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Thu, 2 Oct 2003 20:30:05 -0700 (PDT)
From: Jeff Spencer
Subject: Trucker's Helper, Part 9 (M/t/t, anal, oral, mast)This story involves descriptions of a sexual encounter between males of
different generations. Be warned, and do not read teen nymphets pics if reading this type of
story is illegal for you. It is fiction, and should not be taken as
approval of actual contact of this type between adults and children.
Exploitation of children is evil. If you'd like to comment on this story,
you can send comments to Jeff Spencer at Jeffspencer69yahoo.com. Please
contribute some money to Nifty if you enjoy this and other works found
there. If you'd like to read more of my stories, they can be found at
www.nifty.org on the `Prolific Internet Authors' page, xxx russian nymphetes
under the name `Jeff
Spencer.'==============================I guess nature nymphets I've never slept better than I did that night, after having had
delicious sex with Ryan, 13, and Kris, 14, and falling asleep with both
boys naked in my arms, our cum drying on each other`s skin. I woke up
around 4:30 ukrainian nymphets newsgroup
in the morning, though, due to a major need to piss. Each boy
was lying on either side of my naked body, nymphet disney Kris on my left and Ryan on my
right. Kris was on his stomach, his face snuggled into my armpit, Ryan was
on his side, facing me, his arm over my chest. Both boys looked SO
adorable, their sweet faces unlined by their normal cares, a small thread
of drool in the corners of each boy's mouth. I wanted to kiss that saliva
on their warm lips. Kris scratched his bare bottom clumsily as he slept.I looked down at the two adorable boys, their faces so innocent and
peaceful in the light coming from the bathroom, which we were using as a
nightlight. I carefully lifted up Ryan's arm so that I could get up, being
equally careful not to let Kris's head drop too abruptly. As I scooted down
the bed to the foot, both boys stirred, but didn't awaken. They slid over
into each other's arms, apparently hungry to maintain human contact. I
noticed Ryan's hand cupping Kris's 7" cock, which was stirring into
hardness, though he was asleep.I padded over to the bathroom, and opened the door, stepping inside to
position myself in front of the toilet. With 3 males in the room, and no
female in sight, the seat was already up, so I took my semi-hard penis in
hand, and pointed toward the center of the pool of clear water. As I felt
the relief of easing the pressure in my bladder, the stream of yellow piss
splashing into the toilet, I thought about what I would do about Kris, and
later, for Ryan.I had become very attracted to Kris's lack of guile, and his innocent
wonderment at new things. I felt a protective urge, particularly
considering his circumstances, with his parents dead, and a caretaker uncle
who might possibly be abusive to him. I couldn't possibly just up and take
Kris with us, but I thought that perhaps I might be able to come back for
him later, or help him to come up with some kind of story that would get
him away from his uncle, if that was what nymphet manga download
Kris wished.Looming farther on the horizon, was what I would do with Ryan. He had told
me he had relatives in Vermont who could take him in, this after his father
threw him out, and a brief stint as a male prostitute in Los Angeles, but
the truth was, I'd fallen in love with the shocking nymphet pussy lad, and I didn't want to give
him up. I didn't know how I'd broach the subject with Ryan, when the time
came. I was sure that he'd just laugh at my odd infatuation.As the last of my piss eventually dribbled out, I shook myself to lose
those last drops, then washed my hands, and dried them off. I returned back
to the bed, and was surprised to find both boys erotically wrestling,
though they were still both asleep! I guess wrestling is the wrong term to
use, but the two boys had their faces together at junior nymphet pic the base of one of the
pillows, both burrowing into the mattress. Kris was still on his stomach,
but his butt was now up in the air, the pale flesh naked nymphet
of his plump ass cheeks
gleaming brightly in the faint light, and accentuated by the tanned skin of
