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From: john derk
Subject: Truckstop firstIf you are 13yo nymphets
offend by gay reading material please leave
or if you are underage. This story is of my very
first experience with men and showed me how much eliete nymphetrussian nymphet naturists I
love cock and how much I love it up my ass. My
parents take this trip every year when I was a kid out
west and we would use a RV and go from state to nymphet nude cute
We would stop at rest stops to eat lunch and take an
hour nap before driving until 8 or 9 at night. At one
truck stop I meet Jim. I was 13 at the time, 140 to
145 lbs., with a 7 inch cut cock. I walked into the
restroom and Jim was naturals nymphets nude there taking a piss. I walked up
to the urinal pretten nude nymphets
and proceeded nymphet pussy pictures to start to pee. Jim
looked over the divider and just smiled at me and
licked his lips. nymphet ass pics This made my boy cock start to
harden and rise to attention. Jim smiled at me and
reached over and started to stroke my hardening cock.
Jim suggested that we go to a stall where we little nymphetts could
have some fun. He said you like to have right bbs nymphets pictures I just
nodded my head and said yes. Once inside the stall he
took my cloths off and he took his cloths off. Jim
dropped to his little nymphets fashion
knees and took my cock right into his
mouth. He than took each of my balls and sucked them
good as well. He licked all the pre cum that was know
ozzing from my cock. He than went back to my cock and
started to rub his fingers against my boy hole. Than
he proceeded to lick one of his fingers and push in my
boy hole just a little at first than more and more of
his finger went inside me. Soon he had two fingers
inside me going in and out. All the while he would
suck my cock getting me close to cumming than backing
off. After he slide the third finger inside me he
stood up and said would you like to feel something
really cool. I said sure. He than turned me around
and bent me over the toilet, and took the head of his
wet cock and slide it inside my boy hole. Only a few
inches at first than more and more slide inside me.
Once he was all the way inside me he let me adjust to
his size than Jim proceeded to slowly and gentle hump
me in and out his cock slide nice and asian nymphets top sites
slowly. nymphets first sex
He was
so great to me asking if he was hurting me. All the
while my cock was litle naked nymphets
so hard from this new experience.
Jim said to me you will really like whats coming up
next, and with that he picked up the pace faster and
faster he hump me I could not help but moan with
pleasure with every thrust, until he started to shoot
his hot load into my ass. All at once my cock start
to shoot my load all over the toilet and the wall.
Jim pulled out and told me to suck his cock. So I
sucked the rest of his cum out of his cock. I really
enjoyed sucking on his cock and he knew it, and loved
it. nymphets in panty It did not take long until he was fully hard
again. He sat on the underage nymphet pic toilet and told nymphets and sex me to sit on his
lap. He guided his hard cock into my boy hole and I
started to bounce up and down on his cock. This time
he was a little bit ruff er but I did not mind I was
loving every minute of it. illegal hardcore nymphets This time when he was
close to cumming he pulled out and I ate his entire
load of cum and than he sucked my cock dry again. Jim
asked me if I had fun and I said yes. I told him
where my parents where going to so he and I could nn preeteens nymphets
up again. We got dressed and before we left he asked
me if one of his friends could join us next time? I
said sure it will be fun and with that I nymphet rape videos ran back to
my parents RV. We went back on the road and the went
to the next rest stop where Jim was waiting for me.
He said hi and asked how I was and if I was ready for
some more little nymphet fucked fun. I simply nodded and went into the
restroom with him. Once inside I noticed and tall
black man leaning against the counter. Jim introduced
me to Jack his drinking buddy. I noticed that Jack
had big buldge in his paints and Jim told me he had
told Jack about me and he would bbs nymphets lola
like to hump you like
I did yesterday. I said yes and Jack and I went into
the last stall and Jim stood at the door to watch.
