripped my own package a bit tighter. "I really like a nice cock," he
added.I almost splurted out "me too"...but for whatever reason managed to check
my impulse for once... "I'm glad you do." I said. "And, thanks. No prepubescent nude nymphet
ever called mine `nice' before.""Oh, yes .. it is ... russian ukrainian nymphets and I'm going to enjoy spending time with it this
weekend."About that time Bill interrupted and said, "my turn." With that he all but
pushed Charlie out of the way and grabbed my bits with a near
strangle-hold. So I reached over, grabbed his and began to stroke him."Awwwwwww, fuck," he shouted... "blanket time!!!!!"He must have told Charlie a bit more than the `rules' of our water tag,
because Charlie was out of the pond and standing next to the blanket before
I even realized what Bill had said.As bbs nymphet girl
I made my way up the steep slope at the edge, Bill was standing next to
Charlie asian teen nymphet and shouting, "C'mon asshole... get up here!""Who's an `asshole'?" I shouted back."You're an `asshole' you slowpoke!" he responded."And you're still not gonna poke my asshole !!!" I grunted at nymphets galls him."No. It's gonna be my asshole that gets poked," Charlie added."You...wha?...hunh?..." was about the best I could articulate."That's why Charlie's here," Bill added. bbs nymphet leotard "He loves to get fucked!!! We're
all gonna get a chance at his ass.""Not interested," I heard over my right shoulder.Turning my head around, I saw Jay standing next to his bike with the bag of
ice."Not interested," he repeated.That's when I nymphet erotica chill
knew that Jay was what I now term "terminally straight".
Yes, he played the teenboy games, but he really was simply enjoying what we
did for him. At least he did sort of `return a few favors', but that kept
his litle nymphets supply of adorants at his call, and, I had to admit, his cock was worth
it!!! I really adored it, and he had the only uncut one of any of my
acquaintances. I wasn't going to give it up completely.As Jay was putting the ice into the cooler, Charlie lay down on the
blanket. First he lay on his back and I finally got to see what was there.
Damn!! Was that "nice". He said it, I thought it!!Then he rolled over onto his stomach and spread his legs. I could see the
crack of his ass with a few sparse hairs, and nearly hidden down near his
ballsack I could see a pinkish brown ring that was twitching in
expectation.Twisting his head around toward Bill, he asked, "You got the lube?""Yeah," Bill replied, reaching over and picking up a small jar of Vaseline."Great!" Charlie said. "Now... nymphets ukrainian nymphet Peter...grease it up and get in there.""Hunh?" I said. "Do what?" I continued, totally surprised and not sure of
just what to do or say."Grease up your cock and fuck me," he said plainly -- and very
succinctly!!"Wha?...unnn? I never did that before. I don't know what to do." I
spluttered."It's simple," Bill interjected. "You grease up your cock with the
Vaseline, then you get down between his legs and stick your cock up his
ass.""But that hurts .. he won't like that," I countered."Ohhhh...not true... he loves to get fucked!" Bill explained."And you can sort of break it in with your smaller cock before Bill climbs
on," Charlie interjected."Oh, okay," I submitted, reaching over and getting a few fingers-full of
the Vaseline and rubbing them all over my cock. Damn!! That felt good. I
almost just opted to jerk it with the grease, but got control and knelt
down between Charlie's legs. Leaning forward onto my hands I moved into
the position that my cock was now sliding up and down that wonderful crack
between Charlie's cheeks.I had never done that before with anyone. At least not the one with his
cock in the crease. Bill had done that to me for a year or more and now I
knew why he moaned and made strange noises while he did it. It felt
wonderful!As I was in that incredible feeling, Charlie moved slightly under me and
the next thing I knew I felt myself entering a warm, tight hole that just
put me into sublime ecstasy! As I pushed forward and Charlie pushed
backward, I went deeper nymphets bbs board
and deeper and the feeling went from what words
can't explain to what minds can't even comprehend."Oh, yes!!!" I heard from in front of me. "Fuck me now, Peter. Fuck me
now!!!"I withdrew a little and then plunged back in to the hilt. Then I withdrew
a little more and plunged in again. My mind little nymphet mpeg was reeling. I had never felt
anything like this!!! Pull out, then push deep back russian nymphet bbs
in.. again and again
.. My cock was being gripped by a tight, velvet, glove of heat and
moisture. As I pushed inward, I could feel the tip of my cock as it pushed
it's way, spreading the warm inner flesh which flowed down over the crown
and shaft. As I pulled back, I could feel Charlie tighten his spincter and
grip my cock shaft until it had a tight hold just below the bottom my the
head. In and out, in and out, my cock plunged and withdrew. I could hear
the sound as my thighs and belly slapped against his flesh. My whole ukrainian nymphets bbs tpg body
was a-tingle. Never, never, had I felt anything like this!!"Awww, gawd !!! awwww, gawd!!!!" I kept shouting, as I mercilessly pounded