his thighs and back.Ryan, still asleep, had his hand stroking up nymphet 3d and down Kris's long 7" cock,
which was now ukrainian nymphets galleries fully erect. I couldn't believe he wasn't awake, with Ryan
masturbating him like mad! I found myself slowly stroking my hard 6" dick,
and staring as though mesmerized at Kris's cute, white ass. His round
bottom circled around, and around, and on, as the sensations from his
dripping cock shot through his body. As his rear end moved, though, I could
clearly see his tiny, pink anus winking open and closed with his movements,
and I found the attraction irresistible.I knelt down between Kris's splayed legs to look closer at his hairless
hole. With my nose only inches away from his pucker, I caught a whiff of
his boyish aroma, and my mouth watered at the thought of how his puckered
opening tasted. I could resist only a little while, and slowly ran my nose
up and down his tight cleft, inhaling his youthful masculinity, then
letting my wet tongue taste that same essence. I laved up and down his
little canyon of flesh, then concentrated on my real goal, his hot, tight
anus.I licked all around and on the puckered muscle guarding Kris's
treasures. He moaned as he felt my tongue enter inside him, and I thrust as
deeply inside his rectum as I could, making him moan louder, and thrust his
butt in my face. Even 2 boys as innocent as Kris and Ryan would have
trouble sleeping through action like this, and the 2 boys came groggily,
but enthusiastically, awake. Ryan was pleased to find himself jacking off
another boy's hard cock, and continued the motion awake, tossing in little
modifications of movement that made Kris jerk from the ecstasy.Kris was a little slower to come to awareness, nymphet art free
but no less enthusiastic, as
I heard him growl into the mattress, "Oooh, fuck my ass with your hot
tongue, Alex! Stick it deep in my hole! Fuck me, please! Harder!" I licked
his hot, tight anus until my jaw started to ache, then decided to please my
cute Kris another way. I got up on my knees between Kris's legs, which were
now consciously, and eagerly spread, as he was anxious to have his hole
invaded, and wanted no impediments to his pleasure.I brought the head of my hard 6" dick to Kris's well-lubricated boy cunt,
and slipped the fat head of my dick past his, at first, uncooperative anal
sphincter. Kris sucked in his breath, balanced himself on his hands and
knees, and gasped, "You're so big inside me, Alex!"I growled back at him, losing myself to the sexiness of this hot boy's
ass. "Your fucking ass is hot on my cock, stockings nymphets Kris! God, the way you're
squeezing your hole on me is driving me crazy, baby!" I began forcing my
cock deeper and deeper inside the lovely boy's rectum, and thrilled when I
felt him pushing his ass onto my cock, trying to get me deep inside him."Yeah, fuck me, Alex! I'm your little girly-boi, fuck my hot boi cunt!!
Your big cock is filling me, splitting me in half!! Ohh, I love it!!!" I
began stroking his hole, all the way inside his bottom until my hairy balls
banged hard against his smooth ass cheeks, then pulling out of him, until
only the plum shaped head of my dick was left inside his anus, caught
behind his anal ring, then driving deep once again.Ryan had become a little antsy at this point, and, as I opened my eyes
after a particularly strong wave of pleasure had washed over me, saw small tiny nymphets
standing over Kris's back, facing me, with his erect 4" cock dripping
pre-cum, and only inches from my mouth. Taking the hint, I opened real little nymphets my mouth
to allow Ryan to enter me, his hard cock thrusting between my lips. I
savored the taste of Ryan's delicious penis, and his pre-cum. Swirling my
tongue around his round cock head, I licked and tickled him mercilessly.I noticed then, that I had 2 hands that weren't being put to good use, so I
brought my right hand around Kris's hip, and grasped his hard cock, which
by this point was ready to shoot. My other hand I brought behind Ryan's
round bottom. He helped me by reaching behind himself littles nymphet nude with 2 hands, and
separating his ass cheeks, to give me free entry to his own tight ass
