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From: Mike Kliewer
Subject: Trucker's Load Part 5Trucker's Load - Part 5
By Michael Kliewer
Bearly1dawghotmail.comAll legal nymphets art models 12yo issues apply. No part of this work may be used or reproduced in
any manner without written permission of the writer.
After my last encounters at the trucker's nymphets pedo porn rest areas my cock and ass were
itching for more. I guess it is like Lays Potato Chips; you just can't stop
until you finish nymphet model angels the whole bag. For me it is more like, once my ass has
felt a hard cock in it, it hates to feel empty.
I guess all those years of denying underage nymphet bbs guestbook myself the pleasures built up and now the
volcano of lust was erupting big sexe nymphets time. I couldn't resist, what had become
my nightly routine, of hitting the local rest areas. I know it can be
dangerous, and I know the possibilities of arrest, but the nymphet videos
lure of the
situation, the thought of hot cock, just couldn't keep me nymphets futaba gallery
away.I have always tried to maintain some distance from home in my activities. I
am not out to my parents, nor out to anyone else, so I am trying to keep a
low profile. Well I guess not that low. Went home for the weekend to
finally get caught up on all my laundry, and enjoy a home cooked meal from
Mom. Got to admit that even wanting to leave home for college, there are
always reasons to come back. After dinner Saturday night that nagging index of nymphets jpg
hit me again, and I knew I needed some cock. I was getting ready to go out
when my Dad brazil teen nymphets
knocked on my bedroom door.Dad opened the door, and peered into the room. As he did I noticed something
different about him, but was not sure what. You see my Dad is pretty hot.
He stands at 6'2", dark hair, dark piercing eyes, a nice trimmed goatee, and
a body to die for. He used to play college ball when he was younger, and
even now still played weekend games with the guys at the park. He has broad
shoulders, although he downs a few beers, his waist are still pretty firm.
The think I love most is his ass though. Don't know if he ever noticed, but
I loved watching him play football on the weekends, as the shorts he wears
never quite had that beautiful ass. It is firm and a tight bubble butt. no nude little nymphets He
always sweated like a pig, and that continued down to the crack of his ass.
By the time the games were over, his shorts clung to those muscular mounds,
and you could just make out where his hole was. It drove me insane to see
him."Going out Sport?" "Yeah Dad, meeting some of the guys from high school
over by the foot ball field to hang out".
"Sounds like a typical night to me son, well I am off to my Saturday poker
game, and your Mom is in the den." As he turned to leave I noticed what was
different, he was wearing the shorts he played pedo portals nymphets football in and tennis shoes.
Not his small pussies nymphets usual attire for poker, but then the weather had been rather
sweltering the last couple of days. Dad played poker every Saturday night
with the Coach of the high school football team, and nymphet elite a couple of other
friends of his from when he played college ball. They all had respectable
jobs these days, and their weekend poker nights were a way to get away from
the wives, smoke cigars, and generally relive kiddy nymphs
glory days.I waited patiently till I heard his car round the corner, and then hurriedly
finished dressing myself. I decided on a tight pair of jeans, sneakers, and
a tight youngest nymphets nude cp
tank top. I figured as hot as it free nymphets tgp had been it would work. Besides,
it really showed off my muscular chest, arms, and my 6-pack abs. I got into
my car and decided to check out one of the rest areas a little closer to
home. I know it could be dangerous for me, but I really was horny, and
didn't feel like driving way out of town. This place little nymphets galleries was a usual stop for
most travelers to the area, but late at night it was only really used by
truckers. Not much different than most rest areas, it was a couple of
buildings, a snack stand, and a park bench. I decided it was perfect for
what I had in mind.Parking in the front of the buildings I scoped out the area for cops, or
anything else that might be lurking. Didn't really see anyone there, so
went into the building to check out the amenities. This one was smaller
than I thought and it only had two urinals at the back wall that flanked two
stalls, each without doors. I never quite understood that, except that
perhaps the cops were trying to divert sexual activity in the rest area and
felt that doors would be a big inhibitor. Wrong. Anyway erotic nymphet lingerie I chose the stall
closest to the urinals because I noticed it had a hole cut into the wall.