into that hot nymphets model nude hole of wonder and awe. I could hear sounds behind me as I
mindlessly pushed my cock in and out of that totally incredible place."Hey! You've been in there for 15 minutes already!" I heard, as I felt
myself being lifted and moved aside. "That's enough... nymphette cuties
I gotta get in
there... I gotta get my nuts emptied!!!!!' Bill was shouting.I ended up on my side facing Charlie as I saw Bill move into my old
position and shove his big, thick, 6 inches into the same hole that I had
just been so rudely removed from!!But damn!!! That was exciting to watch. To see Bill's cock and his
pronounced thatch of black pubes pounding that hole .. and to hear the
moans and mews and screeches of Charlie as he absorbed it all ... I had
hold of my cock and was pounding it as I watched.I moved around and looked at russian nymphet tgp the action from between their legs. I could
see Bill's asscrack open and close as he pounded and moved his thighs. As
it opened, I could see the growth of dark hairs inside the crevice, and a
wet ring of them surrounding his dark brown pucker. nymphet body sex The more I nymphets lsm watched it,
the more I wanted to crawl up there onto Bill and plunge my little pecker
into that hole. I could just imagine how good it would feel with that
extra hair tickling me.Then I looked up and saw Jay was standing there jerking his wonderfully
uncut cock. The skin peeling back to uncover the head, then pushing
forward to hide it within its silken hood. I wasn't sure which picture was
more appealing or exciting... Bill plunging his cock into Charlie, or Jay
stroking that gorgeous phallus!!!!! All I knew was that little nymphets kp sex
I was reaching
some new plateau nymphet pics video
of pleasure and senses.About that time, Bill screeched, "I'm cumming!!!! I'm cumming!!!!" and
slammed his cock in to the hilt. Charlie arched backward and skewered
himself onto the last millimeter of Bill's throbbing and jerking manhood."Awwww, yeah... Pump it into me!! Pump it into me!!" Charlie was
shouting."Awwww, yeah... Take every drop!!! Take every drop!!!" Bill was wailing, as
his hips jammed into Charlie and I could see his asshole winking as it
tightened when he shot another rope of hot jizm into Charlie's hungry
chute."Awwwwww... fuckkkkkkk!!!!!" I heard from above me, as I turned and saw the
first rope of pearly white juice shoot from Jay's cockslit and arch over
and nymphets thumbs
down to land on Bill's back.And I did something new and sooooo totally exciting!!!! My back arched.
My legs straightened and became rigid. My whole body began to shake and
spasm...and my cock exploded!!! I shot a stream of nearly clear juice
forward into Bill's ass crack. That was it. Just one shot...but what a
shot! I nearly passed out on the spot, but was able to watch as my first
cum dripped down through that hairy crevice, across the tightly winking
sphincter, and eventually pooled right on Bill's hairy ball sack.There were however many things going on at once ... but I still remember
them all. My first cum shooting onto Bill, Bill shooting his hot load into
Charlie's hole, Jay's cum shooting again and again onto Bill's back, and
Charlie's responses -- almost beggings -- for more and more.By the end of the weekend I figured out why Charlie was there -- and why
he was only an "acquaintance" of Bill's. Charlie was a real cock-hound, a
true cum-dump, and was pretty well known through the school... and as much
as Bill liked to fuck him, he couldn't afford to be "too closely
associated" with Charlie. "Birds of a feather" and all that; and back
then, it wasn't cool to be "queer" as we called it. In fact, it was
considered the worst thing you could be called. And, if you actually
admitted to it, you were totally ostracized.However, we did have a few more trips to the pond before I got moved away
(13 year- olds go where their parents go!)... And, yeah, I look back now,
"stupidly", I still didn't let Bill get into my ass. ..and, of course, young little nymphets toplists Jay
nor Charlie ever tried._ _ _ _ _ _ _ little nymphettes pictures free
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _And that is really the end of my `rural' or `farmland' life... I moved
from there into a "small town" in the southern US ...but Nifty doesn't have
that as a category... so maybe I can keep the next few years of my life in
this heading. We'll see... otherwise .. use the "Authors" link to see
where I might next turn up._ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _To you young gay guys that feel comfortable with your sexuality ... bless
you !!! I wish we could have done the same. It was another "age" ... but
I also say ... because of the choices that I made (had to make?) I have
three wonderful children and nine grandchildren that I wouldn't give up in
any circumstance. So .. think about it... and make sure your choices are
`informed'._ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _Hope you enjoyed this story ... if you did, let me know CNJShore9aol.com
.. if you didn't... feel free to tell me why, as well. I am open to
`constructive criticism'. And I really will try to get back to you.
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