hole. I could feel the smooth flesh leading ukraine nymphet movies
to Ryan's delightful anal
pucker, and slowly slid my finger inside him.Because he young naked nymphete
hadn't been well-moistened, I was careful not to rush my
finger's entry into Ryan's ass. Gathering up Ryan's natural moisture, and
the slight trickles of boyish sweat running down his back and gathering in
his ass crevice, I was able to fully lubricate first, the one finger, then
a second, until I was love nymphets thickly finger fucking nymphets mini models Ryan, while sucking his hard
dick. I continued to thrust my hips against Kris's smooth round ass, as I
grasped his hard rod, and took up stroking it as Ryan teen nymphet pictures
had.Like most early morning fucks, the action probably takes longer to describe
than to xxx nymphet pictures thumbs
do, and the 3 of us were soon shooting hot streams of gooey, white
cum. Ryan's delicious dick unloaded 4 or 5 heavy streams of cum onto my
tongue, and partially onto my face after one particularly enthusiastic hip
thrust. I shot what felt like a gallon of cum up inside Kris's tight ass,
as I tried to crawl myself up into his hot, tight boy cunt. Kris shot loads
of sticky boy cum onto the mattress, and some into my hand, as he groaned
with pleasure. Then nymphet hardcore
the 3 of us collapsed exactly where we were, a pile of
2 naked boys and 1 naked man, all entangled, nymphet model nonude sweaty, cum-covered, happy and
sleepy.I woke again at 7:30, rested, and, disentangling myself from the 2 boys,
headed off to the shower. As I soaked under the hot water spray, my
recriminations and doubts I'd experienced 3 hours earlier in that same
bathroom, surfaced. How would I deal with this situation that was unveiling
itself, I wondered. When I got out of the shower, I was surprised to find
Kris gone, and Ryan idly watching cartoons on a fuzzy TV channel,
naked. "Hi Alex," he said, looking pointedly at my crotch, covered by a
towel.I stared back at his cute crotch, his hairless young boy dick
semi-hard. "Where's Kris?" I asked, trying to mask my disappointment."He said he had to go, or else his uncle'd beat him if he knew he'd been
out last night. He said to say goodbye to you," Ryan said, returning his
eyes to Hekyll and Jekyll ."Oh," I said. I felt pangs of loss, maybe more for Kris being stuck in his
terrible position, under such a cruel uncle, than for any loss of a
delightful bed mate. little nymphets pedo
I was surprised, too, that Ryan was so unemotional
about leaving someone with whom he'd made such a connection with. But then,
on the other hand, I asked myself, what would I have done? Take him with
us? "Well, we have to get ready to go. I figure we can get to St. Louis if
we hustle up," nymphettes masturbation I said. non dressed nymphets "Do me a favor, okay, big guy? Start the truck up
while I shave?"Ryan leaped up. "That'd be GREAT!" He said."Well, good," I said. "Glad you like that so much." I didn't know Ryan was
so excited about the simplest of trucker chores. "Just remember to lock the
cab behind you if you come back here. I've got another set of keys for the
door here. I sure as HELL don`t want my truck stolen." Ryan scooted off,
and I shaved my face, the usual. I toyed with the illegal nymphet pics idea of shaving more, but
dismissed the idea. "I could always do that later, if Ryan expressed an
interest," I said to myself.About ten minutes later, Ryan returned, just as I was getting ready to pack
up our few things. "Truck's all started," he said."Thanks, Ryan. And the cab's locked, right?" I said."Yup," Ryan said. We finished packing our bags in silence, and looked
around to make sure we hadn't left anything behind."Whose underpants are these?" I said, holding up a pair of tighty whities
with nymphets under noticeable skid marks on them."Huh. Those must be Kris's," Ryan said. "Here, I'll take `em." He caught
them when nymphets childs sex I tossed them to him, and I couldn't help but notice that they
passed very close to his nose just as he was taking a big breath. I
chuckled to myself, as I had done the same with Ryan's underpants when we
first met. I love the smell of a young boy's used underpants. The mixed