The place had really dim lighting, which only aided the atmosphere.As with most rest area johns, it smelled mildly of piss and male musk, but
it also had a smell of antiseptic. I guess someone was trying mightily to
keep things clean, but as far as I could see it was a loosing battle. I
pulled my jeans down to my ankles, sat down on the seat, and leaned back. I
closed my eyes and absentmindedly stroked my cock. I started to imagine the
types of men that would come in here looking to suck dick, or have theirs
sucked. I started remembering the last couple of episodes with those hot
truckers and my dick responded instantly.All of a sudden I hear the creak of the door hinges, and I jolt to
attention. Someone was coming in, but with my vantage point, and the dim
lighting I could not be sure what. I bent down and peered through the hole
and noticed a guy at gallery nymphet com the urinals. Seemed to have big powerful legs, and a
hot ass. He was taking a piss, so I only got the nymphet kids nude
slightest look at his
cock, but he was pissing a healthy stream - must have had a couple of beers
prior to showing. I kept watching and as the stream subsided I little nymphets 13 yearsold
noticed him
stroking his cock. He turned slightly to give me a better view and damned
it was thick. I hadn't been able to assess the size from the initial look,
but preeteen nymphets now, seeing it in better lighting, it was as wide as a beer bottle.The guy continued to stroke his cock, and in the glimmer of light I noticed
a wedding ring. I have always wondered how many married guys too advantage
of cocksuckers like me, and now I was going to find out. The thought of a
married man's cock in my mouth excited me, and my cock got harder. I
tentatively put my fingers to the rim of the hole to show my interest, and
the guy immediately moved forward. He made no pretense of not knowing what
was going on, and immediately shoved his growing cock through the opening.
As it came through my mouth watered, and I just stared at it for little naked nymphets
a few
seconds. I then lifted it up and began methodically licking the head.The guy was precuming like young nymphette a faucet, so I licked up the sweet juice. It
tasted good. I then lifted the shaft and licked the underbelly. The guy on
the other side moaned with the touch of my rough tongue on that sensitive
skin. I licked the entire shaft before re-concentrating my efforts on the
head of his cock. I slipped the head of his cock into my mouth, and the guy
whispered, "Yeah man suck my cock". His encouragement sent me further down
his shaft, stretching my mouth around that thick cock. I could not get all
of it into my mouth at first, but with each subsequent dive to the hole, I
got more and more of it into my throat. Finally I opened my mouth underage nymphete and
throat as wide as I could, and took the final inch hard.The wall of the stall shook from his reaction to my work. "God damn man,
you are fucking hot" "No one has ever been able to suck that thing down like
that". My face warmed with appreciation of my technique. I continued to
suck his cock, and work him up childporn pictures nymphets
as best I could. He tasted mildly of soap,
but there was still headiness about his crotch that invaded my senses. He
started to withdraw his magnificent cock and I began to panic. Was it not
good? Was he leaving? And then he said, "shove your cock in the hole boy, I
want to suck your dick" I was all for teen fuck nymphet that. I stood up and slipped my rock
hard prick into the hole. Immediately it was welcomed with the feel of warm,
moist lips surrounding my shaft. I also felt the prickle of hairs from his
moustache, or goatee. I love a man with facial hair, so this was a real turn
on for me.He was amazing. He virtually made love to my cock, and fashion nymphets japan I sweet nymphet nude was holding back as
best I could. The guy would deep throat my cock, and then just tease the
head of my dick. He would then go down again and this time nymphet i am fool
bite uderage nymphets nude down hard
at the base of my cock. This just made my cock harder. I had to this point
not felt like being made love too, but his guy was definitely enjoying
himself. The man's touch was almost reverent with passion and lust. He never
rushed his actions, but made each motion count. It almost was like this
would be the last cock he would ever have, and he wanted to make sure he
remembered it. I have to admit that kind of devotion, that attention to
someone is very alluring.Just as suddenly as he pulled his dick out of the hole, he pulled off my
cock. I slid it back nymphet pay site
out of the hole and bent down to see what was up. He
was standing up, and was pulling cute nymphet models his shorts down. "Man eat my ass through