Jack took nymphets ukrainian my cloths off and started to suck and fondle
my cock. Than he bent me over the nubiles nymphets young incest stall and started to
eat my ass out, he was getting me all hot and wet from
his tongue action. He than stood up and took his
cloths off. nude angel nymphet art He was a real hunk 200lbs of muscle nice
tight body and a huge 8 inch uncut nude russian nymphs cock horny young nymphets that was
licking pre cum bad, so I dropped to my knees and took
his big cock in my mouth and started to suck him. I
could almost take half of his cock in my mouth nymphet porn underage but I
kept on trying. Jack stopped me. He did not want to
cum just yet. So he bent me over and started toplist nymphet angel porn
to lick
my boy hole and finger me. Since I was not as tight
as yesterday he soon had three fingers inside me. He
than took his nymph model nude
wet cock and pushed the head inside me.
Inch by inch he slide inside my pussy, until he was
all the way inside me. Jack than nymphets sex
proceeded to hump me
nice and slow. Than faster and faster. He than let
out a moan and filled my pussy with his cum. Jack
kept humping me as he kiddy nymphette came more and more of his man
juice flowed into nymphet 6 yo me. Than he pulled out asian nymphet bbs and nymphette japanese I took
his black snake into my mouth and sucked my nymphetes sex the rest of
the cum out. That was my first taste of black cum and
I love eating it when ever I can. Jim than traded
places with Jack and faced me out wards so I could
suck on Jacks cock while Jim fucked me. I felt so
dirty but I loved it. Jim was fucking my ass good nymphette pussies and
hard this time every time he would thrust in more of
Jacks cum would ozze out. dream nymphet But I did not care all I
wanted was for Jack to shoot his load down my throat.
Soon I was rewarded from both ends. Both men started
to cum inside me at the video nymphets bbs same time filling me up nude nymphets little with
cum. I never missed a beat with Jack I ate all of his
cum. We all got dressed and went outside. I went back
to the RV where my parents told me that we where
staying hear the night and to go back out and play
some more. So I went and found Jack and told him what
my parents said. He smiled and took me to a secluded
spot laid down and blanket and went and brought two of
his Buddy's and asked me if I would like to fuck the
three of them. I licked my lips and said yes. We all
stripped naked and they started to feed me there
cocks. One was smaller around 6.5 inches smaller than
Jacks but thicker and cut, the other was the same
thickness as Jacks but longer probable 10 inches an
cut. I sucked the 6.5 inch first. His cock felt good
sliding in legal nymphets galleries
and out of my mouth. I had that down innocent little nymphetes
throat in no time. While I was sucking him the other
guy started to push his 10 inch monster inside my
ass. Soon he was all the way inside me and sliding in
and out easily. I knew it would not be long until he
shot his cum inside me. The guy I was sucking off naked nymphet pictures
close to cumming so I pulled back a little and let him
cum on imageshack nymphet png my tongue and down my throat. The guy pulled
his spent cock out of my mouth and Jack feed me his,
which I went to town on it. The guy fucking started
to cum so deep inside me thaimisc nymphet my stomach felt like it was
being filled with cum. The guy i was sucking was
stroking his cock waiting to fuck me when his friend
finished. He than pushed all of his nymphet lol cock inside me
and started to fuck me nice and hard. He soon grunted
and emptied his load inside me. Just as the 10 inch
cock shoot his load down my throat. Jack and smaller
cock both started to finger me they pushed four
fingers than half of there hand. Jack than layed down
under me and the children nymphets nude other guy got behind me and they both
pushed there cocks inside my ass at once. The other
guy just stopped to watch. I was moaning with nymphet underaged
as both men filled me to capacity. The other guy got
down and sucked my cock off which did not take long to
reward him with a mouth full of my cum. Jack and the
other guy came together. They pulled out and all
three of us collapsed onto the blanket. I felt the
cum ozzing out of my ass. I felt so hot, and have yet
to have a fuck season as hot as that one. Than Jack
and the 10 inch guy left, leaving me alone with the
6.5 inch cock guy. He was sucking my cock. He asked
me if I would like to fuck him ? He than bent over
and I pushed my cock into his hot hole and started to
fuck him as nice as he fucked me earlier. nymphets younger It did not
take me long to cum inside his ass. When I pulled out
he layed me on my back and pushed his hard cock back
inside my ass and humped me again cumming once more
inside me than we both got dressed and left. If you
like what I have written email me at
story17701yahoo.com. I will reply, and I am willing
to exchange stories.
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