smell of his boy sweat, boy cum, boy piss, and light boy shit smell is
really intoxicating, and stimulating.We checked out of the motel, fortunately `Happy' wasn't at the desk at the
time. Probably he was sleeping off a drunk. Then we walked over to one of
the fast food joints, although I hesitated, feeling drawn to the
cosmopolitan fare at "Eats," a little further nymphets sex down the road. Unfortunately,
they could get our food `good' but not `fast,' while the fast food place
could get it `fast,' even if it wasn't particularly `good.' Ryan and I
placed our orders at the counter. Ryan surprised me with his
order. "Hungry, tiger?" I commented, as he ordered enough to feed 3 people."Well, you know, a growing boy, and all that," he said. I
shrugged. Certainly, Ryan had carte blanche with me for most anything he
decided he wanted. We took our bags of food, and coffee and juice back to
the truck, and climbed aboard after I inspected the rig for safety concerns
and readiness. All was in shape, so we pulled out of the parking lot, and
headed onto the frontage road, and then to I-40 East.I guess we were both kind of tired, and not really talkative, so I found
some talk radio and put that on. There are several nationally syndicated
morning shows that I like to listen to, that are at child nymphet nude fun least a cut above the
"Morning Zoo" types. This call-in show host was talking about the upcoming
recall elections in California, and there was no shortage of opinions on
the topic.We had been driving for about 3 hours, and about 200 miles into Wednesday's
trip, when I heard a noise in the sleeper cabin behind us. "What the fuck?"
I exclaimed, when I saw a hand reaching out for the bag of food on the seat
between Ryan and I. "Who's in there?" I hradcore nymphet
demanded.I heard a squeak, and then a small voice say, "It's just me, Alex,"
followed by Kris's head peeking out. "That food smelled so good, and I was
sooo hungry, I thought maybe you wouldn't see me sneak some.""Come on out, Kris," I said angrily, though I wasn't a bit angry. Kris
pulled himself out of the relatively spacious compartment, and onto the
seat between Ryan and me. He was nymphet picture nude
still wearing the same clothes he'd had
last night, though possibly without the underpants. "So, please explain
yourself, buddy.""Ohh, Alex, I knew after I spent the night with you and Ryan, that I wanted
to be with you guys, not with my uncle. You know what he's like. After I
experienced happiness, I couldn't return to that," Kris said. I gestured
toward the food."Yeah, go ahead," I said, indicating that he should eat. "And how is it
that you just HAPPENED to buy extra food, Ryan?" I looked elite nymphet models pointedly at
him. Ryan didn't respond, but blushed beautifully, like a wave of red
flowing up his face. "Hmm, judging by your silence, and the resemblance
your face currently has to a ripe tomato, it seems likely that you both
hatched out this plot. While I was showering?" They both nodded silently,
afraid to look me in the eye."Well, there's not a lot I can do about it now," I said. "If I go back,
that'll put us a half day behind, and I'll probably forfeit the performance
bond.""What does that mean?" Ryan asked in a tremulous voice."It means, if this delivery is late, I'll be fined by the customer," I
said. "And did you guys think of things like, accusations of kidnapping,
and the fact that I'm supposed to deliver you, Ryan, to Vermont? What were
you going to do with Kris then?""Uhh, we never thought of that," Ryan said. Kris nodded."Sorry, Alex," they both said in unison."Well, we'll have to think on this," I said. "To be truthful, ukrainian naked nymphets I'm happy
you're here Kris. I didn't know what we were gonna do without you." I
smiled at him, and he smiled back nymphets mpegs at me, and Ryan, grateful. I supposed
that somewhere along the line I'd either make a life-changing decision, or
else I'd put Kris on a bus headed back to Elk City.The 2 little nymphets planet boys resumed their companionship right where they'd left off the
night before. It was like watching 2 lifelong chums, and it reminded me of
my own happy childhood in California. My father, even though he'd been away