the hole". He backed his muscled ass to the hole as I got down on the floor
to work it. He spread his cheeks just enough to expose his hairy crack. I
immediately felt the warmth of his body heat emanate from him. The smell of
man musk hit my nostrils like poppers, and it made my dick jump. I slipped
my index finger into my mouth to lube it up, and then proceeded to play with
the married man's hole. I slicked up that brown pucker ls magazine ukrainian nymphets with nude pre ten nymphet my spit, and
patiently probed his hole.He was a tight man, acrobatic nymphets angels but pre nymphets photos sexy
as I worked the sphincter muscles, he would push out
with his ass lips to accept my manipulations. little nymphets xxx sites
I pushed my finger deep into
his hole, and he moaned loudly. "Yeah man, open me up, I want you to fuck
me". My mind raced at the possibility of fucking this man, but I wanted to
take my time, just as he had with my cock. I wanted to show this man
tenderness, even in the heat of sleazy, rest area sex. I bent down and
swiped my tongue along the length of his hairy crack. The heat of the night
had already moistened up the passage, and nude model nymphets I tasted the saltiness of his
sweat. The dark curly hairs covering the valley of his ass were wet with
perspiration, and now erotic child nymphets my sweat. As I continued to suck, lick, and probe his
hole with my tongue, I could tell he was loosening up.I pulled back and easily maneuvered to fingers into his hole. I went deep
past my knuckles and his ass reacted by pushing back. I could feel the
red-hot heat of his anal cavity, and I longed to have that encompass my
cock. I spit into hole, and continued to stretch his ass lips so that my
entry would be as less painful as possible. The married guy had become far
more vocal at this point and was demanding my cock. "Fuck me guy, I want to
feel your cock slide into my hole" "Fuck me now". I couldn't very young naked nymphettes resist that
invitation. I stood, spit down on my cock, worked it around the shaft a bit
and aimed for his hole. As I noted nymphet dorki he was tight, but with just a little
effort, my cock head slipped past his resistance.The man groaned loudly as I held myself in position. He backed himself up
as much as he could, to allow more of my shaft to penetrate him. I pulled
back just a bit, and then pushed in with more force, another two inches were
swallowed. I started to pick up the pace, and finally with a long thrust
mounted him fully. He moaned in appreciation. "Fuck may your dick feels
good in my ass, now fuck me hard!" I grabbed onto the top of nymphet vagina the stall wall
for support and began to thrust hard into his ass. He pushed back as much
as he could, and opened his ass hole for me. His hot fuck hole swallowed me
hole, and wanted more. I black nymphet free pics was beginning to feel the sweat trickle down my
face and into my lola nymphettes eyes. I stung a bit, but I could not stop to wipe it off.
I continued my assault of the married guys hole, until I could not hold off
any longer. His tight, hairy, manhole was making sweet love to my cock, and
the heat of his canal was too much. I slammed into him repeatedly, until I
felt my balls contract bbs lola nymphets and I knew I was about to cum. "Take my fucking
juice man, I am cumming deep inside you," I screamed, no longer caring whom,
if anyone heard. He pushed back, and demanded my cum, wanted to feel it
drench his insides. I kept a slow thrust lovely nymphets underage going as volley after volley of
cum shot out of my cock. I held myself inside until I felt him pull off my
dick.I wanted his cum down my throat, so I fell to the floor, model nymphet young and begged for it.
He shoved his cock through the hole, and within the first couple of deep
throats on my part, I was rewarded with thick, warm, salty cum. I held his
cock into my mouth so that I could swallow of this hot man's jizm. I wanted
to feel that cock jerk inside my throat as he fed me. He slowly withdrew,
and as I leaned back to rest, I looked down at his feet. Oh my god! I
couldn't believe what I was seeing. The shorts, the tennis shoes,
father's. I had just fucked my own Dad. Holy Shit!My mind reeled with the possibility, until I heard him speak. "Thanks
Sport, that was the best fuck I have had in a long time, but I need to run
home". I hadn't noticed before, but his voice was familiar, and now I know
why. I lay back in the stall, exhausted, thrilled, amazed, and totally
turned on by the events. I didn't know how nymphets photos free
I was going to face my Dad after
this, but maybe there was an upside to this. After he left the building I
slowly got dressed. I walked to my car wondering if he knew it was I acrobatic nymphet
that partition or did he call every one Sport?
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