from home a lot building his trucking business, had done his darned best to
make our home happy. I was hopeful that I could do the same, if I ever had
a family of my own.The day passed quickly enough, a side benefit of having 2 bright and
personable companions. Around about 2 o'clock or so, about 200 miles
outside of St, Louis, the boys started teasing each other."I'll bet you poo in your panties," Kris claimed, poking nymphets 10 yo pussy at Ryan's hip."Oh yeah? Well, at least I HAVE underpants!" Ryan best little nymphet returned, and started
pulling at Kris's shorts. nymphets hardcore
The 2 boys began wrestling, Kris intent on
showing that Ryan left skid marks in his underpants, and Ryan trying to
prove that Kris didn't even have any underpants. The 2 boys did a
remarkably good job of stripping each other while trying out wrestling
holds they'd learned free teeny nymphets god knows where. Of course, since they were only
wearing shorts and nymphets thumbnails message
tees, it didn't take long!Soon, the 2 boys were naked, laying next to each other on the bench young nymphettes photos seat
right beside me, a sight that made my cock turn to wood. Their wrestling
moves turned to gentle caresses of each other's body, and their lips met in
a warm and gentle kiss, as they lay spread out across the bench seat. The 2
boys became more passionate as their excitement grew. Kris raised himself
up to move down Ryan's body. I noticed a Peterbilt, hauling nymphets yo pedo a bunch of
Lexus passing us on the right, slow down as Kris's bbs pix nymphets
naked body raised up,
his bare chest easily noticeable to someone at the same level as we were in
the cab. The truck paced us for a little while, then brake lights flashing
ahead of him forced the Peterbilt to drop back.Meanwhile, Kris's head dipped down to Ryan's happily erect cock, and he
sucked it into his mouth, teasing his boy lover. Kris licked at Ryan's
dripping dick for a few minutes, Ryan's fingers running through Kris's
crew-cut hair. "Yeah, Kris! That really feels good! Suck my dick, you hot
faggot boy! Lick my cock, cocksucker! Eat my hot cum, you homo! Eat me!!
Eat my cum!!"It was pretty obvious how hot Kris's enthusiastic cocksucking was making
Ryan, and I was enjoying sneaking peeks at the show. Then Ryan said, "I
want to suck your cock, too, Kris! Let's move around so I can do you while
you do me!" And so it was that Ryan lay, on his back, with his head near
the door, and his feet near me, giving me a great fashion little nymphs
view of his beautiful,
hairless crotch, while Kris hovered over him, with his head near me, and
his plump ass near the door.The 2 boys quickly entered into a hot 69, Kris bobbing his head up and down
on Ryan's cute 4" dick, profusely leaking pre-cum, and with Kris's saliva
dripping down the length of the pink shaft, and Ryan's hands clamped on
Kris's butt cheeks, pulling him towards his face, then pushing him away, so
that he could use Kris's 7" dick to fuck his mouth. Simultaneously, Ryan
was bringing his fingers closer and closer to Kris's tight ass hole,
insinuating first 1, then 2 fingers into the hot hole.The 2 sucked hard at each other, intent on bringing the video nymphets other to a
shattering cum, Kris's white bottom bobbing up and down, when I noticed
that the Peterbilt had pulled even with us again, on the right side, and
matching our slight speed changes. The 2 boys began nymphet in room sucking harder, and
faster, and snorting as they strove to catch their breath, until finally
the 2 came simultaneously, each squirting several loads of thick, white boy
cum into the other's mouth, each one enthusiastically swallowing the other
boy's hot sperm. Finally, though, the 2 collapsed, just as we were about an
hour outside of St, Louis. I looked over, but the Peterbilt was gone.I gave them a half hour to relax and enjoy each other's arms, then woke
them up, and told them to get dressed, as Wednesday's journey was nearly
finished. After another 30 minutes, we pulled into a motel parking lot on
the east side of St. Louis.========================Did you like this story? Write me at Jeffspencer69yahoo.com, and let me
know what you think.Jeff
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